Friends claim Rihanna had bruises on her neck in December

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There are obviously a ton of rumors going around about what went down between Rihanna and Chris Brown. That’s bound to happen with something of this nature, especially because both parties have remained silent. And people are naturally curious – domestic assaults aren’t often reported with celebrities. Right now there’s a photograph circulating around the web showing Rihanna with a severely bruised cheek and what appears to be a bite mark on her neck. However TMZ has shown that it’s clearly been doctored. But that shows how much interest there is in this case.

According to Us Weekly, two of Rihanna’s friends spotted obvious bruises on her neck in December – implying that there has been a pattern of domestic abuse.

Chris Brown may have roughed up Rihanna before their early Sunday morning altercation, two friends reveal in the new issue of Us Weekly (out today).

Brown — who is currently being investigated by Los Angeles county prosecutors after Rihanna allegedly accused him of assaulting her the night before the Grammys — always had a “volatile” relationship with the singer, an insider tells Us.

A Rihanna confidant adds that bruises were clearly visible on the singer’s neck in early December. Alarmed, “I asked is everything was OK with her and Chris,” says the pal. “She told me, ‘We broke up again.’ I didn’t pursue the issue further.”

Meanwhile, Brown’s sister, Lytrell “Tootie” Bundy, says the singer, 19, is “doing good” in light of his latest altercation with Rihanna. “He’s coping,” she told Extra on Wednesday. “He’s doing … [as well] as to be expected.”

Rihanna is said to be cooperating with Los Angeles detectives as they launch a battery investigation.

[From Us Weekly]

Obviously the veracity of the claims rests entirely on the truthfulness of these two friends – and there’s no way to know how thoroughly Us Weekly investigated them. Brown has admitted to threatening to kill his stepfather when he was younger, and he witnessed his mother being abused by him – which was denied by his stepfather. Statistically speaking, the first time police are called over a domestic abuse incident is not the first time one occurs. There’s normally been a history of it. Again, these are generalizations. But I would not be surprised to hear of more allegations coming out in the future.

Here’s Rihanna at The Grove in Los Angeles with a friend on February 4th. Images thanks to WENN.

rihanna 050209

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  1. kiki says:

    she probably go back with him.

  2. whatevs says:

    What the fu*k does he have to “cope” with???

    Of course he’s doing good, he didn’t get the shit beat out of him. His friends and family should just say “no comment”. They’re making him sound like one of the victims in all this, when the only real vicitm is Rihanna.

  3. Susan says:

    As a victim myself of DV — no, I seriously doubt this was the first time.

    And, yes, I bet she goes back to him.

  4. santacruz says:

    she will go back to him…this is obviously the type of relationship they have…both parties must get some emotional ‘payoff’ out of it, or else it would end

  5. Persistent Cat says:

    I doubt she’ll go back to him. It’s way too public. It’s one thing when just one or two people know but once everyone knows, you don’t usually go back. Too many people are stopping you. And once your friends and family knows he hits you, the gloves are off and they bad mouth him like crazy. It’s not like a regular break-up where you hold your tongue.

  6. Mairead says:

    The story just gets worse.

    (Susan, I hope you were able to get out of there)

  7. Jackie says:

    It’s been in the blind items for months that he beats her. He just never got caught before or did it in public, and its always covered up. Well, he finally went too far. If his attack on her was as violent as they say, it was not the first time he hit her. He’s used to getting away with it. And him leaving her at the scene is very telling.

  8. zxc says:

    Some women are just stupid. There is no cure.

  9. CiCi says:

    Am I the ONLY one who thinks that Rhianna got her own fair share of abuse in on Chris B before everything got out of hand? It’s KNOWN they had a volatile relationship; so it’s ok if she finds txts and whales on him but not ok when he responds in kind?

    Yes, it obviously got out of hand, but everyone paints him as some kind of EVIL. It’s not like this was a little kid or an elderly person with dementia that he beat up. It was probably par for the course for these two.

    It’s not okay for anyone to beat on anyone, but let’s get a little perspective. I’m sure Rhianna is no shrinking flower.

