Beyonce posts photos from Michelle Obama’s birthday party: cute or tacky?


As I’m sure you’ve heard, Michelle Obama turned 50 years old on January 17th. Mobama told everyone that she felt “fifty and fabulous” and I think her husband went out of his way to make this birthday in particular a really big deal. So, the President threw his wife a big, star-studded birthday party. And before everyone gets pearl-clutchy about that, I should point out that through the history of the American presidency, every president has thrown more than a handful of raging parties to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, elections, etc. It’s not JUST the Obamas. Pres. Obama even said that he was the one planning the big party too.

So, Michelle and Barack welcomed guests like John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, Paul McCartney, Samuel L. Jackson, the Clintons, Mary J. Blige, Ashley Judd, Angela Bassett, Jennifer Hudson, Gayle King, Smokey Robinson, Gladys Knight, and Steve Harvey. And of course, Beyonce, Blue Ivy and Tina Knowles too. Beyonce performed at the bash too, and Us Weekly says that Bey led the party in singing “Happy Birthday”. Beyonce of course had to post photos from the party on her Tumblr. My favorite is the one of Beyonce with Sunny Obama, the youngest Obama puppy.

Do you find Beyonce’s dress tacky? I do not. I think it’s pretty short, but compared to her tour costumes, this is almost modest.




Photos courtesy of Beyonce’s Tumblr.

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  1. Abbicci says:

    Did Samuel L Jackson post any photos? I’d want to see those. SAMUEL L JACKSON! God, I just love him!

    Name dropping (non) humble brag photos from Bey, not so much.

  2. bns says:

    I’m sure everyone will find something wrong with these pictures because it’s Beyonce, but it looks like they had a great time.

    • Dani2 says:

      I’m sure someone will make a comment about how Beyonce’s outfits will scar Blue for life.

      • QQ says:

        im sure someone will toot toot about Jay Z’s past as a drug dealer and how it impacts Blue and why are they having such a luxurious life blah blah blah

      • Kim says:

        Well, yeah, of course it will impact a child when she finds out her father dealt drugs, shot his brother, and stabbed someone, how could it not? Bottom line is he was never held accountable for all his criminal activity he never paid his debt to society and he hurt many people in the community that he is from. He is certainly no hero. And I do have a problem with the president of the United States associating with admitted criminals who were never brought to justice and who have flaunted and made light of their criminal past in a very glib way. It is utterly callous and cynical and it certainly makes me see the Obamas in a negative light.

    • LadyMTL says:

      I don’t see anything wrong with these pics, tbh. I do find the dress a wee bit short but that’s just my personal taste. I sorta feel like if you can barely sit in it, it’s too short, lol.

    • Nick says:

      Lol agree. Beyoncé can do no right to the people on this site.

      The pic of her and Blue walking through the White House is adorable.

    • Jaana says:

      All they talk about is how stuck up Beyonce’ is. To how I see it the people on this site hate her because she is so successful, she isn’t a drug addict, nor is she pictured falling out of clubs all over the world. They cant find anything negative to hate on, so they hate on her success. Sigh. Its sad really.

      • SonjaMarmeladova says:

        She is very self-absorbed, out of touch and stuck up. I don’t “hate” her. I just don’t like her. She is shallow as a puddle but tries to be soo deep all the time. Her succes has nothing to do with that.

      • Zadie says:

        @SonjaMarmeladova, I completely agree. I also don’t find her music any better than the rest r&b music out there.
        And she’s pretty stupid.

      • Jaana says:

        As I said, you all think she is too successful, has too much money, shouldn’t have a high self esteem, doesn’t deserve to be a globe trotting superstar, she is too stupid. She should just be Jay Z’s wife and follow him around like a lap dog with her head down. Oh, and shame on her for getting married to a former crack dealer! I totally get why you don’t like her and why she is stupid. YUP.

      • SonjaMarmeladova says:

        No. If I disliked her for the reasons you mentioned, I wouldn’t like any celebrity. I actually quite like Jay Z.
        Have you ever heard her in an interview? She doesn’t come across as intelligent. She wanted her pics moved from Buzzfed. She has a room full f footage of herself. And there are many many more reasons.

      • Latisse says:

        Jaana, I 100% agree with you. That is where all the anger stems from. Anger that Beyonce refuses to “go away” or “pipe down” or in other words diminish herself enough so that she is no longer threatening to people who haven’t accomplished nearly as much. YES, I SAID IT. I think she is an inspirational woman who has accomplished a h*ll of a lot.

        There are so many blanket statements here about how “stupid”, “shallow”, and “stuck-up” she is. I can site examples of why I think she is a successful business woman worthy of admiration but nowhere in these hate-infused comments do I see proof of any of the number of failings she is constantly accused of having.

      • Zadie says:

        If I was jealous of her success, I would be jealous of every celebrity out there. I’m not. The fact that she’s a business woman doesn’t have anything to do with her being intelligent. You really don’t think she hasn’t got people to do it for her?

      • Latisse says:

        @Zadie — Beyonce hasn’t got people to do what for her? Make business decisions? Stay relevant? Sell CDs? What? Be specific.

        And quit projecting. I never called you jealous. I said comments made about Beyonce here are hateful. And I stand by that. You personally have called her music subpar. You have called her stupid and tacky with ugly hair. You have called her work unimportant and unworthy of the compensation she receives for it. Those are hateful comments.

        I find it interesting and frankly telling that you heard “jealous” though.

      • bns says:


        I agree. I can understand not liking a celebrity, but the last straw for me was in the post about Beyonce’s essay on feminism. Instead of focusing on the message of the essay and having a positive post with thoughtful comments, almost all of the comments were about how Beyonce is not smart or articulate enough to have written such a letter. It was really gross, TBH.

      • Lemon says:

        She’s all positives. Like the narcissism and using samplers from the Challenger disaster for her music.

      • Latisse says:

        @bns, exactly! I really didn’t like that. The funny thing is that I’m not even this HUGE Beyonce fan. I don’t really listen to that much R&B or Hip Hop because I didn’t grow up with it. I like some Beyonce songs I have heard and don’t like some others.

