Justin Theroux is trying to give Jennifer Aniston financial advice: ruh roh?


Here are some new photos of Jennifer Aniston in LA, where she was filming scenes for her small indie film (and Oscar hopeful!!) Cake. She was also spotted leaving the LA set with Justin Theroux, so just FYI: they’re still making it work. I guess he’s finished filming his HBO series in New York for now? I think he’s been in LA for about a month with Jennifer, so it’s nice that they’re getting some time together after spending much of January and February apart.

As we’ve already said, Jennifer is playing a character who is dealing with chronic pain. She’s supposed to look sort of rundown and “uglied up,” which is a break from Aniston’s usual roles where she always gets to look cute and wear wedges and scarves. But here’s my question: is Jennifer wearing padding to make the character look heavier? I think she is. Either that of we need to start the millionth round of baby bump rumors. In the photos where Jennifer is (presumably) out of costume with Justin, she looks basically the same as always (the clothes are just very baggy). But in costume, filming, she looks heavier. I bet she’s wearing padding.

Several days ago, Radar claimed that Justin Theroux was getting super-involved with Jennifer’s money management. Ruh-roh!

“Justin knows exactly how much money Jennifer has right now, and he’s actively trying to help her double it, and turn her into a shrewder businesswoman,” an insider told Radar.

This is likely the ultimate precursor to a marriage between the pair, who have said they’re planning to tie the knot at some point. According to the insider, Aniston’s ex-husband, Brad Pitt, wanted as little as possible to do with Jen’s business life “because he was always afraid that if he gave her bad advice, he would be blamed for it. “ However, that’s not the case with her current beau.

“Justin is regularly pitching ideas for how Jen can expand her business empire,” the source told Radar. “They’re working on projects that they can collaborate on and which can make them both a lot of money.”

Known for her Aveeno and Smartwater endorsement deals, the source said Theroux is pushing to increase her already substantial fortune, and she’s on board with the plan.

“That’s Justin’s goal, and Jen is ‘letting him’ get ambitious about this.”

[From Radar]

Love and money are usually a toxic mix. And to give Jennifer some credit, with or without Justin, she’s always been good with her money and good at making smart business decisions. She’s richer than most A-list women in Hollywood. Which is why Justin needs to shut his pretty mouth, take off his shirt and bring his sugar mama another margarita. “Don’t worry your pretty head over it,” Jennifer whispered to Justin as she chucked a Rolex at him. “Mama will take care of you no matter what.”




Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. mia girl says:

    So THAT’s where my 10 year old son’s favorite white T-shirt ended up!

    I was sure we lost it forever to the dryer gremlins (pesky little things)… but glad to see it ended up in Theroux’s dryer.
    At least it’s getting put to use.

  2. Jenna says:

    She is not being “uglied up”, this is how she just naturally looks without makeup, good hair, & photoshop. This is her natural face, there is no makeup involved to make her plain like her fans are claiming.

    You would not look twice at her if you saw her walking down the street.

  3. FLORC says:

    The 1 thing Aniston knows if how to stay wealthy. And she surrounds herself with a strong financial team. Business ventures, investing, properties.
    Justin absolutely needs to know better.

    And love and money is enough to end lots of relationships. Money is a top issue that ends relationships.

    • I’ve heard a variation of this story at least three different times–that we know of–I’m inclined to think that it’s somewhat true. Maybe Justin’s one of those guys who thinks he knows how to spend money, period–and is always trying to get Jennifer to invest in something stupid. Like a hipster keychain store.

  4. Hissyfit says:

    I don’t think that weight is prosthetic. I saw an interview of her in Popsugar promoting Aveeno and her face was bloated just like in that set pics. Anyway, I don’t think she needs his advice when it comes to financial decisions. She’s doing just great – endorsement and investment wise.

  5. doofus says:

    she def looks padded…and it looks like they also maybe added prosthetics to her face to make it look chubbier?…along with the scars, I mean. her jawline looks more defined in the “not-on-set” pics.

    I saw a promo for The Leftovers the other day and it looks kinda creepy and good.

    re: the business advice…not sure she needs it…she’s parlayed an OK rom-com career into several endorsements and I really don’t think she’s hurting for money. seems like she’s shrewd enough already. of course, this IS Radar, and aren’t they just Star Mag’s online version, essentially?…

  6. And once again–Justin is in LA, after he’s finished filming, with Jennifer….not Jennifer (while she’s not filming) in NY with Justin while he’s been filming on and off since last summer. It’s a strange way to be with your fiance, I think.

  7. jojo says:

    She’s following the Halle Berry route: gotta go ugly (or play a prostitute) for that Oscar nomination. The Oscar folks are so caught up in giving awards out when pretty people play ugly it’s not even funny anymore.

    • gie says:

      She is just playing her natural self. She is not actually that pretty without make up & photoshop.

      You actually need some talent first of all. Ugly does not equal Oscar.

