Kanye West told Kim Kardashian she could be the next Coco Chanel: delusional?


Some women, like Diane Kruger, have the rare ability to turn even cheap-looking clothing into something resembling couture. It’s the way they wear the clothes, with insouciance and style, that makes everything look expensive and high-fashion. Kim Kardashian is not one of those women. She is another breed of fashionista – the kind of woman who can make couture look like it came from K-Mart. Kim’s style has evolved since she’s been with Kanye, but not always for the better. She’s more label-conscious these days, often to the detriment of finding styles that flatter her short, voluptuous, hard-to-style body. My point? Kim will never be fashion-forward. She will never be a tastemaker. She is a follower, not a leader. But according to Kanye, Kim could be the next Coco Chanel!

Kanye West won’t rest in his attempt to turn fiance Kim Kardashian into a fashion icon, RadarOnline.com can reveal.

“Kanye truly believes Kim can be the next Coco Chanel if she puts her mind to it,” a source said.

According to the insider, Kardashian “has spent the past year quietly and secretly educating herself on the subject of ultra-high fashion at Kanye’s behest.”

Although voluptuous Kardashian was once known for her more down market looks and line for SEARS with her sisters, since hooking up with West, she’s become a designer fashion hound. And in a major coup, the couple just appeared together on the cover of Vogue! West, a notorious trendsetter and clotheshorse, is now obsessed with making Kardashian the most fashionable celebrity in the world, the source added.

“Kim began her education with extensive sit-downs with the design brain trust at Rodante, because Kim wants to evolve to the next level in terms of classiness and taste and luxury.

“Kanye wants her to focus on becoming a true luxury brand that defines a generation, like famed French fashion designer Coco Chanel — that’s who she is trying to become and that’s who Kanye wants her to become,” the source said.

In that spirit, Kardashian channeled the late fashion icon Audrey Hepburn for an April 15 fashion shoot in which the reality TV beauty sported a demure look with faux bangs, a black turtleneck sweater, cropped pants, and black flats.

“Kim is open to trying new looks and Kanye couldn’t be prouder,” the source said. “The goal is to become a billion dollar couple, and they are on their way.”

[From Radar]

While I do believe Kanye studies fashion religiously, he’s got to understand that invoking the name “Coco Chanel” actually MEANS SOMETHING. And invoking Coco’s name in any way involving Kim Kardashian is just a recipe for g—damn disaster. Coco was chic, she was tall and slim and she revolutionized the way women wore clothes, how they saw themselves and what kind of empire could be built in the fashion industry. By comparison, Kim is just a woman with a big ass who manages to find some of the most unflattering clothes out there. So, yes, I believe this story because I could totally imagine Kanye telling Kim she could be the next Coco Chanel.

Oh, and TMZ says that Kim and Kanye are going to do a low-key private wedding ceremony this week ahead of their big Parisian blow-out in May. This is just what I said last week – they only need the marriage to be legal in America, it doesn’t matter what the laws are in France.



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  1. Tracy says:

    OMG… Her ass in that long skirt. What is that???

  2. aims says:

    Kim’s tastes in clothes are the worst. And yes, if anything involves Kim and kanye there is some form of disillusion involved.

  3. lucy says:

    CryBabye West can say anything he’d like at all, and he does. That won’t make it true.

    And nothing – NOTHING – will make an Awkwardashian family member “chic.” Nothing.

  4. daisyfly says:

    So Kanye thinks she could be a Nazi sympathizer?

  5. Namichwan says:

    Wait, Did she poo in the skirt??????

  6. Colu says:

    She looks horrible in everything else, but I love the outfit in the top picture. I have a short, curvy body and I think that the v-neck, blazer and cropped jeans might work on me.

  7. NewWester says:

    I would pay money to see Stacey and Clinton from “What Not to Wear” get a hold of Kim. Too bad the show is no longer on television

    • Chicagogurl says:

      Sidenote – I used to work in consumer PR and Stacey was awesome to work with. We used her on two campaigns years ago. No assistant, no manager, no publicist. No picking up the phone when she’s in meetings. Very focused. She shows up on-time, dressed to perfection is extremely down-to-earth and stayed around a little after meetings to give a few ladies styling tips. I can see why people want to work with her but she didn’t mention that she prefers working with “regular” women over celebrities because “I like to keep a tight schedule…..and work with women who wouldn’t otherwise have the help.”. She’s very conscious of her image as attainable.

