Brandi Glanville pissed at Eddie & LeAnn for organizing Jake’s b-day without her


Brandi Glanville has been in NYC for several weeks straight as she films Celebrity Apprentice. Her sons, Mason and Jake, have spent some time in New York with her, but they were back in LA last week with LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian when Jake celebrated his birthday. Instead of waiting for Brandi to finish filming, Eddie and LeAnn organized a birthday party for Jake. And now Brandi is pissed.

In New York where she’s filming Celebrity Apprentice, Brandi Glanville was furious when she found out that her ex, Eddie Cibrian and his wife, LeAnn Rimes, were celebrating her son, Jake Cibrian‘s birthday without her.

“If they’d have waited until next weekend, she could have been there,” a source tells Radar exclusively. “She was pissed off and sad.”

Despite their on-going feud, Rimes and Glanville have often shared the Cibrian boys’ birthday celebrations. In 2012, for Jake’s fifth, they put their differences aside for a party at Chuck E. Cheese. Last year for Mason‘s birthday, they did back-to-back parties on the same day.

“Brandi would have been happy to have paid for half the party and maybe they could have done something bigger,” the source says.

Adding to Glanville’s outrage was Rimes’ sexy attire for the event.

“Who wears sexy clothes like LeAnn did to a party for seven-year-old kids?” an eyewitness tells Radar. “She was in the shortest shorts you’ve ever seen and a see-through tank top. She was jumping on the trampoline with the kids, and you could see her boobs bouncing!”

The party was held at the Sky High Trampoline Park in Woodland Hills, and Rimes wasn’t spotted talking to any of the other moms.

“She was acting like she was one of the kids and only spent time with them,” the eyewitness says.

An obviously distressed Glanville posted a photo of her smiling sons late Friday, writing, “My boys having fun without me.”

[From Radar]

LeAnn tweeted some photos from the birthday party too – go here to see. My take? When kids are that age, they are obsessed with their birthdays and with having cool birthday parties. I don’t really blame LeAnn and Eddie for organizing the party without Brandi, because I bet Jake didn’t want to wait. That being said, there’s nothing stopping Brandi from organizing another party for Jake. That’s one of the few good things about divorces – the kids get extra stuff from both parents, who are trying to out-do each other. Also, I don’t blame Brandi for being upset/grossed out by LeAnn hopping on a trampoline, wearing something skimpy. Ugh, that’s so gross.



Photos courtesy of LeAnn’s Twitter, WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Loopy says:

    Oh i love those pink jeans Leann has on.

  2. HH says:

    I understand a kid not wanting to wait for their bday, but I think it’s effed up if LeAnn and Eddie didn’t at least give Brandi a heads up. “Hey Jake really wants to celebrate his bday this weekend. Can we do a second party when you get back?” Or something courteous along those lines. This is part of these reason marriage scares me. Divorce would break my heart, but if someone was trying to raise my kids without me?!?! You’ll see me on SNAPPED.

  3. Jules says:

    Why does anyone care about these people?

  4. someone says:

    I still want to know what Mason had an allergic reaction to…..

  5. TheCountess says:

    Will these three people EVER grow up?

  6. kdlaf says:

    Im curious, are these people really celebrities? I seriously never see them talked about anywhere but this site. Do they even have a following????
    - Perpetually confused.

  7. Angie says:

    I think a “menage a trois” could fix all this MEOW! I mean if Brady Williams can handle five wives, two aught to be a piece of cake !! Although Brady boy is kinda balding…LOL

  8. Macey says:

    LR’s narcissistic personality shines thru in that pic with her taking a selfie while hosting a kids party…srsly who does that? Most parents take pics of the kids and festivities but LR has to get those evil eyes in for pic to make sure she’s the center of attention at her step kids party.

    that said, I thought BG denied this story. Im pretty sure she knew ahead of time she would miss his party b/c of the show. Im sure they have alternate plans.

  9. original kay says:

    Eddie has every right to celebrate his child’s birthday without consulting his ex, even if it’s the child’s mother.
    He doesn’t have to tell her there is a party, doesn’t have to invite her at all. Mason is just as much his.
    Mason should not wait just because his mother is away.

