Gwyneth Paltrow isn’t naturally thin, she’s just ‘dedicated’, says Tracy Anderson


Here are some assorted photos of Gwyneth Paltrow over the weekend. The outfit involving the oversized white slacks and black blazer are from Gwen Stefani’s baby shower. The outfit with the workout leggings and puffy vest is from her morning training session at Tracy Anderson’s gym on Friday. I have to say… Gwyneth in those tiny little pants… wow, she’s really small. I mean, I knew she was slender and everything but good lord, she’s TINY. I still don’t want to do the Tracy Anderson Method though. I don’t care how slender Goop is. Speaking of Tracy, she gave an interview to E! News and it’s a study in passive-aggressively shading your “friends,” clients and business partner. This is just too good:

On Gwyneth’s Fitness Secret: “Well, she is just so dedicated, and what’s great with her is that she’s so consistent, focused and she actually puts the work in,” says Tracy. “There is not a trick, and everyone is just not genetically blessed.”

Celebs Have it Easier? That’s a Major Myth: “Gwyneth had some problem areas when I first met her, and now she is in great shape,” reveals Tracy. “Some people look at celebrities and they think ‘oh, they have it better than me,’ and it’s just not true! Some celebrities are doing some unhealthy things. But someone like Gwyneth, I like to celebrate because she is really just a good example,” says Tracy.

On Gwyneth’s 6-Day Workout Regime: Gwyneth’s program that Tracy designed for her doesn’t exactly sound like a cakewalk. It takes real work, but clearly has paid off! “For eight years I have designed a new program for her every ten days, and she does it six days a week,” says Tracy. “It’s not two hours, it’s more like an hour and fifteen minutes.”

She’s Proud of Victoria Beckham: “I am really proud of my clients like Victoria, because she is a consistent, hard hard-working mother and she really works at her body,” says Tracy. “David and Victoria are an amazing, lovely, beautiful family. So many celebrities I am not impressed with, and Victoria was one that I been consistently impressed with.”

On Her Cameron Diaz Connection: “I am a good friend of hers. We actually had the same ghostwriter that pieced my book together and also pieced hers. She’s done my workouts on and off throughout the years,” says Tracy.

On the Whole Working Mom Balancing Act: Tracy just had her second child, and so she can totally relate to working moms in Hollywood, or working moms anywhere, for that matter. “It’s just about women supporting women, and I have carved out programs that mothers can do when at home or with their kids,” explains Tracy. “It’s vital to show up for yourself as a mother, and even a working mother. It’s just not easy for any of us, so it’s about supporting each other. It is doable.”

[From E! News]

I mean… passive-aggressive much? Wow. First of all, I cannot believe that Tracy actually called out Cameron Diaz for having a ghostwriter. That is mind-blowing. Second of all, Tracy is “proud” of Victoria Beckham, y’all. And Tracy has such high standards, right? What with being a noted fraudster and all, it means so much when she’s “impressed” with someone. As for the Gwyneth stuff… do you think Gwyneth ever gets mad at Tracy for talking about how hard Goop has to work to maintain her thinness. I feel like Tracy is just saying, on an endless loop: “You are not naturally thin, you are not naturally thin.”

Getting back to Goop, you can read this week’s Goopletter here. She basically lists a bunch of hotels we should stay in for the long “rando” three-day weekend with President’s Day coming up. She also writes: “And while we are on the subject (and not in a political way), Mr. President, you are kind of dreamy.” Ugh. Dear Gwyneth: President Obama is not interested in your juice cleanses.



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. merski says:

    First thing I thought reading this was: wow, Tracy’s kids are not gonna have it easy…
    I grew up with a mother who was always very judgmental about my body shape. It made me really hate myself. It took me years to realize I actually have an eating disorder. Even as a grown-up I’m still finding it hard to deal with some of the stuff she’s told me over the years… :/

  2. Diane says:

    Dediacted to being a skeleton? Doesn’t she have kids that need dedication or poor peasants near her home? WTF?!