  8. paola says:

    Does Kanye know that Coco Chanel was a very talented fashion designer? Not a made up one where her name is on the clothes (like i dont know… the kardashian kollection) but she’s never touched a pencil? She was a true artist. An amazing seamstress. And she was never a famewhore? Or tacky?
    Are we sure Kanye West didn’t mean to say Coco Austin?
    I like Coco Austin but the comparison with Kim seems more appropriate than the other Coco..

  9. Fran says:

    I think it’s hard to compare the fashion of a tall skinny woman with a short curvy woman. It’s really hard to look just as sleek when you have much more to “wrap up”, ya know? That’s not to say that it can’t be done, plenty of curvy women dress their bodies in a way that makes them look great, but I do think it’s a lot more difficult. It’s a constant battle of finding the most flattering pieces, and I find it’s really difficult to constantly look for things that fit my chest, come in at the waist, are long enough but not too tight. But she does have millions of dollars, a personal tailor, and the time to get it right (or at least better).

  10. Lee says:

    So, the big bare-ass on the branch at the beach photos – were these Coco-inspired? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2598978/Now-thats-beach-bum-Kim-Kardashian-reveals-inflated-thong-bikini.html
    Or were they just practice for the “extensive sit-downs with the design brain trust at Rodante”?

  11. the original bellaluna says:

    Yes, delusional. Let’s go with that.

  12. Miffy says:

    Scene opens on Kanye’s bathroom. Kanye is standing in front of the mirror, leaning on the sink, staring at himself.

    Kanye: Oh dear God, I’ve gone too far this time. The ego thing has gotten out of hand. What have I done?

    Kim *from outside the locked door*: Baby, who are you talking to?


    Kim *still outside*: Aw, baby! You’re so sweet! Come here and see what Anna Wintour recommend I wear for the wedding! It’s a little odd but she swears I can pull it off!

    Kanye’s phone beeps. It’s a Snapchat of Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld and Riccardo Tisci pointing and laughing.

    Kanye: *under his breath* F*ck my life. *Yelling in caps lock* YEAH, BOO!!! YOU CAN TOTALLY PULL ANYTHING OFF! YOU’RE THE DONNATELLA VERSACE, VIRGIN MARY AND MARIE CURIE OF OUR GENERATION!!! *under his breath* I need help.

    Kanye dries his hands and face on North West and places her back on the towel rack, exits bathroom.

    End scene.

    • Neners says:

      *DEAD* at “Kanye dries his hands and face on North West”

    • MonicaQ says:

      Kanye exits the bathroom, looking slightly wan but forces a smile. “BAE! SHOW ME WHAT THE GREATEST PRINCESS OF ALL TIME IS GOING TO BE WEARING!” he bellows, taking the diamond and kale encrusted iPad to gaze at the creation his good…friends…had designed.

      It had white leather. Black lace. Beading and bling. It was awe-inspiring. It was ground shaking. It would change everything.

      It was also freaking space time ripping-ly hideous.

      “Pleasssssssssse tell me Ricaaaardo will be dessssigning me a dresssssss?” Kris Jenner intoned, slithering from behind a house plant Bruce Jenner. The self proclaimed genius repressed a shudder but handing her the iPad.

      “YES! THIS WAS IT!” Kanye said quickly. “BAE! I HAVE AN EVEN BETTER IDEA FOR YOUR DRESS. QUEEN VICTORIA’S PANTIES WOULD DROP IF SHE WORE ANY AND I KNOW SHE DIDN’T WEAR ANY BECAUSE I AM AN HISTORIAN, A LEGEND OF BOUND WORDS.” Kim attempted to look heartbroken–it looked like cow spots and she thought it would be good promotion for her Atkins diet–but knew it was for the best. One didn’t argue with genius.

