Brandi Glanville ‘jokes’ on her podcast, wishes she had been molested as a kid


Brandi Glanville has a podcast. Some people like it and it’s apparently pretty successful. I’ve never listened to it, mostly because I don’t care and also because her voice annoys me. So, this is a story about her podcast on Monday. Brandi often brings in her friends to chat, and she brought in Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson from VH1 Classic’s That Metal Show for the second half of her podcast. Somehow, the conversation drifted over to “jokes” about child molestation. I’m not even joking. The transcript:

Brandi Glanville: I was actually stalking you online, Jim. And we have something in common.

Jim Florentine: Oh?

Brandi: I, too, wanted to be molested as a child and was passed up.

Jim: Really?

Brandi: Yes!

Jim: What happened? You see, I, I was an altar boy, so… they didn’t go after the girls too much.

Brandi: They did! My sister got felt up… by a principal. Yeah. But, nothing for me. I didn’t get… he didn’t look at me sideways.

Jim: Did you feel hurt by that?

Brandi: Yeah! I mean, now, looking back, I’m super bummed. I was thinking, like, all this and nothin’?

[Transcript via Amy Grindhouse]

Obviously, she was joking. Was it crude and gross and offensive? Of course. But I’ve come to understand Brandi’s biggest problem: it’s that she doesn’t know which jokes should be “saved” from non-public interactions with people she’s close to, versus which jokes are ready for public interactions on camera or on the radio or in interviews. Every single one of us has made an “inappropriate” joke amongst friends and when you’re a group of people you trust, no one cares if you just made a child molestation joke. But when you start putting your every racist, offensive, molestation LOLZ jokes out there for public consumption, that’s when the problems arise.


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  1. Kasia says:

    OMG….her face looks so fake, so plastic.

  2. Cali says:

    If you listen to her podcast, there was a little more = that video cuts it off too early.

    • Cali says:

      Also, it is so annoying that she has these guys on as her guests and didn’t bother to learn the actual name of their show.

    • Anonny says:

      Thanks, but I’ve probably read enough. That woman has no clue when to STFU.

    • Rosa says:

      This site is becoming so anti Brandi. She says some things sometimes that can be taken wrong. She has a lot of fans that appreciate her frankness amongst all the fakes on RHBH.

      • Jayna says:

        This site? Have you gone on the Real Housewives Bravo site and read last week’s blog by her?. Over 1200 hundred posts to her blog by Real Housewives fans in response to the show and her blog, and the overwhelming majority were negative, fans no longer fans of hers, fans increasingly disappointed in her and turned off by her behavior. This weeks’ blog after this week’s show, the majority again were negative but I haven’t gone back on to see how many fans have posted recently.

        You are dreaming if you think her popularity hasn’t taken a huge nosedive this year. She has lost a ton of fans off of that show compared to last year.

      • Mich says:

        Care to enlighten us on how being bummed you weren’t molested as a child could be taken in a good way?

        This site was solidly pro-Brandi for quite some time. The fact that it isn’t now is 100% her fault.

      • Elle Kaye says:

        “appreciate her frankness?” That she is “bummed” that her sister was molested and she wasn’t, even though she thinks she was attractive and should not have been passed up? That isn’t frankness, for no child wants to be fondled against their will. That is a grown woman attempting to make a joke out of a crime against children that is not humorous in the least. That, in my opinion, is sad.

      • Sal says:

        Taken wrong? Ok, just HOW *do* you take a person saying “I wish I was molested”? Rosa, I am a former huge fan of Brandi, BBer, the works.

        I used to make excuses for her. Just like you do. But let me tell you this: there is NO way a statement like that, can be taken ANY other way. This site used to be very pro-Brandi. If its changed, there is only one person to blame for that then, isn’t there? Its only due to HER behaviour that it has changed. Its HER fault, HER doing. So blame Brandi. As the daughter of a man who was molested in a Catholic orphanage, and seen it completely destroy his life with himself and his family and everything in his life, I am SO *DONE* with her – FOREVER!!!!! Truth be told, I was for some time, but I was just hanging on by a thread. That statement she made hurt SO many people, and it was the scissor statement that cut that remaining thread I was clinging to. Imo, she can go and get fcked. I mean it. I will NEVER forgive her for that comment, and the kicker is she had YEARS of material to bring up about the duo, but she chose that, remembered it, and even MADE A POINT TO BRING IT UP, AND add to it that she wished she were molested. So, it wasn’t something that just…popped out of her mouth then and there, she researched THAT particular act, she made mention that she READ ABOUT IT IN THEIR ACT, so it stuck in her head, so it was a PREMEDITATED comment. One that she had PREPARED. So yes, she can go and get fcuked.

        Edit: I really, really don’t want to entertain this thought at all. But at the moment I’m thinking maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if Eddie did get full custody. Yes, Leann is still a piece of shit, but part of me is reflecting and wondering just how much Brandi did egg her on, maybe there is truth in what Leann said about we don’t know the whole story and what Brandi is really like. I cannot believe I’m saying this. But I do feel like someone has just taken a blindfold from my eyes and I am seeing that I was fcking DUPED.

      • shellybean says:

        If it’s become anti-Brandi that is ALL on Brandi. She needs to learn some common decency.

  3. blue marie says:

    oh honey, STFU cause you’re an idiot.. and the “all this” she was referring to is all fake

  4. nicegirl says:

    I only trust people who find child molestation ‘jokes’ disgusting and wrong.

  5. Dani2 says:

    Wow, this lady needs to stop. Like just stop everything – stop speaking, stop showing up in public, stop being such an insensitive twat. Just stop, Brandi.

  6. Observer says:

    Is nothing off limits anymore!? People just want to shock and get instant ‘hits’.

  7. jensies says:

    It’s Always Sunny made this an actually funny joke like nine years ago. And it was funny mostly because it demonstrated how crass and vain the character was for feeling that he was “too cute” to get passed over.

    So if that’s what you’re trying to demonstrate. . .slow clap, Brandi.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      As someone who was molested from ages 7 to 8, I never find these “jokes” funny. Therapy finally helped me come to terms with the abuse at age 28 and I now know I shouldn’t feel shame or guilt for what happened to me. So, I will now call out anyone who makes such jokes (and have had the opportunity to do so on one occasion). I will flat out tell them that “as a sexual abuse survivor, I find that joke crass and tasteless.”

      • Relli says:

        Mort I am so sorry that happened to you. I feel the exact same way about Meth. While everyone is deep in love with all things that glamorize it, for me its a very stark reality and it destroyed my family physically and emotionally. There is nothing cool or funny regarding the subject in my eyes.

      • Nicolette says:

        @Morticiansdoitbetter, I am so sorry for what happened to you and I’m even sorrier for the lack of sensitivity some people are showing.

        @Aria, +1,000.

      • Belle Epoch says:

        Morticiansdoitdeader – I am so sorry for what happened to you, and THANK YOU for drawing a line in the sand. I’m a lot older than you and I am still not OK, having been molested by my mother. She was an alcoholic, and I don’t find drunk jokes funny, either. I laugh a lot, at all kinds of things, but there are certain subjects (like the Holocaust) that people with souls do not joke about.

        I get what Brandi was saying, but linking being overlooked to being traumatized for life is just tasteless and stupid. It shows a lack of understanding and empathy that is troubling, since she has 2 kids. How are they going to get any emotional support or guidance from a drunken, thoughtless egotist?

