Sean Penn on Charlize Theron: ‘She’s a keeper… well, I’ll do my best to keep her’

Charlize Theron Makes A Coffee Run

Here are some photos of Charlize Theron out and about in LA yesterday. Charlize just slays me. Look at her legs!! And she’s wearing flats too. Do you know what my legs would look like in shorts and flats? Awful. They would look awful. Charlize’s shorts are pretty awesome, though. Overall, that’s a really cute casual outfit, but you have to have Charlize’s figure to really pull it off.

I was going to write about how weird it is that since the initial New Year’s/Golden Globes weekend rush of news, we really haven’t heard much of Charlize and Sean Penn. That is weird, right? But I just saw Piers Morgan’s Daily Mail Diary entry and now I kind of wonder. Piers wrote about attending Penn’s Haiti fundraiser two weekends ago, and how Charlize and Sean were all over each other:

Charlize is even more absurdly beautiful in real life than she seems on screen. We did an astonishing interview two years ago, in which she recounted how her mother shot her drunken abusive father dead, after he came home firing his own gun and threatening to kill them. Charlize was just 15 and understandably, it put her off guns for life.

‘I’m so glad you two have got together,’ I said, ‘Sean’s a great guy.’

‘I know,’ she smiled, putting her hand round his shoulder.

…Then Sean took to the stage, and said: ‘Where’s Piers Morgan?’ I raised my hand. ‘Have you hacked my phone?’ he quipped, to general hilarity. Then he got serious.

‘I’m a self-proclaimed Alpha male who owns 67 firearms,’ he said. ‘But I’ve had my mind changed about guns by a strong woman, a beautiful South African woman.’ I looked at Charlize, who was close to tears. ‘I don’t need these cowardly instruments of violence and destruction, none of us do.’

…At 2am, Sean came over, and bear-hugged me.

‘Congrats on a great night,’ I said. ‘And congrats on Charlize too.’

He laughed. ‘She’s a keeper, that’s for sure… well, I’ll do my best to keep her anyway!’

[From Piers Morgan’s Diary at The Daily Mail]

“She’s a keeper” huh? Don’t get me wrong, I think Charlize is a “keeper” and when all else fails, she is a man’s woman more than a girl’s girl. But I still don’t think Sean is going to be able to “keep” her, nor will he want to. This relationship is just a phase for him and I do think it’s weird that we haven’t heard much about them in the past week and a half.

Also – Charlize went out to dinner with Seth McFarlane and they hugged goodbye. Is she trying to make Sean jelly?



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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    • kennedy says:

      + billion and then some

      I love Charlize. I became the biggest fan girl after seeing YOUNG ADULT. It reminded me of Nicole Kidman in TO DIE FOR. A female lead that is unrelenting, unlikable, and is the dominating force from beginning to end. I loved her character so much. I loved how well she played Mavis Gary. I do not think any other actor could have pulled off that role. Jason Reitman was right in casting Charlize. I wanted her to be nominated for an Oscar after that role. It was her best performance since MONSTER. I was totally on the Charlize train. And then, this happened. I’m so bummed. Sean Penn is a monster – a true piece of crap. And I don’t understand how she can be with a man who has a history of abuse, to both men and women.

      • don't kill me i'm french says:

        maybe some gossips on Penn are exaggerated

      • FingerBinger says:

        Robin Wright is with him for 20 years,but she’s a great person. Charlize starts dating him and she’s a horrible person. Robin was with him after he supposedly abused Madonna. That story was every where, so it’s not like she didn’t know. She also went on to have children with him and marry him. No seems to be questioning Robin’s taste or judgement,but somehow Charlize’s judgement is in question. I don’t get you guys at all.

      • Meredith says:

        @ fingerbinger :
        I don’t understand how Charlize could find an abusive man like Penn attractive. It is well known that he abused both his ex-wives (Madonna, Robin Wright) and Charlize grew up in an abusive home where her father beat her mother until her mother shot him in self-defence. This boggles my mind.

      • mercy says:


        Robin was pretty young when they got together and had kids, and she did finally leave him for good.

        I don’t think Charlize is a bad person for dating him, but she does seem to be showing unusually bad judgement for a successful person nearing 40 with a young child of her own. IF the relationship is serious, that is. Could be nothing more than a fling.

