Madonna drops the n-word on Instagram, issues non-apology after people freak


On Friday, Madonna posted a photo of her son Rocco with his boxing gloves. She captioned the photo “No one messes with Dirty Soap! Mama said knock you out! #disni–a”. As in, she dropped the n-word in an Instagram caption, because she’s so “hip” and she’s one of the kidz and all the kidz are dropping n-words like candy, don’t you know? And in her own mind, Madonna is more oppressed than any black person. Totally.

So, obviously, it became a thing within minutes. Everyone got on Madonna’s Instagram and they were like “Seriously? You suck. Racist.” So Madonna took the caption down and replaced it with “Ok let me start this again. #get off my d-ck haters”. Ah, so charming. Such a delicate flower. And after everyone was like “Seriously? NO,” Madge issued a non-apology to deal with the controversy. Here’s her statement:

“I am sorry if I offended anyone with my use of the N word on Instagram. It was not meant as a racial slur … I am not a racist. There’s no way to defend the use of the word. It was all about intention. It was used as a term of endearment toward my son who is white. I appreciate that it’s a provocative word and I apologize if it gave people the wrong impression. Forgive me.”

[Madonna’s statement via People]

I could parse that all day long. Someone is probably writing a dissertation about that as we speak. “It was not meant as a racial slur … I am not a racist.” My default position is that any and all use of the n-word is a racial slur. And making some kind of declaration of “I am not a racist” doesn’t mean much when you’ve just dropped the n-word about your tween son. Oh, AND YOU ARE THE MOTHER OF BLACK CHILDREN.

But before we go full-on pearl clutching, let me just say… every second we spend wasting our breath on Madonna’s nonsense is a victory for her. I do not understand why she’s acting like Justin Bieber, but she’s actively seeking that comparison. She’s sad.

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  1. CandyKay says:

    That plastic surgeon should really find another line of business. He (or she) has done a terrible job on a once-beautiful woman.

    • Lindy79 says:

      Truly. That last picture is horrifying.

    • Ncboudicca says:

      So agree I was flipping thru channels yesterday and caught 5 min of that movie she was in with Rupert Everett. After I got done marveling at his awful hair piece, I was totally struck by how pretty she was then and how she doesn’t look like herself anymore.

      • Jayna says:

        I saw that movie too. Madonna had such an interesting face back then, the bone structure to her face, and now the big pillow face took away that, plus changes her whole look. I loved her right around the time of that movie and several years later.. Look at the planes of her face. It was flatter and had smile lines compared to now. Her eyes were the focal point, not a pillow face. It totally changed her face. The fillers and fake cheeks actuall filled out her face so much that it pushes down and her skin looks even older below, almost making her skin lower sag .

        This is Madonna in 2004 only ten years ago and her face is completely different. Even her nose looked better before all the filler around it. She was married back then and so much more settled. It’s sad seeing her in this clip and seeing her in interviews now. And she used to have an amazing laugh, like in this video, and I never hear that laugh now in her tight face with all the filler. I loved the Re-Invention Tour they show clips of in 2004. What an amazing show. Nobody would watch this interview and clips and think Madonna would be how she is now almost ten years later.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Don’t know who it is, but what Madonna wants is to be 25 and no doctor can do that. Her years of hard living show up on her face, and aging is natural, but she is trying to turn back 30 years and it’s impossible.

    • NYC_girl says:

      I agree. I’m saddened by it; she was always beautiful. With her money, I can’t believe she had such bad work done. And I think she should go back to being brunette. That blond hair isn’t helping much either. @Jennifer above – I don’t recall her living “hard,” i.e., hard drugs or drinking. She’s been in really good physical shape since the late 80s, but of course, that doesn’t mean she didn’t do stuff like coke or whatever. Look at her in the video for “Power of Goodbye – ” she is so gorgeous!! I love her dress and her rack looks amazing.

    • gg says:

      I know, right? She looks like her wig got tightened a bit too much last tweak sesh. Even her eyelashes are turning themselves inside-out.

      Give it up Madonna – you can’t cheat Time.

  2. blue marie says:

    She’s an idiot looking for attention, and she’s getting it. How long ago was it that Madonna became a joke?

  3. Dani2 says:

    What 55 year old talks (instagrams) like that? This lady is older than my mum. She should know better. This desperate-to-remain-young-and-hip thing is a little pathetic.

    • Aussie girl says:

      Even though my mum is a wee bit older, she is on Facebook and I can’t imagine her say something like that. In fact I don’t think my of my F/B friends would. I don’t really find it offensive but more desperate.
      She really see to be into her son Rocco at the moment.

