Katie Holmes Not Happy About A Supposed Tell All Book

Hollywood Car Wash, the book by Lori Culwell that takes a satirical swipe at Hollywood and is inspired by true events, has managed to rumble Katie Holmes out of her Stepford Wife haze long enough to put a little frown on her (now always “fantastically happy”) face.

“Someone gave her a copy last weekend, and she’s been reading it non-stop ever since,” said one of the actress’ friends. “She’s already having problems with Tom, and now she feels like her private life has been exposed. She’s really upset.”

From A Socialite’s Life

The book is about a young girl from Michigan who is plucked out of college obscurity to star as a girl next door character on a tv series. To be more successful, she is forced to endure unimaginable things, like losing 20 pounds, taking drugs, being hounded by the paparazzi, and getting into a contracted relationship with a megastar who has a BIG secret.

I got her bio off IMDb.com to compare the facts to a story I read ages ago in Seventeen magazine (please bear in mind I was actually seventeen when I read it, I don’t want to get any comments asking me if I am some kind of sad case subscribing to them now) about Holmes being taken out of high school to be on Dawson’s Creek to play Joey, the “regular girl” on the show. The character in Hollywood Car Wash does seem to be heavily based on Holmes, and I can see why she is worried what kind of impact this book will have on her.

I can’t help saying I feel a bit sorry for her (but not sorry enough from stopping me ordering the book on Amazon this morning). It doesn’t look like she got Cruise’s attention off Andrew Morton in time to stop this book getting out.

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  1. Rho45 says:

    Ah, katie, darlin. You made the bed; get used to it. Sorry you picked the wrong goober to attach to, but this is Your Life Now.

  2. Juicy Dirt says:

    I can’t believe ASL got fooled into carrying this “story.” The “quotes” from “friends” were sent by the book’s publisher to a whole bunch of celeb bloggers to get press for the book. Looks like it worked.

  3. countrybabe says:

    Poor Kate. These pictures above and her dashing life just remind her of the great model she could have been.

  4. totalbullshit says:

    I have heard about these contracted relationships from somebody on the “inside”. That they are one, too. SAD!!! Scary even more, though. She was like tenth on the list for him.

  5. Busy Body says:

    Whatever, whatever, home gal landed on a jack pot. Hollywood relationships are all fake at best. Most ‘power’couples are hooked up by their agents, but even those hailed as true love like Brad and Jen, Reese and Ryan, Michelle and Heath end up sad. Wait and see Jessica Simpson and whatishisname.

    My advice to Katie, Let her get the best out of it, she was a virtual unknown before this fiasco, and now she is guest of honour at coutures, isn’t that what all stars want? Fame?

    Seriously, stop for one moment and think about it, if she met and went out and married Collin Farrel or Jake Gyllenhaal, it would have ended sadly a couple of years later but she would not be as famous or have the same settlement. Life is not a fairy tale and this is hollywood.

  6. MizLiz says:

    Worst of all, she can never escape this wretched little worm unless she abandons her child to him and runs for her life.

    Nicole essentially did just that, and who could blame her? The kids are thoroughly brainwashed by now…nothing to be done about it.

  7. darling, you can keep it. says:

    isnt it confounding that something that we girls are taught to worship…celebrity, glamour, fame and the militant standards of beauty….
    are all really on the other side an utter fucking nightmare.

    this is an utter fucking nightmare.

  8. globular silicone says:

    totalbullshit…. i’m really curious about the inner workings as to the coupling of celebrities. if you know more about this, please do tell. ty.

    i know that this has been going on since films were made in color and there was sound. lol

  9. globular silicone says:

    oh…. i know that katie was pregnant when she met tom, and that she was one of the chicks on the bottom half of the totem pole who “auditioned” for the role of wife…but under the guise of trying out to be in his action movie part 8….he and the head of $cieontology, miscavaige chose her.

  10. Busy Body says:

    Globular silicone, are you sure you are O.K upstairs, you sound even crazier than Tom.