LeAnn Rimes & Eddie ‘have no chemistry’ on their VH1 show, ‘he couldn’t care less’


CB and I were talking about LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian’s reality show about a month ago, and I stated (definitively) that they had already finished filming the bulk of the show. I mean, that’s what they were doing for months last fall, right? Well, it turns out… not so much. LeAnn and Eddie are still filming their VH1 reality show – they had cameras with them on their recent trip to Hawaii, and I’d be willing to bet they had cameras with them in the Bahamas this weekend too. So, what fresh hell is this VH1 series going to be? Well, according to Star Magazine/Showbiz Spy, it’s just going to be LeAnn trying to get Eddie to touch her and Eddie trying to squirm away. Excellent.

LEANN Rimes‘ reality show is shaping up to be a big flop — according to a new report.

The singer and her husband Eddie Cibrian have been filming the show for nine months, and producers are disappointed with the footage.

Star magazine reports that there is just six, 30-minute episodes due to boring footage and a quagmire of legal red tape.

“There’s no chemistry between LeAnn and Eddie,” an insider reveals. “She spends the entire time adoring and grabbing him, and he couldn’t care less.”

A judge in Eddie’s divorce from Brandi Glanville won’t allow the country singer to talk about The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, either. His two kids with her are also off limits, much to LeAnn’s dismay.

“She’s flipping out and doesn’t feel relevant,” the source adds. “She’s in a terrible state.”

[From Showbiz Spy]

Ha, I believe it. Their red carpet appearances are usually like that too, with Eddie standing stiffly and LeAnn practically laying on him. I mean, some men just aren’t that demonstrative, especially around cameras. But this just feels like Eddie is totally over it.

Star’s sources also claim that LeAnn has been hamstrung by legal constraints about what she can and cannot say about Brandi. An insider says: “LeAnn spent far too much time bashing Brandi, but the judge in Eddie’s divorce said they’re not allowed to publicly talk about her. So producers can’t use any of that footage.” For what it’s worth, a “source close to Cibrian” (coughWewecough) told Gossip Cop that the Star story is “total nonsense” and that Eddie and LeAnn are “allowed” to talk about Brandi.



Photos courtesy of LeAnn’s Twitter, WENN.

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  1. Patricia says:

    I can’t wait! I’m going to enjoy this mess no matter how “boring”. I will be enthralled by the freakishness of WeWe trying to portray a normal relationship and thinking everyone is buying it.

  2. Cecilia says:

    See? Eddie’s been the main asshole all along, but it’s the women that always get shat on.

  3. Maddie says:

    Cant wait to watch this Amtrak special!

  4. L says:

    From the looks of the 1st pic below, they look related. Like brother and sister..eeww!

  5. Michelle says:

    To be fair, Eddie does look more affectionate when he’s been enjoying a cocktail or ten. Sober, not so much. The guy tried to get away with high fiving her instead of kissing her on her birthday. It was hilarious.

    • Christin says:

      I remember that high five attempt.

      As much filming as they’ve done, I am curious just how the final product will end up.

      I think the network should just let them (her) have full control and put it out there. The credit or blame can then all be on the creative force known as wewe.

  6. Talie says:

    The kid thing is believable because Eddie blocks Brandi from using them on RHOBH, but I doubt he would want them on this either. That’s one decision he made that was very wise.

  7. Sam says:

    She doesn’t feel relevant? That’s because she isn’t. In terms of actual career, she hasn’t had a hit album in ages. Why should she be relevant? Relevancy – hopefully – comes from actual talent and skill. Neither of which is getting her any attention right now. In a way, it’s shame, because Leann really did have a decent voice and career. If she had played her cards better, she might have been able to salvage something. But she burned so many bridges (and Brandi helped too).

  8. MonicaQ says:

    Can he open his eyes more than 3 cm or is it like a birth defect? If it is, I’m going to feel slightly bad.

  9. Zwella Ingrid says:

    This story seems believable because it seems like they have been filming for a long time…

  10. Jayna says:

    Well, let’s see, it was always to be six 30-minute episodes, so that is wrong where they say it’s turned into that amount due to boring footage. That’s what it was announced to be from the beginning before filming started.

    Why couldn’t she discuss the divorce? Brandi discusses them on her show and isn’t precluded from doing so. So why would the judge in the divorce proceedings preclude LeAnn from doing so? I call that as fake.

    The kids can’t be in the show because Brandi would never sign off since they didn’t, and they would look like fools for putting them in since they wouldn’t allow her to anyway. They can discuss the kids on the show like Brandi does hers.

    So a typical Star article. I doubt he has any chemistry, but he’s an actor. I’m sure for the cameras he is faking it because he wants to make money off of the show.

    Of course it’s boring. We all knew it would be and also cringeworthy. How embarrassing to have to film for this long. LOL

  11. Haolebunny says:

    Wow, such Squinty McSquintalot in all the photos! I can’t wait for this abysmal failure to air!

  12. dorothy says:

    That’s all it ever is. LeAnn latching onto Eddie, desperate for his attention. If they hadn’t gotten together the way they did, it would be sad. Couple that with her insane need to be relevant and it’s a fiasco. No hope at all for this show to catch on.

  13. j.eyre says:

    Maybe they can turn it into a game show? “Will LeAnn succeed in getting a hand on Eddie?” “How much do you wager LeAnn is going to have to spend on Eddie to get some tonight?” “I will give you $10 for every @$$, other than LeAnn’s, Eddie checks out in 10 minutes.” Winning contestants can get a lifetime supply of LeAnn’s cast-off bikinis.

