Joe Jonas to Justin Bieber: ‘We all saw it coming. Your dad’s your party animal’

Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas occupies an odd spot within the post-Disney class of the decade. He’s yet to end up in rehab or with a major breakout musical hit of his own. The dude is often papped out and and about with various model girlfriends. His post-Jonas Brothers musical career is non-existent despite a solo album and one on the way. Joe is in grave danger of fading into the annals of pop history.

Joe has made a few headlines lately by trashing his fellow Disney alum. He insisted that Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus made him smoke weed, and then Dylan Spouse said those claims were “bullsh-t.” Joe is caught in a hard place. Does he retain his former JoBros innocence and possibly keep a few old fans, or does he burst out in full Miley-rebellion style and make everyone’s jaw drop? I’m not sure he’s capable of either option. Joe’s very good at trashing other Disney kids though. Joe’s talking about Justin Bieber now to Scene mag:

Joe’s 1:15am club hijinks that night: “Some guy I don’t know–maybe jealous, probably wasted–was like, ‘Boo, play some better music, boo.’ Five minutes before that, I saw him dancing like crazy… I don’t think he assumed I would talk back to him. So I said from the deejay stage, ‘If you have something to say, why don’t you come up here and say it? Because I can’t hear you.’ I was kind of smirking. I was picking on him a little bit, and the lights came on in the club, and he was really embarrassed. And it was funny, because the fans started laughing at him. I wasn’t trying to start anything; it was just kind of humorous. The guy got embarrassed and left or whatever. That small thing blew up into [my manager thinking] I got into a fight.”

His comeback album: “I’m trying to [make it] something that I really want it to be–do music that I’m really proud of and not let too many cooks in the kitchen. I’m really at the baby stages. I’m writing with people I like and admire, but I’m taking my sweet, sweet time with it. I feel like if I figured out what I wanted the sound to be like, [I wouldn’t be] too worried about ‘I have to release this from the hype of…’”

On his (nameless) previous band: “There are always stereotypes when people think of a band, any artist, that they’re going to sound like a certain thing. [I hope that] when I hit the reset button and release new music, fresh ears will listen open-minded and not judge.”

He rushed his first solo album: “In a big way. I was told I had a year to make a whole side project or solo album and release it. And I was like, ‘All right.’ And that was exciting, because back then a year was like … 10 years.”

On the swaggy one: “I’ve had an easier route than most. The youngsters just turning 20, the Biebers of the world, are under a microscope. [Bieber] is having a very tough time finding balance. I think we all saw it coming. Your dad is your party animal–that’s going to sum it up pretty quick. There’s an equation for some sort of explosion.”

[From Scene]

I wish Joe luck in his dreams of the future. He takes great care during this interview to never mention the Jonas Brothers by name. That’s a shame. I’m not saying he would need them to succeed in life, but the brothers made a charismatic trio. Joe was the looker, Kevin was the joker, and Nick was the truly talented one. I hope they made like the Sprouse brothers and saved some of their Disney cash. Joe should know not to do photoshoots like this one, which strongly resembles an SNL promo set.

Joe Jonas

Photos courtesy of Scene magazine

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  1. blue marie says:

    I realize this was said to grab a headline, and not defending Beiber but is this dude really one to throw stones? Doesn’t he have a few problems himself? Meh, whatever, those photos are bad.

    • Aurie says:

      Agree….and even if those drug accusations are false…..he’s far too much in obscurity and desperation to be slamming Miley + Demi + Bieber, all whom have had #1 albums on the Billboard 200. Joe’s solo debut album sold around 40k TOTAL WORLDWIDE.

      I’m not saying unsuccessful people can’t slam successful people, but Joe has done some desperate attention grabbing acts himself and still doesn’t have any results to show for it.

      • Buckwild says:

        I have to confess I’ve watched a couple episodes of that show with the oldest one’s married life… And the Jonas mom seems like a piece of work.

      • We Are All Made of Stars says:

        Yeah, I’m going to say it: Their mom is kind of the stereotypical crazy Sopranos New Yorker who is pushy, emotional, brash, and controlling. Then they have their Dad, who is an evangelical pastor guy who raised them to believe that gayness is a sin and all that jazz. Those poor dudes didn’t have a chance. I’m really kind of amazed that they all turned out as well as they did. And I say that as a fan.

      • Omega says:

        @We are all made of stars. That explains alot. Also, he pings to high heaven to me, especially in these photos. If I am right then it must be a hellish life for him.

  2. Crank says:

    The guy always looks like he has something in his ass…or stoned. I don’t know, but he is in no way sexy to me.

