Julia Roberts’ half-sister wrote a suicide note, allegedly citing relationship with Julia

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Yesterday we covered the news that Julia Roberts’ half sister on her mother’s side, 37 year-old Nancy Motes, was found deceased on Sunday in a bathtub, in an apartment of someone whose dog she was watching. There were prescription and non-prescription drugs at the scene and it was being treated as an overdose. It looked like it could have been accidental. So many people have tragically died from prescription drug overdoses and fatal drug interactions. Only now it looks intentional. The coroner has confirmed that a suicide note was found and that it’s being treated as a suicide.

The NY Daily News has a source who claims that Motes’ suicide note was five pages long and included “three pages of rantings that her sister drove her to do this.” Please note that these details are from an alleged source, they’re not official. Here’s more:

Julia Roberts’ late half-sister left a suicide note citing her tortured relationship with the Oscar winner, a source close to the investigation told the Daily News Tuesday.

“It was definitely a suicide. She left a five-page suicide letter. The EMT found it,” the source told The News.

“There were three pages of rantings that her sister drove her to do this. There was one page to her mom, telling her how much she loved her, and one page apologizing to (her fiancé John Dilbeck),” the source said.

Dilbeck found the body of Nancy Motes, 37, about 2 p.m. Sunday in a bathtub filled with water at a Los Angeles home, the source said.

Motes had been pet-sitting for a client who rented the home. She may have been dead for about 12 hours before her body was found, the source said.

“It looks like a pill overdose,” the source said.

Motes, a Georgia native, was the daughter of Roberts’ mother, Betty Lou, and stepfather, Michael Motes.

She had a falling out with Roberts, 46, after giving a tell-all interview last summer and accusing the “Pretty Woman” actress of blocking her access to their sick mother, the source said.

In the days leading up to Motes’ death, she sounded emotionally unstable in posts on her Twitter account.

“So my ‘sister’ said that with all her friends & fans she doesn’t need any more love. Just so you all know ‘America’s Sweetheart’ is a B—-!!’” she tweeted on Jan. 20, referring to Roberts’ star turn in the 2001 rom-com “America’s Sweethearts.”

[From US Weekly]

Again, these are not confirmed details, and the NY Daily News reports that the coroner said that he didn’t believe the note was five pages. We do know that Nancy tweeted a bunch of stuff recently about how she was having issues with Julia, and we also know that Nancy went on the record in the recent past to say that she had a troubled relationship with her famous half sister.

This is a tough story to cover, and I’m just going to say what I said yesterday: whatever was in that note, this is not on Julia. This woman was struggling with her own demons and this was her own choice. People go through all sorts of horrible things in life and don’t make the final decision to end their life. Nancy had problems, she thought Julia was one of them, but we don’t know the whole story. This is just sad. Radar is reporting that Nancy was a prescription drug addict. Their source claims that Julia repeatedly tried to convince Nancy to go to rehab, but that “Nancy refused the offers and that is when she would often publicly lash out at Julia.

Julia has canceled several appearances scheduled for this week. I am dreading to see what the tabloids are going to do with this. It’s late-breaking so it may not make this week’s editions.

Since this news came out, someone has gone through Nancy’s Instagram and Twitter and deleted most everything.

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  1. minxx says:

    OMG, that’s awful. I’m not a big fan of Julia but regardless of what really happened between them, this must be terrible for her.

    • bowers says:

      I agree with both your comments. Her sister has some horrible problems, and an obsessive hate toward Julia Roberts.

      • MCraw says:

        This is horrible. Not saying that this is on Julia, but we have to realize that the things we do or don’t do for our relatives has an impact and it can be fatal if we pay no attention. We don’t know the true nature of their relationship, maybe Julia kept distance because of her drug issues? I guess I’m not comfortable with the idea that Julia or any other person has no responsibility towards their sibling. I’m the eldest of 7. If one of them were angry at me or jealous of my success (which I have experienced on my local level) , I push harder to cover them in love and self-acceptance. We have a responsibility to each other. This story is sad all around.

      • KatieKat says:

        MCraw, I come from a very dysfunctional family and have 5 siblings. At some point you have to draw the line and accept that you can’t force change on a family member or anyone and are not responsible for their actions. It is very sad, but I’m just not on board with what you’re saying. I don’t know if you’ve been pushed to the limits to make such a drastic decision for your own mental health and overall safety- but that’s a good fortunate thing that I don’t wish on anyone to have to experience.

      • KatieKat says:

        Sorry, I guess your comment hit close to home- my point was I don’t think Julia or anyone else should feel responsibility for this woman taking her life.

      • MCraw says:

        Katie, I understand when there’s severe dysfunction and you have to remove yourself for your own mental protection. I just don’t know if that’s the case w Julia. Many celebs leave their families behind because they don’t fit the mold of the ppl they want in their new lifestyle. Like ridiculing her sisters weight or looks. Obviously her envy was extreme if she dedicated 3 of 5 pages of a suicide note to Julia. Idk, I would lose it if my sibling made that clear to me as their final words- could I have done more? I can’t imagine the guilt and grief I would feel.

      • JojoAnn says:

        Nancy is simply not a reliable. She claims that Julia mocked her weight but who knows. It could have been a mere n insensitive statement at Thanksgiving or a gentle pressure to get healthy. Even if it was a cruel and sustained attack, theres something deeply wrong with a grown woman who not only didnt remove herself from that relationship but stuck around with her hand extended for money and a job and still had the audacity to give interviews and tweet this stuff. I hate to say it but it seems alot like Borderline Personality Disorder, this fixating on someone and then loathing them with such a passion that you cant forget them and going as far as suicide to punish them. I feel very bad for Julia.

      • Samanthalous says:

        From having a sister with extreme hate towards my happiness and success I feel for Julia. This woman had clear issues and Julia is not responsible for her. These are adults and if they have issues they need to sort them on their own not blame someone else. How can you blame someone else for seeing how toxic you are and not wanting you to be part of their life. Good for Julia for protecting herself from someone who clearly is not in the right mindset.

      • Mayamae says:


        I don’t think she was murdered, but it is a little surprising that a woman with body image problems would choose to be found naked.

      • Brittaki says:

        I agree KatieKit. It’s not fair to pin responsibility for an individual’s actions on their family members. Often it is necessary for family members to remove themselves in order to cope with the pain of having a destructive family member. My sister, whom I’m close to and love very much, is an alcoholic and I’ve struggled deeply with trying to help her, and have at times blamed myself for not trying hard enough to save her from her demons. It’s only been with help from Al Anon that I’ve realized I’m powerless over her addiction, and it’s not up to me to save her from her disease. I will always love her and I will continue to hope she will return to her old self and pull herself out of the hole she’s fallen into, but I am not to blame for her problem. I have had to pull back from her in order to help myself deal with her condition and what it’s done to our family, and I now know that pulling away from her destruction is the only thing I can do to keep myself from falling into the hole with her.