      • tera says:

        Exactly fingerbinger. I’m glad you said that about people being nice about Robin and acting like Charlize is a bad person. People just want a reason to hate on Charlize. Let her live. You people act like Sean Penn just beat a woman yesterday, and you’re exaggerating an old charge and believing an exaggerated tabloid report. It’s amazing how rumor becomes truth in your minds.

        Do you people actually think the Sean Penn that is around today would beat up Charlize? He’s a great person today. You people are so judgmental. Sean needs a strong woman. Charlize already got him to finally give up all his guns. He’s older and she is already a good influence on him.

    • JustCandidaaaa says:

      She’s a kook…and so is he.

  1. Kristen says:

    Shorts with flats and a super-short coif bordering on mom hair, and she’s still GORGEOUS. She’s like a space alien or something.

  2. Bea says:

    Any respect I had for this woman is gone. How she can even associate with a man who raised a son who feels comfortable using both racial and homophobic slurs against another person is beyond me. I would never put my children in an environment like that – so I cannot understand how can she subject her son to it.

    • Liv says:

      I don’t know if you can always hold parents responsible for what their children are doing. Sometimes you do your very best and they still do terrible things. However, when it comes to Penn I’m afraid you might be right.

      As for Charlize, maybe they are a perfect match. Some readers commented that Charlize herself is not the nicest girl in town.

    • Kim1 says:

      Hopefully Sean and his son will control their tempers around two year old Jackson.

      • QQ says:

        Ya’ know You bring up something interesting: How does this work? The guy LIVES part time in a refugee camp and so on helping in Haiti, the woman is raising a black Baby, dude seems bessotted by her (duh) how does it work when your son is around town using the n word right and left and such? like do you keep him away from the woman and child you are practically bunking with or she keeps her toddler away from your teen? what?

    • FingerBinger says:

      @Bea I wasn’t aware that Sean Penn raised his son by himself. I was always under the impression that Robin Wright,his mother, helped to raised him.

    • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

      And how could she subject her child to a man who named his own offspring Hopper, even if named after Dennis Hopper it is still Hopper like the Easter Bunny. I can imagine young Hopper got teased quite a bit and had to turn into a runner.

    • Elle Kaye says:

      I don’t like Penn, but I appreciate what he is doing for those in Haiti. No one really knows her relationship with him, so perhaps you shouldn’t be so quick to judge her. I am not perfect, so I find it is not my place to judge others. Perhaps she feels that she can help him to be a better person…that would be an admirable quality in my mind.

      • Bea says:

        Of course I’m going to be quick to judge where a child is concerned. Doesn’t it take a village? Or is that just for non-celebrites? If you put your child into a situation where there is already a history of abuse, right minded people should judge her.

        I’m not perfect either, but if there is documented proof that the person you are with is violent and abusive and you yourself came from that kind of background how the hell do you subject your own child to it?

    • JustCandidaa says:

      Son? No, a fashion accessory.

  3. Kate says:

    Oh Charlize…no. This just doesn’t make sense. Sean Penn has a history with domestic abuse. People seem to forget that he physically abused Madonna when they were married. He tied her up and degraded her and hit her. Charlize, of all people, given her relationship with her father, should not be near Penn. I hate that his crimes have been swept under the rug bc god knows society will always forgive a white rich guy who abuses women. Ick.

    • Artemis says:

      This should be posted on every Penn thread. He critised her all the time and tied her up more than once to beat her. Threats (shaving her head, cutting her hair). Baseballs blows to the head (she needed an X-ray once). Chasing her.
      During that infamous chair attack he also left her alone for hours and in the end sexually assaulted her.

      He’s in his charming phase now, soon enough he will start to turn on her like he did with his previous partners. He used butter Madonna up with empty promises too (rehab and therapy and start a family with her ).

      I mean, he said not too long ago he never felt truly loved. Madonna’s case and his Robin being the mother of his children says otherwise but abusers don’t want to acknowledge such things.

      • Zigggy says:

        Holy crap, I never even knew all that :S

      • KAI says:

        Is there proof of these allegations? Baseball blows to the head!!! Most people don’t survive a baseball blow to the head.