      • jaye says:

        Yeah…child molestation survivor here and I agree. The “joke” was in extremely poor taste. Her saying that “she makes mistakes every day” is her go to excuse and it’s getting old. You are over 40, it’s time to stop acting like a juvenile.

      • Elle Kaye says:

        My heart goes out to you, Mort. I’m so proud of you for having the strength to talk about it and seeking help to deal with the pain. It isn’t a joke, it is never funny, and it is never OK to think that there is a situation when it should be accepted.

        Hugs for you.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Mort, yes x1000. Also a childhood sexual abuse survivor.. these jokes are NEVER funny.

      • Sal says:

        Morticians, There is an email address in her twitter bio, I forget what it is right now. Kaplan or something. But I fired off an email. You and other survivors might like to do the same. Since I still think there is some good in her, buried deep down – somewhere, I think for her HEALTH, she needs to get off the show. No doubt many of her fans will say they want to see her stay because she needs the money. What she needs MORE, is HEALTH. And this show is toxic to her. She definitely needs to get off RHOBH. The best thing in the world for her personally to happen to her right now would be being fired from RHOBH. It would be the best thing in the world for her, and the ONLY way to save her, is to get out of that show, its toxic for her. For this reason I am praying that she is fired. I think of it as being cruel to be kind.

        And I really hope she is fired from RHOBH, because then that will be the wakeup call she needs, and she might just get help once and for all, for her sake and her childrens’ sake. Staying on that show will only destroy her. Money is making her sick. Health and her children should be more important to her than money and success, many of her fans *still* think the money justifies the ‘end’. It doesn’t and I no longer accept it. Her CHILDREN and her HEALTH should come first, and this show is poison to both. I think anyone who truly likes and cares about her, should want her off the show, for her own sake. I emailed her agent listed on her twitter and hope they dump her or at least blindfold her and drive her to rehab. This show, its killing her. It really is. The sooner she is off the show, the sooner she can get well, undergo growth and change, and then maybe make a comeback. So if anyone wants to email Kaplan (found on her twitter bio) and Bravo to get her off for her own sake, then go for it.

      • Jenna says:

        You aren’t alone, sadly it’s a pretty huge club that absolutely no one wanted to join… except apparently Brandi. I wish like hell it was possible to take one of the vivid memories of the hell so many of us endured and let her sit in it for a bit. ( and NO, anyone reading this, I’m NOT saying ‘someone should molest her/her children. I’m saying I wish she had the ability to see through the eyes of a survivor for a bit. I would never wish that kind of damage on anyone anywhere.) I don’t think she would be quite so enamored of the attention if she could. If you ever need to talk, just holler on the board and a way to connect can be found.

        What is also so sad about this, is how it shows she thinks of herself. So hot and no takers? Is sexual attraction and male attention the sole basis for her identity? The girls who lived for men to want them as young as elementary and junior high, in the vast majority of the cases I’ve come across, have suffered some kind of abuse themselves as very young children. Yeah, some folks just seem to come out of the womb sexually suave, it does happen. But it’s not the main reason for it to happen – if she honestly at any point was serious and not being just a sick bitch going for shock value – something somewhere as a child seriously messed up her view of herself and how the world views her. ~ALMOST~ makes me feel bad for her…

        Wait. No I don’t. Even if she was abused and isn’t talking about, it’s not a free pass to be a mindless brat who acts out. She’s an adult now. With children she is responsible for. I still want her gone. And have already sent complaints to the network, the show, and now I’m working my way through finding the sponsors. What’s the water she always carries around? I think I’m off to go demand they get their heads out of the sand and drop support of this idiot. Hugs MorticiansDoItDeader. And be proud of how far you have come and how well you are doing after dealing with the pain you had dumped on you.

    • Latisse says:

      I was just going to bring about IASIP making that same joke years ago and so many more: terrorism, anti-semitism, racism etc. They offend everyone equally, and the biggest joke is always on themselves so I find it funny.

      I have undergone racism and I found the racism episode hilarious but that was just me. Maybe other black people saw it and were really offended. I certainly understand how someone who has undergone molestation would not be amused.

      I think it is ok to make jokes like this so long as you are ready and prepared to face the consequences that some people might not take it as dark humor but just take offense to it as is FULLY their right.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        I love ASIP…the central characters are a bunch of self-involved, arrogant, and classless people who never stop offending everyone. It’s the point of the show and it’s definitely not for the squeamish or the easily-offended. Personally, I find it hilarious, but it’s not the sort of humor that will appeal to everyone.

        But you know what you’re in for with a show like ASIP, unlike Brandi who’s speaking freely and frankly in an interview and who has kids to think about.

      • Kiddo says:

        O’Kitten, where’ve you been? My favorite ASIP was when Charlie was in the greenman suit and tossing balls, or when Danny DeVito was tripping in the porta-potty, hilarious.

      • Len says:

        I’m in now way defending Brandi, but apparently Jim actually is an abuse survivor and has a long history of making dark jokes about HIS abuse and using it as a coping mechanism. He’s completely entitled to do that if he pleases. Brandi crossed a huge line with what she said.

      • Latisse says:

        @OKitt, I think you could argue that people listening to Brandi’s podcast know what they’re in for: a brash, crass, extremely insensitive, uneducated woman with little to no self awareness.

        Similar to knowing what you’re in for when you watch ASIP: a show with story lines based in dark/risque humor. Therefore I think both “jokes” on the show and on the podcast can be viewed in the same light. Humorous to some but any offense anyone might feel is totally justified as well.

        When you put something out there, be it a TV Show or a Podcast, you automatically open yourself up for critique not all of which will be good. So I can’t in good faith vilify Brandy for what I don’t vilify ASIP for. But all offended parties are certainly within their rights to do so.

      • Kiddo says:

        I disagree. ASIP is a fictional depiction of people who are terrible and who you are laughing at, not with. Brandi isn’t a comedic actress in a fictional show, nor does she do stand-up. She isn’t funny in the slightest.

      • Nerd Alert says:

        I also disagree. Like I said below, when these types of jokes are made on ASIP, it is to illustrate what terrible people the characters are. It is a commentary on real people like Brandi. Even dark comedy is an art that imitates life. She is the butt of the ASIP joke.

      • Kiddo says:

        “She is the butt”….period.

      • Kiddo says:

        Sorry, Nerd Alert, you are so right.

    • Nerd Alert says:

      That’s what this reminded me of, too, jensies. Mac feeling like he wasn’t an attractive child because he got passed over by a perv.

      The thing is, that was funny (sorry, morticians) because those characters are supposed to be horrible people. The premise of the show is that they are dirty, terrible, awful people with basically no redemptive characteristics. They always end up the losers (I’m Sweet Dee and the joke’s on me!), so it works that they’re awful. It’s a hyperbolic social commentary.

      I guess Brandi is sort of a hyperbolic social commentary, too, in her own way. It’s just that she’s not made up (besides whatever plastic was pumped into her toothpick frame), so being awful flies like a lead balloon, and it’s not funny. It’s just…awful.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Yeah..should have read your comment first :/

      • Nerd Alert says:

        LOL at least you get it, OKitt. It’s not a traditional show, so it’s hard to define, but it’s a favorite of mine. I don’t think I would like it as much if good things happened to the cast. They continually make excellent points about people like Brandi and anyone else repulsive, by injecting their defining flaws into the main characters. The result is that we never stop laughing at their demise (full disclosure: I’ve seen every episode at least five times). The writing, at least, is totally underrated because of it IMO.

