Angelina Jolie visits refugee camp on Burmese-Thailand border

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt spent time yesterday in the Ban Mai Nai Soi refugee center and camp in Thailand, near the Thailand-Burma border. Burma is the old name for Myanmar, and many human-rights activists and Western world leaders still call the country Burma, as a way to acknowledge the depravity of the military junta that overtook Burma, and re-christened it Myanmar. The junta’s atrocities against ethnic minorities have been well-documented, and the junta’s violent actions have forced thousands of refugees to flee to neighboring countries.

While in the camp, Angelina interviewed refugees and issued her own statement. In her public statement, Angelina aimed at Thailand’s government. Angelina wants the Thai government to give more freedom to tens of thousands of Burmese refugees it has kept locked inside camps for up to 20 years. She also requested increased educational opportunities be given to the Burmese refugees, many of whom will never return to Burma/Myanmar.

Thailand has refused to grant “refugee” status to thousands of Burmese refugees that crossed into their borders. There has also been an increase in Burmese refugees entering Thailand, which the UNHCR is attempting to deal with. Thanks to the International Herald Tribune for additional background information on the Burmese refugee crisis. Reliefweb has the most in-depth details of Angelina’s trip.

UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie has called on the Thai government to grant Myanmar refugees in northern Thailand greater freedom of movement, after spending a day listening to refugees tell of the difficulties they have faced in two decades of living in closed camps.

“I was saddened to meet a 21-year-old woman who was born in a refugee camp, who has never even been out of the camp and is now raising her own child in a camp,” Jolie said after her visit Wednesday to Ban Mai Nai Soi camp, home to 18,111 mainly Karenni registered refugees, just three kms from the Myanmar border, near Mae Hong Son.

“With no foreseeable chance that these refugees will soon be able to return to Burma (Myanmar), we must find some way to help them work and become self reliant,” she said.

The 111,000 registered refugees who live in nine camps in northern Thailand along the Thai-Myanmar border are not allowed to venture outside the camps to work or receive higher education.

In a thatched two-room house on stilts, Jolie sat down on the floor and chatted with refugee Ma Pai, a 44-year-old minority ethnic Kayan woman who has applied for resettlement to the United States.

At a boarding school for orphans and children separated from their parents, Jolie listened attentively as two teenage girls – sent across the border to the refugee camp by their parents for education – told of their fears that they might have to go back to Myanmar when they finish their schooling.

“I hope we can work with the Thai authorities to speed up the government admissions process and that you will not be forced to go back to Burma if danger remains,” Jolie said.

The Thai government’s Provincial Admissions Board, the only body that can grant refugee status to people fleeing fighting or persecution in Myanmar, has yet to process some 5,000 people who arrived in Mae Hong Son province in 2006 and 2007, the last time there was significant fighting in Kayah State just across the border. Throughout last year, people continued to trickle into Ban Mai Nai Soi and three other camps in the province, mostly fleeing forced labour and other human rights abuses.

One 26-year-old woman, Pan Sein, told Jolie she fled her village in Kayah State last November, and took a circuitous, hazardous journey on foot that finally brought her to the camp at the beginning of January.

“Weren’t you scared to leave your parents and come on your own?” Jolie asked.

“Yes, I was scared,” Pan Sein replied. “It was dangerous to flee, but even more dangerous to stay in my village.”

Jolie’s visit came at a time of worldwide attention to the large numbers of Rohingya migrants fleeing Myanmar’s northern Rakhine state in rickety boats, and just after UNHCR gained access to 78 Rohingya boat people in detention in Ranong in southern Thailand.

“Visiting Ban Mai Nai Soi and seeing how hospitable Thailand has been to 111,000 mostly Karen and Karenni refugees over the years makes me hope that Thailand will be just as generous to the Rohingya refugees who are now arriving on their shores,” Jolie said.

“I also hope the Rohingya situation stabilizes and their life in Myanmar improves so the people do not feel the desperate need to flee, especially considering how dangerous their journey has become,” she added. “As with all people, they deserve to have their human rights respected.”


Angelina has been a goodwill ambassador for the UNHCR (United Nations High Commission on Refugees) for nearly eight years. She has taken about 50 trips to refugee camps and centers all over the world. She has given millions of dollars to help refugees, and she has raised both money and awareness for refugee crises. Her work in this area is unimpeachable, though many will try and have tried to criticize her for it.

One of the sites for the UN, called “UN Dispatches” posted a video of Angelina visiting a refugee camp, but they’re saying she’s in India, visiting Burmese refugees. It seems like the video was taken back in 2006 when she was filming A Mighty Heart.

Header image credit: UNHCR/K.McKinsey

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  1. Liz says:

    Good for them. I wonder if she still has that property in Cambodia?

  2. Diva says:

    Off topic, but the POP UP ads are out of control and some are completely NSFW… if they’re staying, I definitely can’t visit the site from work.

  3. Ursula says:

    Nice photo op after all the bad publicity in the last months. Nothing will change for the refugees. Good PR opportunity for Brange. Who gains most? Brad and Angelina.

  4. Ursula says:

    Even after seeing so much poverty, she will hope off in her private jet to her multiple homes around the world. Talk about having the all pizza and visiting those who have none to commisserate.

  5. geronimo says:

    Walking the walk. Agree fully with your conclusion, kaiser.

  6. Celebitchy says:

    Thanks for letting me know about the pop-up ads! I will ask the ad company to disable them ASAP. Can you let me know which ads they are as I can’t see them.

  7. Queen Angelina says:

    Bless her good haert.

  8. the poop says:

    oh please, give me a break. how do you think it makes america look on a world stage that we send an ACTRESS to these refugee camps? sure, she has high visibility, but other than making a headline for one or two days, it changes absolutely nothing (other than jolie’s image). are her appeals supposed to mean something to the junta? they don’t. i have nothing against people raising awareness and pressing issues, but she will not stay on this issue long enough to actually accomplish anything, even though her high visibility makes this easily possible. let’s keep in mind how many movies this woman has been in that GLORIFY violence. it doesn’t wipe out whatever good she has tried to use her celebrity for, but let’s keep it in perspective.

  9. Goddess711 says:

    Uh huh. Like going through the drive-through for a Happy Meal only in her case it’s cruising through looking for new additions to her zoo of kids. Way t’get press, AJ!

  10. ade says:

    Just before Oscar’s, why I am not surprised?!

  11. Celebitchy says:

    Re: the pop ups. If anyone can send a screen shot of the ads they’re seeing to it would help us get rid of them faster and I’m so sorry for that! They slipped through and I am working with the ad agency to get rid of them ASAP.

  12. lrm says:

    hope people realize that if thailand grants refugee status,it sends a message to other would be refugees,not just from burma but other neighboring countries… [many of which are just barely better of than burma in terms of political and human rights/economics]. If Thailand changes their ‘definition ‘for refugee status this time,it will only allow for more liberal interpretation in the future.
    And the point I am making is that Thailand,while more stable and prosperous than other countries in the region,is hardly able to host an increased refugee population. It struggles to feed and employ it’s own citizens.
    I found a similar situation in Kenya when living there. Kenya,despite it’s own trying,to say the least,situation,opened it’s doors to neighboring refugees: somalia,eritrea,congo,rwanda,etc.
    HOWEVER,and this is true of thailand,as well,Kenya has NO social services network whatsoever,for it’s own citizens,let alone for refugees. So,do they allow urban slums to rise in nairobi or bangkok,more than they alreayd have,or do the designate an area for containment?
    These issues are not black and white.
    Perhaps Jolie means to imply that the international community will provide funding for education-but the reality is more that small NGO’s and groups can raise funds and create schools,homes,businesses,etc. This is true for some [border people who are not claimed by either nepal,india or bhutan]Tibetans in India,as well. And in fact Tibetans are not given refugee status in the USA,either. They are ‘resettlers’. Countries have a right to determine their individual policy.
    Thailand cannot possibly absorb this population ‘officially’. Look at the region!
    The USA,on the other hand,could quite feasibly take 20k people. Or 5k,with the rest divided between european countries. But do these individuals want that? What do they want? Is western education what they need? AJ is all about the education-which only forces people into a life of a different servitude.
    It’s not an easy situation to solve…AJ’s work is good to raise awareness,but as usual,people will flock to whatever she believes to be the solution,or the UN,or whatever media of the day chooses to actually show us what’s happening in the world. People will not take this info and research it further,and make their own decisions. This is what bugs me about celebrity political influence. They are mouthpieces for whatever organization they personally choose to align with.
    The situations are real;the solutions and understanding of the situation are not simple.

  13. nan says:

    This is all just a big campaign to impress the Oscar judges, even though she says she “doesn’t care” about the awards.
    Her timing for every trip to visit refugees conveniently coincides with her media needs at the moment.
    She and Brad are two of the most WASTEFUL celebrities and waste tons of money and natural resources, while spouting that Angie can’t eat because she feels so bad for the refugees who have nothing.
    She is a phoney, media whore and she needs to go away. She should have never been nominated for an Oscar and all the campaiging for it she’s doing won’t turn it around – she’s not a good actress and won’t win!