  3. Kali says:

    She’s always been fairly tall and rangy though, hasn’t she? She was a teeny bit curvier back in the Brad Pitt days but always quite slim.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      Yeah, I’m not getting what Tracy’s saying. Goop has always been basically the same size, give or take 10-15 pounds…..that’s naturally slim in my book. I wish she’d gain weight, because her skin always looks dry, and her hair looks wispy to me. I don’t know if she one of those ‘I eat only raw whatever, cleanse this crap and that’, but then drinks like a fish and smokes like a chimney–that’s what her skin looks like to me.

      • Kali says:

        Exactly. She just was never as toned back then as she is now (I may roll my eyes but, my god, I curse my stocky Irish/Scottish lady genes and would gladly sacrifice my firstborn for her legs/thighs)

      • Juliette says:

        This. Gwyneth has always been tall and willowy. If her build isn’t “naturally slim” than really, what would Tracey consider a naturally slim build?

        For my dollar, Gwyneth never looked lovelier than when she emerged from the hospital with Chris & Apple (as a fresh newborn). The tiny bit of extra weight seemed to be carried entirely in her chest and cheeks giving her a healthy, youthful, glowing appearance.

      • Kali says:

        I’m terrified to think what Tracey Anderson would think a naturally thin frame would be. Meth addict? I don’t know.

      • Josephine says:

        Just look at her mom – of course she’s naturally thin, and there is no need for Tracy to pretend otherwise. Thin does not mean healthy, and doesn’t guarantee a nice body, so Tracy should focus on that. But let’s not pretend that chubby runs in her family.

      • Liv says:

        I bet Tracy is reading our comments and jumped on the “naturally thin” bandwagon to point out that her method is working. As if.

      • HadleyB says:

        Look at those naked pics of her and Brad .. she was always very tiny on top but had a heavier butt /thigh/hip area.

        Was she “large”? No, but to me she looked average not super thin or Hollywood perfect. Her bottom half has slimmed down A LOT. So her natural shape was more of a pear while now it’s a ruler. Slim ruler.

        And I believe Tracy when she says it takes dedication. Gwyn and Vic both restrict their eating. Read Tracy’s book , while I am ok doing her workouts here and there.. her eating plan was insane. INSANE. I just can’t.

      • littlestar says:

        Gwyneth’s skin and hair is always shocking to me too. I wonder if it’s from cutting out healthy fats from her diet? I eat a lot of salmon and avocadoes and I swear it does wonders for your skin and hair!

        Also, Victoria Beckham is NOT someone she should be proud of. The poor woman basically starves herself to stay rail thin. But as we all know, starvation = goodness in Tracy Anderson’s world.

      • Shazz says:

        Yes to all of the above. Tracy is a bit of a psycho critic. I wouldn’t want to meet her mother, or be her child, or “friend”. If a person is super negative, it supposedly means they give themselves a lot of negative talk too.

    • Algernon says:

      That was my first thought, too, that she’s always been tall and willowy. Does anyone here remember her nude scene in Moonlight and Valentino? She was in her early twenties and she was tall and slender even then, before she broke out and became a health nut. I think Tracy Anderson is just a really crappy person who uses psychological/emotional warfare to keep clients. She keeps them convinced of their flaws and that only she can deliver them to happiness by whittling their bodies down to toothpicks.

    • dizzylucy says:

      I agree – there’s nothing about her that doesn’t say naturally thin. This is just more Tracy BS.

      • janie says:

        nobody understands how hollywood works. a splurge for these ladies is a nibble of cheese and a glass of wine. GP might be naturally on the slimmer side. but she kills herself to look like that. the only reason the TA method works is becuase of the starvation level of caloric intake. it is as far from a healthy balanced lifestyle as you could be.
        GP shills all sorts of crooks. TA has a serious eating disorder. and sonya dakar is a total crook as well.

