Star mag honors Jennifer Aniston’s b-day by calling her creepy, lonely

As Celebitchy covered last week, Jennifer Aniston gave a recent interview to Marie Claire saying that she still keeps tapes and mementos of old boyfriends and her ex-husband, Brad Pitt. Her exact quote was, “I still have the cassette tapes of messages from my first boyfriend, my second boyfriend, my husband… it’s like saving love letters.” Many commenters pointed out that she didn’t refer to her “boyfriends” as exes, so what was the big deal with calling Brad her husband? Meh on all of that, because why was she even talking about Brad in the first place? Let it go, Aniston.

Now Star has the story and they’re making it really, really tabloid, of course. They even have a couple of sources who call Jen’s actions “creepy” and “lonely”. Yikes. I’m not buying into Jen’s pity party, but I do think Star over-plays their hand. I don’t buy that Jen sits around listening to old tapes of Brad, or for that matter, tapes of her ex-boyfriend Tate Donovan. Not while there are beaches in Mexico and a pitcher of Mojitios to drink!

Tapes? Who knew there tapes?

In the Feb. 23 issue of Star — on sale today! — we report that following Jennifer Aniston’s stunning admission that she keeps a collection of recorded messages from ex-hubby Brad Pitt, insiders tell us that it goes far behind saving mementos — the actress obsessively listens to the tapes regularly in an attempt to relive the joy of their early romance.

“She’s spent many lonely nights going through old keepsakes,” an insider tells Star.

Among her favorite messages is one from when she and Brad first started dating, says a source. Jen still gets butterflies when she hears Brad whispering passionately, “I love you, Ms. Aniston.” And, “I can’t wait to get my hands on you, Golden.” That was his pet name for her, the pal explains, and she called him “Baby.” Another came after a spicy evening, Brad left this morning-after message: “You’re the perfect lover!”

As their relationship went south — and Brad started spending time with Angeline Jolie on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith — the tone of his messages to his wife soon changed dramatically, says a source. We have all the details on those tapes, too.

We also reveal that the messages Jen is saving are just part of the stash of Brad memorabilia she’s keeping years after they split. “It’s all a bit creepy,” a friend tells Star.

From Star Magazine

Haha, “you’re the perfect lover!” What husband leaves his wife a message like that? Maybe Jen’s revelation that she still keeps messages from Brad was a little “creepy”, but she’s always seemed like a sort of backwards-looking woman. It was a relatively harmless admission that Star is blowing way out of proportion. And yes, I can’t believe I’m defending Aniston. Maybe that’s my birthday gift to her… I will stick up for her for one day only.

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  1. Baholicious says:

    She called him “Baby.” Wow, that’s just so original, heartfelt and personal…

    I can see why he’d call her “Golden” though. As in ‘retriever.’

  2. CiCi says:

    Everyone’s just downright mean to JA. Big effing deal she kept tapes; I know people who have done that. They don’t sit around and listen to them and weep. They just “don’t throw things out” from important times in their lives. They’re sentimental, so what?

    Happy Birthday, JA – you’re beautiful.

  3. Ash says:

    OMG! I bet they are really talking to each other in those pictures. For reals.

  4. geronimo says:

    I’m sayin nothing. That’s my birthday gift to her.

  5. Annie says:

    I think I’ll take “Golden” or “baby” over being called “tiny” or “sweetie pie” lol. Imagine that shit in public.

    (JK JK. I adore it. But because it’s from him. No one else! LOL)

  6. KateNonymous says:

    Big deal. She probably has tapes and other mementos in a box in her closet, like lots of other people do. It’s sentimental, but not creepy.

  7. kap says:

    For probably the first time in my life I agree with STAR, it’s creepy. Unless she was sending him a message that she has blackmail material, so he better keep calling her a “sweetheart” publicly (that I would probably give her credit for!). It’s obvious to anyone (who wants to see) that she’s not over him and that’s really the saddest part of the story.

  8. Sauronsarmy says:

    Jesus its like the these tabloids are stuck in 2005.

  9. Annie says:

    I suppose the creepy factor depends on whether or not she listens to them regularly.

    Or whether she just has them.

    I mean, I still have stuff from exes, but I don’t ever really look at them. And I most definitely don’t read the cards again…which, then…come to think of it. Why do I have them? lol *considers locating box and trashing*

  10. daisy424 says:

    The only thing I kept from my ex is our children.

    Move on Jen.

  11. Michelle says:

    Um, old-ass picture of Brad, much?

