‘Princess’ Kate covers People: Kate is not ‘the wife who will do as she’s told’

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People Magazine’s cover this week is all about “PRINCESS” Kate and her magical, grueling royal tour. Which was done by choice, because she and William are so selfless and all they do is give back to the commonwealth nations. Seriously. This short article is full of interesting little details about Kate’s hands-on parenting and how much time she spends with George, but not at the expense of getting a little time away with her husband.

Why choose to travel 27 hours by plane with a 9-month-old baby? For Princess Kate, 32, and Prince William, 31, the decision came down to the balance between royal duty and parenthood to their son, Prince George.

The choice to undertake the extensive journey to Australia and New Zealand, where the royal parents touched down with George Monday for a three-week tour, “is entirely their own,” William’s private secretary, Miguel Head, tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story.

Whether at home in England or on her first journey Down Under, Kate structures her life in a way that allows her to toggle between her royal duties and motherhood.

“When she works in the evening, she spends the preceding day with George,” says a royal insider.

The princess also carves out time for romance with her husband of nearly three years. The couple is expected to spend two nights away from George while he remains in the care of new nanny Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo.

“It’s not the future king and wife who will do as she’s told,” says a friend of the couple, “but a husband and wife in the modern world.”

[From People]

I love this: “When she works in the evening, she spends the preceding day with George.” How many evenings has she worked?!?!? I’m being completely serious. I’m looking through our archives so I get this right: she’s worked TWO evenings in the past three months (and even then, I think that BAFTA reception was late afternoon, not evening). And we’re not counting the week she and William spent away from George to go on holiday to the Maldives.

Additionally, the Telegraph has an amazing story about Prince George’s personality. Apparently, he completely “owned” the room, grabbing whatever toy he wanted, accidentally hitting other babies in the face and making the other babies cry. Honestly, I’m laughing. George sounds like a hoot. Kate also told other parents that George was an especially “hungry” baby and that he’s only recently slept through the night.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Getty, cover courtesy of People Magazine.

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  1. MaryJane says:

    This PR trying hard joke….

  2. Amelia says:

    Oh no, of course not – Whiny William just happens to get his way all the time by sheer coincidence.

    • LadySlippers says:

      The Palace PR people obviously didn’t read in between the lines of this article — because William getting what he wants is definitely there!


    • My2Pence says:

      This is not the first time that it has been implied that she is strong-willed. There were comments out of Canada during their tour that she was clearly the one wearing the pants in the relationship. And comments from Palace insiders that she isn’t exactly a charm blossom in private.

      I’ve said before, it took a spine of steel to cling to and wait out William for a decade. This is a woman who had only one ambition for over a decade (starting with the William poster on her wall when she was 14): land the prince. The prince, not the man. I firmly believe she wouldn’t want a man this messed up if he didn’t bring tiaras and prestige to the mix. This is not a man that many other women would put up with, hence eventually settling with one of the few women who would.

      I think she kowtow’s only to him, and as long as she keeps him relatively content, he let’s her do whatever she wants. She is doormat only to him in other words, and puts up with him treating her dismissively and disrespectfully as long as she ends up getting what she wants (celebrity WAG lifestyle).

      She is living the life of the ultimate WAG exactly the way she wants to live it. Shop, work out, vacation, shop, wave once a month, repeat. They enable the worst in each other (lack of duty, laziness, etc) and that is exactly how they both want it. Yes, modern marriage of “equals” in that sense.

      • BeckyR says:

        Pray tell how you are privy to all this inside information? We are all dying to know!

      • wendi says:

        Bravo! This comment should be “required reading” for those who have a completely er, “different” idea of what Kate is all about. Having said that, who knows what goes on behind closed doors? Now that she’s got the ring, she probably doesn’t put up with being treated disrespectfully or dismissively when they are alone. In public, it’s no doubt part of her plan to appear subserviant when in fact it’s really her calling the shots…

      • Nick says:

        BeckyR – its an opinion (and one that I love). How do you know My2Pence is wrong?

      • hmmm says:

        ITA with everything you said, My2Pence. It helps that she has a family keeping that spine adamantine. I wonder what titles they’ll get if Willy makes it to the throne.

      • FLORC says:

        Very well stated My2Pence

        My2Pence has stated what is their opinion. The rest of the info is not hidden. It’s found in many approved PR articles and is holding to a theme that is repeated quite often with Kate.