        Whether or not Julia and her sister were close, Julia is absolutely not responsible for the horrible thing that transpired.

      • Nina says:

        I agree with KatieKit and Brittaki. My older sister has borderline personality disorder, and emotionally and physically abused me growing up. I only recently cut her out of my life a few months ago after she assaulted me and told me she was going to murder me. In a way she did me a favour, because for years my parents just couldn’t understand why we couldn’t get along, and made excuses for my sister, insisting that she’s just “passionate”. When you have toxic family members who are unwilling to accept that they have issues they need to sort out, I think that you just need to sever your ties with them, and not hold yourself responsible for the choices they make.

    • Latisse says:

      This woman is so selfish. Suicide is already an extremely selfish act but to go as far as to explicitly blame someone else for it on your way out: just vindictive, selfish, and cruel. From everything I’ve read about this story, twitter rants included, this woman was severely fixated and envious of Julia to the point that she was unable to go on with her own life. I find it very telling that the suicide note was allegedly 3/5ths hate for Julia, 1/5th love for her fiance, and 1/5th love for her mom.

      It seems that she thought she too was entitled to fame and fortune, I am not sure why. And upon being unable to achieve it, lashed out at Julia in the most hurtful and permanent way. Jealousy is a really harmful thing, and I suppose it can be taken as a silver lining that she didn’t take Julia’s life as well.

      • Jen says:

        Latisse, did you ever hear of the word “illness”? You don’t know Nancy Motes. You have no right to say what her views were on fame and fortune or anything else for that matter. She was a very sick woman. Her thoughts were sick. Hold your insults. You have no right.

      • Latisse says:

        You are right. I have no right to say that she felt entitled to fame and fortune because I don’t know if that was the case, that’s just my guess. That being said, I stand by the rest of my statement.

        When people take their lives because they are so bowled over by depression or because they have a chronic illness that causes unbearable pain, that I totally sympathize with. But this woman took her life as a vindictive act. One last F U to Julia Roberts AND she did it in the house of an innocent bystander who had been kind enough to employ her. WTH?

        That is so screwed up and selfish. I do not sympathize with someone who would do something like that. Just because someone dies, does not automatically make them a martyr. This is someone who set out to hurt other people by killing herself and I think that it is very, very lucky that she didn’t also physically harm anyone before harming herself.

      • Jag says:

        Julia and the rest of the family apparently bullied Nancy about her weight her entire life, according to what Nancy said. I completely understand what Nancy was going through, but I do wish that rather than throw her life away, she would’ve sought help until she got the help she so desparately needed.

        She seemed to be deeply jealous of Julia, and I understand that, too, since I had a sister who was into frilly dresses and all the things that my mother wished I had been. My sister was favored and called pretty and given everything she ever wanted, while I was dismissed, had to get a job at 15 to buy my car and keep it on the road, and I was neglected to the point of not even getting a bra until I was wearing a B cup. (Mom asked the sales clerk for a training bra, and the lady looked shocked and told her I would need something MUCH bigger than that.)

        Add to that my sister reveling in the attention and taunting me about things that she had that I didn’t. I can see Julia doing that, and apparently she was still saying negative things about Nancy’s weight even recently.

        This lady had problems and there was a way to deal with them; it’s unfortunate for the people who loved her that she didn’t search out how to heal. (I did, btw. It’s just easy for me to talk about what happened to me in my past.)

        RIP Nancy

      • Ok says:

        Latisse — your second post where you point out that she killed herself in someone else’s home. …….. That was the one detail that glared out of this situation.

        I was half wondering if it was really a suicide because why would you want to kill yourself in someone else’s house? I was wondering if someone set her up.

        I think I have been watching too many murder mysteries, 48-hours, Dateline, etc shows again. When it looks like a suicide, I seem to automatically think maybe it was just a set up to cover up a murder.

        And, yes, I know. I am basing that on thin air and nothing. I know.

      • mytbean says:

        Once again, another person who really misses the entire point of what REAL depression is. Forgive me if I come across as pizzy but this really irritates me.

        Depression is NOT just being really bummed out. It’s not being sad. An episode where a person will spiral down can be irritated and seemingly triggered by certain things (fat shaming or sister rejection or jealousy) but depression itself is NOT caused by that. The selfish behavior you’re berating was a result of her delusional thinking which she had no control over – She genuinely thought that nothing mattered, that everyone hated her, that the world was sh*t, and that others would be completely indifferent to her death. How can you ask someone to be selfless and kind and happy when these ideas are completely real to them?

        Depression is debilitating both physically and mentally. The toxic thoughts a person has while struggling with depression are not of their control because the chemical balances won’t allow a recovery even if they attempt to think positively. Negative thoughts feel more appropriate and in sync with the way their brain is functioning.

        So many people suffer with this in silence because of people like you – who tell them how selfish it is to feel the way they do. They feel flawed and faulty and weak and do not go get real help because they are trying to exercise a control they do not have to impress people who think the way you do. It sounds very much like her sister suffered with depression and self-medicated with everything she could find to numb the pain.

        I feel sorry for her and her family. The entire ordeal is terrible and sad and I have nothing but sympathy for them.

      • Latisse says:

        @Ok, but who would want to kill her though? I’m all for conspiracy theories, but I just can’t think of one person that would mean her harm. Unless you think JR would? I hate Julia “thousand-watt-smile” Roberts as much as the next guy but even I don’t think that she is capable of murder.

      • Latisse says:

        @Mythbean: Nope. Sorry, I never said she was selfish for feeling any which way. I don’t know how she felt as I clarified in my second post. I said she was selfish for ACTING the way she did. I stand by that. I am talking about her actions. She killed herself in the house of her employer and then blamed it on a sister who had previously obtained employment for her. That is inherently a grossly selfish act whatever way you slice it.

        Also she clearly didn’t think that people would be indifferent to her death. The very act of leaving a suicide note says she was aware that there were people (mother, fiance, and JR) who would care in the event of her demise.

        When Brooke Mueller acts in an utterly selfish manner towards her sons, we deride that behavior as unacceptable, self-serving, and selfish regardless of her myriad mental issues and or her drug dependence. I see no difference here. This woman acted in a callous, selfish manner. That’s it.

      • bluhare says:

        Mytbean, that was written by someone who’s been there. I’ve been there too. I’ve been so depressed I can’t think straight, yet no one around me really knew. Yes, they knew I wasn’t as happy, but that was about it. It’s awful, it’s lonely, and no one gets it.

      • gg says:

        The worst thing a person can do is go out with extremely petty comments against a family member. The worst. And that includes putting mean comments in wills. This departed lady’s tweets were completely out of order and display deep mental disorders.

        And HOW could she do this to her fiance’, most of all. How horrible for her family.

      • Erinn says:

        Agreed with mytbean.

