Amber Heard: The ‘fleeting & superficial world of tabloid journalism’ is so boring

Amber Heard covers the March issue of Esquire Mexico. The shoot is a little bit dicey in terms of making our advertisers happy, but you can see all of it here. It’s a typical Esquire shoot, and Amber brings the va-va voom a plenty. No one can ever deny that Amber doesn’t have hustle. When she’s promoting a movie, she truly does the rounds. The girl has had so many magazine covers over the past year that I can’t be bothered to count then. She even got Johnny Depp to leave the scarves at home for her latest premiere, which was probably the most painful thing he’s done in years.

Likewise, Amber is doing interviews a plenty to promote 3 Days to Kill. This time, she’s not talking about her “gays,” which is a step in the right direction. She is pulling the “artist” card again. CB and I were just talking about how people love to gossip about Amber, and she has noticed the same. She says people have always talked about her. Is this a curse or a blessing? You decide:

On the failure of Paranoia and Machete Kills: “It seems that if I’m in them, they don’t do well. (Laughs) See, there’s the common denominator. It’s me. I never once in my entire life looked at any project as ‘the one.’ Maybe it’s because I haven’t had a project like that in my career. I haven’t had one thing that has made such a big difference in my world. I don’t have that expectation. I’ve been in this job for 11 years. In that time, I never had a moment that changed the way I live my life. It’s been a natural, organic climb. I started with nothing. I never had crazy luck. I’ve had to fight for every job, and that’s great.”

She’s frustrated with female characters: “I work only on a few movies a year rather than working non-stop on pointless, sexy characters. It’s in my nature to be drawn to things that are more compelling and more interesting, and which satiate my curiosity. That’s so much more important to me than being validated by a set of superficial concepts that my society claims are important to a woman. I see the futility of that, and that makes me want to defy it. Do I have to wear the wig and red lipstick in this film? Yes, I had to, but I got to play a character that I could do something with beyond the narrow framework. I got to turn that archetype on its head.”

Remember, she’s an artist: “In this medium, we rely on collaboration. I don’t pick up my own paintbrush and canvas. I’m given a few colors, and I’m given parameters on which to paint.”

On interest in her current relationship: “It’s really hard to be objective about these things. I’m a pretty realistic person, and to look at myself in the very fleeting and superficial world of tabloid journalism, it’s so uninteresting to me. I don’t take ownership of that. I take no pride in it. I take no validation in it. I’m hardly aware of it. I don’t even know to what extent it supersedes my work. I can’t imagine that my personal life would be interesting to anyone. I just don’t understand that. But I’ve never been into idol worship, or to things that don’t matter.”

People have always watched her: “I’ve always had the misfortune of living a life that seems to be salacious to other people. It doesn’t matter who I’m dating. People have always talked about me. People were always rolling their eyes. My parents, their friends, my friend’s parents — they just didn’t get it. There was always something I was getting into that shocked them, and nothing changed when I got here. In all my relationships, there was something to gossip about. I’ve always done exactly what I wanted to do.”

Acting is hard: “Many parts of my job are humiliating. Relinquishing control is part of it. You’re at the mercy of a machine. And you’re always in danger of being made into more of a commodity than you already are. There are many things that are humiliating about my job, but I’m not bored. So, it could be worse.”

Will she ever go “franchise” like Johnny? “Life is long, and if there is one thing that this job has taught me, it is that you can never say never. I have no interest in doing something like that right now, but you never know.”

[From Pasadena Star News and OC Register]

The journos explicitly mentioned that Amber’s bisexuality and relationship with Johnny Depp were off the table for these interviews, which is interesting. Amber complains so much about people paying attention to her engagement, but she’s with one of the most famous actors in the world. If we give her the benefit of the doubt, then maybe we can’t help who we fall in love with. Is that fair in Amber and Johnny’s case? I feel like if she really hated the attention, she would have never dated an A-lister at all.