        You are privy to the same info as My2Pence is stating here. Magazines, Newspapers, Pro Kate websites. This is a strong theme.

      • Emily C. says:

        Well, she has an iron spine as much as Bella Swan does. Her one goal: get the man. I guess maybe that takes a certain singularity of purpose, but it’s not something I admire in the least.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        Your argument is well thought and I like most of what you’ve opined but I have two problems.
        I think it is way way way out of line to say what the “agenda” of a 14 year old child is – despite how things may have eventually turned out. Seems uncomfortably inappropriate, imo. Tons of girls teen worshipped the prince..
        Also we do not know these people. You can’t assume that a woman puts up with a jerk because of what she can get out of it for herself. There are so many women out there who just do not think their partner’s flaws are there. Or they think the world has it out for their man ir that they are the one best suited to fix/heal the other. To strong, well-adjusted women this is hard to understand but there are people out there like that.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        Tuppence has gained her opinion from tons of news and internet sources, articles/interviews/opinion pieces etc. but it is important to understand that for every negative story there is a positive one. So no one is right or wrong based on what opinion they have formed. Tuppence does a better job than most at laying out her references/support but few posters here are brave enough to intentionally provide sourced information for both sides of an argument and let others decide for themselves.

      • My2Pence says:

        Dame, just curious, why would I lay out two sides of a debate solo? I have no interest in debating myself. Why are you implying that I am less brave for putting out one side of the debate and not multiple sides? That makes no sense to me. I put out one side of the debate, someone else puts out another side, and that is how we debate. From that, everyone gets to make up their own mind.

        “Also we do not know these people. You can’t assume that a woman puts up with a jerk because of what she can get out of it for herself. ” Dame, you know them no better than I, nor can you assume that that isn’t exactly what is happening here. I think they’re both content-enough for now with the relationship, and this is what works for them for now. We’ll see what the future holds in the future.

        Yes, she was 14 and yes tons of other teenage girls worshipped him. She and her family acted on her crush, for whatever their reasons were, and after a decade+ they were successful. I think that the proven-to-be-false bullying episode – which resulted in her successfully moving into the most-coveted school because of the ties to Eton and William – fits in with the profile. Changing gap year to go where he went, changing University to go where he went, choosing year abroad in Italy after he declared he was going there (and then he changed his mind).

        As stated, my opinion is my opinion. No opinion is right or wrong, based on definition.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        I believe you internalized too much of my statements and if my wording was clumsy I take responsability for that. I believe that it is possible to lay out evidence for two opposing views and, along with others, try to guess at possible truths. To me this becomes a stimulating conversation, which is so much more engaging than mere debate. Debate is just two sides trying to pull each other to their own way of thinking. Given those parameters, then no, one wouldn’t want to put forth more than one side to an issue. And no, I certainly don’t think you are not brave for doing this. I think people who do are brave because they are open to interpretation and are not intimidated by challenging, differing viewpoints.
        As for Kate supposedly being determined to land a prince at the age of 14, that is presumptious and troubling, imo. Judge her if you will, but I refuse to think I know what is going on in the head of a child. It is unseemly, imo.
        And if you reread my comment I never said that I know why Kate stayed with a man that many people believe is a jerk. But I did lay out sound reasons why some women do. Since we do not know Kate’s reasons it is just as valid to say that any of an array of reasons are possible. Your argument is that since she put up with William it must have been for a tiara, etc. we don’t know that.

      • My2Pence says:

        “Your argument is that since she put up with William it must have been for a tiara, etc. we don’t know that. ” Again, we do not know that this is NOT why she is with him. The tiara-chasing argument is used by many KM fans to bash Cressida, so why isn’t that idea allowed to be applied to KM? You seem to think that only certain opinions or extrapolations are acceptable but not others, which I find confusing but I’m getting use to from you.

        I’ve worked with teenagers for years. I’ve studied adolescent psychology and brain development. I’ve watched them like little white mice. I’ve seen 14 year olds determined to make a positive difference in the world, make that commitment from that early age, and go on to be successful. Yet if all 14 year old were 100% sweetness and light, we wouldn’t have a cyberbullying epidemic on our hands.