        I’ve struggled with severe depression as recently as last month. It wasn’t one of my worst episodes, but I had to somehow drag myself to work, and then I’d get home and just sob, and not do a thing. House was a mess. I didn’t want to eat, or talk to anyone, or even just sit on the couch and watch tv. I didn’t want to die, but I also didn’t want to exist. Which is a weird feeling. In the past, because of the depression I had thought that everyone would be so much better off without me. I was a burden. I drug them down. I have a wonderful fiance who I’d never want to cause any pain to, but there have been times where I just think “he could be so much happier”.

        That’s the thing with depression. You THINK you’re helping the people you love by considering removing yourself from their lives. You don’t think you’re being selfish – you think you’re sacrificing yourself to make their lives better. And it’s sad, and people just don’t understand that if they haven’t been there. No matter how hard you try to understand the thought process of someone with true, severe depression, unless you’ve been there you can’t grasp it.

      • Daisy says:

        Re the murder theory-perhaps she was worried no one would look for her in her own home

      • msw says:

        I feel for those of you who have struggled with depression to this point. I am truly glad you are here on this planet. I feel for you. I have had problems with severe depression myself, and thankfully, I got better.

        I don’t know what latisse’s experiences are, so I will speak only for myself. I am a survivor of an immediate family member’s suicide. Make no mistake about it, it is a horrible thing to happen to a family or to your friends. I realize the action may not come fro thoughts of selfishness, but believe me, suicide causes unbearable suffering to those who love you. I understand my brother was in pain. But I don’t think I will ever be able to think of his suicide as unselfish, and it’s been 22 years. Before anyone jumps on me for being insensitive or just not getting it, I’m not and I do–but survivors matter too. as much as he felt his life was unbearable,I am allowed to feel it was still selfish (especially since he blame his ex girlfriend in a suicide note), and my right to feel that way doesn’t disappear just because he was struggling with depression.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I agree with much of what mythbean and Erinn say, as I have been there myself. I have been so depressed that each day was a minute to minute, hour to hour struggle to survive. I understand how someone can be in so much pain that death would seem a relief. And Bluhare, I know how it is to keep it to yourself, and the ungodly loneliness of that. Everybody is different, and I’m not saying I know what this woman was going through or thinking, but where I disagree is that no matter how rough things have gotten, a small part of me has always known that the people who love me would never get over it if I killed myself. Even if they would be “better off” as I have sometimes felt, they would carry that guilt and sorrow to their graves. And I wouldn’t do that to them. So, I get what Latisse is saying about it being selfish. I think that it is.

      • mytbean says:

        Latisse – You are pasting a selfish label on her ACTIONS because you don’t understand that SHE was not in control. It’s like saying a driver acted recklessly in an accident where the car’s steering and breaks completely fail.

        I feel genuine sympathy for survivors of suicide. My husband and mother suffer with severe depression and I had a friend make a nearly successful attempt at suicide a few years back. For a long time I was angry. I was furious that this person who was healthy, smart, loved and financially stable could do something so “selfish”. Today, I’m ashamed to admit that I walked away from her for a while after that because I’d grown tired of telling her how great things were for her but for it to fall on seemingly deaf ears.

        Karma is a b*tch yall. Heredity and daily exposure to my husband’s depression finally triggered my own severe episodes about ten years ago. Until that time I just did not understand AT ALL. People with real depression recognize when others don’t get it because it is not sadness. It really is closer to what I felt when I was in mourning – but 1000 times worse because it is relentless. It’s the difference between a sinus headache and full-blown week-long migraine (depression seems to have brought a gift basket full of those too -tyvm).

        Part of why I’m sensitive about this perception is because people with mental disorders are STILL stigmatized based on the idea that it’s an unhealthy thinking pattern problem and not a chemical imbalance. I believe it can be both (and often is) but without regulating the chemistry, better mental hygiene cannot take hold.

        I’m leaving it at that. Those who get it, get it.

      • bluhare says:

        I’m all choked up (in a good way), GoodNames. Thank you for that.

      • mytbean says:

        k – I lied – I thought this was a relevant blog from someone who suffers: http://natashatracy.com/mental-illness/depression/people-attempt-suicide-dont-want-die/

        I also want to say that for those of you who avoided suicide – who could think through it and still find validity in the very real idea that people love you and would miss you if you were gone. That is wonderful. I mean that genuinely. I think for Nancy, if she did feel anything at all, the substances in her system probably further warped everything and pushed her over the edge. So sad. The whole thing. I need some chocolate. sigh. :(

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Hugs, Bluhare.

        Thank you, mytbean. I’m sorry for all that you have been through, and you make so many good points. Great link. I’m sorry I accidentally called you mythbean. Have some chocolate for me, too.

      • TG says:

        I agree it sounds like this woman was an a**hole to the very bitter end. I have come to believe based on the disfunctional people in my family that if all you are doing is sucking energy and life out of others than you serve no purpose. Her death is a good riddance. Doesn’t matter that she was on drugs writing a crappy suicide note blaming anyone shows what kind of jerk you are.

      • Latisse says:

        Mytbean, I didn’t want to bring this up because I don’t like it when internet discussions become my hardships vs. yours but I struggle with severe anxiety and have since I was a child. So please do not tell me that I do not understand how debilitating mental illness can be. Because I do.

        It is because I have personal experience with a mental disorder (which manifests itself in me in obsessive and disordered thought patterns) that I believe it is NOT an excuse to act like a selfish a-hole. Sorry, it’s just not!

        I have felt this way about people that I have met in group therapy sessions IRL. If you’ve ever been to a GTS, then you know the type I am talking about. The one that always refuses to take responsibility, the one that is convinced that everything wrong is someone else’s fault and has nothing to do with them.

        I think that those people: people that use their disorder as carte-blanche to act in terribly self-centered ways gives EVERYONE that struggles a bad name. So yes, I stand by calling this woman utterly selfish.

      • msw says:

        Mytbean, with all due respect, i think you are confusing selfishness with intent to hurt. A person can be unintentionally selfish. Depression and addiction are similar in this way. They are both devastatingly suffocating. But a person always has a choice. I dont think it helps to imply they don’t steer the ship at that point; that just contributes to feelings of helplessness and hopelessness.

        You always have a choice. Please call 911 if you think you may hurt yourself or someone else. There are peopke who love you. Its not worth it.

      • pru says:

        mytbean, Erin, GNAT & bluehare – I can sympathize as I have been there myself.
        @msw -” I dont think it helps to imply they don’t steer the ship at that point”. I can tell you from my own experience, I wasn’t steering the ship. I couldn’t get out of bed for days, I didn’t eat for days, or bath, couldn’t take care of myself in the slightest way. The emotional pain was so profound and took over everything. I really had no control of my action, or in-actions.
        @Latisse – I too have an anxiety disorder. I have agoraphobic tendencies, that at one point caused me to have multiple panic attacks every day. As you know, panic attacks are irrational reactions to a situation or feeling that you can’t control. Suicidal thoughts are just as irrational.
        “Struggle” really isn’t a strong enough word to describe severe depression and sometimes there will be people who just won’t understand. My days of depression are passed, but it still hurts when I hear people criticize someone for suicidal behavior. But I’m thankful, in a really weird way, that some just don’t understand – it means they have never been there themselves, never experienced it. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

      • msw says:

        Pru, I don’t mean you have total control during depression. I know you don’t from first hand experience. But I do believe that even when we feel we are completely out of control, we continue to make choices daily. We don’t always feel like it, by cause depression has a cruel way of hanging a dark curtain on everything. You chose to live and keep going. I hope the worst of your depression is behind you.

        for me, suicide was never an option, no matter how bad it got. I knew too much about the agony suicide leaves in its wake.

