LeAnn Rimes posts photo of her feet to ‘prove’ her injury: gross or funny?


Here are some more photos of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian on holiday in Hawaii, this time they were going on a helicopter tour of Hawaii. Magically, LeAnn’s ankle no longer needs a bandage, so at least some things are looking up. Although… she tweeted a photo of her ankle with the message “WTF? My ankle!!!” Am I crazy (?) or does her ankle look relatively normal?

leann ankle

I don’t get what’s so “WTF” about it, although I am throwing a side-eye at her toes. WTF about your toes, girl? Oh, wait… let me look at it again… okay, I guess I see some minor swelling on her right ankle…? Maybe. But that just seems like kind of normal swelling when you’ve been on your feet for a while.

Should we give LeAnn some credit for not engaging – at least not that I’ve seen – directly with Brandi this week? Brandi has been talking a lot about LeAnn and Eddie as her book promotion kicks off and LeAnn hasn’t made a peep about it on her Twitter. But you know LeAnn… she has to channel her BS somewhere. So I’m sure there’s a Twitter feed or an Instagram account under an assumed name that has some rants about Brandi. When you guys find it, let me know!

I have to admit, I like LeAnn’s ensemble here. The t-shirt is cute and I kind of want that skull purse.


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and LeAnn’s Twitter.

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  1. HappyMom says:

    It just looks bruised. I hate to criticize her feet-because that can’t be helped. I have the most hideous feet ever-so I have sympathy for her there.

  2. Aims says:

    It’s a little hungry. It reminds me of little kid showing someone their boo boo

  3. Stacey says:

    Looks like she could swoop and catch small prey with those busted toes.

  4. Size Does Matter says:

    The purse is cool. I hate looking at other people’s feet. Could we get a black bar on the toes?

  5. Jackson says:

    Looks bruised and a bit swollen to me.

  6. Nerd Alert says:

    Oh no! Surely she won’t be able to “work” for weeks! The horror.

  7. Nayru says:

    She has the “second toe longer than the first toe” genetic defect ;)

  8. JH says:

    Why would someone think that people want to see or care about a picture of your feet? It’s so beyond narcissistic. It’s insulting.

    • emmie_a says:

      Why would someone think that people want to see an entire post about LeAnn’s feet!? I guess something has to fuel her narcissism.

    • Macey says:

      I really think she has a fetish with her own feet. Ive never really seen anyone post so many pics of their feet. hers are nasty looking up close, never looked to closely before b/c like others have said, feet just gross me out. Funny thing is someone on twitter commented about her ugly toes and she replied “I love my feet”..LOL. srsly, she is as delusional about her feet as she is with her close up selfies. I really wonder what it is she sees b/c it is not what the rest of the world sees.
      Someone else commented on another site that she started posting pics of her feet after Brandi had a pic of hers and ppl were posting how ugly BG’s feet are, which they are too but still she must have thought she could one up BG in the foot dept..lol

  9. Melissa says:

    Her feet look like 2 different feet. Like the toes on the left don’t match the toes on the right. Especially the 4th toe! WEIRD!!

  10. tricklady says:

    They are both pasty white. Ed has aged so much.

  11. lakota says:

    That’s some nice streaky fake tan…

  12. paranormalgirl says:

    I hate feet. I hate my feet, other people’s feet, and I hate when someone touches my feet.

    I probably have some deep rooted psychological or psychiatric issue with feet, but this physician is not healing herself of the foot issue.

    • themummy says:

      Me, too. Feet are disgusting. I think hers are also disgusting, but no more or less than others. Actually, I’ve seen many that are just flat out vomit worthy, so hers aren’t bad. Still, though…I just don’t want to see them. Ever. I don’t even like to look at my own feet. I didn’t even like my own baby’s feet after he was a few months old. I loved him…I just didn’t wanna kiss his toes and stuff (well, kissing newborn piggies is sweet and fine, but that doesn’t last long). Feet are gross.

    • Mel M says:

      I hate feet too and it took me a while to even get a pedicure because I didn’t like people touching my feet. Like I said in the post above my husband has weird feet and they freak me out but everyone’s feet are gross to me. BUT baby pigs are awesome and I still kiss my 23 month old daughters and my 8 month old sons, they are just so cute. Although I know my son will have his dad’s feet so the count down is on as to how long I will keep kissing them haha.

    • bob says:

      My feelings exactly. And I work in a shoe shop.

      Feet are horrible.

  13. dorothy says:

    Her need for attention knows no bounds.

    • ncmagnolia says:

      Seriously, something is always fake-injured with this one. The hand. The wrist. The foot. The fake teefs. All of which are less attractive than average. This narcissistic attention wh0re needs to stop posting blatant bids for sympathy.