        I do not underestimate the power of a teenager’s convictions, nor their ability to follow through on decisions made from a very early age. I’ve personally seen it happen many times.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        You always find a way to misrepresent or twist what I say. I always advocate looking at all sides of an argument or issue which is a far cry from me being unaccepting of other viewpoints. I have no problem countering someone’s opinion with alternate considerations based on alternate facts/information/sources/opinions. But I have always done so respectfully. I don’t feel that I have to take ownership of your negative assessment of me. You are free to express yourself.
        And as for your experience with teen girls, that is great. But you personally interacted with them. Personally, you don’t know a thing about Kate, much less so when she was 14. As if all girls are alike. Besides, she has said that there was never a William poster. So unless you are prepared to say she is lying, move on.

  3. Mich says:

    Lolz! Such a short article and so much wrong with it. However does she manage to ‘carve out time’ to spend with her husband with so much work on her plate?!?

    Little Prince Chubby makes me laugh. He is so active! I love his constantly waving arms and kicking legs.

    p.s. And we already knew that this trip was “entirely their own” because so little actual work seems to be involved.

    • Curious Cole says:

      I knew as soon as Kate got pregnant that baby would be her ticket out of duties for two years – just in time for her to produce the Spare – and the perfect PR distraction from their lack of work. I cannot believe taking their son to a play date counts as work! That being established, I am happy we finally got to see George because he is seriously adorable and chunky. I love that he has brown eyes.

    • Dara says:

      Prince George is adorable and I dare say he is already as thick through the waist as his mother.

  4. melmel says:

    Sounds like he is a little dictator lol

  5. Maggie says:

    Aaahh such a cute photos. One can see she is totally engaged as a mother just by her facial expression. I saw another pic were William is looking at him like such a proud father. Adorable little boy!

  6. Eleonor says:

    If working is “looking design’s magazines” because you are re-decorating the house, she works.

  7. Immy says:

    Actually I think she’s quite the opposite…a wife who WILL play by the rules – maybe with the exception of getting the hems in her dresses weighted.
    Prince George is a cutie!

  8. Country girl says:

    Interesting spin on all the recent controversy surrounding them lately? Is this the PR equivalent of a band-aid?

  9. Boo says:

    I’m not sure she works very hard or ever has but that could be a prior agreement between her and the Royals/ The Firm to avoid any repeat of a Lady Di type melt down. Don’t assume Catherine has a lot of actual say in her life …now and less so going forward.

    My favorite pics of George are one where he’s looking right at the camera and showing a natural Royal bitch face, and again head on with a devilish look that says I know who I am, I’m entitled and can get away with ALOT…shades of Uncle Harry (look out!). Laineygossip.com seems to have the most shots. There’s also one where he’s holding onto mom’s hair and they’re looking at each other, a rare mother-son moment in this family since Diana.

    • JulieM says:

      Sorry, that Lady Di type meltdown excuse really annoys me. Diana did not melt down, go rogue, or whatever you want to call it because she had a grueling work schedule. She melted down because she was married to an unloving husband who cheated on her. Kate sets her own schedule. If she doesn’t do much, it’s because she doesn’t want to do much.

    • LAK says:

      Harry was actually very shy as a baby/toddler. didn’t stop the press labelling him as a playboy prince which has stuck to this day.

      • Suze says:

        Google photos of Harry as a young child. He was very shy, as LAK said, at least camera shy. He was no bruiser and he really didn’t mug for the cameras.

        George has a definite personality of his own.

        The “Diana Melted Down Because of Her Work Schedule” story is pure revisionist history.

      • wolfpup says:

        Suze, I wanted to say that I noticed how I interrupted your conversation with someone. Sometimes I have inserted where I did not mean to. Sorry.

        I think that it is just awful that they can get away with “revisionist history”. It’s not fair. I think this is why one must resist.

  10. mimif says:

    I’m just sipping my tea anxiously awaiting for Sixer to make an appearance…. :D

  11. Hannah says:

    No, she isn’t “the wife who will do as she’s told”. She’s “the wife who never does anything” (other than curl her hair and wear to much eyeliner).

  12. QQ says:

    I just LIVE for how Obstreperous they make this chubster of a baby sound, Like: No, Really, George.Is.The.Worst

    *fondly gazes at my own frozen ovaries in the Minifridge*

  13. Lydia says:

    LOL, they can say whatever they want about her but she’s been following orders for years now. Not a single original thought in her head.