        Can you provide a link where Madonna confirms the above incidents or a police report? I know he was charged with felony domestic assault when they were married but was never jailed. I find it hard to believe Madonna would let anyone assault her the way you have described and not do her utmost to ensure they were prosecuted.

        When Penn and Wright broke up for a time, after their children were born but before their marriage, there were rumours that Madonna was trying to reconcile with Penn. Why would she do such a thing if he did any of the things you attest above?

        There were always reports that Penn was unfaithful to Robin Wright but I don’t remember there ever being rumours of violence.

        I have seen all the reports and video of Penn going off on reporters and, yes, he clearly has a temper, but that is a far cry from what you are claiming.

      • Renee28 says:

        @Kai He was charged with domestic assault and pled guilty to a misdemeanor. Women often go back to abusers so even if Madonna wanted to reconcile with Sean that doesn’t change the fact that he assaulted her.

        From the Washington Post,”Once, Madonna was hospitalized after Penn struck her with a baseball bat. He was charged with domestic assault in 1988 and pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor. The two divorced a year later.”

      • Artemis says:

        Well obviously I didn’t mean bash her head in :/

        Madonna kept mum about the incident because he was always getting in trouble and already had to do jailtime. Too generous. When she did file a report for the chair incident, she was going on world tour so it was the perfect diversion .

        She even called him the ‘love of her life’ in her Truth or Dare documentary and appeared on an award show together (it was a set-up). And look at them now.

        Remember this is the woman that said that black guys were the worst she ever dated. For some reason, she finds it hard to really rip on Penn (something she did do with Ritchie) while he is the worst that has ever happened to her.

        June 1987, Madonna was rushed to the Cedars Sinai hospital for an X-ray after her then-husband—Sean Penn hit her across the head with a baseball bat. At the time, they had been having a heart-to-heart talk about reconciling.

        Madonna did not make an official complaint because Penn was about to serve a short jail term for attacking a film extra and violating the probation he’d been given for punching a fan. It was a decision she would come to regret. In the late afternoon of December 28, 1988, Penn scaled the wall surrounding the Malibu house and found Madonna alone in the master bedroom.

        According to a report filed by Madonna with the Malibu sheriff’s office, the two began to quarrel. Penn told her he owned her “lock, stock and barrel”. When she told him she was leaving the house, he tried to bind her hands with an electric cord. Screaming and afraid, Madonna fled from the bedroom. Penn chased her into the living room, caught her and bound her to a chair with heavy twine. Then he threatened to shave her hair. Penn was “drinking liquor straight from the bottle” and the abuse went on for nine hours, during which he smacked and forced Madonna to perform a “degrading sex act” on him.

        He went out to buy more alcohol, leaving Madonna bound and gagged. Some hours later, he returned and continued his attacks, then finally untied her. Madonna then fled the house and ran to her car. Penn ran after her and was banging on the windows of her Thunderbird while she spoke to police on her mobile phone. Fifteen minutes later, she staggered into the sheriff’s office.

      • Maureen says:


        These details are all true. They are well-known, especially to people who are old enough to remember when they actually happened and how they dominated the news for a short time. I’m perplexed by how you’re approaching the other posters in defensive mode, as if they’re all lying and you’re here to expose their lies. You could take 3 minutes and Google all this stuff yourself instead of calling these posters into question. Start with the report Madonna filed with the LA sherif’s department after her escape from the basement, in which she detailed being chased, tied up and held against her will, beaten, and sexually assaulted by Sean.

        The stories are TRUE. What isn’t true (idle gossip) is Madonna “wanting to reconcile with Sean”. That part is utter nonsense.

        EDIT: I see @Artemis has posted the details. Excellent.

      • KAI says:

        I responded to ONE poster and was in no way defensive or calling his or her character into question. I merely asked if Madonna had confirmed these allegations or if anyone had a link to a police report. Not an unreasonable request given that I had never heard such detailed descriptions of the alleged abuse.

        I am 52 years old so I was certainly around when Penn and Madonna were married and remember that he plead to a misdemeanor but never heard these details.

        I did Google but only found reports from tabloids which I generally take with grain of salt.