  10. CiCi says:

    oops. I meant to say she PROBABLY got her own fair share in before things got out of hand. I miss “edit.”

  11. Mairead says:

    He didn’t wind up in hospital with an alleged split lip, cuts, bruises and a black/swollen eye and, if some reports are true, bite marks on his fingers. Bit of a difference between screaming at someone and allegedly choking them until they pass out. Allegedly.

  12. Rosanna says:

    As a victim of DV myself, I hope this time she won’t get back to him. But she might.

  13. whothef---? says:

    #10 -you are shit sandwich. #8- your def right- see #10

  14. Annie says:

    I think it’s really inappropriate to call a woman who stays in an abusive relationship “stupid”.

    Misguided, yes. Confused. Definitely. Lost. Oh and how, but stupid is unnecessary.

    We can’t even pretend to understand the circumstances or pass those kinds of judgment calls regarding situations we’ve never been involved in. Not in this instance.

  15. Bodhi says:

    Ditto Susan. I hope she sees the light soon, the best day of my life was when I walked away & didn’t look back.

  16. Codzilla says:

    Annie: Agreed. In fact, I’d take it a step further and say it’s really cruel and short-sided to assume an abused woman is stupid. On the contrary, some exceedingly intelligent commenters on this very site have talked about their run-ins with domestic violence. It can happen anywhere, and it’s not right for anyone on the outside to judge.

  17. SixxKitty says:

    I just hoe that “this time”, is the last time and she never goes “back” to him, let alone drops the charges, she may want him out of her life, but letting him off isn’t the answer.

  18. CL says:

    zxc : I suggest before you make such ignorant remarks you do some research on how many women are killed for leaving. Many women do not leave because they are in fear for their life, and for good reason. The statistics for women who are murdered because they have left are astronomically high.

    As someone who helps out with a woman’s shelter, there is a reason why the locations are kept confidential. The abusers will do everything to try and locate their ‘loved’ ones. And sometimes they find them and it ends in fatal consequences.

  19. aleach says:

    its so wierd, ive heard of a few celebrites commenting on this situation and all they talk about is how chris is “handling it”. i understand maybe some random celeb doesnt want to comment to the media about something like this, but why are they acting like chris is having such a hard time…”oh poor chris, hes getting by…hes trying to cope”? what the hell is wrong with people? hes not the victim! i dont want to hear about how hes “just trying to figure everything out”!

  20. boomchakaboom says:

    Rihanna, meet Tina Turner. Get to know Tina.


  21. Jill says:

    OK, I’m feeling bad for just saying you’re an idiot. But are you serious? Like Chris Brown couldn’t have defended himself without beating the shit out of her?

  22. NotBlonde says:

    Yes, CiCi, you are the ONLY one who thinks that way.

  23. Shay says:

    @ Cici

    I don’t see any excuse for the beating that took place.

  24. Mandy says:

    If this stuff is true, I hope Rihanna has supportive people around her who will remind her that it’s not her fault, that she deserves better, and that her abuser deserves to be punished. No victim of domestic violence is “stupid.” To say that they are reinforces their low self-esteem, and is a big reason why so much abuse goes undetected and unreported until it’s too late.

  25. Cas says:

    The scariest thing about the whole situation is the people coming out of the woodwork who actually seem to condone violence against women!

    Not so much on the site, but I have been shocked at the amount of blame people have for a woman who was attacked …

    It really makes you realise why more women don’t speak out and feel so ashamed.

  26. lway says:

    I agree with CiCi – I don’t think Rihanna is entirely innocent. I heard she took Chris’ car keys and chucked them out the window? I’d be PISSED too.

    I agree that violence is not the correct answer, but there are two sides and i don’t believe Rihanna sat quietly and Chris just lashed at her.

  27. Mandy says:

    Cas, I was shocked by comments I read on other sites as well. I couldn’t believe how many WOMEN were defending Chris Brown or abusive men in general, mostly saying things along the lines of “I know my place, and if I cross the line with my man, I deserve to be hit.”