        But I always feel like I have to stand up for her because the discourse here is so skewed to the point of refusing to acknowledge her part in her impressive success and that really rubs me the wrong way. I find it gross as well.

    • Jaana says:

      I agree the essay was the most disturbing and eye opening of all the Beyonce’ articles on this site. Some of the comments were so hateful, it was like how dare Beyonce’ write about women, like she isn’t a woman herself. The same people who say she is ‘above’ and is ‘out of touch’ fail to realize that they are the only ones who see her like that.

      This is a woman with an all female band, who always has a message of girl power in her music, yet all the see is an over the top superstar that they are obsessed with and comment daily on.

      • TG says:

        I do wonder why all the feminists come out of the woodwork for that unoriginal Miley yet mostly haters comment on Beyonce, Gwyneth and Giselle. I think Bey is gorgeous and I like many of her songs but I have yet to see a single video or hear one of her new songs. Am I just backwards because I can’t find a single new so g of hers in the internet. Maybe I haven’t tried enough. I haven’t bought any music in over 2 years. I just listen to it on YouTube on occasion. I am rarely in my car so don’t really have the opportunity to hear music and the few mins u am each day I am glued to NPR. I know I have made some negative comments on bey in te past but I too am wondering why everyone hates her. Her daughter is so cute. I will admit to being fascinated by the hole pregnancy thing though.

    • Denise says:

      Does Beyonce ever not have a great time? Lucky us, we get to see it all.

      • bns says:

        I’m not sure if the last part was sarcastic or not, but she is no different from any other person (celebrity or not) who posts pictures of their daily activities/selfies online.

        There’s no reason for people to be nasty toward her because she posted pictures on HER blog/tumblr/instagram/whatever.

    • swack says:

      I don’t have anything bad to say about the pictures. To me, it just seems as if she is posting so much more to show how much money she & JayZ have and how much influence they have. Almost as if her self esteem is REALLY low at this point in time. JMO.

      • Jaana says:

        What does money have to do with this? When have you ever seen Jay Z or Beyonce posting stuff on social media about their wealth? If they post up pics of her vacationing she has earned every right to do so. She works very hard.

        Beyonce is a very happy woman. She posts photos of her life so her fans can see it. And her fans love it.

      • bns says:

        I think it’s the other way around. I think the people who bash them have low self esteem and need to criticize them to make themselves feel better.

        A lot of fans really appreciate being able to connect with their favorite celebrities on a personal level, and I’m sure a lot of her fans appreciate her including them in things like this. If you don’t like it, then don’t visit her tumblr. It’s pretty simple.

      • swack says:

        Jaana – there were stories out there about spending $100K on liquor one night and another time spending $6000 on sex toys. It was an observation and was not putting her down for her money or how she spends it. Just that there has been much more publicity about it lately.
        bns – not bashing her. Guess people can’t have an opinion that doesn’t praise Beyoncé (same goes for Angelina Jolie). I don’t visit her tumblr (don’t know what that is).

  3. joanna says:

    she looked great sexy but not too much.she never posted pics from inside the party so i think she was respectful

  4. Savanna says:

    But Michelle did ban “social media” at the party. Of course Beyonce is above that. (I say this as a proud member of the Beyhive with a little disdain)

    • Neffie says:

      I heard there was a ban of photo’s too, but to be fair this is not of the actual party.

      • harpreet says:

        Firstly, this is a bit garish for the White House, even for a performance.

        Secondly, as a Canadian, I have a question. The White House hosts all these events, incl. Michelle’s birthday, that invite celebrities to DC. Who pays for it?

        It cannot be taxpayer money, right.

      • MonicaQ says:

        Unless it is an “official” White House function (e.g. White House Correspondents Dinner), it is not paid for by tax payer money. However the Secret Service was there and they are public servants so in that regards, tax payer dollars were used but tax payer money did not pay Beyonce for her services.

      • BettyBlue says:

        @harpreet. Fun fact: the White House is white because it was whitewashed after being scorched by the Canadians/Royalist army who marched down to Washington, pushing American forces back after the Americans tried to invade Canada.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Everytime I heard this story on the news, they said that it was a private party paid by the Obamas, not the tax payers.

        They also said that the invitations warned there was NOT going to be dinner and drinks…it was a dance party, so people were asked to bring shoes that they could dance in and to be prepared to shake it. They said no social media so that people don’t get embarassed and feel free to dance.

  5. blue marie says:

    I like the top photo with the dog but not the one directly under it, that is one evil b-tchface. The photo of her and Blue walking through the White House is pretty cute too.

  6. Neffie says:

    She looks like a young Tina Turner in the gold dress.

  7. tifzlan says:

    I can’t even IMAGINE how Blue’s life is going to be in 20 years if this is her life now.

    • Latisse says:

      Let me help you imagine: awesome. Blue’s life 20 years from now is going to be just as awesome as it is today.

      Kid isn’t even 5 and she is walking with her pop star/entrepreneur mother and her mogul father into the white house. The white house.

      It’s an awesome life that her parents have worked hard to provide her with. So you know what I say: good for all of them.

    • Zadie says:

      Or she’ll end up an entitled brat like the Smith kids. It would’n surprise me considering how stuck up Beyonce is.
      And other parents work much harder and can’t provide their kids with stuff like this because we live in a screwed up world.

      • Latisse says:

        Jay Z built himself up from nothing and outlasted so many others in a brutal industry. Beyonce while middle class, compounded on those benefits granted by her family to become a multimillionaire all the while managing to stay relevant in an industry where women are treated as expendable puppets. They have worked hard for and deserve every cent that they have.

        Their business savvy as evidenced by their net worth and their staying power in a fickle industry is something that their daughter will be extremely lucky to have access to and that is regardless of whether she becomes as successful as they are today. That part is up to her. But they have given her something inspirational to aspire to.