        Renee and Artemis clearly did not take offense so I don’t think you need to ride to their rescue and thank you for reminding me not to engage on these message boards.

  4. blue marie says:

    Does that include holding her hostage or.. was that specifically for Madonna?

  5. Lucy2 says:

    My guess is he’s on his best behavior now, and she probably thinks she’s changing him. I don’t imagine this will end well, and I don’t understand her choices, though I bet a LOT of guys are intimidated by her,and maybe he isn’t.

    • Kate says:

      I would hate to think that a strong woman like Charlize would be blind to his history. But abuse does funny things to people. It makes you doubt yourself and it makes you question your abuser . God only knows what she has gone through over the years after what happened with her father. I just hope she is careful.

    • MavenTheFirst says:

      My guess is that he’s love bombing her right now, and that fits with getting rid of the 67(!) guns he owned. She’s the perfect mark, having come from an abusive home. This time it will be different. Not. Poor thing.

  6. Nora says:

    And if she doesn’t want to stay…he’ll keep her using force.

    Disaster waiting to happen.

  7. Hannah says:

    This is Piers Morgan. Don’t believe every word of it.

  8. Kim1 says:

    Well now my cousin,a Charlize stan,will no longer be in denial.HaHaHa
    They are just friends
    They are probably working on a project

  9. Frida_K says:

    This is not going to end well.

  10. Froop says:

    If you have to proclaim yourself an alpha male then you probably aren’t. Horrible man.
    To say she could do better would be an almost laughable understatement,

  11. lisa2 says:

    here’s a thought.

    maybe they are perfect for each other.

  12. jinni says:

    Why does everyone think that Charlize is so strong? Is it because she’s tall? Comes off rather ruff and curses? None of us really knows what she is like outside of the public persona/facade she puts up. She might not be that emotionally or mentally strong at all in real life. Or maybe she’s strong in all aspects of her life, except in regards to men. Because she sure came of desperate and needy when she was going for Fassbender and another poster on a previous thread talked about her aggressive flirtations with Hamm, so maybe men are her Achilles’ heel.

    Anyway she’s always come off rather abrasive and so has Penn, so they’re a prefect match to me.

    • Artemis says:

      True, Madonna is friggin’ teflon but she ends up marrying men that abuse her and uses insignificant boys that she can control inbetween.

      Both Theron and Madonna have a troubled past so who knows how insecure they are in the romantic department? They might be strong in many aspects such as their careers but that does not mean they don’t have weaknesses. Sometimes ‘tough’ behaviour comes from a very scared and insecure place.

      Don’t forget her date with that skeeveball from Family Guy! If that didn’t confirm her shitty taste,..

    • Happyhat says:

      I always think that. Is it because of that…Jadore(?) advert? Tall & blond = strong. No one is 100% anything…strong, needy etc… And as to her being ‘one of the boys’, I hate that. The whole ‘feminine is weak’ argument. She’s just a woman, a person, with faults like everyone else.

    • tera says:

      Funny how Charliz can’t joke around with a man without being accused of being desperate. She’s like that with everyone. No one seems to notice these men are joking around and playing around with her back. I saw the Jon Hamm interview and if Charlize was being flirty, he sure was being flirty right back. Double standard.

      Charlize is strong. She had a rougher life than Lindsay Logan yet she made something out of her self and is not in and out of rehab because of what she’s been through. She’s obviously a strong woma.n. She also said that she’s vulnerable too. Women can be both.

  13. eliza says:

    I was never a Theron fan to begin with as she, in my opinion is not that great of an actress and reportedly not as nice as everyone makes her out to be, so her dating Penn makes sense to me.

  14. L says:

    She has terrible taste in men. She’s always dating/linked to jerks.
    She dated the lead singer of Third Eye Blind for years, with Stuart Townsend for years, then linked with Fassbender, and now Sean Penn.

    You would think a woman with her family history would be more on the lookout for horrible men like him.

  15. NOPE says:

    i dont, just no.Te picture in my head, just doesnt go away.I need Madonna to interfere.I just cant. NO, GO AWAY PICTURE GO AWAY!!!

