Duchess Kate in Emilia Wickstead in Dunedin, NZ: pretty or too conservative?


Alright, more photos of Duchess Kate and Prince William. Let’s do this. I think these are photos from Day 6 & Day 7 of Will & Kate’s Magical Grueling Commonwealth Tour. The big outfit under discussion was this teal Emilia Wickstead dress which Kate wore to Dunedin Airport and to Sunday church services. The hat is by Jane Taylor and Kate is wearing the Queen’s diamond fern brooch. I have to say, this isn’t my favorite look so far. I know I always say that I like when Kate wears bold colors, but I’m not feeling this teal shade, nor do I really like the design all that much. I might have even preferred if she’d immediately repeated that gorgeous McQueen dress.


In no particular order, here are some pics of Will and Kate at the Amisfield Winery. Kate choose dark jeggings, a gingham-y shirt and a navy (I think?) blazer. Many people hate the jeggings. I agree. I think this would have been a great opportunity to see Kate in some smart trousers, something with a sharp, straight leg. At this point, we could all draw her thigh gap from memory. And those stupid wedges!! God, I hate them.

As for the wine… Kate did have some wine at this event, although she wasn’t drinking anything but water during earlier events on this tour. William apparently made a “joke” about how Kate might be knocked up again soon enough and people were saying “OMG, she’s totally pregnant.” She’s not. If she was pregnant, she would have used it as an excuse to cancel the trip.





On Sunday, William and Kate also went to a young rugby players’ tournament. See, this was the right time for jeggings. I have no problem with seeing jeggings here, although I do kind of wonder if Kate owns regular jeans. Her off-white/beige sweater is by Jonathan Saunders. It’s cute. She’s wearing regular sneakers too.


I think her cutest hair style thus far was this bouncy, teased up ponytail she wore for a ride on the Shotover Jet in Queenstown. She wore a great windbreaker and the jeggings as well, of course.



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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    • Okie says:

      Agreed. I think that look, with the cream sweater and plimsolls is my favorite. She looks so at ease.

      I don’t quite understand the teal Emilia Wickstead because she has the *same* dress in pink that she’s already worn twice. Why not bring it out for a third time, rather than get the same piece in another color? (And just because I’m playing fashion police, I think the blazer looks much better open, though I know the Duchess prefers everything buttoned up.)

      • Cricket says:

        I thought it strange to have the same exact dress in two colors. Does anyone think she could have used her ‘thrifty’ ways and had it dyed from pink to this blue color?

        I wish someone would take those wedges and throw them in the ocean or something, they r awful! I saw them at Bloomingdales when she first wore them to the Olympics and could not believe how high they are, no wonder she almost wiped out walking at the vineyard.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        Lol seeing as how she once played volleyball in them I still say it was the wine.

      • Azurea says:

        I think she wears the wedges whenever possible so that she is taller next to William.

      • Okie says:

        For as much as Kate loves clothes, I don’t think she cares much or gives much thought to overall styling. The jeggings and wedges, the hair down (usually with sausage curls), the nude or black heels, even the jewelry — she must have some gorgeous pieces but she always wears the same 2 or 3 pairs of earrings. As someone else said, she often wears the same clothes in the same combinations. Heck, how many times have we seen the fern broach this trip already? Have a little imagination!

        I assume she finds comfort in these pieces. She likes the way she looks in them — ever own a pair of shoes that you say, “My calves look FABULOUS”? I also think she likes the height the heels and wedges give her — like Azurea said, likely because William is so tall. I’m 9″ shorter than my husband, so I can appreciate that. That said, I wish her pants were a little longer. I don’t like ankle-length and wedges (looks like her jeans shrunk or she bought the wrong size). With the sneakers or boat shoes they’re cute, though … hey, is it too much to ask the Duchess of Cambridge to get a cute pair of Oxfords? ;)

      • ArtHistorian says:

        Strong colours makes more sense when working a crowd. Personally, I love teal, and I even like the hat for once! However, I would liked to see her with an updo because that would have pulled her look more together – and then the fern brooch would have been visible, or she could have put it at the waist like Queen Maxima often does, she is the queen of brooch placement.

        Overall, I like this look, mainly because of the colour, because I’m not too fond of the top part of the dress/coat. The skirt is lovely, but the top is just … frumpy.

      • bluhare says:

        Agree, AH. I like it too, but what I think is weird is the snaps going all the way up the front. I assume they’re snaps as they aren’t buttons!

      • Belle says:

        I’m in love with the color of the dress and hat! The styling is okay… I don’t feel strongly about it either way, though I remember liking the pink version well enough. I also don’t mind that she has the same dress in two colors, since the colors are SO different.

        As for the jeggings and wedges…. Ugh, so very sick of them. I don’t mind the wedges as much as everyone else does, but the jegging/wedge combo seems to be her *only* casual look… Why?? A nice dress pant/trouser would have been perfect for the wine tasting…

        Also… LOVE the ponytail, and hate the shoes Kate is wearing with the teal dress! Someone said they are gray, but they really look like a funky dark green, ick!

      • FLORC says:

        I just noticed the snaps. Are tey snaps? They actually look like the tailor wasn’t finished removing the pins.

        Although the style is a repeat I hated the pink. Kate is not a spring pastel tone girl. She’s a deeper jewel tone girl. Get neutrals away from her and give her bold colors!

      • bluhare says:

        FLORC, I think they’re snaps or hooks and eyes. Definitely not buttons. I’m surprised they’re so obvious, but I guess if you just sewed them to one side of the placket without going through they’d pull and gap. She does look good in these jewel tones.

    • Splinter says:

      I think Kate wants everyone to think that she has luggage limitations like mortal people. I bet she could find space forblack pumps, so she could change into them if she is required to play kricket or drink till she becomes dizzy. :)

    • Okie says:

      @bluhare: I hadn’t noticed the buttons/snaps. Do you think it might be a hidden placket? I agree with you and AH that the color is beautiful (my wardrobe is mostly black, white and turquoise) and I like the hat. I just wondered about having the same dress in two colors.

  1. Tatjana says:

    I’m starting to like her. She looks much happier on this tour than during events in England.

    The outfit for the rugby game is my favourite.

    • Eleanor Zissou says:

      Is this the first time she wore trainers to a sporting event?

    • Audrey says:

      Yeah and jeez she’s outshining William by about a million.

      She seems so warm and glowing

    • wow says:

      Me too. I’m all for “Fun Kate”. She seems way more likeable on this tour. Her smiles seem genuine. And I love these pics of her with the kids. Adorable. I like the dressed down, casual Kate (wedges, skinny jeans and all) as oppose to the royal-costumey-buttoned up-hands clasped together tighly in the front-Kate. I can understand how Prince Willy could fall in love with Casual Fun Kate, but Royal Kate? Not so much.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        I agree that “Fun Kate” is the best Kate. It’s easy to see where she is most comfortable and that she really enjoys herself while “doing” as opposed to just standing around shaking hands. Of course, given her position she will have to improve on that but, all in all, I do believe she has shown an attractive part of her personality.
        I think William (and Harry) are comfortable doing whatever they have to do: shake hands, cut ribbons, play sports. They’ve been raised doing it and, for them, I think that it is as easy as breathing.

      • justme says:

        +1!! More Prince George! :)

        And I agree, to “born royals” shaking hands, cutting ribbons, laying wreaths at memorials etc. etc. – that is so natural to them that they can do it with the proper face and posture. She’s getting better.

      • mayamae says:

        I think she’s deliriously happy, and I think it’s because she’s getting a lot of attention from William. He can hardly ignore her on this trip. He’s probably also forced to see his son more often, which would naturally please Kate. Maybe William will be capable of holding his own child by the time George turns one. I imagine that George gives his father the same look the younger Duggar children give their own parents – the one that says, who the f*ck are you? If William is simply self-conscious that George will appear unhappy in his father’s arms in front of people – that’s a problem that only William can fix.