        As to the last part of your statement, if other parents are working hard and not seeing results then they need to reevaluate what it is they are working hard on. Perhaps it is not worth all the effort they are pouring into it. Pouring hard work into an unworthy endeavor is like pouring water into a sieve. It doesn’t matter how diligently you pour, it all will come leaking out. However the frustration of others is neither the Carter’s responsibility nor is it their fault.

        Because success is hardly a zero sum game: the success of one party is not directly correlated to the failure of another.

      • Zadie says:

        I didn’t say that they don’t work hard or didn’t pull themselves up by their bootstraps. But, the work they do is not as important as the work of doctors, or scientists, or teachers and they don’t make millions or get invited to the White House.

      • Mimz says:

        Zadie, I am sorry but I think we know better than to compare the work of entrepreneurs to the ones of doctors or scientists. I think all of us as human being make a valid contribution to the world, and entertainment actually plays a huge part of it.
        Music keeps us going, keeps us company when we’re sad, happy, in love or heartbroken. Beyoncé is an amazing entertainer/performer and, speaking for myself, her music is still a soundtrack to many moods and moments of my life… and honestly how she raises her child is none of our business. If they went in all these parties and trips without the baby everyone would be going at their neck and saying they are neglecting the child and money can’t buy love and all that crap.
        She’s always been quite well off financially, that didn’t make her work less for her dreams. As long as they raise their child to value what she has and appreciate it but work really hard to get what she wants, they’re fine.

      • Latisse says:

        Zadie, you’re wrong. All sorts of people get invited to the White House: Scientists (Dr. Terry Woodford-Thomas and Dr. Cindy Encarncion among many others), Teachers (The Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (STEM) leads to several teachers being invited to the White House), Doctors ( Dr. Connie Mariano, at one time the official White House Doctor might have something to say about that assertion).

        As to the Carter’s compensation: America runs on mostly (we won’t go into corporate tax cuts or agricultural subsidies) a free market economy. So if consumers have decided by virtue of their demand that the entertainment provided by the Carters is worth more than the products/services provided by doctors, scientists and teachers then it is absolutely right that the Carters are compensated accordingly.

      • Julianna says:

        Sometimes people work hard all their lives but just can’t catch a break. It has nothing to do with their efforts or abilities. Success doesn’t always equal happiness either. What’s important is being grateful for what you have and having people to share your love with.

      • bns says:


        It’s funny that out of all of the examples of celebrity children there are you chose to use the Smith kids for comparison.

      • Tdub30 says:

        Or a spoiled, entitled, self absorbed brat like Lindsey Lohan or Miley Cyrus or Justin Beiber….

    • tifzlan says:

      Just to clarify, my comment wasn’t maliciously toned or anything like that. I find it super cool that at such a young age, Blue can just saunter into the White House like it’s her grandmother’s house. That’s all i meant by it. Although i do agree that sometimes, Bey & Jay seem to spoil her too much. I hope she doesn’t grow up to be an entitled brat.

      • Latisse says:

        Ok, I agree with you: it is awesome. I hope too that she doesn’t become entitled and spoilt.

        My parents, while extremely well-off now, grew up dirt-poor with nothing. As a result of that, they tried to give me everything as a kid that they never had. I was very spoilt.

        But they also instilled in me their unshakeable work ethic so that now: I am happy, and self-sufficient. I hope the same will be true for Blue.

    • LAK says:

      I loathe Beyonce and Jay Z, but they worked for their money. It’s ridiculous to disapprove what they’ve worked for and what it affords them.

      And their child will turn out as well or as badly as their parenting skills and the child’s own character.

      You might as well disapprove of every rich, privileged child in the world if you are going to disapprove of Blue Ivy’s lifestyle.

  8. len says:

    Yes, that dress is way too short.

  9. Penny says:

    When did she start photoshopping her legs like this? Was it after the unflattering photos at the Superbowl or is it more recent? It’s getting ridiculous now, I saw her live not long ago and either she’s had a crazy amount of lipo within the last month or she’s ‘shopping away at least a third of her thighs and calves in all her Tumblr photos, because the Beyonce I saw in person had very strong, muscly, wide thighs and calves, like Serena Williams but even more ripped. She looked amazing. You don’t get those sort of legs sitting on your ass all day. Why work so hard in the gym to get those legs and the remove all evidence of that work from your photos?

  10. Marigold says:

    The dress doesn’t bother me. But the face with the hair…it’s a bit of a manly look. I think if she wants that hair and makeup, she’s got to keep her expressions soft, like in the picture with Bobama (that’s Bo and not Sunny, right?)

  11. len says:

    When were these taken exactly? They still have a christmas-tree up?

  12. OriginallyBlue says:

    The dress is too short and she looks really weird (possessed robot) in that photo in front of the wooden wall.

    • betty says:

      Some of you women sure are catty and petty. Beyonce was not only a performer but a guest. Since it WAS a party she wore a party dress as I see most young women wear to parties. It was not a formal occasion so her dress was appropriate. I see her as a clean cut level headed young woman. She got married and then had a kid. Not like some of the other young women that did it in reverse or not at all .I see her as a role model for a lot of young women. She just happen to be successful and make money and living the life successful people lead.and spends quality time with her child. All the nit picking make some of you appear jealous.

  13. MrsBPitt says:

    That dress is too short…Bey, you are at the White House, not a club!

  14. kibbles says:

    Go ahead. Call me a prude. I think this look is inappropriate for a party held in honour of the First Lady of the United States of America. In fact, any first lady of any country. Regardless of how one feels about the Obamas, they are a sophisticated couple as well as the President and the First Lady. She looks like a showgirl and, of course, it’s all about Beyonce. If Michelle didn’t want photos of the party posted, then Beyonce should have honoured that request entirely by not posting pics of herself at the White House even if it was before or outside the room where the party was held. Who the heck poses for photos in a dress that barely covers her lady bits and poses with the first family’s dog? Wth? This woman is such a narcissist. Anyone want to bet that no other celebrity at that party wore a dress that short? I wouldn’t be surprised if she was the only woman who showed up at that party with her t&a barely covered. This look would be okay out in the club, at one of her concerts, at a music award’s after party. Not for the White House. Just no.