        I’m not going to go attacking everyone who thinks it’s a crass and classless show, because I honestly think they just don’t “get” it. It’s like death metal: not for everybody.

    • Nicolette says:

      @jensies, wow. I guess you don’t have children. As a mom I fail to see any humor in jokes about child molestation. There’s absolutely nothing humorous about it. It’s sick and disgusting and I can’t type here what I think the proper punishment for those monsters should be. Children are innocent and defenseless and anyone who thinks that molesting and permanently placing emotional and sometimes physical scars on them for their own sick gratification is funny needs their head examined.

      • Originial Me says:

        I agree. Jokes about molestation aren’t funny in ANY context, or on ANY show, no matter what show it is. People just sink to new lows every day. Sometimes things are just off limits when it comes to jokes.

      • jensies says:

        Like I said, the joke on there was funny because it illustrated how vain and messed up the character was.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        Thank you for the overwhelming support. Hugs to @aria, @original me, @nicolette, @relli and anyone else I may have missed.

        @jaye, @belle, all my love and hope that you both will be able to overcome the physical and psychological implications of abuse.

        To those of you who still see the humor in this type of joke because “it was written in a witty way,” or “because the people executing the jokes are equal opportunity offenders,” please consider that these particular jokes bring forth painful emotions that often force abuse survivors to relive traumatic experiences. It is not the same as being called a terrorist or having a joke made about your race (which I have also experienced, and don’t believe is similar to sexual abuse, although it is awful in its own way). I guess I’m just asking you all to be sensitive to those of us who have lived through abuse. It is far easier to laugh about something you’ve never experienced, then to try and understand why those of us who’ve lived through it don’t find it funny.

      • Anon says:

        @Nicolette same here. I guess as a mother and grandmother the very idea of molestation is just not funny to me ever. I didn’t know it was used for jokes. I admit I come here to keep up; lots of stuff going on I don’t know about. Yet this site is extremely critical and rightfully so of Woody Allen and (can’t remember the other one name is on the tip of tongue so to speak.) I do not think its a funny ha ha subject, too many people that have suffered from it. I have to say I am surprised that any humor is derived from it SMH Oh just remembered Roman Polanski. Well I am just an olds with no sense of humor about rape and child molestation.

      • Jessiebes says:

        @morticians. I appreciate you telling your story. There is nothing I can say that could help in anyway. I hope you keep healing and wish you all the best.

  8. HappyMom says:

    Oh but she’s so “real” and “candid”. C’mon, Brandi fans: explain to us how we’re all so uptight and she’s so genuine and funny.

  9. Cahend says:

    I really can’t with her anymore. She has two young children to think about. Between her drunken antics and lack of a filter, those poor boys shouldn’t have to read/hear those things. She is burning through any remaining public goodwill from the Eddie-LeAnn cheating fiasco.

  10. Kiley says:

    Wow, really disgusting. I “was” a fan of hers but now? No. How can anyone (especially a parent) even go there? Not even in private – some topics are just never to be used for humour.

  11. Jaded says:

    For all the poor kids out there who have been molested, I’m truly sorry that this idiot is making light of it. Her vulgarity has sunk to an all-time low.

  12. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Tasteless and cruel.

  13. jinni says:

    Nothing’s more hilarious than trivializing children who have been raped and traumatized for life. /Sarcasm

    * Waits for someone to start screaming that the world has become too PC and we can’t take a joke.*

    • John Wayne Lives says:

      This…. All. Damn. Day.
      WTF?! And her poor sister!! Why would she throw her sis into the fire like that?! Jesus.

    • gayle says:

      There is nothing funny about what she said, there is no excuse for it, and there is no apology good enough. She is a complete failure as a human being and needs to be fired by Bravo. Being fired by her Podcast would be a given, I suppose. I can imagine no setting amongst civilized, educated people where this type of conversation would be considered funny. None.

    • Dani2 says:

      I am very intererested to see how some people will come in and say we are all being OTT. I don’t even think an apology will fix this, she’s forever tarnished in my mind, what kind of a person do you have to be to think that this is a lighthearted topic or a joke in the first place? Between this and the racist joke, I can’t with her anymore.

    • To some degree I would say we *are* too PC…then again though I am some one who doesn’t see how a drunken fame whore’s idiotic comments can lessen the strength of my fellow survivors of abuse because she made a ‘joke’ that wasn’t funny. I think it says more about her narcissism than anything else.

      • Nicolette says:

        I agree that we are too PC, and I think it’s destroying us however this has nothing to do with being PC it has to do with human decency of which there seems to be none left. Nothing is off limits and we are supposed to find humor in other people’s suffering. That this brain dead idiot has children and can make a joke about molestation is incredible to me. Would she find the topic so funny if one day a child of hers reveals they were abused? Who knows, she’s so stupid she probably will. Judging by what she said she might even be jealous. She and many others like her that are in the public spotlight need to seriously STFU already.

      • Mich says:

        With all of the blatant racism, homophobia and misogyny in today’s public discourse, I fail to see how political correctness is at play at all in this country.

      • LeLe25 says:

        Nope, people that have different opinions and different standards for society at large are not “too PC”.

      • claire says:

        It’s certainly not a subject that’s been kept off limits by comedians. Some people get away with it, some don’t. I don’t recall pitchforks coming out after Aziz Ansari, who has made a few child molestation jokes in his televised routines. No one seems to care about the guy whose joke she was referencing, which was done in an HBO special. I’m sure there are people who are legitimately offended and are really rightly so bothered by this, and that there are equally people who laugh their asses off at Aziz, but make it a full-time job to be offended by every word that comes out of Brandi’s mouth. Legitimate outrage, fake outrage…it’s all coming out. But that’s really neither here nor there people’s motivations. She’s offended people. She has probably just again significantly ruined her chances at a celebrity career. She’s just not that smart. She’s not growing and learning.

      • jinni says:

        @Miz Misanthrope: Yes, she’s an idiot, but she also has a large audience and the ability to garner public attention. So for her to use her power as a public figure to make such a crude remark ( I refuse to call that a joke) is disgust.

        @claire: I’ve never heard about this Aziz guy, but I can assure you that when Louis CK was joking about his drawing skills being like that of “an sexually abused child” in an article posted on this site and nothing was said about his “joke” I made sure to comment on the lack of disgust for his comment in that post. I have no great hate for this woman because up until this post I’ve never paid attention to her, so I’m not just picking on her, but letting others side for the same behavior.

      • claire says:

        @jinni: I respect your zero-tolerance policy.

      • Leila in wunderland says:

        Mich, you took the thought right out of my head. With all the blatant racism, homophobia, and misogyny in our world, (not just words people say, but also through actions that people and politicians take) I have a hard time seeing how anyone can say that society as a whole is too PC. Why shouldn’t the human dignity of other people be put ahead of “free speech?”

  14. Sayrah says:

    Gross. I wasn’t aware that I could like her any less but she proved me wrong.

  15. whocares says:

    As a survivor of child molestation I find her comments absolutely disgusting! She’s a fucking moron!

  16. johnnybadboytapia says:

    she cant be this stupid and clueless!!!