      • Dani2 says:

        Yeah, my mum is pretty active on social media too but she doesn’t sound like a 14 year old (like Madonna does here). I find it quite offensive because of the historical context of the word and I agree with you, this, just like most of what she does these days reeks of desperation and an attempt to hold on to her lost youth, it’s embarrassing.

    • danielle says:

      She has reeked of desperation for awhile now. So pathetic. If she would grow up and accept her age she could have a different, less gross life. I loved and even admired Madonna as a kid and seeing her like this is horrifying.

    • Amy says:

      As a woman Madonna’s age, it’s interesting to read your posts (I’m guessing you are all in the age range of my grown children – who are in the 23-30 range). At that age, I used to offer up a little prayer that went something like this: “Dear God: Please always give me the sense to dress my age.” (Now my prayer is “Dear God: Please give me the sense to know when to quit driving.”)

      I don’t know what to tell you about poor Madonna. She is sending you a terrible message, because so far, middle age has been great. If you’ve made true-to-yourself choices, you’ve got enough miles behind you to have a sense of what works and what doesn’t. And you’re not so old that you’re falling apart. For whatever reason, Madonna doesn’t seem to have ever developed a core self on which to rely on or listen to. If I could trade something of mine for something of hers, it would be her bank account. She can keep the rest.

  4. Frida_K says:

    For her to use that word is trashy and uncalled-for; no excuses and no back-tracking. She is in no position to use it given her status as a white woman and, even more so, as the mother of children of color.

    One thing that really struck me about all of this is how old her son looks, especially in other recent photographs. Rocco is thirteen, if I’m not mistaken. If I didn’t know better, I’d think he’s a young man of about the age that she dates. Not that I’m implying that there’s anything untoward going on, but it makes me wonder (albeit briefly) at how she deals with men. If they are around her, to they need to conform to a certain age and way of self-presenting?

    On a lighter note: Madge is definitely moving into Jocelyn Wildenstein territory around the eyes in the last picture you posted.

  5. Liz says:

    She is so desperate for attention, doesn’t matter if its bad or good.

  6. Nev says:

    This is more funny than anything else. She’s not racist. Like it or not it’s a term of endearing and I am black myself. Madonna is trying to cause ripples haha.

    • Mich says:

      I agree. No way is Madonna racist. But she sure is a clueless moron.

      Using that hashtag to describe her white son in fight mode is offensive on so many different levels.

      • Mata says:

        Agreed. This reminds me of a woman I work with a woman who is in her 60s and I get the impression she’s always been socially awkward. In a desperate attempt to seem hip, she’ll say the most inappropriate things. She thinks that’s what “the cool kids” would say.

        Madonna’s desperate attempts to stay relevant aren’t even funny anymore. Just sad and pathetic.

  7. tifzlan says:

    “It was all about intention”


  8. swack says:

    First of all, it is never ok to use the N word, no matter who you are. Secondly, NO, Madonna, it is not a term of endearment – so sick of this excuse for using it and also sick of the excuse that “we are reclaiming” the word.

    • Dame Snarkweek says:

      Everyone has the right to express an opinion and there are a lot of people who agree with what you said. However, I don’t think it is right for you to tell an entire race of people what words they should or should not use. And if there are black people that want to reclaim that word it is hardly your place to say that is just an excuse. The truth is that not all black people are uncomfortable with that word and choose to use it freely among themselves. There are also black people who detest the word and will not have it set in their presents. It is their choice not yours.
      If you are black then you do not get to speak for other black people and craft their vocabulary. If you are not black that is even more reason to pull back. You’re not the word police. I have refrained from expressing my own personal opinion about the use of that word because Innoway it doesn’t matter what I think. But I will say that I don’t think people have the right to tell black people what words they can and cannot use, even other black people.

      • jen d. says:

        Dame: Very true. I don’t really think the “reclaiming” argument is appropriate with Madonna. I know there’s a lot of debate among black people regarding the usage of the word, but it’s something non-black people really have no place in.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        Yes, thank you! It seems so simple to me. If you are not black you can adopt and express a personal stance but you do not have a dog in that fight when it comes to how other black people use the word. I have gay friends and some of them use labels with one another that I consider to be slurs. And yes, if anyone were to use those words it would be offensive and inflammatory. But what right in the world do I have to tell my friends what they can and can not call one another, even if it assaults my ears? Black people who hate the N word do so for their own reasons not yours or mine. Black people who use the word choose to do so for their own reasons as well and do not need others wagging the no-no finger in their faces.