Oh, and Amber got a tiny feature (called “Texas Couldn’t Hold Her”) in this month’s Vanity Fair. More Texas. Of course.


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  1. Erinn says:

    Speaking of fleeting and superficial, let’s talk about what her career is. She’s paid to look pretty. She’s not saving lives, here.

  2. QQ says:

    Walmart Johanssen Plleeeaasee now we are really really gonna act like you aren’t courting and lapping up all this attention… as If… and let’s be frank is not her acting OR looks that is bringing on all the journos..

  3. lunchcoma says:

    Good grief. The only reason people are interested in talking to her is her relationship. If she’s not willing to talk about it, she should accept that fewer people are going to be willing to talk to her. This combination of fame-hungry and coy is very unappealing.

    • Lemonsorbet says:

      The rest of the world knows this, but for the deluded artiste, she looks at the world with her amber-tinted glasses and colours her world sepia, just so she can bask in the glory of being bi, and dating Flutter-Jack. Look at all the other silly actors claiming they’re better than the hoi polloi.

      • Jessica says:

        Excuse my pickiness, but the word “hoi” in “hoi polloi” is an article like our word “the”, so saying “the hoi polloi” is redundant. It’s not “the hoi polloi”, it’s just “hoi polloi”.

        “silly actors claiming they’re better than hoi polloi”.

      • Lemonsorbet says:

        I thought in English saying “the hoi polloi” was the norm!

      • Jessica says:

        Just because everyone says something incorrectly, doesn’t make it correct. In Ancient Greek “hoi polloi” means “the many” so by saying “the hoi polloi” you’re saying “the the many”–using two articles, which is completely redundant. Just because not many people actually know Ancient Greek and use the term “hoi polloi” to sound smart without realizing “hoi” is an article equivalent to “the”, does not mean “the hoi polloi” is correct.

        Now you know what is correct, so you don’t have to be like hoi polloi who use the term incorrectly.

      • Lemonsorbet says:

        I do happen to have studied Ancient Greek so understand where you’re coming from. However I live by the general rule of “do what the Romans do”, just to avoid conflict. So as much as it riles me, I don’t complain when Japanese people use English words inappropriately, and neither do I complain when many of the English speaking world use Japanese words incorrectly (or pronounce it in a ridiculous manner).

  4. JaDeRu says:

    Yeah, yeah Amber we get it. You’re above it all.
    Too bad tabloid journalism is all you’ll have once Johnny gets his head out of his ass and realizes how dumb you are.

    • starrywonder says:

      LOL I love that Johnny is about to marry a straight up gold digger/actress who wants to get ahead. She is banking on his name opening doors. Problem is she sucks. Her contemporaries are Carey Mulligan, Jennifer Lawrence, Natalie Portman (though it pains me to include her), Michelle Wiliams, etc. I love Lainey for flat out shading her and the Jessica Biels in the world since there is a place for these women, just not getting A+ roles.

  5. Marty says:

    Well she’s got the eye rolling part right. I’m sure her taking a pap walk “mysteriously” hidding her ring finger was pure coincedence, right?

  6. BendyWindy says:

    Deep as a puddle, this one. Also, I love how she doesn’t want to play a “pointless” “sexy” character. Has she seen Paranoia?

  7. Seapharris7 says:

    Gah, sounds like something Johnny would have her say. It’s not about being famous, they’re both just so artist & ORGANIC that we commoners cannot comprehend their relationship. I don’t even want to hate her, to me, Johnny is the one looking like a fool. But this interview didn’t help her win anyone over.

  8. UghInsomnia says:

    She tries so hard to sound smart.

    Po dat.

  9. nomi says:

    Sounds like something she said to Johnny and he responded with starry-eyed wonder, “I’ve never heard a young starlet say something so deep before. You really are an old soul.”

  10. magpie says:

    That was soooo prententious it hurt. She’s not an artist, she can barely act.