      • Belle Epoch says:

        Please do not call this a “selfish act.” It feels that way to the rest of us because of the devastating consequences. And it seems to the rest of us who are still here that the dead person was only thinking about themselves. But people who commit suicide are not “selfish,” they are in hell. Their thinking is not normal. They may feel the world would be better off without them – which is actually the opposite of selfish.

        I know from personal experience it doesn’t play out that way, but please try not to shame someone who is dead. You don’t know what they felt or why.

      • Tealevs says:

        Thank you to everyone who has shared their experience with depression. You are all amazing human beings with so much strength to deal with you have had to.

        And thank you, again, because you have truly helped me understand some of the feelings that I have been having and struggling with for a while now. Like Erinn has said, there are countless times where I feel absolutely worthless and simply no longer want to exist anymore.

        Seeing what you have all said has given me hope that people can be strong and will eventually get through this.

      • Sal says:

        Actually, suicide is far from selfish. Sometimes those who attempt it feel its an unselfish way of sparing their families ongoing pain dealing with them and they feel they’re doing their familya favour. Also, it takes a person to be in a lot of pain to over-ride the survival instinct hard-wired in all of us. It really annoys me when people when people call suicide selfish. To the person attempting it, it may be in their mind, an unselfish act.

      • Latisse says:

        Here is where my problem is: if she had just killed herself, that would be one thing. But she went out of her way to blame her decision on her sister AND she did it in an employer’s house while she was supposed to be taking care of a dog that depended on her. And you STILL want to tell me that was not the height of selfishness? We are going to have to agree to disagree.

      • Sal says:

        I was just speaking in general; about how people make the statement that suicide is selfish. I do agree with you that the circumstances surrounding her suicide as you outlined, was very selfish.

    • The Wizz says:

      Yep, I know most people dislike her on this site, but if this story is true I think it show more how mentally ill her half sister was than how horrible Julia may or may not be (and therefore suggests that all those ridiculous hate stories that have been coming out from Nancy about JR perhaps are not to be believed)

  2. Lark says:

    Tragic all around. Gross how Radar and other tabloids are making their usual BS up already about this poor woman’s death. I know people give Julia a lot of shit, but Eric Roberts was abusive and had drug problems and her sister had drug problems—and if the rumor was true that Julia had a major coke problem back in the 1990s I can see why she may have stayed away from them for her own personal health reasons. This whole story just makes me feel icky and sad. And this is not on Julia at all, and I hope the tabloids don’t get gross and try and take that angle.

  3. Miss Jupitero says:

    It’s not on Julia. This is horribly tragic on every level. I’ve seen my share of wrathfully addicts who will not be helped. It’s not pretty.

    As an aside: can you imagine your dog walker deciding to commit suicide in your bathtub? I suspect there are plenty of people reeling from this. Thisis all kinds of effed up. I even feel sorry for the dog.

  4. Shannon1972 says:

    I don’t believe it. The police said yesterday that there was no note found at the scene and they see treating it as an accident, not a suicide. And I agree that this is not on Julia, no matter what was said in the past. Every family has their struggles, and having America’s sweetheart for a sister must have been ridiculously hard. But her demons were hers and she chose to assuage them with drugs. Very sad all around.

  5. yuya says:

    I am not a Julia Roberts fan at all, and I think she is probably a bitch.

    Saying that, addicts can be horribly abusive and blaming when you finally cut them out of your life. All of the sudden their bad life choices are your fault and if only you did more, they would be fine.

    I think her sister had addiction issues and also felt that she deserved fame just like Julia. Not everyone is cut out to be an actor and revered by the masses. She could have done something else with her life but chose to try and become an actor like her siblings and when it didn’t work out, targeted Julia for the blame.

  6. Original Tessa says:

    This chick sounds like a lunatic. That can’t be blamed on Julia.

  7. eliza says:

    I am no fan of Roberts but this is not her fault. This poor woman obviously had many issues, including a substance abuse problem. Very sad she was hurting so and was unable to get the help she needed in order to lead a happier life.

  8. Andrea1 says:

    Thanks for posting this CB and I love your take on it. I hope this alleged 5 page suicide note isn’t true and that she didn’t blame Julia because that would be very unfair and the most callous thing to do to Julia IMHO. I don’t like julia at all because I know people will want to tear Me down for this. But obviously no one knew anything that was going on behind the scene. This woman brought Julia down severally and acted like a bitter sister. Julia doesn’t owe anyone help or does she owe anyone an explanation on how to spend her money… How is it cool to kill yourself in someone else’s house I can only imagine how the owner of the house must be feeling now. And this woman obviously had her own demons she was fighting! But putting it all on Julia wow that’s just the meanest thing ever.

  9. Mel says:

    Suicide is a selfish act that hurts your own family and friends. It difficult enough to understand how ppl can do that to their loved ones but I will never understand why some drag strangers into that mess.

    • maynot says:

      Right. According to my personal esperience, suicidal acts are often committed against s.o. (family partners friends, etc.). Friends of mine committed suicide, destroying their families. Their wives, children, parents have been living in regret blaming themselves for years and even decades now. They will never be able to move on. It’s so sad. I’m praying this will never happen to me.

    • HadleyB says:

      If she was severely depressed she would think everyone would be better off without her there. Having dealt with it in my own family I also understand it, it’s hard, painful and makes me angry but it’s not selfish. When you are THAT depressed you think you are such a horrid person that everything in OTHER peoples lives will also be better if you are gone.

      An addict might be a different story, my family member was severely depressed and reading his journal after was … sad, horrifying but also made me understand what was going through his head. And yes, people had told him throughout his life he was not a good person, so that is why I can say other people CAN cause you do things if you really think you are not good enough all your life when someone telling you all the time or making fun of you.

      So don’t assume everyone is selfish for doing such a thing. It’s an ignorant statement.

      • Irishserra says:

        @HadleyB: I absolutely agree with you. When a person commits suicide, they’re very obviously not of a sound mind. Sadly, we’ve experienced several suicides in the past decade within our family and circle of friends and all of them were kind, loving and giving individuals. I will never understand what happened to lead them to their conclusions, but I don’t consider them selfish to do so; just desperate.

      • Lily says:

        It’s not an ignorant statement it’s an opinion. And opinion held by many who have to deal with suicide or suicide attempts first hand. Ppl commit this act for different reasons and sometimes it is to “punish” others they blame for their hardships or pain which is a selfish act.