    The publicity surrounding this case could further complicate matters, but it could also benefit Rihanna in the long run. The support she’ll receive from the public might make it easier for her to be strong, and not fall back into the abusive relationship as so many victims do. It’ll also give her a platform to increase awareness about domestic violence, and maybe even save some lives.

    And I agree with boomchakaboom–Rihanna could use some time with Tina!

  28. xiaoecho says:

    So, Iway you are saying Rianna deserved to be bitten repeatedly on the arms and hand, given a split lip by a punch in the mouth, strangled till she lost consciousness, punched repeatedly in the side of the head and endure threats to her life and abuse screamed at her all the while because she denied access to the car keys of a Lamborghini, which incidentally is one of the most powerful and dangerous cars on the road, to a coked to the eyeballs, aggressive intimate?

    This is what to expect if you piss someone off

    Have I got that right?

  29. xiaoecho says:

    …….and another thing – Where are Chris Browns injuries?

    There has not been ANY reports of injury to him

  30. Whitey Fisk says:

    This woman is 20 years old, and her success is staggering. She’s beautiful, talented, and many men would give their left nut to be with her. Yet she’s still with a guy who bites her when he gets angry.

    I think the only thing this demonstrates is that women who AREN’T stupid/needy/weak can get caught in the cycle of domestic violence.

  31. Baholicious says:

    Look if she was in his face all night as much as has been reported, he should’ve either left her at the party OR put her ass out of the car and called some flunkies to cool down the situation.

    Given the nature of their relationship though from the sounds of it, neither of them is big on emotional or physical restraint so the escalation really isn’t surprising. Particularly if he’s done it before and gotten away with it.

    What he didn’t count on was a passerby calling 911 because he knew she would never call the police on him.

  32. goons says:

    i am tired of people already concluding that chris is an abuser..of course rihanna’s so called friends are going to say something in her defence and these things are bound to come out now just because something like this has happened…it has sad that the boy is being crucified before we even hear his or her side of the story.. all that has been publised is hearsay and its really unfair that he has not been given chance to defend himself..i do condone abuse but until he is charged and proven gulity then hell yeah i will not call him a woman beater. i wish more blogs will be responsible in their reporting and publish facts other than hearsay just to get this stage my heart actually goes out to chris for all the things he is being called yet he has not be charged ot proven guilty.. just imagine how you would feel is someone judged u before they really get to know what you are all about.. that is what you are all doing and it is sad..

  33. N.D. says:

    2goons and others “wh have not heard HIS side of story”:
    Why is that after all this time we still haven’t heard his side of story? If he’s innocent why not get out and say it? Why run and hide and keep totally mum on such a big thing? At least he could say something about RiRi’s troubles to show that he cares. She’s his girlfriend not some stranger after all!

  34. xiaoecho says:

    goons…..”….i do condone abuse but until he is….”

    A little Freudian slip there goons???

    here’s something from another goon

  35. CiCi says:

    Jill – Violence is never okay, I agree. All I’m saying is, it is KNOWN that their relationship was extremely volatile so I’m betting she found these “txts from another girl” and probably attacked him physically, verbally, completely. So I guess she should be hauled in, too? Otherwise, why is it ok for a woman to beat a man, but not vice versa? It’s not ok, all around.

    No, I’m not an idiot. I think we all know there’s a difference between a couple that is CONSTANTLY in fisticuffs and a grown man beating on a cowering child or a defenseless senior citizen. That’s all I was saying. “Beatdowns” sounds like they were a regular part of Rhi and CB’s relationship – and she probably has gotten her own fair share in quite a bit.

    I agree it got out of hand, obviously, but across this country, husbands and wives get into physical altercations all the time, and it’s more of a fight, not abuse like the movie Burning Bed.

  36. concerned says:

    he (Chris Brown) ran away from the scene because he thought he had killed her (Rihanna). I bet he was surprised she is still alive.
    I hope she can keep away from him. No one should have to go through being abused. It’s just terrible!! poor girl.

  37. boomchakaboom says:

    I believe his side of the story pretty much consists of “lost temper with bitchy girlfriend and beat the hell out of her.” That’s never a good story.

