Britney Spears in a panic over stolen journals & video interviews


According to the National Enquirer, some of Britney Spears’ journals and videos were stolen. They claim Brit is in a frenzy over them, because they were done during her major breakdown, and reveal all sorts of unsavory things about the singer. They also say she doesn’t want the information out there because one day she wants to explain to her sons what happened herself – not have them read her journals out of context. And it does sound like some really crazy stuff – though it explains some of her behavior.

The issue claims Britney is in a “panic” over stolen journals and video interviews “done during some of the darkest days of her life,” said an insider. “She wants so desperately to tell her side for her boys, so there is a written record for them when they are grown and can understand better.”


Britney hears voices in her head – and answers them!
“Britney writes she has heard voices talking to her for years. She still hears them, and they tell her to run away and hide.”

The real reason Britney shaved her head:
“…She was out of her head at the time and was suffering from delusions. She believed that someone had planted an electronic bug in her hair and couldn’t think of a way to get rid of i except to have her head shaved!”

Justin Timberlake’s heartbreak over her pregnancy – and the guilt from her abortion:
“Justin was crushed when Britney told him she had an abortion. She said Justin was really hurt.

Britney never intended to divorce Kevin:
“She just wanted to show Kevin who was boss. She still loves Kevin, and she wants her boys to know that.

What really happened the night Britney took her child hostage:
“She was threatening: ‘I’ll kill the kids!’ Out of her mind and wired on the drug methamphetamine, Britney refused to let her visiting sons Sean and Jayden return to Kevin.”

The singer bares her soul:
“Britney wants to have closure and start fresh. Britney’s gift to the boys is her truth.”

[From via Gossip Rocks]

That all sounds crazy, but the National Enquirer is actually a reliable source now. And Britney was very unstable at the time, so none of this is all that far-fetched, everything considered. I’m curious how she could spin this for her sons in a way that she’d feel good about. The best Britney could do is try to minimize some of the worst stuff.

While I get that she wants them to be able to “understand better,” when they’re older, I can’t help but wonder how much she understands herself, even now. Obviously a lot of her behavior was influenced by Sam Lutfi drugging her (which he admitted to Brit’s mom Lynne). But before all that happened, Britney made the poor choice of bringing Sam into her life. Maybe it’s a project she wants to tackle once she’s had more time, and hopefully some therapy or something to help her gain some insight into that time in her life.

Update: Thanks to commenter HEB, who pointed out that in the Enquirer’s actual article, they say the baby that Britney allegedly aborted was not Justin’s.

Here’s Britney shopping on August 28th. Images thanks to Fame.


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  1. Codzilla says:

    I wish she’d obey the voice telling her to run away and hide.

  2. HEB says:

    I read the whole article and its important to point out that they admit the baby that Britney allegedly aborted was not Justin’s–the full article clearly says that was pregnant by someone else-not Justin (I dont remember if it was before or after the relationship)

  3. Canuck says:

    Hopefully, somewhere in all of that is the information that her “manager” was supposedly mashing up drugs and lacing her food with it…

  4. JayBird says:

    Thank you for adding that HEB. Normally we have access to the Enquirer’s actual print stories, but this week we had a technical glitch so it wasn’t possible to go to the primary source. I’ll make sure to update the article with that information.

  5. lurker says:

    I wonder just how responsible Sam Lufti is for the journals being stolen and released, especially when he needs money to pay back that collection agency.

  6. me says:

    whoever stole her journals and tapes is going to get some horrrrrrrrible karma. and they deserve it. what kind of terrible person would do that?

  7. CB Rawks says:

    “I’ll kill the kids!”
    Yes, let’s hope no one takes that *out of context*.

  8. for_realz says:

    i wonder if the items have been missing for a while and BS is just noticing this OR are they recently stolen?

    if she under tight watch, and if it’s a new loss look to the inside? maybe the dad took them since there are many volatile tidbits?

    *clueless to the abortion thingy, but honestly can’t stand this hot mess as a “performer”*

  9. prissa says:

    How do you trick someone into taking meth?

