Is Sean Penn romancing Charlize Theron to piss off Robin Wright?


A few days ago, Page Six had an interesting little item about Charlize Theron and Sean Penn. Page Six said that Charlize and Sean had turned the Chateau Marmont into “their own love shack” and they spent Monday night in a Marmont bungalow together. Which is interesting, I guess, except for the fact that the jig is up and we already know they’re together. But it brings me to an interesting observation: Sean and Charlize’s love has gone back underground after flourishing in the first ten days of 2014 – it’s been days since we’ve had meaningful photos of Charlize picking up coffee while Sean waits in the car, or of Sean taking a jog in Charlize’s neighborhood. The first whiff of romance came when she stayed at his Hawaii home, they flew back to LA together and he spent the night at her place. Then Charlize was Sean’s high-profile “friend” at his charity gala. And they wanted us to see that. They wanted to openly acknowledge (in their way) that they were together. And it all went down just a few days before Robin Wright confirmed the widespread tabloid reports that she had accepted Ben Foster’s proposal. Coincidence? The National Enquirer doesn’t think so (and I agree).

A source says Sean Penn may have been getting hot and heavy with Charlize Theron to get even with his ex-wife Robin Wright.

“Sean has been seething with jealousy ever since Robin got together with Ben in 2011… and he went nuclear in December when he heard they were engaged.”

According to the source, Sean can’t stand the idea of Robin finding happiness with a man 14 years her junior and 20 years younger than him.

“For the first time in ages, Robin feels happy and settled. She went through hell with Sean’s mood swings and violent temper and she never thought she’d find love again. But Ben worships her and gets along great with her kids.”

“Sean believes that his public romance with Charlize – who look a lot like a younger Robin – will truly get under her skin,” said the source.

But Charlize may be the one getting hurt – according to sources, Charlize “has fallen hard and fast for Sean… he’s been nothing but charming so far. But if things stay true to form, Charlize will get burned by Sean. Charlize really believes that Sean is going to change his ways for her. But he hasn’t even spent any time with Jackson yet, and no one else is expecting bad-boy Sean to suddenly reform.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition]

Is Sean Penn so petty that he would openly woo an Oscar-winning beauty just to get back at his ex-wife? Yes. I believe he is that petty. I thought it was so, so interesting that all of that Sean and Charlize stuff went down the way it did, so publicly and leading up to and during Golden Globes weekend, and then Robin doubles-down and confirms her engagement just when her ex-husband is getting so much press? Robin and Sean still try to stick it to each other. And it’s pretty awesome. I’m Team Wright, by the way. I think Robin comes out the winner here – she’s got the boy-toy who adores her, she just won a Golden Globe, and she seems genuinely happy. Meanwhile, Sean is going to end up screwing Charlize over somehow, probably when he cheats on her, and he always seems like he’s two seconds away from punching a tree. “SCREW YOU, TREE! GET OUT OF MY FACE!!”



Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Lil says:

    Yess- Charlize got herself the same haircut like Robin

  2. blue marie says:

    As if Robin gives two f-ks about what Sean is doing, she has moved on and good for her. Charlize needs to catch a clue and move on to someone else.

    • Tulip Garden says:

      Completely agree that Robin doesn’t care what/who Sean is doing as long as it isn’t her! I think Sean lost whatever power that he held to f*ck Robin, psychologically and/or otherwise and, yes, I believe this pisses him off to no end. I can absolutely see him trying to get a rise out of her one way or the other. Problem for Sean is that I don’t believe Robin hates/loves him. I believe she is indifferent, apathetic so that kills him!

      As to Charlize, I don’t understand why so many posters don’t like her. I thought one of the reasons for her (former) popularity was her take-no-prisoners attitude. Anyway, they are not likely to last. They are just a thing for now. I see this whole Charlize/Sean thing much as I did the Scarjo/Sean thing. Just a blip of bad decision-making from an otherwise pretty grounded person.

      • Marty says:

        Don’t forget he has talked sh*t about Robin in the press non stop since the divorce, trying to provoke her in some kind of reaction or response, while she keep it classy and never said a word. Class all the way, and that sure pisses him. He has said things about her that any parent should be ashamed to let his kids read about their mother.

    • ncmagnolia says:

      For real. Forget Alec Baldwin, Sean Penn is the original Ragey McAggro. I’ll bet Robin couldn’t wait to put him in her rearview mirror. I hope this couple is just being shipped for reasons unknown, and truly hope Charlize doesn’t wind up getting hurt.

  3. Barrett says:

    Sean Penn is orange and must reek like a pack of cigarettes. Ugh Charlize bad move.

  4. Red32 says:

    There are about a million reasons Sean Penn is dating Charlize – she’s prettier, younger and more respected than him. What I don’t understand is why Charlize is dating Sean.