    It’s appalling how many people seem to condone this type of violence, as though this woman deserved it.She’s not exactly Tawny Kitaen, who pushed her professional baseball player husband around beyond the point where most people would have lashed back. But he didn’t even beat her, I don’t believe. Instead, he divorced her and took the kids. Being somebody’s punching bag is absolutely horrendous, whether you’re male or female. The only thing to do is leave. If you’re in a volatile relationship, get out, get help, and find out how to NOT be in one. It is all a cycle that only the cyclists can end. It took me a while to figure that out and life is infinetly better without all the drama and trauma.

  38. boomchakaboom says:

    *sigh* “infinitely”

  39. daisy424 says:

    Don’t blame the victim.

    DV is never acceptable under any circumstance.

  40. Susan says:

    The situation breeds abuse. I was often provoked into being the “abuser” — sometimes just to defend yourself. So sad.

    Just goes to show DV has no discrimination. Even the wealthy, successful, “pretty people” have it happen in their lives.

    The abuser often has SUCH an “emotional hold” on their victim — she probably suffers from REALLY low self esteem (a common denominator in victims).

    She’s young – she’ll be ok.

  41. Michelle says:

    I worked in at a place where we would evaluate and give classes to those accused of Domestic Violence. First of all, there are many more woman being charged today with DV than before. Woman are being held accountable too for all of you who are pretty much saying, “She put herself in a man’s position so she should be treated like a man,” and “if she abuses him she should be punished too.” It is happening so cool your jets. He obviously has a problem, she may too, but I hope they receive help. He is male and has more strength, which is a proven fact. He should under no circumstances, have done what he did, even if she went nuts on him. As previously stated, you tell her to get out, take a walk, BREAKUP with her, take a time out, whatever. You do not proceed to beat the living shit out of her! I must say this though, I do believe it is sad for CB in the fact that he is a 19 year old boy, and unfortunately will probably be condemned forever over this. He should be given a chance to rehab and come back for a piece of the greatness he was destined for. Forgiveness is key to growth, so I hope the public can do that at some point acter he hopefully does truly change.

  42. boomchakaboom says:

    Michelle, good perspective. Chris IS terribly young and there is hope for him to find change. I sincerely hope he finds it. Rihanna needs to find new ways to cope with her own frustration and insecurities as well, and I hope she gets there. The dynamics they have set up with each other may be too volatile for them to ever be a couple, but they can distance themselves and learn how to be in healthier relationships with other people.

    I’ve had to do that sort of thing and it’s possible to be civil with one another from a distance while knowing you can never actually take it any further.

  43. Diva says:

    Isn’t it funny (as in odd) that the people who are unwilling to believe that Chris Brown did this based on hearsay, seem to believe that Rihanna somehow provoked him… based on hearsay?

  44. kblizz says:

    Its a shame that this happened because I really liked both chris brown and Rhianna. I hope for her sake (and her fans) that she does not get back with him. If all this is true, she needs to stand up and be strong and let women and young fans know that this kind of thing is not okay and there are ways out.

  45. ChristinaX says:

    I don’t doubt that Rihanna’s probably a huge diva, but to say she deserves to be beaten for it is really unfair.

    And for those of you calling women in abusive relationships stupid…I’m sure you wouldn’t be saying that if you were in one, and don’t even say that “you’d know”.

    My aunt was in a relationship for a year with someone she knew back in high school before he started beating on her…and guess what, it’s nowhere near as easy to get up and leave as you make it. Other than going to work, she wasn’t allowed to even leave the house. She wasn’t allowed to visit her family (all of us concerned) when he became violent, and he threatened to kill her in the presence of my two little cousins.

    My little cousin was no older than a few months and had to watch her own biological father beating the hell out of her mother before she could understand anything, much less physical abuse.

    My other cousin was no older than 3 years old and had very thick hair, and we noticed a huge patch of hair missing from his head. My aunt’s then boyfriend tore the hair from his head…a three year old child.

    My aunt wanted to leave, she tried to leave, but think about the fear involved. It took her a year to “just leave”. If you think that once you leave an abusive relationship, that the abuser just moves on, you’re sadly mistaken.

