“Michael B. Jordan is your new Human Torch in the ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot” links


The cast of the Fantastic Four reboot has been announced: Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, Miles Teller & Jamie Bell. Seems… random. [Pajiba]
Johnny Weir & Tara Lipinski are judging you, Sochi. [Buzzfeed]
This Brian Williams edit of “Rappers Delight” is amazing. [Seriously OMG WTF]
Here’s the latest trailer for 22 Jump Street. [PopBytes]
The Kardashian Kids Klothing Line looks kind of kute. [Bitten & Bound]
Here’s Lady Gaga’s performance of “Artpop” on the Tonight Show. [Evil Beet]
NeNe Leakes is going to spill the tea. [Reality Tea]
Pres. Obama asked for advanced copies of True Detective & Game of Thrones. [IDLY]
This tree p0rn is raunchy as hell. [The Frisky]
Katy Perry’s boobs performed “Dark Horse” at the BRIT Awards. [ICYDK]
The Gap is increasing their employees’ minimum wage. [Jezebel]
The verdict in the Jordan Davis murder makes me sick. [Bossip]
Russian police whipped a member of P-ssy Riot. [OMG Blog]
Kendra Wilkinson wants her tubes tied by the age of 30. [Life & Style]
Vanilla Ice is all about mac & cheese. [Limelife]



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  1. GeeMoney says:

    What in hell kind of dress does Kate Mara have on? Ick.

  2. Coco says:

    I absolutely adore Kate Mara. She has had some pretty awesome turns as Zoe in House of Cards and Dylan McDermots crazy mistress in American Horror Story. She has really grown on me over the years.

  3. Mia4S says:

    Those other two Fantastic Four movies were so so sooo bad that it’s actually impossible for me to get excited about this one. Guilt by association I guess! ;-)

  4. Megan says:

    Damn now I am going to have to see the Fantastic Four movie. Damn you my beloved Michael B Jordan!!!! At least I won’t have to watch you die again, that was getting painful.

  5. Dommy Dearest says:

    Not too worried about this movie. It’s being made by FOX. Won’t be as great as the Marvel produced movies and it won’t get the greatness of the Amazing Spider-Man films. Jordan is a good actor and he can pull of Human Torch. I’m a comic fan but this particular set (Torch’s obvious race difference from the comic) I’m not worried about. I’m giving this film a chance on the aspect that the actors and actresses are decent. But story and movies goes, it’ll be a mess.

    • Erinn says:

      I don’t mind the race difference at all – I really like the guy. I’m just curious if Sue and Johnny are still going to be brother and sister? Adoption? Share one parent?

    • blue marie says:

      You know for me, as long as they can act the part I could care less what color they are.. I just don’t want to see someone butcher a character. (and none of these guys will)

    • V4Real says:

      We all know that Nick Fury was originally White in the comics and then they switched his race to Black in the comics, no big deal. My only problem with the race is that Sue and Johnny are biological brother and sister in the comics; therefore how will they explain it. Jordon will do good as a Superhero, I loved him in “Chronicles.”

      It’s ok to go off script but when you go too far off, that’s when the problem occurs.

      • FLORC says:

        Well put.
        And “We all know that Nick Fury was originally white…” Am I among fellow nerds and comic lovers?

      • Dommy Dearest says:

        Oh you are Florc, you are ;)

        The Ultimates brought a lot of new storylines into play that weren’t widely popular. Like the whole relationship between Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver (gross!) but Fury was a good change. I like that the movies have pulled from Ultimates and the older comics, they’ve done a good job with merging them. If Marvel ever made the comics ‘Hunger’ into a movie even just cartoon I’d watch it. Galactus eating the Ultimate universe, yes please!

        However on the topic of movies, apparently they have pretty much made Beast the Hulk in the new X-Men movie from an interview Hoult gave.

      • Yep says:

        They never switched his race to black.

        There is a different continuity in which Nick Fury’s design was based on Samuel L. Jackson.

    • MonicaQ says:

      There was a black Spider Man and people lost they gawht-dayum minds. I’d like the see the reaction people had for Nick Fury (OG Fury was white). SLJ has been completely embraced by the comic community.

      Though I know like, 2 F4 fans so there you go. And even then, only for the Silver Surfer.

      • Dommy Dearest says:

        They went with the Ultimates Fury which was drawn as a black man. From what I remember I think SLJ actually saw the resemblance and he called Marvel about being Fury. Before the movie came out. :)

        Also: Galactus (my avatar) and Doctor Doom are HUGE villains from the Fantastic 4 world. And if Marvel had the rights to F4 for movies we’d be blessed in seeing Galactus vs Thanos as well as Doctor Doom battling against the Avengers. Doom and Loki are actually quite the backstabbing allies. That broship is hilariously awesome and dastardly.

      • Mark says:

        Not really he wasn’t peter parker just another spiderman no one really cared.

      • Dommy Dearest says:


        Actually, Miles Morales is one of the ones that was saved in the series ‘Hunger’ as far as Ultimate characters goes and he does become Spider-Man. So if they went that route there would be a black spider-man and canon at that.