  14. pam says:

    Well, I said it last week and I’ll say it again – George is FAT – what is she feeding him???

  15. idk says:

    When did she become a princess though?

    • Dinah says:

      This is what I came here to say- I think the glaring typo should be corrected to read, “A Prince’s Mom”. Someone does not think or take dictation well.

      And also, he is not too chubby- and -OW! The hair pulling stage.

    • bluhare says:

      Here’s what I think, and it is just opinion. I do not know any of the parties involved, and make no claim to insider information.

      When they got married, I remember reading an article about William not wanting the Duke/Duchess titles as it made him/Kate feel old. The Queen gave them those titles anyway, as otherwise she’d be Princess William which doesn’t work for them (why, I really don’t know; anyone??) Then when George was born, we had the famous “Prince/Princess of the United Kingdom job titles. So I think William and Kate don’t really like being Duke/Duchess and would rather be Prince/Princess.

      Besides, People’s got “American deniability” on this one.

  16. Spikey says:

    Well, I’ve said it before, I say it again: She should get some leniency until the boy turns 1. Any new mother should be able to adjust to her life with kids and this usually takes time. Many women take the first year after birth off from work (if they can afford it or the state pays for their maternity leave). Granted, they have no nannies. Still, I believe the sleepless nights, the constantly wailing baby and the nerves it costs her. Even if the nanny takes care of the kid, she will be close by and she *will* be stressed out, like any new Mom.

    That says nothing about how lazy / work-crazy / whatever she or Wills are. That’s a different story (and one, I don’t particularly care about, because… doh… royalty.)

    • T.C. says:

      She was this lazy about not working when she married William before the baby, before her marriage she did almost nothing but wait for a ring. The woman is 31 years old living the life of luxury. She has live-in nannies 24/7 around the clock to help.

      The only “work” she is being asked to do is show up for 1-2 hrs at a charity event and smile. There are millions of stay at home moms doing 100 more things than her daily but still finding time to volunteer biweekly.

      • idk says:

        I agree. I don’t think she has to even do laundry, or cook, or clean. How on earth does she pass her time? I know she has a child, but she also has a staff helping her with the child. Even befo=ore the child came along, Kate didn’t do much at all.

      • Spikey says:

        I agree, I seriously doubt that Waity can produce a decent omelette. Still, we’re applying our peasant standards (of work ethics, professional achievement and accomplishments) to a caste of inbred lazybones – she fits right in. Don’t make the mistake of taking THE QUEEN as your touchstone. Elizabeth II is an exceptional personality and one of the finest monarchs that country has ever seen (I am such a fangirl ;) ). Her great-grandfather, Edward VII., was the epitome of the fin de siécle playboy, and let’s not speak of her dear uncle… (I don’t even want to go back further than the turn of the last century, because I’d bore you to death with all the deadbeats the Crown had to endure)

        So, yeah, she’s lazy. Most of them are. No big deal. If the people want to afford a monarchy, this is what they get (historically speaking). Great monarchs are the exception, not the rule.

      • bluhare says:

        And I’m going to disagree. Not on Kate’s work ethic (another conversation) but her home making skills. I think that’s what got William. I think William just sucked right into that “dinner on the table when you get home” stuff, and it worked.

        So, yes, I think she can cook.

      • My2Pence says:

        @bluhare, they had a full-time cook and full-time housekeeper in Wales. The few times KM was photographed at the grocery store, the cart was filled with ready-made frozen foods. I think she had the meals on the table when he got home, like Sally Homemaker, I just doubt she cooked those meals herself.

      • Emily C. says:

        I don’t think William has ever in his life had to worry about whether or not there would be dinner on the table when he got home.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        Bluhare is correct. Kate can cook and apparently cooks dishes that Will enjoys. They had informal get togethers with close friends when they lived together at university and Kate and her friends did all the cooking. According to a biography of Will and Harry, the three of them spent lots of nights in cooking and drinking and watching movies. Harry was a bad cook and always made excellent drinks. Will always wanted bangers and mash, which Kate also liked but wasn’t wild about the fat/calorie content. She always cut the butter amount in half and refused to use cream. She also used to replicate her mom’s pot roast and one dish described as her and William’s date night indulgence: brussels sprouts in cream cheese with buttered bread crumbs.
        While these type of stories are designed to give us a warm, glowing picture of the lovely fairy tale couple, it is still quite silly to assume Kate can’t cook because she clearly doesn’t have to cook. I don’t have to cut the grass but I know how to.