  9. Erinn says:

    She is my mothers age. I’m soooooo getting second hand embarrassment from her. It’s bad. No adult should speak like that. Hell, I’m 23 and I don’t even talk like “diswhatever”. I have spoken like that.

    The only life she seems to know is the attention seeking, super provocative one, and she’s hitting her expiration date on that. She needs to dress more her age, act more her age, and be a mom. Focus on the music and not being such an attention whore. Nobody can take her seriously at this point.

  10. Sarah says:

    lots of people said she only adopted children of color for the PR. now it seems they were right. which parent of black children would talk like that?

  11. Hannah says:

    If I say something incredibly stupid will you stop pointing out how incredibly stupid my face looks these days?

  12. GiGi says:

    You’re completely spot on. Even though she’s made her name, her career, her money, she just craves that constant spotlight. It’s always about Madonna and I kind of cringe to think of her being anyone’s mother. They say people’s development stalls at the age they attained fame. I’d say that’s about right with her.

    And to this issue of the “N word”. I’m having a hard time verbalizing my thoughts. Her need to be hip just trumped the fact that she is a White woman raising two Black children. WTF? The everyday trials and tests of transracial adoption are enough for most of us, without actively using such a hurtful word in our households. It is such an complex undertaking (although I’m sure Madge feels she’s all the Black culture her children need, right?) that I can’t imagine what she must’ve been thinking. It may be horrible to say, but I always get the impression she thinks of her children as pets or projects, rather than actual full people.

  13. CaribbeanLaura says:

    Stop Madonna. Just STOP. And your sh*@ty non-apologies can stop too. You’re not cool, you’re not hip, you’re just an inappropriate old woman at this point.

  14. Anna says:

    She’s such an idiot for this. There were some hilarious responses to this whole thing though. My favorite was the one tweet who said what made this caption so offensive was that she was around when the word was first created, so she should know better LOL

  15. Lindy79 says:

    Considering this is the same woman who, at the 12 Years a Slave screener in NY, called someone an “enslaver” for rightly asking the ignorant bint to turn her phone off, this hardly comes as shocking. Even if it was a joke, it was in rotten taste.

    Her trying to justify it by saying it’s a term of endearment is also utter tosh.
    There are arguments out there that it can be used by two black people to each other in that way, whether you agree with it or not is the basis of the debate, but she is not black and is the mother of children of colour so should not be used/encouraged in any context by her.

  16. QQ says:

    #disStretchedOutRaisin … Gentle Bitches this woman is raising black children… Surely teaching them about valuing themselves and such, then spouting this trash casual microagression styles…..echoes of that Phil Robertson post stories

  17. Leah says:

    Since she has black kids i think this is actually really sad and inappropriate.

  18. Hypocrisy says:

    I am sorry, but she is a moron and an ignorant of epic proportion.

    As an afropean, i am very disgusted by it.

    I know that many African American are prone to use that word, devaluating its nasty conotation but i can guarantee you that anyone, be it African descent, Caucasian, Asian, Indian…anyone saying this word in Africa or in western Europe, all hell will break lose.

    I personally heard it one time only in my entire life. It was in a luxury shop and the african person..clearly wealthy by the look (the wife of an ambassador) to who it it was intended, slapped the woman who said it ….They called the police. The woman wanted to press charge the african lady but the african woman was also asked by the policie authority if she wanted to do the same as it is against the law in here.

    This, to say hat it is an epic insult to use the N word in here and in Africa.

    We still remember or are taught by our parents that this was how the colonialist use to allude to us not long ago in the colonies where our parents were born.

    This is one of the reason many of us don’t understand public the display of utter ignorance and arrogance when many African American artists and non artists use and abuse and advertise this N word, like it’s cool.

    I personally refuse to own a CD or watch a movie that depict us and call us with the N word or the B word….

    Madonna is lucky to not have said this on her children’s motherland She is very Lucky.

  19. Jennifer12 says:

    God, just sit down, Grandma. I get that it sucks to age and your teenaged daughter- whom you hardly ever post photos of as opposed to your son- is beautiful and it’s hard to face the child who has your former beauty. Acting like Justin Bieber when you’re well into your fifties is just ridiculous and thinking you have some kind of pass to use a racial slur is asinine. You may not be a racist, but you don’t get to use a word with such a loaded history. Growing up would be kind of awesome and it’s a little sick to be so focused on your tween son and fitting in with 13-14 year olds. Maybe take up knitting?