  5. Nikki says:

    Robyn is the epitome of cool.

  6. Dani2 says:

    I still can’t understand how someone like Charlize can actually fall for someone like Sean. Am I missing something, is there a side to him I don’t know anything about? This guy is one of those people who has made himself look like an absolute d-ck.

  7. bowers says:

    Everyone before me said it.

  8. Lark says:

    I totally believe Sean would go there. The timing was beyond odd. There are two reason (beyond the obvious superficial ones) why I’m shocked she got with Sean

    1) Her mother killed her abusive father. She turns around and gets with a man who beat the shit out of Madonna (police report) and still has violent temper tantrums 20 years later (didn’t he beat up a pap or get into a bar fight like last year?). He doesn’t seem to have made much work or any at controlling his temper, and frankly his terrifying looking temper is a thousand times worse than his alleged infidelity or coke use in the past imo.

    2) She has a tiny son. Sean Penn’s 19 or 20 year old son hit a pap here in LA about a year ago (it made all the local news) and called him the n-word and a f*g. I know the kid could just be an asshole on his own, but he spends a ton of time with Sean apparently….wonder where he picked up that kind of hateful language?

    I don’t know. She acted like a total loon around Michael Fassbender , and it made me remember for years Ted Casablancas and (Lainey also) insinuated that Charlize was basically batshit crazy and insane when it came to men. It sure seems like they were right. I’d give her less of a side-eye for hooking up with Jack Nicholson or some whack job than with this guy.

    • Applapoom says:

      I used to absolutely adore Charlize for years but then I saw the Graham Norton interview with Jon Hamm next to her and I, well, did not like her and I am not sure what it was exactly. Like she was very flirty with Hamm even though she would know he is in a relationship. Usually after a talk show my impression of a celebrity stays the same or improves. For example, I used to not like Keira Knightley and then I saw her in an interview and I now really like her. Was meh on Reese Witherspoon and was meh on her afterwards.

    • don't kill me i'm french says:

      I disagree with the idea that she’s loon with her guys.
      I remember how she’s happy in love when Stuart Townsend was able to come at Cannes fest for the premiere of her movie on Peter Sellers or how she was sad after her break-up with Stephan Jenkins BUT in same time,i think she broke with Townsend because he didn’t want a kid

    • Renee says:

      I agree with you. Sean Penn is a major dick and it’s not like Charlize is a kid, she is almost 40, has a background of domestic violence in her family and comes from South Africa. You’d think that she might be a bit more careful about the influences that she has around her young black son. I am sure that if we dug a bit we would find out that Sean Penn has dropped a couple of n-bombs in his time. He works in Haiti, a country that is majority black. You’d think that he could have issued a statement about the inappropriateness of his kid’s verbal attack on the pap. This guy is douche city.

      I also think that Charlize is a douche. She has always given me asshole vibes. And I think that it is telling the way that all of these Hollywood types stick together and overlook the bad press/reputations that their peers have. I don’t think it’s because they see the good in them or know “the truth” about their characters…I think that they just don’t care about their peers bad behavior as long as it doesn’t affect them personally.

      I also agree with the poster who said that Charlize seems like she can go crazy when it comes to men and has a huge ego to boot.

    • Maureen says:

      I’ve always believed the rumors that she and Skarsgard dated and/or hooked up for a hot minute. I think that happened once, maybe twice, and I think she scared the crap out of him.

      And I second @Renee’s assessment about Charlize. TOTALLY.

  9. lisa2 says:

    I don’t know much about Charlize. I use to like her a lot when she was with Stewart. They were such a private couple. When they broke up she has been everywhere. Not so private anymore. I guess he was the one that like to avoid the media and such.

    but why do people assume that she is somehow “better” than Sean because she is a beautiful woman. Yes opposites attract, but it you look at couples that come together it is in large part because there is something similar they see in the other person. Maybe she an Sean are together because they have a lot in common. That maybe an eye opener for some. She was hanging out with that Comedian Seth MacFarlen.. and she likes Handler. Listening to her talk in interviews and on some shows.. Charlize is hardly the wilting violet. She has a very visible raunchy side her. So she may get on very well with Sean.

  10. Leah says:

    Well personal issues aside i adore them all as actors. All four of them are highly talented individuals. But Robin Wright is better off without playing second fiddle to Penn. Her career is flourishing and she seems happy with Ben Foster. But to be quite honest i feel like both Robin and Sean has hooked up with a younger version of each other. Ben doesn’t seem to have the bad temper though so its a win win for her. Charlize Theron though, could most certainly do better..