  17. Macey says:

    Im glad Im not the only one who finds her voice annoying. I never watched the show but tried to watch vids if they were with an article but I just couldnt get past her voice and this was when I liked her. I usually dont notice such things but hers went thru me like nails on chalk and that was just her voice, nothing to do with what she was saying. Now..the stuff she saying..OMG!
    Im sorry but there is nothing funny about that joke. She is truly one of the dumbest females out there. I lost what little good will I had toward her awhile ago but this just makes me cringe.
    You can tell she has absolutely no other self value than her appearance and her reactions from men about her appearance…Sorry, but she is truly a pathetic human being. Any girl (or guy) that has been subjected to unwanted attention/fondling or whatever can tell you there is absolutely nothing funny about it and I have a pretty open sense of humor.
    I srsly just cant with her any more, she truly disgusts me now as much as LR does and I never really thought Id say that since I liked her in the beginning even if I didnt agree with the stuff she was doing.

  18. Christin says:

    I would say that she has the mentality of a very superficial teen, but that would be an insult to teenage girls.

  19. Melanie says:

    As if it’s not bad enough on it’s own, she’s specifically making light of something her sister went through. What an awful sister.

  20. original kay says:

    This is truly awful.
    I was once team Brandi, but this is the last link I will click with her mentioned.

    I dare say the K clan have never sunk so low.

  21. nicegirl says:

    Also, how stupid to make these kinds of remarks publicly, when she is always having problems with her ex husband and his wife, regarding the kids, etc. As if more ammunition were needed. Didn’t Leann and Eddie already claim Brandi was an unfit mother? I really had empathy for this gal in the past, especially as a mom who has been through infidelity and a break up with kids, but making light of child abuse is going way too far, and as a person with a soul, I am OVER this lady and her antics. Horrific. I guess she is trying to get an audition with Woody Allen. Seriously disgusted with this woman. UGH

  22. someone says:

    I would bet her podcast is chock full of goodies like this, but no one will ever know her true crassness because no one listens to it.

  23. Jenna says:

    Ah, as someone who has survived both rape and molestation, I gotta say? This isn’t a ‘joke in poor taste, as told between friends with no filter’. I can honestly say at 34, I’ve never once had a ~friend~ make a comment like that, or racist crap to me. Why? Once because I try to make sure I hang out with people who have SOME quality (don’t care about cash, don’t care about status. Hey, have a mouth like a sailor and swear in 5 languages, whatever flips your lid. That isn’t the things that matter and draw me to you as a friend) and two – the larger reason – if anyone went around spewing as much ignorant crap to me as she claims to comfortably do with her friends, they sure as hell wouldn’t BE my friends. This is just… sick, vile, disgusting, and one of the massive underpinning reasons people don’t tell when it happens. If some bimbo on tv, who is viewed (for some reason I can’t grasp) as so important we plaster her face on magazines and tv screens, we give her a platform to to actually speak is spewing this crap as a “joke” then obviously it must be a molestation victims fault they just didn’t understand the attack was complimentary. Hey, means they must be pretty/hot/desirable, right?

    Someone shut this b#%@h up, please? I was on her side with the whole LeAnne is a nutter thing, but now? Seriously, someone shut her up. And please for the love of all things holy – keep her (and apparently, her huge posse of ‘friends’ who egg her on) away from me. I survived. I got better. But I deal with it daily and have worked with so many who are still living in the hell – even if their attacker is in jail or dead – of what was done to them… and I’m not 100% certain I would be able to stop myself slugging her for being a total vapid waste of air.

    But that would be okay, right? After all, my FRIENDS don’t mind if I slug one as a joke? It’s just being taken totally out of context and twisted around unfairly, it’s just a ~JOKE~ people, hitting idiots in the face is FUNNY. Right?


    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Yes, it is especially cruel because it implies the abused child should be somehow complimented for being “chosen,” and I would imagine that one of the biggest challenges would be to understand that you in no way brought this on yourself. It makes me ill.

      I’m sorry you have been through these awful things. I’m glad you survived. And I’ll hold her while you slug her.

      • Jenna says:

        Thanks so much. Just wear gloves if you touch her, lord knows where she has been. And you are totally right, that is the struggle everyday it feels. I was molested by a church deacon, as was 2 of my best friends. Our parents told us not to lie, and ignored everything. When we moved eventually, years later was discovered – because he killed one girl and another body would be found on his land during the investigation. To this day, if the case come up, my mom gets nearly hysterical and always ends the story with “he always made me nervous, but of course he ‘got sick’ AFTER we left and he never touched anyone we knew.” She can’t deal, and dad (a retired FBI agent) can’t either because he didn’t see it. I’ve dealt and I’m okay, but the damage done was almost more with my family steadfastly turning their backs on the truth. Because of that, when I was raped in college, I told no one, just… basically spent 4 months trying passively to die until I learned the rapist had left me a ‘gift’ and I had to get healthy enough to get the baby here alive, and delivered to the parents I found her. It was hard, everything about it was hard from the first time I was touched at 4 until, well. Frankly round about 30, so 4 years ago. I’m okay, I’m too dang stubborn to be anything else, and I have an amazing husband. But of my 2 best friends? JoAnne hung herself at 12. And Mandy? Overdosed on the street at 17. I spent my teenage years in dark corners trying to find enough air to breath and cutting myself to remind me I wasn’t dead. Being ‘chosen’ isn’t a compliment. It’s a soul eater.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Jenna, what a horrific story. I can believe the hardest part was not having your parents possess the strength to face what happened. That left you so alone. You are very brave, and I hope your future will be filled with happiness and love.

      • Shannon1972 says:

        Oh my god, Jenna, I am sending you the hugest virtual hug. Your story has moved me to (actual) tears for you and your two best friends, and the innocent girls you once were. What an awful trauma to live with…I think you are very brave. I know what you mean about your parents’ denial being almost worse, as that’s what happened to me. I haven’t yet found it in myself to truly forgive them for it, though I’m still trying.

        F@ck Brandi and her “humor”. There is nothing funny about the topic. At all.

      • Jayna says:

        Jenna, what a horrible story. How frightening. I think maybe if your parents could even admit it to themselves and you instead of out of guilt still refusing to believe it was part of your family that it would be healing. Never underestimate the healing power of acknowledgment of what you went through and telling you they are sorry. Ii guess you have come to terms with that and not let it destroy you. That is something to be admired, that you survived it all and created a great life for yourself and a great nuclear family for yourself.

        That’s what is so disgusting about Brandi’s comments. It wasn’t just a joke about wishing she was molested by a skeevy older principal. Her sister was and she says she’s jealous. There was a real molestation incident with her sister and it’s funny to her. Tell that to the girls groped and fondled by older authority figures, how they were lucky because it means they were hot and were desired. I wish you would copy and paste your post to Brandi on her facebook.

        Brandi sinks lower and lower every week in my eyes.

