Prince William & Harry get their barbecue on in Memphis for Guy Pelly’s wedding


Here are some photos of Prince William and Harry leaving Rendezvous (a rib joint) in Memphis last night. We had some of the photos of Harry in Miami earlier today – he was in Miami for several days, partying with Guy Pelly (the groom) at a sort of bachelor party thing. They went clubbing, ate a lot of good food and Harry nuzzled a brunette. William was not in Miami for the bachelor party – he flew in separately via Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. People Mag says William grabbed a bit to eat during his layover in Chicago – he got chicken nachos from Hub 51 and chicken wings from RJ Grunts. Here’s more about the rib-joint rehearsal dinner:

Welcome to the South! Prince William, wearing jeans and a flannel shirt, and Prince Harry, wearing a blue dress shirt, arrived separately (but simultaneously) at the Rendezvous restaurant in Memphis, Tenn., around 8:30 p.m. CST Thursday. They entered from the back entrance, and they had a deco limo in front to trick people.

The brothers are in town to attend nightclub owner Guy Pelly’s wedding to Holiday Inn heiress Lizzy Wilson, which will reportedly take place at Memphis Hunt & Polo Club Saturday.

When the Windsors first arrived at Rendezvous, there were several British people—some who live in Memphis—along with some visiting Australians who came simply to try and get a peek at the royals. The venue was slightly atypical for the duo. For example, the most expensive item on the menu is about $20, and the restaurant doesn’t serve desserts. Plus, Rendezvous doesn’t offer valet service. Pelly and Wilson’s private party was held upstairs, and it was gated off to keep gawkers at bay.

The bride and groom chose the restaurant because Wilson’s family “comes there all the time,” a source tells E! News. Around 9:51 p.m., Prince Harry was “at the top of the stairs chatting with people who were drinking beers.” According to the source, “The upstairs was packed. Harry was talking to four or five guys. They were really happy and laughing. It seemed like they were having a fun party.”

Despite recently splitting with Cressida Bonas, Prince Harry “was in a really good mood,” the source says. “And the guys he was around including himself were smiling really big and laughing pretty hard.”

“The party was really casual and busy,” the source adds. “There wasn’t a lot of empty space upstairs.”

[From E! News]

Sounds like a nice time. So… Lizzy Wilson is American? Let me see… Wilson is the “Holiday Inn hotel heiress.” The princes’ close friend is marrying the Holiday Inn heiress?!!? OMG.

As for Harry and his situation with the ladies… The Daily Star says one of the women in the wedding party is Katie Cassidy (daughter of David Cassidy). Interesting. And then Vanity Fair had this interesting tidbit about Harry’s ex, Cressida Bonas:

While Prince Harry has been partying it up in Miami for best pal Guy Pelly’s bachelor party, Cressida Bonas has been nursing a broken heart at home. Cressida was due to be attending the society wedding of Pelly and heiress Lizzie Wilson in Memphis this weekend, but she has pulled out, after splitting from Harry. She is believed to have ended her two-year-long romance with the Prince last week, but that doesn’t mean she’s not taking the split badly.

According to sources, Cressida, who is currently working for a marketing company in London’s Soho, has been given compassionate leave from work, while she gets over the break up. She was photographed earlier this week looking tired and drawn as she made her way to the office, and hasn’t been seen since then.

“Cressida can’t stand the fact that everywhere she goes, someone takes a picture of her on their smartphone especially when she is feeling down,” says a friend. “She has been told it’s O.K. for her to take some time off work.”

[From Vanity Fair]

See, that’s what I never really understood about the breakup quotes dealing with Cressida’s “career.” She works as a glorified personal assistant, one of many menial but breezy jobs given to the well-connected aristocracy. It’s not a “career” – it’s a place-holder job until she marries someone rich and well-connected. And her career is really not that bustling if she can take loads of time off to A) vacation with Prince Harry at the drop of a hat and B) take time off suddenly when she and Harry break up.




Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and Pacific Coast News.

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  1. Christin says:

    She received ‘compassionate leave’? Seriously? Let’s try to run that up the flagpole at our (real) places of employment.

  2. Original Tessa says:

    I wonder if they’re staying in The Peabody?

  3. Yup, Me says:

    Even when he’s partying Prince William is still boring as hell.

  4. Suze says:

    Three royal posts in a day? Kaiser is becoming Monarchy Central around here! Or the Windsor Chronicle ; ).

    I can’t keep up!

    Compassionate Leave – oh give me a break. Our company gives people ONE DAY when a parent dies. Now many of our managers (most,, really) allow much longer but that is official policy. I’ll have to look up how many days we get for a break-up.

  5. Miss Jupitero says:

    Compassionate leave? Jeez. I get five vacation days, which are also my sick days. That’s it. If my mother died tomorrow, I’d have to fight for a long weekend or a day or two of unpaid leave. I really need to move to Europe.

    • CuriousCole says:

      Basically anywhere else in the world treats workers (and mothers) better than America. I’ve had my sights on Europe for years :-( not happening yet.