      “Thisssssss pleassssesss me,” Kris assured him, face starting to peel as a new one appeared below it. Quickly, she dug back to her lair, everyone in the room breathing a sigh of relief.

  13. Sasha says:

    I find it weirdly sweet that Kanye thinks Kim could be capable of all this greatness.

    • Nina W says:

      I find it incredibly creepy, he has to elevate her to justify being with her. I bet he undermines her self-confidence and feeds her huge insecurities with all this, she knows she’s not Coco Chanel. She let’s him dress her up and publicly objectify her and this is not sweet, nor is it love.

  14. idk says:

    Kim is like a Kanye album that flopped but he won’t admit it flopped and is still trying to put out a hit and get a number 1. It ain’t happening Kanye ! Kim is your biggest disaster. I know you spent hours and hours “working” on her and want a grammy but it won’t happen. Stop trying to compare Kim to anyone. It’s insulting. If you want to compare her to someone, it should be her own MOTHER…Kim is the next PMK.

  15. Helvetica says:

    Delusional, stupid, and dense.

  16. Putchka says:

    What the hell is wrong with these two? Kanye thinks he’s the arbiter of the free world, Kim thinks absolutely nothing. Who told her that awful skirt looked good? Even her big ass doesn’t fill it out. And if it did, even worse. They crack me up.

  17. Lucky Charm says:

    Coco Chanel? No. But definitely COO-COO Chanel! (or is that Koo Koo Chanel, lol!)

  18. raindrop says:

    It’s supposed to be “Rodarte” not “Rodante” … right?

  19. word says:

    Billion dollar couple? They are trying way too hard to become Jay-Z and Beyonce. It won’t happen. You need BOTH people to be talented. Kim has none. Also, Kanye needs to realize you can’t just make someone a “fashion icon”. They have to become one on their own. It takes talent and a lifetime of hard work. People have to admire and respect you. Does Kanye not know what the world thinks of Kim?

  20. Jacqueline says:

    I saw some pictures of her from that shoot. I think she was fell off of a bike she was being photographed riding a la Hepburn.

  21. Ag says:

    “Only the finest for her.” So, before you pee on her now, you have to eat black truffles?

  22. jupiters says:

    this guy needs to be checked into a room with a padded wall.

  23. QQ says:

    The Coco Chanel of What?

    Sex Tapes?
    Ass Implants?

  24. snowflake says:

    that was so ridiculous, that shoot of her pretending to be audrey hepburn! amazing how this woman makes bank doing stupid stuff like that.

    kanye and her don’t even look like they go together. if he’s so into fashion, why does he look so bad all the time?

  25. Sumodo1 says:

    Hold the phone: Kanye thinks Kim can become a couturier? With what design and sewing education or apprenticeship? Coco Chanel is spinning.

  26. Feebee says:

    Kanye will never be taken seriously in fashion circles or by the public at large in terms of fashion because of statements like this.

    Coco Chanel – Kim Kardashian…. It shows a lack of everything that you would need to succeed. Ego he has and that’s good for that world but oh Lordy, Lordy, Lordy ….. That mouth of his is one step forward three steps back.

  27. almondey says:

    ahhh i hate when I have to say anything not in line with the post because I esp. never wanna defend KK but I’m not really a fan of this:

    “Coco was chic, she was tall and slim and she revolutionized the way women wore clothes, how they saw themselves and what kind of empire could be built in the fashion industry.”

    It sounds like we’re conflating chic with tall and thin and it’s one of the biggest problems with the fashion industry. It sounds like you’re making tall and thin sound like an attribute but really it was just one of those things that probably made it a lot easier for a woman like Coco to rise the ranks in fashion because tall and thin was the ideal and she fit that ideal. If anything, even a woman with Coco’s vision would have had difficulty dressing a woman like Kim (fake parts or not) or Beyonce or a similar body-type. And maybe i’m more sensitive to this because I have an athletic build and I’m definitely bottom heavy and I think sometimes “chic” being conflated with “tall and thin” is problematic.