    • wolfpup says:

      Agreeing with bluhare…you know how to take them down!

    • Jo says:

      ITA @Spikey…Even if they did work FT, they still would be living a charmed life and the average person would still be busting their humps trying to make ends meet. So sick of this obsession with their workload. They are Royals. Get over it people!

      • My2Pence says:

        “They are Royals.” So they should start acting like it and Get To Work.

        In exchange for the charmed life, royals are supposed to be busting their humps to *try* to make things a little bit better for the average person who pays to support them.

        At age 28 Charles started the Prince’s Trust, a training and employment organization that has directly helped 100,000s of people in the UK. That is the kind of thing that William and Kate Middleton are supposed to be doing.

        People aren’t asking them to do something unusual, all we’re asking is that they do what all the other royals (in the UK and in other monarchies) do. All of the other royals work for the People. They work in exchange for the ridiculous privilege. If they don’t work, then they shouldn’t get the privileges.

        The People have the choice (see France, Greece, Russia, and other deposed monarchies). If the People feel the privileges aren’t being earned, they get to make changes. As difficult, complex, and challenging as those changes would/will be, those changes will take place when the taxpayers have had enough of the dog and pony show. The more William and Kate Middleton act like celebrities and fail at being working royals, the faster that change will come.

    • TG says:

      @Spikey – I know you clarified your comment about many women taking a year off after having a baby as those who can afford it and I agree most who can would but here in the United States I don’t know many or any women who can afford to take a year off. That is a luxury few can afford. When I hear about Europeans getting a year of maternity leave I get seriously jealous because I agree with you that first year was stressful with never getting enough sleep and nearly every night being woken up by baby. It really affected my mental abilities and my performance at work suffered.

  17. bettyrose says:

    Wow that’s some shiny hair. Swoon.

  18. samipup says:

    My favorite quote from the event is when William says “Its madness, there are babies everywhere!” I wonder how Harry would be around a bunch of cute cuddly babies, that would be so entertaining!

  19. P.J. says:

    Heaven help me this little Prince George is a wonder! Boy is he going to give his parents and caregivers a run for their money over the years 😄 Can’t.Wait.

    As an aside, can all involved PLEASE get George and that endlessly entertaining, adorably expressive Princess Estelle (see Sweden) together for a play date?? I can only imagine the hilarious baby shenanigans and cuteness that would be sure to follow!

  20. manjit says:

    She seems to work about as hard as Diana did at this stage of her marriage.

  21. InLike says:

    Cuteness. I just see a perfect baby. Sorry I’m blinded.

  22. anne_000 says:

    “The couple is expected to spend two nights away from George while he remains in the care of new nanny Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo”

    So the 1st two nights in NZ, staying at the luxury resort, was done without George there? The baby & the nanny didn’t stay at the resort but somewhere else? W&K sure do take a lot of no-baby vacation days, don’t they.

    • Elle Kaye says:

      They must travel and meet obligations. It doesn’t mean they aren’t good parents. The same can be said for any parent who must travel in their career. Where in the rulebook does in state that the child must be with the parent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

      There is something to be said for parents having their time alone to stregthen their bond. If they can, and it doesn’t cause anxiety for the child, then why not?

      • anne_000 says:

        @ Elle

        Where do they travel to? Just this year alone:
        I don’t remember if they had just come back from their December vacation in January.
        But I remember that they went on a tropical vacation in Feb. (The 1st 1 or 2 wks, Kate, baby, & her family went. Then W joined in on the 2nd or 3rd wk).
        Then W went to college w/ overnight accommodations.
        Then he went to a boar-hunting vacation (w/o Kate & the baby).
        Then last month they went to a vacation in the tropics (w/o the baby).
        Then these past 2 days, they spent at a NZ luxury resort (w/ this article saying the baby wasn’t w/ them).

        So where do they travel to for their so-called “career?” Are they averaging one ‘career’ trip per year (though they didn’t go last year, iirc).

        And who said they spend 24/7 w/ the baby?
        They have 3 nannies: one old one, one young one, then the Spanish one.