  4. Badirene says:

    Have another cleanse lady, cause you are full of crap.

  5. fleur says:

    OMG that first picture!! I want her butt. There, I said it.
    Also, PLEASE, TRacy, she;s walways been skinny. Maybe she wasn’t toned but she’s always been skinny.

  6. notpretentious says:

    She’s got a tiny tea-cup booty, lol!

  7. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Ugh. Where to start… The part where celebrities have it easier being a major myth made me ill. She’s so out of touch with regular people. Of course celebrities still have to work out, but they have the means to hire trainers, chefs and reward themselves with luxurious spa treatments. My husband’s assistant lost 40 pounds by dieting and jumping up and down in her one bedroom apartment because she couldn’t afford a gym or any workout equipment. That’s not harder? Somebody slap that woman, stat.

    • MrsBPitt says:

      Exactly…and celebs aren’t working full-time jobs, they have nannies, they have housekeepers, they have chefs, they don’t do their own laundry…C’MON…celebs have it way easier and no matter how many times they try to act like celebs are just like you and me, ain’t nobody buying it!

    • Pumpkin Pie says:

      Good on your husband’s assistant. I mean, it would be awesome if all people could afford gym memberships, equipment etc,but I always find it inspiring to read about people who manage to loose weight using the most two resources ever: their own bodies and their commitment.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        She’s a very inspiring person. Her first husband got into drugs and he was abusive to her and left her with a mountain of debt. She worked her behind off, got out of debt, went back to school, lost 40 pounds and married a cute, sweet guy and had two great kids. And she did it all herself. She’s one of my favorite people.

  8. Aria says:

    Goop is naturally thin, slender. She has gotten quite skinny lately but she has never, ever, been slighly overweight. I think Tracy was shading her. Troubles in gym paradise?

  9. Adrien says:

    It’s true. When she was dating Jack Black, she was around 300 lbs.

  10. Mrs. Darcy says:

    So because Gwyneth struggled to shift those last few (and we’re talking what 10,15 tops?) baby pounds like a mere mortal, we are meant to swallow she is not naturally thin despite years of physical evidence to the contrary? I am not saying she doesn’t eat healthy and exercise like a maniac, but there are plenty of women who do those things and will still never be a size 2 without serious deprivation. It really p*sses me off when Anderson tries to sell this snake oil that anyone can be teeny tiny if they weren’t such lazy lardos. I am so sick of her banging on about Gwyneth’s “problem areas” post natal body, it is insulting to anyone who has ever carried more than 10 extra pouunds. And slagging off Cameron’s very successful book in such a passive aggressive way is so mean girl. You could not pay me to spend money on this woman’s crap, her workout videos get slated on amazon and there are plenty of other healthier role models to aspire to imo.

    • Zwella Ingrid says:

      A little off topic, but is it well known that Cameron used a ghost writer, or is this info we weren’t supposed to ever know? I was just wondering to what degree she has shaded Cameron. This sounds like I’m defending Tracy, and I’m really not at all, just curious as to how secret this information about Cameron’s book was. Has Tracy got some kind of past history with Cameron?

      • Mrs. Darcy says:

        I don’t think it was a secret, someone further down thread mentioned that Cameron credits her on the cover (Tbh I don’t know if this is a contributor or the ghostwriter, many times ghostwriters do not get named recognition, it’s part of the job). I do think it was unnecessary of her to mention, why would you bother? To say you had the same ghostwriter to shift a few more copies of your lesser selling book? Or just to say that Cameron and she are the same, Cameron is no better than she at writing this sort of book? It’s weird.

      • Belle Epoch says:

        GHOSTWRITER!!! Not off topic! I’m a ghostwriter and you are paid to keep your mouth shut about your clients. And “authors” like to pretend they wrote their own stuff, so you NEVER talk about other people’s ghostwriters (except for Sarah Palin’s, who doesn’t count). Glad to hear Cameron credited her co-writer (comment below).