        I also think that Kate tends to shine in athletic situations. Since she tends to be more awkward in straight on social situations, she should seek out charities that would include her dressing down and sweating with children, the disabled, etc. I like her athletic side, and she certainly seems more at ease in these situations.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        We don’t know if there are any problems Will has to fix or address with his relationship with George. My brother-in-law is a wonderful, loving, good-natured father but until my nephew was about a year and a half he would scream unless my mom or my sister was holding him. No issues, just his particular preference. He will be four next month and he and daddy are inseparable.
        If George is this way with Will then I do not blame him for not holding the baby much. Why distress the child and make yourself look like a clumsy amateur in front of the media just so a few people will stop opining about why you seldom carry your baby. Their work ethic is another thing entirely, but when it comes to silly complaints like this I can only work up an eyeroll.

      • mayamae says:

        Oh Dame, please don’t call me silly. Who knows how George really feels about his dad, and vice versa. If there are problems, I do feel it’s William’s lack of effort and concern that cause it.

        There’s a show called The Little Couple which portrays two married little people who have recently adopted two children. When they went to India to get their daughter, she absolutely hated the father. Not only was he a man, but he was the first white person she’d ever seen. This went on for about six weeks I guess. In that situation, any man (any parent) could take the easy way out and say – hey, I’m leaving her alone because she hates me and it traumatizes her for me to pick her up or give her attention. Well, he didn’t do that, and his persistence along with advice from an expert has resulted in a well adjusted, non-traumatized little girl who adores her father.

        I’ve said before that the PR would be golden if they would allow some camera time or even pics of William and George treating each other affectionately. If the only reason they avoid it is because William is awkward with George, this is something that only he can fix. He’s just reminding me of the old school aristocrat who sees very little of his child, and prefers it that way.

        Some believe George spends most of his time with his nanny. I don’t know if that’s true. I see a bond with Kate, but am still waiting to see it with William.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        I called the complaints silly, not the people who make them. I read your comments along with everyone else’s and I don’t find you to be silly at all. If you got that from my comment then I apologize for the miscommunication.
        I still feel, however, that it is strange to indict William as a father from a handful (or lack) of photos. Positive PR isn’t a worthy enough incentive to carry your child in public if that makes him cry and reach/squirm for his mother or nanny. Where we disagree is, if this is the case, Will can or can not do something to correct it. Your example is one way to handle it, I suppose. But I believe there are situations where it is actually let the child illustrate what his comfort level is. It isn’t an automatic indication that Will needs to make up for some parenting/bonding failure. Until the age of 3 our godson went back and forth between favoring me or my husband – with no compromising and no mercy lol. But we both knew it wasn’t a reflection of the nurturing/care we gave to him. A stranger in the grocery market or at church might have interpreted the scene differently. So I never judge when I see a parent who seems to be more hands-on than the other. Jmo.

  2. LadyMTL says:

    I normally love teal but there is something about that outfit that is throwing me off. Maybe it’s the faux belt around the waist? IDK. I definitely prefer her jeggings look and I hate jeggings, lol. She really should wear her hair up more often.

  3. Stephanie says:

    I love the blazer outfit. She also looks great in a ponytail.

  4. FLORC says:

    I like her style on this trip. It’s a welcome change from all other events. Not the Jeggings, but overall she’s seemed to have evolved her style. Hair and makeup also look better.
    I know it’s wishful thinking, but she’s carrying herself well enough (for her) on this trip. She’s clearly capable of working more than once a month. I hope she picks up the slack when returned to the UK. Especially if William does find another reason to be elsewhere for a length of time.

  5. sunsetsnow says:

    I will give her a C+ for effort, she’s at least trying and looks more engaged. She gets a D for those jeggings and wedges. I would pay for Lupo to chew them up.

  6. brionne says:

    Ponytail looks cute on her.

  7. vylette says:

    She does look happier. I love that sweater! She really should tie her hair up more often. She looks so much younger when she does that. I wish she gives those stupid jeggings a miss. I am tired of seeing them. Is that the only pair of pants in her closet!! Come on.

  8. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I think she has looked fine the whole trip, but has played it very safe. We’ve seen all of this before. I love her hair up.

  9. paola says:

    I actually love the dress, especially the color! And the hat with the fern sewn onto it is so very cute.
    But her best accessory is her smile. I love the fact she smiles so much! She looks genuinely happy to be there,

    • wow says:

      Gotta agree. Kate has always had a lovely smile for the most part. She has one of those smiles that reaches her eyes. That is…when she’s comfortable and not all “manic” with it. George seems to have her smile too…on the few occassions he’s been photographed smiling.

  10. HH says:

    Love the jeggings for the Rippa Rugby event. I agre, they are appropriate here. The Emilia Wickstead is a gorgeous color but the cut is all wrong. I believe she has the same dress in pink and it doesn’t look good then either. Two quick notes sense I’m on my phone: BURN THE WEDGES. BRANCH OUT. She needs to try different styles of jeans, shoes, hairstyles, etc. She finds something she like and kills it (nude pumps anyone??). Kate doesn’t just stick to her sense of style, she literally clings to the same pieces, ***worn the exact same way***. See above: blazer, jeggings, wedges.


  11. HH says:

    Love the jeggings for the Rippa Rugby event. I agre, they are appropriate here. The Emilia Wickstead is a gorgeous color but the cut is all wrong. I believe she has the same dress in pink and it doesn’t look good then either. Two quick notes sense I’m on my phone: BURN THE WEDGES. BRANCH OUT. She needs to try different styles of jeans, shoes, hairstyles, etc. She finds something she like and kills it (nude pumps anyone??). Kate doesn’t just stick to her sense of style, she literally clings to the same pieces, ***worn the exact same way***. See above: blazer, jeggings, wedges.

    Let me add that I would understand this aspect about Kate if she wanted to be more serious. I would completely understand if she was bland in the clothes department because she wanted to call attention to her work. But that’s not the case. I think the reason one can critique her outfit choices (admittedly to the point of nitpicking sometimes) is that there’s nothing else behind the curtain.

    • HH says:

      I would like to add that she does seem to be trying different hairstyles on this tour which I hope is the new pattern.

      • Rosehip says:

        She does indeed.
        I like to believe she reads the comments on here :)
        Aside from the Marilyn moment when arriving, i feel like she is trying.
        Also, i’m happy she seems to recycle some outfits on this tour. I believe there has been criticism that she shows up with new outfits on tours, while recycling them for duties at home.
        Let’s hope they don’t immediately go ruining things when they return back to the UK.

    • wolfpup says:

      I can’t believe that she’s been in the public eye for so long and we still have no idea about her personality.

      • HH says:

        Right?! I mean, is she funny? What’s her sense of humor? Does she read? What does she actually do for fun. The Queen, is an enigma. Slightly mysterious, but intriguing. But Kate is frustratingly bland. I think it’s because with the Queen you know there is so much behind those eyes, but with Kate sometimes I don’t know if anyone’s home.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        Perhaps you say that because the queen is the queen. Much of her gravitas stems from her role as sovereign.read more about her and you may be pleasantly surprised – a diminutive grandmother who loves her family, her dogs, her horses and her gin and tonic. If that were all there was to her would you still be awestruck? Personally, idk, of course.
        As for Kate, we had more insight into her personality from before her graduation from university, and very little at that. Her and Will’s circle of friends is tight-lipped so who knows?

      • HH says:


        This could be true. It could be her age and position. But also as you stated, the queen is “a diminutive grandmother who loves her family, her dogs, her horses and her gin and tonic.” That last part. ;) The Queen has quite a few bits of information such as that. Very standard information, but then throws in a little something fun/wild. Always just a hint. Keeps you wanting to know more.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        I read somewhere that QEII likes to sing – it made me smile.