        I don’t know why some people think W&K are so ragged & haggard from baby duties & work travels that they don’t have enough time together as a couple.

  23. Liz says:

    Why doesn’t Will hold his son? He doesn’t seem like a hands-on father.

    • Sharon Lea says:

      I’ve wondered the same thing up thread. I know William loves George, but I want to see him holding him. William is heir to the throne etc etc. I remember pictures of Charles & Diana touching down in Australia at the airport with baby William and seeing both parents holding William, taking turns.

  24. Black Orchid says:

    i love that pic of little Prince George ,pulling her hair , I bet he must be wondering ” this thing on mummy’s head came out just fine last time, when I gave it a tug , whats wrong now ,maybe I should bite it out ” ; frankly speaking this kid is surely to bring in a lot of fun in future

  25. My2Pence says:

    The idea of this Club Med trip “is entirely their own,” says the spokesman on record. Have to amend yesterday’s Shakespeare reference. They chose to send themselves on a three week jaunt to the Antipodes. HM then took advantage of this and scheduled the Irish State Visit during that time…

  26. RedWeatherTiger says:

    That baby is outrageously cute. It’s nice that he’s clearly thriving and attached to his mother–looks like Kate is doing a good job there.

  27. BendyWindy says:

    I don’t understand where everyone is getting this “George is a miserable baby/he takes toys from other kids so he’s a dictator” stuff from. His parents mentioned that he cries loudly and we label him difficult. He’s with other babies and doing what babies do and he’s so “royal. ” poor kid. It’s starting already. He sounds like a developmentally typical child. All babies cry and at that age the don’t share.

    • Deedee says:

      It’s amazing what people will read into a photo and a sound bite from a planned PR photo op. Now they are starting to do it with George, and not just his parents. Imagine this is not a baby who by accident of birth inherits political power and vast wealth. Do you “see” the same things as before? So many see snapshots from a few minutes of interaction between Kate and this baby and decide she must be a great mom.

  28. linlin says:

    She has to have him with her on a working tour, but not on holidays- am I the only one who would do it the opposite way? I kind of think they only took him with them to have an excuse for a lighter schedule.

    • pleaseicu says:

      I think it’s more like she doesn’t have George on holiday when she’s with William.

      George didn’t go on William and Kate’s Maldives trip and apparently didn’t go on the 2 day ” jet-lag resort break”. But Kate seemed happy having George along with her on her annual holiday with the Middleton family.

  29. Emily C. says:

    “It’s not the future king and wife who will do as she’s told”

    Oh PLEASE. Well, Kate won’t do what she’s told by the people whose taxes she lives on, that’s for sure, but the idea that she’s an independent modern woman is a complete joke. She shops, she gets her hair done, she jets off with her husband for “romantic” getaways, and she takes care of her baby. Before her marriage, she did nothing but shop and do her hair and wait by the phone for William to call.

    How enlightened she is. They can’t expect this PR strategy to actually work, can they?

    • idk says:

      She has no identity of her own. She is simply William’s wife. I guess her only job was to produce an heir and she did that.

    • TG says:

      Actually @Emily C – According to what we learned from the News of The World trial Kate wasn’t waitying by the phone for Wills to call. She was at the gym a lot. However, any cool points she earned for that were immediately negated when she dropped the row boat training she was doing for charity the instant Wills decided he wanted her back after one of their many break-ups. So much for her strategy of appearing too busy to sit by they phone waitying.

  30. charlie says:

    Isn’t anybody going to say it? PRINCE GEORGE IS A GINGER!!!!

  31. The Original Mia says:

    What a BS article. Kate has done 4 events in 3 months. The rest of her time is spent at home or shopping. She has loads of time to spend with George. Other than her parents, he’s the only other person she probably hangs with. It’s not as if she has a huge circle of friends. As for making time for hubby, I’m sure they spend as much time together as William wants. It’s all about William, not Kate.

  32. Hope says:

    Kate’s waist is as thick as George’s. Just sayin’.

  33. HoustonGrl says:

    Oh please. Waitybot spends all her time shopping, dieting and going on vacation. I doubt she has to “juggle” anything. Those who claim otherwise are employed by the royal family.

