Kanye West puts Kim Kardashian on ‘lockdown’ following Viennese disaster


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have apparently set the date, at least according to Us Weekly. Kimye will walk down the aisle on May 24th… in Paris. Sure. They were originally supposed to do it later, like June or July, but they’ve moved up the date for reasons unknown. The 24th is also the final night of the Cannes Film Festival, so there you go.

In other Kardashian-West news, you know how Kris Jenner sold Kim to Richard Lugner for one night? Lucifer’s Homegirl collected $500,000 out of that deal and all Kim got was the back of the pimp hand. No, that’s not true. Kim also got accosted by a “comedian” in blackface and she had to stand there as people dropped the n-word (for jokes!). And before the Vienna Opera Ball even happened, Lugner was bitching about how Kim was a big pain in the ass. So, basically, Kim got crazy drama for one 24-hour period and Kris was rolling in money. So, obviously, Yeezington has put his foot down and now he’s putting his love on lockdown:

Kanye West has put his baby mama Kim Kardashian on notice — no more paid appearances after her disastrous date to the Opera Ball in Vienna, RadarOnline.com has learned.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashian star’s appearance at the party ended with her date Richard Lugner publicly slamming her as “annoying” and then the E! star being accosted by a man in blackface.

Upset, 33-year-old Kardashian called West, who was “livid,” a source told Radar.

“He went nuclear when Kim told him someone had used the N-word in front of her and one of the guests was dressed in blackface. It was his advice to leave right away, no questions asked.”

As we previously reported, Kardashian was paid $500,000 to be his date.

“It’s not about the money. Kanye told her no more paid appearances. It was selling her soul and not worth it. How much more money does Kim need? It cheapens Kim and her brand to be paid to go to parties,” the source added.

We’ve also learned momager Kris Jenner is balking at West’s new demands because she gets a percentage of the paychecks her daughter collects!

“Kris gets a 10 percent cut of all deals she brokers on behalf of Kim, which means she made $50,000 off of the Austrian appearance,” the source said.

“She is always telling Kim that opportunities to make such big money isn’t always going to be there… her motto is, you have to strike while the iron is hot. So for the meantime, Kris doesn’t have any plans to cancel any of Kim’s upcoming appearances. In fact, she is still booking Kim! Kim is stuck in the middle.”

[From Radar]

Lucifer’s Homegirl is one greedy pimp. Good lord. After the disaster that went down in Vienna, you’d think that Kris would realize that Kim needed to put the brakes on public appearances for a while. But Kris has no shame, and she’s raised her daughters without shame as well. So I’m sure Kim does feel “stuck in the middle.” We can joke about Crazy Kanye all day long, but he seems to be the brains of this operation. Scary, isn’t it? He’s the one actually making the smarter business/branding decisions.



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  1. paola says:

    Hopefully in that ‘lockdown’ there are no cameras or phones.
    I like Kanye style.

  2. Lucy2 says:

    If lockdown means we don’t have to see her for a while, I’m all for it.

  3. Eleonor says:

    Kris Jenner would sell even her own mother.

  4. MsBB says:

    In the last picture, she looks like a scared little girl, standing next to someone/something she’s scared off. I almost feel for her. Almost, but not quite.

  5. Lark says:

    This may get me slammed, but I honestly think Kanye loves Kim and wants her away from PMK because he sees that she is exploiting her so badly. I kind of view Kim as a dumb bunny or at least someone who has a weak spot who has been exploited by PMK for a long, long time.

    • feebee says:

      No, I think you’re right in that Kanye loves her. Once they’re married I think the “happy family” thing Kanye and Kris have going on might dissolve into something that looks like a messy custody dispute. Normally I’m not a fan of a husband trying to cut off his wife from the love and support of her family (too many bad situations there) but in this case a little distance might be better for Kim. In the case of Kris “love and support” are different animals.

    • nofkksgiven says:

      I also think he really loves her. I think in his mind he wants what’s best for her – and in some ways Mama Kris feels the same (they just have different ideas on what that “best” things for Kim are). What’s sad is a 30 year old woman with a FULL bank account/financial freedom is basically being passed from one puppet master to another and at this point – they are fighting over who pulls the strings.

      I’m rooting for Kim – people hate her for some reason – but I haven’t seen where she has done anything violent or evil… maybe one day SHE will be the one pulling the strings…

      • gabreil says:

        Nobody’ hates’ her. People just call her out for her lack of talent and her stupidity. Whats the reason for all this fame and wealth for no special talents? Well she might not be violent, but she will go as low as setting up a fake wedding and even faking a racial attack. That’s pretty darn low in my book if you are going to use racism to boost your popularity.