    • Dommy Dearest says:

      Exactly ladies. I won’t lie, I’d wig out if they did cast other roles for people not of that race (Forgive me, I’ve been reading comics since 7 and I’m 25 now so I’m a stickler for canon- Even with Harry Potter I do it too) in CERTAIN roles which is like, two to be honest. But I like Jordan and Mara. I can see them going with adopted. It would make the movie and storyline flow easier. I’ve known about Jordan being Torch since last year and at first I was sketchy. But I saw him in some movies and I think he’ll be able to play Johnny Storm well! But I’m with you V4Real, I’m wanting to see how they play it out.

      • Kate says:

        what gets me is when real life people are played by an actor of a different race. example Moses wife was a Cushite, yet in the Hollywood films she’s played by a white actress. Let’s not even start with Blonde, blue eyed Jesus. were’s the outrage?

    • jaye says:

      You know there will be people who have a HUGE problem with it, though. Cue the racist tweets in 3…2…1.

      • Dommy Dearest says:

        Oh of course. Back when I found out last year in about November about Jordan there were already so many people shaming it. A lot of them came from the people that read the comics for an x amount of time while a lot of the older readers actually didn’t mind. It’ll be the younger crowd that will troll the most. People didn’t complain as much with Idris Elba was cast as Heimdall (He’s actually Sif’s brother in comics) so I think a lot of the complaining will be about his acting potential. Because Elba, we already knew when he was cast, was an awesome actor. Jordan is still up and coming. But there was backlash when Ledger was cast as Joker and look how that turned out. I’m not saying Jordan can act as great as Ledger but more so just the aspect of people being upset.

      • V4Real says:

        People also had their doubts about RDJ being cast as IM. But at least Ledger and RDJ are the same race as the characters they portrayed. This is a bit of a stretch even for a comic book movie. I hope it plays out well. Even I can be a bit bias when I expect my beloved characters to be played cloes to what they have been created as. But I do welcome change. Let’s not forget that Alba pretty much played White as Sue Storm. You know we have comic book fanatics that are going to loose their shit over this. You should have seen how upset they were with The Mandarin Twist in IM3.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I was actually thinking about this–the switching out races in films–and the only time it bothers me is if their race was a HUGE deal. Like in Harry Potter—set in the 90s/00s…would it REALLY have mattered if Harry, Hermione, or the Weasley family were black/asian? Not to me it wouldn’t. Sure, you’d have to change the insults a little—like if the Weasley’s were a black family, then you could have them being teased over the texture of their hair.

        With Fantastic Four, I don’t think it matters that Johnny S. is black. They could be adopted, etc….had different moms.

      • lunchcoma says:

        I think one of the differences between Harry Potter and something like The Fantastic Four is that Harry Potter was the first-time adaptation of a popular novel. People expected the movie characters to be like the book characters in many ways. When it comes to superheroes, we’re used to seeing them portrayed in a ton of different ways and played by different actors in various remakes, so unexpected casting doesn’t seem inappropriate. I’d say the same goes for non-hero material that’s redone frequently – Shakespeare, various other literary characters, long-running characters like James Bond. Actually, the Harry Potter cast might get to that point if some time passes and the books end up being considered classic enough to warrant a remake.

      • Mark says:

        It’s not racist at all, people who love the character will be mad because he looks nothing like the actual human torch. It’s silly that people are trying to pass everyone as racist who isn’t in love with the idea, people just don’t like it the way people don’t like Ben Affleck. Theres hardly been a backlash compared to Ben or Jeese Eisenberg, it’s just people wanting the public to know they’re not prejudiced who think it’s a backlash.

        Jeeses jewish was the backlash on him anti-Semitic?

  6. idk says:

    Kendra wants to have her tubes tied? Wouldn’t it be a lot easier for her husband to get a vasectomy?

  7. Tiffany :) says:

    I love Michael B. Jordan, I am so happy for him! I’ve been hooked ever since Friday Night Lights!

  8. blue marie says:

    Shameful confession.. That Vanilla Ice/Mac-n-Cheese commercial had me laughing like crazy yesterday. It was awesome!

  9. Tiffany27 says:

    He was so good in Fruitvale Station. I hopr he gets nothing but immense success in his career.

  10. ashley says:

    Good for michael!!! Fan since parenthood.

  11. Nerd Alert says:

    That Lipinski/Wier thing was great!

    I kind of like Miles Teller. I’m glad he’s getting grown-up jobs. I also like Kate and think she’s underrated/overlooked due to Rooney (not that it’s Rooney’s fault but I don’t care for her tryhard demeanor).

    I agree, True Detective IS better than Breaking Bad based on each series’ first five episodes.

    I truly can’t believe the Jordan Davis verdict. That Dunn person is scum.

    • FLORC says:

      And I agree with everything you’ve said Nerd Alert.
      Except Kate and Rooney. Kate is equally as tryhard imo as Rooney. To see them as nominee and +1 at the Oscars was hard to watch. And Kate’s a good actress, but damn if I think she’s so pretentious. Rooney learned her behavior from her imo.
      (And glad she’s not back in my beloved AHS)

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I love you Nerd Alert, but how can you say that about True Detective and Breaking Bad?

