Liv Tyler talks about being estranged from her dad, dealing with divorce

Liv Tyler has a new interview with Wonderland Magazine that’s both unfiltered and endearing. You can tell that she had a good rapport with the interviewer almost from the start, and she let her guard down and shared some personal information about her relationship with her father, Steven Tyler, and how she’s dealing with the pain from her divorce with the help of good friends.

On her divorce
But the truth is that, it takes a long time, but you do kind of wake up one day and you just feel a little tiny bit better…

There’s nothing worse than heartache, being lovesick. It’s like there’s a physical sickness. You go through a couple of weeks where you think , ‘Oh, I’m okay, I feel better,’ and then suddenly, out of nowhere, it hits you again… You also realise who your friends are. When Roy and I broke up, Bobby literally moved in with me and helped me get through everything. And my other best friend, Victoria, she’s with me in L.A. right now. The hardest part is when they leave… It also brings up a lot of issues: you might feel like a failure, or like there is something wrong with you. I see a lot of people run away from it, or they act like they don’t care. But if you don’t let yourself mourn, it’s going to come back and bite you on the ass. You can’t run away from yourself: you kind of have to just deal with it.”

On the paparazzi
I have more privacy in L.A. because you can run around in your yard. But the paparazzi are very weird, because they actually stalk you. Like they have someone wait in the car all the time, so whenever you leave…

I’m really boring: I take my son to school; I go to the grocery store. So I don’t play their game. But it’s confusing because they kind of trick you. Some days they’re really obvious, and then some days you’re driving and you look back for them, and they’re not there, and you’ll feel like a weird narcissist. And then you’ll think: “Oh, I’m free.” So you’ll have two weeks where you can be in your sweats with no make-up on. And then, suddenly, you realise they have been there all the time, just hiding out.

On her relationship with biological dad Steven Tyler, who she first met when she was eight
You know that relationship is still sort of hard. He’s very busy, my dad. He’s not around very much; it’s sort of hard being the daughter of a rock star. There’s definitely, at times… it can be painful… especially for me, I can’t speak for all of his…[She trails off]…

In the past few years we haven’t been very close. He has been going through a lot of things on his own and he has not been the… he hasn’t been around that much for us. So that’s been hard. But I probably shouldn’t be talking about this… I wish, I wish, I really wish he was around more, to know Milo more, and… but he has to go through what he goes through.


There’s something vulnerable and completely genuine about Tyler and I’m rooting for her and hoping she finds some closure on her relationship. Her dad Steven went to rehab last Spring and is likely having personal issues, especially considering some of the things he’s said recently to the press. Liv considered Todd Rundgren her father for most of her childhood, and she spoke of him fondly in the interview, saying “I have so much love for him… when he holds me it feels like daddy.”

You wonder if Liv is promoting anything as she doesn’t have any films out in the UK, where Wonderland is published, and she doesn’t have anything lined up, according to IMDB. I’d like to see her in more roles as she has both talent and beauty.

All photos credit Wonderland Magazine

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  1. geronimo says:

    Wow, fab photoshoot, she looks amazing.

    I love her too, no pretence or ego, just genuinely nice. And really naturally beautiful.

  2. Ruby says:

    She’s one of my favourites. Beautiful, humble and sweet.

  3. lynn says:

    I’m not a celebrity and I don’t go out in sweats and no makeup….so why do they?
    Take 5 minutes and use some gloss and mascara.

  4. Obvious says:


    You’re telling me that some days you just don’t do that? I do it all. These celebs are always expected to look amazing and it’s probably exhausting. leave em be. if they wanna take a day off and run around in sweats with no makeup let them. They are real people;.

  5. lunachick says:

    And literally, what about going for a run? Can you imagine trying to just go for a jog in you neighborhood and look made-up and polished?!

    I mean I have cute running outfits (when I’m not 7 mos pregnant!)but when I’m running, I’m working hard and sweating and enjoying the day – I would HATE being followed around and photographed while working out!

  6. abbizmal says:

    I really admire this girl. She is a natural beauty, for certain. Having the paparazzi stalking you has got to be mindbogglingly annoying. They def go too far and need to be reined in. I only wear mascara (sometimes) and would hate to feel like I have to put makeup on to leave the house. That would suck in a big way. It is nice to see people above all that like Liv.

  7. Cinderella says:

    I absolutely love Liv.

    It’s sad that her biological father can’t get his act together, especially when she needs him most, but what a comfort to have such a talented, legendary dad like Todd Rundgren.

    She’ll come out ahead.

