Gwyneth Paltrow is consciously uncoupling from the (attractive) CEO of Goop


Even though I’m a “professional blogger” (I still can’t believe I get paid to gossip), I don’t really spend that much time on other blogs. I was sitting here, struggling to come up with a suitable comparison for Gwyneth Paltrow’s, and I couldn’t really. I remember when Goop felt more homespun, like it was just a simple pet project from Gwyneth, like she was making a personal newsletter public. Nowadays, is an industry with its own online catalogue of specialty products and collaborations with major designers. I still think is a poorly operated site though. But, again, I don’t know what I should be comparing it to. Compared to other online boutiques, Goop sucks. Compared to comparably sized blogs, Goop looks amateurish and budget. What’s my point? My point is that I was startled to realize that has a CEO. And he’s quitting the Goop.

After Gwyneth Paltrow’s “conscious uncoupling” with Chris Martin, she now faces another painful split: Seb Bishop, the highly­regarded CEO of Goop, has quit.

Page Six has exclusively confirmed Bishop, a leading British entrepreneur who was international CEO of AIDS-fighting charity (RED) before joining Goop in 2011, has quit Paltrow’s lifestyle blog, on which she announced her separation from Martin last month.

We’re told that Bishop resigned after Paltrow — in a move to sever her ties to London, where Martin lives — announced to Goop staff she was moving the office from the British capital to Los Angeles.

Our source said: “Seb was ready to move his wife Heidi and their children from London, and had even been looking at properties in Los Angeles, but then he abruptly quit.” The source added, “There is speculation that he and Paltrow disagreed on the direction of Goop, partly that she used the Web site as a vehicle for her personal life, and the ‘conscious uncoupling’ announcement.”

Paltrow’s rep Stephen Huvane confirmed Bishop is leaving Goop, but denied he abruptly quit in a disagreement with Paltrow.

He told us, “It’s not completely true. Seb is still with Goop, but has decided not to relocate his family to Los Angeles. He will be transitioning out over time until a replacement is named.”

Either way, the “corporate uncoupling” is a huge blow to Paltrow. Multimillionaire Bishop, 40, was a top ad agency art director who made his mark at the age of 26 when he founded Espotting, which brought the paid-search online advertising model to Europe. In 2008, he became CEO of (RED), the organization created by Bono and Bobby Shriver to raise money to fight HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa, and is also an investor in mobile news app Summly.

Bishop and Paltrow were photographed together at Goop’s summer party in Mayfair, London, last May. He could not be reached for comment Wednesday night.

[From Page Six]

Basically, Bishop sounds like a heavy-hitter in the world of online content and he’s been working as the CEO of Goop? That’s so weird. Stranger still, he was prepared to move his family to LA so that he could continue his Goop work and now he’s not. Something seems… weird. Very strange. I’m including some photos of Seb and his wife Heidi. Heidi looks like a young Gwyneth. Odd.

So, do you buy the idea that Seb didn’t want to be operated as some kind of personal website, that it would defeat the established branding of Goop? While that would be funny if true, I doubt it. So much of is personal – Gwyneth posts personal stuff on there all the time. It’s just that the cat’s out of the bag with how low-tech and amateurish the whole Goop operation is now that their server crashed when Gwyneth and Chris announced their split.

Also: Us Weekly is saying that something is up too, which just goes to the now months-long conspiracy theory that someone in Gwyneth’s camp is leaking like a mofo. Probably a peasant. The unnamed peasant told Us Weekly: “A week and a half ago, he abruptly resigned from GOOP. It’s really suspicious — I think something weird is going on with GOOP.” So many conspiracies!

You can read this week’s Goop-letter here. It’s all about pain and holistic pain-management. I wanted a Vicodin after a skimmed it for a minute.


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  1. d b says:

    Wow, serious botox brows on that guy,

  2. teatimescoming says:

    he looks like ryan seacrest. ew.

  3. mimif says:

    “I wanted a Vicodin after a skimmed it for a minute.” God I love you, Kaiser. :D

  4. atlantapug says:

    Everything this woman touches turns to crap.

    So now she’s going back to LA??? What about her kids? They’ve been raised in the UK. Is she taking them from their father?

    This woman is disturbed and she seems very selfish and controlling. I don’t know if I believe that Seb didn’t like the direction of GOOP so he quit, or if there’s something else going on. Like maybe Gwenyth is cleaning house and starting over to completely separate from anyone who knows Chris and could leak info to him.

    Is Gwenyth becoming the upper crust version of Halle Berry? Splitting up and losing her shit completely?

  5. Esmom says:

    This is the first time I’ve ever looked at the Goop site, in my head I’d always imagined it as a younger, hipper Martha Stewart Living. And that’s what it seems like to me, maybe with some Real Simple thrown in. Although maybe if I delved into the content more I’d discover it’s nothing like those sites, but that’s what they remind me of on the surface. And the homespun graphic style, I kinda like it.