    • V4Real says:

      If you notice quite a few Oscar winning actresses didn’t get an oscar until they went ugly; Charlize Theron and Nicole Kidman. Halle didn’t go ugly, they just toned down her looks to make her look average but she was still quite attractive in Monster’s Ball. She still had her figure and it just looks like she wasn’t wearing make-up.

    • Merritt says:

      Not too many actresses haven’t had to do that recently. Winslet was made to look dowdy for most of “The Reader”, Meryl had to be Thatcher. I personally thought Sandra looked terrible with that hair in “the Blind Side”. Marion was under all that makeup to age her to play Piaf.

  8. Lucy2 says:

    I don’t think she needs his help managing her money, she’s done quite fine for all of these years. Seems like just another rumor for Radar.

  9. The Original G says:

    So. Anyone who’s not in full on glamour drag is uglified?

    I don’t believe that Justin is trying to manage her money, either.

  10. Maria says:

    Why the shade towards him?

    He’s done okay for himself behind the scenes writing/producing wise. .he doesn’t need her money or a sugar mama.

    I doubt this story is true but he’s not exactly new the scene, the man knows his way around Hollywood, just not in front of the camera (not a bad thing).

    /I wish he dressed his age and dropped the hipster routine

    • I think Justin is a good actor, and an okay writer/producer/director. For all of his Hollywood friendships, with talented and important people–he sure hasn’t had any of that. I mean, it’s not like Jennifer hooked up with someone who was a powerful or talented writer/producer/director, who was known more for his acting, than his behind the scenes stuff that he had going on i.e. just wasn’t a celebrity (how many of the average movie goers do you think knows what Harvey Weinstein looks like?)—-he was someone who was known for his good acting in supporting roles, and as the person who ruined Ironman 2 (seriously, I will never get over it, as my nephew LOVES that movie, and I watched it with him a ton of times–it never failed to make me cringe–the script).

      I don’t think he needs her money (like he can support himself)–but he got a huge boost in publicity, that up until now, he has done nothing about. I think after Wanderlust came out, he had that Tom Cruise Rockstar movie come out (can’t remember the name) that he wrote, but other than that? He didn’t do anything for two years. And being that he’s doing a tv show, I can safely guess that he didn’t spend those two years writing a script for his next movie, to follow up his directorial debut–that came out seven years ago.

      Anyway, if there is any using–I think it’s mutual/understood.

      • V4Real says:

        “he was someone who was known for his good acting in supporting roles, and as the person who ruined Ironman 2 (seriously, I will never get over it, as my nephew LOVES that movie, and I watched it with him a ton of times–it never failed to make me cringe–the script).”

        I don’t know how he and RDJ remained friends after that one. It might have been a bit better if the final fight scene lasted for more than 5 seconds. They could have done so much more with Rourke’s character. One of the good things I can say about it is that they touched on Tony Stark’s alcoholism a bit. In the comics he was an alcoholic.

      • I just found the script juvenile–the jokes weren’t good. Justin Hammer’s lines were HORRIBLE.

        And ooh–I don’t know how he and RDJ were friends after that one either. I think I would’ve taken it personally, especially since the film didn’t do as good (financially OR critically) because of the script.

  11. Annie says:

    Lol, if she is padded indeed to make her heavier for the role, why is she dressed covered in that big long sweater/cardigan, loose shirt and pants. Might as well dressed just tight shirt and pants to show that she is playing a little heavy woman (even fake with fake weight) .
    I think she really gained weight. Yeah had small scars on her face, other than it looks her ordinary normal self without eye make up and mascara.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      Agreed. It looks like she’s wearing the same top and pants in the picture with Justin that she’s wearing in the top picture on set, just with the sweater. Otherwise, she’s just her normal stumpy self in flat shoes.

  12. Ag says:

    “Mama will take care of you no matter what.” LOL

  13. Tippy says:

    Jennifer already seems rather shrewd when it comes to investing her money. If Justin was so great at it I’d assume that he would be much wealthier by now.

  14. Suzanneg444 says:

    I think we are getting to see what Jennifer looks like when she wakes up every morning…before all the beautifying stuff happens. She’s less than average looking here…down right not even all that average. Is that a scar on her chin running from the corner of her mouth…that’s real or just showing without tons of cover-up on?

  15. Maya says:

    Jennifer should tell him how to manage money – she is worth 150 million last I checked. She herself might not be intelligent enough to handle money but she sure hires people who do.

    I am sorry but there is a bigger chance of Lindsey Lohan to get an Oscar than Jennifer. You need talent above everything and while Jennifer is good in comedy she is crap in dramas.

    PS: the leftovers trailer was one of the most boring trailers I have seen. I was going to see it because of Liv Tyler but now I won’t.

  16. The Original Mia says:

    Why in the world would she take advice from him? She’s been on her own, taking care of her own finances for years. She’s not broke, so she must be doing something right.

