Robert Pattison said he bored his stalker so much she never came back

Cast Of Twilight

I do not get what the deal is with Rob Pattinson. Why do girls think he’s cute? I realize it’s a largely teenager phenomenon, but still… they’ve got eyes, right? But not only do a lot of them find Pattinson hot, at least one was so interested in him that she stalked him. He was filming a movie in Spain last year when a girl began standing outside his apartment all day, every day. Feeling bored and lonely, Pattinson unwisely decided to take the girl to dinner.

Robert Pattinson has revealed he scared off his own stalker by boring her.

The 22-year-old heartthrob – who appeared in a Harry Potter film and won over legions of screaming girls playing a vampire in teen romance Twilight – told Creme magazine how he invited her on a date then never saw her again.

Robert said: “I had a stalker while filming a movie in Spain last year. She stood outside of my apartment every day for weeks – all day every day. I was so bored and lonely that I went out and had dinner with her.

“I just complained about everything in my life and she never came back.

“People get bored of me in, like, two minutes.”

[From Press Association via Gossip Rocks]

Well I guess if nothing else I feel badly for Pattinson that he thinks he’s so boring. It’s important to point out just how lucky he was – chilling with your stalker is not a safe idea. Perhaps he thought she was less scary because she was a girl. Which would still be completely untrue, and his decision is no less unwise. I’m glad it worked out for him, in a way. But I wouldn’t encourage others to chat up their stalkers – let alone w(h)ine and dine them. More often than not, you could end up with a meat cleaver in your head, rather than a nice dinner for two.

Here’s Robert visiting Live@Much In Toronto on November 15, 2008. I will admit he is sorta cute here. Images thanks to PR Photos.

Cast Of Twilight

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  1. BabySanta says:

    Aww, poor Rob!
    I wouldn’t leave you xx

  2. Syko says:

    I have never thought he was attractive and have been highly indignant that he was cast in the role of my beloved Edward, but I have to admit, in the pictures on here, particularly the one where he’s smiling, he’s pretty cute. Doable, anyway.

  3. Lidian says:

    I believe that people get bored WITH you, Robert, not bored of you. I’m bored already with you already!

  4. Lidian says:

    And I didn’t mean to put in ‘already’ twice. Mea culpa, mate.

  5. Annie says:

    I don’t see his appeal, but agreed. It’s never, ever, ever a good idea to ask your stalker out.

    People who spend that much time idolizing a person they’ve never met, usually comes with serious issues. (ie: Paula Abdul’s stalker.)

  6. FF says:

    Ha ha, ward off potential stalkers by dating the last one. That’s a good idea. Not.

    I can understand the girls swooning… a little. Kind of. Okay, not exactly but he’s in the public eye and that’s enough for some people.

    It could be the stray puppy appeal of it?

    He’s probably going to end up getting married in Vegas at some point and not remembering to whom, the next day. Seems to go to strange random places in his head when he’s bored.

  7. dovesgate says:

    I hate his hair but the rest of him is pretty hot, especially when he smiles. I didn’t like him as Edward until the scene where he puts his arm around Bella as they are walking into the school and he grins on camera for like a nanosecond. Thats when I decided he was ok.

  8. vdantev says:

    I believe it, he’d bore saddle off a horse.

  9. Ash says:

    Don’t think too highly of yourself their Rob. Because that’s what people want to think you are, a bore. haha, that’s too funny.

  10. Orangejulius says:

    A shower would help…

  11. Wonder Woman says:

    I really didnt think much of him but I find his character attractive. he always seems so geniune, I like that

  12. vdantev says:

    Sorry that ” I’m so cute I don’t need to shave or brush my hair” thing these little metros do just pisses me right off.

  13. SeVen says:

    I’m not a teen but… I wouldnt stalk him. Id observe him. Then I’d never leave him. I’d take care of him.. on yesyesyesyes ! rofl

  14. Mairead says:

    LOL Dante – you forgot to sign off with “Ug.. Me MAN… UG!”