  15. CarnivalBaby says:

    The dress while beautiful is too short, and yes it is tacky to post the photos, but they are cute. Love the kid…blessings on her privileged life we should all be so lucky. And the dog too.

    • gogoGorilla says:


      I’m pretty neutral on Beyonce, other than the usual abuse-of-Photoshopping complaints. The dress is cute, but it does look too short. But maybe she wore that for the performance and changed into something more appropriate for the actual party?

      I think the pics of Blue Ivy are just adorable! Love the puffy dress sticking out from under her coat!

  16. Sumodo1 says:

    Did anyone else get the feeling that Jay and Bey were scouting out the White House for their own aspirations? Yeeeekkkkksss!

  17. Hootysgram says:

    The fact that Beyoncé and her husband are tight with the Obama’s…tells me the Obama’s are NOT all that classy. Wonder how much that party cost the taxpayers!!!

    • Sandy says:

      Is this for real? Now Democratic Presidents aren’t allowed to entertain? I LOVE Beyonce and think she looks fantastic in these pictures. Yeah, she went to have a good time. Her dress was short. So what! Her and her husband (I’m less of a fan) are a real power couple. So they have that in common with the Obamas. And what I really love about them is that the pictures they posted of their beautiful daughter didn’t show their face. She’s a little girl. That’s entirely appropriate. Not shopping their kid around as per Kardashians, Gosselin, Smiths. Kudos!

    • Tiffany :) says:

      It cost the tax payers very little, as it was a private function paid for by the Obama’s. It isn’t hard to find the facts if you search for them.

    • Jessica says:

      I do agree that their relationship is better for the Carters than for the Obamas.

  18. minime says:

    yes, the top dress is tacky (for the event in question) and posting photos from the event is extra tacky and unnecessary. That covers all the questions.

  19. Bernice says:

    I don’t understand why the President of the United States and his wife have a birthday party filled with entertainment people as guests. Surely they have friends with more in common that would be more enjoyable for them to spend the evening with? The entertainmentization of politics is terribly debasing for all concerned.

    And the dress, for a guest at the party, is beyond tacky. If she was the entertainment then it would be ok, but I think she was a “guest”.

  20. Mrs. Darcy says:

    I agree the gold dress seems pretty tacky for a White House do, it is just too short and showgirl, have a little respect. What was wrong with the black outfit, was there not enough attention on her on Michelle’s b-day? I think posting the pics is fine, it’s a window (Photoshopped and instagrammed into Beyonce’s fantasy bubble of a life but still) into a world most people will never see. It would have been sweeter if she just put up the pic of Blue and the dog, for me that would have been enough, but this is Beyonce, more is more. My main wonder was about the Christmas tree too though, that must be a new one surely to still be alive?! I’m a January baby too and used to leave mine up but this is way late.

  21. Sarah says:

    personally i think artists should never mix with politicians, why do you think they want them there? to have better access to the people for their own agendas. im appaled how this can still be a thing, that its considered cool when meeting the president. basically all notable artists in the history of the world were not sucking up to power but speaking truth to it. its not a good thing if a celeb uses his power to manipulate people for political agendas and political parties.

  22. littlestar says:

    I want to know what lipstick Beyoncé is wearing!!! I LOVE the colour!

  23. m says:

    when is she not tacky? beyonce has one of the biggest egos in show biz. it’s like she’s trying to document her entire life, like, if a camera doesn’t capture every moment… it never happened.

  24. Emmeline says:

    ” Elephant in the room” Why is it we do not see this kids face? (the burred picture dose not count) when she is part of the photo op.

    • Sandy says:

      You’re too used to celebrities shopping their kids for fame. The ones who do it do it because they’re insecure, or they want the money to keep flowing for them. Beyonce and Jay-Z don’t need it and they’re right for being protective. She’s two.

    • annaloo. says:

      Im only surmising here, but I’ve seen comments about Blue Ivy on other sites much less civilized than Celebitchy, to hearing comments at the hair salon: people say Blue Ivy is “ugly”, “has her Dad’s Joe Camel face”, that her “hair looks nappy and unkempt”. They are hideous comments, esp over a child. I imagine that not posting her face protects the little girl from snark and insults, nd they get the last laugh jay and bey have by sharing pics of Blue in such privileged and luxurious surroundings.

      • Emmeline says:

        You are not answering the question, Privileged and luxurious surroundings cannot change her face. Whether she is two or twenty-two she will still have her dads face.
        So why is Beyonce shopping her around if she is ashame of her face. It not like she is running to the store, Beyone is the one doing the photo op.

      • annaloo. says:

        Look, I think it’s because as part of being famous, they probably understand the power of ‘image”, and this is the one they want to put out of their daughter: someone who is extremely privileged and Very Special. Of course, Beyonce could elect NOT have to put any photos of her out at all, her “secret album” was a testament that the Carters can keep a lid on things. But they didn’t choose it, and it looks from here like they are trying to control as much as possible of Blue’s public image, especially in a world that has spoken, and has insensitively called her ugly. If that was the route they selected, then I don’t blame them for hiding her face, but until I can mind read Beyonce, I won’t know for sure. It just seems like she wants to have her cake and eat it too, which has been her MO for years — if they truly wanted to keep Blue out of the public eye, they could.

        I hope I answered your question, but if not, then I may not be understanding your question, Emmeline.

    • Sandy says:

      Very sad people, attacking a two year old child. Her parents obviously love her and are proud of her. And Emmeline, you need to look inside yourself!!!!! That is some hate you’re carrying around.

  25. dahlianoir says:

    I love, LOVE that girl’s tutu !