      • MinnFinn says:

        I was surprised to read that Kate was very involved in theater and was in several plays before she went to university. She also took piano and flute lessons. Just recently I saw a childhood photo of her and Pippa holding their flutes.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        It is those odd bits of trivia that do leave you wanting to know more, right? For example, Elizabeth was extremely OCD when she was much younger. According to her nanny, Liz would climb out of bed several times throughout the night to make sure her shoes were all facing the same way and equally spaced apart, as well as her toys being left in the exact same position.

      • bluhare says:

        AH/Snarky: For me it’s the Queen’s gift for mimicry. I’ve read that a few times, and what I wouldn’t give to hear her.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        I didn’t know that! Now I can’t get it out of my head – I’m getting the sneaking suspicion that QEII can be very amusing in private situations. ;-)

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        That’d be killer! I bet she used to do a right thorough Thatcher lol.

      • LadySlippers says:

        QEII mimicry is supposed to be second to none. She can do both male AND females — not just PMs (all she needs is to hear you once). And her snarkiness is supposed to be fantastic too.

      • MinnFinn says:

        The personalities in the BRF are interesting but for me by far the most interesting is the details of their luxury lifestyles.

        I saw a PBS series that followed QEII to a visit to the USA and stays at a few of her homes. I was in awe of the attentiveness the royals require at home and abroad. The Queen’s staff sent very detailed special requests (brand of toilet paper comes to mind) weeks before her stay in Virginia hotel. The bartender at BP said he carefully selects the ice cubes he puts in HM’s gin and tonics so they are uniform size. In another episode a servant was learning how to unpack and re-pack a Windsor Castle house guest’s luggage. They wrote down every item and where it was placed inside each piece of luggage and then put all the items away on hangers or in drawers. When guests lefft, they carefully repacked everything folded in tissue returned to the same location in each suitcase exactly the way it was packed when the guest arrived.

      • bluhare says:

        Everyone: Wouldn’t it be fun to sit around with Liz after she’s had a couple of G&T’s!!! We could play charades and listen (I’ve read she likes charades!!) to her imitate world leaders!

      • ArtHistorian says:

        …and swap tiaras whilst exhanging cutting remarks à la Dame Maggie Smith!

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        As long as Sir Elton John can sit by me. He is the embodiment of royal snark!

      • bluhare says:

        Sir Elton, Snarky? That man would put the bitch in CeleVirgin!!

      • Rosehip says:

        We know a couple of things, no?
        She grows her own veggies, makes her own jam and distributes it as christmas presents, she had a sausage maker back in Anglesey and she loved watching ‘the great British bake-of’.

    • wolfpup says:

      So is everybody saying that we will never know the duchess? Really, the queen is that mysterious… That’s really weird to me, as an American, because our elected officials are far more transparent. So, really, all we ever will get to know about her, is her clothes and vacations, palaces and country houses, oh, and the charities? (unless she writes a book)

      • ArtHistorian says:

        It really depends on how much she will reveal about herself – that is her interests, passions, etc. The BRF is notoriously tight-lipped and inaccessible to the general public, espeically compared to my country, Denmark, where a fair deal is known about our monarch’s personality, life, experiences and passions. She has worked a lot with the Royal Ballet, exhibited her paintings and for her 40th Jubilee they did a 2-part interview where she reminisced about her life in relation to world events – which, IMO, was a brilliant move. My father is 2 years older than Margrethe II and despite the very big differences in social station, etc. that actually had remarably similar experiences, like the Liberation in 1945. It was a brilliant exercise in cultural memory. It made her more human and accessible to know that she followed the Cuban Missile Crisis by radio on a ferry, learned about the assination of President Kennedy on a state visit and followed 9/11 at a friend’s house.

  12. Kay says:

    Slightly off topic… that little girl in the polka dot dress is just adorable!!

  13. Loopy says:

    This does look like the red Alexander Mcqueen dress, anyways i hope to God she has like ten of those navy jeggings she wears all the time.

  14. Lex says:

    They will be visiting Uluru the same time I am there – celebitchiers should I try get a sign in a photo? :)

  15. L says:

    They had a busy day Sunday. First Palm Sunday service, and then the winery visit , rugby with the kids, and shootover jet were all the same day, So the jeans were the same for all of the day’s events. She changed her shoes/shirt/jacket for the winery visit and then took the blazer off for the boat ride and put the sneakers back on.

    Which is a much better idea that trying to wear the exact same thing for 4 different types of events in my opinion. Although I hate those wedges (and she almost fell in them! They need to go)

  16. MonicaQ says:


    …and that’s all I got.

  17. escondista says:

    If I had long, thin stems like those I’d wear jeggings all the time too.

    • wolfpup says:

      I wonder what she wears in her spare time. I would just like to see her more ladylike for official functions. Would we have seen Diana in something like that – I think not.

      • wow says:

        And to be fair, Kate would probably not wear some of the over the top late 70′s/early 80′s fashions that Diana wore either. Simply because the times are different and so are the fashion/trends.

      • bluhare says:

        wow, you’re dead right about that. But there’s also “constants”. Tweaked a bit to reflect the era, but basically the same.

        I think she should go with a straighter jean that doesn’t cling as much, but that’s me. I’d wear these for casual and something a bit straighter for professional.

      • FLORC says:

        Those are not the same Jeggings. Not sure if it was sarcasm though.
        Some Jeggings sit lower on her ankles. Some have siver buttons. Some gold and some less button. Also different colors.
        As someone that wore jeggings that looked alike…. a lot I’ve developed an eye.

        And Kate’s casual style outfits in her single days looked like she shopped straight from the window mannequin.

      • wolfpup says:

        Well then, there you go Florc. I guess we’re stuck with the mannequin. I get the idea from the photos HH posted that Kate wants to be part of the popular culture. (thanx HH) I can respect that, but I still wish she’d try something a little more formal. Cigarette pants with the right shoe are very sexy and sophisticated. Maybe she IS just a kid. I will say that her ‘style’ confuses me.

    • wow says:


      Yep, I’m sure most would if they could being they are so comfortable.

    • wendi says:

      Wow HH!!! The second group of photos in your post are unbelievable and it’s not just the clothes. Kate looks s-o-o-o much better and certainly healthier than she does now. What happened????!

      • HH says:

        @Wendi -

        Kate has been on the scene a LONG time. She’s only become a high profile international public figure since the engagement, which is why it’s so frustrating to a lot of royal watchers. She’s lost an unhealthy amount of weight, added extensions, got some sort of work done on her face (not sure what), got veneers (which I’m not too picky about), but is still painted as some sort of perfect, ideal, natural beauty. There’s photographic proof that a change occurred and it’s not just age and weight related. I think Kate got somewhat of a celebrity makeover before she really raised her profile and that’s fine (although the weight loss is troubling). The issue is that people ignore the WELL-documented fact that either this makeover occurred or acknowledge she made herself over, but not acknowledging the full extent of the transformation.

      • caitlin says:

        HH – While your comment is accurate and well spoken, it’s also troubling to think that Kate felt compelled or obligated to undergo such an unnecessary (not to mention unhealthy) transformation.

        Whenever I see comments that fawn over her and go on and on about how “great” she looks, I guess it drives home the point that Kate is still quite “new” to a lot of people — i.e. they only became aware of her recently and didn’t know about her or follow her pre-engagement. I sound like a broken record I”m sure, but she looked so much better before, both in terms of her weight and also her skin and overall appearance.

  18. Memme says:

    She always looks conservative. You should replace ‘too conservative’ with ‘too boring.’