    He is handsome and has a certain unkempt appeal, but I can’t see why people are going mad over him – other than the teenyboppers who fancy whoever they’re told to fancy.

    Mind you, I never saw the hysterical appeal in Brad Pitt or George Clooney either

  15. Mrs. Darcy says:

    Well of course he has bad facial hair and mussed up hair, he’s a young guy, it’s what they do. Yes it’s silly and been done ever since Marlon Brando was young (who Patterson totally channels as Edward), but I much prefer this look to the freakishly groomed likes of Zac Efron – who no doubt spends more on eyebrow upkeep than I do. I feel sorry for him as he clearly does just want people to know he’s a normal guy with flaws but as long as he’s in the Twilight series he is going to be every teenage fangirl’s fantasy. And like you say, sadly he can’t afford to be this trustworthy in the future because there are some weirdos out there.

  16. Aspen says:

    I’m confused about my opinion of this boy.

    He needs a haircut. He needs to stop walking around stoned 24-7 (only young people are egotistical enough to think that Visine will actually hide their habit from general inspection). Someone should introduce him to shampoo…but he’s European, and I’m under the impression that most Europeans think we’re fastidious to the point of insanity about showers, soap, and shampoo…so I’ll forgive the grease if he’ll just have someone prune back the old growth a bit.

    He has a certain appeal, and I find his willingness to take pity on that poor girl and take her out for a meal endearing. Yes, it was stupid, but 20 year-old men are not frightened for teenage women in the same way it is reversed when girls have to fear men. He is young, and I hope that was a mistake he will not repeat.

    But you have to admit…it’s endearing that he would do it. Most young people his age who land some amount of success in that business get giant egos and spend the rest of their lives feeling better than “normal” people. Clearly…he hasn’t been that spoiled, yet, by his celebrity.

    I think he’s adorable.

  17. Sarah says:

    JayBird, I am soooo with you on that! How can sb think he is hot or even cute??? I really don’t get the fuzz myself… *rollseyes* And I am really amazed about that story… I don’t know what to say… this is so outa world to me. How can he??? Seriously, he is not just boring, he is obviously pretty stupid or has a rather lame taste of humour…

  18. Sarah says:

    Dante, LOL!!!!! Exactly my point!!! LMAO!!

  19. Zoe says:

    @ Aspen: ha! Yes, he looks totally baked in that header pic, so funny. That’s probably what I’d be up to with a bunch of tweeny-bops screaming at me all the time! But, sorry, Visine and gum and perfume won’t cut it, baby.

    This kid is a total cutie; he’s relaxed and not pretentious and he’s funny and sweet. So much better than the average dirt bag in Hollywood. What’s not to like (ok, besides the hair)?

    His inteviews are always entertaining. I guess I’m always in the it-could-be-so-much-worse camp, so I’ll support whomever isn’t a total douche nozzle.

  20. lunachick says:

    Aspen, great post, I second all of it.

  21. me says:

    i dont like to be mean about celebrities….but i cant stand this guy. for one simple reason: his hair. its just so greasy that the second i see him i get disgusted. im happy for him for his new success, but honestly….if your hair is that greasy even after you shower (that is IF you shower), invest in some dry shampoo and oil absorbing powder, and for gods sake cut it off! he looks better with short hair anyway…he’s a GUY

  22. pippipcheerio says:

    He was gorgeous in one of the Harry Potter flicks – when he’s all barber’d up (and not stoned) he can look quite handsome – nice features.

  23. Sacramento says:

    The guy is not a good conversationalist apparently. And if he wants to succeed in the business, he’s going to have to learn how to be.

  24. becca says:

    I’m kinda disturbed. If this doesn’t stop, I fear the next thing on him is that he’s done one too many drugs, drank one too many shots of Tequila, and is going to rehab.