  20. Dea says:

    I still can’t get over the fact that people take years to adopt and she basically “bought”two children.So in this context this episode is even worse!!If she starts with these microagressions I feel sorry for the two kids…

    • GiGi says:

      While I agree that her adoptions from a country that doesn’t usually allow foreign adoptions is peculiar, it is a fallacy that it takes years to adopt. It takes years to adopt healthy White newborns. It takes about 6 months or less to adopt otherwise (except in some countries like Haiti, which have an unpredictable governmental process). So it is very likely that she could’ve started the legal process months in advance and then picked her children up. Also – many countries (Ethiopia, Russia) have “country fees” that are paid directly to the country of origin, so her money given to her children’s birth country is not unusual.

      Also – referring to adopted children as “bought” or “purchased” is in poor taste. Most adoptions cost a lot of money. But when people ask how much my daughter cost? Uncool.

      • Dea says:

        Well I was adopted ( transracial adoption) and it took years for my parents to undergo all the procedures and it is common for a lot of people who adopt internationally. I was talking about buying in regards to the scandal about her first baby being illegal adopted without apparently the approval from the father! It looked like she feel entitled to adopt without normal procedures and I’m totally bothered by that!

      • Sullivan says:

        Agreed. Calling adopted children “bought” seems just plain mean to me.

      • msw says:

        Nope. I would have been happy to adopt a child of any race and it was a prohibitively long experience. A friend adopted a girl from China and it took five years. That was expidited. Sorry, but you could not be more wrong. I’m glad your experience was easy, but it is not like people who get caughtvup in the system only wanted white babies.

    • tifzlan says:

      I think “bought” was used in the context referring to Madonna basically overriding country laws which prohibited outsiders from adopting children from Malawi. There was talk that she paid off officials to overlook this law in order for her to adopt Mercy.

    • Renee says:

      I don’t think that Dea meant to be offensive to adopted children, especially as she is an adoptee herself. I think that she meant that Madonna used her status as a celebrity and her wealth to override the country’s adoption process and get what she wanted. I always was disgusted by her with the way that that went down, I think that she went to David’s father and was like, what do you want, me to give you money for your son or for me to adopt him. Why would you do that to someone and give them an impossible choice like that? Madonna could have set that kid up for life and allowed him to remain with his family and not be robbed of his culture. Ugh, this woman is a piece of trash!!!

    • Noturbusiness says:

      Yeah, you are so sorry cause instead of being almost dead in Malawi, they are living a better life in better conditions as health care, education and other luxuries, what a shame…

  21. Elisabeth says:

    this ‘try-hard-too-cool-for-the-room’ hooker needs to lay off the facelifts and botox.

  22. MynameisPeaches! says:

    To quote bell hooks on twitter – ‘the N-word is not a term of endearment”.

  23. Kiddo says:


  24. Juliette says:

    Happy MLK Jr. day from Madonna.

  25. Jayna says:

    I’ve had to turn in my stan card. I am horrified and saddened by what Madonna has turned into these last few years. The pillow-faced plastic surgery was bad enough, but her latest incarnation of making an album that was for teens and continually trading in one boy toy for another, the Molly reference at the gig down in Miami and the instagram with the boys with alcohol bottles (poor taste, not that they were drinking), and now this. The grill she wears is just astouding and I am embarrassed for her. Madonna is far from racist. She has dated many black men and has never discriminated in her videos back in the day, etc. But it was ignorant and I think what is worse is her intentions behind it. Not as she puts it a term of endearment. I’m sure her son listens to a lot of hip-hop and the term was never meant to be derogatory, but what it shows is Madonna is desperate to be cool. She is acting like some teenager posting something to be cool. That is her son and she’s the hip mom. Nope. She’s a 55-year-old woman who is fast becoming a joke and ruining her legacy. She was more mature back when she had Lola in the mid ’90s and put out an amazing album like Ray of Light. She was more mature when she was playing her latest role, lady of the manor married to an Englishman, and mother of two and writing children’s books and doing a very artistic tour like The Drowned World Tour in the early 2000s.

    Madonna has jumped the shark. She used to be different in her own way and not conforming to anybody’s standards but also not try-hardy. Now it’s pathetic. I keep my stan card up to 50 when her plastic surgery was disturbing, but I relinquish it for post 50, especially post 53, these last two years when her behavior has been desperate. Watching her on the Confessions Tour when she was 46/47 and so beautiful on that tour and a cool and sophisticated tour off of a great album and she was bad-ass still but age appropriate I thought, just still cool, I could never have imagined that this is the Madonna I would see in her mid-50s. Cue my tears.

