“Katy Perry dyed some of her hair ‘slime green’, left her bangs black” links


Katy Perry dyed her hair green. It might have looked cuter if all of her hair was dyed green instead of leaving her bangs black? [Dlisted]
Benedict Cumberbatch’s childhood video. [OMG Blog]
Chris Brown’s misdeamenor assault case in LA is moving forward. [CDAN]
Comic book “Archie” to die in July. Damn. [Starcasm]
Lorde is obsessed with Instagram. [Evil Beet]
Amanda Bynes seems to be doing a lot better. [IDLY]
Lindsay Lohan has been acting like a dumbass at AA meetings. [Bitten & Bound]
See, I don’t even think Faith Hill looks that Botoxed. [Celebslam]
Drew Barrymore’s second pregnancy is harder. [Wonderwall]
Coldplay released a new song, video. [ICYDK]
Texas woman called police to complain about the quality of her weed. [Jezebel]
RHOA cast stands behind Porsha Williams. [Bossip]
Wait, Mel Brooks is on Twitter?! [Seriously OMG WTF]
Nick Cannon swears Mariah wouldn’t recognize Kim Kardashian’s butt. [Life & Style]
Chewbacca will return! [Limelife]


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  1. David99 says:

    Sorry, not her best look.

  2. lunchcoma says:

    Oh, man, I hate to defend Lindsay Lohan when it comes to anything…but…people really shouldn’t be talking to the press about how she behaves at AA meetings. There’s a reason they include the word “Anonymous.”

  3. Sisi says:

    is that her own hair?

    I’m always sceptical with these celebs and their comstant wig-games

  4. blue marie says:

    It looks like it started out as an accident and she just went with it.
    I had my hair turn green once, I had dyed it “Ash Blonde” big mistake, the chlorine turned it green.

    Also, the woman in Texas is an idiot.

  5. Tiffany says:

    Mel Brooks will always hold a place in my heart from bringing Young Frankenstein to the screen. And Dracula, Dead and Loving It.

  6. Cazzee says:

    Glad to see Amanda Bynes doing better. Sad to say, but it’s so unusual to see someone with mental health problems actually getting effective help and support.

    Thank god for her parents!

  7. Mel M says:

    Don’t like the song but I liked the video. I miss Ziyi Zhang, love House of Flying Daggers and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Also, why does Chris look attractive in it? What’s going on? Why?

  8. Rhiley says:

    I really hope Magic is about Alexa Chung and not Goopy Paltrow. Either way, it is a pretty boring song.

  9. moo says:

    anyone else utterly tired of Katy Perry??? sheesh…. just do your music, ok???

  10. Jayna says:

    Katy has really been uninteresting this go-round promoting her new album. I could never listen to the album with a straight face because those lyrics are about John Mayer. And John being the one to show her what love is after her divorce was comical and cringeworthy to listen to because we all knew the ending. LOL I just found it all so forced, the lyrics, trying to be profound, and this being hurt and crushed by her ex and then after being suicidal, finding happiness with her knight in shining armor, John Mayer, storyline to her album.
    John Mayer is a bigger douche than Russell could ever be.

  11. Kiddo says:

    So what was the new Coldplay song about? Don’t feel like listening.

  12. Jasmine K says:

    Just when she was starting to look better

  13. jwoolman says:

    They’re killing off Archie Andrews?!? Seriously, they’re letting him actually die rather than just quietly stopping publication and releasing him from perpetual teenagerhood?!? Are they insane? That’s like killing off Little Lulu. It just isn’t done.

    If someone has to die, though, please let it be Reggie and Veronica.

  14. Lolo-ology says:

    Well played on the young Cumby link. Well played.