        Laughing/weeping over the phrase “pieced my book together.” Basically I took it personally as a slap to ghostwriters everywhere. My tribe does a helluva lot more than “piece together” a book. It’s a gigantic amount of work, especially creating something out of nothing. Not a fan, no-neck.

  11. Jackie says:

    I feel like if Gwyneth lived in the midwest she would be all pale mom jeans, tennis shoes, marb lights, barbecue, and PBR. That’s not to say she doesn’t honestly love her healthy lifestyle, but she more than other celebs seems to be a product of her environment and easily influenced by the world around her. And man does she love her some unhealthy relationships, mmm, boy. Just look at the company she keeps.

  12. epiphany says:

    The Tracy Anderson method produces a boxy, no waist figure, and masculine, overly defined abs. Her female clients are in great shape, but the result is not very feminine. Gisele attends an exercise class based on this method; compare a photo of her in a bikini, to Candice Swanepoel.

    • Artemis says:

      Depends. If that’s your only workout method then yes. Just like Pilates promotes a boxy figure but you’ll see less people complaining about that. Some people like an overly toned/muscular look, I don’t see the problem.

      I combine Jillian Michaels, Tracy, Denise Austen, Billy Blanks and others with pilates and yoga and the results are great because I want to be leaner and flexible. Anderson’s mat workout is actually pretty good but she is bad at explaining the moves so the first 10 times is incredibly frustrating as you try to follow her pace and crane your neck to the TV. She is probably one of the worst/annoying trainers out there but you do get results as some fit websites have before and after purely with her workouts and they look ok if you like a specific look.

      • Mrs. Darcy says:

        @Artemis I am curious, how long do you have to stick with Billy Blanks before it makes sense? I have this tae boe boxset of his I tried a few times, it is the only workout dvd I have given up on/found impossibly confusing. Which is also why I didn’t buy Tracy Anderson’s after reading several reviews like your account -10 times for me to get something is just too many for my patience. I do Pilates but haven’t encountered the boxy problem, then again maybe I haven’t stripped away enough fat to reveal a boxy underlayer lol!

        @ephiphany I agree. Of course I would love to be thin and muscular to a point, but I was pretty shocked at how bulky Gwyneth’s middle is when she was in her undercrackers for that film a while back with Mark Ruffalo. She used to have a balletic, Keira Knightley like torso in her youth (Sliding Doors), but maybe it’s also just middle aged spread. Ugh, it happens. Says the lady who just ate doritos for lunch.

      • Juliette says:

        When it comes to workout tapes, I’ve never found anyone I liked as well as good ol Jane Fonda.

      • Artemis says:

        Aw too bad it didn’t stick! I found tae-bo easy to follow after 2 times maybe. I like how he talks to the camera too! Maybe you have a different DVD? I have two, one is the bootcamp cardio. Even if you can’t follow, keep moving and then there’s a move that’s easier and pick up their routine again.

        Maybe you are an hourglass. I still think a lot of boxy women are just build that way (see Paltrow, Madonna and Miley). You can’t change bone structure and Pilates maybe highlights that instead of changes it? Adding bulk to the waist is pretty difficult either way.

      • Mrs. Darcy says:

        @Artemis – It is weird I could have sworn I had a set of more than one but just looked and see only Tae Bo 1 (live in U.K. may be packaged differently)…maybe I threw the rest out! Yeah I usually just chug along and do my thing w/whatever dvd I have, I just found the speed of it confusing/daunting.