    • TheOneandOnlyOnly says:

      Well said and as I’m sure you know if you didn’t live through the 80s and 90s you don’t realize how big Madonna was in pop culture; but she’s made so much money there isn’t any where else to go, and she’s at a musical dead end. I don’t believe she’s a racist though she’s played with racial constructs and themes her entire career.

    • Santolina says:

      Agreed — and well said. She’s not racist, but she’s crossed the line in her desperation to be forever young, hip and “daring.” Madge, that ship has sailed and now you’re just offensive. Try owning your age and being a role model of self-reflection and self-acceptance for other women. That would be truly daring.

    • Zwella Ingrid says:

      Jayna, I think you have summed it up perfectly.

    • Christin says:

      She truly was such a huge deal in the 1980s. I revert back to her early days of the mid-1980s when she influenced teen fashion. Her songs were fun and upbeat. Certainly she modified her look, song material and overall image. I just can’t believe her behavior of late.

      She may be trying to appear hip and cool, but she’s coming across as desperate and ridiculous.

    • Noturbusiness says:

      Check who was at the Forbes top celebrities earnings this year. Sorry lady you won’t be missed amongs her fans.

  26. The Original Mia says:

    This is why I want to bitchslap all the rappers and hip hop artists who think using this word reclaims it; turns it into a term of endearment. It is not nor will it ever be a term of endearment. Madonna, like her former BFF, Gwyneth, should never let that word slip past their lips. Never.

    • Dawn says:

      Spot on. Until they stop using the word it will never die. When my son was around 14 he and a friend were listening to some rap group, can’t remember who now, but I heard the most slanderous and downright dirty and disrespectful lyrics being blasted about women that I got so mad, I found a hammer went up to his room ejected the cd and broke it into little pieces while saying, don’t you ever bring shit like this in my house again that demean and belittle women like that. And then I heard his friend say but..but that is my new CD. And I said well listen to what you want at home but I won’t have that crap here. And that was that. My son never heard the N word in our home, he heard from his friends of color and rappers.

      • The Original Mia says:

        Good on you. I hate the term. It’s been hurled at me twice in my life. I was too young and shocked the first time I heard. The second time I told him it was better to be a N than a dumbf*ck redneck.

        I will never use that word and I am beyond shocked others would. Dr. King and all that fought and died for us to have equal rights and consideration are rolling over in their graves at the generations that have made this word commonplace.

    • Nikki says:

      I agree that no one should say the word but to excuse Madonna and Gwyneth’s usage of the word by blameing it on rappers is ridiculous. Those women aren’t high school kids, they’re old enough to know that they shouldn’t say the n word regardless how cool they think they are.

      • ScrewStewrat99 says:

        Madonna and Gwen should be old enough to know better, but the way the word is used so commonly now by rappers and entertainers kids don’t know better. They should because the parents should teach them like Dawn above did, but some don’t. Even worse is that children have grown up with this music are having kids now and letting them listen to the music, but not teaching them that use of the word is wrong. So many people think it’s ok to say n—a, because it’s not really the n word. It kinda feels as if society is headed backwards in this area.

        Nobody should say it, not even a black person. If you want to bring it back as a term of endearment then don’t get mad when someone who isn’t black says it, because they think it’s ok when they hear you say it 50 times in a song. I wish I could articulate how I feel better. It’s just the way the word is so loosely used in mainstream media now leads people to believe that it is ok when it’s not and still creates a racial divide. Look at all the crap Madonna and Gwen got for using the word, but if Jay or Kanye use it, it’s ok and I get why that can be, but it’s a nasty word and you can’t police who is going to use it, so either use it freely as a term of endearment by all or not at all.

        And when I say you I don’t mean anybody particular. Just trying to express my opinion.

  27. agentscully says:

    I’m probably going to get torn apart for this but… where I live (Australia), a lot of young people (aged 15-35, say) use the N word as – like Madonna pointed out – a term of endearment towards their friends (of all racial backgrounds, might I add). I’m not trying to defend Madonna here, her behaviour in the past few years has been embarrassing to say the least, I’m just saying that it’s not used as a racial slur here, at all. Does that mean I would use the word if I was in the States? Gosh no. There, it is a different context and I understand the negative connotations historically associated with the word. But, like many words in the English lexicon, over time the meaning and their usage can change, and often a word will take on a different meaning altogether in a different context.