      • We Are All Made of Stars says:

        Yeah. A lot of people really strongly dislike/hate her with a fervor that verges on mouth foaming cray-zay. She seems extraordinarily passive and basically harmless. Tacky, sure, sleazy, I guess so, but worthy of the extreme hatred she seems to provoke? Nah. She has a kind of lazy sexiness to her and that’s about all. She’s obviously never been in a life situation that demanded anything else of her.

        Now the Taylors and Oprahs of the world who are calculating as hell and run a game on everyone like they are so sweet and blameless, they drive me to the point of derangement.

      • idk says:

        She’ll be 34 years old this year. I don’t think Kim is as big of a victim as you think she is. She’s A LOT like her mother.

      • gg says:

        sorry, but I unfortunately saw her sex tape without realizing what I’d clicked on. Can’t scrub my brain hard enough. I have zero respect for a woman who makes a career out of getting pissed on by some horny dude and taking selfies and lying about all her plastic surgery. She’s a farce.

    • Rockymtnprincess says:

      I agree, if this is true +1 for Kanye.
      Can’t believe I just typed that…what’s the temp in hell today?

    • dorothy says:

      Agree in some ways. I think Kim is easily manipulated. The fact that see seems to be ignorant or stupid doesn’t help.

    • Candy love says:

      Kanye uses Kim just as much as PMK dose. He the one dress her up in these ass ugly clothes like she some kind of doll not to mention rapping about her like she some kind of whore, if that’s love then I don’t what it.

      He treated his Ex Amber rose way better then he treats Kim.

      ( “It’s not about the money. Kanye told her no more paid appearances. It was selling her soul and not worth it. How much more money does Kim need? It cheapens Kim and her brand to be paid to go to parties,” the source added. )

      This part right here proves this story was put out by PMK.

      • wheezy says:

        “He went nuclear when Kim told him someone had used the N-word in front of her…”
        I’m not ok w what happened- if that is truly true- but that statement is very hyocritical.

        CANDY LOVE made an excellent point, kanye’s lyrics are disgusting at best- how in the F will that be explained to Ignori and still have r.e.s.p.e.c.t for mama?

    • Sandy says:

      Are we really supposed to believe that Kanye didn’t even know Kimmy was doing this “appearance” beforehand? Because he is a control freak, so he had to know she was going to Austria, and he was fine with the $1/2 million. Are we supposed to think he just woke up to the fact that she’s a bought woman? NOW he’s putting his foot down? I guess the check cleared.

    • gefeylich says:

      This is a contract relationship, pure and simple. These two have tried (without much success) to make the public think they care about each other (ie, the thing behind the ridiculously fake “Kanye Beats Down Kim’s Racist Attacker!” debacle a few weeks back) . But who puts someone they love under “lockdown?” Answer: someone who cares very much about appearances AND keeping to the letter of the contract.

      I’m pretty sure Kanye’s true SO is Riccardo Tisci. And it’s obvious that with the “Viennese disaster,” PMK and Kim are still operating to get money and exposure – famewhores till the end, contract or no contract.

      • maggieg says:

        I don’t buy it either. Kanye could care less. It’s all about damage control at this point. “Oh…people think Kim is a whore? So let’s act like we agree….” So transparent all of them. This wedding charade is just that: another farce pulled by this trashy group.

  6. crab says:

    God that family is just so gross!!

  7. lauren says:

    Paid appearances cheapen her brand? This woman became famous because of a sex tape and has no talent other than selling herself to the highest bidder. So isn´t being cheap and trashy what her brand is all about?

    • MrsBPitt says:

      exactly…Cheap? That IS her brand!

    • Tapioca says:

      The thing is that this Richard Lugner pays a sleb – Sophia Loren, Grace Jones, Dita von Teese – to accompany him to the ball every year for the publicity it brings and it’s a harmless business arrangement that goes off without a hitch… until the Kartrashians get involved and turn it into a fiasco.

      Far from cheapening the lady in question it’s seen as something akin to attending a fashion show or movie premiere and yet in this case Kim’s actually managed to make the whole deal look really sordid and tacky. Brava!

      • lauren says:

        Richard Lugner is a disgusting and shady old man and everyone knows it. He pays younger women to be his girlfriends and every year he pays a celebrity to accompany him to the Opera ball. If they did a background check on him they knew what they where up for. Being paid by Lugner or any old man to accompany them to an event is questionable to me and something very different than being paid for attending a fashion show. Kim wants to brand herself as a mother, the high-fashion girl, she wants the vogue cover and she wants to belong to the Met Ball fashion people – so I simply don´t understand why she took this job in Vienna.

