Anna Nicole said to have died of sepsis and toxic high dose of sleeping medication

Star Magazine and The National Enquirer have joined super tabloid forces and claim to have solved the mystery of Anna Nicole’s death. They say that Anna Nicole had a toxically high level of the old school sleeping medication chloral hydrate in her system when she died, but that no other drugs or methadone were found in the toxicology tests. Chloral hydrate has been around a long time, and can be inhaled or injected. That’s the stuff that’s put on handkerchiefs and held over victim’s mouths in the movies you’ve seen, and characters in the films House of Mirth and The Cider House Rules died from accidental overdoses of the inhaled form.

The flu-like illness that Anna suffered in the days leading up to her death was said to be sepsis caused from an infection on her buttock at the site of an injection with an unsterilized needle. If Anna had just gone to the hospital for treatment she could have been cured of the infection, which spread throughout her system and led to a blood infection. Instead she was just given an oral dose of Cipro along with some flu medication. Anna also contracted a stomach virus, which made her condition even more perilous.

Star and The Enquirer say that Anna’s frail health in combination with an overdose of the harsh sleeping medication is what led to her death. If she didn’t take the sleeping medication, the sepsis would have killed her anyway:

The ENQUIRER and Star have also learned that Anna Nicole had a raging blood infection. The infection was caused by an unsterilized needle and contributed to her death.

The infection was so serious, it would have killed her if she had not overdosed.

Contrary to speculation, tests show Anna Nicole did not have methadone or any other painkilling drug in her system at the time of her death.

The ENQUIRER learned that just before she left the Bahamas for Florida on February 5, three days before she died, Anna Nicole received an injection in her left buttock.

Tests did not reveal what that substance was.

“As she boarded the plane for Miami, Anna Nicole developed a painful abscess at the site of the injection,” said a source with knowledge of the case. “The needle wasn’t sterile. The pain kept getting worse as the abscess got larger and larger very quickly.”

From Miami, Anna Nicole and her live-in lawyer Howard K. Stern traveled to Hollywood, Fla. The pain from the abscess became excruciating and Anna Nicole developed a high fever.

By the time she got to the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino her fever was 105.

Anna Nicole, unaware that her blood was being poisoned by infection, had also developed a second infection from a virulent form of norovirus, which causes intestinal problems.

It was at this point that Anna Nicole — and her entourage — made a fatal mistake. She refused to go to a hospital, a decision that would have saved her life.

Instead, Anna’s people gave her an ice bath to control the fever, administered the antibiotic ciprofloxacin by mouth and gave her an over-the-counter flu medicine.

As the needle-caused infection took over her body, she began vomiting, had severe diarrhea and could not urinate.

On February 6, a Tuesday, Anna spent the whole day in bed. She could not keep fluids down. She was becoming severely dehydrated.

On Wednesday, February 7, Anna seemed somewhat better, but she wasn’t, the source said.

“She was still vomiting and suffering diarrhea,” said the source. “Again, she spent the whole day in bed, as the abscess continued to grow. She was in such pain, she just wanted to sleep.”

And that’s when the final fatal mistake was made. Sometime overnight on February 7, Anna ingested the sleeping medication chloral hydrate. The drug is extremely potent. The dose was too much — and in fact it was a toxic level, the ENQUIRER and Star have learned exclusively. On Thursday, February 8, Anna never woke up.

We’ll see if The Enquirer and Star are right when the Broward County coroner makes an official announcement as to the cause of death on Monday as 10:30 a.m. EST. I guess this doesn’t rule out foul play and this case is going to remain as complicated as ever.

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  1. Kolby says:

    Is Choral Hydrate the same as Ether? I always thought it was Ether that was used to knock people out back in the day, or Chloroform to kill them.

  2. Carol says:

    Like I’ve mentioned before – I’ve been there. It’s possible, if I hadn’t of already been in the hospital when I passed out I wouldn’t have made it – all of your organs fail and you die pretty quickly. You are pretty damn sick before you get to that point though, the people around her would have to complete idiots (which is very much a possibility) to have not taken her to the hospital.

  3. wtf says:

    And they got all this proof how ???

  4. wtf says:

    How convenient this is the same thing Marilyn was taking … insert eyeroll here. I don’t believe this story.

  5. okay... says:

    I thought she had a private nurse with her-she couldn’t see the abscess growing?
    “She was in so much pain”-yet she didn’t have any pain meds in her system?
    I don’t know….
    I would hate that stupidity caused her death, but I would hate to think it was anything deliberate or sinister even more.

  6. Gigohead says:

    My God. How expensive is it to buy a needle? This woman’s death was so unnecessary. Howard was holding the purse strings alright!!

  7. Poor Boopie says:

    Since when do Star magazine and the National Enquirer qualify as reliable sources? Pull-eaze!!!!!

  8. Terrian says:

    I still think Howard killed her

  9. sabine says:

    Marilyn Monroe died from a combination of Nembutal (23) and Chloral hydrate (5), both in pillform.
    As to what killed Anna Nicole Smith,…i think i’ll wait for the ofical cause of death from the coroner himself…certainly not the ENQUIRER.

  10. xiaoecho says:

    What a coincidence that Marilyn died of Choral Hydrate Also known as mickey finn. as far as I know it’s banned…you cant even buy it on the net

    If I’m wrong please let me know

  11. someone says:

    Im still wondering why they didn’t take her to the hospital befor she died, everyone said how sick she was. I think it was foul play!

  12. gg says:

    I’d hate to think she died of collective stupidity as well — but look at who we’re dealing with — a ditzy junkie without 2 braincells to rub together, and a load of enablers that apparently couldn’t pass an IQ test, judging from their actions. lordy.

  13. poorANS says:

    I’m a pharmacist and chloral hydrate is only a schedule 4 (on a 1-5 scale with 1 being hard stuff like heroin and 5 being mild sedatives). It is used regularly in the hospital for pediatrics as a sedative, to sedate for procedures or as a sleep aide, sometimes for pain control too. It comes in liquid form too, just like her fave Methadone. I can believe the story, since it is easy to ‘gulp’ down too much of any drug in liquid form. I just wonder who was prescribing all this crap for her…they generally would lose their medical license over this kind of stuff.

  14. Pecarrie says:

    I dont think its necessarly stupidity, so much as subconscious suicide.
    If you dont care to take better care of your illnesses– infection untreated, pneumonia unmonitored, flu out of control, then your definitely inviting death because you want it. If you care for yourself, you wouldnt be sick so often, and you certainly wouldnt let yourself go ill untreated.
    Someone who is suicidal is not stupid, not by any stretch of the imagination. If you’re depressed you can turn into a different person with different judgement- plus I include the fact that her whole life has been a chaotic and disturbing mess…. her son just died, too—-who wouldnt want an escape?