    • I Choose Me says:

      Fellow survivor (of molestation) here. I’m so sorry for what you went through Jenna. I like to think I’m mostly healed but I still feel guilty sometimes wondering if I was partly at fault. I still find myself starting to make excuses for him when I tell my story. I know we’re complete strangers but my heart is with you right now. *hugs*

      • Jenna says:

        Hugs right back. And you are an amazing person (I just have a knack for these things, and I’m going with… yep. Strong and awesome. Don’t argue, I just know these things! lol) and you are exactly right. I do the same thing – I can’t really process the molestation, but the rape… yeah. I find myself thinking “I went to a bar. Alone.” (First time ever, I come from a super conservative family… I frankly believe I was dropped off by the mailman because I am seriously the cuckoo in the nest!) I was wearing a short skirt and heels (ordered attire by my bank manager boss while I was in college. She demanded all the girls look sexy for reasons I still find unsettling. Best I could manage was possibly ‘cute’ librarian. Couldn’t find sexy on a clear day!) so maybe I was dressed too… something. The only thing I remember (spiked drink and when I started to come around in the alley, he bashed me in the head with a brick so he could finish in peace) was him saying something about having gotten his orders and he was being shipped overseas and how lonely he was. Maybe he was panicked at the thought of going, thought he wouldn’t have a change with a girl again..,. maybe, maybe, maybe. I am sure you know but it never hurts to hear it – SO not your fault. Nothing about it was your fault. It wasn’t about you even. It was all totally 100% no question about it NOT YOU. It was the sicko who hurt you. All the hugs you need right back. I’m better now. Stronger too. I can’t/won’t let the ones that hurt me win. Don’t you let him win either, okay? Strangers in name, maybe. But we’re all part of a club we didn’t want to join. Thank you for speaking up – the more you can talk about it and reach towards others, the more healed you become. You are awesome!

  24. Square Bologna says:

    Alcoholic AND terminally stupid. She’s making LeAnn Rimes look good.

    • OrangeBlohan says:

      Nothing can make LR look good. Just because Brandi makes a misstep does not make LR Mother Teresa.

      • Sal says:

        LR will NEVER be a good person (and Mother Theresa was far from a good person too, but thats a whole other topic) but *minimalising* it as purely a “misstep” is pretty disgusting and rubs salt into the wounds. It was NOT a misstep. Arguing with the wrong person is a misstep. Forgetting to put your lotto entry in, is a misstep. This was far more serious than that. It was a premeditated (yes, premeditated, I explain why in an earlier post above) offensive comment.

  25. BeckyR says:

    She is all around disgusting…what is her talent, exactly? I mean besides saying ignorant things which she thinks is amusing.

  26. Sam says:

    Isn’t this somewhat similar to the South Park episode years ago when Mr. Garrison was angry his father hadn’t molested him? But I think the difference is that South Park always made it clear that Mr. Garrison is a seriously screwed-up character who should never ben taken seriously or sympathized with. Brandi seems to be possibly attempting something similar, but it just falls flat.

    • Nerd Alert says:

      I tried to say the same thing about an episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but people weren’t having it. People think it’s a “new low” when these things are brought up in the context of comedy, even dark comedy.

      ASIP and South Park make fun of terrible people all the time. It’s been done since the beginning of time. You know, dark satire. If you look at both shows, though, what they are satirizing is the kind of people who would say such things. Both characters are seriously f*cked up in the head and neither one would you want to be compared to. They are not sympathetic whatsoever, and they are ugly inside. Does Brandi fall into that category? Absolutely.

      I think it’s fair to make that point in the context of comedy. Nobody’s laughing at child molestation, the victims, or even the perpetrators. They’re laughing at horrible imbeciles who make light of such things.

  27. DJ says:

    What’s the over under on how many drinks she knocked back before this interview? I’m saying over three glasses of wine but under two bottles

  28. Leslie says:

    This woman is not very bright. How could she possibly think that was funny? And why would she tell the world her youngest kid still wets the bed? I can’t imagine any mother doing that. Those poor, poor kids. What kind of life to they have? Their mother is an idiot, their dad is a out-of-work, freeloader, and their step mom is a nut case. Both of those kids will spend a good part of their adult lives in therapy.

    • gayle says:

      I saw that tweet, too. About her son wetting the bed. What kind of mother does that? I ask you to think about that very seriously. She made a conscious decision to walk over to her device, her phone or computer and share with the world that her six year old son still needs pull ups. If he knew, he would die.

    • Christin says:

      Mentioning her little boy’s bed wetting via tweets — Why would she share that with thousands? I don’t think it’s a good idea to post photos of the kids or have pap pics taken, either. And let’s face it, she does this. The children deserve some privacy.

      I hope those two boys end up with some money for their future, because I think they’ve been props (a step away from a child performer, if you will) for all three adults in this saga.

      • Jayna says:

        I didn’t know she posted that about his bedwetting. Wow. Social media, share it with the internet world. Real smart. When I was a bedwetter briefly it was a shameful time for me. My mom didn’t make me feel that way. I was just so embarrassed. Who would even think to tweet that to an internet full of strangers.

        Yeah, with her popularity plummeting, she does what she usually does after a string of bad behavior, post some photos of the boys to remind everyone she’s a single mom who luvs her babies. Those boys are used by all of them. It is sad.

      • Christin says:

        Jayna, I couldn’t believe she posted it, either, but sure enough she did (earlier this week). The first tweet was something about a good start to the day with no pull-ups and a dry bed. Then she goes on to say it’s her 6 year old. It’s just too much.

        You called it long ago. She’s a mess just like the other two in the triangle.

      • Silly Milly says:

        I’m (almost) speechless! Not even her own family is off limits. She shames everyone who is associated with her.

  29. someone says:

    Mark my words, there will be at least 1 or 2 pictures of her sons posted on her twitter today. Any time she gets blasted for something inappropriate she did, she posts pictures of her sons on twitter to deflect and remind us all “she’s just a single mom”.

    • Macey says:

      yep…she has over played that card so many times now that it means nothing. she’s already trying to justify the statement by saying she was interviewing them to see their comedy or something like that.
      Im just glad she doesnt have daughters. I can see her considering it a compliment to their appearance if someone touched them inappropriately or tried to molest them. It happens to boys too and I can see her writing that off or being flattered by it b/c her kids are soo good looking. god she’s disgusting. She truly only values appearances and I guess unwanted attention from men somehow validates her. probably why no one stays with her that long. Your looks will only get you so far and hers have been long gone since she started messing with her face.

    • Jayna says:

      Oh, my God, I was reading this story and reading the posts one by one and commenting to certain posts and just above you responded and then got to your post and it was almost the same thing. I totally agree.

  30. Jem says:

    Considering her awful taste in men; the boozing issues; the attention-whore issues; and the whole self-mutilation gone wild thing with her face/body, methinks she’s probably repressing some bad memories herself. I see alot of red flags here.

    Of course, she could just be an a**hole.

  31. msw says:

    Damnit. Why has she been such a piece of s*** recently? Too much booze? Was she always such an asshole?

  32. shellybean says:

    Oh yeah, Brandi, you should be “super bummed” you weren’t felt up or didn’t have your grandfather stick his tongue down your throat or have him make you give him a handjob under the covers when you slept over at grandma and grandpa’s. You should be “super bummed” that no one did anything about it. You should be “super bummed” that your whole family was destroyed and no one talks to this day. You should be “super bummed” that you went on to have years of eating disorders, binge drinking, bad relationships, and mental health issues that required hospitilization with truly crazy people. You should be SUPER BUMMED that you didn’t experience any of these things. Well I am super bummed that you are such a tasteless moron. Get a life and a better sense of humor, bitch.

  33. Mich says:

    What the hell is wrong with this woman?