  26. annaloo. says:

    I voted for Obama both elections, but I have to say that they need to lay off the invites and involvements of the Carters there. What happened to my Obamas that supported new US talent? What happened to the message of inclusiveness? Beyonce has sung at inaugural balls, ceremonies and now this— do the Obamas recognize any other American artists?! It doesn’t help that these are two of the most ostentatious, materialistic public figures out there. I had serious problems with this when I heard about this news and saw these pics yesterday. Things are a struggle for too many people in the country- to have these two be the faces of what the President chooses to consistently bring to the White House, whether on taxpayer dime or no, just bugs me. Does anyone else feel this way?

    • Nicolette says:

      Have you not noticed that even though he tries to demonize the wealthy they are the very ones he rubs elbows with constantly? He doesn’t seem to mind wealth when it comes to his multi-million dollar vacations either does he? It’s a ‘do as I say, not as I do’ mentality.

      • TheOneandOnlyOnly says:

        Agree with both of you, and your sentiments are shared by many; I’m a lib, and I voted for Obama twice, but this is tacky – though the right is hypocritical on many things, they are correct when they point out this example of liberal hypocrisy – the rich are demonized except when they are needed for vacations or campaign contributions. Do you know the income gap between the top one per cent and the rest has grown larger during the Obama years than the Bush years,
        I wonder how many returning vets attended this party?

      • annaloo. says:

        I think the initial pointing out of how SOME greedy people came to be wealthy was good, because there was a a lot of corruption amongst people who have become wealthy without consequence because of their callousness and swindling.

        However, only surrounding yourself with the most stratospheric of the wealthiest communicates something else too, especially when those people are very showy with their money and do not demonstrate awareness of humanity or struggle out there at this time. How can you advocate for income equality when you aren’t even equal about giving privilege of who gets the prestigious platform of performing for the White House? If anything, it is “out of touch”, and I’d say Obama’s reached that.

        What happened to my president???!

        When I first listened to Obama speak, I was knocked out. Totally. Absolutely floored and MOVED. This man, I wanted to follow him. He spoke to my higher ideals and I did not feel like a victim. I – as an individual – felt empowered, that the world was a place for people of all stripes – including me! – to do good work and make good lives for themselves and therefore uplifting all around us.

        Now, it feels like it’s all about who owes me an apology and how everyone is a victim, instead of asking again what we as individual citizens can innovate and inspire in ourselves as well as others. The White house is now a closed door party to the common people that voted Obama in and a reliable photo op for Beyonce and Jay-Z. I want to believe in this guy again, I want to feel that surge of hope and goodwill that he inspired in me again !!!– but now he just feels like another fatcat pol completely out of touch with the people who put him there: the voters! I am proud to be a common person, but it saddens and disappoints me immensely not to see more of the message that the White House is also their house!

      • Nicolette says:

        @TheOneandOnlyOnly, I didn’t vote for him, am not a lib and lean right. But wait! We agree, amazing isn’t it? Red, Blue, Left, Right, Lib, or Conservative I think a lot of us are feeling the same way.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        “Have you not noticed that even though he tries to demonize the wealthy they are the very ones he rubs elbows with constantly?”

        When you say “constantly” it makes me wonder where you are getting your news from. I have seen him with young adults talking about health care, I have seen him volunteering at food shelters on MLK Jr. Day, etc. It seems to me that he puts a lot of face time in with a lot of different people, some are covered in the media more than others. From what I can tell, he last got together when Beyonce at his inauguration a year ago.

        TheOneandOnly, IMO Obama has never demonized the wealthy. He has demonized the benefits to them that have been institutionalized into our tax and domestic policies, which he has every reason to do.

      • Sandy says:

        Annaloo: I put in my race because (in addition to the party affiliation talk in this thread) I do believe there is some element of racial resentment at Beyonce and Jay-Z for their race combined with their success displayed here in the comments. And I just wanted to put it out there that it is not universal. What in the world is wrong with our President inviting successful couples to the White House, whether they are white or black. And I have seen, recently, pictures of common people, handicapped children, etc., at the White House events.

      • annaloo. says:

        Sandy, firstly, I absolutely appreciate your comment and intention. Though I am not clear what I said (or the posters on this thread) — something in what I said inferred or implied racial resentment to you, and l apologize profusely. Because you were open, in all due fairness, I should point out that I am the child of a black father and an Asian mother. I don’t know if that is worth bringing up, but I’ll put my race out there too. I truly truly hope I wasn’t projecting resentment of Beyonce or Jay-Z’s race to the point that you felt compelled or that you had to bring up your own to validate liking them or voting for Obama. My issue is that they are figures of materialism and ostentatious taste and they have a steady presence at the White House during a time when people are hurting for money and getting by on less, and also the Obamas’ lack of a spotlight on other American artists as of late.

        As for party affiliation, I am a democrat and voted for him both times. In a reply below , I gave the example of a photo that I found so admirable of Obama working in his office with a hole in the sole of his shoe. This communicated to me that this was a man of pragmatism and not driven by superficiality. You can only imagine my disconnect to see , over two administrative terms, how much Beyonce is at the WHite House. She and her husband do not symbolize mere success to me so much, but moreso materialistic gluttony, questionable business ethics and – for Beyonce – artistic plagiarism. Perhaps I do begrudge their successes, but I am forthright that it is because I think they send out a very negative and destructive message/image of what success is about. Their skin color has no play in it for me, but their vanity does.

      • Jarredsgirl says:

        The thing is, Annaloo, Obama didn’t even write the speeches you heard, he has a team for that. Politicians are similar to celebs in that they create an image and sell it. They have one objective: become the leader. And they will tell you what you want to hear in order to fulfill their goal. They spend millions on their campaigns and they leave nothing to chance. I’m not a US citizen so I didn’t vote for him but I was rooting for him. Unfortunately he has proven to me that he is more about image than actual substance. Never trust a politician!

    • Sandy says:

      Maybe the people being so critical should look at the news. I see plenty of common people visiting the White House, and I see them reaching out to plenty of the poor. What exactly disqualifies people like Bey and Jay-Z? Yeah, I voted for Obama, but I’m older, and white. I love pictures like this.

