Did Alex Skarsgard eat alone (save for his skinny jeans) in a LA sushi restaurant?


Why do I forgive Alexander Skarsgard nearly everything? If Anne Hathaway’s husband Adam Shulman was wearing this all-black, skinny-jeans ensemble, I would be in the midst of a style migraine. But since it’s Alex… I can’t hate him. This Swede loves his skinny jeans. He likes a tight fit. He likes to squeeze into things. I could go on…but I won’t. It also occurs to me that Adam Shulman rarely wears dark-colored skinny jeans and maybe that’s the difference. Shulman loves a white skinny jean. Ugh.

Anyway, these are some photos of your Swede leaving Sushi Roku in LA. I don’t know if he was eating lunch solo, or if he just exited the restaurant separately from a lunch date. If he does do sushi lunches solo, more power to him. I hate eating in restaurants alone. I know I’m old enough where I shouldn’t feel self-conscious at all, but I do. It seems like Alex is probably the kind of guy who get lunch by himself and never even think of being self-conscious. He could probably do it naked and not be self-conscious. Hm… Alex… naked… eating sushi?

We haven’t talked much about Alex recently. Just before Christmas, he completed the South Pole trek with Prince Harry, Dominic West and three teams of wounded warriors from Britain, America and the commonwealth nations. They ended up NOT doing it as a race, and everyone said Alex was a total champ and that he was very well-acclimated to the below-freezing temperatures.

I think after the South Pole trek, Alex probably spent a long holiday in Sweden, and now he’s back in LA, picking up some work. Tarzan is finally a go, with Alex in the lead role and Margot Robbie getting hired for “Jane”. That will be released in July 2016, it was just announced this week. Alex has also signed on for the “coming of age drama” called The Diary of a Teenage Girl. He will costar with Kristen Wiig.



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Nur says:

    You are not the only one with a blind spot when it comes to Alex. Sigh..

  2. Lilacflowers says:

    What a lovely way to start the morning. Alex on one thread. Viggo on another. Snowstorm? What snowstorm?

  3. Sixer says:

    I think the skinny jeans is just a European thing. All the boys hereabouts wear skinny jeans, skinny jeans, or skinny jeans. Including the Sixlets.

  4. Lark says:

    He’s so hot. I can’t help but feel though that this Tarzan remake is going to be a disaster. As a piece of literature in context with its time and the cartoon…it is fine. However, trying to translate it to the screen with two super Nordic stars where one is going to be wearing a lion cloth…it’s going to be at best white savior and at worst bordering on flat out racist. Some books should just not be made into movies and I feel like this is a prime example.

  5. LAK says:

    I tend to dislike his casual look, but he looks really good here.

  6. 'p'enny says:

    Right ! My new crush… move over Tom.
    I am behind on my True Blood, but looking forward to Tarzen, not sure if will be as good as Christopher Lambert. but,,,arrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaagh

  7. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I sort of like to eat at a nice restaurant by myself every once in a while, especially if I’m traveling alone. At first I pretend to read a book, but then I settle in and enjoy it. Especially if there’s good eavesdropping to be had.

  8. Lex says:

    I enjoy eating alone. It’s liberating! You can’t sit there on your phone the whole time either – sit back, look around, enjoy the ambiance!

  9. CaribbeanLaura says:

    Mayebe it’s the fact that he’s really tall (and well built) that helps him pull off this look. Anne H’s beau is really tiny right?

  10. lucy2 says:

    I think he’s already been filming the one with Kristin Wiig, but I might be wrong. And for some reason the skinny jeans don’t bother me on him – he looks best in a great suit though.
    I don’t know what to make of this Tarzan thing. It seems like it should be terrible, but they got a really good cast so maybe the script is actually decent?

  11. Hautie says:

    Wasn’t he in the military when he was in his 20′s? Like their (Sweden) Marines? I just never got the pretty boy (I’m too delicate to sweat) vibe off Skarsgard. As in he just strikes me as all male. So that frozen trip he did in December, seems like it would have been something he would enjoyed. And not whined the entire time. :)

    And think of that wonderful picture of him, butt naked, sitting on that commode. Oh my.