  16. minime says:

    She is so gorgeous and she comes across as a very intelligent women, but her douche-radar seems to not work that well. She had a very rough childhood and unfortunately sometimes it happens that people who live these experiences end up unconsciously looking for partners with similar characteristics from the aggressor. I hope that either he changed a lot or that this is just a fling.

  17. tila says:

    Can I just ask, why is she not meant to be a nice person? Are there any specific interviews? Genuine question.

  18. Nancy says:

    I don’t know if it’s her shorts but her ass looks flat anyway I also agree this seems like just a lustful phase for Sean he will dump her like he has others and she will take it very hard.

  19. Dawn says:

    I think Sean Penn is a brilliant actor and a lousy human being when it comes to women. If she wants to hook up with a guy my age who is trying to hang on to his youth and is a known cheater well then that’s on her. But who knows this could be just a fun thing to her and nothing more.

  20. bluesmurfette says:

    As others have mentioned, she seems to have really bad taste in men and seems a bit needy as well. It makes me wonder about Stuart Townsend (that guy she dated for ages). Was he a huge source of stability for her, keeping her from all the bad choices she’s made lately, or was he another douche bag?

  21. ShakenNotStirred says:

    She isn’t a nice person. Sometimes she comes off bitchy in interviews. The one where she interrupts Viola Davis during the actors round table shows how entitled she is. I’ve seen her at Q & A’s where she’s not putting up a false pretense, and she’s very self absorbed. I’m concerned about her son. Penn and his son think it’s okay to call a person the N word. He’s a jerk. Just goes to show that like attracts like.

    • I don’t think you can blame Sean for what his son said. Unless a video comes out of Sean yelling racial slurs to paps–which I’m sure would’ve come out by now, since he has a history of trying to beat up the paps. The kid has two parents, for one—-and sometimes your kids turn out the exact opposite way you raised them. Do I think he has anger issues, because he sees how Sean deals with things? It’s possible. But I’ve never heard anything remotely racist come out of Sean’s mouth, so we can’t pin EVERYTHING on Sean. Teens make their own choices.

      • Jayna says:

        Sean Penn didn’t just talk the talk about Haiti and throw a million at it and get a pat on the back and walk away. He lives down there amongst the Haitians for many, many months on end, being hands on with the rebuilding of Haiti, working side by side with the Haitians, and becoming a big part of problem-solving in the infrastructure and rebuilding process and has committed himself to it for the long haul. Racist? Hardly.

      • TedTheodoreLogan says:

        That word is also learned. I would be concerned as well. The boy’s father certainly didn’t teach him the epithet isn’t acceptable. Penn is also verbally abusive. This is what bothers me about some celebrities and their humanitarianism. Yes, it’s fantastic he’s been in the trenches, but it doesn’t negate the fact he’s an a@@hole.

    • tera says:

      She doesn’t come across as bitchy at all. She has a great sarcastic humor that you’re not picking up. Jason Bateman says she’s like a guy.

      I saw that Viola Davis interview and you couldn’t be more wrong. She was trying to be nice and compliment Viola Davis. Her intentions were good.

      Just because Sean Penn’s son said a slur in anger, Sean is responsible? That’s ridiculous. Sean Penn slept in tents in Haiti after the earthquake. What have any of you judging him for an old exaggerated charge and judging his girlfriend done?

      • ShakenNotStirred says:

        Sean Penn is still a verbally abusive dick. He sucked the life out of Robin Wright. Now that she’s away from him, she’s never looked better.

        Penn is a sanctimonious shit and although I don’t doubt his passion for Haiti, it’s also self serving. He’s a narcissist. Narcissism and charity go hand in hand.

      • Kikky says:

        “He slept in tents in Haiti”. I would ask “With whom?” He’s always been a womanizer asshol* and I’m sure he kept being it while in haiti. Im sure he took advantage of a few beautiful haitian girls over there. That’s how he is.

  22. FHealy says:

    Everyone proclaims Sean Penn to be a Great actor. I don’t and never have. His EGO drives his acting and that’s all I can ever see in his performances. Dude is twisted.

    • Jayna says:

      Sean is a brilliant actor. Ego? He takes on quirky roles and he loses himself in the characters. A strong, arrogant, well-known actor like him that can make you believe he is Sam, the character in one of his movies, a sweet, mentally retarded man, and make me forget he is Sean Penn is brilliant in my estimation.