        I am not an hourglass at ALL, I’m a t/apple depending on weight.I have a waist but my hips are narrow so if I get too fat my waist starts to disappear. I also have more of a butt than Gwyneth probably did at 9 months pregnant, wherever I’m at weight wise. Her butt is so tiny. I used to dream of having a flat butt when I was younger, but I’ve come to accept that all I can do is work with what I’ve got. I do think Gwyneth is more of a rectangle, a lot of tall girls seem to be. I think Madonna is less naturally thin than Gwyneth, were she and Tracy not on the outs Madonna would probably be her best poster girl for “horrible fattie turns to muscly fat free lady” lol.

    • GByeGirl says:

      TA’s method is basically the Pilates-Stott Method with her own spin. I think that Giselle’s body is naturally like that. She was a pretty intense volleyball player.

      Personally, I’m a fan of heavy weights 2X week with kettlebells, cardio, and a little pilates or yoga mixed in.

  13. Maya says:

    Gwyneth has always looked slim to me. Even at in the gone she won her Oscar in – she looked very slim.

  14. Pumpkin Pie says:

    What a vindicative snake. (I am ok if you don’t publish my post, sounds strong)

  15. eliza says:

    I am soooooo glad Tracy gave us her view on the Beckham family. Victoria can no breathe a sigh of relief knowing Tracy “approves”. *eye roll*

  16. L says:

    For the record, Cameron Diaz had someone help her with her book, but she gave the writer full credit. On the cover.

    • Mrs. Darcy says:

      I think it’s so unecessary for Anderson to comment on this, did anyone really think the book was written unaided? Have you read it? I kind of want to buy it….just as another diet/exercise motivational tool that will end up collecting dust on my bookshelf…

      • L says:

        I haven’t read Cameron diaz’s book, but I would like to. I’m usually not into celeb books, but that one seems like it might actually be good. I won’t read Tracey’s book…didn’t even know there was one. I don’t really think she’s all that. I have some of her workout DVDs. I’m used to working out and I know my body, but if you don’t I honestly think her workouts would do more harm than good. She doesn’t explain what you’re supposed to do very well.

    • Zwella Ingrid says:

      Sorry, I ask about this up thread, I didn’t read down far enough. If credit is given on the cover, then it is not as bad of a slam for Tracy to mention it as I thought, although it does come across as a p/a putdown.

  17. Hiddles forever says:

    I’ve never been happier to be fat… Goop was always slim and now she gets described as a ‘dedicated’ woman to her fitness… OMG. I feel so lucky I am not dedicated at all……

  18. snake oil says:

    I just don’t see the “transformation” that T.A. is crowing about – Gwyneth has always been slim.

    Plus, I highly doubt Anderson is capable of what she claims. Someone with an endomorph or mesomorph build can lose weight, but can never become an ectomorph (slight, lean build). Ain’t drinking that kool aid.

  19. Renee says:

    Gwyneth actually looks bigger to me here than she normally does because she has some muscle on her thighs, that is how tiny the woman naturally is!!!! And if she has to work at it like that then perhaps she shouldn’t.

  20. carey says:

    @Celebitchy: Check out the New York Times eating section. They have a column where celebrities keep a food diary for a week and talk about where they have eaten. Tracy Anderson was the last entry! You would be shocked, I think, to see what she says she imbibed.

  21. Sara says:

    Both Gwen and Victoria are FAR too thin for their age. Their faces are suffering and will continue to suffer.

  22. frivolity says:

    Please … These narcissistic tw*ts are so dangerous and destructive. Gwynny may have a naturally thin build, but she now has an eating disorder. So does Tracy Anderson and so do the majority of women in Hollywood. They shamefully promote their dysfunctional lives to others, and we as a society eat it up, waste our money buying the b.s. that they produce, and slowly adopt their psychologically ill behaviors.

    In ten years time, when Gwynny is shilling her tell-all about her decades-long battle with eating disorders and how to overcome adversity like she did, please don’t buy it!

  23. Kelly says:

    “So many celebrities I am not impressed with” – ahahahahahhaahah, well Tracy dear, you can include yourself on that list, you are one of the oh so many celebrities I am not impressed with. That also includes many of your clients.