    • Jenna says:

      Many many things, most of them hard to spell, so the most complete diagnosis I can give without getting technical is she suffers from an advanced case of “Rectal Inversion*”, possibly one of the worse I’ve ever seen.

      *Head firmly up one’s own ass for clarification….

  34. Isa says:

    I’m sure her sister just feels terrible for Brandi.


  35. dontbuyit says:

    She’s a horrible disgusting woman. Seriously, what part of molestation is funny? I don’t care that she was joking, she took her sense of humor too far. She talks about Joyce saying comments that will hurt her career & custody, yet fails to put a filter on her disgusting foul mouth and comes out and says this. If anything this is a comment that will likely do damage to her career and could be used against her if her sleazy ex and his cray bank account tried to get full custody. It’s not anything Joyce has to say. Such a classless immature woman that will do anything for attention. I can’t stand her no longer. I can not believe at one time I used to actually like and support her. She was good with her woe is me act until her ego got bigger. RHOBH should fire her and replace her with someone else.

    Molestation is nothing to joke about. Millions of individuals committing suicide, in therapy because they can’t form intimate relationships and are depressed, abusing alcohol, drugs and committing body self harm as a coping mechanism. F and a U Brandi, you clueless B. I am so angry at this. She probably does wishes she had been, because she could add that to her list of bad things that had happened to her to keep the continuous role of being the perpetual victim.

  36. Jackie Jormp Jomp (formerly Zelda) says:

    People listen to her voice on purpose? I seriously can’t fathom wanting to hear more of Brandi Glanville’s voice. Her breathy baby valley schtick is unbelievably annoying.

  37. lovegossipbutnotL&E says:

    I am by no means a prude and I have the vocabulary of a drunken salior at times. I also have a very twisted sense of humor and I find humor in things that others cringe at. Even I am disgusted by this. It has nothing to do with being PC or not. There are some things that you just don’t joke about and this is the top of that list! Why would anyone find this in the least bit funny? If someone I knew said that, I would call them out in a heartbeat!!! Beyond shocked. :-(

  38. Maggs says:

    she just tweeted her apology:

    Brandi Glanville ‏@BrandiGlanville 6m

    I’m sorry if I offended anyone with @Mrjimflorentine @PodcastOne interview My show is a COMEDY based entertainment show for adults I’m sorry

  39. Gail says:

    @Kaiser – I am a new visitor to this site and love your style. But seriously! Maybe I’m getting this wrong but what kind of people make jokes about child abuse even amongst friends? If someone I knew did that, I’d avoid that person from there on.

  40. NeNe says:

    She is an f’ing moron. Who says something like that? I don’t see anything funny about it. And I’m sure those who have been molested aren’t finding it funny either. I just lost the last ounce of respect that I had for her. What a piece of trash.

    • JessMa says:

      It is times like these that I realize my job has warped me. I have worked as an attorney in DJJ and now as one for foster kids. Attorneys and social workers that work with physically and/or sexually abused kids can make very inappropriate jokes. It may just be my city, but I doubt it. I was molested at four, but these types of jokes don’t even phase me anymore. Some of the worst I have heard have been from sex crimes prosecutors. After a couple of years I came to the conclusion that it is a coping mechanism. These are all people working in the public sector that are dedicating their lives to helping kids. I think if they didn’t joke about the work, they would just cry everyday.

  41. Madge says:

    Its comments like hers that can send survivors into relapse. Right now I am struggling to keep down my dinner! I loathe people who think molestation and rape victims are fair play. If they only knew the emotional trauma we have to suffer through every day just to attempt to play at acting like normal people. I am 35 and still failing at coming to terms with my abuse and this is despite counselling and medications. Life is hard enough for me to live at the best of times without this one celled omeba thinking she is being “oh so hilarious”! I wish I could transfer one day of my mental hell on her so she can see just how pathetic her words were!

    • John Wayne Lives says:

      This. Hang in Madge!!! This triggered me too. I was molested and raped from 4 – 16 by our pastor. He always made me feel like I should be grateful he chose me. We’re the same age too :) You are not the damage. You are an amazing survivor! I wish I could give you a hug <3

    • jaye says:

      It took me years to finally get over the fear and guilt over being molested by an uncle when I was between the ages of 6-8. He was my uncle by marriage and even though my aunt divorced him, he was stilled allowed to visit my cousins at my grandmothers house (very supervised, of course) but the idea that he was in the same house as me would send me into a closet to hide. I would hide there for hours after he was gone. I was 12 when I stopped doing that only because my grandmother refused to let him back in her house. I still have scars, but I’m better able to cope with what happened and I no longer blame myself for breaking up my aunt’s family. It was HIS fault, not mine. So no…rape/molestation jokes are NOT funny.

      • mojoman says:

        OMG Jaye, the fact that your family still let him showed up at the family gatherings after the incident is utterly horrible! I wonder how your cousins cope with their father being a molester? I am glad you are slowly healing. sending you hugs and positive vibes!

      • jaye says:

        Thanks mojo…he was NEVER allowed to come family functions, my uncles (my mother’s brothers) would have killed him. His visits were just with the kids. My mom and my other aunt were there for moral support and unfortunately I had to go because there was no one to watch me. He molested my cousins, too. They never talked about it to me, so I don’t know how the felt then or how they feel now.

        He died of AIDS about 13 years ago and as horrible as this sounds, when I heard all I could think was ‘good riddance’.

    • missykittens says:

      Madge, I’m sure that you are normal. You don’t have to pretend. The way a victim of abuse reacts (ie with trauma and pain) is normal. Its the one who did this who is not normal. Don’t take responsibility for someone else’s actions.

  42. caitrin says:

    Wow, I agree that there is absolutely NOTHING FUNNY about child molestation, and this ignorant witch trying to make a JOKE about it is appalling. I have spent almost 30 years trying to survive/ recover from being molested as a child, and I have friends who, try, too, every day, to leave the recurring horror and the ineluctable memories of such abuse behind them. Surviving child molestation is a lifelong, painful, perilous process, and to mock it is not only grotesquely unfunny, it is irresponsible and selfishly clueless, as well. I absolutely despise this caricature of a human being–this egotistical, foul “woman” who, from what I have heard of her saying, would be better off just not ever opening her witless and disgusting mouth ever again.

  43. db says:

    I wonder whether her sister finds molestation as amusing as Brandi does…

  44. ojulia123 says:

    I listened to the first couple of episodes of her podcast and I really, really tried to like it but ah….no. I’m glad I gave up on it before having to hear that ridiculous exchange. “Jokes” about sexual abuse are not funny.

  45. CF98 says:

    I can see why her ex husband cheated on her.

  46. eliza says:

    She is absolutely disgusting. The end.

  47. Rant says:

    Now, once again, she’s “sorry if she offended anyone”. WTF? How about “I’m sorry for my inappropriate and hurtful remarks.” Bytch, YOU HAVE KIDS! How would you like it if someone made “joke” about molesting YOUR kids? You drunken, @sshole !

    ETA- Apologies for any potential typos or grammatical errors. This bytch makes me livid!

    • Sal says:

      Agreed. Her “Im sorry. But…..” and “I’m sorry *IF* I offended anyone” just rubs salt into the wound. Why not apologise WITHOUT any qualifications, any excuses, any ‘ands, ifs, or buts’. When she says she is only sorry if she offended someone, that is NOT an apology at all. She still doesn’t get it. She steadfast refuses to apologise. All she needs to do is say my comment was disgusting and uncalled for and I’m sorry. NOTHING ELSE.