      Play up your strengths for a change, weirdo. Looks aren’t your strong suit. You’re wholly unlikable. God did give you one gift, you have an amazing voice. Why can’t you stop displaying your posterior in bikini bottoms that are 2 sizes too small, treating us to pictures of your nasty butt crack and feet and Just. SING???

  14. Patricia says:

    So much foot hate haha. I’m traumatized by foot hate. My older sister had severe foot hate and would always tell me how ugly my feet are lol. But seriously LeAnne, keep ya damn feet to yourself.

    So much for Brandi’s long lost claim of “not engaging”. Um…. Brandi? Writing a SECOND book about these two farts and your issues with them is the definition of engaging.

    Three losers circling the drain. Poor kids. What else is left to say?

  15. Miffy says:

    From the discovery of fire and the wheel, to the first time man gazed at the stars and thought “I wonder, some day, maybe” to Neil Armstrongs “one step for man” technology has culminated to this point. Leeann Rimes being able to share photos of her mangled feet internationally at the touch of a button. This must be exactly what Jules Vern envisioned for the 21st century.

  16. someone says:

    To be fair, she hasn’t gone on about it. She posted that one picture. She’s not the one bringing up her injury. Also, I never thought my toes were weird looking but now that you all are mocking Leann’s – and mine look very similar to Leanns – I guess I should hide my toes from now on. At least she doesn’t have any bunions…..

  17. Christin says:

    The feet picture is on the same level as the rear view pictures that ended up plastered on sites a couple of days ago. I again thank this site for saying “no” to crack (and especially those wedgie digging photos).

  18. BooBooLaRue says:

    I’m sorry but I have the most beautiful feet. Well-proportioned for a size 11 (I’m over 5’10′) and lovely.

    • Lady D says:

      You’re not alone BooBoo. I have beautiful feet too. I personally think they are very sexy looking. I have a neuropathic disease in my feet that is killing them. They are starting to curl up now, and will soon atrophy. The pain is beyond intense, and I’m on a steady diet of morphine that doesn’t really work. I can use my feet for about 3-4 hours a day now. Eventually they will be removed but until then, I’m going to admire the hell out of my feet.

  19. paola says:

    Leann has horrible feet, but she only comes second in the Horrible Feet Challenge.
    The 1st place goes to Christina Hendricks.
    But on another challenge based on face AND feet (or face only) Leann comes first no doubt.

  20. Naomi says:

    I have unattractive very sensitive feet. I love foot massages & soaks. Unfortunately they are sensitive as in very ticklish so pedicures are usually out for me. I can rarely last without pulling my feet away & giggling & it is not a pretty sight. I also feel badly for the pedicurist having to deal with my crap. Lol.

  21. Deanne says:

    I wonder how many public bathroom floors those bare feet have been on this trip? The long toenails aren’t helping the visual either. She could use them as a weapon.

  22. Leslie says:

    Her feet look far better than her face. She and Eddie both look old and tired. They must be so bored with filming this mess-of-a show by now. It’s tiring to be fake all day (pretending your life is something it’s not) while someone’s filming you.

  23. Dirtnap says:

    Are we sure those aren’t Ed’s feet? Because, cankles (I could see Ed being down with a nail polish fetish).

  24. LilyT says:

    Well, she took her talons out of Eddie long enough to snap a pic of them.

  25. michele says:

    Jezus H CHrist she’s such a dumb azz!!!!! I can’t stand it anymore.

  26. Harleyilover says:

    If anyone listens to JSJ radio, today’s radio show she did a blind reveal & said that Eddie got a call from his Boys & after he was talking to Brandi but took the call in the hallway & when she questioned him about what Brandi said he said nothing then leann got pissed & kicked the wall. JSJ Live 365, she has replays

  27. lindy says:

    She’s got some fugly feet. But that’s appropriate: the outer Meann matches the inner.

  28. Jennifer says:

    Ugh..I can’t believe I’m going to say this but I do think there is some minor bruising on the top of the right foot. Most of us would probably just be like, “Oh crap! I rolled/hurt my ankle” and we’d go on about our day because who is going to go to Walgreens for a wrap for that? Not a normal person. We shrug it off and continue with life. However, apparently this is a serious OMGWFT moment in this crazy chick’s life. I read through some of the comments about her throwing tantrums and that is why she has so many injuries and I would absolutely believe this. Eddie needs to just leave in the night. I’m sure she takes something to ‘help her sleep’ and while she’s out he should totally bolt. I always joke with my daughter that if something terrible ever happens (You know, like ghosts in the house or something) my code is going to be “I’m going to Target” and I’m outta there. Eddie, go to Target.

  29. Stuffy says:

    Those toes are in business for themselves.

  30. Twez says:

    She has no boundaries whatsoever.