    • FingerBinger says:

      @FHealy Robert De Niro and many other actors, that actually know what they are talking about would disagree with you. This guy throws himself roles you don’t that because of your ego.

      • FHealy says:

        I can see how other actors would be appreciative of his techniques, devotion to his characters, research, etc. He CAN act, but he can’t ever shake off his massive ego, which, to me, underlies and overrides his performances. Dude tries too hard.

    • Strawberry says:

      Agree with this. Sean Penn is totally over the top and always takes on the roles that he believes to be on the cutting edge of progressive politics but really are just progressive enough to play it safe and set himself up as a “rebel” at the same time.

      He’s utterly without a real heart and soul compass in his choice of roles, like say, Robert de Niro or Jeff Bridges. Sean Penn is a complete opportunistic douchebag, and this “I’m throwing away my guns for love!” thing is just a schtick. I’m not buying it at all.

      And what’s up with these women who are trying to reform douchebags right now? Not only Charlize Theron but Katy Perry too.

  23. Maggie says:

    I highly doubt Penn goes around using racial slurs considering he’s been helping ppl out in Haiti. I don’t get these two but she is absolutely gorgeous. Maybe they’re just friends or working on a project together.

  24. Hiddles forever says:

    As a survivor of child abuse, I can understand where she is coming from. We tend to assume we can change our partners and that they will stop being abusive, which is a lie we tell ourselves of course. They’ll never change, no matter what.

    It took me 40 yrs to realize what a good relationship was. Charlize, hope you realize that too and bin that piece of s*ìt called Sean Penn.

  25. ItSetsYou says:

    When I first moved to the US my doctor told me I reminded her of “this actress in a movie that just came out with Keanu Reeves.” I was all over Keanu and although I’ve never heard of Charlize and thought the movie was too melodramatic (not to mention unrealistic – Charlize’s character would never afford a place like that in San Francisco by working as a dog walker!) I remembered Charlize and semi-followed her career since then.

  26. Jag says:

    Sometimes people who grow up in abusive homes are attracted to abusers, so I understand why she’s with him. But she should be strong and break it off.

    As for her not liking guns, that confuses me because had her mother not had a gun to kill her father with, he might’ve killed them all. So a gun saved her.

    I’d never give up my gun for anyone.

    I hope she wises up before he really hurts her.

    • Maggie says:

      You have a gun? Thet freak me out. I don’t even want to touch a gun.

      • Maureen says:

        Would you touch knives? Baseball bats? People who know martial arts? They’re all equally — if not more so — dangerous as guns.

      • Jen says:

        I hate guns too.

        And FYI, none of those other objects were made for the sole purpose of KILLING SOMETHING.

      • Maggie says:

        Look what guns have done in the states!!! At least if a crazy gets a knife it’s one at a time not numerous ppl. They’re meant for killing. I hate them!

      • Maureen says:

        I was in Japan in 2008 when Tomohiro Kato massacred 14 people with a hunting knife in broad daylight, in a crowded area outside the Akihibara train station. He first drove a van into a crowd (hitting several people) and then when everyone was in a frenzy of shock, he jumped out and began randomly stabbing. He did not stop stabbing until confronted by police. It was devastating. He even stabbed to death a doctor who was leaning over the body of another victim, trying to give that person medical care. I’m not trying to make a case that guns aren’t dangerous (clearly, they can be very dangerous). I’m only trying to make a rational case that perhaps an un-due amount of fear and mistrust is placed on guns when the reality shows that greater threats to human life are present in other ways.

    • I am so paranoid about what might happen to me, once I move out of my family home, it’s ridiculous. Well my mom says it isn’t. I don’t want a real gun, so my dad’s going to buy me an airsoft gun/pistol that shoots out metal bbs, and my aunt says that when I graduate, she’ll buy me a taser. I plan on keeping a can of pepper spray in every room—one of my second cousins works as a corrections officer, so she might give me some of the police grade stuff that she uses to spray down the prisoners when they’re acting rowdy.