      • annaloo. says:

        I don’t doubt what you are saying Sandy, but don’t you think we’ve seen enough Beyonce at the White House? I think for the day, she is overexposed and maybe we just need some space from her and her tightly presented yachts and gold-gilded lifestyle?

        And I don’t think Jay-Z represents the best of what the US has to offer. I was first disappointed in his attempts to sell t-shirts for profit that were marketed off the Occupy Wall Street movement, his position to continue his product with Barneys after their customer discrimination scandal, and as a resident of Brooklyn who lives 5 blocks away from the Barclays Stadium, his involvement in a project that has driven pricing of surrounding neighborhoods to change ridiculously that even the local commercial businesses find it more difficult to turn profit and the chain stores are barreling in. The affordable housing that was promised with it has yet to materialize.

        It just feels to me the Carters are rewarded in his circle time and time again with splashy celebrations and they just project so much materialism and consuming– which, I guess now that I think about it — is the problem with the psychology of many in America about what in life will make them happy– I’m merely suggesting the Obamas share the spotlight again with others in this nation for glam events like this , with others who aren’t so ostentatious. That we see these common people at the big social events and not only for the obligatory press events/ops. Believe me, going back to 2008 and 2012, I would have not changed my vote, and yes, he’s done great things, but events like these are powerful to a degree, and I just feel that he used to speak to more people. Just lay off booking Beyonce and inviting Jay-Z for so much, that’s all.

        (Sandy, on another note, and not to touch a nerve,: why did you bring up that you were older and white? I think your statement was fine, you didn’t need to validate it with that, unless there was something else?. :-)

      • Latisse says:

        @annaloo, there probably were people from all walks of life at the event, but guess what: those people don’t receive nearly as much media coverage.

        And what is wrong with consumption at a high level if you have the funds to sustain it? Consumption makes up around 70% of American GDP. So for a country with a significant unemployment rate, I will never understand the anger directed at people who are essentially job creators.

        As far as I’m concerned Jay Z and Beyonce should spend more and more and more, as much as they can afford. It’s good for business. Now before anyone accuses me of promulgating trickle-down economics, I’m not.

        The problem with that theory is that it pushes tax-cuts for rich corporations with the argument that those corporations will in turn create jobs. However those same corporations end up outsourcing jobs to non-Americans and or sitting on large reserves of cash instead of infusing it into their businesses and consequently the economy.

        This is obviously not the case with either Jay Z or Beyonce. So what’s the problem? Let them be ostentatious. Let them spend!

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Oh my god….guys, there were over 300 guests at Mrs. Obama’s party, 5 of them were ‘famous’ and now all Obama has is “famous friends”?


      • annaloo. says:

        Latisse- Your points are not wrong, I completely hear what you say– but what I am looking at is probably something more intangible.. I absolutely admit, my issue has more to do with emotional currency and psychology than facts. You are completely right about corporate loopholing and its inherent negative effect upon Americans. IT has created a huge problem today. However, I feel salt in the wound of a bad economy is having two of the most materialistic figures I can think of today, reliably associated with the president, enjoying and flaunting access to one of the most protected, visible and powerful place: the White House. It is a constant photo op for them. When I first posted, my point was about my upset at not seeing the leader I thought I was following. I felt Obama was a person for everyone. Perhaps I had a wrong idea of what Obama was about when I voted for him, but he inspired me to look beyond the can’ts and arent’s of everyday life and feel good about what I- as a common everyday American– could do. There was a picture of him with a HOLE in his shoe, he was that practical, frugal, down to earth and dedicated! I related and I loved!

        Jay Z and Beyonce– of course can spend all they want– of course it is their right. However, by same turn, I think it is my right to take issue with Jay-Z’s and Beyonce’s blatant image of “money is everything”. At the end of the day, what sort of feeling does one have when the same ostentatious people are regularly associated with someone who was voted into lead a nation? Where is the man with the hole in his shoe? Where is the woman who promoted unknown American designers? Beyonce sung/lipsynced at both inaugurations, whether the ceremony or the ball, is at state dinners… just how many times will she perform at the White House? IT feels like a closed clique. That’s all I am asking– just lay off the invites to the Carters and spend the spotlight on others– especially new and different American artists– just like they did in the beginning.. that was part of what I found so inspiring about the Obamas: they saw potential in everyone, and I want those Obamas back.

      • Latisse says:

        @analoo, I think I get what you are saying. You want to believe that Obama, a politician and consequently a member of the elite class, is “just like you” but he is not. He’s just not. And I think that that is what is causing anger and disappointment.

        In essence: that circle feels like a closed clique because it IS a closed clique. But in this case (certainly not in all cases) Beyonce, Jay Z and Obama worked hard for and earned the right to be members of that closed clique. Americans like to pretend that there is no class system probably because America is built on meritocratic ideals. However there definitely is a class system in America regardless of whether people want to acknowledge it or not.

        I am not American so I don’t feel the same anger about class distinctions but I think I do understand where you are coming from. And I appreciate you explaining your view point to me in a logical manner.

  27. Diana says:

    What I find tacky is her pose of trashy femme fatale. With Bey is always that way.

  28. Cazzee says:

    Little Blue Ivy looks completely adorable in these photographs. Just had to say that!

  29. First of all says:

    I love the picture of Blu and the doggie!

  30. idk says:

    I don’t live in America, but I was just wondering does the President have to pay for birthday parties like this or do the tax payers pay the bill? Also, how did the Obama’s become such good friends with the Carter’s? Is there some connection there? Or is it simply because the Obama’s like Jay and Beyonce’s music?

  31. Stephy says:

    I like the dress. I don’t like the length but not because I find it inappropriate. It just looks slightly out of proportion at that length. Like it needed the liner to be the length of the fringes, and then add fringes from there.

  32. Stephy says:

    I also just noticed (even though it is common for pear shaped women) Bey has a really long torso (or maybe short arms). When I was in grade school, the skirt length rule was no higher than your finger tips. If she stretched her hands, that would still be a too short dress for me to have gotten away with.