  14. Diva says:

    CB… I will try to get screen shots. I’ve had pop ups for Uggs, some gaming system, but worst of all a singles dating thing that is just rows and rows of boob and butt shots.

    Thanks for taking care of it! You’re the best, lol!

  15. Zoe says:

    Nice Kaiser,
    and you called it, the haters are already out, wrong on the facts, jaded as hell and just plain sick.

    Go Angie and all who give their time (eight years is not exactly drive through) and energy.

    and to quote Dante from ages ago, “suck it, haters!” LOL!

  16. Baholicious says:

    Diva, I’ve never gotten a pop-up on this site…are you the only person using your computer at work? Generally if you’re getting NSFW pop-ups that means certain sites have been visited via your terminal.

  17. prissa says:

    Haven’t even read the article yet but MAN THIS LADY MUST BE SUPERWOMAN!!! mother of 6, successful career, charity work to include actually visiting refugee centers & camps (versus just donating), loving partnership. To be Angie Jolie….. *sigh*

  18. Celebitchy says:

    @Diva and Baholicious – This is the second complaint I’ve had today about pop-ups and they seem to be only for US visitors as I can’t see them. The other person said it was an Uggs ad too. Thanks Diva for the description as I can send it to the ad rep company I’m working with and they can better disable them. Usually they don’t have a problem with pop-ups but sometimes they get through and I am so sorry for that, I would never approve that!

  19. cheekemunkey says:

    Little side note, Kaiser: I don’t think ‘rechristened’ is a proper term to refer to the renaming of Burma, a generally buddhist country.

  20. Goddess711 says:

    I can hear it now “Can I get a side of Haitian orphans with that?”

    Hate what? Posers? Yeah. Big time. She’s back in her private jet, sucking back champagne, looking at her nails and smirking “gosh, I hope they got my good side”….LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Kaiser says:

    Re: Changing Burma’s actions. If you read the whole piece, it’s pretty clear that Angie is asking the *Thai* government for their help in dealing with the thousands of Burmese refugees, not asking anything of the junta.

    And she and Brad were just in Japan last week. I think they’re probably just travelling to countries within that area – they’ll probably go to Cambodia and Vietnam too.

  22. Sauronsarmy says:

    Well, the Oscars are round the corner.

  23. Goddess711 says:

    This money her unimpeachable work has raised – anybody seen or heard about it? I mean concrete evidence, the paperwork, the numbers, the proof, the evidence that it exists and has actually been doled out and has unimpeachabely done something. Seriously. These camps still exist and I’m pretty sure, having stayed in Thailand, that a little bit would go a long way, especially if it were just to grease some government palms. Looks like 5 minutes of flashbulbs and interviews are just that, to me.

  24. Diva says:

    Baho… I’d never gotten a pop up from this site either until last night, from my HOME computer. Then I got them again today from the work computer. Actually, they’re not pop ups, technically, now that I think about it. The page is re-routed to the ads and I have to back page to go back to what I was trying to look at on Celebitchy.

    Strangely, though, lol, since I mentioned it, I haven’t had it happen again! Figures, huh? LOL

  25. Diva says:

    Oh, and on topic… DAMN that evil, villainous bitch Jolie for even going to other countries to see if she can do ANYTHING.

    The nerve.

  26. bros says:

    goddess, it is notoriously hard to find ‘effects’ of NGOs. ask anyone who works in one. it is extremely difficult to measure the effects of policy, visits, even money being spent on a certain problem. you ought to quit slamming her for showing up and trying anything, which is a lot more than many celebrities do, and she doesnt have to do it. there are many more ways of getting attention and this is certainly the least abhorrent way, wouldnt you say? why the hell are you so angry that she is doing this?

  27. daisy424 says:

    Great write up Kaiser. I agree, others will try and drag her down for her charitable work. She’s damned if she does…

    @Diva, I know, the nerve of her, trying to help people who can’t help themselves, selfish bitch. *wink*

  28. Chiara says:

    The position Jolie holds as ambassador is simply to extend goodwill on behalf of the US.

    Her position does not entail in depth political knowledge, nor does she effect or set policy.

    Personal benefit to Jolie? Photo op, PR, publicity for upcoming awards, and another day in … Hollywood.

  29. Kerry says:

    The problem with her is that she only does these things when she wants to look good and get more press. It is obvious that is all she cares about. It is disturbing how she USES her kids and “causes” just for her own publicity machine to make herself seem like such a good person. please! All you Brangealoonies need to see through the smoke screen that they have created and see them both for who they really are. They are truely disgusting people.

  30. Queen Angelina says:

    Angelina has been doing this ON HER OWN since 2001 way before Brad. I’m glad they are together because they make a great team. I’m sure the haters feel differently if they visited these war torn countries first hand. They’d have a far greater appreciation for what they do.

  31. geronimo says:

    OFFS. How many times?

    NEWS FLASH!!!!!
    People don’t receive Oscars for humanitarian work or oodles of babies! They’re judged on the merits of their performance. AJ is IMO highly unlikely – HIGHLY unlikely – to win an O over Streep and Winslet. She knows this, I’m sure, and to see this for anything other that what it is – AJ going about her UNHCR business as she’s done countless times in the past – is beyond dull-witted.

  32. Celebitchy says:

    @Diva – it’s not happening for you anymore? The people at the ad network are working with me, but they’re saying they don’t see it. I will ask the other person who mentioned it too. Thanks!

  33. Diva says:

    Nope, haven’t had one since I mentioned it on this thread. I’ve even tried to “re-enact” how I got them to happen before (always happened when I would use the mouse to move the scrollbar down the page), nada…

  34. Baholicious says:

    God forbid she stay at home and nurture her own brood…(*Baho ducks from the pelting of rotted fruit and vegetables*)

  35. Everywhere says:

    She went on UN tours 2 yrs in a row prior to this Thailand visit around this time. She wasn’t up for Oscar in 2007 or 2008!

    February 2007 she went to Chad. Last year Feb 7th she went to Iraq. When did Charity work equal Oscar.

  36. Annie says:


    So let me get this straight, a person can’t do a good thing and just let it be that?

    Tell me all you naysayers, when’s the last time you even donated an hour of your time to a charitable organization?

    Tell me how aware are you of the atrocities happening in our world right now?

    Did you know that Thai military officials are dragging the most recent refugees out to see and then cutting the lines on their boats so that they are left out to sea to starve and die?

    Did you know that Millions and Millions have already died or been displaced in darfur?

    At least she’s doing something. I’ll take something over nothing.

    You guys make me sick. It’s one thing if she’s trash talking JA or whatever, then yea, ok have an opinion on it, that’s fine, but COME ON. She’s doing charitable work here. For publicity or NOT. (Which actually, I want to say that it’s not, and that her appearance in these places BENEFITS the people in the sense that, because she gets the publicity anyway, now people are being exposed to this, because let’s face it, no one reads world news, but y’all will read a celebrity blog or a trashy magazine won’t you?)

  37. daisy424 says:

    @Baho, duck baby, incoming!! *wink*

  38. for_realz says:

    i’m in the States and i haven’t seen any pop up ads. i am using google chrome as my browser.

  39. sparkle says:

    @Goddess711 –

    Actually yes, I have seen tangible evidence of the money they donate and what they do with it. My law firm sent a couple of associates to Cambodia to do pro bono work for the Maddox Jolie Pitt Foundation. Awesome stuff from what I understand. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but she is actually NOT just a poser.

  40. meme says:

    OK, Sparkle, so how much money have they donated?

  41. sparkle says:

    @ Meme —

    I dont know how much they donated. It was not my project but the colleague that went told me that the organization is very well-funded and organized and that he was really impressed with it.

  42. Diva says:

    No, sparkle, if you can’t give us EXACT and BOUNTIFUL numbers then you know nothing and we know everything about the evil villainess Jolie!


  43. Annie says:

    Plus there’s an attorney-client privilege that can’t be breached :P

    So she’s not at liberty to discuss further.

    I don’t even know if you should’ve admitted that!

    (I work in a firm also :P )

  44. sparkle says:


    Sorry to disappoint sugah, and yes you are correct Annie. If I knew (which I dont) then I couldnt say any way. Point is — its apparently a really good charity and that says alot because there are loads of really BAD charities out there.

  45. bros says:

    good post annie, but dont you know, its only the idiot angie haters who think she is doing this for an oscar, as if there is any correlation, who don’t read world news.

  46. so what says:

    Its nice if shes doing it for a REAL reason, and not for publicity..why do we have to hear about every move she makes?????Other celebs do charity work, but they don’t take a pack of photogs to document it!

  47. marlene says:

    So what! Every single dollar this pretentious woman donates is tax-deducting, which means she would have to pay taxes instead of making donations. No sacrifice at all, but lots of PR for “Jolie” Voight.

  48. sparkle says:

    “Its nice if shes doing it for a REAL reason, and not for publicity..why do we have to hear about every move she makes?????Other celebs do charity work, but they don’t take a pack of photogs to document it!”