    • Suze says:

      Yeah, but Madonna is from the U.S., where the use of that term, like you said, is highly loaded and offensive. She isn’t directing her comment at the young of Australia, she is directing it out into the entire world.

      Not to mention that she has Black children – how must they feel? – and it’s so incredibly inappropriate for a 55 year old MOTHER to pretend to be all hip and down with the young folks. She looks like a racist idiot.

      That non-apology (I’m sorry YOU were offended) is a piece of work.

    • Jayna says:

      With the “a” on the end it’s not used as an insult either for the most part (it can be), and it’s in all over the place in hip-hop music, which is probably what her son listens to. But even in that form, it’s a word that is used by the black community as they deem fit to use it, and should not be used by the white community. It’s a highly-loaded word for whites to use in any form, but white teens and college age especially love rap. So lines get crossed there I would imagine with that age group as they listen to those lyrics and go to those concerts singing along to those lyrics.

      Madonna is 55, an adult, and it astounds me she used such a hashtag because she’s hangin’ with her teen son. Grow up, Madonna. You are making a fool of yourself and you know better than to post such a term at your age. I guess she was trying to impress her son and her 25-year-old boyfriend who probably listens to a lot of rap.

      I have a strong feeling that Madonna was hoping to get back with Sean when her last boyfriend took up with someone his age in France. When Sean wasn’t having anything to do with her past just a friendship on the Haiti trip when she and Rocco went down there to visit him and his humanitarian efforts, and then he is subsequently seen with stunning Charlize Theron, I think that’s when she unveiled her latest boy toy quickly and is still on a quest to be ultra-cool with that age group.

    • Scarlet says:

      Ugh. This bothers me. Privileged white Australians using a word that is intended to demean another race in another country to try to sound cool. It isn’t reclamation, it is appropriation of another groups culture, history and pain.

      And lets face it, is there anything less cool than a white kid trying to be gangsta?

      • agentscully says:

        Please re-read my comment. I said it was used by people of all races – Indian, Chinese, Middle Eastern, European, Pacific Islander, Papua New Guinean, etc. Australia is a multicultural nation, you know. It’s unfair of you to assume that it’s solely “privileged white Australians” trying to act all “gangsta” using the word.

    • Ange says:

      I’m also from Australia and in that age group and let me tell you anyone who uses that word knows exactly what it means and they don’t care. Privilege at its finest.

      Ask an indigenous person how the n word being used by a non-black person makes THEM feel one day. It can have just as much negative power here as in the US.

  28. DIANE says:

    Looks like her cheek implants are leaking into her jowls.

  29. Jaded says:

    Like I’ve always said, she does nothing unless it’s to draw attention to herself, even if it’s negative. She loves to poke everyone in the eye metaphorically, she gets off on her ability to offend and manipulate the masses, Then she gets to lash out at the h8trs like she’s the victim and lecture us all on racial tolerance. People need to just quit feeding her hunger, maybe then she’ll lose relevance and go away.

  30. Duchess of Corolla says:

    Who uses that as a term of “endearment” to anyone??? Especially from parent to child? Ugh!!

  31. Bebe says:

    Ugh. I hate this whole according the Urban Dictionary the N-word with an “a” in the end it’s a term of endearment sh!t. I am the Urban Dictionary. No it absolutely isn’t.

  32. Renee says:

    I disagree with the sentiment that Madonna is not racist. I think that she is, she is just ignorant to her true nature. From the beginning of her career, Madonna has used marginalized people as a foils to illuminate herself, bell hooks has written about this as have other cultural theorists. And while I think that she is not the genius that she is often purported to be she is smart enough to recognize the difference between a black person saying that word and someone who is not black using it whether it is lobbied in malice.

    Beyond this though, I am astounded by the arrogance and lack of humility and/or compassion that she demonstrates at her age…it is GROSS. One of the attributes of old age is wisdom and understanding…I see none of that with this ass.

    • Noturbusiness says:

      And what have you done for others? R u a god to judge anyone? I think u r more arrogant and gross than her, to even try to judge another human based on what u read on a gossip site

      • prayforthewild says:

        Renee’s opinion is based upon what Madonna herself chose to post on social media, or did you miss that part? No one needs to be a ‘God’ in order to have good judgment, so please don’t let that misguided opinion hold you back any longer.