      • Chrissy says:

        The things people will do for $500,000! Kim has degraded herselffor much less. IMO her mother and herself only saw the money and didn’t even think about how she would be perceived by taking it. Ironically, if they hadn’t made the mistake of taking their film crew with them, Lugner might not have had much to publically complain about! Why did they think that they could film their show on his time?

    • TheCountess says:

      It’s hard to get any cheaper a brand than the “Kardashian Kollection.”

  8. Tiffany says:

    Does anyone in this family Google on any subject but themselves. They could have easily found out this was going to be a disaster. That guy was bad news and flat out said he wanted to have sex with her because that is what he paid for. Ugggg…this frustrates me to no end. Primarily because that really is crazy money.

    • Nina W says:

      If it’s a real figure, what kind of moron would waste that kind of money on Kim? I’m skeptical of the whole story beginning to end. $500,000 is a lot of money and I have a hard time believing anyone would pay that kind of money for Kim to stand around looking vapid on his arm.

  9. doofus says:

    gah…in that pic where they’re walking by the elevators, PMK looks like evil personified.


  10. NewWester says:

    I hope I live long enough to see the book that North West will write about growing up in that family. With Kayne and Kim as her parents and Kris( Lucifer’s Homegirl ) as her grandmother you know that book will put Mommie Dearest to shame

    • bondbabe says:

      Ha! I’ve thought about that before too! And also, in the future when North Googles her parents—all the results that appear (poor thing):

      -sex tape
      -being peed on
      -Grandma released it for $$$
      -Mommy’s ever-changing face (and the accompanying lies/denials)
      -Mommy’s a$$ explosion (and the accompanying lies/denials)
      -Daddy’s rants
      -Daddy’s wardrobe
      -Mommy’s wardrobe
      -Grandma’s pimping Mommy, aunts, entire family for $$$
      -and on, and on, and on

      I hope she dishes big-time!

  11. Siedhr says:

    Kim doesn’t really look human anymore. Incredibly creepy.

    • Belle Epoch says:

      Agree! When you compare her to her previous young, healthy pictures it’s like a cautionary tale for celebrities. DO NOT make the same mistake as this urinal and try to look haha “perfect.” You end up bizarre, unmoving and embalmed. Dumb self-indulgent and self-defeating!

  12. Ag says:

    So, no more international hooking, oh, I’m sorry, “escorting” for Kim?

  13. swack says:

    I really think Kanye was all for this until publicity got bad. As long as she gets “good” publicity he never complains about it. Who in the heck allows their fiancé to “date” someone else even for money (which is even worse). This is not like other appearances she does and they should have done some research first. Don’t feel sorry for any of them as this is what they consider their “job” – being in the public eye as much as possible.

  14. blue marie says:

    The lockdown should have happened before she became an escort.

  15. MrsBPitt says:

    It really bothers me that everything I read about Kim is “her mother told her to do this” “Kanye told her to do that” Doesn’t this girl have a thought of her own??

  16. jam says:

    ” Lucifer’s Homegirl collected $500,000 out of that deal and all Kim got was the back of the pimp hand. ”

    oh lawd that line killed me, hahaha! so true though.

  17. joanne says:

    kanye said it’s kim selling her soul. sorry, but that ship sailed long ago. there is no soul left in those vacant eyes.

  18. Tracy says:

    “Paid Appearance” is that the new term for a paid escort? Your lady love is a ho, Kanye. Face facts.

  19. Skins says:

    This can only get better. She is pretty much Kanye’s slave now, she can’t leave him, she needs his star power to stay on the A-list. Without him she drops to D-list at best. Hopefully Kanye will just go full nutso on her and treat her like the tramp that she is

  20. Christin says:

    This plays right into what most people think their brand is — cheap and tacky, to put it mildly.

  21. Kayla says:

    I still can’t get over how much I hate that dress!!! They’ve both sucked what soul she had left out. Her eyes are always so blank and glazed over. Has anyone looked into if Kanye has the power to lobotomize?