    • Nighty says:

      Depends on the country, in mine is a 3 day leave for parents and children, 1 or 2 for other relatives…. depending on the proximity….
      Mothers get 5 months leave… But isn’t the path Obama wnated to go down? I think it is…. Social welfare is about these types of rights, but there are many Americans who disagree from what I understand… The taxes one pays are partly for paying salaries for leaves, unemplymeent fees, free health care… For instance, I had surgery last year at a state hospital and only paid a percentage of my exams, maximum 30 euros… the surgery was for free…

      • Stephanie says:

        3 days for the loss of a child? That’s cruel. How do they even plan a funeral? I’m sure that’s better than anything I’d get stateside but ugh. I don’t have kids so I’ve never had to think about it. I just assumed companies had morecompassion.

  6. someone says:

    If I was anywhere near Memphis I’d be trying to spot William and Harry and get a picture. Maybe even be a bit stalkerish lol.

  7. Sayrah says:

    Renting the upstairs out at the Rendezvous costs $5000 at a minimum but the Wilsons have plenty of money. I’m sure they’re spending quite a lot on the festivities. I hope the princes are enjoying themselves in my town!

  8. Loopy says:

    David Cassidy, the singer the one with an actress daughter from Gossip Girl?

  9. hmmm says:

    I’m really excited that they’re in the States. Someone should tell them that lumberjacks are Canadian, not American (those plaid shirts, eek).

    My biggest excitement is over the fact that they can’t muzzle the press or stop the paps. I’m hoping for something really juicy. This is *so* much better than that tedious tour.

  10. Talie says:

    It’s funny how out of context and stuffy William and his crew look in America.

  11. pleaseicu says:

    I wonder if I could get a day or two of compassionate leave for that meh second date I had last night?

    And is she taking a page out of the Middleton “How to Nab a Prince” Playbook?

    Kate also got compassionate leave from her “job” at Jigsaw when she and William broke-up too because she was soooo sad over the break-up. Except Kate really was swarmed by the paparazzi in a way Cressida’s never experienced (not that I wish that on Cressida. I don’t wish that on anyone). (The press and paps are really quite kind to Cressida. All pap shots of her are from across the street or at a safe distance, not invading her personal space like for most royal girlfriends. )

    She’s also been out drinking and partying at a pub too. How long until she graduates to Guy Pelly’s clubs?

    And I would think if she doesn’t want to be seen looking all sad amongst the normal folk when they whip out their iphones, she wouldn’t start taking her cell phone calls out on the street in the middle of the day like she was pap’d doing yesterday or the day before (after she allegedly was already on compassionate leave from work).

  12. Suze says:

    I really need to cut back on my royal watching. It is ridiculous, actually.

    The fact that I know who “Guy Pelly” is and that he is getting married this weekend takes up space in my brain that is needed to remember where the car keys are and other important stuff.

  13. Reece says:

    Melissa Van Straubenzee (damn I had to look up how to spell that) came out of a rib joint in a white long sleeved shirt, clean. Girlfriend’s has either got skillz or she ate a salad. :)

  14. m says:

    Again, Harry was not the guy in the pics with that brunette. There are absolutely no pictures of him at that club, only by the pool the following day. The man in those pics is Tom Inskip, one of Harrys friends.

  15. eliza says:

    How precious. Wearing country plaid to fit in. Good grief!

  16. Meghan says:

    Yes, everyone in my city is going completely bonkers over the fact that the Princes are here. It’s quite an exciting weekend to be a Memphian!

  17. PHD gossip says:

    Paging Taylor Swift PR Team! Please arrange for Taylor to bump into Harry!
    Your welcome.

  18. Hissyfit says:

    Prince William looks really cute here!

  19. Amanda (@BitingPanda) says:

    What I am saying to you is that Rendezvous is – HANDS DOWN- the best BBQ in the country.
    I am so proud of whomever knew to them there. I’m a proud Southern woman, right now.

    • Bucky says:

      Really? I was there about a month ago while visiting Memphis for a conference, and I was not at all impressed. Maybe it was an off night for the staff?

      I’m a Southerner, too, and the best BBQ I’ve ever had came from a shed on a corner of a little road near the house I grew up in. I love walking around my Atlanta neighborhoods on the weekend, because every block brings smells of BBQ cooking in a big green egg.

    • Dutch says:

      I’d put Central BBQ and Cozy Corner ahead of Rendezvous in Memphis alone.

      • Sayrah says:

        Central BBQ > the Rendezvous but you have to go to the rendezvous for the experience. Besides central doesn’t have that nice party room. Can you imagine William and Harry sitting on that deck in midtown?

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        Lol yes to the overwhelming humidity although I grew up in the foothills which relieved us from the overwhelming heat most of the time. Now Savannah, GA where my brother and sil live is another story. But I will take it any day over some of the ass kicking blizzards I have dealt with here in the northeast. Sipping ice tea to beat the heat is better than digging out your sidewalk so you can dig out your parking space so you can dig out your car. Apples and oranges and all that.

    • Delorb says:

      Can’t be the best BBQ in the country if its not located in Texas. Just sayin.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        Ummm…nooooo. North Carolina. Pit bbq babyyyyy!