  33. Aly says:

    Nice dress, but I’m over Beyoncé. There’s nothing wrong with the pictures she’s posted, but she has become insufferable. Ivy is super cute though and looks a lot like Beyoncé…which is good lol

  34. floretta50 says:

    Tax payers don’t pay for events such as this, but the white house is the Obama’s home. Did any of you stop to think that maybe Jay Z and Beyonce helped pay for that private party as a gift to Michelle Obama. Public servants don’t get paid very much.

  35. alex says:

    Please tell me she didn’t wear that skanky gold dress to the White House. Show some respect.

  36. rep says:

    The relationship that the Obamas have with former criminals bothers me too.

    • Jaana says:

      Weren’t the Kennedy’s former criminals too with their bootlegging money? Why no mention of that and whosoever hangs out with the Kennedy’s?

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      ….sort of like George W. Bush’s longstanding friendship with Carlos Salinas, who is notoriously connected to Mexican drug cartel. Salinas, a man who effectively created legislation that ties the hands of DEA officers operating in Mexico and puts the power directly in the hands of the cartel. Hell, Bush even famously held a dinner for the guy AND his drug pushers were even invited.

      But let’s worry about Obama and his friendship with Jay Z,a dude who sold street drugs as a teenager growing up in the ghetto. *eye roll*

      • samantha says:

        Oh, please. It doesn’t matter, if it’s Bush or Obama. Democrat or Republican. All politicians are crooks.
        And Jay Z is someone I can’t stand after trying to sell tshirts in NYC during occupy movement.’
        Talk about greedy, must be Jay Z name next to it in the dictionary.
        And Beyonce for goodness sake, you are in the White House not at your concert, put on somerthing that covers your behind with at least 4 more inches of fabric.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        First, a correction of my earlier comment: George Bush (senior) held a dinner for Salinas, not his son, but the family ties were incredibly strong to the point where he assisted W in getting the latino vote in Texas and remained close to the Bush family, even after he was thrown out of Mexico.

        Nope sorry. There’s a huge difference between the president of Mexico, a man who controls the influx and exodus of drugs between Mexico and the US, and consequently controls the input of money and power, and an entertainer who sold drugs as a kid. Salinas was implicated in the largest drug trafficking scandal in Mexican history and sorry, but Jay Z doesn’t have political and monetary control of an entire country so the comparison is simply not an accurate one.

        Just because it’s conveniently forgotten and glossed over by those on the Right doesn’t mean that the Bush family’s close relationship with a drug czar is of the same consequence as Obama’s friendship with Jay Z, who apparently upset you with his flagrant t-shirt selling………..

      • GreenTurtle says:

        Flagrant t-shirt selling? Bwahahaha! Virtual high-five, Okitt.

    • blue marie says:

      Why does it bother you? Jay-Z’s not a criminal now, isn’t everyone entitled to a second chance? So what if there friends, does it hurt you in any way? So what if Obama had had a dance party for his wife’s birthday IN HIS HOUSE. Where the hell else is he supposed to have it?!? Cause let me say, if he had it at another venue folks would be yelling that he used taxpayer money to fund it. Until there is proof that I paid for the party I’m not going to get upset, they’re allowed to celebrate. Come on with this bs nonsense, get over it.

      I just don’t understand why this thread turned to republicans vs. democrats, it was f-kin birthday party FFS. And EVERY President uses celebrity endorsements, this is not a new practice. (I would say maybe if folks were more worried about whats happening around them and less about what Bey wears we’d get something done, but this is a gossip site so I digress.)

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        “I just don’t understand why this thread turned to republicans vs. democrats,”

        Sorry, BM, I feel like I was responsible for that. I do agree that all politicians are shady, but *some* just seem shadier than others. Anyway..I went off the rails a bit there. Stop me next time, gurl ;)

  37. rep says:

    I dont know the entire guest list, but their celebrations seen to be filled mostly with celebrities. It just seems so pretentious and fake.

  38. bailie says:

    I don’t think it’s a good enough word to describe this highly inappropriate dress that barely covers her baby-maker. This was a birthday party for the lovely, well educated and gracious First Lady, Michelle Obama at the Whitehouse not a Beyonce concert.
    Please have some respect Beyonce, if not for the First Lady and the President of the United States, at least have some for the Whitehouse, the house of the American people.
    You don’t have to wear an outfit that covers you head to toe, but goodness at least wear something that is slightly above the knee not cut off at your biscuit.
    I really can’t stand her hair, talk about beyond fake, such harsh blond doesn’t work for her in my opinion. The baby girl is so incredibly cute.
    I’m no fan of Beyonce’s music, but I wish her the best.
    Even more tacky was Jay Z attempt to sell t-shirts of the movement against greed in NYC, GREED personofied in Jay Z.
    How much mobey is enough for you Jay Z and is anyway obtaining it okay with you???

  39. Thunderthighs says:

    I have to say, I admired this woman for a long time… Now, I can barely stand her. Oh, I do think she’s talented, and she’s an excellent entertainer. She just really, really irks me.
    That said, I feel that dress is tacky…and before y’all stans jump down my throat, I am very aware that my opinion doesn’t matter even for a second to her. Still, you do something so publicly, I’m allowed to have an opinion about it. So, yes, tacky, tacky. The Blue pics are totally adorable. She’s a very lucky girl. I hope she grows to appreciate that.
    Last thing, you think this site is unfriendly to B?? Have you visited Dlisted?? Even I don’t dislike the woman that much! Hell, half that much!

  40. rep says:

    If we were talking about the kennedys i would have. Unfortunately i feel that most politicians are corrupt.

  41. rep says:

    OMG! Theres a thin black line on each one of her legs. PhotoShop…

  42. LaurieH says:

    I’m not sure that a crotch-grazing, sequined mini dress is the appropriate thing to wear to a birthday party at the WHITE HOUSE. Regardless of what one thinks of Michelle Obama, it was her 50th birthday, she is the First Lady, the party was held at the country’s most prestigious address…unless Beyonce was there as the paid entertainment, a little respect and decorum would have been nice.