  11. Krista says:

    I can’t stand it when these people label themselves as artists. It’s so pretentious

  12. daisy says:

    There are deeper potholes all over town. God, I wish I was clever enough to “get her.”

  13. Anname says:

    Hate hate hate the finger in the mouth pose. Always bad.

  14. Nerd Alert says:

    Today’s keyword is “boring,” everybody! Brought to you by Amber Heard.

    Did anyone else have a hard time reading that? It was so boring my eyes glazed over and I just scrolled down. I kind of think Jonny is so enamored with her that he’s had a hand in building up this ego of hers…dude is definitely p*ssy-blinded.

    Re: Artiste…gurl. Your biggest movie was Pineapple Express. Seriously. You played a “hot young girlfriend” to Seth Rogan’s stoner character. GTFOver yourself.

  15. Baskingshark says:

    Amber Heard is, of course, the star of such acclaimed works of cinema as “Never Back Down”, a movie about high school boys beating each other up and the television serial “Hidden Palms” where she gave a nuanced performance as Greta Matthews, a troubled young girl who revealed her inner turmoil by running through sprinklers in a nightie.

    Whoops, did I say “inner turmoil”? I meant to say “nipples”.

    Amber, I liked you for being a down home scrappy B-lister without pretensions. Don’t get all jumped up just because you’ve snagged an ageing hipster-shaped pot of gold.

  16. Bridget says:

    Its interesting that the bisexuality is now off the table to discuss, since that was actually a part of the PR strategy before. Literally, before she even had much of a resume she was being pushed as a ”bisexual who’s into guns and muscle cars” – a great example was her appearance on Top Gear. She’s so packaged.

  17. Talie says:

    Vanity Fair has featured her in these “stars on the rise” pieces like 5 times… no joke.

    • The Urine-Colored Rose of Texas says:

      Know how she got in Vanity Fair? Depp is very good friends with one of their editors. Depp is also buds with Robert Rodriguez, who cast Amber in Machete Kills. Depp gets her the roles, the magazine covers, the PR and the connections. When whatever arrangement she has with Johnny is over, I don’t see her as the type who remains grateful.

  18. iheartjacksparrow says:

    The Wrap notes in its review of 3 Days to Kill:

    Or why Amber Heard is a buttoned-up desk jockey in the opening scenes of the film, but then transforms into a cross between Angelina Jolie in “Wanted” and a slightly less believable version of Dennis Rodman in “Double Team,” complete with scene-to-scene changes in hair color.

    That has got to hurt her artiste persona to be compared to Rodman.

  19. Mala says:

    The people aren’t used to honesty, that’s why she becomes shocking sometimes.
    The people only want those people without opinion, that never say something to upset anybody, but also never say something real…Even Johnny who’s one the nicest celebs in the world gets kicked every time that he express an honest opinion (yes! america is like a stupid puppy dog that bit countries as it were his toys, and place the nose in the asses of every country as it were it’s bitches!…yes! he think Pollansky is not a predator and it’s HIS opinion! we don’t have to agree etc, etc)

    I think she’s really honest about the state of her career, about the flops, etc. Honest when she tells she causes stir since way before Johnny (she dated that mexican actor also older than and she lived in Sonora Mexico (that’s what esquirer said) and she dated a woman also, etc). And maybe she’s honest about not to be interested on the way the tabloids talk about her…

    Yes, she’s honest but she’s so unrealistic. The tabloids aren’t interested in HER private life and that’s what she doesn’t understand, they are interested in the private life of the one of the (or the) biggest actors in the world. Her fiancé, Johnny Depp. And she have to realize that there’s no way that her private life fade out of tabloids, meanwhile she’s with that actor. So to think that she could go away with her relationship with him and not even mention him or to make the “I don’t understand why the tabloids are interested in my life now” it’s truly unrealistic.