    I rather see Skarsgard wearing pants that fit like these. And I don’t care that they hug his calves. At all. Then again, I have always hated those baggy ass, prison pants thing… with a red hot passion. So I am thrilled to see a grown man, in a pair of pants that actually fit.

  12. GiGi says:

    Hot. He’s not really even that attractive, but he’s just hot, you know?

    Isn’t True Blood in production now? I think they usually start after Christmas.

  13. Maureen says:

    How long before Alex and Margot are doin’ it?

    • Lele25 says:

      I would love to see that pairing. They woul be an unbearably attractive couple.

    • LostinSpace33 says:

      That was my very first thought when I read the Tarzan announcement. She’s EXACTLY the type he tends to go for: beautiful (check!), blonde (check!), single (check!), significantly younger (check, check!) Just waiting for the sparks to fly and the rumors, too! I laughed outloud when I read a Tweet by Josh Dickey (editor of The Wrap) the other day that said, “Sorry, whoever’s dating Alexander Skarsgard and/or Margot Robbie right now, but there’s just NO WAY you are surviving that TARZAN shoot.” ROTFL!

  14. Maureen says:

    And he does look amazing. Always. Best physique in the business IMO.

  15. eliza says:

    I ♥ him. He is the ONLY reason I still drag myself to watch True Blood. So glad it is coming to an end because it is almost unbearable to watch save for Alex.

  16. FingerBinger says:

    It’s always interesting how women get angry at men that ogle women and talk about their looks,yet the women on this site do it all the time. That said he is a good looking guy who also happens to be a decent actor.

  17. Minx says:

    Dear lord in heaven he is beautiful. Inside and out, it would seem. Good to see him out and about again and back on this site. Thanks Kaiser, I needed that! I like his casual style. It’s not fussy or too sloppy. It’s just right for a guy, IMO, and he can pull off the skinny jeans because his legs are 17 miles long. I agree with Hautie though. I’d rather see him wear something that fits his cute little butt. Pretty excited about Tarzan too. The cast is exceptional and with Yates on board, I think it will be good.

  18. Scooter says:

    All I can think when I see ASkars is, “oh my god GET ON ME”! That boy is fine. He can wear whatever he wants, in my book.

  19. Dopey says:

    A quick scan through the comments reveals that I’m the only saddo to notice his almost sheer T-shirt. And yes, I zoomed in.

    ETA: Middle pic

  20. coco says:

    Umm, what do you mean “he likes to squeeze into things”
    wishful thinking..or are you in the know?

  21. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    I love him and have missed seeing pics of him. Tall drink of very sexy water that one.

  22. cr says:

    He finished filming DOATG last Monday apparently, and then started on TB a week ago.

    And I know Kaiser doesn’t like this look on him, but it’s much better than he used to dress even three or four years ago. At least his pants fit him now.

    As for did he dine alone? Well, I’m pretty sure that he has no problem doing so. But, considering that there pics of him entering the restaurant with nothing in his hand except the parking stub, and then leaving with paper in his hand, probably some sort of business lunch.


    (via characteristically exuberant tumblr)

  23. LilyT says:

    He is just… Delicious. That’s the only word I can come up with right now.. Such a crush on this one ☺️

  24. Tig says:

    Watched him in “What Mazie Knew”- he is a gorgeous man, but his judgement re film roles is suspect. “Mazie” was every stereotype writ large, and don’t get me started on “Melancholia”. Hopefully, Tarzan will at least have him in a loincloth!

  25. Jen34 says:

    He’s glorious and can do no wrong.

  26. pato says:

    He´s so hot and even if I probably won´t watch Tarzan (who on Earth thought that was a good movie to make?) he and Margot (I absolutely adore her) are going to be too hot to handle. Gosh…it´s already hot in here!

  27. Moi says:

    Eating alone is cathartic at times. Or is actually no big deal. My daughter is half Swedish. Her family of Swedes have their very own cemetery here in Austin, it’s huge, her grandfather is 100% Swedish, (I won’t post the last name). But anyhow, I will always love the swedes due to that.