  25. janey says:

    Oh dear…Robert Pattinson leads such a lonely existence that he feels the need to dine with someone with an obsessive disorder?

    What he needs is a fabulous and famous BFF to keep him company, and there is someone in the UK looking for one

  26. janey says:

    Paris is an ewually bad conversationalist. They’d get on like a house on fire, or a house…bored?

  27. Camille says:

    @ Mairead: I agree. I also never got ‘the thing’ about Colin Farrell, George Clooney or Zac Efron. I mean what the hell??
    (Don’t agree with you about Brad Pitt though…)

  28. Ling says:

    @Aspen: Uh oh, you’re heading into “perpetuating stereotypes” territory vis-a-vis the Europeans and showering comment. I can name more than a few celebrities on Turtle Island that could use a good delousing.

    As a normal person, Robert Pattinson has no affect on me… unless he’s bashing stephanie myers, of course, and I would love to see him and Stephen King get together for an impassioned hate-fest. But he’s a fantastic actor, incredible on-screen charisma, and was certainly the best young actor involved with the harry potter films thus far. (You have to admit, his introduction to the series coincided with an absolute spike in the acting abilities of the teens.)

  29. aleach says:

    i would hang out with him…i bet hes got that good herb!

  30. Rio says:

    Never seen him in anything, have no idea what “Twilight” is about, haven’t actually watched a movie in the theaters since “Tropic Thunder”…
    But oh my Lord, isn’t it nice to have a young guy in the public eye named “Robert”. ROBERT! I love it! So…traditional! Normal! “Not-Created-Because-Mommy-Was-Doped-Up-On-Peyote”!

  31. Aspen says:

    Well…ha ha…I have to tell you that I’ve never PERSONALLY met a European person who isn’t as freaky about being clean as Americans are. I joke about that stereotype all the time and I joke about the practically germ-a-phobe cleanliness-obsessed American one, too. I have found neither to be true at ALL in my experience with people.

    Okay…I will admit that the new-ish trend I noticed before I last left the U.S. of providing anti-bacterial wipes at the door of markets for people to clean the handles of the shopping carts a bit OCD. We don’t do that in Japan, and I think the Okinawans I live among would find it “Monk-ish” to see someone doing that.

  32. sissoucat says:

    I don’t get this ‘unkempt’ criticism about Pattison. He obviously has clean hair with a lot of hair gel. Dirty hair doesn’t make nice curves like that around your scalp !

    Many young Europeans use hair gel and ‘sculpt’ their hair with it. It’s quite the opposite of unkempt.

    And besides, maintaining the same ‘unshaved’ look day after day is not that easy – since you have to limit the growth without cutting it all.

    It’s a very good look actually, one you have to take pains to keep looking effortless – and you still look like a man (unlike Zac Efron and co).

  33. janey says:

    This hygienenta talk about Robert Pattinson is verging on the ridiculous/pointless

  34. FF says:

    I don’t think the non-shaving, tangled hair thing is because stars think they’re cute, I think it’s a defense against the scrutiny they end up under.

    It sort of puts something between the you that gets glitzed up for an event and you in your normal state (even if it’s not technically your ‘normal’ state it’s your ‘normal as I can get in this situation’ state. It’s a reaction really.

    The people who dress up all the time either have that as a function of personality or it’s what they always wanted to project anyway, just now they have more money for it.

    If you’re clean shaven and combed then you wonder if it’s done right, if you don’t have a clear idea of what you want then it puts you under a certain pressure and breeds insecurity. So it’s a protection mechanism really.

    Adds a slim mental layer that a lot of celebs need. It’s the same with wearing sunglasses.

  35. Mairead says:

    AHA!!! I think I’ve finally cracked the code to his “look”… he’s a secret fan of comedian/actor Dylan Moran!!

    Google images of Dylan, especially from “Black Books” and you’ll see what I mean.