  8. caribassett says:

    Lynn, really? I mean srsly? What about when you have cramps, and the kids have been up all night with a cold, and you have to go buy robitussin or something? Bcause last sunday morning I went to WalMart in puppy pajamas. I would be ashamed except, well, I am just not. I even had a conversation with a few people I know, and never felt the urge to blush…..

  9. Bellatrix says:

    Liv is without a doubt one of these ladies who can wear no make-up at all and be dressed in a potato sack and still look stunning.

    She’s just one of them… The personal side we know of her through interviews and -unfortunately- paparazzi pictures tend to show she’s not only beautiful on the outside, she seems gorgeous on the inside too.

    Very genuine, very candid yet very much real. So, I think she can skip the gloss part before leaving the house…

  10. I think Liv is a beautiful woman, inside and out.

    I’m a little surprised that she and Steven aren’t closer. I guess I’ve always assumed that they’s was peas and carrots (the “Cryin” music video might have something to do with that impression). I hope once Steve sobers up he’ll be able to help support his family.

  11. Diva says:

    She’s one of those girls who is completely gorgeous and totally cute at the same time!

  12. Krista says:

    I really like her, too. I hope things work out for her because she seems like a genuinely nice person.

  13. daisy424 says:

    Damn she is beautiful.
    She looks a bit like Stephanie Seymour in the 4th shot.

  14. Flour says:

    LOL Cari in your puppy pj’s <3 I hear people say things like “couldn’t she even put on pants” but ya know what? why bother? i mean really, what’s the very worst that can happen? Stacy and Clinton giving you a hard time on nat’l tv would probably be the worst :) and still, so what! be comfy.

  15. RaraAvis says:

    In the minority again…I find her to be empty headed and totally shallow. Can’t look at her without thinking about her boffing Bruce Willis. Yuck. Just another uneducated Hollywood bimbo.

  16. Rreedy says:

    She is smart, gorgeous and has her head screwed on right. She is a real BS here.

  17. Ned says:

    I used to think she was pretty, but she lost it.

    I remember how she ruined that movie with Ben Affleck when she tried to talk with a high pitch for some reason and was as about charming as a used towel.

    Sorry, but having a famous father helped her get her start, but she didn’t deliver after so many opportunities given to her.

    It’s time to realize you aren’t built for that and move on.
    When you are not even good enough to be in a light romantic comedy, as a supporting role, you are really not meant to act.

  18. snappyfish says:

    She looks gorgeous in the header photo. She has always been a lovely elegant person.

    Which probably wasn’t the easiest thing to be considering her unbringing. Her mother was an uber-groupie, she was told one rocker was her father when another one actually was.

    The interview makes her out to be sane, intelligent and kind. Pretty powerful traits in a v v beautiful girl.

  19. lynn says:

    If I were a celebrity and I knew that there could be someone around each corner just waiting to catch me at my worst, then yes, I would take the 5 minutes to get a little mascara on.
    I don’t think this is unreasonable.
    I never said that anyone had to look perfect. I literally said ” put on a little gloss and mascara “. Relax.

  20. Diva says:

    Some people just have different priorities.

  21. wickedorchid says:

    He must be a nightmare Dad – I am sure that her Mom didn’t create that elaborate ruse about TR being her Dad for nothing. Sad….

  22. sissoucat says:

    lynn: Tilda Swinton is a celebrity too. By not using make-up, even on the red carpet, she’ll never be hounded for her ‘no make-up’ days. Clever lady.

    And besides, no make-up keeps your skin youthful.

  23. rbsesq says:

    @ Lynn – I didn’t realize that women are obligated to never leave the house without full makeup and perfectly coifed hair. I have a makeup free weekend rule, so I guess you should cut up my membership card and drum me out of the club.

  24. Morgs says:

    I love Liv. She is a beautiful, natural woman. My favorite movie with her is still Stealing Beauty by Bertolucci. I wish she had more projects lined up.

  25. tomas14 says:

    liv sos muy bonita adiario pienso en vos y miro tus peliculas. sos una verdadera mujer con todas las letas. un besito

  26. anti says:

    i like her a lot! she looks great but the first photo she looked a little like lohan. yet, i think it’s the angle and the leggings! in the first shot actually her face looks a little like a young flynn-boyle.

    the BEST shots are the ones that look really like liv.

  27. ts says:

    She’s hot. Very beautiful. Would love the chance to meet and yeah greet her someday.

  28. Charlotte says:

    I think Liv is actually promoting Super, which comes out later this year (US release date was 1st April) and also stars Ellen Page.

  29. Forelithe says:

    Lovely elegant young woman.

  30. Isabel says:

    Liv is fabulous. What a genuine interview. She seems like such a sweet woman. Her honesty is refreshing.

    That part about Steven Tyler makes me so sad for her.