    I may be wrong, but I kinda think thats the point of the goodwill ambassador role — its to use your profile to bring awareness and attention to global causes. And she’s not the only one who does it: George Clooney, Sam Jackson and others are or have been goodwill ambassadors. Obviously as an actress she’s not going to negotiate any peace treaties, but she’s using her celebrity to highlight the issues. Color me crazy but sounds fine to me.

  49. Annie says:

    Sometimes I disagree with what Angie does, ie: Crazy blood carrying vials.

    But you know, I see it as, who gives a __ if she takes photogs with her???

    GOOD! I’m glad! Cuz then more Americans will know about what’s going on in the world.

    I was re-watching that AMAZING kiss scene at some award show way back when between Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams with a friend of mine, and Ryan wore that “Darfur” shirt and I pointed at it and went “OMG, this makes me love him so much more.”

    And my friend (mind you, she has at the very least, been to college. One unit away from an AA in Chemistry) turns to me and goes “What’s that mean?”

    And I just looked at her slackjawed, like “Seriously?”

    And she was serious!

    The only reason people right now even remotely know is because of celebrities that do this.

    Which reminds me: PSA TIME!

    One click a day contributes a little more good in the world.

    *waits for those who are gonna say something about how my doing this is lazy charity or some bull*

    Remember, every little thing helps. :)

  50. daisy424 says:

    Did school let out on DL?

    CB, I too have had problems with the animated ads.
    If I run spy bot & Piriform (CC) after I close my browser, my computer doesn’t lock up.

  51. shasha says:

    This is all just a big campaign to impress the Oscar judges, even though she says she “doesn’t care” about the awards.


    What you wrote above – I completely agree; It’s disgusting how they trot their children out to flashlights when they need the publicity, as the NY Times noted.

    And of course they hide their nannies for the photo ops.

    But have you seen a thank you speeches when she’s won the oscar or golden globe – she was teary eyed and thanking her father, who she said “is a great actor but an even better father”.

    She very much cares. And I have noticed in her interviews, she points out that she’s already won an oscar all the time. She’s a horrible actress in my opinion. There are so many great actresses that act better than her and haven’t gotten an Oscar – like Jennifer Connelly, so getting an Oscar is not the be all and end all of saying whether someone is a good actor.

    Also she had so much help in this business, as she was born into acting royalty – her father is an extremely talented actor and won and nominated for Oscars – that opened up a lot of doors, which is why she is acting and getting any acclaim she gets. Ugh, her acting is atrocious.

  52. Celebitchy says:

    @Daisy – let me know if it’s still happening for you now. I was hoping it was resolved as Diva says she’s not seeing it at this point.

  53. Liz says:

    She’s won a lot of respect and admiration from the UN world and other policy makers for knowing the issues, asking questions, and listening to the answers. She lobbies politicians, funds projects, and seeds foundations with money.

    And of course her publicity visits have an impact–there are already 50 plus comments in this thread, I’m a political blog junkie and I learned something about the world during my fun gossip downtime.

  54. Raven says:

    @poop, UNHCR sends her to Burma, not America. If you have no idea what you are talking about, maybe you should wait to speak up until you do.

    lrm makes some excellent points and shows the complexity of this subject.

  55. shasha says:

    Other celebs do charity work, but they don’t take a pack of photogs to document it!


    Exactly! I believe people with reason who have written that she has planned many humanitarian photops to help her image when she apparently started an affair with a married man.

    Salma Hayek and others have been doing charity work for years and you will never see them milk the attention to deflect their personal negative choices at all.

  56. Annie says:

    But publicity stunt or not! It gets y’all talking and now, 50 more people are aware of the SERIOUS atrocities occurring in Burma.

    And that, fellow celebitches, is a GREAT THING. :)

  57. Anon says:

    57 comments and no Ned, he should be here soon LOL

  58. Diva says:

    “Ned” is so NOT a “he”…

  59. daisy424 says:

    CB;My husband had to reload Windows, I had gotten some kind of malware from the ads. This was back in Nov.
    I don’t see some of the ads any longer because of my security setting. I just see an error message where the ad should be.
    It’s all good now, but thanks!

    @Annie, good point!

  60. torietee says:

    I know this is off topic but I just don’t understand why people hate Angelina so much. The posts about her seem to attract the highest response and the most vitriol. She really is a polarising figure. Why.

    What has this woman done that makes people want to drag her down? There are other Hollywood folk who have done ‘worse’ things than Angelina. For example Jennifer Garner didn’t she have an affair with one of her co-workers and dumped her husband for him and then had an affair with Ben Affleck whilst she was involved with the guy she dumped her husband for. So why isn’t she getting any heat? People think she’s great. There is no vitriol against her-but Angelina. Whoa! She’s everything under the sun. Is it because Angelina is the kind of girl that most women would be afraid of because of her beauty? I think so many of her haters are threatened by her looks. Maybe we know that the men in our life’s would be tempted ( I would) . And no matter how intelligent, warm, loving, witty, sexy and pretty we are, the men in our life’s would still go there. And how could we compete with such a ‘vamp’. These are just my thoughts. She’s no angel then again who the hell is?

  61. Annie says:

    People are just jealous. Based on many of the comments, that what it seems to boil down to.

    But then again, what do I know? Apparently I view AJ as a “GODDESS” so clearly my input is going to be overlooked. LOL.

  62. Zoe says:

    yes torietee, you nailed it. If you read between the lines, it always comes down to jealousy and feeling threatened. Pathetic.

    I love when people say, “what’s there to be jealous of??” (with fifty million exclamation points and so much anger) too funny!

  63. JUDY says:

    I would rather be Angie and doing something about those things then the 711 goddess and sitting on the computer bitching about someone who is actually doing something for these people. If she is taking her private Jet at l;east she isnt charging the govt for the gas is she? Using her own money right and you have given how much to help any of these people or countries?? You whiners are a joke. Sitting here , no job, no money no way to go over there much less use your own plane and money lol and sit here and complain about someone who takes the chance and goes to these countries..losers.

  64. suz says:

    All the people who are bitching about AJ – how much time do you take out of your life to read thousands of reports about refugees all over the world? And how often do you actually go to anywhere to raise awareness about the millions of refugees all over the world? Or about anything else that matters? Could it be a deep sense of guilt about not doing anything that comes out as hatred?
    Absolutely, when the eyes of the media are on you for all you’re worth, what could be better than to use them for something you deeply care about? Believe it or not, AJ’s work for the UNHCR is constant, and definitely not limited to the time before the Oscars.
    And further, isn’t it rather the media that intrudes on her family’s private life? Isn’t it because of the privacy laws that they want to move their family to France?
    Anyone who looks at the photos taken with AJ and refugees or her with her children can see that’s where her heart is, or she’s by far a greater actress than some of you would give her credit for. Compare those to photos posing at award shows and you’ll see.
    And you might want to do a bit more reading: or

  65. Mairead says:

    lrm, a very interesting, and most likely correct, point very well made.

    Ok, let’s pretend that this is just a ploy for the Oscars and to counteract some bad publicity 5 (f***ing) years ago – then why are the UN still complicit in it? They wouldn’t sanction any visit and certainly would suppress as much as possible any coverage as possible if they felt that her presence was counter-productive.

    Kofi Annan himself said that with regard to the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors, that there are some people out there who refuse to do anything after the first photo-op and are quietly let go and indeed there are others who pretend that they’re Goodwill Ambassadors despite never being sanctioned to be any such thing. (not a peep out of most of you on THAT story I noticed)

    To be a high-profile ambassador after 7 years and to be invited as a speaker at their conferences does suggest that the UNHCR branch find some value in her connection with them otherwise she’d have been let go of years ago.

    Oh and Diva… *wink*

  66. here's truth for the doubters says:

    Shasha-FYI Salma Hayak pixs are all over the internet and news today with her charity work in NYC. As wise Salma knows you have to publicize your efforts to gain public support. Too bad you are too much of an idiot to know this. Also according to Fox News 2 days ago the Jolie-Pitt Foundation gave away $8.4 million in 2008 per their filed US tax returns. Angelina has been working in the field with UNHCR and refugees since 2000 always paying her own way, she is much respected by all intelligent people the world over. Glad she has a great partner in Brad who supports her work just as she supports his.

  67. Anon says:

    “Ned” is so NOT a “he”…
    it doesn’t matter, just didn’t want to assume gender, so if you use a man’s name I’ll act like you are. I am never going to meet them. (thank God for small favors lol) besides there are others like Goddess 711 full of vitriol(don’t think she’s a Goddess either lol could it be Ned?)

  68. just facts says:

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt came in next for giving $8.4 million to their Jolie-Pitt Foundation. The couple donated approximately 25% of the $34 million they earned last year, with much of it going to the Make It Right Project, which plans to build 150 green homes in New Orleans’ Ninth Ward.

  69. just facts says:

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt came in next for giving $8.4 million to their Jolie-Pitt Foundation. The couple donated approximately 25% of the $34 million they earned last year, with much of it going to the Make It Right Project, which plans to build 150 green homes in New Orleans’ Ninth Ward.