  43. HB says:

    Anybody whose worn a dress that short knows you can’t lift your arm up or sit down in a dresss like that without displaying the goods. Or bend over or pet the dog or pick up your child. America is become complacent to filth.

  44. Mon says:

    The dress is not bad but doesn’t seem suitable for the event and place. Also, what’s with the colour of her skin? Did she get confused by the name of the place? Just because one is invited to the White House it does not mean one needs to lighten their skin! She’s posing to be a strong and independent woman yet does not seem to be able to accept herself the way she is…

  45. certifiedorganicrosehipoil says:

    Beyonce has legs like tree trunks.
    She walked right by me in New York.
    Must be a lot of photoshop used in the above pics.

  46. kosmea says:

    Yes, tacky.
    Beyonce is tacky from head to toe.
    That straw coloured hair doesn’t work for her in my opinion.
    And the dress is so inappropriate for the White House, she is not at a concert or a nightclub.
    I think of Jay Z only one thing : a thug.
    The little girl is so adorable.
    I don’t understand what do the highly educated, classy Obama’s have in common with tacky Beyonce and thug Jay Z.

  47. DesertReal says:

    Tacky…Just like Beyonce.

  48. Eleonor says:

    That dress look something Britney Spears wore years ago.
    Is it me or Bey’s nose is getting smaller and smaller ?

  49. Dommy Dearest says:

    Why isn’t Beyonce trying to get the one sparkly dress picture removed from the internet? That’s not a good picture of her face. At all.

  50. Naddie says:

    Just one thing: Sunny Obama, curly and proud!

  51. pk says:

    Not a fan, but the Carter’s have made a nice life for themselves and seem to adore their baby girl. I don’t get where all the hate is coming from, so he used to be a drug dealer, haven’t we all done things that we weren’t proud of? Beyonce shouldn’t be honored that her family was invited to the White House for the First Lady’s bday and post pictures?

    • pantheon says:

      Yes, I’ve done stupid things in my life for sure.
      And who hasn’t, but dealing drugs is a very different thing.
      It’s a very serious criminal offence.
      Drugs ruin people and it’s deadly.
      In my opinion Beyonce is tacky with that yellow hair and her tiny skating outfit at the White House.
      Jay Z to me is greedy douche, I will never forget, him trying to make money off of the Occupy Movement in NYC.
      How much money does he need, how greedy can you be Jay Z?

  52. parisstudent says:

    Was Beyonce skating at this event or what? THat is a miniscule small dress.
    Did she know that she was at the White House and not a nightclub?
    Tacky and Greedy.

  53. Marybel says:

    Beyonce is the definition of tacky. Period.

  54. Teri says:

    I think all you people needs to get a life, you are arguing with strangers over a celebrity… And you are saying she is stupid pfft, I read those comments for a laugh and you guys actually made me laugh. Now I don’t feel so bad about looking at a gossip site because you guys are fighting over someone you don’t know with people you don’t know… Thanks for the laugh

  55. Pandy says:

    Tacky dress on a tacky woman. And the wig should be retired.

  56. Leila in wunderland says:

    Sheesh. Upthread Beyoncé fans were talking about people being unnecessarily catty, and someone said something about how come feminists defend Miley Cyrus but not Beyoncé. My first thought was “Because people almost never say problematic things about Beyonce that reinforce the slut-shaming or other social ills in our culture.” But damn, after reading almost all the comments about her dress, I guess I was wrong :(

    Are Beyonce threads always this catty and puritan-bitchy? Or does it only happen when she or some other woman violates the unwritten dress code?

    This whole attitude of “women who wear outfits who show their boobs or legs in the presence of world rulers are horrible, trashy, filthy , narcissistic skanks who have no respect for their country” is a bit foreign and neo-Victorian to me. As a matter of fact, the mentality probably predates the Victorian era, as I remember my dad telling me that in certain places during ancient times a person could be put to death for not wearing the right attire in the presence of a king. Her outfit does not violate any law and she wore it for her performance.

    Ladies, world rulers will not die or be harmed in any other way if a woman does not dress modestly in their presence. The country of the world ruler will also remain intact.

    In other shocking 21st-century news, the earth is not flat. :)

    • Jaana says:

      Beyonce’ threads are always catty. Everything she does is super scrutinized its like she can do nothing right except if she fell off the face of the earth and disappeared forever. That’s the only thing that would make some of the women on here happy.

      P.S. That’s not going to happen either.

    • Lauraq says:

      I agree with you; however, lots of statements and songs from Beyonce in the past would suggest that she does not. She was the queen of slut-shaming until she wanted to show off her body.

      EDIT-For the record, I do think that dress is extremely flattering and lovely on her.

  57. Robine says:

    Raw Acapella talent :) … PLEASE CHECK OUT MY YOUTUBE…TYPE…ROBINEPAUL and don’t forget to SHARE, SHARE,SHARE. Thanx ****Hugs.

  58. Shell says:

    B’s dress way too short. Is the dog giving her a side eye?!

  59. Moi says:

    Beyonce literally looks like a living doll. I thought that was her wax figure at first. I have no idea whether to be in awe or try and locate the photographer who took that picture.

  60. Dizzle says:

    That second picture, very pretty and all but I think we already saw that dress/hair/etc. on Britney circa 2002.

  61. Meg says:

    her dress is way too short, she’s not on tour she’s performing for the first lady.

  62. anonymous says:

    I used to b a huge Beyonce fan but as of late, her tactics have turned me off. She’s just rubbing me the wrong way in every way.

  63. vylette says:

    I think she forgot to wear her now pants :P

  64. Rhonda says:

    This shows how Beyoncé is so self absorbed that she cannot let anyone shine except her. The rule was no cell phones. She brought hers. Secondly, didn’t her tacky mama teach her to not be around other folks’ husbands in a dress like that. I hate her.

    This is Michelle’s party yet when I google it, it’s again all about Beyoncé.