“Adele Dazeem redeems herself with a ‘Tonight Show’ performance” links

Adele Dazeem’s Tonight Show performance of “Let It Go” was much better than her Oscar performance. [Seriously OMG WTF]
Did Jennifer Hudson shade Lupita Nyong’o? [Bossip]
Jennifer Lopez made a music video with Ricky Martin. [Evil Beet]
Disney princess realize that they don’t need a man. [The Frisky]
Farrah Abraham is a “toxic” person apparently. [Reality Tea]
Brooklyn Beckham is 15 years old. When did that happen? [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Here are this year’s big Razzie winners. [PopBytes]
Chris Brown was ordered back to rehab. [I'm Not Obsessed]
Scarlett Johansson is allegedly five months along. [IDLY]
Mayor Rob Ford was on Jimmy Kimmel’s show. [Gawker]
Bro-tox is what we’ve been needing this whole time. [OMG Blog]
Vince Vaughn had his own Oscar party (in his garage). [Life & Style]
Emilia Clarke covers the new issue of Flare. [LaineyGossip]


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  1. Diana says:

    I must be the only person in the planet who hated that song and I did since I heard it in the movie.

  2. QQ says:

    Nah not really, still just pretty nasal, But the Roots embellish everything

  3. LadySlippers says:

    That video with Idina and Jimmy with The Roots is freakin’ adorable!

  4. mia girl says:

    I always love this Fallon segment… and this one made me particularly happy.

    Mostly because I believe Menzel was thrown off her game at the Oscars by Travolta’s embarrassing intro and the orchestra’s too fast pace.

    Redemption is always a good thing.

    • winosaurusrex says:


      I think that would throw anybody off. Plus no matter how much you practice, when the music is live-but only being fed to you through an earpiece via satellite things can go a bit wonky. Just because technology is never perfect.

      Personally I adore Idina, and I cringed at that last note. But i LOVE that song so much,

      • kibbles says:

        I cannot understand why anyone would think having the orchestra in another building would be a good idea. Could you imagine a violinist playing a concerto with the orchestra in another building and having to concentrate on her playing while listening to her earpiece? Wtf? A lot of other things go into orchestral playing. The singer or solo musician must interact with the conductor and other players of the orchestra. If something goes wrong, they must be in the same room to signal to the conductor and orchestra that things need to be slowed down. That’s just a disaster waiting to happen. Next time, bring the orchestra back into the same building.

      • lower-case deb says:

        i hope when Pitch Perfect comes out, they will have the accappella crew (Rebel Wilson!!!) sing ALL the songs nominated.

        that will solve the orchestra problems.

    • Isan says:

      +2 to the both of you.
      Loved this performance on JF as well as the song.

    • Pancake Bacon says:

      Presumably she attended rehearsal and knew the orchestra setup? And that she’s knocked out live performances nightly where more major things than a wrong pronunciation of your name can throw you off?

      I would rather believe she was just human and nerves got the best of her. Her voice is not my personal taste, but sometimes the worst just happens to the best of us.

  5. lenje says:

    I’ve always thought Kristin sings better than Idina. But Idina is a solid singer nonetheless.

    Regarding the song, it’s amazing how huge it is, much more so than the movie itself. I was just listening to a parody of the song in Javanese, a local language, and still giggle now. That it has been sung and parodied in hundreds of languages is a testament to its huge, global popularity.

  6. SonjaMarmeladova says:

    I loved Ordinary Love much more.

  7. Steph says:

    It’s amazing to me that this woman is applauded so much when I think she sings out of her nose!

  8. itsetsyou says:

    Her voice is heavenly!!

  9. Marigold says:

    Can this be over now? I am all set with nose singing for a long, long while.

  10. Anname says:

    I can’t believe I am still so amused by the “Adele Dazeem” thing. I swear it gets funnier everytime i read it today…

  11. Mel M says:

    I have a two year old and watch a lot of yo gabba gabba and I love the Roots haha!

  12. Thaisajs says:

    I don’t think Idina had to redeem herself at all. It’s a tough song and she sounded lovely Sunday night. John Travolta on the other hand…

  13. Tania says:

    She seemed nervous on Sunday and I don’t think the sound system did her any favours. The music was louder than her voice.

  14. Belle says:

    I love the movie Frozen, and think a lot of the song’s appeal comes from the meaning it has in the movie. The scene where the song is used is soooo amazing! Of course, it is a Disney movie, and has a lot of singing, so if that isn’t your cup of tea, then you probably wouldn’t enjoy it. ;)

    As for Idina… I felt really bad for her. Whether you like her voice or not, her performance at the Oscars was not a good one for her, and she looked upset at the end. I’m sure she was nervous… then Mr. Wiglet botched her name beyond recognition. I think what hurt her the most was the (off site) orchestra playing the music at the speed of sound. WTF?? The woman could barely get all of the words out, much less try to breathe! No idea if this was a mistake, or if the song was rehearsed that fast. Either way… way too fast, and the result wasn’t good. Part of me thinks maybe she was told to speed the song up, cut it down to fit a time block, and perhaps she managed okay in a rehearsal… much different doing it live though. The other part of me thinks that there were some technical problems, which were compounded by the fact that the orchestra was not actually… you know, THERE.

  15. Wow Shock says:

    I’m actually surprised to see so many people agreeing with me: Idina’s voice is horrible, gravelly, nasal, harsh, piercing etc and the only redeeming feature is her loudness. I will admit sometimes, when she’s toning it down in parts of songs such as Defying Gravity, that it can be a pretty voice. But 99% of the time, she’s testimony to the fact that most listeners are not concerned about aesthetics, just volume.

  16. Marianne says:

    Yes her voice cracked during the Occars…but it could have been to the fact that they had sped up the temp of the song.

  17. Chezza says:

    Her voice is thin, not nasal, she does not resonate with her nose, like Celine Dion does. She has always had a thin voice, but she is a good singer. Her voice is not for everybody, is acquired taste.

  18. julia says:

    I guess im the minority on this web site. I loved the song. I find it deeply inspiring and a joy to listen to. Im 49 and not a Disney fan but have become like most addicted to this song especially in the context of the animation. I heard the other songs and though the moon song was interesting i dont think either held a candle to ‘Let It Go”. I believe it richly deserved its two Oscars. I Dont watch entertainment award ceremonies as i find the celebrities pretentious and annoying but because of Frozen watched it this year. John Travolta’s flub made everything more interesting and amusing. Im looking forward to-watching this on DVD with my daughters.