    Forbes 11/24/2008

  70. Randi says:

    Zoe you are 100% correct. Jealously is something else isn’t it? It totally controls the life of those infected with it to the point that they are unable to deal with reality at all.

  71. Diva says:

    LOL @ “don’t think she’s a Goddess either”

    Too funny!

    I wasn’t just pointing the duplicity of “Ned”s name out to you, Anon, I promise! I was just declaring it in general, lol.

  72. Billie says:

    No person does what Angelina has done for 9 years now, going into some of the most dangerous places on this earth, dealing with people who are in desperate situations and who lack shelter, food, clothing, a country even, things all here take for granted no matter how humble what they have is. How she keeps doing it is beyond me, as I cry just seeing some of the pics the UNHCR releases of the people and places she contineus to visit. Angelina is one brave and dedicated womam who is not wasting time on blogs posting negative trivia, she is out there in the world taking care of her family, and not forgetting about those who are completely without. Angelina is a person of substance. Brad is one lucky man.

  73. Salma Hayek says:

    Stepping out for a good cause, Salma Hayek launched the second year of the “One Pack = One Vaccine” campaign at the United States Fund for UNICEF in New York City on Thursday (February 5).

    The charitable cause is a partnership between Pampers and UNICEF that provides life saving vaccines to help eliminate Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus.

    According to reports, “through May 1, 2009, for every specially marked pack of Pampers product purchased in the USA and Canada, Pampers will provide UNICEF with funding for one life-saving tetanus vaccine held at United States Fund for UNICEF.”

    “What really excited me about this was the concept of mothers from around the world working together to protect children,” Hayek told press.

    “The thought of somebody in Los Angeles, where I come from, purchasing the one pack of Pampers … by doing this that they were going to do anyway, they could … provide one vaccine for another mother somewhere else in the world, someone they don’t know … these anonymous women around the world coming together to protect women and to protect children was really exciting.”

  74. Granger says:

    It’s funny — Angelina hasn’t worn a vial of blood or kissed her brother on the red carpet in — how many years? And yet her past is all some of the people on this thread can ever talk about. Do you honestly believe that humans aren’t capable of change?

    I don’t for one minute think AJ doesn’t like the publicity when she goes on one of these humanitarian jaunts, but so what? At least she’s getting publicity for trying to expose the world to the cruelty some governments are capable of. I’d much rather see her in those settings than view endless photos of celebs shopping on Rodeo Drive, eating at the Ivy, or vacationing at luxury resorts in Mexico three times a year.

  75. Anon says:

    Thanks Diva I actually appreciate it lol
    I wondered how a man could be so annoyed with any Actress (that’s generational prejudice, my husband and son’s just don’t care about celebs) I am an oldie and trying to waste a little time at work like everyone else. Its a hard habit to develop(wasting time) lol but I ‘m learning.

  76. DD says:

    wow! who knew Angelina doing humanitarian work would cause such a controversy. I think some of you need some xanax to calm that temper.
    I mean are some of you really that outraged? like really outraged? Perhaps your just simply annoyed, that an actress you hate is getting good publicity. Somehow I don’t believe anyone can really be that angry about it.
    and Baho… I’m out of fruit and vegetable so I’m throwing three adoptees and 3 bio babes your way instead :P

  77. NotBlonde says:

    Jealousy is not always at the root of disliking someone. I dislike her image and her conduct over the last 10 or so years, starting with the crazy stuff and ending now with doing whatever she did with a married man. I respect her efforts in doing charitable things but I hate it when people “visit” areas thinking it’s going to make a difference. “Touring” the damage, “calling attention to”, “raising awareness” all basically mean, “I’m not doing anything but you should”.

    I would never want to live like she does and I would never want to be her. I like being me and I like my small slice of the world. I like my privacy. I like my job. I like the people I work with. And I enjoy being able to take my trash out without 50 photographers following me around. Being a celebrity is not the best thing in the world and there are plenty of people who do not want it or care for the culture.

    I feel that Goodwill Ambassador is a stupid, fairly useless job. She’s going to come and go and right after she leaves those people are still starving, still dying and still refugees with nowhere to go. It would seem like a better idea, to me, to show someone actually DOING something, like handing out food or building homes or something and then asking for people’s help in furthering their efforts. Watching someone walk around a camp asking questions doesn’t do a damn thing.

  78. Goddess711 says:

    @ Judy and her group of morons; I work in non-profit. I see a jackass poser like AJ and it makes me sick. Why aren’t all you self-righteous bleeding hearts bringing all these refugees into your own homes? Matter of fact, why isn’t AJ?
    Ask these people a month down the road what they gained from her highness’ photo op, if they’re still alive.
    She does nothing that doesn’t serve herself. She’s a nutbar and a ho’ and if y’like her, great but don’t assume those of us who actually WORK in the area don’t know that a miniscule amount of any money goes to the very people AJ is prostituting in the background of these pictures.
    Do any of you know-it-alls have an inkling of how much money donated to the Red Cross from 9/11 still sits in bankaccounts, not give out to the people it was intended to help? Wonderful, REAL, genuine and generous people took money from their own food budgets to give. Who do you think you are? I’ll tell you who I think you are – bullsh** posers like AJ who yapyapyap and do nothingnothingnothing.

  79. Diva says:

    But YOU, YOU work for a non-profit, so you’re so cool you get to judge every single one of us wasting our time commenting on a celebrity gossip blog.

    Oh, wait, you must NOT really be better than us, you’re doing the same thing. And might I say, getting a little more personally involved than the rest of us.

    You have a great, great day, you good-doer, you!

  80. SoBored says:

    Well said, NotBlonde.

  81. Annie says:

    “Touring” the damage, “calling attention to”, “raising awareness” all basically mean, “I’m not doing anything but you should”.

    You can’t be serious can you?

    She’s clearly doing something over there. At the very least, the millions of dollars she’s donated over the years shows this.

    I feel that Goodwill Ambassador is a stupid, fairly useless job.

    Again, you can’t be serious can you? You realize she isn’t the only one right? That their are over 160 goodwill ambassadors who make it a point to spread peace and awareness.

    Again, would any of you naysayers know about this prior to AJ’s talking about it?

  82. Annie says:

    You have a great, great day, you good-doer, you!

    Rofl. Oh Diva, we disagree slightly on some things, but on this, this we’re soooo on the same page.

  83. Goddess711 says:

    PS: Anybody else sick of the incessant use of the word “vitriol”? Is that the only word over two syllables y’know?

  84. Billie says:

    NotBlond, You just don’t get it do you? UNHCR uses their Goodwill Ambas to do just that, generate goodwill and get some of the eyes of the world focused on those in terrible and desperate need, which Angelina does very effectively. Her work is coordinated with the other relief efforts, she is like the advance party at times and other times she helps bring in more critical donations as the UNHCR depends on the goodness of others to carry out relief efforts. What kind of person are you to dislike someone for 10 years or more that you do not even personally know and who has done you no harm? She has been with the UNHCR for 9 years, she has been a mom for 7 years, she is not a party person or endless shopper like many other celebs. She lived a quiet life for 3 years in the UK until 2005 with her oldest child. She is praised by all who work with her to be an outstanding actress who never complains and who shows up ready to work at all times. She never says a harsh word about anyone. She is just a human being as we all are. So just what has Angelina done to you that could possibly make her such an irredeemable person in your opinion? Why not be honest and not prevaricate.

  85. Zoe says:

    @Godess 711″
    “Why aren’t all you self-righteous bleeding hearts bringing all these refugees into your own homes? Matter of fact, why isn’t AJ?”

    ummm, she did, three times, you jack ass.

    BTW: if you really work in non-profit, I’ll eat my hat.

  86. L.S. says:

    The Angelina Jolie Haters are out in full force today. For all the naysayers out there, when was the last time you visited an impoverished country to helpt the millions of oppressed individuals who live there. Anyone?

  87. torietee says:

    NotBlonde, it does do a lot of good: It raises awareness and gets those issues into the news. It gets people talking and maybe a few of them will go further-give money , their time or get actively involved in the issues. That can’t be a bad thing. Can it?

    I think most charities would love to have a celebrity like Angelina, Salma or David Beckham, etc supporting their campaign. When I was a volunteer for Oxfam ( a development charity) we held an event and we invited some of our celebrity supporters and the event got more coverage than it would have if it was made up of non-celebs.

    Audrey Hepburn was a United Nations ( UN) goodwill ambassador for United Nations International Children’s Fund ( UNICF). Through her ambassadorship she did a lot of good. Having a high profile person such as Audrey helped to raise the profile of UNICF and the good work that it does. Here is a quote- apologies for its length-but I think it gets my point accross.