  34. Lemonsorbet says:

    Why is that woman insisting on wearing her hair down?! The first hint to put hair up/away from face should’ve been those outside engagements – if windy, common sense dictates hair be out of the way! The second hint should be your child playing with your hair. Never mind trying to chew on it. Ugh. Think of how bad it’ll taste to poor George, what with all those hair products her stylist will use.

  35. Camille (The Original) says:

    I’d like to know more about the truth about Amanda Bynes condition.

  36. adam says:

    shes exactly where she wants, married a rich husband, so i dont care about anything else or anyone, i can flash anyttime i want, vacay,shop etc. She is using george as a distraction for her lack of work!!! Why does george need a playday, halfway around the world, are there no kids in uk where he can do that often? A whole day wasted and counted as work, why couldnt she be casual, kids playday with six inch heels and hair all over,. Shes really a FAKE!

    • Coco says:

      The hair down and the heels stood out to me too. IMO she doesn’t look 100% comfortable with him. Not like a true hands-on mother. Sure she knows her son and he knows her face but… Not getting the warm fuzzy vibes that are apparently evident to everyone else. My friends with babies have such different more “natural” body language together. Just my opinion.

  37. Xantha says:

    I’m sorry but where is this rowdy little George people keep talking about? I’ve seen all the videos of him playing with other babies I could find and all I saw was a baby no more squirmy and rambunctious than any other baby I’ve encountered. I’m not a mother but I have looked after other people’s children in my past and I’ve had seen babies act way worse than him at this age. I mean first they claim he’s a screamer, yet the few times he’s been out in public, he’s never screamed, not one time. And now this. Nevermind there’s video evidence that contradicts these reports.

    I don’t know why it bugs me, the portrayal of George. I mean he’s more privileged than I’ll ever be so I shouldn’t care at all. But it does.

  38. Anon says:

    Perhaps, the Queen has grown more wise in her years. Perhaps she has thought a great deal about herself or Diana and Charles, what led up to their marriage, all her kids’ divorces and Diana’s death. The public thinks they know everything but yet, we don’t. Maybe it was Charles or most likely, William that said it was going to be different. We don’t know. Sometimes, people try to prevent history from repeating itself…..such as divorce or children growing up without their mother.
    Some people sound so uncaring, they would like this new mother to work until she drops and then, stand in the street while they gather enough stones. Good gawd.

  39. Coco says:

    She looks unnaturally stiff holding him. He’s a solid baby too and I don’t think see that she has the “gun power” of a mother who is always lifting.

  40. Ms. Turtle says:

    Gorgeous family and George is adorable.

  41. jojo says:

    God most of you whinge……..yes it’s a celeb bitchy site, but who cares what she does! And how many of you are actually paying for her life (unlike some of us). As for the crap about her not looking so natural with her son as some of your friends do ( I’m looking at you Coco!!!). It’s a public engagement, people are wanting to talk to her, yes she signed up for this, but how many cameras are there watching her every move????? Go and pick apart Aniston if you haven’t already!!!

  42. Sharon Lea says:

    Anyone else noticing how much attention the threads on this family has changed over the past couple years? I remember back when they were getting engaged/married, not many commented here, but now its gotten a little more intense. I wonder what the turning point was, am thinking it was the several vacations this year. And maybe Cressie’s PR push to marry Harry.

  43. Jocelyn says:

    Ugh PR extreme. I cringed just reading the headline. But more importantly,why wasn’t Mickey Rooney on the front? (I know he was technically but I meant the big picture where Kate is) I think they should always do that for someone who died. And George does sound hilarious. I’m not even a big fan of babies (don’t throw stones at me!) but he seems cool. K&W are much more fun with him in the mix.

  44. Matthew says:

    Spoiled child, bald husband and an overrated
    wife. Please remind me why these insufferable bores are so important. It’s not like they actually do anything worthwhile. In America we would call them “welfare recipients”. The end.

  45. Francis says:

    When will People Mag get over the fact that the Queen gave Kate. duchess title?
    Another People I won’t be buying. The boring hard sell on Kate and baby will just get worse.
    Baby is adorable. But still can’t stand Kate, I just don’t like her, never have.
    Yes PW is probably a wimp and Kate pushy ,but that is probably what turned him on. He seems very weak, so he probably like her and her mom pushing on him.
    Sorry People mag, I’ll let this one sit on the newsstand.
    Kate won’t ever sell the way Diana did, no matter what People calls her.