      But I am so paranoid because I’m so used to living in a house full of people (there are five kids and two adults), and I’m not used to being by myself at night. I went to my grandma’s to watch her cats for the weekend, and it was getting close to dark when I got there. Before I locked all the doors in the house, I turned on ALL the lights in the house, and checked every single room.

      • LAK says:

        Dear VC:

        Just move to Britain. We aren’t crime free, but we also aren’t armed to the teeth. One less thing to worry about as far as your security is concerned!

      • Maureen says:


        I don’t know what state you’re in (and I think you’re in the USA?) but where I live we can own Mace but it has to be registered with the police as a weapon. But we can have it. Check the laws in your state and then consider Mace rather than pepper spray. It’s more immobilizing. Also, consider having a good, strong knife in your rooms and learn how to use a knife to fend off an attacker. This might make you feel more secure. Sometimes fear is all in the mind. Once you rationally FEEL secure then you’ll have less paranoia.

        I never want to hurt another human being. I would prefer to never, ever have to do that, but if I have to defend my life that’s what I’ll do — but I only want to get that person on the ground. I don’t want to kill them. A knife is a “merciful” weapon if you learn to use it correctly. It’s not just about learning to hold and use the weapon, but how to hold and use it in a moment of fear and panic.

        If at all possible, take a self-defense course. It’s AMAZING how just a few moves can save your life … and make you feel empowered. Krav Maga is my recommendation, but it is hard to learn (you have to get bruised up just learning it) and time-consuming. If you lack the time, take a short 1 or 2 day course in some kind of self-defense with simple techniques.

      • Chrissy says:

        Sweetie, how about investing in a home security system or even a big dog. That’s what I did and it sure gives you some peace of mind!

      • mayamae says:

        A dog is always helpful. I have an Am Staff (similar to a Pitbull) and the UPS guys stand at the bottom of my steps and through my packages up the steps because my dog is barking at the window. Also, I have a baseball bat by my bed. It’s a hard transition at first. I first would sleep with the TV on and worked the night shift for years. You’ll adapt. Get a roommate – a guy if possible.

        PS A Taser is a great idea. My 17 year old cousin holds her in her hand when she leaves work late at night.

  27. Chrissy says:

    As close as she is to her Mum, I wonder what her Mum thinks of this whole situation and how Charlize is explaining this to her!!!

  28. Grant says:

    Alpha male? Puh-lease. We’re talking about a man who can barely make eye contact when he talks or speak publicly without collapsing into a stuttering mess.

    • Maureen says:

      Agreed! Sean Penn is NOT an alpha. He’s a mean, moody, small, petty man who has tantrums in order to vent his self-loathing and inadequacy, and who needs his woman to tell him how to behave. That’s a beta male.

      Charlize Theron doesn’t like alpha males. SHE’S the alpha.

      • FingerBinger says:

        I love armchair psychology on a blog that talks about celebrities. I wonder if Robin Wright, Madonna, ScarJo and all the other women he’s been with told him told how to behave. People we don’t from a can of paint,but somehow we can diagnose them and their problems. *Rolls eyes*

      • Maureen says:

        Are you kidding me? Madonna bailed him out of jail numerous times. Robin sent him for anger management and alcoholic treatment. ScarJo … well, she dumped him.

        Please, don’t even try to criticize us for pointing out what is right in front of our eyes.

      • FingerBinger says:

        Bailed out of jail, sent to rehab and anger management? How do know all this? You say these things like you have first hand knowledge. As far as the ScarJo story I always heard is that he dumped her. This very site said that he dumped her. I’m criticizing the armchair psychology. That’s all.

  29. Maureen says:

    I don’t like her and I don’t like him, so they’re perfect for me. Sure, I’m wondering “WTF” along with everyone else, but now that her hypocrisy has been fully exposed, I couldn’t care less.

  30. joan says:

    I don’t know how many of these rumors are fact.

    But it is a fact that women are attracted to men who remind them of their father.

  31. holly hobby says:

    It irritates me to no end that she is with that douche? Charlize as someone who grew up in an abusive household, why are you with him? He will squish all the spirit in you just like he did to Princess Buttercup!

  32. ItSetsYou says:

    I don’t see a problem of them dating. There are worse people to date. It might not work out or they might end up together forever. Love is a dice whether you are famous or some regular person.