    “Soon after becoming a UNICEF ambassador, Hepburn went on a mission to Ethiopia, where years of drought and civil strife had caused terrible famine. After visiting UNICEF emergency operations, she talked about the projects to the media in the United States, Canada and Europe over several weeks, giving as many as 15 interviews a day. It set a precedent for her commitment to the organization.
    In the years that followed, Hepburn made a series of UNICEF field trips, visiting a polio vaccine project in Turkey, training programmes for women in Venezuela, projects for children living and working on the street in Ecuador, projects to provide drinking water in Guatemala and Honduras and radio literacy projects in El Salvador. She saw schools in Bangladesh, projects for impoverished children in Thailand, nutrition projects in Viet Nam and camps for displaced children in Sudan.
    Hepburn also worked tirelessly for UNICEF when not making field trips. She testified before the US Congress, took part in the World Summit for Children, launched UNICEF’s State of the World’s Children reports, hosted Danny Kaye International Children’s Award ceremonies, designed fundraising cards, participated in benefit concert tours and gave many speeches and interviews promoting UNICEF’s work.”

    Now can any of us say that Angelina’s work for the UN is of no consequence?

    It seems to me that it’s one law for Angelina and another for the rest of the celeb world.

    PS To be honest, I don’t think that Angelina gives a two figs what I or anyone else thinks of her. Good for her! It’s the opinion’s of those she loves and respect that counts and I guess that goes for us all.

  88. Mairead says:

    Not Blonde, my last comment was made before yours and is still in moderation, but I kind of address the point of the Goodwill Ambassador as has Billie to a certain extent. And I must say that despite being an Angie-defender, I (and I daresay most others like me here) shares your opinion on not wanting her life.

    Goddess –
    but don’t assume those of us who actually WORK in the area don’t know that a miniscule amount of any money goes to the very people AJ is prostituting in the background of these pictures.
    I feel it’s fair to warn you before whipping it out for a “my d k’s bigger than yours” contest, that you’re highly unlikely to be the only person here who has ever worked for an NGO/non-profit/not-for-profit.

    but don’t assume those of us who actually WORK in the area don’t know that a miniscule amount of any money goes to the very people AJ is prostituting in the background of these pictures.
    Do any of you know-it-alls have an inkling of how much money donated to the Red Cross from 9/11 still sits in bankaccounts, not give out to the people it was intended to help?

    So it’s Angelina’s fault now that charities that she has no hand-act-or-part in use waste money, seemingly misdirect funds or use most of their donations to run their organisation and to pay people like.. well… you?

    And as it happens a good number of us probably do know there’s wastage in many of these charities; there have been enough news reports on it over the years. Who knows, but perhaps that’s why these two have their own foundation – if the funds are going to be wasted, it might as well be wasted by their charity as anyone else’s.

  89. Diva says:

    Annie… {=0) I’ve developed a real liking for you today! Having differences of opinion, and the ability to not get all “Ned” about them, lol, is the mark of reasonable people!

  90. Anon says:

    PS: Anybody else sick of the incessant use of the word “vitriol”? Is that the only word over two syllables y’know?
    gruffness, harshness, hostility, relentlessness, severity, sternness, vehemence; coldness, crossness, discourteousness, iciness, impoliteness, incivility, nastiness, rudeness, sourness, surliness, ungraciousness; anger, animosity, bile, jaundice, malevolence, malice, rancor, scorn, spite, spleen, venom; jealousy, pique, resentment lol

  91. Billie says:

    Can’t imagine what kind of non-profit you work for with your attitude. I happen to volunteer with a community non-profit that works primarily with the ultra elderly, 80 years+ individuals in their homes, and no one there demonstrates an attitude like yours. One of the main ways we volunteers help is to go out into the community and seek donations with presentations and publicity throughout our local area, freeing up the staff to provide all the critically needed services. Your biased outlook is not condusive or supportive to the successful tasks of a non-profit that seeks to assist others. Maybe you are a mismatch in your present career field.

  92. Annie says:

    Annie… {=0) I’ve developed a real liking for you today!

    Well thank you!

    And I try to be reasonable! Or at least try to see it from the other side.

    Also, I’d like to note that I used to be a part of this organization that was trying to promote Human-Trafficking awareness (TERRIBLE thing! Read up on it and then learn how you can help!) But they had this very self-righteous attitude about it, and how only Christians care about other people and how it’s the Christian thing to do and they seriously polarized the whole issue.

    And I was standing there like, “Hey…there are NON-christians that do good things in this world too.” But they wouldn’t hear it. And so, as much as I loved the cause, I needed to get away from that, because that level of self-importance and self-righteousness only hurts the movement, not moves it forward. You can’t preach that there’s only one way to help.

    AGAIN. Help in any form, small, large, what-have-you. Is amazing. And takes some character. :)

  93. NotBlonde says:


    “She’s clearly doing something over there. At the very least, the millions of dollars she’s donated over the years shows this.”

    I am very well aware of that. I was pointing out the things that SOME people do, not her specifically, where they just wander around surveying the damage or surveying horrible conditions and not actually doing anything..that bothers me to no end. Like when Presidents go around “surveying the damage” after a natural disaster. WTF is that gonna do?

    “You realize she isn’t the only one right? That their are over 160 goodwill ambassadors who make it a point to spread peace and awareness.”

    Again, DUH. I am very well aware that there is more than one Goodwill Ambassador in the world. That is a really stupid question to pose. Jesus. Anyway, “spread peace and awareness”? What does peace and awareness do? Does peace and awareness get those people beds to sleep on?

    “Again, would any of you naysayers know about this prior to AJ’s talking about it?”

    You know what, I do know about it now. And you know what else, I’m not gonna do shit about it. And neither are any of you. You might do some research on the subject for a couple of hours and then go back to work and go back to doing whatever it was you were doing.

    Don’t act like “raising awareness” is such an incredibly important job. That type of thing would work better if someone were actually asking you to do something, rather than just showing the devastation. People need help figuring out what they can do to help. I don’t know how I can help those people. I don’t know what I can donate to, or what I can send or who I can write a letter to. Her being there says “Hey look there’s a problem! Deal with it!” without really helping anyone.

    And again, it’s my personal opinion that I’m entitled to have, so back up off your Angelina ass kissing, and see what I really said.

  94. NotBlonde says:


    I never said that I disliked HER, as a person, because I don’t know her at all. All I know is what she puts out there and what she talks about aka her image and her conduct. And I dislike her image and her conduct. I don’t think about her every day or just sit around stewing, “Eww I hate that Angelina Jolie!”

    “So just what has Angelina done to you that could possibly make her such an irredeemable person in your opinion?”

    She hasn’t done a damn thing to me. And I never said anything to the effect that she was an irredeemable person. As a matter of fact, I said that I respect her for her charitable efforts.

    Learn how to read, comprehend, and then comment. You don’t have to jump on everyone who doesn’t kiss the feet of your Saint.

  95. torietee says:

    Why are all the Angelina ‘haters’ so angry?

    I do not kiss anyone’s ass. I just like the girl and feel she gets an unfair hearing that’s all. It seems to me ( on this blog anyway) that her supporters and ‘haters’ are evenly split and equally matched:)!

  96. Cha Cha says:

    lmao Goddess711 at the “vitriol” comment. You also forgot “vapid”

    I agree with some of your points, along with Irm’s. I hate to get all serious here, but it deems saying.

    Posing with people there isn’t doing much good at all. People will read it, like I just did, and move on to the next bit of news. Honestly, how many of you that after reading this, went straight to google and looked for ways you could help? And don’t respond with yes you did, just for the sake of argument.

    I have to use some of my own personal experience to prove a point. I was a Hurricane Katrina victim on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, not New Orleans, Louisiana. Didn’t know about us? We were the people that actually got hit by the storm and not a levee failure. Hundreds of lives were lost here, thousands of homes, including mine, and we had good ‘ole Bush come down to give us a “pep talk.” We didn’t get nearly the government help that New Orleans did. Why? Because the news media didn’t see us as the sensational story. And guess who didn’t come here? Your saints Brangelina. They went to New Orleans instead. Why?

    Because there was no press for them here! They wouldn’t have gotten the coverage. Matthew McConaughey was here, but you didn’t hear about him cleaning up debris, did you?

    Yes, Brad’s intentions were good, but he had a crew throw up a few HUGE eco-friendly homes in an area that will be wiped out when the next Category 2 storm hits because they’re below sea level. And wouldn’t it have been more effective building lots of smaller homes for them?

    All I’m saying is, people that walk the walk don’t care about it being a photo opportunity. Like the thousands of volunteers that helped, and continue to help rebuild our area, I thank you.

    Sorry for getting carried away.. it just grinds my gears to see people pose and smile, then jet off.

  97. Annie says:

    And again, it’s my personal opinion that I’m entitled to have, so back up off your Angelina ass kissing, and see what I really said.

    Tsk tsk, no need to be rude.

    And you know what, you’re wrong, I do do something and I have friends that do something and we contributed to the world, simply because you do not, does not mean the rest of us don’t.

    There are tons of organizations, all you have to do is GOOGLE there are so many that will show up.

    There’s etc etc etc. All you have to do is LOOK. But no, you’re too busy yelling at us, and calling us “ass kissers”.

    Listen, I’m not an ass kisser by any means, but when I see someone attempting to do good in the world, I don’t turn around and trash them when I myself can’t come close to contributing that much.