    I have to say though, my opinion of her outfits aside, she looks really well on this tour. I don’t know if photo-shopping is involved like some people have suggested, but she looks good in the pictures I’ve seen of her so far. She’s happy, almost radiant. This was the same Kate who was in Canada and California. She seems in her element. Maybe the activity and variety that comes with being on tour brings out the best in her? Or maybe since being on tour forces her to be in public so consistently we get to see this happy Kate more often? Whatever it is, those smiles really light up her face.

    • FLORC says:

      Photoshop is almost always involved. Even just slightly. Kate has several pox and birthmarks on her face as well as the same degree of wrinkles Carol and Pippa have. When we see Kate’s smoothed skin it’s touched up. Her make up as also been blended better after the edits.
      This was 3 years ago so there’s an age difference. You can see some grays, wrinkles and signs of dehydration. Overall she’s not bad, but the Kate we see in photos is not the Kate we see in person. The same can be said for all celebs.

      And Kate always shines when it comes to being active. Sadly, I think she’s the only one holding herself back from doing more with sport charities.
      When she needs to do an event she does well, but if left on her own it seems unlikely she would bother to work with charities at all.

      • Memme says:

        Could it also be a case of a really good foundation? A good foundation can do wonders. Add to that her heavy hand in applying her makeup. Now I think of it, maybe she wears her makeup so heavily to hide what’s underneath… In that close-up, even under all that makeup the sun damage is visible. You would think she didn’t have access to the best dermatologists, facialists and beauty products in the world. At least she lacks the leathery look to her face Pippa’s achieved.

        What I’ve noticed the most about Kate is the effect the weight loss has had on her looks. Not only does her body look frail, her face has this saggy, almost haggard look to it.

        I’m not so sure about photo-shop being used on press photos of celebrities. Publicity photos like headshots, magazine and campaign shoots, yes. But not red carpet, or everyday paparazzi shots. Or at least I’m not aware of that practice.

        It would be cool if she took up athletics as one of her causes. For young people or girls and women in particular.

      • The Original Mia says:

        @Mmeme, there are blogs that compare untouched and professionally edited pictures of her from the same events.

      • We Are All Made of Stars says:

        Really Meme, can you name some really great foundations? I feel like my skin looks nastier as I get older, and I’m not even that old! Visible pores, some sun damage, you know.

      • Memme says:

        We Are All Made of Stars,
        CoverGirl TruBlend in liquid is what I’ve used for years. You can see the difference, but you don’t feel it. Extremely light.

        Can I ask, do you have a beauty routine? Maybe you just need to switch it up in that department. Neutrogena cleansers are the best in my opinion. I rotate between their Deep Clean cleanser and Oil-Free Acne Wash. I use the Deep Clean scrub once or twice a week. Scrubs and masks are great for cleaning out pores.

        Washing your face and moisturizing before bed is also important. I have dry skin so I need a mosturizer. I use Neutrogena’s Oil Free with SPF 30 during the summer and spring months, 15 in winter/fall.

        Sorry if I sound like a Neutrogena spokesperson. I got a little excited hehe. If you don’t feel comfortable with Neutrogena, you can try similar products in another brands like Clean & Clear.

      • FLORC says:

        On top of the civilian photos taken from cell phones and loaded online without editing (many on those blogs mentioned above) you can see Kate without make up, with make up, and edited shots of both variations.
        I prefer going from photos my personal friends have sent me from london as they fan girl over Kate. The photos make Kate look much more aged and weary than the printed photos. And as a side bit. My friends view her as a celebrity. Not royalty. They say many people view her as such and don’t expect much from her in terms of public service.

        As far as Kate’s make up goes.. It’s applied very heavy. She has made it a point to apply her own make up and she does so with a heavy hand. Rumors were at her wedding she wiped off all her make up applied by the professionals and reapplied it herself. I did get a shot of her at her post wedding carriage ride. It was not subtle. Her mae up was extremely thick and more paint by numbers than blended.

        And Kate as well as her family all have bad skin. I think thats more from smoking and sun worshipping.

        And We are all…
        I loe Vit E wipes from Simple. Also, huge fan of taking a biotin pill once a day and cutting sprigs from my aloe plant. Fresh aloe goes on clean with no greasy feel and you skin is immediately smooth. The smell makes me gag a times… But great for the skin!.

      • wolfpup says:

        Biotin is great for skin and nails. I also swear by constant sunscreen and block, as well as Tretinoin cream (prescription Retin A) at night. The cream will wake up tired skin, but you have to go to a dermatologist. Prevention goes a long way.

      • bluhare says:

        I will also vouch for Rx Retin A. I need to go back to the dr. and renew my prescription. You can get it in a more emollient base so it doesn’t dry our your skin at first. It worked wonderfully for me.

    • kg says:

      Since her grueling tours are the equivalent of a normal person’s luxury vacation with planned adventures (minus the occasional wreath laying) – I am guessing she is in her element because vacations are her thing.

      • Memme says:

        Vacation as in away from home maybe, not lounging and relaxing. Because correct me if I’m wrong- doesn’t she pretty much do on tour what she would be doing at home in the UK? I think there’s something about being away from home, and/or the consistency of it all that benefits her. When she’s at home her engagements are few and far between, so when she finally does one it feels more of a chore. That shouldn’t be the case, but I think it might be for her.

      • wolfpup says:

        I have been very good about this, but recently read an article about their luxury spa two nighter. I must admit it…the shame of major envy.

  19. Tiffany says:

    It want photo do you see the Queen’s brooch. Goodly moogly Kate do something with your hair.

  20. HoustonGrl says:

    She is outshining William by light years on this tour. I don’t expect the Royal Family will take too kindly to that. It’s William’s fault though, he looks kind of curmudgeony and disengaged in a lot of the photos.

    • bluhare says:

      I don’t think that’s totally fair. The press is zeroing in on her, and not on William. Maybe there’s nothing to zero in on, but it definitely is the Kate show in the media so far.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        I agree that the press are just more interested in Kate. They’ve had William to photograph forever. Kate is the new, shiny toy….unless Prince George is present and then it is the Chubster George show which is my favorite!

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        *hops from foot to foot, clapping*
        Where, oh where have you been?

      • Ayre says:

        Hey bluhare!
        You asked me the other day if I thought the KM commentary here was “worse” than other threads, and that got me curious. Not wanting to be unfair, I went over to a site you mentioned, Royal Dish, to see what you meant. And, oh my god you are so right! Even the commentary I strongly disagree with here is nowhere near as bad as what I read there.

        It was like wandering into some reddit conspiracy forum crossed with middle school mean girls. They actually have a thread devoted to pictures of royal women “looking old.” Classy. Someone referred to Princess Mary of Denmark as having “opened her legs in order to open the palace gates.” I was agog. (It reminded me of how you can be discussing politics with someone that you think is a normal, well-adjusted human being, and the next thing you know they’re posting pictures of Obama photoshopped to look like a monkey. And you think, “should I let this person know that this is categorically racist and inappropriate for adult conversation?”)

        Actually made me feel a little bad for the people posting there — they seem to exist in a world where women are always in competition with each other, and “getting a man” is a life goal. Therefore criticizing other women’s bodies and policing their sexuality is viewed as normal. Sad-face. It has not been my experience to see functioning adults talk about their fellow women that way.

        Anyway, I want to apologize. If this is the kind of stuff royal watchers are used to reading elsewhere on the net, then my criticism here was mostly unwarranted. So thanks for the valuable lesson in comparison, and I’ll keep my sarcasm to myself in the future. I’ve learned a lot from reading these threads, and I let my temper get the better of me the other day.