      • Jen says:

        You are absolutely right. It is an ignorant statement from ignorant people. They don’t realize how offensive they themselves are. When you know and love someone who has committed suicide, then maybe you can comment on the type of person they were.

      • Tara says:

        I do believe the whole “suicide is a selfish act” thing is an extremely harmful, insensitive generalization, opinion or otherwise. It has been a while since I’ve been that depressed or suicidal, so I have more distance and can hear what people are saying about the devastating effect on friends and family. However, I think there are different kinds of suicides. As many different motivations as there are for buying a toaster. However selfish the act is in how it’s felt by those around the suicide, I think it’s dangerous hubris to assume the pain caused those around them exceeds the pain of the person who decided to end their life. I’m not religious, but the words “There but for the grace of god, go I” come to mind. It really is a sad thing all around. Calling any of the people in this a-holes is just a-holish.

  10. lizzy says:

    She was obviously crazy crazy jealous of Julia.

  11. MrsBPitt says:

    Wow….this is a tragic story…and as much I am not a Julia fan…I agree this is not on her…No one knows what truly went on in this family. Its very hard dealing with an addict. They hate you, and try to make you feel guilty for not enabling and for taking a “tough love” stance. Sadly, many times, an addict doesn’t want help to get clean…plus, I’m sure it really was difficult for Nancy to grow up in “perfect” Julia’s shadow…anyway, no judgements from me…addictions are horrible, and unfortunately, they seem to be on the rise…

  12. Luca26 says:

    Julia may be a difficult person but this isn’t in anyway her fault. The tabloids have hit a new low between this story and the coverage of Phillip Seymour Hoffman . I wish they would leave these families alone to grieve.

  13. Mrs. Darcy says:

    Agree, I am not much of a Julia fan at all, but her sister clearly struggled with self image and jealousy of her more successful sister. That is not on her. It seems like Julia made an effort to employ and help her sister where she could so I really can’t knock her here. There was a U.K. article on the sister not long ago where she blamed Julia calling her fat for like her whole life, but sorry at some point she needed to get over it. It’s sad, it seems like she had people in her life who loved her

  14. Ellie66 says:

    She looks like she was having a problems with prescription drugs in the pics of her she looks high. Poor girl it has to be hard being the sister of a famous star but what she did is nobody’s fault but hers. :(

  15. Putchka says:

    Can’t blame suicide on anyone. But Julia is a known, nasty bitch.

  16. Evi says:

    For a sibling to be so enraged, I do think there was something awry in that relationship. I have a half sibling as well that isn’t the nicest person on this planet, and can get the anger. But Twitter is the wrong way to go about things.

  17. kibbles says:

    Motes was emotionally and mentally unstable. I can imagine how difficult it would be to live in a beautiful, wealthy, and famous sibling’s shadow. Motes probably suffered from low self-esteem her entire life not only because of her weight struggles, but also because she probably felt like a loser in comparison to a sister who seemingly has it all: looks, money, fame, a successful career, and a family.

    Julia might not have been the most supportive sister, but I don’t think she is to blame for Motes not having the ability to live a healthy and happy life. Also, why would she decide to commit suicide in a client’s home while watching their dog? Her clients probably didn’t deserve coming home to find out that their dog was abandoned and someone killed themselves in their bathtub.

    This woman was very troubled and might have still felt anger towards Julia even if she had had a stronger relationship with her siblings. Few people would be able to compete with an Oscar winning actress.

  18. serena says:

    I feel bad for Julia, now everybody will say it’s her fault when really.. Nancy seemed like a very troubled and disturbed woman. I get the feeling Nancy was traumatized in some way by Julia’s career and she became an attention-seeker (I believe Julia bullied her for her weight but that’s another issue) .. you can’t blame a person for your drug abuse, that’s just on you.

    So sad.

  19. shitler says:

    It’s not fair to blame this on Julia. How does someone push someone else into suicide?

    • HadleyB says:

      Easily if you are not a strong personality or it wears you down after YEARS of mental abuse. Someone bullying you every day, making fun of you – your appearance, your intelligence, your life etc. What about those who are so heart broken they can’t live without someone? or a parent or spouse yelling at you daily, bringing you down mentally? You start to doubt yourself, think badly about yourself, maybe they are right, the world is better off without me etc etc.

      We have no idea what Julia did the years they were together, or what snippets she might have said when they were adults. Some comments can live with you for years. Depression is a horrible disease and can get very severe.

      • Luca26 says:

        I think it’s fair to remember that there were reports that Nancy’s father and Julia’s stepdad was abusive. Personally I think that childhood abuse at the hands of her father is probably the source of Nancy’s instability and even some of the problems with Julia (and probably Julia’s epic bitchiness). I don’t doubt that Julia was a mean and unkind person but Nancy definitely seemed to feel that Julia was supposed to support her financially and sold tabloid stories about her and possibly even attempted to sell pictures of her kids that’s all abusive behavior too.
        Ultimately Nancy’s life was her own. It’s cruel to blame Julia.

  20. Frenzy says:

    I am not a fan of Julia but I don’t like how other sites are making it sound like Julia was the reason for her misery and suicide. Nancy has mental and drug problems. Julia even helped her get a job as a production assistant( Glee). There are even stories that Nancy got engaged and Julia is boycotting the wedding because she’s afraid she will pay for it. But we don’t know the real story and it’s not fair that people are judging Julia by that “suicide letter”. This is a family problem and I hope ROL or DM will stop making this their headlines. RIP Shirley Temple now that’s a story I would love to hear!

  21. sapphoandgrits says:

    Everyone needs to remember sane people do not commit suicide. I don’t mean everyone who commits or attempts to commit suicide is mentally ill, but rather AT THAT TIME they aren’t. They are desperate, in pain, whatever.

    I actually think it’s the ultimate self-hatred act for some, as it appears in this case.

  22. Autumn says:

    This hits close to home for me. My brother took his life two years ago, and at the time we weren’t speaking. I stayed away from him due to his alcohol and anger issues. I had just had my first child, and I didn’t want him around. Even though I knew I had good reasons for keeping him at a distance, I will forever feel guilty and horrible about his death. Even though I we weren’t speaking, he was my brother, and I loved him very much. I can understand what Julia is going through, even though I think she is a bitch, this is probably something she will deal with for the rest of her life.

  23. Shelby says:

    Very sad <3 May she rest in peace

  24. break says:

    I feel sorry for all the pets whose care was entrusted to an emotionally unstable drug addict. I hope the one/s who were with her in the end are OK.

  25. daisy says:

    I never liked Julia Roberts and never understood how she achieved “America’s Sweetheart” status nor did I think her acting was anything more than average. I don’t think this is her fault, but this is not making me go “oh poor Julia” and suddenly change my opinion of her. She’s such a phony. She’s still a fake b*tch who wore a shirt that said “A low Vera.” regarding the wife of the man she stole. Talk about low class.