    Notice no mention if Leann in the above statement. It’s nothing to do with her (though this is not the reality, I know).

    • Sharon says:

      Thank you. Mason is Eddie’s son too and if he wanted to throw him a birthday party on his own he has every right to do that and no responsibility to HAVE to invite his Ex. She’s perfect fully capable of throwing him a birthday party on her own, too. Would it be a nice gesture to invite her? Absolutely. But especially since they are not on good terms it is absolutely not necessary. I usually roll my eyes so far back I’m blind in regards to Leann and Eddie’s ridiculous parenting (especially Leann and how psychotic she is) but this whole “omg the father threw a party withOUT the mother being able to attend?? For shame!” Is bullshit.

      Being a step-mom (I would NEVER use the words bonus-mom) to three boys I can totally relate to where you just want to throw the kid a party on your own, whenever he wants it (it’s about HIM after all, not everyone else) and not have to deal with all the drama from feuding exes. When my husband wanted to throw a surprise birthday birthday party for his son, he had me organize and work with his sisters to take care of the whole thing. He invited his ex out of the goodness of his heart even though they can’t even text each other without spitting at the screen, and instead of putting her pride away and sucking it up to attend for the kid, she threw a hissy fit saying it should be his mother and father throwing him a party together and have nothing to do with me. It didn’t have anything to do with me… Just that my husband wanted me there and asked me to organize the whole thing. So he told her to go throw her own party if it was such a big deal.

      Six years later and we all still do not speak to each other. Sad. Wish she would just move on….

      • someone says:

        OMG Sharon, I love your comment “even though they can’t even text each other without spitting at the screen”. I can so relate! Also – from personal experience, another big irritation is being asked to pay for 50% of a party you aren’t invited to. Um yeah, not gonna happen.

    • anne_000 says:

      @original kay

      Because in the interests of friendliness & cordiality, in the past they organized the party together so that they could all be there at the same time.

      Now that LR/EC held this party by themselves several days before the actual birth date ( & before Brandi was able to get back in town, it seems like a big “screw you” to Brandi thereby bringing back discord into the relationship between the adults.

      If this story is true, then it was very childish & insensitive of LR/EC. They should have been mature enough to try to get along when it comes to the kids’ important days, like they did in the past with these b-day parties.

  10. Mrsnoodles says:

    Who cares? Isn’t that the one thing a child of divorce has to look forward to? Two parties? Get over it B

  11. Arock says:

    I can totally see leann jumping up and down in what amounts to underware on a trampoline at a kids party, all “look at meeeee!” And trying to stick her tongue in the ear of a rent-a-clown for the sake of twitter pics. Every woman in that room was probably looking at her with a mix pity and I’ll cut you eyes.
    Inappropriate, thy name is leann.

  12. Stefanie says:

    If they can’t get along, why would you throw a birthday party together?
    My three stepkids have parties at our house and their mom’s. We tried the joint party thing and it just didn’t work out so well. So much tension between parents, and parents friends, which in turn trickled down to the kids. They all need to grow up.

  13. angie says:

    No, this is just Radar’s spin on it. Radar never, ever posts anything remotely flattering about Brandi. It’s gross.
    She never once said or posted that she was pissed, and Leann posted that the schedules didn’t work out for that. (Brandi is working) and the kid needed a party.
    I’m pro Brandi, admittedly, but I see no foul play on either side here.
    The kid got his party, and as Leann tweeted….they usually do a dual party. Brandi is working and Leann tweeted the kid will also have a party with mom. If they had waited, apparently one of his best friends would not be able to attend. I’m not a Leann fan, but nobody did anything wrong here and Brandi isn’t throwing a fit. She’s working in NY

  14. claire says:

    The kid’s birthday is today, it wasn’t last week when this party was held. Eddie and Leann are holding 3 parties for him. But anyway….Brandi hasn’t said a word about any of this except saying she missed her kids and tweeting a photo from the party someone must have sent her. She didn’t tweet anything about being mad about the party, which by all accounts she knew about in advance. Sorry, but every Radar Online story about this triangle of insanity gets somewhere around 1,000 comments on ROL. They’re probably one of the most popular story topics over there because ROL commenters will argue for days over these people. ROL knows what it’s doing. There’s not one quote from Brandi in this story. ROL relies on reader gullibility. People have already convicted Brandi despite there being no proof she felt this way about the party at all. Honestly, it seems to me this party was known about and the three adults worked all this out together. But that isn’t interesting to ROL, so….

