Chris Brown is in Las Vegas with buddies, his stylist says he “feels bad”

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Chris Brown is thought to be in Las Vegas with his buddies holed up at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Somehow he thought it was a great idea to wait out a huge scandal over beating the shit out of his famous girlfriend by heading to Vegas. From the way this story is worded, it’s possible that he’s not in Vegas as rumored, but it sounds like E! has solid information:

E! News has learned that Brown, who is being investigated by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office for allegedly beating up his R&B star girlfriend, Rihanna, is holed up at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Vegas. He’s staying in a suite on an upper floor of the hotel.

According to a Sin City source, “They had to kick out any paparazzi that were around and get him tons of security to sneak him in.”

“We cannot confirm that Chris is staying with us,” a Hard Rock spokesman tells E! “However, several of his friends are staying on [the] property.”

There has been much speculation as to the 19-year-old Brown’s whereabouts since he was seen leaving an L.A. jail Sunday night after being booked on suspicion of making criminal threats. He had been spotted at a West Hollywood hotel and there was an unconfirmed report he had flown to be with his family in Virginia.

His case was turned over to the D.A.’s office Tuesday morning; prosecutors have asked for further investigation into the incident before they decide whether to press charges.

[From E! Online]

Maybe Chris is getting some of his stay comped, because it would be incredibly foolish of him to waste money on a hotel suite when his endorsement deals are drying up, his scheduled appearances canceled, and his career pretty much kaput. It also isn’t the best PR move to head to the party capital when the whole world is talking about what a creep you are.

Meanwhile Chris’ stylist is telling everyone that the poor guy “feels bad” about the situation and that it didn’t happen quite the way we’ve been hearing:

Chris Brown, who has not been seen publicly since allegedly assaulting girlfriend Rihanna, is a “good kid” who “feels very bad” about what has happened, his friend and stylist tells PEOPLE exclusively.

“Chris is all right. He’s a good kid. He feels very bad that something like this has happened,” his longtime wardrobe stylist Mike B. tells PEOPLE.

Another friend echoes that sentiment, telling PEOPLE, “You can tell everybody that Chris really feels bad about the whole situation, about it coming out the way that it happened, the way he went about it, the way she went about it … it’s just a wack situation.”

As for what really happened, the friend says the story is “not as bad as everybody is trying to gas it up to be.”

[From People]

Chris should hire a PR person to help him through this mess. I’m not saying I want to see him come out on top by any means, but he’s just looking like even more of a jerk by having friends say he “feels bad,” and giving vague cliche statements that amount to “it’s not what you think.” It could be true that we don’t know what happened and the initial details are wrong, but he’s not looking innocent by the way he’s behaving. He didn’t even release a statement.

A New York radio station has arranged a protest for Friday on Long Island in which Rihanna fans will rip up Chris Brown posters and stomp on his CDs. Hope he enjoys his little break in Vegas. Once he comes out of hiding there will be plenty of people who want a word with him.

Chris Brown is shown cruising in his Ferrari in LA on 2/2/09 and partying in Ireland on 2/1/09. Credit: WENN

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  1. bros says:

    you can tell what a douche the stylist is if he is the one who recommended chris wear that hideous sweater with a sequined heart on it he was pictured in recently. “sorry it happened”…..? typical passive construction of a sentence-it ‘happened’ instead of ‘sorry about what he did.’ im sick of people dissociating chris from the actual crime.

  2. mojoman says:

    “He feels bad about it..”
    You FEEL BAD when you lied to your parents, or when you made other people wait for you because you are late. NOT when you punched, bit and strangle your girlfriend to unconsciousness, jack a$$!!

  3. kasih says:

    The whole thing reeks…………sigh. While it’s true that we do not know the whole truth, from the little that we get really stinks. Chris better get himself a really good lawyer and an ace PR guy, I just don’t see him surviving this storm.
    It is never ever okay to beat a woman or a child in any whatever circumstances. Nothing is ever the same after.
    If he is indeed in Vegas , that he is even more screwed up than ever.

  4. Megan says:

    I agree bros, the ‘he feels bad that it happened’ thing just stinks of not taking responsibility. I wonder why people like this think they can basically do whatever they want, and then apologize afterwards and make it all okay again. Saying ‘I’m sorry and man I feel bad about what happened’ isn’t going to cut it.

