Mystery of “ghost” disappearing truck solved

A guy called cops to report his truck stolen when he popped into a Laguna Beach, CA 7-Eleven to get some soda before a fishing trip – only to find his car missing when he came out a few moments later.

It turned out that the truck rolled away on its own, turned slightly and landed in a parking spot across the street. No one was hurt and the vehicle only sustained minor damage.

The truck’s owner claims that he left it in gear and with the parking brake on. How did he not notice that his car was rolling when he was stepping out of it? This is one of the more amusing videos I’ve seen.

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6 Responses to “Mystery of “ghost” disappearing truck solved”

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  1. Brenda says:

    This is the reason you put your steering wheel straight when you park! Dumbass!

  2. MhjmC says:

    Yeah he wasn’t going in for soda .. it was most likely more beer .. please, how do you not know your truck is moving when you get out of it?????

  3. Obvious says:

    This is why you PARK your cars when going to buy more booze people.

  4. NotBlonde says:

    LOL. Stupid people are funny.

  5. Vibius says:

    He was asking for it. Who the hell leaves their keys in their car outside a 711?

  6. Jill says:

    oh my god. that is hilarious! soda, my ass. =)