      • Noturbusiness says:

        Renee is not giving just an opinion shes judging her as a racist,and an ignorant…and she even know her! she is judging based of what media is tryin to portrait her, If Madonna choses whatever world to describe her OWN kid, who are u to decide whether is good or not? Are u god?… When i red what Renee wrote is miles worst than what M said, cause is about the intention, Renee intention is to hate a person, celebrity or not , she is a person, so i think Renee is worst than M, for hating, and judging others …and yes i think M is a genius otherwise you would not be here discussing about something everyone knows about it,and it is hipocresy in the media and people in general and the double standards about who can say what or not.

      • The Original G says:

        @Noturbusiness. Madonna made a racist statement. If she didn’t know that before her tweet, hopefully she knows it now.

        I hope that her intent not to hurt is more important to her that her need to look hip. Her need to look hip is looking ridiculous.

      • Noturbusiness says:

        where is the STATEMENT? I just saw a hashtag about her OWN white son. Its not your business to judge what they should write.

      • The Original G says:

        I’m not sure why you think using a racial epithet to describe her own son is OK. It’s not. It’s shows a tragic lack of sensitivity and common sense.

        In fact, she broadcast this inflammatory description to over 1 million people. Not exactly private. Perhaps she (and you) think she should get a pass for doing what every modern American knows is insulting, because she’s cool. Well, the consensus is she doesn’t. Is’t that why she apologized?

      • Noturbusiness says:

        Well, perhaps you should stop seeing bad intentions on everything you reed. As you said is HER son. It is not about YOU. She is not your mother, why do you care?
        Why do you think she should behave following your moral values? Who are you to dictate what is wrong or not?

      • Jaded says:

        Noturbusiness: Madonna’s intentions are all about herself. Always how she can put herself in the media all the time. She will do anything to keep herself relevant, even if it means using one of the most pejorative and hurtful words in the human language. She lives to manipulate people and social mores. She lives to create controversy. It feeds her insatiable ego and adds money to her overflowing bank accounts. So she can ask $300 a ticket to her concerts where she lectures fans on politics and religion. That’s rich. One of the most ego-driven, acquisitive, greedy and power-hungry people in the world telling us how to be better human beings and we can all F.O. if we don’t buy what she’s selling. When asked to lower her ticket prices she shot back with “So work all year, scrape the money together, and come to my show. I’m worth it.”

        She’s a horrible, horrible human being and anyone who defends her just doesn’t know the whole story.

      • Noturbusiness says:

        The original G i dont think it is right or wrong, but i think is HER business. It is not yours. Why do you care if she is a bad mouth, she is not your sister or family. She is not your puppet. Are you going to every video of a rapper on youtube and complaining about why they use that language?…Well you will never finish.

      • Noturbusiness says:

        Jaded..If you are not a fan, you should not complaint how much she charges in her concert..all artits should live for the controversy that is the reason to be here.
        To create discussions otherwise you only have a puppet.

      • Jaded says:

        Noturbusines – this blog is all about everyone’s comments and until you can back up what you’re saying, yours don’t hold much relevance other than you are a die-hard Madonna fan and you worship her as much as the original Madonna. Those of us who have negative comments deserve the same space as those who are supportive (who apparently are in the minority here) and our comments are deserving of a valid discussion, not someone telling us we’re just jealous and how we shouldn’t complain. Living for one’s art is good, living for the great gods greed and fame isn’t, and Madonna is all about the money and fame honey, and she’ll get it any way she can, especially by her shock tactics. She does nothing that doesn’t put her directly in the public eye by any means whatsoever other than her (so-called) talent..

      • noturbusiness says:

        You deserve the space as i do and you shouldn’t complain about how much she charges at her concerts if you are not a fan of her, you wouldn’t go even if it were for free. if the fans don’t bother in spending money on her, why do you bother?
        How do you know her motivations are only fame and money? If someone had been succesful you should be happy for them and not seeing negative on everything you reed. You don’t have a valid argument against her rather than hate and jealosy I beg you are more talented than her…show me your talent!

  33. Meggin says:

    She thinks she is so cool and a “hip mom”. Yeah, not cool.

  34. Maggie says:

    She and Pitt must be seeing the same plastice surgeon.

  35. dorothy says:

    Poor, poor Madge. Just another lame attempt to appear cool, hip and young. Always comes off as ignorant and desperate.

  36. skuddles says:

    She’s so full of shit – she could not care less who she offended. In fact, that was the whole point. Just like when she posted that pic of her son with booze… she’s just so desperate for people to pay attention to her she’ll say or do anything to make it happen. Transparent twat.