  22. snowflake says:

    this woman isn’t manipulated by Kris. she’s a grown woman, ffs! she would just rather have everybody to think her mom controls her, that way any criticism of her behavior is blamed on Kris, not Kim. Kim is a behind the scenes manipulater, imo. she just tries to play the demure, sweet person for the public, in reality, she’s anything but.

    she’s a big-time manipulator, she’s the type of person who will manipulate other people into fighting her battles and have them take care of people who upset her, by pretending to be in need of help or presenting it as she’s been wronged. when in reality, she may or may not have been wronged. that way, someone else fights her battles, gets the backlash, and her hands stay clean. jmo

    • Liberty says:

      I think you’re right. The few rare times I’ve seen their show for five minutes, Kim did not seem helpless. She seemed aware and very manipulative. Just because you see a blank look in a still shot….don’t forget the walking talking whining demanding reality. I think she and Kris enjoy their partnership and if anything, Kim is worried about getting around Kanye’s desires.

  23. Dawn says:

    So she goes from one overbearing individual to another to tell her what to do? I think that she is so sad. She is well over the age to do what she wants to do and to tell her mother or Kanye for that matter to take a hike if she prefers NOT to do something. Is she really that weak minded? I think not, I think she like her mother is all about the money and nothing else. Kanye is just embarrassed because the world laughed at them her for being a paid escort and him for marrying her. And as for their marriage being moved to May 24, it may be the last day of Cannes but it is also sweeps here in the States. No one in movies care about them so I would say it is because of the latter. I will bet money that Kanye West will not be able to keep this fame whore out of the spotlight once she is wed. Right now she is just playing a waiting game and Kanye West is a fool to think otherwise.

    • Chrissy says:

      I’m just afraid that once they marry, the whole “keeping Nori out of
      the spotlight” will go out the window too. That child would be better
      off being raised at home by nannies than publically paraded around
      by her own mother for publicity IMO.

  24. Love Lockdown says:

    I’m not loving you, the way I wanted to
    What I had to do, had to run from you
    I’m in love with you but the vibe is wrong
    And that haunted me, all the way home
    So you never know, never never know,
    Never know enough, ’til it’s over love
    ‘Til we lose control, system overload
    Screamin’ “No! No! No! N-No!”
    I’m not loving you, the way I wanted to
    See I wanna move, but can’t escape from you
    So I keep it low, keep a secret code
    So everybody else don’t have to know

  25. Jacqueline says:

    I really can’t get my mind around the double standard that the n-word is ok for Kanye to say, but no one had better damage Kim’s virgin ears by saying the same. I’m not saying the “joker” was justified in use of that word, I’m saying Kanye isn’t justified in his use of it, either – but he can say it left and right and even write a song around it & it’s accepted. I just don’t get it.

    • swack says:

      I’m don’t approve the n-word being used either, but I feel the guy was doing a take on Kanye’s song and it wasn’t in a racist way. That being said, it was in poor taste but for Kim to get so outraged over it was ridiculous.

      • Bima says:

        I’m always amazed at how much people on this website bring up Kanye and the use of the Nword and are confused about “why it’s okay” or why he should be “allowed” to say it/use it in his music. You want to know why it isn’t okay for a White person to use a highly triggering racial slur? Is that it?Historically the N word had been reclaimed by Blacks to lessen the pain that word inflicted when it was used by racists to demean and dehumanize. The use of it ( -a not -er, there’s a difference) is a decision made on an individual basis and is an ongoing topic of discussion within the Black community in America. My point is that as a White or non-Black it is not your place to reclaim or give your input about whether or not that word should be reclaimed. The argument here of why this white man, shouldn’t be given some sort of pass, or that the fault is to the people that have chosen to reclaim the word ( honestly do you people even know the context in which it’s used? Do you know anything about rap and hip hop culture? Or is not music because you don’t understan d it?) Is tired and disturbing in itself. People what to be given reasons as to why they shouldn’t use racial slurs against someone of a race different than their own. Truly incredible.

    • Miffy says:

      I was just coming here to humbly request what the big deal was in regards to the N- in Paris tweak? No, I don’t approve of the n-word but by the same token the guy literally just changed the geographical location of what is the actual title of one of Kanye’s songs. What’s the problem? Poor Kim was devastated and offended by the use of the n-word… is she even aware of her fiancé’s body of work or is she literally under the impression that he’s some sort of designer who happens to be mates with Jay-Z?!

  26. Mingy says:

    @ Snowflake. Yup, this. ITA! Kris is shady as f#ck but yup.

  27. idk says:

    Kanye claims to be so private, yet he was willing to allow the date of his wedding to become public?

  28. idk says:

    So let me get this straight. She had to call Kanye and ask him what to do when the “racist” incident happened in Vienna? She can’t use her own brain? Also, telling her she can’t do anymore paid appearances is the same as Kim telling Kanye he can’t rap anymore. That’s her livelihood. This will give her so much more spousal support when they end up divorced. She’ll tell the judge how Kanye made her quit her “career” and be a stay at home mom and how it damaged her popularity and lessened her “net worth”.