    I can’t really criticize her by not talk about him now. Because that’s has been the rule since she started her relationship with him. She NEVER has talked about him. But she knows that’s something with expiration date. She knows that she will have to talk about him when she release “London Fields”, because they mixed business with “pleasure” again, and they can’t go away with it this time without open up a little…so better, she’s getting the memo and realize that is impossible for the media to not be interested on her private life while she’s Johnny’s other half.

    About the rest, I can’t blame her, we can’t help who we fall in love with, as you said. And Johnny had plenty of time to woo her (when they did the movie, the couple of months they were promoting and after that) and it’s said she even tried to stop the things at some point, but it was already too late. So, I don’t think that to break up with him only to not be in the tabloids, is an option for them now.

    • AG says:

      Just because someone expresses an opinion doesn’t mean that that opinion isn’t open to attack and/or criticism. And it doesn’t mean that their opinion isn’t wrong, factually, morally, ethically, or otherwise. Johnny Depp calling a child rapist NOT a rapist doesn’t absolve the rapist, and it doesn’t make Mr. Depp “right.” He can say all he wants, but he’s a public figure, so he should expect to be criticized for it. Thank god for a free press and the Internet.

      Also – awesome generalization about America. I speak for all (ha!) Americans when I say that we are a Borg-like hive mind, and we love being seen as such.

      • Mala says:

        Well, it’s not about the americans…it’s about your government, that’s why I said “America”.
        And that’s how the world see your country. And Johnny was living overseas, so of course he could see how intrusive his own country is.

        And by the way, America is a whole continent! Your country is a part of north-america, not America. Your country is United States of (north) America.

      • Zoid says:

        Like it or not Mala, we are commonly known throughout the world as ‘American’. We are fully aware of our country’s official name, thank you very much. However, whenever I have travelled out of the country (even if it’s to South America!) I get this:
        “Where are you from?”
        “The US.”
        “Oh! You’re American!”

        Critiquing us about what we call/are called while abroad seems like a bit of a stretch in my opinion.

  20. Tracy says:

    If she wasn’t Johnny Depp’s mid life crisis I would have no idea who she is.

  21. P.J. says:

    “In that time, I never had a moment that changed the way I live my life.” SURE. *Enter Dummy Depp*

    “I work only on a few movies a year rather than working non-stop on pointless, sexy characters…That’s so much more important to me than being validated by a set of superficial concepts that my society claims are important to a woman.” *Enter The Playboy Club* (Did she think we all forgot about that? And I’m not even hating because I actually really liked that show, but it makes me laugh to the point of tears when I hear these affected, super rich, neo-bohemian/”hippie” actors wax poetic about their “art” when half of what they’ve done is crap and often it’s crap which proves them to be enormous hypocrites.) Why wasn’t she called out for that?

  22. Calcifer says:

    Johnny told Amber that she reminded him of Lauren Bacall when he met her. We are still living with the consequences of that whenever Amber appears styled as a 1940s pinup. As she does very, very often (take note of the many shots where she looks into the camera over her schouder). I am sure Depp sees himself as a modern day Pygmalion,.

  23. Tiffany :) says:

    …I don’t mind anything she said here. I don’t think she sounds like an idiot. She actually seems pretty level headed to me, but I don’t think I approach stories about her the same way other people do.

  24. No says:

    It doesn’t surprise me what she said. It sounds really familiar to me with the Depp’s attitude like pretending that they are totally ignorant of the tabloids, the criticism, the reviews, the box office, etc, etc like they are above all what it’s said about them. But you know it’s more a facade than something real, because even Johnny dropped the facade when he talked about the criticism over Lone Ranger.
    They are aware, truly aware. They don’t want to talk about it that’s all. And it’s their right.
    It’s Johnny’s influence showing on her. it looks a bit silly on her, because she isn’t this mega star as Johnny is, to have this kind of attitude. But I can’t blame her by letting Johnny to “enter her” in more ways than only the physical that we all know, they are like living in a island.