    I think your statement could have worked fine as: Coco was chic and her vision revolutionized the way women wore clothes, how they saw themselves and what kind of empire could be built in the fashion industry.” which is truth to the max and something I absolutely agree with!

    • INeedANap says:

      Twice today I comment right below someone who says the same thing I tried to, but better lol.

      The genius of Coco Chanel is that she designed looks that were ultra-flattering…for her. With her eye and talent, she likely would have designed an equally chic look for whatever body she type she would have happened to be born with.

  28. INeedANap says:

    I’m short too, I didn’t realize that was ugly? Is that a thing? I think there is a common fashion association between “tall” and “elegant”, as if being short was inherently un-elegant.

    I realize that tall folks can pull off sleek, minimalist looks better, but shorter, curvier folks like Kim can pull off old-school pin-up styles that have been reworked to be appropriate for everyday wear. Short or not though, someone with a good eye and a self-awareness of their body can always find a way to be chic.

    TL;DR: Us shorties are not inherently doomed to be unfashionable or unattractive or untalented.

    • anon33 says:

      Agreed. Honestly sometimes the commentary on kim’s body offends me, because I pretty much have the same body, although my a88 is slightly smaller. It’s wonderful to know that everyone considers my body type dumpy, fat, disgusting, unable to be clothed, etc.

      • snowflake says:

        no i think everyone just thinks it’s disgusting b/c it’s so obviously fake. and they can’t stand her so they take it on her where they know it will hurt, her body, b/c she’s so superficial. besides, plenty of guys like big butts, who cares what the women think

      • Mingy says:

        I side-eyed the “tall and slim” comment too..
        I also have her body type, but when I snark on her, it’s because everything about her is so clearly fake, yet she walks around like God’s gift to the world…like her ass is our life source. I like big butts and I cannot lie, just not fake-dumpy-diaper ones in bullshit couture.

    • Nina W says:

      I’m not that tall, I have big boobs, wide hips and a short waist, like many women in my family. I don’t take it personally that the fashion world doesn’t have me in mind. Fashion has nothing to do with me or my life, any more than ballet or sculpture or music or whatever other art, has anything to do with me personally, it’s a realm unto itself and it’s not about dressing the masses. We may find it disheartening that we do not have an ideal “fashion” figure but I honestly have no desire to look like an underfed teenager and I am too self involved to care whether or not fashionistas think I’m chic. If I feel good about how I look, that’s enough for me from the clothes I wear.

    • Raven says:

      Don’t feel bad. I’m a taller lady and spent my life lamenting the way men go nuts for shorter women. Plus a lot of highly desirable actresses are petite. Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, Emilia Clarke, to name a few.

      The problem isn’t that Kim is short. Oh, no. It’s that she really doesn’t seem to know how to dress to flatter her body. Her behind looks crammed into everything she wears like an overstuffed sausage. She ends up looking like she’s wearing a diaper. This would happen whether she was 5’0 or 6’0. It’s all thanks to that monstrous bum.

  29. NT says:

    Guys, could anyone tell me what PMK stands for? I know it has something to do with kris jenner aka the most horrible human being who ever roamed this earth.
    Kim as coco Chanel . Yes , because kim has all the class there is to know how to design something to women that doesn’t cling off their asses and boobs. Coco Chanel in constantly flashing underwear.
    I heard the other day Kanye’s response to “how did fatherhood change you” and he’s like I have to up my game for her , to get on diddy level or jay z level because it’s not enough as it is now. Really? Because what your kid really needs is the money, not love and affection.

  30. ann says:

    It’s called the after effects of liposuction! Once you lipo you pack on weight in other places most commonly your hips and ass. Kim is disgusting! She’s like a cat in heat with her ass out waiting for it…it meaning attention. So low class no class, so gross!

  31. Narak says:

    That butt skirt is so excellent – it make me smile every time I see it. I wish we could see what Karl Lagerfeld would say.

  32. Mon says:

    Oh god, she really hates herself doesn’t she? Keep trying to be somebody different and letting him play her like a doll with no spine and personality… Be yourself woman and find yourself a man who accepts you just as you are, but before that happens, learn how to accept yourself. And gain some selfawarnes when you are at it!