    Why do stars insist on wearing big floppy hats in public? It doesn’t shield them or hide their identities. In fact, it draws attention to them. Sorry, pet peeve.

  17. Anon says:

    I wonder what Justin would think of the Huvane PR fees Aniston pays for her career over the years. That alone must run in the millions.

    • Josephina says:

      And to add, here’s a thought:

      Try to imagine where Aniston would be had she NOT spent the money and been represented by Huvane over the last 10 years.

      She has been assigned to many film projects that have never seen the light of day or failed to get financing or dropped due to lack of support (stronger film star drops out).

      On another website, a blogger broke down the number of pilot projects she has been associated with versus the number of films that are actually produced and the ratio is just astounding.

      • lenje says:

        Yeap, good for her for knowing where to lay her eggs on. Some people bash her and the way Huvane manages her — but their partnership has proven to withstand time and turn out to be benefiting to both of them. Kudos!

      • TC says:

        Well, that partnership is benefiting Huvane more than Aniston, in my opinion. He has half her fortune. She has a laundry list of films she’s been attached to that have failed to get studio financing, a green light or a big name producer/writer/director on board. She’s had success in ensemble films, but those could’ve been successes with just about anyone else playing her part. She’s never been able to open a film on her name alone. And by Hollywood standards, that’s the definition of A-list.

        Right now, she’s filming a movie in LA with a $7 million budget financed by the Chinese. They’ll still need to find a distributor to get it in theaters. The film, Miss You Already, didn’t moved for over a year when her name was attached to it. The entertainment trade press has just announced that the film once again has momentum….with new talent attached (Rachel Weisz joins Toni Collette in the film with Weisz replacing Aniston).

        If that’s a mutually beneficially partnership in your eyes, then okay. But I beg to differ.

  18. someone says:

    It looks like she has padding in the boob area and the belly in picture 3 versus picture 4 with Justin. I do not get Justin’s style. Those jeans and shirt look stupid on a 40+ year old man. Well, they’d pretty much look stupid on any man.

    Has anyone here read The Leftovers? I loved the premiss of the book but thought the ending was blah. Was it me or did the book end abruptly with no wrap up? No real explanation of how and why it all happened. Kinda like the ending of “The Returned” which just became a tv show.

  19. Ravensdaughter says:

    She’s playing a person with chronic pain? I have chronic, sometimes debilitating back pain, but I have managed to survive and stay off narcotics. That wincing look in the pic I recognize (see also George Clooney!). I’ll skip my current regimen but I will say that things got weird when the pain from my back started generating all over my body. Max dose Relafen (a long acting anti-inflammatory) would just take the edge off my pain; basically, I was constantly cranky or worse. After some crazy workups-I had blood drawn for the Rheumatoid Panel three times!- we stumbled on the diagnosis serendipitously.

    [Retired health care provider speak]… The problem with chronic pain is it defies all the rules of acute pain. You can’t treat it as you would acute pain, so sometimes it can be hard to diagnose. Once a chronic pain patient is diagnosed, things can improve based on how knowledgable the chronic pain team is in developing an individualized treatment plan AND how motivated the patient herself is in staying involved in the plan. For example, one of the best non-pharmacological treatments for chronic (or acute) back pain is walking at a moderate pace. That is something a patient has to do every day, and many patients just don’t have the motivation.

    So you have the pain itself and all the stigmas around pain treatment (some patients do need narcotics, and they can be prescribed at conservative levels without addiction issues), and the psychological effect of realizing that because a part of your nervous system is forever changed you will always have to accommodate this very debilitating condition-chronic pain. As a result, most chronic pain patients suffer from at least moderate depression.

    I’m not sure I would want to watch a drama about someone with chronic pain. It’s a chronic illness that, even if treated, rarely yields a dramatic improvement in terms of the patient’s quality of life. Basically, it is what it is and it’s depressing, both for the patient and the treating practitioners.

    Hmmm….she has a lot of people to answer to in this role. Most people don’t have personal experience with being Virginia Woolf or a female serial killer or a crazed ballerina. But there are lots and lots of people, including people in the academy (George Clooney!), that have or know people who have chronic pain. The character and the story have to come off as being realistic, or a lot of people will be angry, frankly.

    I think Jen Jen took on more than she realized. Let’s just sit back and see what happens…

  20. Emma - the JP Lover says:

    ” In the photos where Jennifer is (presumably) out of costume with Justin, she looks basically the same as always (the clothes are just very baggy). But in costume, filming, she looks heavier. I bet she’s wearing padding.”

    Nope … she’s just wearing layers. Those are the same pants and top she’s wearing in the top picture as she’s wearing in the picture with Justin. She just has the sweater on top of the outfit. This is just how she looks in flat shoes … kind of ‘stumpy.’ I first noticed it when she and Justin went to Hawaii the August after they got together.