  25. Karen says:

    Ugh, all so boring. Both her and all the overblown vitriol towards her.
    I just want to see pictures of her and Johnny and I’m happy.

  26. terrah. says:

    but he seems a right smelly nelly, so if she’s having to twaddle about with that to make print, well you have to admire her strong stomach and impaired nasal passage at least. I would’ve about a decade ago, but now? erhmagawd. not so much……

  27. Miffy says:

    She needs to put her freakin’ money where her mouth is, ‘I’m such an artiste and I’m soooo above it all’, while she’s hoarding screenplays requiring the blonde bombshell to drive a fast car and shoot something. ‘But I got to turn that archetype on its head.’ No you didn’t, sweetheart, you ARE that archetype.

    She’s doing this self-promotion thing all wrong. Stop talking about how unique and free-spirited you are and get yourself a half decent publicist to leak these little nuggets of info out there for you, rather than just spewing sh*te about yourself for five pages or more. Just a thought.

  28. LAK says:

    She sounds like she’s parroting ideas and words that she heard from somewhere else in an attempt to make herself seem imtelligent.

  29. M.A.F. says:

    She is not “va- va voom”. She doesn’t seem as skinny as other actors but in those photos, girl lacks the curves. Or they didn’t tell her pose correctly.

  30. Naddie says:

    “People have always talked about me”. Congratulations, now you’re effortlessly uninteresting. If you weren’t Johnny’s girlfriend, no one would be talking about you.

  31. Anna says:

    *rolleyes* Gurl, your level of delusion has no limits. Bad that your talent and charisma aren’t on the same level.

  32. TheOneandOnlyOnly says:

    These comments are all too good; and if it’s true talie that she has appeared 5 times on Vanity Fair, well, that says all we need to know about that once decent rag.

  33. Amber needs to shut the f-ck up, and go to work. If she doesn’t want people to pay attention to what the tabloids write about her, then guess what? Don’t mention how superficial the tabloids are. If she doesn’t want to talk about her relationship with Johnny? Then guess what? QUIT talking about how you DON’T want to talk about your relationship.

    I hate it when celebs complain about how superficial tabloids are in one interview, and then in another interview talk about said rumors (directly or indirectly, as Amber is doing here). Don’t address them. All that does is give the tabloids ANOTHER story. Because I know that if I were a tabloid writer, I’d be paying close attention to the ones who complain about the attention/rumors and then I’d run a bunch of stories about how they call the paps or something….

    And Lord, I’ve tried to give Amber the benefit of the doubt. Because she really hasn’t fameho’d the relationship in the traditional way i.e. calling the paps every chance she gets (at least not that I’m aware). But she really, really needs to shut up and quit trying to act like she so deep and so intelligent, and soooo different–she doesn’t need to justify her relationship with Johnny to the public. She’s a grown ass woman. If she wants to screw/marry a 50 year old at 27–GO FOR IT.

    But don’t act like being with him hasn’t helped you out. If I was her, I would address the issue ONCE–say something like, “I’m dating Johnny Depp. He’s a lot more famous than me, and so by association, I am famous. But I don’t just want to be known for being Johnny Depp’s girlfriend. I want to forge my own career, on my own terms–being with Johnny is something that is personal. But since it is public, since I will have a lot more….notoriety than I would have just on my own, then I need to be the best actress that I can. Hopefully I’ve succeeded”***

    DONE. And then don’t talk about Johnny, don’t talk about tabloids–nothing. Talk about the movie. Talk about cars. But for the love of God, shut up about the above. It doesn’t make you deep or interesting, it makes you pretentious and idiotic as f-ck.

    ***We all know that if it was me, I’d substitute the name ‘Johnny Depp’ for ‘Liam Neeson’, and I most likely would be a director instead of an actress, and I’d be too busy being fabulous to give interviews about mah husband…..