Hot Guys of the SAG Awards: who would you rather & who would you rather not?


Let’s not even pretend that I care about anyone but Benedict Cumberbatch. My Cumberlover attended the SAGs and he was all I could see, except for the fact that he received NO cutaway shots at all. But he walked the red carpet, he got on stage to help present 12 Years a Slave and THAT VOICE. And that face. Yes, he looks like an alien-cat. But I would nail it to the wall ten different ways. *mic drop*

Oh, what’s that? You want more men? Fine. I wasn’t going to share my Cumberbatch with you anyway. I’m also including photos of Jared Leto (and his gorgeous mom), Kit Harington (such a grumpy-face), Josh Holloway’s dimples, Peter Dinklage (I would hit it), Aaron Paul, Bradley Cooper, Damian Lewis (wow, he looked really good), James Marsden (cute), Bryan Cranston (he looked great), Ty Burrell (so happy that he won) and finally, CB’s men, Matt Damon and Chiwetel Ejiofor. I do not understand why every awards show has been anti-Chiwetel. It’s crazy. His performance is haunting and beautiful and he’s able to communicate so much without saying a word.

So, who would you rather? My top three: Cumberbatch, then Chiwetel, then… um… I think I’m going to go with Damian. I know, right? But he looks great here.














Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. TheCountess says:

    Would: Cumberbuns, Damon.

    Would Not: Leto, Dinklage, Marsden.

    Meh: Everyone else.

    • gefeylich says:

      Totally surprised by my woulds judging from these photos: Holloway, Marsden (Criss!) and Dinklage.
      Maybes: Cumberbatch, Ejiofor
      Not if they paid me $1M: Damian Lewis (is dead to me due to his casual homophobia), Bradley “Slimeball” Cooper, and ESPECIALLY that wooden lox Kit Harrington, who ruins every GoT scene he’s in and here has an oil slick in his mullet. Bleh.
      Everyone else = meh.

  2. gabby says:

    Ugh, I don’t want to see anymore posts of Benedict Cumberbatch. I find him deeply un attractive and actually creepy. All of the other men look well dressed and dashing.

  3. Tapioca says:

    Sherlock & Bryan Cranston for not succumbing to horrible facial hair. I don’t really care how furry a guy is from the neck down, but chin pubes have never done it for me!

  4. SonjaMarmeladova says:

    Matt, Aaron and Chiwetel
    Ben, darling, enough with the make up. Any you have great hair. Work the hair. Work it.

  5. MissMary says:

    Benny, Peter Dinklage (ah, my imaginary boyfriend…), Chiwetel… The rest meh.

  6. Marty says:

    Chiwetel all the way!

    Jared Leto would be hot to me if he wasn’t such a major stan of pervy Uncle Terry.

  7. GMarchetti says:

    Saw this picture of Ewan McGregor taken in the show ( and he’s quite skinny. Does anyone know if he’s preparing for a role?

  8. D. says:

    Cumberbatch all the way!
    ” THAT VOICE. And that face. Yes, he looks like an alien-cat. But I would nail it to the wall ten different ways.” -> THIS!!!

  9. Kelly says:

    I can’t believe it, but out of everyone on offer here, Benedict is almost the only fckable one.
    Hollywood, WTF happened?
    I’d also do D. Lewis.
    The Breaking Bad meth teacher also looked good.

    • FLORC says:

      This collection isn’t the best of what was there. It’s ok, but I think the collecton of pics is meant to shine light on the less attractive men by comparison. Although many men here that are amazing actors are not the most attractive, and the more attractive ones aren’t great actors (or moral people *marsden*). I had a strong side eye going while reading and viewing these pics.

    • Kate says:

      I’m with you!! This post is full of guys who usually look good but look so horrible tonight. WTF is with all the scruffiness and bad hair?

  10. pru says:

    Definitely, Cumberbatch and Chiwetel.
    It’s funny, 10 years ago Matt Damon would have been on the top of the list, and now he’s not even on it. And he is aging well.
    Fickle, I guess.

  11. Abby says:

    Lol 2nd comment only and hating towards Cumby has begun.

    Anyways…for me I would totally hit Cumby (who apparently had cold), Dinklage and Leto.

  12. Sullivan says:

    I know this is a Hot Men post, but good gawd Jared Leto’s mother is gorgeous. The apple did not fall far from the tree. It’s probably no coincidence that the other hot guy, Cumberbatch, also has a very attractive mum.

  13. Pumpkin Pie says:

    I love Benedict Cumberbatch with shorter hair. I meant to say that for awhile. Woohoo. Much better looking than with longer hair, to my taste at least
    I like the GoT guys and of course, Josh Holloway I fancied him big, but BIG time when he was in Lost

  14. LCDRICHARD says:

    Chiwetal really should of won, his performance was incredible. MM’s performance was also amazing. I wish we could split the awards between these two actors!

    • pwal says:

      I don’t.

      Just saw Dallas Buyers Club yesterday and while MM did a good job, it is not in the same ballpark as CE.

      I just came back from 12YAS and it was amazing how much more I saw in CE’s performance than I saw during my first viewing of it. Maybe it was because of Eliza and Patsey’s plights which was like a devastating punch in the face that left my senses ringing. But this time, I couldn’t take my eyes off of CE.