      • bluhare says:

        Thank you for that, Ayre. It’s appreciated. I’ve not posted on Royal Dish but I have on Royal Gossip and was blasted to smithereens. I also got it on another now defunct one for saying something nice about her shoes that particular day. Shoes!! Same with most of the other critical forums. FLORC mentioned yesterday the time she posted on one, I came to her defense, and we both got launched to the moon. The only one I’ve found where fans and non fans interact mostly civilly is Royal Insight. I’ve thrown out a couple of posts on that one to see what happens and so far so good.

        But for the love of everything holy, do NOT check your sarcasm at the door! :)

        Tulip, you’re so right about Gorgeous George. He’s a baby, and that’s all it takes for me!

      • FLORC says:

        Tulip! Your commentary was sorely missed!

        This is a well balanced site (thankfully).
        Despite how others will title us as h8ters for having a non-positive opinion we do not have opinions blindly. My tone and opinions on Kate didn’t change from blog to blog so you can imagine the hate generated by others if myself and bluhare are the “fangirls”.
        Not all are this bad. I maintain there were a few bad apples that spoiled the bunch.

        And George? He’s such a grump who takes other babies toys. I wonder how often he gets to play with other babies? I prefer babies to show more personality. Toddlers melt my heart.

      • HH says:

        @Ayre & Bluhare – I used to keep up with/observe RoyalDish quite regularly, but have grown extremely tired of it. I remember the turning point for me was when Kate’s heel got caught in a grate when meeting with the Irish Guard and they just lambasted her!!! It was an honest mistake and she handled it very well. But the posters were just evil about it.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        At RoyalDish they are particularly brutal to CP Mary – it is borderline slander: like claiming she doesn’t love her children, and other insane stuff that I simply won’t mention because it is just gross. It seems to have been started mainly to pitch her in particular in feathers and tar, which just makes me sad – that’s a lot of time and energy wasted to slander a person that one has never met.

        RoyalGossip is even worse – it abounds with conspiracy theories. Enter at your own peril because anyone who does believe that Kate gave birth to her own child is perceived as a bully for stating that opinion.

      • Ayre says:

        Yes, it was really eye-opening! But also fascinating in a weird way. Someone at the New Yorker or some other cultural pub should write an essay about the whole celebrity “fake pregnancy” conspiracy trend. Such a curious thing to fixate on.

      • ArtHistorian says:


        I find it fascinating as well, both from a cultural and historical perspective. Rumours about fake or secret royal pregnancies abound in history. Mary I’s hysterical pregancies are a classic, and very sad, example. Elizabeth I’s reign was dogged by rumours that she had given birth secretly several times – and man even posed as the secret love child of Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley in Spain!

        Another very contested pregnancy was of James II’s Queen Mary of Modena – when she was delivered of a son, rumours quickly spread that she hadn’t been pregnant but the child had been smuggled in to masquerade as a male Catholic heir, which the British wouldn’t stand. They could accept James’ Protestant daughters from his first marriage as his heirs, but not a male heir who was a Catholic – it was the beginning of the end of James II’s reign.

        This kind of sexual gossip can be said to function as an indicator of political and cultural anxiety of a given period – it can, for want of better words, be read as manifestations of the “political unconcious”.

        I can recommend Carol Levin’s “The Heart and Stomach of a King: Elizabeth I and the Politics of Sex and Power” – chapter 4 and 7 are particularly interesting: the first about the sexual gossip pertaining to the Virgin Queen and the second about how the Queen sometimes appeared in people’s dreams (based on recorded dreams from various people).

      • LadySlippers says:

        The mean spiritedness is just so not me. There’s a lot of sites/blogs that are anti-Royals and pro-other Royals. Or just nasty anti-Royals in general. *shudder*

      • FLORC says:

        Those pregnancy conspiracies were terrible!
        I remember asking for how this rumor got motion and it was a crazy site with fanfiction rather than facts.
        I might believe Kate had IVF, but she carried George. To say otherwise on those blogs was blasphemy.

        I remember when Kate’s heel got stuck in the grate. Were the mean comments from here? I remember more people shaming William for how he seemed to glare at her and walk away after her heel was out.

        This site is my favorite for light royal commentary. The others seem to blindly love or hate with now balance. This site has its posters, but for the most part is balanced.

      • Ayre says:

        Thank you so much for the detailed reply, ArtHistorian. I was thinking such gossip reflects a need to delegitimize the femininity of the target; devalue them as women. It hadn’t occurred to me that this would be an age-old type of speculation, but now that you point it out it seems obvious that it would have been. Really very interesting, and I will see if my library has Levin’s book on hand.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        You gave me an opportunity to let out my inner geek!

        I’m really interested in some of the new research into gossip as an arena and vehicle of cultural anxiety and ideology.

        There’s also some very interesting examples from 17th and 18th century France. A lot of the most atricious stories about Marie Antoinette came of precursors of today’s tabloids, and the Affair of the Poisons in 17th century France was fuelled by one woman executed for posioning her husband and a veritable hotbed of salacious gossip that ran rampant till the point of hysteria! Anne Somerset’s “The Affair of the Poisons: Murder, Infanticide and Satanism at the Court of Louis XIV” is a very interesting and detailed study of this historical episode – highly recommended.

      • bluhare says:

        It’s nice to see I’m not the only one who finds some of those sites a bit over the top. Personally, I don’t ever want to get so fixated on someone that another opinion is so threatening that I have to personally insult or come down so hard I flatten the poor person.

        AH: Hadn’t even thought that the Kate fake pregnancy stories aren’t even new! When I say that I mean that the same thing has been going on for centuries; albeit without the technology. Interesting . . . the more things change and all that!!

      • wolfpup says:

        Art Historian, your interest in gossip as an arena and vehicle of cultural anxiety and ideology sounds very interesting. Everyone gossips. I try very hard to stay away from it in my personal life, because people can be so hurt from it – all sorts of consequences, like losing their job, et.al. People will be mean and mass into mobs. I’m surprised at how mean people can be – shocked even. (I say this after having just gone thru an attack). I know your interest is broader than this, and will say it is a powerful subject.

        What public opinion can do, thru a gossip chain reaction (like Marie Antoinette), must surely be on the mind by those at the firm. They must scrutinize every move (and read us at CB).

      • ArtHistorian says:

        Gossip can be a very powerful force (and weapon), both on a personal and on a political scale – and it isn’t just the province of women as tradition and ideology like to assume (hate, hate that idea!). Men gossip too, and just as visciously and covertly – in fact, my sister knows from personal experience that sailors are some of the most terrible gossips that she has ever met – and she was the only woman on board.

    • justme says:

      Right now they are fixated on the color of George’s eyes. Since they appear to be brown, you see, he is not the son of Kate and William. There is a long and oft-repeated list of why she could not have been pregnant, but it all seems to come from the fact that they don’t want her to have been pregnant. If you look at the coverage of Kate, she has been disliked intensely from the start at Royal Gossip. They were convinced that he would not marry her. Once he did they were convinced that she was infertile and there would be quick divorce. Once she got pregnant it was easiest to simply deny that it was happening.

      It gets utterly crazy. Sometimes somebody tries to point out how crazy it all is – that person never lasts long.

      She is certainly not a perfect human being, but she is described in such incredibly vile ways that you do wonder at whether it is not a sort of collective insanity that comes over people when they go on there to post. Some of the commentary seems to take on a sort of Victorian ring oddly enough – Kate was William’s mistress, they slept together before marriage and sometimes she went out clubbing, therefore she is a drunken slut. etc. etc. How dare he marry her and what would the ever-sainted Diana have said!

      Even George is not immune – some of them are calling him a brutish bully.

  21. nk868 says:

    i don’t think those are jeggings? those aren’t tight through the calf and the fabric looks thicker, to me, than jeggings. i think they’re just jeans?

