“Taylor Swift brings spring to NYC with a pretty floral dress” links

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift wore a pretty springtime outfit to shop in NYC. [Moe Jackson]
Drake lint rolled his pants at the Raptors game. LOL. [LaineyGossip]
Ladies, please stop making babies with Pete Doherty. [Dlisted]
Whatever happened to Alison Lohman? She vanished. [Pajiba]
Ariana Grande wore this outfit to the White House egg hunt. [Go Fug Yourself]
President Obama met with Washington mudslide survivors. [Buzzfeed]
Sarah Jessica Parker enjoyed her leather pants. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Rihanna celebrated 4/20 in grand style (as always). [A Socialite Life]
Josh Hartnett warns fellow actors not to date co-stars. [ICYDK]
Iggy Azalea stopped crowdsurfing because … gross. [The Blemish]
Ryan Lewis‘ mom is truly a medical miracle. [CDAN]
Emmy Rossum showed off her stems in short shorts. [Popoholic]
Luann DeLesseps told Ramona Singer to mind her own bidness. [Reality Tea]
Advice for Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom fame. [The Frisky]
Taylor Swift wore a bikini for her Instagram followers. [IDLY]

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  1. blue marie says:

    I like the dress but Swifty is kind of starting to look like Kloss.

    The Iggy story is not only gross but disturbing, what the hell is wrong with people?!?

  2. idk says:

    Ariana Grande, wow really? I like her, but that outfit was inappropriate for the White House Easter egg hunt. Yikes !.

  3. What? says:

    I am fascinated with how comfortable Swift seems to be with the ridiculous amount of chaos that surrounds her. Still don’t like her music though, nothing personal, just not to my taste.

    Josh Hartnett is always so whiny, oddly defensive, or incredibly dull in interviews. This is coming from someone who was/is? absolutely in lust with his face. His friend’s line to him in that link is absolutely hysterical! I will be copying it :)

    • Lila says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Stars get slammed for being pretentious or snotty and generally just not being ‘normal’ but seriously, how could she be in any kind of real, relatable way? That attention on the street is crazy. I’m thinking that group is part paparazzi who are waiting for her to come back out and part gawkers who just wanted to see who they were waiting on. Regardless, that is in no way anything like the way I shop. I guess it is a positive that she can be comfortable with it instead of spending all her time acting like she’s in hell but it freaks me out even just in pictures.

      • Serene says:

        I know what you guys mean. Look at all those people staring at her and taking her pics. Not just the paparazzi but even all the others just with mobile phones or whatever. I get freaked out on her behalf!

        I love these gossip sites and I love looking at celebrity pictures but sometimes when I see these kind of pics, I feel sorry for them.

  4. Leslie says:

    At least she’s not having a drug meltdown like Miley and Selena. Taylor is a pretty girl, but she needs to stop slumping. That won’t make her any shorter. She needs throw her shoulders back, hold her head high, and own her height.

  5. idk says:

    That story about Ryan Lewis’s mom is amazing. How did she not transfer it to her other kids or her husband? It just defies science.

  6. InvaderTak says:

    Was she doing an event or are there always that many people around when she goes out shopping, walking whatever? Even for a huge star like she is that seems excessive. Surly she can get out of the house without making a giant fuss sometimes at least.

  7. Allie says:

    The dress is cute but that huge matchy headband is so heinous. Girl is 24 not 14. She is so smug to me.

  8. I Choose Me says:

    This is why I could not be a celebrity. All those people gawking at me would exacerbate my anxiety issues.

  9. JenniferJustice says:

    I know this girl is supposed to be America’s country sweetheart, but she is as insufferable as Goop. Somebody posted how calm she is amidst the paps and chaos. Are you kidding me? She loves it! It’s what she lives for. That’s why she “dresses up” just to walk down the street or get groceries or plants. When is the last time any of us threw on a dress and heels with hair and makeup just so, just to go get a coffee or buy flowers? She’s trying on outfits at home, admiring herself in the mirror and making up errands just so she can be seen. Too many people have told her she should be a model because she’s tall.

  10. Peanut says:

    I love her dress. That Moe Jackson site is pretty lame though. “Ow” all over her pictures? She won’t spread her legs for boyfriends?

  11. zbornak syndrome says:

    I. Want. Those. Shoes.

  12. Anon says:

    Kudos to Ryan Lewis, his mom and family and Macklemore.

  13. LadyRay says:

    LMAO this is why I love Drake. Who the hell would lint roll their pants at a game? #real.

  14. janet says:

    I wouldn’t get caught in those shoes. Those are something a granny would wear and I am a granny. She is overly prim and proper looking for someone so young.

  15. j.eyre says:

    Do I get any street cred around here for going to the high school responsible for 4/20? Because lord knows I need street cree.

  16. Fan says:

    I did not like her before but I do now. After I saw her singing duet with a rock group singer that I forgot his name. I was impressed with her. She has such a wholesome personality and I like her fashion choices.

  17. Emma13 says:

    What the F@$k (said like Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys) is Ariana wearing to the White House? Who let her in like that? She looks like she should be at a strip club for Easter brunch. * facepalm *

  18. Jh says:

    I NEED Taylor’s green shoes!!!!

  19. mollie says:

    I like the things that SJP said about parenting/being busy/working and stressed in that link. I like the way she will not complain because she sees people every day who work two or three jobs. She is humble and decent, I think.

  20. danielle says:

    The dress with the bow in her hair and the bows on her shoes is WAY too twee!

  21. Abby says:

    Love her dress! I’d totally wear it.