“Doutzen Kroes & Sunnery James are expecting their second baby” links


Doutzen Kroes & Sunnery James (I love that name) are expecting their second baby. Doutzen posted a naked bump pic too. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Kim Zolciak’s husband is getting a vasectomy. [Life & Style]
Kris Jenner sort of denies that Bruce is transitioning. [PopBytes]
Irina Shayk is excited about Sochi. [IDLY]
Jennifer Lawrence is going to take some time off. [Amy Grindhouse]
Shahs of Sunset’s Reza Farahan proposed to his boyfriend. [Starcasm]
Ten new ways to eat brussels sprouts. [The Frisky]
David Beckham looks hot in these photos. Damn. [I'm Not Obsessed]
Michael J. Fox’s show was not canceled. [Bitten & Bound]
Animal rights groups rush to save Sochi dogs. [Jezebel]
Well, you knew this Kerry Washington rumor would come around. [Bossip]
Conan O’Brien made fun of the Sochi toilet situation. [Seriously OMG WTF]
“Food museums” are a thing in China. [OMG Blog]
U2 raises $2 million with one song. [The Loop]



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  1. emmie_a says:

    I saw Doutzen’s Instagram announcement early this morning and I was really excited for her and normally I don’t care about these things but I just love her… Well, hate her for being as perfect as she seems – but love her just the same!

  2. Zadie says:

    So pretty. So bland.
    And I hate pregnant lady naked pics.

  3. PrettyTarheelFan says:

    For some reason, I love them as a couple. They just always seem so happy and smile-y when they are together. Like, giggly, almost. It’s pretty darn cute.

  4. Luca26 says:

    I have no idea who they are but they make a gorgeous couple.

  5. vangroovey says:

    For the first time in a longtime, I can honestly say, “who”? Off to the google I go to find out! And yes, I, now, officially feel OLD!!!

  6. Lucy2 says:

    That’s great about the U2 song. I downloaded it but haven’t listened yet. It’s free on itunes- go get it and make Bank of America kick in more money!

  7. OriginallyBlue says:

    1. I too love the name “Sunnery James”

    2. Kim needs to give her uterus a rest.

    3. David Beckham is f*cking hot!!!

  8. ashley says:

    They’re cute and hot! I just googled her wow! Smart,down to earth and family oriented. Good luck with her marriage and pregnancy.

  9. magpie says:

    Those are some beautiful genes from both sides!

    Yes, JLaw needs some time off for her and us. She’s young and so at the top that she can easily take off a year without it hurting her career.

  10. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    About Kerry Washington——-

    I wouldn’t be surprised if that rumor was started up by the fans who want Kerry and Tony Goldwyn to be together—who think they are together. I mean, don’t get me wrong–if Tony hadn’t been married when they started Scandal, then I would’ve said go for it. Because those two are HOT together—they’re the reason I still watch it. And that last scene of them together in Season 1, Episode 1 i.e. ‘Sweet Baby’ was the hottest thing I’d ever seen on tv.

    But come on–he’s married. They’re friends (they worked together)–none of that is going to change. You guys should’ve seen on youtube, right after she got married. I was watching a few clips and reading the comments–someone made a comment that too bad Kerry and Tony were both married, because they’d make a hot couple. One crazy, super fan replied to this person saying Kerry wasn’t married because we never saw a pic of her w/her husband, because they didn’t walk red carpets together, and because she got married in a diff. state.

    God–they’re the new Brangeloonies and JenHens (or whatever the name for the crazy fans on each side are)…….

  11. Paige says:

    Gosh, she is just really pretty…
    Fine looking couple.

  12. InvaderTak says:

    She looks like Amber Heard.

  13. Amanda_M87 says:

    Those Victoria’s Secret models sure are a fertile bunch.

  14. TQB says:

    PLEASE make her a Bond Girl! Please?? She is so f’ing hot. Huge girl crush.

  15. InVain says:

    She’s gorgeous. Always kinda sorta had/have a girl crush on her – and Sunnery is a HOTTie. Congrats!

  16. Hello Kitty says:

    Enty revealed a Blind Item Kindness and it’s about Cumby!


    This actor is B- list. Honestly that is probably his peak for now until he shows he can do some other role. Two months ago he would have been B list. That is how fast you drop in this town. In the eyes of this home owner though he will always be A list. The very good looking actor lives next door to a home that caught on fire while the owners were at work. The fire was in the kitchen of the other house and the actor knew that is where the owner of the home kept her dogs crated during the day. The actor called 911 but went over to the house and broke through a french door cutting himself in the process before carrying the two dog crates out to the back yard. It took another five or six minutes for the fire department to arrive and by the time they got there most of the kitchen was destroyed so chances are good the dogs would have died too.

    Benedict Cumberbatch

  17. Allie says:

    Don’t care who she is but heelllllloooooo to that fine ass man standing next to her.

  18. Nene says:

    Could a couple get any cuter? Gosh, they look so good together.
    The bronze man and his fair lady.
    A truly gorgeous match.
    Doutzen is one of my best celeb and model. There is something genuine about her which is rare among her peers.
    Wish her all the best in her marriage and pregnancy.

  19. RHONYC says:

    :mrgreen: with that fine-ass hubby of hers, i’m surprised she’s not expecting her 3rd or 4th!