  12. haha says:

    star magazine is stupid. always blows everything out of proportion. even if she does keep the tapes, thats not creepy. i have so much stuff from my past relationships. like letters and personal things they gave me. i have no feelings for my ex’s but i would not throw those things away because they are stuff to remember my past and what those relationships ment to me. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNIFER. everyone stop dissing on jennifer. at least she is not a homewrecking slut like angelina.

  13. barneslr says:

    “Haha, “you’re the perfect lover!” What husband leaves his wife a message like that?”

    Mine does. What’s so odd about that? He calls me all the time saying sweet things.

    What I find odd is that she is talking about it. That is a little weird.

  14. Sonnet says:

    OMG! I bet they are really talking to each other in those pictures. For reals.
    LOL , I always thought that Brad talking to Angelina on that pic. It’s Jan 5th 2005. 3 days before separation.

  15. Mairead says:

    F*ck sake woman! At least transfer them onto CD or MP3 or somethin’, you’ll wear them out!

    “I can’t wait to get my hands on you, Golden.” That was his pet name for her, the pal explains
    Thanks for that “pal”; we were really scratching our heads over that one.

    Ok ok – Star is being overly nasty but still, I literally LOLed at Baho’s comment.

  16. Laura says:

    don’t be so sure, we have that box full of things from old boyfriends, and sure…we go through it from time to time…right?

    Some would say its creepy stalking, some would say its reminiscing the past.

  17. dovesgate says:

    I have pictures and at least one very memorable love letter from previous boyfriends. I wish I had kept some of the pictures of my ex husband and I.

    Creepy? Why? Its not like I look at them every day and wish my life stayed the same. Those momentos are from my life, things I want to be able to look at someday and remember the really cool stuff I did and the people I met along the way. If I loved these people the way I said I did then, why would I want to erase all memory of them?

  18. NotBlonde says:

    *rolling my eyes* Star sensationalizes everything. I wish I lived at a time when tape recorders were still widely used. It seems like a neat little time machine type thing. I dunno.

    Maybe I just like nostalgia.

    Maybe some of you are just determined to make nasty comments about Jennifer Aniston no matter what she does.

    And to answer your question Kaiser: she wasn’t “talking about” Brad. I have that magazine and it was seriously a throwaway comment among friends. If you actually read the whole thing, they all make little comments about their exes, it wasn’t just her. Maybe they should “just get over”, their exes? Or maybe none of us should ever mention our exes ever again?

  19. Who cares says:

    The reason why it sounds like a big deal and she didn’t call her boyfriend “exes” is because she used 1st, 2nd….when she described the boyfriends-meaning that were exes. The husband thing is so creepy because the “ex” was needed to describe the husband because no other husbands came after Brad. Therefore it sounds like she believes they are still married.

  20. MT says:

    Collecting children by race and color. and selling their pictures to magazines in creepy.

    Saving old messages of ex lovers is pretty normal.
    Grandmothers save their love letters, so today people collect txt and phone messages. and

  21. Whitey Fisk says:

    P.S. MT, you’re a weirdo.

  22. DLR in Canada says:

    I read that interview and thought she was a bit strange for saving those things, especially the stuff from Brad. I can see saving some wedding pictures or jewelery, but to save things like phone messages or whatever and read them over and over? That’s not moving forward Ms. Jennifer, that’s living in the past, and now that you’re 40 years old it is starting to look a bit creepy.

  23. xxx says:

    Total sexism. What a horrible thing to write about someone.

  24. NotBlonde says:

    DLR: She never said she listened to them. Same as people keep past lover letters. It doesn’t mean you read them constantly, it only means you have them.

  25. francesca says:

    I don’t get’s totaly speculation…

  26. saffron says:

    I’m really late to chime in on this, but that is such a ridiculous article by Star. Their readership must really be suffering.

    Most people, and certainly most women, save mementos from meaningful relationships. Mementos are very personal in nature. What one person would throw out can hold the most memories for someone else.

    I don’t think saving voice mails is creepy, esp. in the age when people rarely write letters. Vm, Email, texts, chats, etc. are the modern love letter.

    It’s beautiful to remember the love — all the loves — that made you who you are, who honored you, and who constitute the fabric of your life.

    As for calling her ex-hub “husband”, that sounds normal to me. He was her only husband at the time she said it. Just as she said “1st boyfriend” — she didn’t say “1st ex-boyfriend”. If she were married now, she’d have to say “ex-husband” but saying “husband” in that context is gramatically correct.

    She really gets pounded by the press, as well as by blog commentators. I don’t get it.

    And how anyone can say that her career is pathetic is beyond me. Sure, she’s not Meryl Streep. But she’s a good comedic actress who has made a very good career for herself. Compare that to the millions of aspiring actors who never got a paying acting job — who waited tables, temped, etc. How can you denigrate Aniston’s career? She made it!