    • kimber says:

      Ya his face looks like crap in all the pics and his interview is ridiculously stupid. … he basically looks like a millennium version of 80s star george michael … btw we all heard about the hijinx and bs on the road with the bros…

      My fave Jonas quote to this day: “Take it away Stevie!”
      @an awards show when they sang superstitious with Stevie wonder and thought they were the cat’s meow.. occasionally I’ll bust out that quote out of the blue because it makes me laugh so hard…

  3. NewWester says:

    Before Joe Jonas goes around trashing other people, maybe he should through his wardrobe in the trash first. What on earth is he wearing? That second pic looks like the NBC peacock tossed its cookies all over him!

  4. DenG says:

    I like what Aurie says–”obscurity and desperation”. Jonas who? Slip away, son.

  5. Tiffany says:

    Obscurity or not, I think he summed up Bieber’s situation perfectly.

  6. Spikey says:

    On the topic of Tantrum Toddler: Where is he? Do they chain him up in the basement? We’ve gone weeks now without a new f*ck-up, how can this be? All that swag can’t possibly be contained… I wonder. Is it a good thing or a bad thing that they keep him away from public scrutiny?

  7. GeeMoney says:

    Loser. Hate to be mean, but that’s what in think about him.

  8. Grant says:

    I must respectfully disagree. I think Nick was the looker–he certainly wasn’t the one with the most talent (unless you’re talking about his guitar skills) because his vocals are truly, truly dreadful.

  9. mayamae says:

    I don’t know anything about any of these Disney fools, but I just did a quick google search and he’s three years older than Demi and Miley. I hate people who blame their actions on others. Did one of them sit on him while the other exhaled in his face?

    Also, doesn’t one of his brothers have some sort of drug problem? If so, did he “see that coming”? What a pompous asshole.

  10. Lucy says:

    Bieber was never a part of the Disney pack, though. He was just friendly with some of them.

  11. anonymous says:

    First of all,
    Most of these comments are speaking without knowing. None of his brothers have claimed to have a drug problem, I want to start of by saying that.
    Second, he DIDNT blame anyone for smoking pot, hence why he said he still smokes pot “occasionally.” Now, I’m pretty sure if you guys would have read that article closes, you could tell. If I’m talking about the first time I did something, i’m usually going to mention who it was I did that something with.
    The first time I ate Lobster I was with my ex boyfriend. Am i saying it’s his fault I like lobster? Same shit, different scenario.
    People are so judgmental and hateful and its ridiculous. Bieber is a MESS, and he deserves all the shit everyones saying about him. Why are people bringing up things like his album sales? Did he say anything about Demi or Biebers album sales? No.
    He dated Demi because if he wouldn’t have, she would have probably committed suicide. He said he was miserable with her, come on now people. Let’s not speak without knowing and let’s not make fun of someones looks.
    Also, to the person who said Joe was the “looks” and Nick was the “talent,” Nick tends to sound like a dying whale. Yes, he can mediocrely play instruments, but Joe has the better voice.
    Just needed to get that out.
    PS: “Take it away Stevie” was Nick Jonas’s words, this is a Joe Jonas article. Please, lets get our facts straight before we try to have an argument :)

    • sheda kat says:

      Wow…. you r quite the fan. Its okay I sometimes rep Rhianna eventhough she screws up all the time

      • anonymous says:

        EVERYONE screws up, obviously but no one is making a justifiable excuse to be rude. Everything I’m reading is nonsense.
        I just think it’s very funny that so many people actually f— up (Justin Bieber) and Joe Jonas is still getting more sh-t than he is.

      • Emily C. says:

        Do you seriously and honestly believe Joe Jonas gets more shit than Justin Bieber? I think most people barely even know that Joe Jonas exists. But Justin Bieber is so universally reviled, there was a billboard during the Olympic U.S. vs. Canada game saying “loser keeps Bieber.”

    • DTX says:

      No need to get hysterical, Joe…

    • mayamae says:

      Nice to see he’s out there in the trenches saving suicidal women by dating them.

    • kimber says:

      Lmao I am seriously copying your outburst and putting on my homepage because it was HILARIOUS! you have problems ….you really do :)

      Anyways just a couple things
      1. I said “jonas quote” not Joe. Jonas as in jonas bros in general
      2. I noticed your panty binded outburst didn’t disagree that he looked like a millennial version of george michael in those pics ;)

      • anonymous says:

        1. Again, this is a Joe Jonas article so why are you talking about something Nick Jonas said? (Thought I made that clear)
        2. That is YOUR opinion. I think the photo shoot was over-photoshopped and what not, but I find him extremely attractive. I won’t attack someone for thinking he’s unattractive, but I will judge someone who uses “he looks like george Michael” as an offense.

    • Dommy Dearest says:

      ‘He dated Demi because if he wouldn’t have, she would have probably committed suicide.’

      Did you lose your way from tumblr? Demi has issues of her own but to paint her out as a person that would rather end her life than live another day with this guy’s adult video mustache. Pfft. All you did was show that rather than Joe being a decent guy to encourage help, he took advantage of a personality that obviously needed help (since it’s so apparent to you that she would have committed suicide).

      But then again Demi has the same POS personality type she goes for so color me unsurprised.