      I love both shows, but how can you compare them like that? TD is set up to only air one season with this set of characters/storylines, therefore it is going to move much faster plot wise. BB was a perfectly paced character arc that spanned 5-ish seasons. I think they are both amazing tv shows, but it really is like comparing apples and celery. The first five episodes are such different percentages of overall story.

    • Nerd Alert says:

      @FLORC I am guilty of not knowing much about Kate Mara, for sure. I see a LOT more pics of Rooney and her crappy sourface, which in turn sours me on her. She was in Side Effects, right? I think that’s about all Rooney’s done that I like.

      @Tiffany :) It wasn’t me! It was one of the links…BUT I will say that I was a late bloomer for Breaking Bad just because I couldn’t get into the first 5 eps, and that was soooo opposite for me with TD. I had to really try and then by about the 4th ep I was into it. But don’t blame me, blame the link…I never would have thought of that on my own :)

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Ok, Nerdy, I understand, all is forgiven. ;)

      I love both shows so much, the comparison just hit me like pitting brother against brother or something. The Sophie’s Choice of tv shows!

      I really love the styling and mood of True Detective. The coloring treatment they use is very effective. I am so interested to see where it goes, cause it is really building up the tension! I hope it pays off! Have you done any research on The King in Yellow? I have dabbled a bit, but I don’t want to find any spoilers.

  12. Daphne says:

    Glad to see he has found success after his All My Children days. He is ONE to watch.

  13. Lux says:

    OMG I clicked on the link to the 22 Jump Street trailer (which looks good btw) and there was an article saying The Comeback might be coming back. DEAR LORD please let this be true!!!!!!!! I need Valerie Cherish back in my life.

  14. Megan says:

    Soooo….is this fantastic four in their teen years? Because all these people barely look legal to drink. My interest in this film has just gone from mildly curious to I don’t even care anymore. Not a fan of the actors either. Jamie bell is probably the best one but still…

    • Bucky says:

      Kate Mara is 31, Michael B. Jordan is 27, Jamie Bell is 28, and Miles Teller is 27 (and it’s his birthday, thanks IMDB!).

      I also just learned that three of four have February birthdays, and Jamie’s is in March. All older than Jessica Alba and Chris Evans were in the original, so … As far as acting ability, Michael B. Jordan is one of the best actors of his generation – From FNL to Parenthood to Fruitvale Station, the guy just moves you. Kate Mara is, in my opinion, a better actress than her sister, and Miles Teller got great reviews for The Spectacular Now.

    • Megan says:

      I’m not talking how old they actually are, I’m talking about how old they LOOK. I don’t see scientists here. It looks like the CW cast these people. Never liked the fantastic four anyways though. The new cast doesn’t impress me at all, but I suppose it can’t be any worse than the first two. Michael B Jordan is alright. A good actor but I wouldn’t consider part of the best of his generation. I did like him in FNL.

  15. tifzlan says:

    Jesse Williams, star of Grey’s Anatomy, had some very interesting and on-point things to say about the Jordan Davis case. Everyone should totally look it up!

    • Tiffany :) says:

      You are right! Here are some parts:

      “This is a tradition in this country when people are able to go ahead and kill black people because they got sassed because we were inconvenienced, and we become a victim of a fantasy,”

      “This is a societal problem where people should be outraged when a man is able to instigate an interaction with kids and then shoot them when it doesn’t go well,” Jesse continued. “It should be an outrage for everybody.”

      “Feeling threatened is not the same thing as being threatened,” Jesse said. “We have to keep fighting to be heard and to be treated as human beings. This is not closed, this case. This guy is a sociopath. He goes to jail. Next.”

  16. Nanou says:

    I’m all meh on Miles Teller as Mr Fantastic … I just don’t see him as a leader … i’m fine with the others though… At least this time, they’ve cast an actress that can act because Jessica Alba as Sue Storm was just horrible.

  17. Samtha says:

    Why not just have a black Sue Storm? I like Kate Mara well enough and think she’s probably the most conventional choice in the cast…which is what makes her casting seem out of place.

    I really hope, if they go the adoption route, they make Sue adopted instead of Johnny.

  18. justme says:

    I remember Michael B Jordan from the Wire when he was just a teen. He really stood out among a group of excellent actors. Glad to see he is doing well!

  19. I Choose Me says:

    That suit, that face. Oh my. MBJ is so, so fine.

  20. Carolyn says:

    Jessica Alba’s un-fantastic acting wrecked Fantastic Four for me. Not too excited about this new version…unless it’s really really good.

  21. Jackson says:

    Haha! The tree porn was awesome.

  22. Nya says:

    Ever since Michael B. Jordan made those really sexist comments in Glamour he’s just ugly to me.

  23. Isa says:

    Kate Mara was in 10 years and all she did was look down and purse her damn lips. She’s like that chick from twilight all over again.

  24. Angie says:

    When I fantasized about a F4 remake, I always wanted Sarah MIchelle Gellar to be Sue Storm.

  25. Shantal says:

    Ben Grimm: So if you and Johnny are related, why are you white?
    Reed Richards: OMG, Ben, you can’t just ask people why they’re white!