    For Rihanna, she’s lucky that the signs were revealed to her at an early enough stage of the relationship.

  46. Truth says:

    As a man that has been in a relationship with an abusive woman. I know just how far some women will go to provoke you. Thank god I was able to restrain and never hit her back but God knows I wanted to. We always get such a one sided view on this issue because it is between a man and a woman. Why is this looked at differently than a fight between two women or between two men? I believe women and men are equal so why do we treat them differently in this situation? This is a fight and they should both be prosecuted in the same way. Lets not asume he is the bad guy because he won the fight.

  47. ChristinaX says:

    Let’s not make this into another “it’s not fair for men” topic, ok?

    And Lyn, I really hope to god you’re kidding, because there are so many things wrong with your post.

  48. Ashley says:

    CiCi: I agree.

    Plus unless those bite marks and brusies were fresh how do we know they don’t just get kinky during sexy times? I mean she’s always running around in these Dom outfits. I always figured that’s how she got down.

    I wish they would just hurry up and come out with their own statements all these her friend said, his friends said is getting really annoying.

  49. MoNiE says:

    The key word here is “HEARSAY” No one knows what really happened except the two people who were in the car. For all we know RiRi could have messed up her own face with the intent of ruining CB. I refuse to pass judgement on either of these young people. This situation is so sad I kind of hope its all just a bad joke.

  50. Josephina says:

    There are so many questions that need to be answered, but this is definitely an abuse case. I am not sure under what domestic law violation Chris can be punished as Rihanna and Chris do not live together, are not married, and do not have children. He did beat her up and it appears as if he did it in a rage. Here are some questions that I have:

    How did this scene end? Did he leave her there, and if the keys were lost, how did he escape? Was he confident that she was alive, dead or was that not his concern? Was he on his way to meet the booty call girl? Who called the police? Who took her to the hospital? Why wasn’t Chris the one to call for help or call the police himself if he felt that Rihanna had gone ape on him? Did Chris check up on his girlfriend to see if she was OK?

    It seems as if Chris had more than one “love interest” at the same time, which will explain the booty call text message he received after 12:30 am in the morning while riding in the car with Rihanna. No woman, who thinks that she is your girlfriend, is going to receive that nonsense well at all.

    One thing is clear…Chris is a young man who lost control of his temper, went into a rage and pummeled his girlfriend until she could not move. Rihanna, clearly ashamed and embarassed, did not want this to get to the press, as most victims want anonymity.

    But it’s too late for that. The world knows that she has been beaten up by her boyfriend, and like most victims, she thinks is to blame for his anger.

    I agree with the radio stations, and the businesses that are cancelling Chris’s endorsement contracts until this ugly situation gets resolved. It sends a clear message of no tolerance to violence.

    Someone earlier posted that Rihanna should be punished as well because she either started it or she fought back. I simply do not know HOW to rationalize hitting another adult as an allowed option to exprees anger or rage. Outside of family situations, if a man or woman raises a hand or strikes someone out of anger, justified or not, the police would soon be contacted. NO exceptions.

  51. TM says:

    DV and any other form of abuse ( i.e. verbal , emotional etc ) is a very vicious cycle. The abused tends to also became some type of abuser at a later date. And women who are trap in this abusive relationship are not stupid , they are most of the time afraid. Sometimes its so much easier to say walk away and leave but to do that takes more courage than most people can imagine….sigh! It is difficult to explain certain things. As much as it is hard to see , it is harder to bear.
    It is good that if Rihanna have a bunch of people who will make sure she is well and to ensure she NEVER EVER goes back to him.

  52. Cree says:

    She gave the msn herpes. What would you have done! I’m female and if I found out that a guy would have given me STD *>_)).

  53. jarra says:

    Rihanna is a pisces and we love hard. Sometimes too hard and fall in love fast. She’s still young and shez still coping with fame and the adjustment she had to make getting to where she is. She needs someone in her life that’s gonna b there for her and someone who is exp the same kinda life she is. She wants somebody to love and to talk to…and she also wantz him all to herself. I can understand why she is needy, I would b too. I guess she thought she found what she was looking for in chris…but her dreamz were shattered and so was his.