  5. geronimo says:

    Don’t think any PR person, no matter how savvy, could make this look better. You can’t defend the indefensible.

    I’d love to know in what way exactly it’s ‘not as bad as everybody is trying to gas it up to be.” Even with the bare facts – the violent assault and abandonment – it’s as bad as it can be. Be interested to know exactly what ‘circumstances’ could make that better. *eyeroll*

  6. Leni says:

    I bet he feels “bad”. Bad that she went to the ER, bad that anyone saw her, back that she is not defending him, bad that there is publicity….

  7. Persistent Cat says:

    My ex-boyfriend used to feel so bad about what happened after I would anger him so much that he would choke me and smash my head against a wall and then threaten to throw me over the balcony. He felt really about what happened. But he was Irish and had a bad temper and I just made him crazy. There were so many things to blame really. I miss him.

  8. xxx says:

    Persistant Cat, you didn’t make him crazy. He was/is mentally unbalanced long before you. Sorry to write this on a public forum but what you wrote sounds like battered woman syndrome.

    As for Chris Brown. Partying it up after he beats the sh*^ out of a woman is just plain disgusting. Scum of the earth.

  9. Cizz says:

    Totally off topic but, Persistent Cat: Being Irish does not equal a violent temper. I know this, I am Irish.

    Sounds like the dude was woman beater…they have them all over the world.

  10. annoyed 123 says:

    Persistent Cat why is your ex’s Irish-ness anything to do with how he beat you? If he was an abusive woman beater, being irish is not an excuse on his behalf and as an Irish woaman you associating my nationality with a woman beating characteristic is upsetting and insulting

  11. Hel says:

    Persistent Cat, don’t dump all Irish people in one basket. My father is Irish and, yes, he does have a short fuse and a temper, but he would never raise his hand to a woman.

  12. Cizz says:

    The more I think about this the more annoyed I’m getting. Having a short fuse and a temper are not a trait of those born in Ireland. Come on people.

  13. annoyed 123 says:

    That is so insulting to all irish people, we are not a nation of abusers and your ex owns his own actions, because ireland certainly dont

  14. annoyed 123 says:

    If your ex was black, hispanic, english, american etc would you say that he is more likely to abuse his woman? Why the irish?

  15. jkate says:

    I am 99% sure that Persistent Cat was being ironic. I would be 100%, but then there are some real crazies out there.

  16. for_realz says:

    back on topic a bit….

    is anyone else curious how underage kids can cavort all around Vegas and not get harassed for being underage?! i’m over thirty and every time i have been to vegas i get harassed for identification.

    why is the city of sin a place of refuge for this kid? surrounding him with alcohol, “friendly” women, and drugs IMO is setting up potential for another “situation”. makes me sick to think that he is there and not in california waiting to settle the charges against him.

    he better be careful out there, bad things happen to rappers in vegas when there is beef (tupac….)

  17. geronimo says:

    I’m Irish, I read Persistent Cats’ post as being ironic – ie. she’s ironically suggesting that it must have been all her fault since she annoyed him so much, his temper was her fault – and the ‘I miss him’ I definitely read as eye-rolling irony. Did I read this wrong?

    Her ex just happened to be Irish. One bad-tempered violent Irishman is no reflection on Irish manhood as a whole. I know that, so should the rest of you taking issue with it here. Unfortunate phrasing, persistent cat, but that’s all I’m reading into the ‘Irish’ comment here.

  18. Jennifer says:

    I can’t believe no one except jkate actually gets what Persistent Cat is saying. Yeesh. *eye roll*

    And I’m very sorry you went through that, PC.

  19. Jennifer says:

    Argh, I should have added – the “Irish” part was no doubt one of Persistent Cat’s ex-boyfriend’s many excuses as to why he acted the way he did, not HER reason as to why. Because we all know abusers are FULL of excuses.

  20. xiaoecho says:

    Persistent Cat………..You ARE being ironic aren’t you?

  21. Cizz says:

    If it was irony then apologies for jumping on it….this is why we need eye rolling smilies!