    • don't kill me i'm french says:

      I agree with the idea they dated an younger version of each other.They probably have a type (like Dicaprio loves VS models)

    • Lauren says:

      Robin is-was much too good for Sean Penn. SP has repeatedly insulted Robin over the last three years. She has remained silent, trying to rebuild her career and life. I was so happy for Robin when she won the Golden Globe last week. I believe Robin sacrificed her career and devoted her life to her children, since Sean has never been a family man. Sean has never expressed any gratitude or love towards Robin. I admire Robins strength and fortitude. Sean is a fine actor, but a deplorable human being.

  11. smee says:

    It all sounds plausible.

    Look how fantastic Charlize looks just getting coffee. She always looks so pulled together – I love those grey booties.

  12. mena says:

    After years with Penn, I hope Robin finds happiness. Only problem is, I’m not sure it’ll be with Ben. Aren’t there rumors that he’s kind of an asshole? I remember talk going around that playing that asshole Lance Armstrong wouldn’t be much of a stretch for Ben. I hope Robin isn’t just repeating.

    And for the sake of her son, I hope Charlize comes to her senses.

  13. serena says:

    I still don’t get why women line up after him.. I mean, he’s a well-known douchbag and other than that he’s not handsome at all, he’s just an old man.. bad boy my *ss.

  14. Willy says:

    I totally believe this. Sean has always made the “get even” move with Robin. Remember Petra Nemcova when Robin filed for divorce the first time? That time worked out well for him and Robin took him back., giving him a last chance. Rumor says that they both cheated on each other during the marriage, Sean very publicly, Robin very privately, until she finally had enough and fell in love with one of her very high profile co-star in a 2007 movie. (Lainey has the same rumor). The marriage came to an end because of Sean heavy drugs problems, he has to publicly retire from two movies for. After the second Oscar he came an unbearable queen. I do believe Sean Penn can not forget the only woman capable of put up with him for 20 years mother of his kids and his only love.

  15. Gus says:

    Sean and Charlize are being weirdly public, they’re actually rubbing it in our faces, making sure everybody knows they’re tighter, very strange behavior. Other wise why check in the Chateau Marmot, the most show off place ever, when you want you to be noticed you go to the Chateau, everybody knows.

  16. FingerBinger says:

    Robin dated,married, and had children with Sean knowing his reputation. She was with him a year or so after the incident in which he abused Madonna. That was a huge story at the time so she must have known. He cheated on her before and after they got married. Robin’s taste in men and her judgment is dubious at best. She was with him on and off for about 20 years. I don’t understand how Robin is the hero and Charlize is the idiot being used. BTW there have been rumors about Sean and Charlize for years. It’s even been talked about on this very site. They’ve clearly been circling each other for years. I get Sean Penn is a jerk,but can we not believe everything.

    • Ryan says:

      I think Robin was truly in love with Sean in the early years. Also because Penn was kind of charming when he was young. With the years and after the divorce from Robin he became so ugly, hard to look at, his hair implants are gross, and his face is so aged and wrinkled he seems a 65 yo. Really ugly. Maybe because the hard living. I think Robin did a pretty good deal having him in his younger days and dumping him when he became ugly and old. Trading him for a hotter and cutest younger version.

  17. Nicolette says:

    I still can’t fathom this relationship.

  18. Helvetica says:

    Charlize is a goddess. Not sure how she could sleep with Sean. Imagine his face on top of you.

  19. Sandy says:

    Love, love, love Robin Wright. If you watch her and Penn together in State of Grace, and later in She’s So Lovely, you can see the chemistry between them. But when you hear the stories of his abuse, the only reason you can think of for her sticking with him is the kids. Meanwhile, I can totally see Penn doing this to stick it to Robin (the timing is weird), but maybe he has a type? And if you see pictures of him and Charlize the night they both won an Oscar, they seemed pretty tight. (I guess I’m a Wright/Penn junkie). But Ben Foster — way to go Robin! He’s gorgeous.

  20. Ag says:

    I really like Robin. Hope she’s happy with Ben. :)

  21. Clive says:

    I think that the thing that must be killing Sean Penn is that Robin’s fiancé not only is the so called “next Sean Penn” in the industry as talented and intense as he WAS in his younger years, but that Ben Foster has No afraid of pull off the bald look, Sean Penn is very insecure when it comes to his looks and particularly the hair: he has hair implants and is always troubled about to showing his bald spots, he has a personal hairdresser that follows him everywhere and takes care of his fake hair.

  22. Maritza says:

    Charlize and Sean Penn won’t last, after a few more months when the passion wears out he will show his true colors. A tiger doesn’t change his stripes. As for Robin I think this is the happiest she has ever been in her life. After putting up with her ex husband’s crazyness she has finally found true happiness.