  36. carolyn wolfe says:

    I think he might actually have figured out how to deal with a stalker — he allowed her to see that he’s just a person who can be boring or whiny or average. I agree that it was risky, but again, it was a young woman not a creepy big guy. Stalkers create these images in their heads about the divinity and perfection of their obsessions, so allowing them to see the real person, not the idealization is one approach, and obviously successful in this case. Poor guy that he was so lonely he invited a stalker to dinner. Get this guy a friend!

  37. I choose me says:

    I’ll be his ‘friend.’

  38. peri says:

    i think that he is !hot! and he is but i dont think he’s boring though i mean men always talk about there lives lol it’s kindah natural …but i wouldnt suit him anyway coz im a scorpio and he’s a taurus .. hello oppisite sign

  39. Suki says:

    His strategy was fucking brilliant!

  40. Suki says:

    His strategy was ucking brilliant, spam got me on this one, but you know what I mean! Brilliant man!

  41. Star7771 says:

    I have to admit I love Robert Pattison but thats kinda weird.

  42. maria clara says:

    robert vc é mto lindo !! devo dizer q qdo te vi pela1ª vez eu me apaixonei !!!! vc é mtu mais bonito q o jacob ,sem dúvidas

  43. erica says:

    i have to admit,his strategy was damn brilliant.. if, it was a ‘strategy’..and nothing wrong with his style, either.. as long as he loves that way.. what’s the problem with that? i’m not his fan.. i’m not a fan of any celebrities in this whole world and i totally dont know this guy before i watched twilight.. but then, how can HE be lonely? i mean, he have lots of fans.. it cant be THAT difficult, right? i dont think he’s boring.. he just got lucky she’s a bad listener.. i bet his other girl fans would kill to be in that stalker’s place.. no offence, it’s just what i thought..

  44. crissie says:

    i think that rob got to a point where he was curious about his stalker i think as a celeb it is hard to find true friends /lovers without wondering are they only here for the fame or me i personally wouldn’t want someone who was only interested in money money is only a possesion u can’t leave the world with it or the fame we are all regular people with the same blood !

  45. Edward Cullen The hottest says:

    U r hott robert Iluv u

  46. JANELLE says:

    ROBERT PATTISON = hot hot hot hot hot hot and sexy sexy sexy ssexy sexy sexy and cuet cuet cuet cuet cuet cuet cuet I love rob so much he is my man :( ) Big kiss for you Rob

  47. Nadi says:

    “…………I don’t think that any girl would get bored of him in 2 minutes……….is this article a REAL or FAKE???…………….hahahahahaa”

  48. Cecilia says:

    It’s so mean to go out with someone, wich you don’t even like! so disrespectfull. but atleast he lost a scary stalker! ;)

    But whatever..If you’re bored, you’re bored.

    i don’t think rob is ever going to get together with someone who loves him for “Edward” or his celibrity life.

    I hope it goes well for him, everyone deserves someone to love.


  49. Ange says:

    I really feel sorry for the guy. He has no life. Wining and dining a stalker must have been a last resort for him. Kristen wouldn’t let him do it again I bet!!

    These pictures are just cack. He is way hotter in so many other shots.

    I fell in love with him about four weeks ago and have lost a stone in weight pining over him. Mad I know for someone who could be his mother – well teenage pregnancy mother at least!

  50. fluffgirl says:

    I haven’t seen him on your tube or any website talking about this incident so I will take it with a grain of salt..I also read that he went to Africa and stay in his room for a month..what ever the truth..I’m glad that now he does goes out an thanks to kristen and all the others they have finally made him more sociable and less paranoid..It is really nice to see..good on you guys..

  51. Milly says:

    Hello Robert! I needed to speak with you. If to be able to pass me your email or any another contact. It can order for the email of I will be waiting. Kisses!

  52. cristal says:

    i understad sometimes i thinck im boring too so dont feel bad at your self.