  37. LaurieH says:

    This is sad. I remember when Madonna first came on the scene in the 1980′s. i was in my early 20′s then. She was a vanguard provacateur; now she’s just pathetic. Our youth-obsessed, pop culture views middle-aged women one of two ways: dowdy soccer mom or the divorcee desperate to hang on to her youth. Madonna had a real opportunity to reshape the way culture views middle-aged women and to evolve that thinking, but she failed. Instead, she became the poster child for Stereotype #2. The constant plastic surgery, the age-inappropriate clothing, the teeth grills and now the unsavory use of urban slang in reference to her son….it just makes her an embarrassment.

  38. Noturbusiness says:

    madonna is cool and u r a bunch of losers, get over it…none of you will ever be as big as she is accept it.

    • Skye says:

      WAS. Big as she WAS. We’re not ragging on her for the “Sex” book. Calm down, #1 Madonna Fan, before your angina acts up.

    • Jaded says:

      Noturbusiness/Madonna, please leave this site. We’re onto your game, we don’t much respect you as an artist anymore. You slept and bullied your way to the top, ripped off other artists’ original music, dance and spirit. You are nothing but derivative, greedy and power-mad. You have lost relevance, and sh*tting all over people may have been a cute schtick when you were young and coming up in the music world, but it has gotten tired and pathetic.

      The world has changed since your glory days and though you may hang on like grim death to your dwindling fan base, the times they are a-changing and karma is just around the corner.

      • Noturbusiness says:

        Haha im not her. Do you think she would spend time here? Now Jaded if you are so much better than her, or you make better and original music than her…where is it? Show us your music…show us that it is better than her worst music/album… us what have you done for making the world a better place to live…

    • Maybe says:

      Noturbusiness: First of all, how is it that you know about all of our accomplishments or lack of? It’s sad that you think money, power, and stealing other artists ideas and concepts are “making it big” despite others accomplishments that you know nothing of. I don’t make much money–I’ll give you that. However, my work, IMO, holds far more positive meaning at the end of the day than Madonna trying to snag some attention by throwing out a word she knows will stir controversy. My suggestion would be to go to a different site. Please.

      • Jaded says:

        @Noturbusiness – you are entirely missing the point. This isn’t about jealousy of her or her music or wanting to be just like her, which apparently is what you want to do. It’s about not agreeing with her arrogant attitude, her ill thought out comments and taunting manner in which she engages on social media. She deliberately uses hateful language in a way she knows will attract attention, because that’s what she does best.

      • Noturbusiness says:

        I never said that money, power or ripping other artists make her big, you said that. Most people around the world see her in a different way that you both do. Just ask her fans and you will see. i think she is a free human being as we are, and she can express to her OWN family as she wishes to. It is not your business to condemn anyone because of the words the use towards someone that is not you.

  39. Skye says:

    So tired of these non-apologies. No one EVER apologizes for what they did, they just apologize for YOUR reaction. It’s so indicative of their ego and self-absorption.

    By the way, I totally BELIEVE Madonna didn’t intend the word as a racial slur. She intended it as a desperate, “Madonna is down with the young people and their buggin’ street slang!” grab for relevance. Unfortunately, that neither worked NOR canceled out the racial slur part.

  40. StepfordWifeNot says:

    For the love of God woman can you not just act somewhere within, say, a decade of your age?!

  41. Maybe says:

    This shi* has been happening since the early 80′s…it doesn’t surprise me in the least. What saddens me is that she is a woman who doesn’t need to shock the world anymore. She can pretty much relax on the cash she’s made, yet still feels the desperate need to suck up our attention in her mid 50′s. Stop showing us your armpit hair, Madge.

  42. Evi says:

    I’m not offended that she used the word. After all, how many rappers and other R n B singers use it, including Rihanna – when they should be the first to stop using it, to set some type of example.
    What is embarrassing is the way she is acting and how she fails to consider how her children would feel about it. Despite having children, it is still all about her.
    I remember when she unleashed herself onto the world in the 80s. She was never intelligent back then and she sure as hell isn’t now. It was all about her ego then as it is now. With her severe lack of insight, one would think she is a psychopath.

  43. decorative item says:

    Her face has been pulled back so much that she has creases under her eyes. Exactly how much does one have to pay to get the “eye crease” look?

  44. Nev says:

    Eminem has free reign to speak that language and more like homophobic remarks and it’s accepted no problem.

    Go on Madonna. Be yourself. Bad Bitch.