  54. Michelle says:

    Cici actually has a point. I know from growing up with it that some woman in abusive relationships are the aggressor, but end up with all the more visible bruises, etc. I don’t know how common or uncommon this is but I know that’s what happened in my childhood and young adulthood.

    I’m not excusing Brown’s behavior, but there are times when the woman is the aggressor and because of her aggression, a physical fight will occur simply because she won’t let the guy leave the room let alone the house.

    In that type of situation, they would both need help in learning how to deal with problems.

    If the reported injuries are true, it obviously got way out of hand. However, I do believe that Brown is worth saving, not from the consequences he is facing, but in getting help to learn how to deal with his emotions and anger. He is young enough not to be “set in his ways.” Though this incident will not be forgotten, I believe he can be forgiven if he gets the help he needs and maybe after the consequences are dealt with he can have a career again.

  55. Dasi81 says:

    Ashley, you sound very immature in regards to this situation. CB needs help he is a product of an abusive household, what you are saying is a slap in the face (no pun intended) to anyone who has ever been a victim of domestic violence. I have never been a victim, but my heart goes out to Rihanna or any other person (male or female) who has ever had to endure that. I’m with Rihanna on this, however I do believe that CB has been a victim as well, a victim of his step father’s abuse. So I do believe that he needs help and redemption will be possible. But to say that that type of violence is okay, tsk,tsk! I wonder whats happaned in the lives of some of you women to make ou believe that something like that is acceptable.

    Or maybe some of you are on the abuser’s side because he a celebrity,which is even worst. He is no different than any other man who is a product of an abusive household, just because he can sing and dance does not make him above the law, stop idolizing this mere mortal as if he is God’s gift and see him for who he is. I bet if you were on the other end of his fist you will think differently.

  56. Sharletha W. says:

    This goes out to every woman. No matter what, if a man hit you once, he will hit you again. Therefore, move on around and find somebody who will keep his hand to himself. I am shocked at Chris because everybody think he is so cute, sweet, talented, and everybody is shocked what he did no matter what started the altercation. Rihanna, move on and forget about a man that will abuse you. There is no reason whatsoever for you to stay with him. Don’t ever listen to Baby I’m sorry. That don’t mean nothing. I’m praying for both of you but in the mean time stay away from him and you need to stay away from your trouble making friends Palin and the other trouble maker. You know they are trouble. Leave Chris and your trouble making friends who help cause all this trouble, texing on the phone and discussing your busines which is all on the TV because of them trouble making bitch’s that ain’t your friends. I’m older, I’m in my 50′s but I still listen to BET, the same music my 21 yr. old daughter listen to, and I look at TV every day and those drama friends that you hang with. They want you to be in the limelight being a tramp just like them. It’s your choice. You either like drama or you don’t. Rihanna I’m praying for you and Chris but thoe no good bitch’s, quit listening to what they have to say. They can’t get they own lives together so they want you and anybody else to be on TV with all that drama. LEAVE THEM ALONG. THEY ARE NO GOOD.

  57. chunglou says:

    With regards to “TRUTH’s” comment on men and women being equal: That is not generally true when it comes to physical strength.

    Even if she did provoke him, did her behaviour warrant an “ass beating”?

    The answer is most definatley NO.

    This clearly wasn’t an act of self
    defence and therefore is inexcusable.

  58. boomchakaboom says:

    @TRUTH: I actually agree with a lot of what you say. There’s an emotional toll on being physically abused in addition to the physical toll. If you, being male, are unable or unwilling to fight back against a female, then you’re definitely at a disadvantage. Physical abuse needs to stop, no matter who it is. People who have the notion that women are automatically excused from liability and are free to get physical are wrong>

  59. watever says:

    you need to get it straight he is supoed to be a goood role model dume ass and he is not doin his jod so get it straight the only people that know the truth is cris brown and rihanna so stop talkin like know wat they know because you dont bye bye bye bye bye bye