  48. Luca26 says:

    First to the people who have survived molestation and shared your stories Thank you! You are brave strong and good people and I’m sorry for what happened and that trash like Brandi can be so insensitive but the more you speak out the more we can be educated and work to protect kids and supportive of our loved ones that have survived these traumas.
    As for Brandi she has officially sunk lower than LeeAnn and Joyce is 100% right she is a classic bully.

  49. Zooyork says:

    I actually think Brandi has a pretty voice.

  50. Soxfan says:

    I would also like to say I am sorry to all of you who have gone through such horrible trauma in your lives. Sending lots of hugs to everyone.

  51. Autumn says:

    Brandi just needs to sit down, and STFU. As a mother of two myself, I see NOTHING funny about this. Just when I thought she couldn’t sink any lower…

  52. Franny Days says:

    I really can’t stand her. I watch RHOBH and I’ve come to detest her. She doesn’t take constructive criticism even from her friends, and constantly uses the excuse “This is just who I am”. Well who you are, Brandi, sucks. Your “jokes” aren’t funny, but they are revealing to the gross person you really are.

  53. Nymeria says:

    I was molested several times by my mother’s brother when I was four; once in September and once on Christmas Eve, and several times thereafter. It DESTROYED me. I’m still in therapy for this, well over two decades later. It messed up my connection to my body, my sex drive, my sex life, my self-esteem, my identity as a woman and as a human being. I was a cutter, and I attempted suicide half-heartedly many times and near-successfully three times. Being molested turned me into someone who is permanently on the outside, looking in. I feel like a complete alien.

    Yeah, she really missed out.

    • Bobbiesue says:

      I am in tears reading this. You are not alone and you are loved. The man I loved exhibited all the things you just wrote. It’s destroyed him and nearly destroyed me in the process.

    • Birdix says:

      that’s so awful Nymeria, I’m so sorry it happened to you.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I am so sorry to hear that. It really puts in clear perspective how insensitive her comments were.

      Words are failing me now, I wish I could give you a hug! Your celebitchy sisters support you!

      • Nymeria says:

        Thank you all. I was actually having a pretty bad day even before I read about Brandi Glanville, but your kindness has helped.

        Things are a little less awful than they used to be. For example, I’m starting to actually accept that I am not at fault for what happened. For some reason, that’s been the hardest thing to deal with – being sexually abused creates such a deep well of shame within you, it’s almost impossible to plumb. Far too many on this thread have shared my reality. Jenna (upthread, starting at comment 23) put it best when she said we “chosen” few (gah, fuck you, Brandi) are “[s]trangers in name, maybe. But we’re all part of a club we didn’t want to join.”

        Sexual abuse is far, far, far more destructive than society wants to admit. Wastes of oxygen like Brandi Glanville aren’t helping matters. She’s turned it into a joke, when it is the antithesis of anything funny.

    • Jessiebes says:

      I’m so sorry that happened to you. I have no words. Sending you my love. I hope you will continue to heal and be well.

  54. Ruyana says:

    There’s not one damn thing funny about childhood sexual abuse. Nothing.

  55. Bobbiesue says:

    I have watched, experienced and been deeply affected by the lasting, crippling, desperate manifestations of child molestation to two beloved people in my life. It never goes away, it never gets better; every therapy, every drug, every course of action to make that grown-up a whole human being who feels deserving and worthy of love has not lessened the burden. It formulates every thought, every action and every decision they make as they grow into adulthood. It is always with them. For one, the quality of a potentially amazing life is low. Please never ever ever make incest or sexual abuse the butt of a joke.

  56. Emily C. says:

    I am not friends with anyone who makes jokes about child molestation, no matter the situation. I am friends with people who have been molested as children and teenagers. This is the lowest Brandi Glanville has gone yet. I expect her to run around in a swastika next, because there is no lower she can go. She is scum.

    • Stacey says:

      Why did her podcast producers air that joke? They should have edited it out. Do the producers hate Brandi or want her to fail??

      When Brandi’s first book came out, she was interesting and seemed to have a lot of promise. I had a lot of respect for her enduring the Leann/Eddie debacle. She got many opportunities after that and it was time to sink or swim and unfortunately, she has sank. She doesn’t seem to be smart enough to manage her own mouth and image. The spotlight has only illuminated and magnified her horrifying flaws. Maybe on a personal level, she is great but she doesn’t seem cut out to become the beloved public figure and single mom people were rooting for her to become. If I were here, I’d take the $$$ from all the shows and books, buy a house and retreat from the spotlight for the sake of her kids. She is an embarrassment.

      I agree, Brandi is trolling us like Tila Tequila and her nazi crap. I wouldn’t be surprised if thats whats next.

  57. Stacey says:

    Used to be a hugeeee Brandi fan but now Brandi sucks. I haven’t listened to her podcast in weeks because she gets so filthy and it is so desperate and sad to a mother of 2 embarassing herself and her kids with the hyper sexual bimbo act. Act your age sweetie. I guess what all the Leann minions have been saying about her all these years has come true. She is a stupid, drunk, horrible example of how a mother of 2 and a 41 year old woman should behave in public. She is just another trashy skank like Leann. What happened to all of Brandi’s redeeming qualities? All we see is her ugly, desperate, try-hard side.

    I’m not interested in Brandi’s new book, won’t buy it, she’s vulgar and creepy now.

    • Christin says:

      Stacey, I was not really a fan of hers and don’t watch the show, but I think she resonated with women due to various things she went through. People tend to root for the underdog. I give her credit for standing up to her ex and his new wife, but during the last several months she’s revealed a side that isn’t likeable. As another commented, she doesn’t seem to be learning or growing from any of the recent debacles.

      I would suggest that she visit a children’s advocacy center and learn about child sexual abuse. It is an eye-opening experience for anyone with an ounce of compassion and empathy. I don’t understand how a 40-something mother of young children doesn’t have a better understanding of the seriousness of it.

  58. Vivian says:

    Eww, that first picture! Is there seriously no bra underneath that sheer top? So classy…

  59. tishi1025 says:

    She keeps saying terrible things, and than apologizing for them. It is like a continuous cycle. Just because you apologize afterwards, doesn’t make it ok! And the fact that it keeps happening proves she isn’t learning any kind of lesson. I feel she lives by the whole “sorrynotsorry” motto.

  60. StepfordWifeNot says:

    +1000! If we just had to look at her it would be bad enough, but for some reason she also speaks.

    And for the record, there is no humour to be found in child molestation … NONE. If you can find something funny to say about this topic you need to take a long, hard look at yourself. It involves the defilement of all that is truly innocent and precious in this world … our children.

  61. Jennifer12 says:

    Brandi thinks she is able to be a Howard Stern with a black sense of humor and brilliant delivery. I don’t like him, but he is a brilliant comic. She has neither the training nor the intelligence to attempt this humor. This is the problem with reality TV- ordinary people think they are able to do what actors, actresses and comics do with years of experience and training. That said, she needs to STFU. She really does. She is throwing herself under a bus and the years of support for what she genuinely suffered- stalking, harassment, bullying and co-opting at the hands of her ex and his new piece- is starting to ebb away under the persona she’s presenting. She is going to end up living with her parents and working at Burger King if she doesn’t get it together. Frank, honest, etc is great but there’s a line she’s crossed. It isn’t an excuse to say whatever you want to say or not think first.