  98. heima says:

    If the aim of going to Burma as a Goodwill Ambassador was to aware people like me about what is happening there I’d dare to say that here, in this blog and elsewhere, the aim fails miserably.
    Because I’m not interested in what is happening in Burma*, but I’m interested in sharing my opinion about Angelina Jolie (or about any other celebrity who has a role like this in the UNHCR).
    Like everyone of you.

    *I’m interested but I don’t need to read the empty words of a Goodwill Ambassador to be aware about a tragedy like that.

  99. morgs says:

    Notblonde, if I met you in real life I would love to be your friend. You always post such awesome comments!

  100. Billie says:

    NotBlond, what image and conduct are you specifically adressing? I see her as a hands on mom to 6 kids who appears to truly love those kids, as a humanitarian who has been involved for 9 years paying her own way, as an excellent award winning actress, as someone who says her priority in life is her family and that appears to be true to me. I am at a loss to see what is to dislike about her image. Few actresses in great demand like she is do not work for 15 months as she has. Naomi Watts has gone back to work and her baby is just 6 weeks old, RachelW did the same thing. As for her conduct, she is not getting multiple DUIs, she is not seen partying day and nite, she does not haunt stores shopping day and nite, she seems to just like mostly being with her family, her interviews are very insightful as to her views on life, she is very charitable, she says nothing negative about anyone ever, she does not hold herself out to be a perfect person and is honest about her imperfections, and all those who have prsonally met her like her. I am therefore at a loss to see what is to dislike about her conduct. She is now 33, she has matured like 99% of people do, and few of us are the same at 33 as we were at 19 or 20.

  101. Maritza says:

    When does she find the time to do all these things she does and take care of 6 kids and Brad? It is good she brings attention to these places, otherwise how else would we find out about what’s going on in those remote forsaken places?

  102. And by that, I totally mean certain people trying to remove the pop-up boobies. Why are you so embarrassed by the human body?! *wink*

  103. Randi says:

    LOL. Billie is too nice. NotBlond, the main issue you have with Angelina is Brad Pitt. As Mr. Pitt himself stated in a recent interview about why his favorite film of Angelina’s is Mr and Mrs Smiith “because I (Mr. Pitt) fell in love”. Brad Pitt loves Angelina Jolie and they are together. Just exactly like others in celebville-
    Tom Hanks for costar Rita Wilson-left wife and 2 kids for her
    Julia Robers-Danny Moder cameraman on her film-he left his wife for her
    Courteney Cox-costar Michael Keaton left his wife and child for her and they lived together for 6 years
    Jen Garner fell for costar Michael Vartain, left her hubbie, then fell for costar Ben Affleck and left MichaelV for him
    Serial repeater Laura Dern who(1)fell for costar BBT (to whom she was never engaged according to both BBT and LauraD urban legend notwithstanding))who left his 4th wife and 2 kids for her, then (2)fell for Ben Harper who left his wife who had a few months old kid for Laura
    Steven Spielberg who left his wife and kid for his star Kate Capshaw
    Late Paul Newman who fell for his costar JoanneW and left his wife and 3 kids for her

    And the list goes on and on. Real people are just real people. And normal people do not obsess over a 4 year divorce not their own.

  104. Brad's with her says:

    maritza, Brad supports her efforts and either travels with her or takes care of the kids when she travels. Just like she supports his efforts in NOLA. The whole family went to Thailand from Japan.

  105. Diva says:

    JaundiceMachine – awwww, I’m all for the boobies! Unfortunately, my boss gets all pissy about them on the computer monitor!

    I think he’s jealous…


  106. nina says:

    There is nothing to be jealous of. AJ has no culture, education or spirituality. Her own father thinks she has mental problems, her mother is dead, she is a narcissist and an exhibitionist and to top it all at 33 she has a body of a 60 year old. Sure, she has lots of money, but all this money is not worth it.

  107. sr says:

    Right on time for Jen’s 40th b’day. Angie feels threatened Jen’s getting all the attention

  108. Celebitchy says:

    There is one person acting like multiple people on this thred: Bille, Randi, justfacts, here’s truth for the doubters, Brad’s with her – all the same person.

    Do not use multiple nicknames.

  109. Pssht . . . whatevs, Diva. I know you’re just a hatah. *wink*

    You know, the thing that strikes me about Jolie is that for all her fame and notoriety, she still focuses her efforts on issues that ultimately make an impact in the world. (However small and locally isolated that impact may be.)

    People may bitch and moan about how she films all of her charity work, but I think she is wise to play to the media. As an international superstar, she commands a great deal of attention – and despite her “mens rea” (which, in all honesty, I think she gets off on some of the attention), you can’t deny that she ultimately focuses her celebrity on issues you or or would otherwise know nothing about.

    I think that there are a lot of critical thinkers on this site who are willing to read between the lines. That’s fair, there’s plenty to be suspect about. And while I can appreciate the skepticism, I think that sometimes we forget that gossip is meant to cater to the lowest common denominator; Gossip is meant to be biting and visceral.

    If images of Jolie in a refugee camp can help inspire one lazy, ass-backwards consumer to think beyond themselves, isn’t there something worthwhile in that? After all, any publicity is good publicity . . .

  110. cedar falls says:

    Interesting how no-one seems to have noticed that Brange made $15 million for the twins pics in 2008 and only gave away $8.4 million (of taxpayers’ money) to charity!!

  111. Miss V says:

    I read the comments and sorry, you all are asskissers! You have absolutely NO idea what it entails to have refugees squatting next to your house.

    The majority are illegal entrants who are as arrogant and demanding as they come. They piss on your doorsteps, break into whereever they can, they are known for assualt, rape and murder. That is why the Xenophobic attacks started in South Africa because the citizens were getting sick and tired of the people causing havoc in the townships.

    Who is Jolie to make a demand to a ruling government – does she have that authority? I understood that she is merely a messenger – messengers do not TELL governments what to do!! Who is going to foot the bill and supply hygienic services and medical care? NOT MADAM JOLIE! So demand on!!! We think she’s a joke – a horrible joke! I havent seen other UN ambassadors with their half exposed bodies in magazines or on websites.

    Audrey Hepburn did not flaunt herself and her family like this one does. Earn the respect but she has not earned mine. Ive seen too many nasty things!! There hasnt been any change in any country that she’s been too!

    Why bother!!! Ugghhh!!!

  112. Codzilla says:

    Cha Cha: Thank you for sharing your experiences. That must have been a terrible ordeal, and I’m so sorry that you and all the other Katrina victims had to go through it. It’s truly disgraceful that the people in your area weren’t given equal consideration because your situation wasn’t deemed as “sensational” as the events in NO. And your point about certain celebrities not rallying behind you because there weren’t any cameras to capture their efforts is an excellent one. I’ll be interested to read the responses.

  113. I'mThai says:

    I happen to be Thai. And, I wish I could have Christian Bale’s scream.

  114. pudding-pie says:

    Well let me see if I can give you reason for the hate. Let me keep it simple, Narcissistic personality disorder.

    Not a fan of people with personality disorders.

    Once you understand the illness then you get that all she does is to garnish narcissistic supply

    You can fed the beast. Me not going to.

  115. NotBlonde says:

    Bille, Randi, justfacts, here’s truth for the doubters, Brad’s with her: I dislike Brad’s image and conduct as well. This is an Angelina Jolie thread. I’m talking about Angelina Jolie.

  116. kap says:

    OK, I hate her for finding a gray hair and crying (oh sorry, that was someone else)! The purpose of a UN Goodwill Ambassador is to bring attention to these poor forgotten people which helps increase funding. They also submit a report about what is needed in each camp (more beds, medicine, water, books, etc.) Also, the final Oscar ballots were sent in a couple of days ago, so if this is a PR stunt, it was too late. Do the haters feel threatened by someone who is more attractive, more generous and more caring than they are?

  117. Annie says:

    Why the HELL would someone make multiple nicknames? Pathetic.

    And anyway:

    The majority are illegal entrants who are as arrogant and demanding as they come. They piss on your doorsteps, break into whereever they can, they are known for assualt, rape and murder.

    Can you please show me studies regarding this? Because I SERIOUSLY and I mean SERIOUSLY doubt that and I am extremely offended by your display of ignorance and further annoyed by the fact that you’re trying to spread these lies as FACT.

    When it’s NOT.

    “illegal entrants” as you so put it, do not ALL do that, nor do even the majority of them do that. In fact, most of the time, they’re too scared to do anything for fear of deportation. (Which, really only happens when we Americans no longer find a use for their cheap labor and we proceed to toss them out like trash, because you know, clearly they’re not FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS.)

    You’re watching too much FoxNews.