  22. GrnMtGirl says:

    This is all so disappointing

    I used to have some bit of respect for Chris Brown as I am a lover of dance. He is one of the few artist/athletes that can both sing and dance at the same time. His stamina is inspiring. However, that has all changed for me – it is over – no more respect.

    As for Rihanna – Girl does not deserve any type of abuse no matter what the story is…

    I “feel bad” too…bad that Chris is such an A-hole

  23. Persistent Cat says:

    Wow, didn’t see the fall-out for this.

    Yes, as some pointed out, those were his many excuses. “Irish” was my favourite. I know Irish people aren’t like that, he used it as an excuse. And xxx, I know it wasn’t my fault, again, it was what he said.

    Regardless, it was forever ago. He actually called me about two years ago and had the nerve to ask for my forgiveness. I told him to go fuck himself and I hung up. My guess, he was undergoing some type of probation 12-step thing and that was one of the steps. I wouldn’t even throw him a life preserver if he needed it.

    Not looking for sympathy, I just know the excuses they give and they always feel bad but they never see it from their own actions. It’s only when confronted.

  24. Baholicious says:

    Spousal and child abuse crosses all lines of race, colour, class, ethnicity, education level, social and economic standing and religion.

    A man is either predisposed to be violent or he isn’t.

    Persistent Cat, you may have “made him crazy” but he couldn’t handle his anger by walking away. You’ve essentially said it’s your fault, which it isn’t so stop thinking like that.

  25. xxx says:

    Actually Chris Brown is displaying OJ charateristics. If he keeps on partying it up here and behaving like a lunatic woman beater, believe me, he will have a strange run in with fate. This is an old boys town.

  26. Lara says:

    Wow…Chris’ friends need to shut the hell up…They are making it worse, in my opinion. “You can tell everybody that Chris feels bad..blah, blah, blah..” Who does he think he is…Chris’ agent? spokesperson? Chris is in a world of s***. The last thing he needs is some dumb comments from his friends.
    If his girlfriend wasn’t famous, I would say he could hire a damn good PR person and patch his career back, as other stars have done (he’s only 19…wait about 5 yrs and everyone would have forgotten about it, for the most part), but it was RHIANNA…she’s known and loved the world over, not to mention her connections in the music business…Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, etc….bye Chris, your music career is over

  27. Persistent Cat says:

    I know it wasn’t my fault. He said it was my fault. I hated him with every ounce of my being but breaking up with his was not easy.

    And to hate him more, he had bad skin and wore acid wash jeans. Dating myself but had to mention. God he was a loser. And stupid.

  28. whatevs says:

    Yeah, because nothing says remorse like a trip to Vegas. I really wanna kick this guy’s nuts off.

  29. Shay says:

    Who’s bright idea was it to hide out in the “City of Sin” after you’ve beaten your girlfriend like a dog? Common sense would be for you to go back to your hometown and lay low until you need to come back to Cali.

  30. bestillmyheart says:

    Why would anyone want this bloody twat to get a good PR rep? I don’t want some slick shit in a suit selling young girl Chris Brown fans the story…. I mean FAIRYTALE… that his actions are somehow understandable or acceptable if seen in the “right” light. I hope he keeps fucking up. I hope he keeps on with the assinine comments. Maybe it will get to the point where the whole country stops, pauses, and thinks ….oh NO you don’t. You don’t get to sell your exclusive story to People so you can debase and degrade your former girlfriend even more on top of the ass beating you gave. Dude makes me sick. I want his public image to be covered by the collective puke of the american public.

  31. Ally says:

    Is it even OK with him to leave the state where he is under investigation?

  32. lway says:

    I love Chris Brown. He made a mistake. Give the boy a break already!!

    I know i know, it doesn’t make it right ……….. for goodness sake, you guys are all dissing him when you don’t even know the story.

    Rihanna has bite marks on her fingers. How does this happen? She must have been sitting quietly, minding her own business when all of a sudden, Chris got hungry and started chewing her fingers

    Rihanna goes into hiding and leaves Chris to sort this out on his own, doesn’t set the record straight, nobody knows what REALLY happend, all we know is that Rihanna is SO busted up – has anyone seen her, can anyone confirm this or is it “hear-say”

    Give the guy a break already