    • FLORC says:

      Depending on Size and brand Jeggings can easily have more give at the cuff of an ankle. These are too stretchy on her. If it were denim the darker you go the stiffer they are. These hold too much spandex.

      The fabric wouldn’t bunch on her if it was thicker. I highly recomment going to a high quality denim store and trying on dark Skinny jeans.. Then go anywhere and try on dark jeggings. The difference is blatant imo.
      There’s just too much here that screams jeggings and not denim to me.

      But either way… You shouldn’t look like you poured yourself into pants to do an event where you need to be slightly formal or run and play around. Loose fitting trousers would have been perfect.
      *There’s been IDs on her pants in the past. All came back Jeggings. Once to my knowledge she wore Skinny Jeans and they did not fit on her like this.

    • bluhare says:

      Very, very stretchy jeans.

  22. AC says:

    I will probably get skewered for this observation…and I am not remotely trying to compare her to single mothers or factory workers or anyone else who works hard at tedious things…but have you ever gone on a trip where there has been lots of “Visiting” with extended family or other acquaintances? Or stood around making small talk at a wedding reception for 3 hours?? Maybe its just me, but I find that stuff unbearably exhausting, and 3 weeks of it would make me want to claw my eyes out. I think she has done a pretty superb job of gamely going along and playing her role this trip. Some hits and misses on the wardrobe front, but whatever. I sort of like that she repeats the jeggings and wedges, even though there is no possible way she can be oblivious of the skewering she gets every time she puts them on. That’s more interesting than someone who conforms to public opinion. I’m not really a fan or a detractor, but I do find all the analysis interesting and fun. :)

    • wow says:

      Good comparison and although everything is basically mapped out for them, I imagine it does get tiring having to be “on” all the time, plus add in the travel and hand shaking, making small talk and smiling. Not your typical job, but I would take it over most jobs and I actually love my career. Lol.

      I do wonder how long my newfound compassion towards Kate will last though? I’m scaring myself.

      • AC says:

        Exactly! It’s easy to find her annoying when she works 3 times a month…lol

      • Rosehip says:

        A year that is, not a month unfortunately.
        I have wondered the same thing as you, as i also seem to feel more positive towards her since the beginning of this tour.
        I do think this tour is packed with fun things, so it is easier for her to act and look cheerful, than when she would be doing more serious duties back home. Plus she’s being applauded all the time, by masses of people eager to see a glimpse of her. That would make everyone feel more confident and happy, i’m sure.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Yes, think she needs to step it up at home, but I would find all the tour chit chat, changing clothes, having everyone stare at you and comment on you and want to talk to you exhausting and difficult and boring. That’s what she signed on for, but it think it’s silly when people say this is like a vacation for her.

      • AC says:

        Absolutely! If they take a day off and stay in their PJ’s everyone will snipe, but that’s what I would be doing…all this walking and talking and sitting and listening and smiling. OMG, not a vacation.

      • A:) old prude says:

        I’m sorry but changing clothes is hard work?!! Their engagements are lasting for 3 hours max. They came, took part in an hour long welcoming ceremony then off to rest for 2 days. Then on 4th day they only had half an hour play date, rest of the day nothing. Then on the day they raced and Kate won, their engagement lasted for 2 hours. The only full day had is when they paid respect to military memorial service. I don’t find rugby games, boat rides, wine tasting as work. Their royal tour is so light weight. Other royals have jam packed royal tours with 1 or 2 fun activities, their royal tour only lasts 3 hours max a day with all the fun activities and only 1 or 2 serious activities. You should see how other royals tours are planed, heck compare this tour to their Canada or other Asian tour and you’ll get how light weight and like a vacation this tour is. So far they only had only 2 real working days IMO, the day she wore baby blue McQueen coat and the day she wore Green Erdem coat, all the rest is 1 glorified vacation IMO.

      • Sweetpea says:

        Like many of you, I’ve been observing her for a while. IMO, she only shines when it appears she’s having fun and is the center of attention. In unguarded moments, she looks cross and sometimes mean. Around men, she can appear coquettish. There’s more to this woman than we can see, and it’s probably not all benign and bland. Personally, I don’t think she likes to “work” when she’s in England. It may be due to the fact that the local “subjects” are more aware of her pre-marriage work ethic and social behavior. Outside of England, people aren’t and give her a free pass, acting star-struck and treating her, well, like royalty.

      • hmmm says:

        Well said, old prude and Sweetpea!

        If you have purpose, a mission, the meet and greets are invigorating and satisfyingly exhausting. They do very little every day. They take planes everywhere. Their every comfort is taken care of every moment. Even their personal assistant has a personal assistant! They are fawned over 24/7 and lauded and cheered for doing nothing but showing up. They are entertained most of the time. They take days off, and without George. How is this hard? All they have to do is show up and make small talk which gets really easy over time. It is, indeed, largely just another exciting holiday for them and it shows.

      • FLORC says:

        I agree with you all.
        She glows when being a part of a sport.
        She’s capable of working more.
        She shys away from working when she can be resting/shopping.
        She’s set the bar so low for herself that she gets praised for stepping outside and smiling. Ugh.. Great royal model for young women.

  23. aquarius64 says:

    I’m ok with what the duchess wears. How some people bag on her wardrobe choices is beyond me. Kate is the future queen; she cannot dress like a Kardashian. Plunging necklines, thigh-high slits, and tight dresses are a big don’t. The jeggings are a departure, but she doesn’t look hoochie-fied in them. As for her wedges, she may feel comfortable in those shoes. If you feel like it’s a crutch, then you need to call out Queen Elizabeth for her black handbag she always carries, even when it doesn’t match the outfits she wears. As for lack of change up, it’s probably project the image that she doesn’t live in couture houses. That would get as much backlash as some of these vacation jaunts. As long as she hasn’t done anything to embarrass the Crown and offend the host nation, let her be.

  24. MissNostalgia says:

    She has a great body and money to shop; I would love to take her in hand and give her a makeover. I am tired of the wedges, jeggings and awful coatdresses. The end.

    • Ayre says:

      I agree. I wonder if some of it is cultural? I see the way some other posh young British women dress and it often reads as slapdash. It might just be a lost in translation thing. To my eye it looks off, but not to that person in their circle. I can say for her that she is consistent and sticks with what she likes. It’s better than that “gimme everything” look some celebrities get when you know everything in their wardrobe was a freebie. Makes their looks seem schizophrenic.

      • mayamae says:

        Suggesting that Kate’s apparent lack of style is cultural is asking for a whole lot of trouble. I’m sure members of the UK will tell you that Kate is not typical of their kind. I would like to add that I do not care for the way Beatrice, Eugenie, or Cressida dress, but I don’t think they represent their entire social group.

      • Ayre says:

        Hi mayamae! Sorry, I think I may have not made my point very well. I meant to say that so often fashion opinions are subjective, so that something that is deemed fashionable in one group will look very off to those from another group. This can be found within the same cultures as well. For example I have one sister who lives in northern CA and another who lives in NJ. They are both SAHM with a “uniform” but it’s interesting to see all the subtle regional differences between their two uniforms.

        I certainly didn’t mean to imply that all women in the UK look slapdash, or even that all posh British girls do! I know that’s not true. But I do think some of her looks might read differently to different people, so that in her social set her looks would be received differently than by all of us gawking on the internet. Does that make sense?

      • mayamae says:

        No need to apologize to me – I’m not British. Hope I didn’t sound like I was scolding too much, I got some of that upthread and it’s a little embarrassing. I completely agree that opinions on her wardrobe are subjective – you make complete sense. Other than the occasional exposing of her nether parts by gusts of wind, her outfits are fine to me.