      If these pundits are right that the ‘older’ voters are put off by the violence, I would suggest that they sack up and see it.

  15. shellybean says:

    Jared Leto. All. Day. Long. God, I find him SO incredibly beautiful!

  16. Ag-UK says:

    Ben /Jared. I also like Aaron Paul. No to D Lewis.

  17. Darry says:

    -THAT VOICE. And that face. Yes, he looks like an alien-cat. But I would nail it to the wall ten different ways. *mic drop*-

    Bless you, Kaiser, you manage to put into words every gasp, moan and unintelligible sound that comes out of my mouth when looking at the pics you put up.

    Oh and my top three? Benny, Benny, and Benny. And then maybe once more if he’s not too tired.

  18. Tiffany says:

    Peter Dinklage is the right height to please me ;-)

  19. GeeMoney says:

    Benedict looks great… love him!

    The velvet suit on Damian Lewis… rrrrr to velvet, but he wears it well.

    And Jared Leto’s mom is gorgeous.

  20. Abby says:

    I really hate that all their faces are such different colors than their necks. huge make up fail for the men…

  21. MrsBPitt says:

    Where is Brad and where is Ben Affleck….no pics of either of my lover boys! :(

  22. JH says:

    Bradley Cooper should always have his facial hair like that- makes him look so much more handsome.

  23. Ann says:

    Well, none of these guys is really hot. The physical attractiveness requirements for male actors aren’t as fascist as they are for women, so the pickings among male actors for hotness are slim because standards for men are LOW. Also, what’s the deal with the Cumberdude? He looks like a dinosaur fetus.

  24. Shiv says:

    I saw high resolution pictures of Benedict from last night – you can really see his ginger, oops I meant auburn hair coming through! Yum. Whoever does his make up for these events however must realise the key to foundation – blend, blend, blend! His face always looks different to his neck.

  25. Maybenow says:

    Who is that lady with Chiwetel? Her skin is flawless! And i’m getting a Kayley Cuoco “in 50 years” vibe from Jared’s mother.

  26. Lux says:

    I would rather not with the lizard king. He gives me the creeps.

  27. Libby says:

    Would do Josh Holloway and Bradley Cooper. I liked Josh Holloway’s hair long, the way he wore it in Lost

  28. lenje says:

    My favorites on this page: the Brits (Damian and Chiwetel), and Jared Leto! I love Jared’s white tie and dotted handkerchief. As for the others, well.. okay…

  29. Miss Scarlet says:

    Damn, Benny looks good here. I can’t believe Leto is 42; now we see where he got his amazing genes.

  30. O'Angie says:

    Top 3: Benny. All day, every day. Bryan Cranston. And then shamefully, the Emu.

  31. Indira says:

    Ben all the way! I just wish he’d leave his glorious curls in place instead of this weird straightening thing he does. He seems to do it ESPECIALLY for American appearances. WTH Ben? Why don’t you think America will accept your Cumbercurls? Why?!

  32. betsy says:

    Cumberbatch looked very dapper. The suit was fantastic.

  33. manta says:

    Once again, no love for Don Cheadle.I’d rather put him in this gallery than most of these ones.

  34. Az says:

    Bradley Cooper looks super emu-y in that picture. And Cumberbatch YESSSSS. Like a screen door in a hurricane. New Sherlock TONIGHT OMG. Jared Leto’s mom is GORGEOUS. That hair! I want it so badly!

  35. Seagulls says:

    Why are Peter Dinklage’s shirt cuffs always so long? He must have these custom made, so I just don’t understand why they don’t fit.

  36. GlimmerBunny says:

    1. Bradley Cooper
    2. Jon Snow
    3. Jared Leto

  37. Shiv says:

    Has anyone seen the pics of Bradley Cooper at the awards with Suki sitting on his knee? It looks…..idk….creepy.

    • Ag-UK says:

      Yes he and his daughter / niece oops I mean gf

    • I don’t really care about age differences in relationships, as long as the older partner doesn’t have ‘control’ over the younger (like with JLo being Caspar Smart’s boss)—but come on, Cooper. Instead of just saying, ‘no, me and Jennifer are just really good friends’, when asked about them dating, he had to be all ‘she could literally be my daughter’—sure. But then why would you go off and date someone YOUNGER than her. Good Lord. And I don’t know if he was nominated for a SAG–but he shouldn’t have been–he’s the male Jennifer Aniston for me–acts exactly the same in ALL of his movies.

      • Greata says:

        Perfect description of mama’s boy Cooper….and I do not care how many times Russel tries to make him out to be leading man material.

      • AG-UK says:

        I think he must have a great agent as they are trying to make him the next George Clooney but whatever GC is BCoop doesn’t have his charisma. I agree he shouldn’t have made any comment and turn around and date someone younger. He has never been on my radar so don’t reallly care but she does look so much younger than her 22 years. He’d better watch out as she has said she wants to be a young mother in the next 2 years.