    • Macey says:


      I dont even bother reading ROL’S comments any more b/c its the same 4-5 ppl throughout the entire section saying the same things over and over. always the same ones having the same arguments just in a different thread.

      • Lady D says:

        There are some decent posters on Radar, but like you said, the same 4-6 people fill the thread crowing about getting one over on the other. It’s boring and immature and add to that the fact that the Radar homepage has about 77 stories on the Real Housewives of ____, the site is a waste of time.

  15. SouthernGal says:

    OK…with a little research you can go to Brandi’s twitter line and can read for yourselves the truth. Not once did she say anything negative about the birthday party. The only thing she tweeted was “I’m missing my boys”. Nothing else. Radar is full of lies and BS. LeAnn also sells stories to them. If you notice, they always write negative articles about Brandi. Radar put their spin on it just to get hits. It worked! But the TRUTH is on Twitter. Enough said!

    • anne_000 says:


      I think your right about Brandi’s side on this. She hasn’t complained about this & Radar hates Brandi, imo…

      But I do believe that LR/EC would do things like this just to mess with Brandi. I also don’t believe this story about EC’s best friend. It’s not the bf’s party & a kid’s party won’t mean anything to a grown man.

  16. Ag says:

    The three of them always manage to make it about themselves. Boo-hoo, the kids are having fun without Brandi. Isn’t that a good thing – for the kids to have fun? She should be happy that they’re not miserable when they spend time with their dad and his Luckdragon.

  17. DTX says:

    I’m usually #TeamBrandi by default because I can’t stand LR, but I’m sorry, there’s no need to get upset at having separate B-day parties. My hubs & I have always had separate parties for my stepson. We invited his ex the 1st few times and the one time she came, she acted really weird even though I made sure I stepped back so she could do the typically “mommy things” and took pics of my stepson sitting in between his mother and father, etc, etc (I know what my stepson wanted, he was so happy that day). I bought everything because when I asked her beforehand if she had cake/food plans she said no and that “his dad should always pay for this stuff” so when she got there, I had everything set out for her. We all thought it went well but of course, something must have bothered her there (she never talked to us) and shortly after she accused us of abusing her son and called CPS on us (it was obviously dropped quickly) but it just wasn’t worth the hassle & negativity. We never invited her to do a dual party again. She does her own and we do ours. We make an effort to split his b-day week as fairly as possible and most of the time, let her have the “prime time” and we work around it.

    So sorry, Brandi…you can make your own party and if you want to be nice enough to invite them, great. If not, even better because you can enjoy him without having to deal with a pair of @ssholes. They don’t owe you this and you don’t owe it to them either.

  18. Leslie says:

    I think LeAnn writes the stories for ROL, and they edit them a bit to correct the bad grammar. Same for the Daily Fail. And LeAnn thinks all these showy parties (instead of quality time spent with the kids) prove to the world that she is the BEST bonus mom evah.

  19. littlestar says:

    These people need to STOP already. Stop airing your sh*t to the media. It’s no longer fun gossip for us, it’s second-hand embarrassment.

  20. Lahdidahbaby says:

    Leann doesn’t know how to hold a baby so that its wobbly little head/neck area is protected. Nice maternal pose, but that’s clearly a very young baby, and at that stage infants need a gentle hand behind the neck.

  21. Az says:

    Is this the trampoline place that belongs to Jim and Alexis Bellino?

  22. Carla says:

    Its not the done thing that the ex is at the party anyway. That seems weird to me.

  23. Sonia says:

    Why is all of Leanne’s attention always on the younger child and never at all on the older child?

  24. derpshooter says:

    Who cares about the birthday party!

    Did Leann run away with that baby?? That’s the important question.

  25. Cora says:

    This poor child can’t even have a birthday without his parents fighting about it.