      • wolfpup says:

        What does her social set wear as pants to upscale functions? Sort of a comparison…

      • Ayre says:

        Poor wording on my part; I can see how you could have gotten that impression from my first comment…

      • Ayre says:

        Hi wolfpup, I assume you’re talking about the infamous jeggings! I actually don’t have a problem with skinny jeans being worn to any of the functions she chose them for. Skinny jeans with high heels and blazers are very popular as a more formal outfit in my circle. This could even be worn to a cocktail event with — and this is key — the right shoes and accessories, including hairstyle. Jeans can be an expensive cult item, and as such are now appropriate for a more upscale setting — I realize this is not universal.

        For me the point was that she styled them incorrectly. The use of the cork wedges and navy blazer look wrong to my eye. The blazer hit her in the wrong place — it should have been longer — and it should have been a different color and material. So that’s more of how my criticism breaks down!

      • wolfpup says:

        You didn’t mention what your circle is.

      • Ayre says:

        I didn’t assume anyone would care! :) But since you do, and keeping it as anonymous as possible, my circle are people I went to school with or have met professionally. I grew up in a small town in Westchester County, which is just north of New York City. I’ve lived mostly in NYC, and have a mix of friends from both the creative industries and the more prosaic (finance, law, academia etc.) as well as those who have left work to start families and so have moved to the suburbs. The outfit I described above is pretty common for the women I know in their mid-30s like me. None of the women I know dress like Kate (maybe on Easter, or to a conservative family’s afternoon wedding), but skinny jeans are as ubiquitous as can be. Not sure how useful that is, but there you have it…

    • wolfpup says:

      You reference your social circle as the authority of your comment, so of course I needed to know where you were coming from. What I was asking for, is how the other dukes and duchesses and aristocrats dress in her country. The answer is probably just like her (and you).

      • wolfpup says:

        Anye, I’ve read your comments thru the thread, and I think that I find some commonalities between us. You seem to have an interest in women’s issues, and one of my degrees is in Women’s Studies. I will note here that my Master’s degree is in Diversity, and I have another baccalaureate in Elementary Ed. I was also the President of a jewelry Co. (family business). I attended a theological seminary for three years. I have four children. I’m from San Francisco and wear lots of skinny jeans (and yoga pants). Perhaps you can see my interest in this blog and the very interesting and informative insights by those who share.

  25. Maggie says:

    She has a great figure and pulls off jeggings better than most. I find her choices somewhat conservative but I guess she cant choose whatever she wants. I know she has bunions so perhaps the wedges are more comfortable for her. I went shoe shopping the other day and there are plenty of wedges for spring. I think she’s done a fabulous job so far and don’t get all the snark towards either of them.

  26. The Original Mia says:

    I’m not a fan of the teal dress, but I wasn’t a fan of it in blush pink either. I hate the jeggings and wedges and nothing will change my mind. Regular jeans, khaki, capris…anything would be better than jeggings. Those should be for home and home alone.

    Also, what is the point of her hairdresser? Is it just to put the extensions in? And she wears extensions. There’s a visible difference in length and body from the playdate visit with George to the rest of the trip. The next set of pics with her in the red suit will show the line of her extensions quite clearly. Can’t wait for that post.

    • Ayre says:

      Seems unlikely she would get extensions after having already embarked on the trip. Wouldn’t you just get them done at home immediately beforehand, rather than amidst a schedule that involves hundreds of other people and logistics? Maybe someone with extensions-related knowledge could weigh in! Which is not to suggest that people who wear extensions are to be criticized, of course. You want thicker hair, you go for it. Might do it someday myself :)

      • The Original Mia says:

        Ayre, you’re thinking like a normal person. She has her hairdresser is on the trip with her. They were taken out for George’s playdate because, as we saw, he likes to pull at her hair. I’m sure she was worried he’d yank one out.

      • bluhare says:

        Ayre, go over to the other thread and look at the top of her head. Pretty sure she’s got a clip on fall/wiglet to give her some volume. As a very erudite poster once said, “once you see it, you can never un-see it!”.

      • Ronia says:

        She does have extensions. It’s very obvious if you look down the hair, they are separated from the natural hair. They always look like that, no matter how much you brush them. I’ve had extensions and this fact drove me crazy, they look like one has styled the hair with some heavy foam or gel which makes it look like consisting of separate bunches of hair who don’t belong together. Here on the pics with the blue hat it’s very obvious.

    • Dame Snarkweek says:

      She didn’t have the extensions added back in until after the playdate with George, ostensibly because he would naturally want to pull/play with his mommy’s hair. But no it wouldn’t take the hairdresser too long to add the extensions – an hour tops.

  27. lunchcoma says:

    She looks so pretty with her hair back, and the shots with jeans and slacks look great too. I wish she’d incorporate more of those things (or the more formal variations on them) into her everyday wardrobe. Kate has one of the few body types that slacks really flatter – she should take advantage of it.

  28. SoCal says:

    No one mentioned the shoes she is wearing with the Emilia Wickstead dress. What kind of color is that? Moss green? So, not fetch.

  29. Sophie says:

    Those wedges are as high as stripper heals.

  30. mayamae says:

    I haven’t seen this talked about here – ABC news in the US reported that William was teasing about Kate possibly being pregnant. Apparently a woman gave him a shawl for George, and William said they may need another one soon.

    Also, because many from the UK don’t understand why Americans have a misleading impression of W & K – ABC World News reported on Friday about the above reference and WK’s trip. They showed side by side images of Diana and Kate dealing with fans and stated Kate is very much like Diana. They pointed out that Kate mimicked Diana with the red coat. Overall, the coverage was highly flattering – how adored Kate is and how she identifies with the people, just like Diana.

  31. Dimebox says:

    I can’t get over how much younger and put together she looks with her hair in that great ponytail. It energizes her whole look.

  32. lrm says:

    She seems most comfortable (not just b/c it is comfortable but seems like her style) in athletic style clothing-I know she is athletic, too…Seems to suit her. I like the hair in a ponytail-though I know it’s informal. But off her face is better. In fact, a chin length bob with some style to it would be a nice look for her.

  33. Abby says:

    Kate can REALLY rock a ponytail. Love it.

  34. KateBush says:

    She is looking v relaxed and happy. I hope she keeps it up.
    The pony tail look was very cute!
    I wish she’d gain a bit if weight back too but I don’t see that happening..

  35. Jocelyn says:

    I’m not a fan of the teal either. It seems unflattering on her somehow. I think it’s those hideous lines on the skirt. It ruins the whole look. What is going on with the top of that hat? I think those are supposed to be leaves judging from the picture of her hugging the little girl. The whole outfit seems like a huge mistake to me. What was going through her head when she put this on? And yes she does look so much prettier with a ponytail. She looks so relaxed in those photos. It’s nice to see. I like the outfit she wore during the tournament. She also looks relaxed there. Excuse me for repeating myself but she should really go to more sporting events. Formal dinners and such don’t seem to be her thing. I know she kind of has to go to those but maybe go to things that she enjoys to balance it all out. There must be something she can enjoy and also be doing work at the same time. This is the time Kate!

  36. Lizzy1013 says:

    This is a strange question but does any one think she googles herself?

  37. itsetsyou says:

    She looks very pretty and so SKINNY! Is she on a diet? I saw pictures of her when she was younger, she wasn’t naturally THIS skinny..