  23. Hiddles ex ThunderGod says:

    Good for Robin and Ben, congrats! :) It is the same age gap me and my hubby have :)

    Concerning Charlize…. OMG, she does have an awful taste in men… I wouldn’t touch Sean with a pole… never even understood his appeal since Ridgemont High times…….. he could only get worse….

  24. tera says:

    B.S. National Enquirer’s last story was that Sean is crazy about Charlize and in awe of her. Sean’s Haiti Benefit was planned for a year. Why wouldn’t he have his girlfriend there? And if he was trying to show off to hurt Robin, then why didn’t he walk the red carpet with her?

    • FingerBinger says:

      @tera IKR There are certain celebrities that people will believe anything negative printed about them,especially on this site. . Also, Sean Penn held the benefit the same time last year. So I guess he predicted the future and knew that Robin would confirm her engagement around the time he was planning his Haiti benefit a year ago.

      • tera says:

        Exactly. Finally a smart response. You people do realize Sean holds this event every year, don’t you? He didn’t hold it because Robin Wright became engaged. The National Enquirer is a joke and is putting out stories that contradict each other. Which is it? Is he crazy about Charlize or using her? lol.

        People are believing what they want to believe. People move on and I’m sorry but if you saw those photos and read reports about this event, Sean is clearly into Charlize. Why wouldn’t he be? You can’t fake that. And they weren’t exactly parading around on the red carpet. Why can’t we wish Charlize and Robin the best instead of making this out to be some high school drama?

    • Ari says:

      I don’t think anybody is questioning the timing of the gala, but the timing and how they (Charlize and Penn) are putting in front of people’s face this so called romance. I do believe they’re together but as an occasional fling. You don’t check in the Chateau Marmot with a woman if you are a private person, as Penn claims he is. Penn is truly reacting over Robin’s engagement, they were together for 20 years and she asked for a divorce, he publicly cried he wanted to rise his kids in a whole family situation. Rumor says that he kept calling Robin to have him back until a few months ago, there’s a weird but confirmed BI about Sean, a hooker and Robin’s wedding dress, that proves that the guy is still hurting. Theron plays ball because she’s a fame who**, and a man-eater. I think Robin doesn’t give two cents about who Sean is screwing.

      • FingerBinger says:

        CDAN blind items are made up. Stop repeating them as if they are facts.

      • Um…isn’t the Chateau Marmont known for keeping their guests privacy? It’s a huge party place, yeah, but they keep your privacy–which is why it’s so popular. And it’s not just celebs and musicians who go there either. All sorts of people go…

      • tera says:

        Yes they are questioning the timing. They think it was timed to Robin’s engagement when this event was planned for ages, and if they wanted to be public they would have walked the red carpet together. Why shouldn’t Charlize sit next to her boyfriend at such an important event? Because they sat together inside they are putting it in people’s faces? Chateau Marmont is the place to go when you want to be private. Debra Winger hid there for years. Theron a fame whore? Um we rarely see her unless she’s promoting a movie. She’s one of the most private celebs. She was in a relationship for 9 years. Some big man eater. You are wrong on all accounts and you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  25. Izzy says:

    Somehow, I don’t think Robin Wright has a flying f— to give about Sean and Charlize. However, if she needs to find one, she can buy it on Amazon.

  26. madchen says:

    Charlize is not to be toyed with. If this isn’t part of some greater PR plan that they’re both involved in, I’d like a front row seat when Sean messes up.

  27. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    I’m Team Wright as well. Have never been a Penn or Theron fan.

  28. Eileen says:

    OMG, what happened to Penn’s face? He looks old and dirty. I don’t want to imagine how does he look like when he wakes up, Charlize must be blind. And I’m sure he smells too. And have a disgusting breathe. eewwwww!!

  29. Faye says:

    Does his nose keep getting bigger and bigger? Ugly!

  30. St says:

    I still can’t understand the color of his face and why it is like that. Is he sick with something or what?

    Well Charlize will be tired of him very soon and will dump him. He can be charming for few weeks but we all know he will show his temper sooner or later. And Charlize will just find another one. She is way too hot for his old ass.

  31. hmm says:

    I think its a bit strange, that they first go public, and then lock themselfes up at the CM. Meanwhile Charlize is out and running with mom as usual. No official comment, whats going on. She should have stayed with Stuart Townsend. Instead of this orange weirdo. Or possibly, if its true they were dating, have gone for Alex. Which I think would have been a more suitable partner for her.

  32. Thomas says:

    I don’t buy it. I think Sean is completely in love with Charlize. I think he’s crazy about her. He’s giving up his 65 guns for her. He loved those guns. Yeah, he’s already whipped. She won’t take his crap either. She is one strong woman.

  33. gabby says:

    Who am I to comment on their personal relationship, but if I was Charlize I would hope I would have enough self esteem to find an equal match and not settle for something sub par.