  33. tera says:

    Damn right she’s a keeper. I bet they have amazing sex. The rumor is they are both great in bed.

  34. sylvia says:

    I disagree. I don’t think he sees Charlize as a phase at all. I think he’s really into her. He announced that he gave up all his guns for her. His past women couldn’t get him to do that. Can we say whipped? I don’t care what any of you say I think Charlize has the upper hand in this relationship. The man loved his guns and already gave them up for her!

  35. Dana says:

    That same day she hugged her coworker Seth she went out for drinks with Sean Kaiser. So we have heard from them, but they are more private than your average star. They had the Haiti benefit and aren’t going to show up to every event just to be seen. Plus they are at Chateau Marmont where celebs hide out.

    Why wouldn’t he want to keep Charlize? Are you serious?

  36. Faye says:

    I can’t wait to see these two on ares carpet together. She looks like a beautiful transsexual with broad shoulders and is a foot taller than him. He looks dirty and old, and he’s orange. The rugged dwarf and the drag queen. They will look pathetic! lol

  37. Cranson says:

    He continues to disrespect the mother of his children by speaking in public loading his new flame. He says “she’s a strong woman who convinced me to get rid of the guns” (implying that Robin wasn’t) and that “she’s a keeper” (as if Robin wasn’t good enough for him) having said this, I do believe he’s saying this things and dating Charlize out of revenge and jealousy of Robin’s engagement.

  38. Diana says:

    How can a woman sleep with a dwarf with hair implants?

  39. Gorgonia says:

    Maybe Sean Penn is really changing, I don’t deny this possibility, but … If I was Charlize, I wouldn’t take the risk to discover he’ s still an abusive man, especially with a little child to take care of . I don’t know if Charlize is really strong or not, but it’s not necessary to be some kind of gelatinous woman to fall for a violent guy.

  40. Tom says:

    Dana: If celebs hide at the Chateau Marmot how come we are talking about it? Jesus when we will learn that we know about celebs exactly what they wanted us to know? Reading gossip and working in the industry I can tell you is a pretty much well known thing. They didn’t hide at the chateau, they went there to keep the spotlight on them, and the timing of all this fling is really weird, if is not a PR stunt one of them is playing with the other. I can certainly say that there’s at least one of their publicist involved in all this paps photos. On the other hand, there’s no way that paps have gotten photos of Cherlize drinking coffee EVERYDAY in completely different points of LA without being called. By the way, everybody knows that the guy hasn’t got over the divorce yet. He’s been calling his ex wife and begging her until not so many months ago, I know for sure at august he still stalked Robin.

    • FingerBinger says:

      There are pictures of Charlize getting coffee dating back months before she was ever reported to be dating Sean. Apparently the girl likes coffee. I guess Robin told you personally that Sean has been calling her and stalked her in August? That’s how you know for sure right? LOL! GTFOH.

  41. Monica says:

    Plus… she has a little boy, so dating someone who keeps 67 guns, which I imagine are not snuggly put away in some safe but are spread across the house, would be basically impossible, little boys love guns more than anything else… So it was more about common sense than guns being cowardly..

  42. lisa2 says:

    I just saw pictures of her and Sean and Jackson out grocery shopping; looking like a family.
    Yes they are a couple
    Yes he has and is around her son
    Yes they are working together. It took both of them to get the groceries in the car..

  43. Marianne says:

    How can a guy who was in jail for assault and charged with domestic violence own 67 guns? is there something that I missed? how can authorities let this things happen. He’s been charged with violence against a paparazzi just 3 years ago. What are they wanting? Another tragedy?

    Charlize I’m sure has had a difficult time dealing with her past of domestic violence at home, and has done the right thing convincing this turd to get rid of the guns, I bet she was afraid for her’s and her baby’s lives. But if the horrible experience her mother’s had has teach something to her, is that she better keep ONE gun to her personal use, that keep her and her mother alive, just saying.

  44. Tiny Lainey says:

    Charlize dear, a 54 year old pathetic a**hole will never change. He is giving you the illusion the you managed to change him into a good man, but he’s just fooling around with you. He will be 60 in a few years, for god’s sake, I cannot believe you can’t find a nice man your age.