Salma Hayek goes drag king in Saint Laurent: fabulous or unflattering?


Paris Fashion Week is in full swing, and you know what that means. That means that Francois-Henri Pinault, who owns more than half of the labels showing at PFW, brings his wife to all of the big shows. So here are Salma Hayek and Pinault at the Saint Laurent Menswear Fall/Winter 2014-2015 show.

I’m assuming Salma is actually wearing YSL (or as we’re now supposed to say, “Saint Laurent”) menswear. Which brings me to a question I have for all of my fellow large-busted ladies: do you ever wish that you could pull off this kind of drag king look? I do. But I’ve always assumed that I could never pull off a suit-and-tie look because of my breasts. My thought was always: “Only women built like Diane Keaton could really pull this off.” It’s because my default fear is that big boobs make even conservative outfits look p0rny and/or unflattering.

I’m just saying… I’m jealous of Salma’s look here. I think she’s pulling it off really well because A) that suit has been specifically tailored for her body and B) she’s wearing some kind of minimizer or perhaps something else to hold her girls back. I’m also saying that I would love to try this look at least once in my life.



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Patricia says:

    She looks great but what’s going on with the hair? Her hairline looks bizarre.

  2. Aims says:

    I think she pulled it off. I think she’s stunning.

  3. bns says:

    She always looks hot. She’s one of my top girl crushes.

  4. bored_01 says:

    Drag kings don’t wear lipstick.
    She looks lovely.

  5. danielle says:

    She looks better than I would think, I always think of menswear looks being worn by tall, thin, small breasted women. I think she would have nailed it if she left her hair down.

  6. Renee says:

    I think Salma looks good here and her topknot and red lippy are giving me Frida vibes. There’s just one thing wrong with her look that she should get rid of and then she’d look great – Pinault. Back to the suit, I love menswear on women and would love to rock it but I also feel that my chest is too large for it and that my hips are too round. But maybe not, if Salma can, and I’m nowhere near as curvy as her than maybe I can too.

  7. Reece says:

    “Which brings me to a question I have for all of my fellow large-busted ladies: do you ever wish that you could pull off this kind of drag king look? ” Yes, all the time.

  8. littlestar says:

    It looks like a flight attendant suit.

  9. Bernice says:

    Salma looks good. I am not fond of women in ties, but nonetheless she looks good. I wish her hair was styled differently though. What I don’t understand is why Salma and Pinault are together? In interviews she has said she spends most of her time in LA. He is mostly in Europe. She’s not his only baby mama so their child can’t be the only reason they married. I don’t see the synergy or benefit to the marriage. Maybe it’s a love match, although it doesn’t seem that way either.

    Anna is sitting next to them. Her life seems very routine. Workout at 5:30am, hair blow out at 7am. Work by 9am. Fashion weeks, etc. it sounds very exciting…… for the first 20 years of it…… Isn’t she bored by now?

    • Renee says:

      This is how I understand Francois and Salma’s relationship:

      Him – trophy wife
      Her – $$$$$$

      Diddy was right on this, for some it is all about the Benjamins, or euros as it were.

      I think that she wanted to get married and have a baby and as she was in her early 40s she may have felt that she was running out of options. And the guy is LOADED. I know that Salma is rich on her own but not as much when compared to him. Also, being his wife gives her a lot of clout that she didn’t already have. She never struck me as being materialistic but after she wouldn’t recognize Valentina’s brother that Francois had with Linda Evangelista I saw her in a completely different light.

      • Bernice says:

        That makes sense on her part Renee. She gets a baby daddy with a zillion dollars. I guess he gets arm candy and the look who I get to sleep with (on the few nights they are in the same city). He pbly gets to do whatever he wants when she isn’t around and she gets to spend the $$$.

        For some reason Pinault was willing to accept Valentina as his child but was unwilling to accept Evangelista’s son. Evangelista’s had to take him to court. That seems odd as don’t men usually want sons, not daughters as much? I just don’t get it. I heard that at Pinault and Hayeks wedding a song from Alice in Wonderland was sung. That is really bizarre to me…..

        What did Diddy say about it?

    • Ice Maiden says:

      ”What I don’t understand is why Salma and Pinault are together?”

      As others have said, it’s really the oldest cliche in the world. Sexy film star marries unattractive but VERY rich man (was going to say ‘older’ man, but looks are deceiving: Pinault is only a few years older than Hayek). She gets not only LOADS of money for herself and her daughter, but access to the finest high fashion houses, several of which her husband literally owns. In return, he gets a gorgeous trophy wife who also gives him an entree into the showbiz world which his € alone wouldn’t necessarily buy for him.

      Not a bad deal – if that’s your thing.

    • christina says:

      Pinault actually has 4 kids he has another son and daughter from his first marriage.

      Both kids have been photography with Salma and Pinault vacationing and what not.

  10. V4real says:

    Something to be said when a woman can wear a suit better than a man. She looks fab, reminds me of how Angie Jolie rocked that Black suit several months back.

  11. Hannah says:

    Wintour looks like a corpse with that eyeshadow.

  12. Neffie says:

    She has always been a classy woman. I remember her in Desparado and From Dusk till Dawn smoking hot!!!!

  13. Aly says:

    She’s looks fantastic! By far one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. She puts girls half her age to shame…

  14. Ann says:

    Oh, boy, this looks very silly.

  15. shellybean says:

    I think I’d like it if it wasn’t blue. I don’t really like blue suits.

  16. sauvage says:

    Interesting that you would say that about big-busted ladies not being able to wear that sort of suit, Kaiser – I always thought of it the other way around! I am 5’11″ and very slim and I would worry that I looked like a man in a suit like that, the reason being exactly that I’m lacking the large chest a Salma Hayek can even out the sternness of the suit with.

  17. Nene says:

    Am loving this outfit on Salma!
    It doesn’t look drag king to me, it just looks androgynous- a look I think every woman should try at least once in a life time.

    Although blue is one of my favorite colors, I’d love to wear a suit like this in amber or chocolate,light charcoal or gray color.
    Salma is really aging well. Now I believe what they say about women with square face.

  18. Mingy says:

    not feeling it, and those shoes are fug.

  19. Az says:

    She needs to be about half a foot taller and 2-3 cup sizes smaller to pull this off.

  20. smee says:

    She’s not a pants person, body-shape-wise imo, but this might have worked on her with a pencil skirt. I also don’t like the pointy-toed shoe she wore.

    I think you can be large-chested and work this look, but it helps if you’re tall too.

  21. Snazzy says:

    I love that look – I wish I could wear it! But I think you’re right, if you are big boobed ( I am too), you need be super careful regarding tailoring … the shirt, the jacket, all of it! It also helps if you’re tall. If you’re not, you need a solid set of heels … no flats in the man-suit allowed!!

    But such a great look!