      • anonymous says:

        Actually, putting up with someone and sacrificing your happiness to make them happy when they’re at a horrible place, is a brave thing to do. That’s what he says.

        You can’t just go and tell someone to get help when they’re in the public eye. Why do you think so many celebrities die from overdoses? Do you not understand how Public Relations work? So, he obviously did the best he could.

        I’m not saying she would have committed suicide because of a guy, but she was obviously in love with him and she was at a low point in her life. Why do you think her TRUE craziness started to show after they split?
        The point is, people should stop perceiving Joe as a bad guy when they don’t know anything.

      • Emily C. says:

        “Actually, putting up with someone and sacrificing your happiness to make them happy when they’re at a horrible place, is a brave thing to do. That’s what he says.”

        Wait, he’s calling himself “brave” for dating her? He said that? While painting her as someone who would have killed herself without him? Because if he actually did that, that’s very scuzzy.

        Whether he said it or not, you’re doing him no favors in this crusade.

      • Dommy Dearest says:

        They die from overdoses due to their own poor decisions, just like regular people that do not make movies or appear on television or magazine covers. There are tools out there and being a celebrity price isn’t anything that matters to get the help they need. Demi already went to rehab for her own vices at one point, why hide it when she’s tried to show herself as an advocate for getting help.

        Stop glamorizing their relationship as brave and selfless. No one that cares about a person is going to sit there and suffer in silence. A healthy relationship is one that involves your partner trying to help in every way they can and that’s encouraging them to get help. His dong is not going to make her suicidal claims disappear and would only deepen the threats of taking her own life as the relationship continued. Since you know, emotions develop and have sway over a person’s mind. Getting into a relationship such as that with those claims being made is not healthy. At all.

        Public relations, ha. Sweetheart there are tons of celebrities that are able to go into rehab, therapy, surgery without anyone knowing. Don’t try to play that game. If Hollywood wasn’t so discreet we’d know every single issue that goes on with every single celeb to the point we know what mental disorder they have and what they take for it. Or do you not understand how Hollywood works?

  12. Lucy2 says:

    That photo shoot is HORRIFIC.
    If he wants to break out on his own and reboot his career- great. Do it with a good product though, not by bad mouthing everyone else.

  13. Emily C. says:

    “Your dad is your party animal–that’s going to sum it up pretty quick. There’s an equation for some sort of explosion.”

    No, not actually. Plenty of people have parents who party all the time and don’t end up with any type of “explosion”. This is one of those Hollywood nuggets of so-called wisdom that’s just plain wrong. Justin Bieber is responsible for his own choices.

    • anonymous says:

      oh my God. He says that he stayed with her because she needed him, stop putting words in my mouth. I’ M saying he was brave to sacrifice his happiness to be with someone who needed him. Is that clear enough for you or do you need more explanation?

      If you REALLY care so much, then read the article
      and if you don’t care then simply don’t comment on it just to talk shit.
      From my experience, if I don’t like someone, I ignore them. Sounds wise.

      • Emily C. says:

        You’re replying to the wrong comment.

        You wrote “that’s what he says.” HE. Did you forget what you wrote? As for “care so much,” um… because I comment on something that means I “care so much”? Btw, saying you stayed with someone because they “needed” you: scuzzy.

        I neither like nor dislike Joe Jonas. Well, now that I’ve read his whiny self-aggrandizing nastiness about his ex-girlfriend, I’m leaning heavily toward “dislike”. I am, however, fascinated by the phenomenon of people who get way overinvolved in defending celebrities.

      • Hanna says:

        Wow, reading that article, reaffirms my previous advice he’s a pretentious tward. Sacrifices his happyness for save the girl? I played the music with the smallest violin of the world. Come on, if a person wants the role of martyr, is only his/her choice. If he really loved her and wants to help her, there are many ways to help Demi.

        And before that, I have close experience with an addict -My brother-. For many years, One day, I understood if I want to save my brother I would need to seek help and take a more active role. It’s bad taking the role of suffering martyr. Yes, I was hurted and it was difficult, but at the end, my brother is alive. So no, Joe actions weren’t brave or useful. And his posterior declarations only make him as a egocentrical passive aggresive boy who wants the pity and goodwill of the audience.

  14. Bread and Circuses says:

    I honestly empathize with this guy. I think he’s bitter about how little control he’s had in his life so far, and he’s in the process of figuring out how to free himself mentally from what he’s already freed himself from physically. In him, I see a human being struggling to figure out who he is in the absence of the persona he was originally told to be.

  15. RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

    I guess Im the only one but I think he looks drop dead gorgeous…HATE the clothes….and am surprised he sounds half way intelligent. Basically, I wouldnt say no, lets put it that way ;)

  16. thebutlerdidit says:

    I like the defenses in the comments. I worked within this business, and happen to have firsthand knowledge about the subject. All I’m saying is-bwahaha! Pants on fire, for real. All of it.