    • SamiHami says:

      I’m not a huge fan (although I do recognize that she is a good actress). But even if every horrible thing ever said about her is true, this can’t be blamed on her.

      Nancy was clearly a troubled soul that couldn’t reconcile herself to the fact that she was never going to have the wealth and fame that Julia had. Lots of famous people have siblings that don’t achieve their level of wealth and celebrity and they seem to manage to get through life just fine. Brad Pitt has a brother. Cindy Crawford has sisters. But you don’t hear about them in the media complaining about how cruel life has been to them. They evidently just live their lives without feeling the need to blame their every woe on their famous sibling.

      Regardless of any of Julia’s sins, it was Nancy’s choice to waste her life blaming others for her unhappiness. And that is what ultimately drove her to suicide. She was troubled and unstable, and I hope very much that she has found peace now.

  26. Latisse says:

    Said yesterday, will say it again, this woman’s decision to take her life is on her NOT on Julia. For her to try to blame Julia is disgusting. Julia Roberts is a massive c**t but no way is she responsible for this woman’s choices. She had previously gotten her a job, at one time was paying her bills and THIS nonsense is what she gets in return. Wow. No good deed goes unpunished indeed. It seems to me that nothing Julia gave to this lady was ever enough, the woman felt entitled to more and more and more.

  27. minxx says:

    Committing suicide in someone else’s house, in their tub, while dog-sitting .. and then blame the sister. Sad on so many levels and yet shows utter disregard for everyone, including the poor dog.

    • jinni says:

      Exactly. She just f-ed their lives for a while. Their house is now a crime scene, they probably have to deal with media attention and being harassed. Who wants to live in a house were you know someone died? Now they might have to think of moving somewhere else. Plus apparently she wasn’t found for twelve hours, I hope she at least put some food and water in the dog’s bowl before she did what she did.

      It’s sorry that she felt the need to kill herself, but between the callousness of killing herself at another person’s home causing them to be dragged into her family’s mess and blaming her sister (who I’m not a fan of) for her own actions, she just seems like a piece of work.

  28. vic says:

    This situation puts a whole new perspective on her outstanding performance in August: Osage County. Maybe that’s why it seemed so genuine. She’s lived with an addict in her life. Very sad. I don’t think she is to blame and her sister was obviously not thinking clearly when she wrote it. Sad for their family.

  29. Marigold says:

    I think it goes without saying (for most of us, anyway) that Julia is in no way to blame. I will say that it does put other things into perspective. Like, now I do wonder whether Julia treated her the way she said Julia did (say, calling her fat). I mean, I can see that when someone cuts you out of their life and refuses to enable you, you might lash out with some truth stretchers. What’s really interesting is that when you read about interventions-removing people, pets, opportunities etc. from the addict’s life is often employed. The idea is to make them understand they are choosing to not get help instead of choosing the people and things they care about. Sometimes that works and it appears that Julia was trying to go down that road with her sister. But sometimes it doesn’t work. It’s terribly sad.

    • Emily says:

      I think this is a great point. I haven’t cared for Julia since the A Low Vera shirt, but I had previously taken the story that she bullied her sister as fact. I’m not saying that didn’t happen, but I can’t trust the source. She obviously had a desire to make Julia seem unlikeable to the general public. Whether it was for the money from selling her story or feeling like she was living a zero-sum game with Julia, I don’t know. What I do know is that when my brother went through a difficult time with alcohol, how he interpreted my behavior towards him was vastly different then what the intention was. One time I showed up at his place at 6pm and he still hadn’t woken up for the day and was hungover. I lost it and yelled at him to get up and said some other things that were not the nicest. I was at the end of my rope and just lost it with him, was sick of handling him with bubble wrap. He saw it, at the time, as me barging into his life to “hate on” him. I remember telling him I got a promotion once and he saw it as I was bragging about my great life and criticizing him for being unemployed. I’m just saying, perception is only half of reality.

  30. shellybean says:

    You are right, this is NOT on Julia! What a terrible thing to do to someone, if this is true, to leave a note blaming them! If I recall correctly, Nancy and Julia used to be quite close. And then they weren’t. I have always believed that this had more to do with Nancy than with Julia. Nancy was the one always selling her stories and screaming to the press about what a shrew Julia was. I think whatever happened, Julia had enough, distanced herself, and then her sister unleashed on her out of anger. She seemed to always be jealous of Julia’s success and beauty. I also do not buy that Julia bullied her or made fun of her about her weight. I just don’t. Nancy had some serious problems, and if she did leave a letter blaming Julia, I feel terrible for Julia. That is not right in any way, shape, or form. If true, it’s quite clear as to why she and Julia had a falling out. She would appear to be the family member who thinks the more successful one always owes her something. Bullshit.

    • Jayna says:

      It seems to me her fixation was so deep she literally killed herself to hurt Julia, to make her feel guilt. A five-page letter, with three pages spent on her hate for Julia and all of her perceived slights says it all to me. Very vindictive and calculating. I’m sure drugs played a huge part.

      It seems to me too many siblings expect to be living in the lap of luxury too and resent when the money isn’t forthcoming every time you want it, and when it isn’t, problems are there and resentment takes hold if you feel entitled to it, not wanting to hear how they will help you with rehab. If she was an addict, I am sure her whole family — this isn’t just on Julia — has tried to help her. And if she didn’t go to rehab, Julia isn’t going to support her habit. And then her mood changes probably wreaked havoc on the whole family. It was said she hadn’t spoken to her mother for six months. It sounds like she was punishing people. There are no winners in this, but if we paint Julia as some monster in this, she wins. That’s what her intent was, with all of her vicious tweets and selling that story and I believe killing herself right before the Oscars. I think she put more thought into hurting Julia when killing herself than her mother or fiance’ and their pain.

      My friend has a brother who is an addict and has sucked his family dry playing the victim and poor me. His parents would eventually cave and take care of this adult son every time as he played on their emotions. He has been in and out of jail because of drugs, not selling. He has spent long periods not talking to his siblings when he felt they wouldn’t help him and played the martyr, poor him, they have money. There were no winners in this. He was a sweet guy off drugs but a mean-spirited, blaming brother when on when he couldn’t get what he wanted from them with his calls for money yet again.

      • Latisse says:

        +1,000,000 Jayna! That is what frustrates me about this story. From reading the threatening tweets she sent beforehand and the fact that 3/5ths of the letter was dedicated to bashing Julia, coupled with the tell-all interview she gave a few months back; it seems like she really wanted to hurt Julia. And this was the only way she could think of to do it.

        Example of one of here tweets: “Hey Hag! Glad you f****ed with me yet? You’re going to LOVE what’s coming! FYI-You’re an awful, hate filled old pathetic excuse for a human.”

        It’s just gross. And the fact that if people blame Julia for this, then she wins, is so frustrating.

      • Sullivan says:

        @Latisse: those tweets are awful. In the past, I received the text version of those tweets from my sister. Reading those tweets actually made my stomach hurt.