    • littlestar says:

      I was coming down here to comment on that statement. Do you think she was shading Kim Kardashian??? Remember how Tracy was training her for 5 seconds and it was all over the tabloids, and now there hasn’t been anything about those two working together since before the birth of little Ignori.

  24. Nerd Alert says:

    I’m glad she called her out for having a ghostwriter. I was a ghostwriter for awhile, am finally a working writer (okay–as of tomorrow, but new job YAY!), and it’s not easy to write for other people. It’s sort of insulting that people really think half the people who “write books” are really that talented. It’s actually pretty tough for most people to write even as well as a cookbook reads.

  25. emmie_a says:

    Well Tracy’s first comment could mean that Gwyneth IS genetically blessed but still puts in the work. Either way, her and Tracy are on the same wavelength and deserve each other.

  26. Sarah says:

    Back probably around 15- 17 years ago, I remember reading a magazine article about Gwyneth where the author had interviewed a girl that had gone to high school with Gwyneth. I distinctly remember that the girl told a story about showering and changing the locker room after gym class. She told how her body was more of an average one while Gwyneth was was tall and slender. She said that one day Gwyneth had said to her, while they were half nacked, “isn’t it interesting how there are so many different body types?”
    As a 14 or 15 year old reading that article, I thought that was pretty passive aggressive and a humiliating, condescending thing to say. But, now, all these yeas later knowing what I know about her personality, it doesn’t surprise me that she would talk to a fellow student that way.

  27. LAK says:

    GOOP is tall and built slender, but she started her strange starvation diets as a young adult, so at this point, it’s hard to say whether it’s natural or not because she’s never filled out as nature would have intended were she a regular person instead of a hollywood person by her young adulthood.

  28. Jayna says:

    Cameron’s book has a ton of science in it about the body, organs, etc. I’m sure she would be the first to say she had help

  29. Jayna says:

    Am I missing something? I don’t see where she used the words she wasn’t naturally thin. She said she had problem areas. I only see naturally thin in the title with quotes only around dedicated.

  30. nadia says:

    god, what a psycho.

    everyone is blessed with their own natural shape. Why do people need to torture themselves to conform to Tracey Anderson’s ideal body image? Her perspective is so flipping warped.

  31. And here’s Gwyneth in 1996:

    “Problem areas” or no, I don’t see the big difference. As for this statement: “It’s vital to show up for yourself as a mother, and even a working mother. It’s just not easy for any of us, so it’s about supporting each other. It is doable.”

    If Tracy Anderson would work my 8-5 job and have my commute and meet my daughter’s special needs, then, yes, I might be able to work out. Some of us just have different situations and priorities, Tracy. And impressing you might not be one of them.

  32. M.A.F. says:

    Is it me or is girlfriend really lacking an ass?

  33. MissNostalgia says:

    I’m kinda tired of the Goop stories; she has not made a decent film in years and she is basically coasting at this stage. She should have paid more attention to her career instead of being so annoying.

  34. Carol says:

    “She’s not genetically thin” my ass! Maybe not by Hollywood standard where if you are thicker that a sheet a paper you are considered fat. I give props for the Goopster though for her “dedication” to working out. You still feel the pain whether you are a celeb or not. And I’m sure she does tell Tracy to keep telling the press that Goopy is “naturally” fat, since as an investor to Tracy’s empire, Goops will rake in the bucks the more business Tracy gets.

  35. evelyn says:

    These days Gwyneth job is being thin. Her “dedication” is her showing up for her job.

  36. Mo says:

    So being the offspring of a famous (and skinny) actress and raised in the lap of luxury has nothing to do with her very slender body type? Yeah right! I don’t know why Paltrow bother trying to “coach” us plebs on how to live. I wish she would just go the way of most heiresses and GTFO my face. And you know what else? For somebody who is so rich you would think she could afford some sunscreen. She looks like a regular sun dragon!