  118. Goddess711 says:

    My attitude comes from people like this ho’t'go showing up, checking into today’s role “bleeding heart philanthropist”, getting great publicity for it and leaving. Those people in the background – they’re still there. Nothing’s changed except it got a bunch of you suckholes thinking some kind of magical wand was waved and everything’s just fine now. It’s not. Miss Congeniality has left the refugee camp, folks, you can all go back to wondering if you’re going to live or die. And that’s another thing – this sh** is happening all over the world, so why don’t all the AJ lovers jump on some planes and go to the places she hasn’t been told by the UN to get to. Anybody checked on the Texas/Mexico border situation lately to see whose head is on a pike? I mean it’s your own back door. How many South Americans went missing today, kidnapped for ransom? How are those situations in Darfur, the Congo, Rwanda…oh..sorry – you need a map for this, don’t you?
    Not better than anybody except maybe AJ.
    So instead of trashing the Goddess, why don’t you pick up a newspaper that uses more than one-syllable words and catch up on world realities that inflated-lip smiles don’t fix. The real Oscar goes to her for pulling this bull and prostituting victims for her own good.
    Flippin the e-bird to the Billies, Maireads and Zoes – at least I’m out there doing something, you don’t have a frickin clue that you don’t read in the Enquirer so get back in your pickup and go tend to the chickens, would ya?

  119. Josephina says:

    As an “offspring” of two immigrants from third world countries and currently married to a “third world man,” I find most of the comments here spawned from privileged, self-absorbed, globally-unaware Americans who do not have a “clue” as to how good they have it here in America. You take freedom of expression and speech for granted. You take your education for granted. You take freedom of choice for granted. And most sadly, you take justice and fairness for granted. You take your health for granted. You take food for granted. You expect to be treated fairly, and with respect. You do not worry about food, water, getting killed or being raped. You take democracy for granted. You have a government, however flawed, that governs and protects its people. Women have rights and can fight/defend for their right in America unlike anywhere else in the world.

    In the Third World, that is not the case. There is little to no consistency in government because most of the government systems/regimes/militia are highly corrupt. It is very difficult to maintain or achieve democacracy where people are very poor and do without on a daily basis. The people of the Third World countries have every right to despair. However, they are still full of pride. They still dream of a better tomorrow. They still have faith. In fact, in some cases, that is all they have. But that is exactly what it takes to make a difference.

    Angie, and the many other human beings who truly understand the human condition, are not looking for an “Oscar” moment, an “Oscar” deed, or any single one act that that can sweep away war and end poverty. They understand that any action that you can impact is part of a much bigger and collective movement of many people’s efforts and struggles. As you pursue this goal you realize that you may not immediately see the results, but you may see some improvements over time. If Angie’s influence helps just one person have a better day through exposure of the worst human conditions, then it was well worth it.

    This woman, a mother of 6 children, walks the walk and works toward a common goal in collaboration with a lot of people who share in this struggle. These are facts, not opinion and nothing to dispute. “Love thy neighbor”…Angelina understands what it means to be a global citizen and the responsiblity it bears.

    The dispute centers on the fear of whether Angie should receive “credit” and/or favorable approval or more admiration from the public. After all, she already has too much–Brad, 6 beautiful children, worldwide beauty and stardom recognition, respect and admiration. She excels at everything she does and that is exactly why she has so many haters. It is just too much to take for the selfish and insecure folk out there. They implode at the thought of her existence and her lifestyle. How dare she live life to the fullest? Who does she think she is? (Wink.)

    The haters remind of the spiteful Grinch who stole Christmas. He just couldn’t understand why the Wahoos were so damn happy and full of goodwill.

  120. Faye says:

    C’mon really? OK so AJ does humanitarian effort…SO WHAT.. so do all of the millions of people who donate to charities every year..If some had the money she had they would donate in the $millions$ as well!!! Yes she does that, and that is great..But that dosen’t change negative decisions she has made in the past that have caused people to feel the way they do about her..That’s why her threads are soo popular because she is a controversial character..Alot like her, alot..and just that many and more DISlike her..and for thoes who say complaine that the people who DON’T like her or them as a couple..WAKE UP..some of us were born at night but not last night!! Her character is shaped by her past and current decisions..sometimes you just don’t like an actor, actress, music star or(Paris Hilton) what is she??That’s WHY people don’t like her is because of HER!!!!! Oh My..she became involved with world people in 2001, probebly after her 1st lesbien relationship…She is an AWFUL actress and should never have even been nominated for an Oscar…I watched Changeling and she sucked, watching her cry and act made me feel nothing execpt humor at her shitty acting..!! Maybe she should do humanitarian efforts for a full time job if she really cared, not just 1 or 2 appearences a year. C’mon people…Can you not see through her BULLSHIT!! I sure can>> Oscars are comin up.. good timing AJ!!

  121. Josephina says:


    My, my…your selfishness and snarky comments jumps right off of your post and has you appearing like a one-eyed green monster!…NOT the same as getting to know someone from a different culture and being moved to the point of advocating for their safety and other unheard victims so that the future might change for their betterment. You have to TRY to make it a better world in which we live in. By the way, exactly,…what do you do to make a difference in the world? ( And I am not talking about what you do that simply pleases you and the people you love. Have you ever fought for someone else’s civil rights outside your own that does not belong to your culture? If you have, then you would know that there is NOTHING GLAMOROUS about this kind of grunt work. I would be surprised if you said yes. You would then understand the horror of how other people live, that their existence has often been dismissed, discounted or discredited before they are dead. How dare you NOT support someone who is brave enough to try to help!

    Your despicable response is on par with someone who walks briskly past the homeless on your way to work because you think it is rude for them to ask you for money! Outside of pleasing your loved ones, are you capable of treating a stranger with the same respect and love as you would give your own child, sibling or parent? Do you have to get something out of a relationship first in order to demonstrate love and compassion for someone outside your circle of friends?

    It is truly a character flaw to continue to attack or attempt to attack or defame someone’s character because you feel you have justification. Rise above the petty nonsense and see the bigger picture. That is exactly how a violent criminal thinks. They do not care about the other person and they feel justified. Your nasty, tasteless and sophomoric behavior is just as low as what you are accusing Angie of, if not lower. Grow up, will you?

    I see you as equally “flawed” as Angelina with your envy, your intense level of immaturity and clear lack of undertanding of cause and effect. However, as filled with envy as you have presented yourself, that should not stop you from achieving great things in life and becoming someone who has contributed significantly to society,… if you choose to make a difference in this world. If you choose to coast through life not achieving much that’s OK, too. But stay out of way of Angelina and thousands of others like her who want to make difference in this world. These people are focused and have figured out what their calling is.

    Being NOMINATED for an OSCAR is an honor on its own. No one has a right to win. Only one can win and it is indeed one of the highest achievements for an actor. Most actors feel quite blessed to have a job and that they are sought after for movie roles. For each category, there will be at least 3-4 actors who will not win. This is not a horse race. Please keep the concept of recognition in perspective.

  122. Mairead says:

    I’d just like to agree with Codzilla’s perspective on Cha Cha’s post. I do feel ashamed that it’s only these many years later that I’ve partially forgotten that the devastation that was wreaked on the entire region not just New Orleans – we’re going to disagree on the validity of the Pink Project, but i would hope that similar projects will be started and successful in your area too.

    I do find Ms. V’s perspective interesting also. It’s easy enough for us to be all socially-aware, but you’re right, most of us don’t live in Thailand like you and we certainly don’t live near the refugee-camp. But I do find it tragic that there is upwards of a third generation of children being born into imprisonment.

    Goddess – you can stick whatever part of your anatomy up at me you like, my point that you’re not the only person here who works or has worked for an NGO or charity is still accurate.

    Now whilst, CB is one of my favourite sites, there is a limit to her powers. The UN and not Celebitchy is the place to channel your opinion of the whole Goodwill Ambassador scheme and indeed the running of the UN itself. There may well be employees of the UN that visit here, but unless your complaint is made, in writing to them directly, they are probably unable to address it. I get that you’re frustrated about the UN and Red Cross, but getting nasty with us just because we have the temerity not to hate AJ isn’t going to solve anything.

    Oh, and I drive an Opel Corsa – not enough room for chickens I’m afraid *wink*

  123. Faye says:

    Josephina–you are totally irrational..kinda funny actually..What do I do in the world to help?? That is none of your damn busines!! That’s my personal life and this is a blog…(although I know I have done much more than you ever will to help the elderly and disabled) You have WAY… to much time on your hands…Envy that woman? r u totally mad?? No envy whatsoever!! Yes she does humanitarian and that is great…There are many parts of the world that need help and God Bless thoes who help or try to help…when it comes to AJ, just don’t respect that woman 1 bit. That is my opinion which I am on the other hand are the one that in fact Envy’s her NOT ME!! Ok I am done now…got another 2 hrs to kill defending AJ Josephina?…Your post’s are way too long..I love these post’s by celebitchy!! *wink*

  124. Faye says:

    LOL walk by the homeless? You know nothing about me…I have helped the homeless everytime I have had the power too..How dare you accuse me of such things…U R FUCT!! I can just see your ears smoking, typing quickly..GET A LIFE GIRL!!

  125. Bellatrix says:

    What has happened during this thread?

    It was all about bringing awareness to a good cause but my oh my… I sincerely believe Angelina Jolie has no idea of her hidden powers regarding the Internet commented hatred and blogging wars.

    Wow. Not as in the Warcraft online community (or maybe these comments reflect how much warcraft abilities she truly has).