  33. JD says:

    Her outfit in the second picture reminds me of the chains we used to make from the pull-tops of soda and beer cans.

    Now I am dating myself, because I haven’t seen one of those cans since the late 70′s-early 80′s.

  34. Bella says:


  35. Nene says:

    Yeah, delusions of grandeur.
    I know this is quite cruel but I think these two have a near fatal case of Grandiose Delusions(GD),especially Kanye.
    Kanye’s actions and words reek of a deep psychological problem.
    And Kim is his willing victim or I should I say puppet.

  36. Mary Jane says:

    Gosh! I really dislike these two…
    She is too gross and I cannot e’en look at her fat ass anymore!
    AND YES, I clicked just so I could say that!

  37. Dawn says:

    God he is so in love he sees something completely different from what the rest of the world sees. I do belive that Coco would slap him across that face for talking such nonsense. Coco did it all from designing, to cutting out the pattern to picking the right fabric to sewing it and fitting it. All Kim can do is say yes or no and sign her name. What a farce these two are.

  38. Jana says:

    I don’t recall Coco Chanel having a sex tape, a 72 day marriage or a child out of wedlock while still married to another man…not to mention Kim’s horrible taste in clothes. I really don’t think Coco would appreciate the comparison.

    • me says:

      Yeah the main thing (apart from her personal life) is that you can’t be a fashion icon if you’re not fashionable. She knows nothing about fashion. She is a dress up doll. She doesn’t even design the Kardashian Kollection for God’s sake.

  39. Spaniard says:

    When talking about Kim and Kanye there is NEVER a need to write a question mark after the word delusional. Delusional is their normal state of mind.

  40. shellybean says:

    Oh FFS! No way in HELL!

    And she’s completing her “education”? *cough* No offense, I know fashion requires some knowledge but give me a break. She needs to get a real education or read a book or something!

  41. LAK says:

    Coco chanel was about understatement and comfort. And she definitely hated trends and ‘fashion’ that was trendy.

    Kim is nothing of the above things.

  42. The Chaz Gomez says:

    She’s closer to becoming a Coco Austin than a Coco Chanel…

  43. allons-y alonso says:

    Saying Kim Kardashian could be the next CoCo Chanel if she puts her mind to it, is like being told I could be Catwoman if I put your mind to it. Fact is, it’s not realistic….or smart.

  44. HappyMom says:

    A friend saw his concert last year and thought he was totally coked out. That would explain his delusions.

  45. SnarkGirl says:

    She already IS a fashion icon … that is if being the poster child for what NOT to wear counts.

    I’m quite surprised Kanye knows who Coco Chanel was, he who sports the look “early homeless” most of the time.

    What a pair.

  46. Kosmos says:

    This is scary….I wish she’d go away, same for him. I’ve never liked either one at all, but they’re still in our faces. Their world is obviously a fantasy, not understandable to real people with real lives. She’s unbelievably narcissistic!!!! Why can’t people see that. That means the world revolves around HER. If that were really true, the world would be in serious trouble.

  47. Amy Tennant says:

    Wait, Coco aside, Kim emulated Audrey Hepburn in a fashion shoot? My God, their two body types could scarcely be more different. My shape is more like Kim’s, and I would be terrified to wear Audrey’s clothes and invoke a comparison.

  48. Kiwichick says:

    It’s all about what Kanye wants and she is just meekly agreeing with rather than her own burning desire to be like Coco Chanel…..

  49. TheOriginalPuppy says:

    She’d have to take a pay cut first.

  50. Nelly says:

    He keeps on trying to mold his woman. Coco was an original and was not molded.

  51. NeNe says:

    OMG! I laughed so hard at this that coffee just came out of my nose! How delusional is he??????????????????????????????? WTF!!

  52. NeNe says:

    I think they just say stupid sh*t so that all of us will continue to talk about them. I mean, come on, who really gives a flying f*ck about them. They are both famewh*res, and very delusional. They both need some help!

  53. Francis says:

    Just saw news Highest selling Vogue in History, Kim and Kanye.