  37. pru says:

    Gwyneth would probably be better off letting herself gain the 10 extra pounds than keeping Tracy in her life to continually encourage her food/body issues.

  38. chloe says:

    Hollywood women are just like the rest of us. I was just reading an interview with the costume designer of House of Cards. She said that Robin Wright is a genetic freak because she has such a great body (at 47!) that everything they put on her suits her well. She added that Robin works hard to have that body (zumba, yoga…) On the other hand I always feel bad for Reese Witherspoon when I see her pictures: no matter how hard she try, she will never have a body as sculpted and tones like Wright’s, and she’s 10 years younger than Robin! Yes, she’s healthy and slim, but her body is not sculptural. That’s just an example. They’re like the rest of us: some fortunates have hit the jackpot on the genes pool (Robin Wright) some unfortunate have to work harder and will never get the same result. (Reese poor thing)

    • bridget says:

      I’m not going to enter the debate about Reese’s body but with so many actresses out there waiting tables, waiting to get “discovered”, Reese must be one hell of an actress, right? No, just lucky.

      • chloe says:

        What’s your point? If I got it right this IS a post about hollywood bodies. Never said anything about talent. If you ask me, I think Wright is a tremendous talented actress, mostly underrated, thanks God now is getting the recognition she deserves…while Reese I think is highly OVERated. She even won an Oscar, while Robin Wright in almost 30 years of great roles never played the game, never campaigned, never went mainstream. Reese was lucky? Probably, and certainly agreed to play the Hollywood game where not always the Awards and the success go to the most talented. This is just an example of two actresses whom I consider to be the opposite between them. But we were talking about bodies, again…I don’t get your point.

      • chloe says:

        PS I’m not a Robin Wright or Reese Witherspoon freak, it just happens that I’m doing research about the House of Cards cast, because I have to write a piece ;-)

  39. ParisPucker says:

    This woman is just SO PATHETIC. Her only way of validating herself and making herself look significant is by sh*t talking about individuals who have TALENT and made something of their lives! Ok, so she’s ‘mastered’ the work-out. Humanity is better served now that someone reinforced questionable body image and has gone ON RECORD stating that one SHOULD do excessive workouts, paired with UNDER 1,200 calories-a-day consumption program?!? THis is WITHOUT MENTIONING her extensive history scamming people and running off with their money (she’s at the receiving end of a number of lawsuits…)

    HOW IS THIS WOMAN’S NAME KNOWN?! It clearly kind of p*sses me off. She’s a leach and a crappy human being. I hope Cameron Diaz responds to her outing her!! WTF. I’d be so p*ssed if a ‘friend’ had done that to me! The language is kinda revealing: “…I am a good friend of hers” HA! Not after this interview, you won’t.

  40. Delorb says:

    “Gwyneth Paltrow isn’t naturally thin, she’s just ‘dedicated’, says Tracy Anderson”

    Excuse me while I purge.

  41. Kath says:

    Yeah, if I wasn’t working 10 hours a day + studying + commuting and had a personal chef, cleaner, personal assistant and a personal trainer custom-designing workouts for me, I too could put in the “hard work” of a 75 minute workout each day.

  42. Mai says:

    Not naturally thin? What is natural about your standard American diet and sedentary life styles?!
    Think about all the processed and concentrated foods people should not be eating on daily basis. Desserts used to be small and eaten in special occasions. Now its burgers, fries, giant Starbucks dessert coffees. Its like grown ups living their childhood dreams every day: dessert, dessert, dessert. This is way beyond our natural diet. Not saying that Ms Paltrow is not overdoing it. I don’t know her personally. Maybe all judgmental people on this site should try eating apples and steamed vegetables at night (spice them up, add some lemon juice sauce, few drops !! of oil or butter). Eat as much as you want. No restriction. Try it out for 2 weeks. You need time to adjust your taste buds back to normal natural whole foods. Just try.