        Nancy was in a lot of pain and she used her last moments on earth to inflict pain onto others. Especially Julia. Heaven help that family.

      • Latisse says:

        @Sullivan, I’m so sorry you had to go through something like that, that is awful. My sister and I have a contentious relationship at best but I could never imagine her sending me something so horrible in an attempt to cause me guilt, grief and sadness. I hope that you and your sister are on better terms now.

      • Sullivan says:

        @ Latisse. After years of a heartbreaking and frustrating relationship with my sister, who has been an alcoholic/drug addict since she was thirteen, I made the decision to remove myself from her life. This decision was made after years of trying to save her, defending her, simultaneously loving her and hating her. The worst part was watching how she treated my mother. The decision was hard, but healthy. Her texts were the only way she had left to lash-out at me. I eventually blocked her number. My sister has attempted suicide three times. I found her the second time. The third time was last year and by that point we had been estranged for awhile. It breaks my heart to see how much it hurts my mother. Addiction is an ugly, cruel disease that destroys families.

      • Latisse says:

        I am so sorry. That is an awful, awful, awful thing to go through. The worst part of course being feeling helpless to do anything and watching the toll this takes on your mother. Just concentrate on loving your mom as much as you can while reminding yourself that you can not torture yourself about things outside of your control. All you can control is loving your mother and trying to live a good life so that she at least feels that she can count on you to be OK. *hugs*

      • Tara says:

        Ugh. what a gross tweet. i did wonder, when blinds/reports about Julia not paying for her sister’s wedding… if there wasn’t more dysfunction on the sister’s part.

  31. nicegirl says:

    I will go on the record as being a fan of Julia Roberts’ work. I can think of several films she has appeared in that I have truly enjoyed.

    I wish the entire family strength and peace.

  32. Anon says:

    There is big age gap between Julia and her sister 9 yrs. I really am not up on celebrities (who is a “B” who isn’t) but I have certainly seen Julia in the news over the years. Julia was 18 and perhaps out of the house when her sister was 9, the sister has blamed Julia; but it doesn’t mean its the truth. Wouldn’t Julia have been living her life, pursuing her career, dating, getting engaged and breaking engagements, married (didn’t she marry Lyle Lovett?) divorced, then getting her present husband from his wife Vera, having her children etc ? Maybe the sister lied that Julia teased her called her fat? I realize that the general consensus is that Julia is a B, but her sister had issues and may have been lying. It would seem that Julia was pretty busy with her own life to have had so much time to call her baby sister fat. I feel bad for the sister and the family but perhaps in this case Julia is the scapegoat.

  33. Bea says:

    No one knows what went on in that family and while her death at her own hand is entirely on her, it doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

    Just like those who are driven to suicide by bullies, there can be extenuating circumstances – no one knows, so no one should judge either way.

    I hope she finally found peace.

  34. Megan says:

    Sorry this isn’t on Julia. This is on the person that killed herself, that refused to get help and just blamed. I would not be the slightest bit shocked that Julia was a bitch to her, that they didn’t like each other, they were mean but that doesn’t mean this girl had any right to blame Julia. I don’t like Julia Roberts but suicide is never someone else’s fault, it is a mental state that is nearly impossible to detect of talk someone out of.

    It is a sad story but had zero to do with Julia Roberts outside she lost her sister. Not all families are close that doesn’t mean they are terrible people they just aren’t close.

  35. laura says:

    It is not Julia’s fault if her half sister committed suicide. However, Julia is a very arrogant self absorbed and mean person she surely made fun of her half sister and made sure she sees herself “very small”, I believe that for sure.

    • Megan says:

      sorry I don’t care. I mean a lot of people do that to their families (assuming she did) and they don’t kill each other. They stop talking. Families are complicated and there is a lot that probably went into there dynamic, one being this chick constantly selling nasty stories about her sister.

      This woman was a drug addict, its a disease, its a tragic disease but it is no ones fault.

      • gg says:

        Exactly. And all siblings pick at their sisters and brothers. Kids fight, water is wet.

      • Aurie says:

        And yet Nancy got her current job through Julia’s friendship with Ryan Murphy (Creator of Glee). Or that time Nancy implied Julia abandoned their ailing mother onto her (Nancy was the primary caretaker) but failed to acknowledge they lived in a house paid for by Julia with the bills paid for by Julia.

        If she didn’t want to be around Roberts calling her names, she should have stopped relying on Julia for cash and jobs.

  36. Dawn says:

    Sucides are awful and I agree that the blame for that can never be placed with anyone else. That said I don’t doubt for a minute that Julia treated her awful as she treats others in her world and that is her sister’s truth. I think it is always sad when this happens and I just think it is none of my business. I feel so bad for her mother and her boyfriend and the rest of the family. Yes Julia is the queen of mean but this can’t be placed on her shoulders.

  37. Tazina says:

    This woman must have felt very inadequate and it can’t have been easy for her. I certainly wouldn’t want to be the sibling of a rich and famous celebrity. You know you will never have that kind of success, the millions of dollars and the constant adulation. You will never be as good. For all that, she made her own decisions and to end her life was a choice she made.

  38. gg says:

    Inexcusable is that the fiance’s brother is appearing in the tabloids now, backing up his brother’s fiance’s actions, saying she was justified in killing herself because of that awful bitch Julia. Completely unbelievable this guy’s idiocy.

    So it’s perfectly okay with the fiance’s brother that the deceased lady killed herself because of Julia? This I find completely reprehensible. And I assume this asshole is getting paid for his interviews making money off his brother’s pain and her family’s.

    I don’t have any feelings one way or the other about Julia and her acting. I don’t see the kind of movies she makes anyway. But because the deceased sister’s tweets were so unhinged, I do not believe that Julia has done anything bad to her. Julia tried to get her into rehab and she accuses her of deserting her. She could say anything but as far as I’m concerned it’s the rantings of an addict off her head. And the @#$ brother backs it up saying it was justified, just to ram it home to Julia. SMH.

    • Jayna says:

      I just read his remarks. What scum. He said, like I believed, that she did plan it around the Oscars to ruin Julia’s chances and time. He said it is an eight-page letter and that she tells all of Julia’s dirty dark secrets that she wants exposed and was willing to die for it as the only way because of Julia being so powerful. He seemed to think that was reasonable. What the? She couldn’t get over her mother being on the outs with her and spiraled her unhappiness more.

      It was said Julia thought her fiance was sponging off of her sister. This brother lived with them in an apartment. I think this so-called fiance of hers and his trashy brother were not a good influence on her and probably really revved up her resentment towards Julia as I bet these guys thought the sister should be getting a lot of money from Julia, so that then they could sponge off of her.

    • Latisse says:

      Doesn’t surprise me at all that her suicide was conveniently timed to screw over Julia. Anyone who read those tweets and followed the events can see that this was a vindictive act. Honestly, the whole thing, the suicide, the fame-hungry brother, the jobless freeloading fiance is just so gross. It is no wonder Julia was trying to separate herself from these characters.