  62. GrumpyCat says:

    And just like *that* Brandi loses fans and book sales…
    Seriously, I’m out. I bought her first book right when it came out and was a supporter. This last incident is enough. Done.

  63. Snowpea says:

    Ok I WAS the only fangirl left here at CB but now? Ya lost me too BG.

    There aren’t many taboos left in society, but I believe we may have discovered the last one. Never ever joke about child sexual abuse. Like, NEVER.

    Child molestation is a tragic, catastrophic, devastating wasteland, littered with the corpses of self hatred, dysfunctional relationships, body dysmorphia, self-harm, drug and alcohol abuse and the list goes on and on. My older sister and my cousin were both sexually abused as children and they are still dealing with the horrific fallout.

    My cousin was raped between the ages of 8 and 12 on a weekly basis by a next door neighbour and she severe mental health issues including chronic depression and a personality disorder.

    She has never had a relationship despite being almost 39 years old. She has had the potential for a normal life stolen from her by a disgusting paedophile who will probably never be brought to justice.

    Why would you make jokes about this sort of stuff? I am a very openminded, compassionate person but even I think Glanville has gone too far.

    • missykittens says:

      I worked in the mental health field and seriously almost every client had some sort of abuse in their history. Whether its physical sexual or emotional, the effect is long lasting and insidious. It pervades your very being. My mother was also abused and it tore her family apart and left visible emotional scars. Everyone who gets through it – you are strong and courageous and idiots like Brandi should be ashamed of themselves. Jokes are supposed to be funny they are not supposed to hurt ppl.

      I doubt that Brandi was joking. I think she really is peeved that she wasn’t abused and wanted to bring it up under the guise of a joke. She ignorantly thinks that only attractive ppl are raped. Idiot…

  64. mollie says:

    Everybody says stupid things at times. I also think that it would be terrifying to host a podcast.
    What I’m waiting for Brandi to do, is to start LEARNING from these incidents, and improve.
    I’ve yet to see that.
    i’m still hoping she does.

  65. tredd says:

    someone needs to explain to this t**t that
    A. Shutting up is a new (for her) and wonderful option
    B. Your obsession with being thin has morphed you into the crypt keeper with bad hair extensions
    C. Quit wearing Yolanda (who marries for a living) for a hat.
    You’re too stupid to realize you should be embarrassed.

  66. Leila in wunderland says:

    To all of the people who shared your stories about your childhood, I’m sorry about the things that happened to you and your loved ones. You are all survivors. And it’s brave of you all to stand up about this issue. We live in a society where insensitive people say that people aren’t supposed to get offended by the things people say- that we’re supposed to just calmly, quietly accept what people say in the name of ‘free speech’ and ‘not being oversensitive.’

    I can’t believe that she would joke like that. It would still be shitty if she was just a regular, non-famous person. But she’s a parent, she’s a sibling of someone who was molested, and she’s a public figure. The last thing our society needs is somebody publicly perpetuating the myth that sexual abuse happens because of the attractiveness of a victim, or that someone who isn’t as conventionally attractive can’t be a victim of molestation or rape.

    As a kid I had made offensive jokes before, but not about the molesting of a child or racism.

  67. Sugar says:

    Hows that unfiltered take me as i am persona working out for you now brandi?
    I have just read the heartbreaking stories on this post of many CB regulars and my heart goes out to each of you. You are all still here, you are all working through your pasts with the best coping skills you have and for that each day is a victory. You all may not see or feel that but I see each of you a survivors stronger than I am as life is hard enough and my complaints are trivial at seeing what each of you have endured either as the victim or family member of a victim.
    I hope Brandi reads these comments and realizes she really has crossed a line here and that her apology on twitter means zip and perhaps she can for once STFU because she is not funny and this topic in no way lends itself to humor.
    I work in mental health and see everyday the lives ruined by innocence taken away. This woman needs to know her mouth has gone too far this time and that her words have triggered people.
    Its not all about you Brandi-you failed big time and are deserving of any and all backlash you receive!

  68. crumcake says:

    I didn’t mind this woman so much when she first appeared on RH but things have definitely changed these past few months. A person can only make excuses for themselves for so long and get a pass for the garbage that they are spewing. Complete disgusting trash.

  69. Sway says:

    I hope Brandi realizes how many fans she just lost (me included). That was truly disgusting.

  70. Carolyn says:

    Words fail me. I’m not watching any Real Housewives show in protest that this idiot of a person has such a high profile. She seriously can’t get away with this. Bravo not.

  71. MomInNH says:

    As someone who survived sexual abuses as a child, I’m DISGUSTED with her. How dare she make such a horribly disrespectful and sick “joke” like that. Being molested or raped as a child is NEVER funny. It’s NEVER a joke. It’s a tragedy that leaves a hole in your soul and something that never ever leaves you. It’s something that colors every aspect of your life. How you see the world and the people in it. How you react to situations.. It’s not funny. If she had ever even met an actual survivor, she’d change her tune. She owes every abuse survivor an apology. Heartless, awful woman.

  72. Christin says:

    Her comments about her sister and the principal reminded me of things that happened during my own school years in the 1980s. I was not personally targeted, but I saw behavior from trusted figures that would not be acceptable today.

    Shortly after graduation, a former cheerleader from our high school confessed that several of the female cheerleaders and ball players were ‘girlfriends’ to most of the male coaches. She didn’t seem to think it was wrong. The girls felt honored to be picked. Even though they may have consented, they were underage. All of it is sick and predatory, in my mind.

  73. Sal says:

    I am so done with Brandi! I am so SO done with her! She can go to hell! :(

  74. Alita says:

    Such a refreshing lack of filter, etc … psych!

    I don’t believe any of my friends would be so revolting as to think a child molestation ‘joke’ was a funny thing to say – in private or otherwise. I think, like most other sane people, that’s just something that would indicate the friendship over. Unbelievable – even from this trash.

  75. Kellykat says:

    One of the ways Brandi could understand just how her ‘jokes’ impress others, would be to try to make these jokes only about herself or have a comedian do it to her face and see how she feels.
    Brandi could start with jokes about former models who are now aging and losing their looks, she could progress to all about bad plastic surgery and how it makes her look like a freak. She could illustrate the silliness of trying to make a living in a world when your one marketable skill, youthful good looks is gone and you have no education. She could talk about bad hair extensions, stupid social gaffes at parties and private dinners and how she is the joke of the night. She could then progress to people with DUI’s who continue for years with their out of control drinking and deny their alcoholism. She could talk about women whose husbands are habitual cheaters with any old waitress or barfly and how it destroys a marriage, hahaha. She could joke about women whose husbands give them STD’s. and bankrupt them and run off with another celebrity. Then she could progress to the comedy of a public celebrity divorce, losing custody of her children part time and being stalked by the second wife and legally bullied by her ex. Too funny! Brandi has a comedy gold mine in her own life and really doesn’t need to look any further for material. Charity begins at home.

  76. Faye says:

    This is just monstrous. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog but I’m going to avoid it in future.

  77. Liz says:

    I don’t understand how bravo can continue to keep her. She’s a liability PERIOD. I do feel sorry for her boys she certainly has made an ass of herself. Brandi needs therapy not reality tv and possibly drug rehab. Sad to watch honestly.