  14. P.J. says:

    I’m still just trying to figure out what the flying f**k type of format this show is going to take. Anyone with even two functioning brain cells knows that all “reality” tv is scripted and about as real as unicorns at this point, but LeAnn has said both that it will be a reality show but also a scripted one(?), AND that because they aren’t allowed to use Eddie’s kids on it there will be two child actors portraying them. The HELL??

    Is anyone else as totally confused as me? Oh well. Whatever the case, I cannot wait to see this steaming hot mess with my own two eyes! 😄

  15. Nerd Alert says:

    Well Eddie can join the club. Currently it consists of about 6 billion people, give or take.

  16. Ponderousponderer says:

    It strikes me as totally ridiculous that anyone would be proud to have a reality show let alone want such a permanent record of a small moment of time to be available forever.

    Reality TV has become nothing more than a post-modern recorded circus or freakshow. As they have developed over the years the behavior has had to become more outrageous and over the top to keep people watching. I can see how any footage that LeAnn and Eddie might shoot would be considered “boring”. If they aren’t snatching weaves off of heads, swearing every second word, falling down drunk while flashing their hoo-haws, then what point is there to watch? Without Brandi to act as nemesis, or without her at all, they have nothing. Just two has-beens (which is a compliment to Eddie) spending money, complaining about their first world problems, going on vacation.

    That LeAnn, in another example of her awesome short-sightedness, thinks that a reality show is some kind of street-cred is incredibly stupid. That she thinks she has made it to the “big leagues” with her own show. Pfft. What rarefied company she keeps; the Kardashians, Honey Boo Boo, duck hunters, spoiled plastic “housewives”… this is what she wants to turn her career and talents into????

    You’re not going to be young, talented, married, rich or popular forever LeAnn. However, most likely you will live long with this world. And what do you have to keep you company to the end? A string of failed marriages, relationships, friendships. What memories will you have? Thousands of ridiculous pictures of you guffawing in a bikini with dirty feet, your name in countless lists of the most unpopular, the most irrelevant celebutards of your day, an empty bank account, debts and unpaid bills, alimony payments to all your deadbeat ex-husbands, dusty half empty shelves of music awards that ended in the early 2000s. Regrets, oh so many regrets. And you’ll have six half hour long episodes of some dumb reality show you put so much time, money and energy into. A slap in the face to your esteem that will be dragged out and used as filler when your name comes up in those throwaway segments at the end of entertainment shows; What ever happened to – , Where are they now?

    You might think you’re happy now, but I can almost guarantee you won’t be happy then.

    • briargal says:

      Watching this whole LeAss thing, I don’t see a happy person. She might have thought she had the world by the tail when Eddie decided to marry an ATM machine. I think she does love him, or did at one time. Now though, I see a very unhappy, delusional, desperate teenage-mentality-minded girl. She is afraid of anyone laughing and saying “we knew you wouldn’t be able to keep him”, even though the marriage isn’t lasting. And because she is afraid, she attacks with a vengance The only career she has now is appearing in the tabloids, gossip sites and in blogs. Her work ethic is almost non-existent will all the cancellations she caused. You are right when you say she is so close to becoming a……Whatever happened to….!

  17. Silly me says:

    Why would anyone want to see this. If you watch, you are aying into their bs and doing what they want. Boycott. Please.

  18. emmie_a says:

    So LeAnn’s entire life revolves around the drama she created w/the divorce. If that can’t be used on their crap show, what else is there?? I can’t think of a thing.

    And yes, LeAnn started this mess. Brandi has fallen into the web but it didn’t originate with her.

  19. Isabelle says:

    Not going to kid myself, I’m so watching this hot mess.

  20. TheTruthHurts says:

    They are both evil, evil people and I hope under their guise of “happiness” that they are both really miserable and broke. Pigs.

  21. Vilodemeanus says:

    It’s pretty noticeable that Falkor clings to him and Eddie barely acknowledges her unless her purse is open and some cash is in sight. He’s using Falkor and she’s too dumb to see she’s paying good money and her reputation to fight his ongoing battle with the mother of his children that he’s still hung up on. Falkor is not very bright, and I imagine anytime she has sex it’s been because she uses money or gifts in order to get laid. Pathetic Falkor, and over HIM. Who is a gross diseased cheater, who still cheats.

  22. bobbisue says:

    The bottom line is this guy is vapid, without mores, money and fame hungry and just there’s nothing there. Leann has created a fantasy of love and a perfect life together. It’s all a ruse and sooner or later will be over. She had a man who truly loved her and she threw it away. The end.

  23. Renae says:

    The only way this show would not flop is if they did a “real” reality show of their life. For example, pap pics captured in two photos in Hawaii where Eddie has drink in hand drooling at woman in front of him that has a killer body in a bikini. Leann is standing with hands on her hips and look on her face is obvious she is furious. Next pic he turns around to look into camera as Leann is saying something to him with the same furious look. They could film their home life with Eddie sneaking upstairs to get cleaned up and sneak out but Leann catches him and he has to drag her whole body on the floor as she hangs onto his ankles begging him not to go and to stay home and sleep with her. Next scene shows him driving away at top speed as she gets on twitter to say “Hubby and I are getting ready to open a bottle of wine and curl up on the couch. I have the best hubby!! Now the real life stuff would be a hit. What’s funny is if he had stayed with Brandi and none of this had happened they could have been on RHBH as a couple and probably been pretty popular. Karma is so cold!! Remember, Leann inserted herself and begged for all of this. As over it as he is, the money must really be about gone.