      I dislike JR so much, but because of this, I actually hope she takes that freakin Oscar.

    • Aurie says:

      @GG Even if Julia said bad things to her, considering Nancy has given MULTIPLE interview to the PUBLIC over the years bashing Julia, who cares if Julia attacks her in PRIVATE? Julia with a powerful legal, PR, and media team has never responded to Nancy’s interviews, which she probably got paid for.

      Julia also got Nancy a job on glee (Julia is friends with Ryan Murphy), while Nancy was taking care of their ailing mother 5-10 years ago, surprise, Nancy claimed Julia abandoned the mom, except they were living in a house paid for by Julia with all expenses paid by Julia.

      Seems like Julia refused to support a drug addict and expected the drug addict to work like a normal person.

  39. Christin says:

    This situation and the continuing drama stirring is very sad. I think no less of JR, nor any more of her. I don’t think JR is a super sweet person, frankly, but I don’t think she should be demonized over her sister’s choices.

    The family will probably never have all the answers to why this happened. Famous or not, rich or poor, there are usually more questions than answers in situations like this.

    Nancy obviously harbored great resentment toward JR for whatever reason (real or imagined, or perhaps a combination of both). At some point in their lives, hopefully the two women created some good memories. I’d like to think that JR may have been happy when a new baby came into their family’s life (after her mother’s remarriage).

    JR and I are nearly the same age, and I would imagine that time and the lessons of life have hopefully matured her to some degree. I will give her credit for apparently trying to assist Nancy, though Nancy had repeatedly spilled negative stuff to tabloids. Perhaps it was for their mother’s sake, who knows? It really is just a sad waste of a young life.

    Neither of these women are/were completely awful people. Nancy just made some bad choices and chose to give up her life for reasons truly known only to her.

  40. The Bug says:

    Although this is not Julia Roberts’s “fault,” it is not in dispute that Roberts tormented her sister throughout her entire life over her weight, thus adding misery to her existence. I have no sympathy for Roberts.

  41. Sea Dragon says:

    “It seems to me that nothing Julia gave to this lady was ever enough, the woman felt entitled to more and more and more.”

    Someone mentioned Borderline Personality disorder earlier and that peaked my interest. Regarding this post, I know as much as the next layman but if your insight is correct, this would be one symptom of the illness.

  42. Nesi says:

    I can’t even imagine how the home owner’s are ever going to be able to use their own bathtub ever again. Poor dog sitting there not knowing why it can’t go out to pee or why it isn’t being fed. And the owner’s of the home not knowing what the hell is going on. Wonder if the owner’s even had a chance to meet with her before leaving on their trip. Ok, here’s the keys – any questions? Just one, I am planning on killing myself and blaming it on my sister – do you mind if i leave your pet alone, unattended, hungry and sad while I take my life in your bathtub? Ok, maybe I am not stating the obvious that yes, it is sad that she died and of course I feel for the family – I am not heartless. But I also feel for the people who live at that house and their pet.

  43. se says:

    Wow. She obviously had mental issues so I find the mean comments on this site disturbing. I hope she find peace. I’m done with his site. After reading these comments.

    • gg says:

      You don’t think what she publicly did to Julia through the years and then trying to trash her career was mean?

      Yes she was not thinking clearly but the fact remains. I am sad for everyone involved but glossing over the facts just because she was a mentally ill addict doesn’t take away what has happened to Julia.

  44. Truth says:

    It’s sad..i think it’s unresolved private problem that unfortunately being played up in public eyes.
    Julia will be having guilt for long time over this tragedy,but the blame should be never be shift to other person just because the sister accused Julia that drive her to suicide.
    Her sister has problem/disease and sadly she isn’t strong enough to conquer it by taking first step of accountability. The way she blame others even her last letter showed that she didn’t deal with her demon yet.

  45. lambert says:

    I feel for that entire family: The Motes and The Roberts. It seems like at some point through the years one relative is hating on another to the extreme (ie. Julia hating on Eric. Eric hating on Betty, etc.). Whatever the case may be, you know there is a lot of hurt going on there. Sadness:(

  46. khaveman says:

    This woman was jealous and addicted to pills. No good is going to come from that, as the Twitter rants attest.

  47. Sankay says:

    I hate when I read people stating that suicide is a selfish act. When you are so deep in depression no other thoughts are there but how to escape. If you have thought about what other people would feel if you killed yourself then you haven’t been in a deep depression. And thank the stars for that.

    Also thinking someone is selfish for committing suicide is wrong. They are dead – there’s no ego involved at that point. Maybe it is you that is selfish, you are thinking it’s all about me, why did that person do this to ME! Why did them make ME feel bad. Not everything is about you.

    • Aurie says:

      @Sankay and just because it’s your feelings on this matter doesn’t mean it’s true either. Not everything is about you and what you think.

      Plenty of people (me included) have had experience with relatives committing suicide and yes many of them were doing selfish evil acts.

      I won’t go into detail but my deadbeat uncle realized he could no longer leech off his siblings (my mother included) so he killed himself and left one of his siblings (not my mother) a voice mail blaming them and calling them heartless b***hes and saying he hopes that his death will prevent them from going to heaven (the aunt he called is Christian, although my uncle and my mom and the other siblings are not).

      • Sankay says:

        @Aurie, I was talking about people with depression. Sorry if I didn’t make that clear. There are nasty people everywhere willing to do awful things to people. But if you have suffered from depression, and I have, you can get to a deep place with only one way out. The self has everything and nothing to do with it. You are in a void and thinking of others or yourself is not an option.

  48. Bwarf says:

    Suicide can never be blamed on anyone but the person themselves. All I think is that Julia was probably horrible to her, even before her sister had a drug problem. I’m willing to bet that Nancy felt like the “ugly stepsister” and probably dealt with some form of emotional abuse. This is sad all around.

    • Aurie says:

      @Bwarf Nancy was also really horrible to Julia (including selling stories trashing her to the media) despite Julia helping her out over the years. Seems like Nancy felt entitled to Julia’s money and connections and fame and got angry when Julia felt Nancy was a leech.

  49. Moi says:

    I’m not pleased to have to post this. I might could meet Julia Roberts and like her, who knows. But she is truly the one actor/actress/celebrity, that I do not care for. Haven’t for a long time. I digress. Her half sister committing suicide was her SISTERS doing. NO ONE could drive her to do it, Julia should not be blamed. Most likely reading or having the suicide letter told to her (Julia), is a devastating experience, albeit a possible moment of humbleness mixed with heartbreak. But in no way should the decision to take her OWN life, be Julia Roberts fault.

  50. Caroline says:

    Its easy to feel sorry for a women who just ended her own life, may she RIP. If she attempted to burden any relative (i.e. Julia) with the blame, then she was a terribly selfish person to the end.

  51. truthful says:

    Whether I dislike Julia or not, her sister had mental issues that needed to be addressed.
    This whole story is just sad, and its a shame that no one could get this young lady the help she needed. you have to first admit you have a problem.