Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy are engaged

Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy have become engaged. Danes, 29, has been dating the British actor for more than a year, reports People Magazine, but if my memory serves, I think it’s been closer to two years. After “breaking up” (perhaps the term “homewrecking” applies?) Billy Crudup and a very pregnant Mary-Louise Parker in 2004, Danes and Crudup dated for about three years.

Allegedly, Danes and Crudup broke up towards the end of 2006, which is around the time she met Hugh Dancy. She and Dancy met while filming the film Evening. Danes confirmed her relationship with Dancy the summer of 2007. So, yeah, I’m probably right and People’s not – they’ve been together closer to two years.

Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy will be getting married, a rep for the pair confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

Danes, 29, and Dancy, 33, met while filming Evening in Newport, R.I., and had been dating for more than a year.

The couple recently stepped out at the Screen Actors Guild and Directors Guild awards in Los Angeles.

From People Magazine

Ordinarily, I would make a bad joke about the name “Hugh Dancy”, but I really like the guy. I saw him first in The Jane Austen Book Club, and he is really cute. The couple currently lives in New York, where they are likely to stay. I just looked up Dancy’s filmography, and I am surprised to learn he was in Basic Instinct 2! Yikes. He’s also the love interest in that horrible-looking film Confessions of a Shopaholic, probably one of the worst-timed film releases in history. Congratulations to the happy couple!

Photos are file photos of Dancy and Danes. Credit: WENN

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  1. Baholicious says:

    You’re ever so gracious Kaiser, so I’ll do it: Hugh Nancy Dancy! Hugh Nancy Dancy!

    What an unfortunate, poncy-assed name.

    Here’s hoping he is redeemed by having a big tallywhacker.

  2. geronimo says:

    Maybe he’ll take her name. Hugh Danes sounds so much better than Claire Dancy. Or, seriously OMG, Dancy-Dane.

  3. Jill says:

    eh, this’ll probably last until claire shoots a new movie with someone else.

  4. becca says:

    They look cute and in love. I hope it lasts.

  5. Kimble says:

    She’s just a home wrecking slapper – it’ll only last until her next leading man.

  6. avant says:

    They seem like a cute couple. I hope for her sake he doesn’t abandon when she’s 7 months pregnant! Karma for that will revisit her at some point…

  7. aleach says:

    i really want to like claire danes (i think shes an ok actress) but i love me some mary louise parker so…i just cant do it. ;)

  8. elisha says:

    Ew, I heard a Claire Danes interview on NPR once… she is such a self-important elitist douche. And she was being interviewed on her role in one of the Terminator movies, of all things.

  9. Kaiser says:

    G – ZOMG Dancy-Danes!! Why didn’t I think of that?

  10. L.S. says:

    I haven’t been a fan of Claire Danes since she got involved with Billy Crudup, when his girlfriend, Mary- Louise Parker, was 7 months pregnant. Karma is a you know what, and it might just be arriving at Ms. Danes door pretty soon.

  11. Diva says:

    I love her in Romeo + Juliet…

    I think I’ll watch that DVD today, to celebrate her impending nuptuals, lol.

  12. MoJo says:

    I’m hot and cold on Claire and her various projects (and I dislike her based on cultural solidarity with my Pinoy bretheren back int he Philippines), so I was ‘meh’ on their getting together, but I’ll be damned if she messes with Hugh. I really, really hope they’ll be happy. Hugh’s a total sweetheart and a seriously talented actor both in screen and stage and smart and funny and gracious and often cast in movies beneath him. She’s a really lucky woman. (And if they have kids, maybe she’ll finally gain some weight, stop going blond and go back to a prettier Claire while Hugh makes for an adorable dad!)

  13. Jules says:

    I don’t like people that have a relationship with someone who’s already in a relationship, but lets face it, Billy Crudup was to blame for MLP being left when she was 7 months pregnant. Clare Danes was just the unscrupulous ‘person’ who assisted.

  14. Izzy says:

    Ah, She is so down to earth and smoking hot too. I hope she’s happy.

  15. MT says:

    I always thought Claire Danes was probably one of the ugliest actresses out there.

    That was BEFORE I heard she had a romance with a guy whose significant other was 8 months prognant.

    Seriously, how low can you be to go for a guy that his woman is 8 month pregnant?!

  16. MT says:

    I hope this guy knows what he’s doing.

    Clearly he doesn’t care much for beauty and delicate features (or a nice body / normal eating habits / natural hair color), but I hope he can also overlook a nasty character.

  17. Diva says:

    RE: “Seriously, how low can you be to go for a guy that his woman is 8 month pregnant?!”

    Ask Britney.

  18. snappyfish says:

    I loved Jill’s comment about this will last until she makes another movie. She is known for dating the co-star.

    I liked her when she was younger, but she has turned into an elitist snob for no real apparent reason. I heard the NPR spot and she was annoying as hell.

    I do think she is pretty but exceptionally thin, anorexic style. He seem cute and a nice person, oh well, another nice guy ruined by a mean chick

  19. Ned says:

    Is it too much to ask that actresses would be pretty?

    I know there are always welcome exceptions, when you have extremely talented actresses that are also charming, but this is clearly not the case here, is it?

    I also don’t think this is camparable to Britney. She had a leach who forgot to tell her he had a pregnant woman back home when he saw the opportunity of the road and pretended to care for a very lonely singer.

    I’m pretty sure this ugly anorexic knew perfectly well of the situation of her co- star and still went for him.

  20. Violet says:

    I hope they marry soon. I just can’t wait to see Hugh dumping a 7 months pregnant Claire for a younger and hotter blonde (or maybe for some other guy, people say he’s into boys and girls)…karma is a bitch, miss. You can’t escape it.

  21. sissoucat says:

    Ned: Is it too much to ask that actresses be pretty ? Yes, it is. Women are not limited to being pretty things, you know. Some of them are ugly (not Claire) and that doesn’t make them any less women. Actresses are there to give a convincing performance, not to help men masturbate.

    Jules: Yep, Crudup is the one deserving the bad karma.

    Still Claire has pretty low standards to give even a second look to a d*ck willing to drop his pregnant girlfriend for her.

  22. Violet says:

    Of course Crudup was the main asshole in the story. He was the married one. But, a woman who gets involved with a married guy and helps him to humilliate a seven months pregnant woman obviously has no sense of morals or compassion.
    To be brief: they are both lame and extremely low people. And they’ll pay for what they’ve done to Mary Louise. I just want her to marry Hugh soon. I can’t wait to see him dump her big style.

  23. lady garden says:

    BAHO-that made me snort! i bet he has a big tallywhacker-i just didn’t know he used it on girls

  24. rbsesq says:

    Thank you all for giving me hope. At first I thought my pillow would be soaked with tears as I cried myself to sleep over the loss of my beloved Hugh, but your comments have made me realize, it’s not over until she actually says “I do” and probably not even then.

  25. Melissa says:

    Claire Danes is hideous, repulsive and a terrible actress.

  26. johnhardin says:

    You Got Served Ugly Juliet!!!!
    The Philippines still hates you and you will forever be hated by the people of Manila!!!!
    Forgive sounds good, Forget – ‘don’t think WE could.
    Home wrecker!!!