    Anyway, this guys’ resignation doesn’t seem to bode well for the business. Seems like people are really distancing themselves from her right now.

  6. Ana says:

    He looks a bit like Pistorius. Not a good look right now.

  7. Birdix says:

    He’s perfect for goop — in both those photos he looks like he would be laughing at me if I wasn’t such a peasant and thus not worthy of the effort.

  8. Kiddo says:

    Those are some seriously hideous fashion choices on Goop. Not flattering at all.

    Maybe the split with Martin was the cause? Was something else going on? Did his pretty wife worry about that? Oh, who knows, who cares really? I’ve never once read her blog, so he wasn’t that effective either.

  9. mimif says:

    She got ripped to shreds in the comment section over at the Daily Fail for tweeting a pic of her kiddos in the Bahamas. The photo itself was slightly cringeworthy, but damn they really let the arrows fly. Poor Goopy can’t catch a break.

  10. LeahMommy says:

    He and his wife look like twins! Same nose same cheekbones, same smile. So freaky.

  11. Matty says:

    They all sure look like they don’t eat. And that first photo of the Goop… There’s more than just botox going on…

  12. lucy2 says:

    The guy went from running (RED) to fight AIDS in Africa to…GOOP? Shilling overpriced designer crap no one needs to people with more money than they know what to do with? Talk about a 180 in the wrong direction.
    Maybe the guy’s wife is seeing all the headlines about Goopy’s affairs and was like “NOPE.”

  13. QQ says:


    But you gotta love how this lukewarm oatmeal of a chick is suddenly being painted as The Abominable Husband Snatcher lol… Cause that’s the thing they are getting At, no?

  14. I went to GOOP once and I totally agree with Kaiser’s assessment that is is kind of a difficult site to manage. Maybe that was before it had a CEO though. I remember looking through her travel tips, and under her “best places” , was simply written…Spain.

    Um…yeah. Anywhere specific? I’m pretty sure that Gwennie isn’t sitting crushed on a thin towel elbow to elbow with the rest of the unwashed masses on the Costa Brava, eating chips and mushy peas at one of the far too many full English Breakfast cafes.

    So just Spain then? Okay. Whatevah.

    If the CEO is looking for a new gig, I don’t have a CEO for Highland Fashionista…..


  15. Tiffany27 says:

    Um, he’s not attractive.

  16. jwoolman says:

    Why would he need to relocate? With modern video communications, there’s no need.

  17. Mabry says:

    She might have fired him and this could be all spin.

  18. Toot says:

    I think his wife is better looking than Gwyneth. That’s all I got. lol

  19. lisa2 says:

    Gwyneth is really not that interesting.

    Bishop and his wife (if that is who that is) could actually be brother and sister. They have the same brows and eyes. She is pretty though.

    Gwyneth is doing what so many people that use to claim they were uber private are doing. Showing private pics of their families. Beyonce and Jay are another example. I find that very strange when all of these 3 have talked about protecting their privacy for years.

  20. Mystified says:

    I would not be surprised if she and Tracey Anderson have a fight about that first photo. I do not like to body shame, but by promoting Tracey Anderson’s fitness program, Goop has made herself a huge target, so I’ll say it: Goop looks as if she has a pot belly, no waist, and scrawny legs in that first photo. She looked much better before she met Tracey Anerson.

  21. MissTrial says:

    Please “uncouple’ from that hair Goop, this is a time for change. Embrace it.

  22. Hissyfit says:

    Paltrow’s face is so basic.

  23. Jeanette says:

    Im thinkin she hit it then quit it, to try and convince Chris to come back to her perfect world.

  24. Fannie says:

    He reminds me of Kevin Federlime during his clean-up days.

  25. Dee says:

    In that last photo he looks like Oscar Pistorius to me….

  26. Jayna says:

    I had no idea she had a CEO and one with credentials, so obviously paying him a pretty penny and a plan that made him think he could earn a lot if the GOOP brand took off. I think she had plans to really make GOOP huge or why hire him?

  27. Mia says:

    The husband and wife look SO much alike, like brother and sister.–Or the same plastic surgeon? Both are very attractive, but oddly (disturbingly?) similarly looking.

  28. Emily C. says:

    Goop has suffered “every type of pain imaginable.” Uh-huh. Right.

    Oh look, this Vicky person is yet another scam artist whom Gwyneth Paltrow is promoting. This is why Goop is so vile. All these scams, I wonder how much of a cut Goop gets.

  29. Loulou says:

    His wife Heidi is far more beautiful than Gwyneth Paltrow.

  30. Longhorn says:

    t I’ve visited Goop a few times before and after they hired the CEO and didn’t see much change to the website. So I can’t say it was a great loss that the CEO is now leaving. Maybe they have found a better CEO already to replace him.

  31. KC says:

    THAT is what you consider ‘attractive’? Damn, your bar is low.