  38. Miss M says:

    I am not trying to offend Chitewel, but can I just say something the best way possible? He is the worst of the best nominees. In my opinion, there were stronger performances this year. He should be happy to be nominated among talented actors, as some of them were off the list and (again, in my opinion), had better performances than his.

  39. katy says:

    Chiwetel, Benedict, back to Chiwetel, a side dish of Aaron, and finish off with a lengthy Chiwetel session.

  40. Ginger says:

    If I’m going to be completely honest… out of this group: Dinklage. I agree that Jared Leto’s Mom is gorgeous! Someday I will stop coloring and go grey (or really white in my case) and she is a fantastic example.

  41. mom2two says:

    1. Josh Holloway. No doubt.
    2. James Mardsen…those dimples
    3. Chitewel
    4. Bryan Cranston
    5. Everyone else
    however many that is later…
    number whatever: Benedict Cumberbatch
    Dead last: Kit Harington. What is with the grumpy cat face and the greased back hair?
    Pedro Pascal is not featured on here but he’s the Red Viper on the upcoming season of GoT (and I swear he and Lena Headley are dating) and out of the GoT guys he was the best dressed.

  42. Birdie says:

    Jared Leto is 42? I… what??

    • Green Girl says:

      My thoughts (and I guess just about everyone else’s!) exactly. I did a Google image search on Jordan Catalano, and I swear that if Jared shaved off his beard you would think he looked exactly the same as when that show aired. IN 1994!

  43. Thunderthighs says:

    Cumby, Cumby, Cumby, maybe a helping of Holloway when he gets worn out. Gosh, I had a major crushing situation on Holloway back in the Lost days…
    Also, Leto is 42??? Ooy!

  44. Sandy says:

    All of these guys are ‘meh’ to me. There are very few drop dead gorgeous male actors these days, in my opinion. Out of this bunch, though, I might do Chiwetel but I’d probably rather have a drink and a chat with the guy.

  45. Renee says:

    Please don’t rain on my Cumby parade. Thank you.

  46. Raven says:

    Cumberbatch looks really good. The color he’s got now suits him much better than the light ginger or blonde, and the cut looks much more flattering than Sherlock’s tousled curls. Aaron Paul looks nice. James Marsden and Damian Lewis are looking good as always.

    Not digging Leto’s hair, though I’m with the other posters who think he must have a picture in his attic that’s slowly aging.

  47. Bobbiesue says:

    There are so many ads popping up and all over this site I come here and less. I get why, but, nevertheless, the flash advertising just makes not want to buy what’s being promoted.

  48. Sophie says:

    This is who we’ve got to choose from? Bleh.

  49. babythestarsshinebrite says:

    Don’t ask me who I’d rather unless Idris Elba is in the mix and if that’s the case my answer will always be Idris.

  50. Lisa says:

    I’ll take Cumberbatch any DAY. If you don’t like him, skip the post. Simple as that. Geez.

    So agree about Chiwetel Ejiofor. So much- why isn’t he winning everything? The mind boggles.

    Everyone else? Depends on my mood but dang, McConaughey is creeping me the heck out.

  51. Adrien says:

    Jared Leto sold his soul to the devil. He can’t be 42. He’s hot but he looks like Katy Perry in Jesus drag.

  52. Helvetica says:

    Chiwetel (and man, if that is his girlfriend, she sure is pretty. Wow, gorgeous).

    Ok so Benedict Cumberbatch (What a strange last name) does nothing for me. I find him unattractive in this smarmy way. He reminds me of the guys in college who would try to roofie girls so they passed out. I know. That is far-fetched and crazy but he has a face that just screams “weird/evil/sociopath” in this weird way to me. Like, don’t leave your drink alone around him.

  53. Lis says:

    You want to know what bothers me? Women in Hollywood are supposed to be gorgeous, slim, well manicured, perfect. Hollywood men can be complete dogs, fat, hairy, double baggers. I just don’t get it. Cumberbatch is hot? The two big dicked guys are hot – the ginger and Jon Hamm?? Jonas is hot? Talk about a double standard.

    Josh Holloway, bring back the longer hair and scruff from Lost … now there’s a hot man.

  54. Sandy says:

    Chiwetel and Aaron Paul. My dream couple would be Benedict Cumberbatch and Jennifer Lawrence. She might humanize him.

    • Kelly says:

      He’s actually very humanized. Just not in the expected typical American way.
      He doesn’t pretend to be perfect and he’s not trying to please everyone all the time. I like that about him. No smiley, can-I-help-you, oh-gosh-lovely BS.
      He’s got strong opinions and he’s not changing them so as not to insult. I get that people think that’s rude, but personally I’m the same way and I salute someone who can say whatever the hell he feels like saying, instead of saying the appropriate generic thing.
      Then again, I have a thing for sarcastic, realistic, complicated people in general.

      Jenny Law is nice and talented, but her public persona annoys me to no end. I get that you’re playing the “down-to-earth, I’m just like you” girl next-door thing, but it’s getting excruciatingly annoying at this point. There’s no need to always be the funny entertainer in the center of attention, Jenny.

  55. I Choose Me says:

    Y’all can take the men this go round. I’ve got my eye on Chiwetel’s girlfriend. Rowr.