  126. Josephina says:


    I am just giving you a taste of your own medicine and if I choose, I can keep my torpedoes aimed at you just as you are “commenting irrationally” on Angie…you are not above reproach, criticism, or harsh, vicious characterizations. If you think you can dish it out, you better be able to take it in as well. As a matter of fact, I don’t have to be accurate, … just be mean like you. It doesn’t take much thought at all to disrespect someone. So this writing is quite easy.

    You see how easy it is to defame someone’s character? Why did you feel the need to answer? Doesn’t feel good does it? Do you think it will be a pleasant experience for any blogger reading this? It is depressing for me to write this so I can imagine how people will feel when they read this. Oh, I forgot… you are OK at expressing your opinion, good or bad, full of spite, at the expense of others.

    This blog is supposed to be about goodwill, Angie’s goodwill. Instead you are more interested in talking about her past and rehashing the same old alleged discretions, hoping to detract from what she just accomplished.

    Brad and Agnie are two people in love, and over the years have been sharing their lives together with their children, and help people along the way. It is a pretty simple story, … UNLESS you include how they met, what they did before they met, how other people feel about this, Jennnifer Aniston’s opinion on the matter, what they feed their children, which country are they visiting, etc.

    I do not give a d*** about some alleged affair, she has been with Brad for 4 years and now shares 6 kids with him. I don’t care to gossip about anybody’s PAST, fact or fiction, because that is exactly what it is..the PAST.

    I ADMIRE Angie and all persons who can find the desire to help others in the selfless way that she has. Got it?

    Angelina does not have this problem, but…you are culturally-insensitive and it affects how you view others and their place in the world. There is no need to maintain a dislike for someone as you have. What’s worse, you write in hopes of finding others to share in your negative opinion. What’s next? Where is this negative thinking heading? Apparently you do not think anything is wrong in defaming someone’s character as long as you have a good reason as to why. Why don’t you learn how to tolerate people instad? Learn how to find the good in people instead of harping on what you don’t like?

    Irrational is writing about someone you don’t like on a blog, hoping that you will attract numbers of people with similar disgusts. You hope that she “goes away.” I bet you would like to aid in that endeavor, too, huh? The Ku Klux Klan don’t like a lot of people either. They write too, among other things. Irrational my a**. Look at yourself in the mirror.

  127. Leanne says:

    Oh My U have issues!! comparing people who voice an opinion to the Ku Klux Klan? LMAO

  128. Faye says:

    Angelina and other’s are doing a great great thing by helping the less fortunate and opening the world’s eye’s to what is happening in Thailand and also alot of other countries…Alot of people in the world do what THEY CAN, what is in their resources to make their own change in the world…This is a blog for people to comment and voice an opinion not to be torpedoed by someone like yourself!! Regardless of the frikin novel you write people are gonna feel how they want to feel…you should not try to harass, or ask for expalnations as to why people feel the way they do..We all have our reasons and our own point of view of subjects…this is America..Freedom of speech remember…Not everyone has the resources to fly to third world countries and help the less fortunate and again BLESS thoes that do…at least that is one good thing regarding Angelina!! You admire her, Not me..quit trying to make people see your stupid point of view..You are not right in everyone’s eye’s. LOL again you have way too much time on your hands..get a life and keep your posts short, who has the time to read all your bullshit…

  129. Faye says:

    Goddess___I agree with your last post 100%!!

  130. Josephina says:


    Again…this is a post about goodwill. And obviously, this concept is foreign to you and would take work for you to practice on a daily basis. If YOU can stay inside the boundary of respect about goodwill, there would not be a conflict. As I have said before, you should be able to handle someone not agreeing with your narrow point of view. I am not trying to convert you. I am certain that you will continue to be the narrow-minded and privileged person that you are, only capable of bringing more narrow-minded persons onto your bandwagon.


    The KKK metaphor was used to knock some sense into Faye, and probably you as well, that hatred, fear and jealousy (which leads to revenge) is what starts wars, and can lead to violence and senseless killing if these emotions remain unchecked or not resolved. It creates an “us” versus “them” attitude, causese an unhealthy sense of entitlement and the “I am better than you” dysfunctional way of thinking. Once you start believing that you are better than someone instead of just being different, then you can justify just about any type of behavior, including unfair treatment, towards that person. You will not hold yourself accountable to your own bad behavior because you cannot see it on your own. Your sense of right and wrong will be centered mainly on what pleases your ego, and you will NOT able to catch your own mistakes or think your way out of a bad situation that you created.

    I see a lot of slandering going on in this post. It is wrong in general to slander someone’s reputation. Faye, you understand this quite well because you felt the need to defend your honor yet see nothing wrong with posting sensational comments about Angelina.

    I have deliberately chosen my words in order to raise concerns about how you choose to disrespect and characterize someone that you do not like. The choice to disrespect and ridicule someone should never be tolerated…in writing nor in person. The people who choose to behave this way, no matter what the reason, and in this case masking the behavior as an “honest opinion,” are the ones with the issues.

  131. Cha Cha says:

    Thank you Codzilla and Mairead for your kind comments. We are coming along, but it will be awhile before it’s back to normal.

    And to a lighter side, I think Josephina is Bizarro Ned.

  132. Faye says:

    ur funny..havn’t heard ned in a while..sorry to read out your life being effected by much tragedy going on in the world..and still people have the strength to carry on and start to rebuild…you and all thoes in the world who do that, are the people to look upto for inspiration..Bless you all..

  133. daranee says:

    I think it is wonderful that Angie and Brad are here visiting the refugee camp. She is indeed a superwoman. I know that some people are jealous, they could not understand that someone so beautiful, successful both in her career and her personal life could have so much compassion for those who are less fortunate than we are. I know that Angie is doing this because she cares, because she wants to be able to give those poor people a small silver-lining of hope. She is very courageous and kind-hearted.

    Keep up the good work Angie, You are very special, so unselfish and noble.

    We love you and Brad and all your wonderful/beautiful children.

  134. Codzilla says:

    Cha Cha: Bizarro Ned! Brilliant.

  135. MT says:

    She really wants the Oscar, doesn’t she?

    First the intense PR in Japan, the endless interviews, and now this?

    Would someone tell her she has enough money to help if she really wants to, instead of just asking other people to help?

    Where is all the money she made out of her children?

  136. Annie says:

    I cannot believe that this post is still going…..

    But mostly, I can’t believe that it’s gotten to this point. I mean the bottom line is, there’s some good being done in the world. And that’s a great thing.

    I hate the do-gooders who are so self-important and self-righteous that they believe their way of doing good is the ONLY way.

    I stand firm by my stance that any bit of good, is a wonderful thing in a world that’s only out for itself.

    And I’m talking about anything from opening a door for the elderly to flying over to Zaire and building schools.


    So get off your high horses and think about THAT.

  137. Rumtum says:

    The Thai govt is a bunch of thief, liar, dishonor, disrespect, cruel, shameless….
    Thousand Khmer refugees were killed by Thai soldiers without the UN cash
    in 1979-1980.
    Even with the UN cash the rest of Khmer refugees were treated very badly by Thai soldiers in the refugee camp. Khmer children were beaten up by Thai soldiers because they played the Thai coins that have the Thai King picture on the coins.

    Thai were originated Tai people from Nanchao, China. Thai tonal speaking is Tai tonal speaking from China. Thai people were helped by Khmer people when the Mongol invading their land Nanchao. Khmer people taught Tai people of great Khmer civilization since the day Thai people running away from Nanchao.

    Khmer numerals are written on all Thai currency today to prove that Thai people prefer to have Khmer culture better than their own Tai culture because their Tai root and Tai culture were wiped out by the Mongol in China.

    When Khmer temple Preah Vihear became a world heritage on July 2008, Thai govt sent Thai soldiers to rob Khmer land and other Khmer temples along the border and claimed belonging to Thailand without shame.

    Thai govt can’t take any refugee living in Thailand, because Thai govt thinks of its past when Thai were Tai refugees rebelling against Khmer people for freedom at Sukhotei. Thai people can’t claim their land Nanchao back from China, so Thai people asked the Chinese Ming Emperor to help Thai attacking Khmer people at Angkor and that’s a reason Thai govt never allowed the refugees living in Thailand, except living in Thai prison or pay in cash to Thai govt. to have freedom in Thailand.

    Thai govt had to turn the Rohingya boat people away with guns to get the UN attention, so the UN can bring cash to pay Thailand just like when Thai soldiers killed thousand Khmer refugees at the border in 1979-1980 to get the UN attention. All Thailand need is cash, without cash no one can be survived with Thai soldiers in Thailand.

    Thai govt should thank to Angelina, because of the Angelina Khmer tattoo made in Thailand that makes Thailand became famous for tattoo place today.

  138. Hungarian says:

    Angie, you are great!
    We love you here in Hungary!
    I think, world needs more of person like you are. You are doing the charity work from your heart and not because of any other reason, but helping. You are famous enough not to need any fake commercial, anyway. And you brought one more famous and potential help in your project: Brad Pitt, that became dedicated to charity thanks to you.
    Angie, anything you touch, becomes gold. So, go ahead Girl, Love you

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