  29. The Original Mia says:

    I’m sure that wasn’t the first time Kim has heard the N word since Kanye and his friends are reclaiming it. As for damaging her brand, have a stadium full of seats, son. Your girl is known for being a famewhore who would sell pics of her gyno visits if E! would approve the footage. We’ve seen/heard/been told every intimate, personal detail of this chick’s life. Being a paid escort for some dirty old man was just the next step in her pimp game.

    • idk says:

      I hate to tell you this, but they HAVE aired clips of her at her Gyno on her reality show. I’m talking about with the docs hand right up her “you know what” and her talking about her “swollen lips”. No joke. This family never had any dignity so Kanye needs to stop acting like he thought Kim was classy. Kanye is just mad his plan to make Kim the respected princess he so desperately wants her to be has literally gone down the toilet.

  30. jwoolman says:

    Let me guess. When Kimmie called Kanye, she forgot to mention that the only N word used was in a reference to his own song title, just localizing it to Vienna instead of Paris. Likewise she may have forgotten to mention that the other guy was dressed up as Kanye, playing a role related to the escort as he does every year, and he was wearing regular stage makeup not minstrel blackface. You would think Kanye would be delighted, both events prove he’s quite well known in Vienna and people know his work. But that wouldn’t fit with the show’s storyline. They are working really hard to paint Kimmie as a victim of racism- wonder what that’s really about? Just distraction from other bad publicity or what?

  31. TrustMeOnThis says:

    I wish you’d show a pic of that skirt from the back. There is some insane tailoring going on there! The Daily Fail had them.

  32. Talie says:

    This was something they did for the TV show as well — you know they will be playing this mess up when it airs. Kim loves it.

  33. Mylene - Montreal says:

    She need a LOT of money … They buy clothes, car, houses and a lot of crap. I know they receive a lot of free things but they need to pay too sometimes and everything they love is GIGA MEGA fashion SO .. EXPENSIVE. They need to work for this lifestyle. Kim networth is 30 millions and Yeezus 100 millions. It’s a lot yes, but we have already seen more rich people go bankrupt before.

  34. Norah says:

    That first pic, PMK looks like a bat out of hell.

  35. gg says:

    Shiny fabric is not her friend.

  36. Naomi says:

    How can you “cheapen” someone who has allowed herself to be filmed having sex and being peed on?

  37. Ally8 says:

    Yes, how embarrassing to be a paid escort after that classy start in porn. /snark

  38. lucy says:

    If any of these greedmad losers were intelligent, they would know that there is no possible way to redeem the reputation of a Kardashian. No lockdown will get the stain of being a tacky insufferable self-involved vapid vain useless lazy selfish vulgar gauche-mongering megalomaniac out.

  39. betty_shredder says:

    Sooooo… it’s okay for her to complain about perceived racial slurs, whilst wearing a (completely inappropriate) dress – the top half of which is a giant Nazi symbol – IN AUSTRIA?!

    THAT’S okay, yeah?

    Oh dear, she really has NO IDEA how ridiculous she is, does she?

  40. Tessy says:

    I don’t mind the skirt so much, but that iron cross she has on her top is awful. And that mother of hers looks downright evil.

  41. My God….what’s happening to me!?!? I actually feel a bit sorry for Kim here…..look at the look on her face in that last pic with that pervy old Austrian dude. A thousand words….

    • Dawn says:

      Why would you waste your pity on a person who accepted a half of million dollars from that crazy old perv as you call him? She had very little to do there and instead of doing her job she got all self-important and did nothing but tape her reality shit show with her mother, be rude to her host and the guests at the party and turn her back on all of them so she and Kris could sit on their phone. Classy broads those two. I feel sorry that this billionaire was just another victim of the anything for money klan and I really wish he would use some of those billions of his to do a little bit to bring these ugly people down about 100 pegs or so. Such ugly people deserve to be treated as ugly as they treat those around them and nothing more.

  42. Flower says:

    What ever happened about the doctor/dentist surgery drama when Kanye punched out some teenager for calling Kim names? Publicity stunt or did Kanye fork out big bucks to stop him from pressing charges?

  43. Sugar1 says:

    That elusive vogue cover…keep chasing it Kim because you are so close

  44. moot says:

    In that second last photo, does Kris look like a cross between Maleficent and Ursula to anyone else? Just me?