  10. kiki says:

    $5 says she wont tour or finish her tour. and its total PR her people leak stories out about poor britney to keep her in the news. sane britney is not as intersing as batshite britney

  11. Annie says:

    How do you trick someone into taking meth?

    Tell them it’s candy?

  12. Codzilla says:

    Or, in Britney’s case, sprinkle some cheeto dust on it. She’d scarf it down without hesitation.

  13. Kristen says:

    Well the *meth* explains how she aged soo much in the couple of years Sam was around. I thought it was stress but the drugs would explain why the change was so drastic.

    As for how you get someone to take it? I don’t think she was tricked but I don’t doubt that it would have taken some convincing by Sam.

    Karma is gonna have a field day with his a$$ when all this catches up with him.

  14. Diva says:

    He could have told her that taking these magic pills (ok, so I don’t know what form meth comes in, I’m a drug idiot) anyway, he could have told her taking it in whatever form was how she could hold on to the reallly sophisticated British accent she’d developed!

  15. NotBlonde says:

    “How do you trick someone into taking meth?

    Tell them it’s candy?”

    “Or, in Britney’s case, sprinkle some cheeto dust on it. She’d scarf it down without hesitation.”

    Annie and Codzilla…you made me choke on my Espresso truffle :)

    I hope whomever has this stuff is found out so that everyone knows what a jackass they are. There are so many cruel people in this world just out for money and fame…what is going on?

  16. vdantev says:

    We might find out who her supplier is ?

  17. jm says:

    I agree 100% with Codzilla – Run and hide, Britney!!

    Why would someone document their drug use and insanity?

  18. jess says:

    oh come on it the National Enquirer. does anyone with a brain believe that rag?

  19. cara says:

    That Sam Lufti is a Beezlebub, for sure.

  20. HotMess says:

    If it is true that she hears voices the diagnosis that her camp said she had of bi-polar disorder does not fit the bill.
    It sounds like she has schizophrenia, which is a less socially acceptable than bi-polar disorder. Bi-polar is a mood disorder while schizophrenia is a psychotic disorder.

  21. Baholicious says:

    HotMess: Bi-polar mania can cause psychotic episodes and sufferers can hear voices. They can hallucinate too.

  22. Penny Dreadful says:

    @ HotMess & Baholicious:

    Yeah, and then to complicate matters even _further_, there are those of us who have schizoaffective, which is a cross between severe bp _and_ mild schizophrenia. (Well, in some cases, anyway, since there’s also a flavour that’s a blend of _unipolar_ depression and mild schizo.) In any case, my heart definitely goes out to this poor kid, if this story is indeed true. It’s hard _enough_ to be sick, and having everybody watch your every move has to make it so much _worse_. But having someone find out what _exactly_ is inside your mind at the time…. _Yikes_. It makes me physically ill just to consider it. I’m an avid diarist, myself, and the habit became more important to me as I got sicker. I had no-one to talk to (not that they would have believed me or cared, even if I _had_), so my journals became crucial in helping me just to _survive_. All my darkest moments are in them, and I would not be able to deal with someone taking them on me — as it _is_, I have to hide them and never discuss them, since no-one can be trusted _not_ to get it in mind to go looking for them. There are, after all, things in there that my _therapist_ can’t be trusted with, and I’m guessing that Brit’s aren’t very different, in that regard. There are things that you can tell _pages_ that you can’t ever tell _people_. If it’s true that hers were stolen, then whoever’s responsible has their own concentric circle of Hell just _waiting_ for them.

  23. Izzy says:

    Zzzzz. Shitney, PLEASE just move to Alaska to hang out with Palin or something.

  24. SolitaryAngel says:

    @ Penny Dreadful: I authorize CB to give you my personal email if you’d like to talk; what you said really resonates. I’d like to discuss some things with you, including the possibility of a mis diagnosis by my own doc. Thanks!

  25. HotMess says:

    I agree that bipolar can have pyschotic episodes, but if she has been hearing voices since she was a child that sounds like more than just an episode, couple that with the paranoid delusions she is having and schizophrenia seems more likely.

  26. Syd says:

    How much can be in her journals? I’m not sure she can write a complete sentence. It probably won’t make sense.