  38. AC says:

    I don’t know how to reply to the earlier thread but at the risk of rehashing can I just say I don’t get all this Kate hate? To say that “if one has a purpose or a mission, these outings and visits would be invigorating..” What? This isn’t a religious calling. She presumably (we have no proof to say otherwise) fell in love with a guy who was born into this family, signed on and agreed to participate in the family “business”. Whether or not she finds this stuff invigorating is entirely subjective and personal. Lets say she doesn’t find it invigorating… Does that make her a bad person? A bad role model?
    If she said that she wanted to be a stay at home mother and raise her child herself 24/7 she would be eaten alive, by the very same people who would be outraged if it were suggested that all women should work.
    I don’t get it. I will give you that her schedule maybe isn’t as gruelling as it seems by the amount of photos we are seeing. When the schedule is laid out in terms of time spent, yes I concede that it’s not as taxing as it could be. But I still say that one hour on a pew is like 6 hours of my life stolen. That’s just me, but I’m a preachers kid so I have an aversion to organized events. Everyone has a different perspective and I just feel like people are really hard on her, I assume its just gossip blog sport and hey I’m fine with that!! :)

    • FLORC says:

      All speculating aside…
      There are people here who do work to pay and fund Kate and Williams lifestyle (security/housing/etc). And they do not feel good about paying for someone to pick and choose when they work for an hour a month or so.

      Others (like myself) think it’s quite awful that she’s wasting her platform. It’s fine if she simply fell in love with this man, but to be his wife if a full time job as a servant to the commonwealth as I understand it. That she’s so often cancelled on charities that are suffering from lack of fundraising to shop might be the worst.

      Also no one hates her here. I truly believe that. Other sites have those who clearly and freely admit to hate. We offer constructive criticism and weigh the scales on her progress. That is our freedom here as is yours to also state your thoughts.
      I do feel sometimes people here are tough, but frustration tends to be justified when your money goes to the upkeep of those who appear to feel no need to give you your money’s worth. The sense of entitlement can be hard on others.

      Lastly, many girls rejected William. Many girls have rejected royalty in general. Because they knew it’s not a man you’re marrying. You’re moving into a fishbowl. You’re entering into a lifelong job. In return for your service you live rent free in gorgous palaces, free security, and have access to loads of jewels, clothes, and steeply discounted “freebies”.

    • bluhare says:

      Can’t speak for everyone, but there’s things I like about her and things I don’t. Mostly, I think she’s fine, but perhaps it’s the press about her that gets people thinking she should be better than she is. I mean, when the Daily Mail is writing “Caring Kate Queen of Hearts” articles, along with hiring a baby body language expert to proclaim that George is a happy confident baby born to rule . . . well, you start to expect Queen of Hearts behavior!! (Along with George sending the other babies to the tower for not giving him the toys he wants.) :)

    • Ayre says:

      I think there are a few different popular narratives for her story, with all shades of grey between. Also not trying to speak for anyone else here, but some people think that she really only wanted the position/wealth rather than him. So if you subscribe to that narrative, then it would make sense to criticize her for not fully inhabiting the position she sought.

      I think it’s early days yet . With the media trumpeting all kinds of misinformation and conjecture in very convincing ways, I think it’s too difficult to argue much of anything very convincingly. I’m also not UK taxpayer, so while I don’t find her lazy , I can see why some people who do pay taxes there would feel otherwise.

    • Bwarf says:

      I agree with you, though I’ve read that this website’s comments are tame compared to other forums. I don’t go on forums, I go on blogs and this is the only commentary I read on the royal family. I would hate to be part of a forum that did nothing but bash other people, royal family or not, I don’t want negativity in my life from people I don’t know.

      I like reading the nice comments here, I don’t like reading the really judgmental ones though. Someone said people are projecting their thoughts/feelings onto the royal family and I guess that’s true. I also think some people say judgy things because they just don’t like them and the commentary is their way of justifying it.

      I don’t care about how many events they take on right now, I’ve said my part about why but some people believe they should be doing a lot more. Either way, I think people should lighten up about them, they’ll never be happy, there will always be something to criticize (outfit color, shoe choice, hair style, number of events attended, parenting style, etc).

      I haven’t been on those other forums, thank goodness, this site is as bad as I can handle. Some of the criticisms I’ve read here are ridiculous though.

      • Ayre says:

        Yeah, Bwarf, this is how I feel too a lot of the time. I like to look at her outfits and critique them, but it’s not mean-spirited. I think she seems very sweet, and my interpretation is that they are both kind of nerdy. Rich and powerful, but sweet and nerdy, too, with a whole barrelful of strange problems and challenges to deal with. I have no problem with the number of engagements they take on, and I think Kate has time to explore what she wants to do with her platform and how to balance that platform with a stable home life. I totally get that other people disagree. I don’t like it when disagreements are sexist or cruel.

      • AC says:

        No, I get that. I’m not a UK tax payer so I’m not as invested. I grew up as a teen infatuated with Diana and all of her drama and I continue to find them interesting. I completely agree with the different narratives. I have not decided which one i subscribe to yet, I’m just curious about the criticism. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to have expectations of her or of William but I don’t think they have critically disappointed the people, yet anyway. They are young, starting a family, and to me, at this stage they are making an effort, perhaps starting more slowly than some would like…
        When you think back to the Fergie days, now there was a person who embarrassed the role! There has been no toe sucking yet on Kate’s watch!
        Anyway. Carry on. I will be back to read more analysis tomorrow!

      • AC says:

        Same! Calling her a poor role model is a bit much! Look around… There are plenty of worse role models. I do like reading about her hair and shoes though. :)

      • bluhare says:

        I’ve got to defend us here. There’s a whole lot of history that isn’t readily apparent. There’s also a lot of anecdotal stories that have been discussed here that appear to show Kate is not as nice as she appears, and neither is her sister. What I think is interesting is how radio silent Pippa is these days, but that’s another thread.

        Anyway, there’s usually a reason we carry on about her. And this is from someone who came here as a diehard fan around the time of the wedding, and over time my opinion has changed.

        By the way, and completely off topic, but has anyone seen the article in the DM that now says William wants to get his commercial pilot’s license so he can fly people and get paid for it? I wish I had an emoticon for an eyeroll because it would be inserted right here.

      • FLORC says:

        I agree with Bluhare
        There is a lot of history talked about on these royal threads. And not only Kate threads. Royalty of all countries as well as their laws, history,etc…is discussed at length here. And many of the Royaloonies might say something that out of context to you seems insulting, but it’s only a kind of inside joke to us…Like the Wiglet Wagon. We’re not making sun of Kate’s hair. It’s a story in itself. Or Liberty’s Book Of Windsor. All light hearted.

        You’re free to feel she’s a good role model. Kate has shown herself to have a long mean girl streak as with Pippa.
        And I say this as a former fangirl and Kate defender on other blogs.

        And Bluhare brings up a good point. Sometimes William is the main issue. He was raised in this life. He has no excuse for his behavior.

        Some people to project on both sides of the aisle here. The balance of opinion is nice imo. Don’t let a few bad apples spoile the bunch.

  39. Bwarf says:

    I don’t get the big deal about jeggings. Jeggings or no jeggings, she’s always dressed appropriately. Who cares what kind of fabric her pants are? Designer brand jeggings look just like jeans and are more comfortable, I’d wear them too. She’s the future queen consort of the modern age, don’t forget women as recently as the 50s would NEVER wear denim jeans out in public.

    I also don’t see the big deal about the wedges. If she’s comfortable then who cares? Again, she’s dressed appropriately so it doesn’t matter.

  40. Bella says:

    Kate dresses ok. A bit boring for me, classy but boring. But I understand she has to wear certain things do to protocol and she is not a fashionista girl. I never understood how at the beggining of the engagment/marriage the press wanted so desperately to make her a fashionista girl. The only thing I wished she would stop wearing is so much eyeliner, or change the way of wearing it. It ages her so much the eyes looks small and tired.

  41. sandring says:

    I like the Emilia Wickstead dress (in both colours). It’s the only NZ designer she’s worn on this tour, so it was a good choice I think. Not a fan of the gingham shirt + belt. She is channeling William’s off-duty banker style. Noooooo!!! Love the pony tail though. It really suits her.

    The little girl in the red polka dot dress is super cute.