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Dame Snarkweed is CORRECT. NC has the best BBQ on earth and all the rest are just posers. Texas BBQ isn’t even pork. Please.

        P.S. This is my unbiased, expert opinion and the fact that I’m from NC is purely coincidental

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        Rowan County here! *squee*
        But seriously, the Lexington BBQ festival is a thing of wonder in and of itself and nothing anywhere can compare to pulled pork bbq!
        *sighs longingly*
        Mr. snark says NC bbq is the only bbq in the world that can stand undefeated with or without sauce – and he grew up in Canada.

      • Deedee says:

        I am thankful for barbecue of all kinds, and it brings to mind the old “apples and oranges” analogy. I would happily volunteer to bring some Kentucky ‘cue and we could all enjoy an official sampling in NC and Texas.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Catawba county, Dame. Tarheel born, bred and will be dead.
        *Squee!* I knew there was something intrinsically fabulous about you!
        Mr. Snark has excellent taste (for several reasons)!

        Deedee that would be really fun. I wonder if CB would ever have a get together. That would be so awesome!

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        This is ca-razy lol! When I was seven years old I thought heaven on earth would be to live in Newton-Conover. My favorite radio station broadcast from there and with the insight of a child I thought my favorite artists were taking turns driving to the station to sing live lol!
        So you see, your Tarheel charm is irrepressable and I’m totally fangirling right now :O
        I miss home so much but we travel down to visit family every chance we get. Hopefully someday Mr. snark and I can leave NYC behind and return to a place where the tea is too sweet, ‘bless your little ‘ol heart’ can actually be cause for side eye and the smell of chopped clover when the grass is cut can bring tears to your eyes.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        I’ll grab the wet wipes!

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Oh, Dame, that made me teary eyed. Going to Carolina in my mind…geese in flight and dogs that bite…lol. I miss it, too, so much.
        Your radio story is so cute. When I was a child, I thought my town (Hickory) was super important because we had Chanel One radio, so I thought it must be the best radio station in the country because it was number one. Lol
        Red clay, black eyed peas and new mown grass. We were lucky.

      • Cyndi says:

        “…return to a place where the tea is too sweet, ‘bless your little ‘ol heart’ can actually be cause for side eye and the
        smell of chopped clover when the grass is cut can
        bring tears to your eyes…”. —————— and the humidity will leave you wetter than the shower you just took! Whew! Va girl, born and raised! Don’t miss that part *AT ALL*! c: Having very fine hair and 100% humidity? Not a good combo!!

      • Stephanie says:

        Dame, tell me about Lexington festival! We get the Big Apple BBQ here every year and it features what is supposed to be the best bbq from all over the country. We get some great food, but I’d like to try a more authentic festival.

  20. Liberty says:

    FIFTY SHADES of WINDSOR: Book Thirteen

    “I say, that was quite the welcome.” The words, rich in tone, deep-throated, husky with meaning and perfectly enunciated, fell slowly like a warm tropical honey-rain over the body of Romina, the 22 year old former literature student and sometimes royal nanny. Her breath came in quick quiet gasps as she sat in quiet shock in the corner of the fancy plush limo.

    “Are you…all right?” The Ginger Scamp looked at her with tender concern. “I am afraid you didn’t expect this…..One’s first mob of my so-called US fangirls can be quite unnerving. I do apologize! Did they tear your frock?” His long hard body rested like hers against the fawn-colored leather seat. Jeans and a casual shirt barely contained the rippling royal muscles. “Ah…the heat of fame. I loathe it….I grow cranky. Some cannot bear the fame.” A flash of pain crossed his face, alive with the glow of poolside hours. He smelled of ocean, waffles, fresh linen and vibrant freshly-laundered chest hair. He looked at Romina speculatively. “Will you be all right at this barbecue place….can you sit at the head table with me without….panic?.” He winced as if seeing a photo of a reality star in double denim; then he quickly smiled and reached to touch her cheek; the touch was electrifying, like the time she had accidentally stepped on someone’s 5000-volt sausage-curl styling irons.

    The touch woke Romina from the daze left by the way a hissing William Baldtop had stormed off at Heathrow, leaving her alone with five strapping bodyguards and the Ginger Scamp, who had begged her to be his last-minute plus-one and fly to a US wedding, Now Romina stared at him. “I….most holy precious of saviors! Sir, in my country, plane ride is only for selling girl to Rotterdam spanking club with one finger cuts off, or self is forced become nanny to large angry loud grabby baby and his wife-like person and their great childs! So…trip we takes now with be staying lovely hotel and nice dinner and party, I have never see such kindness! My new dress, and shoes, I thanks you! You like holy pope saint but with shoulders and stomach of Roman soccer star washed in milk. I can sit at table for spectacular barbecue festival, whatever is your wish, this I do! I am strong girl, I have seen death, what I care? I am not fear!” She raised her chin trembling with determination to do her best for this prime rib of a man who had returned her to a three-inch heels and opaque clothing.

    The Ginger Scamp’s sculpted, duty-roughened hands, like those of a warrior or fourth-in-line-heir likely to flip over three sluggish grey porridge tureens, found hers and held them tightly. ‘Your hair…your eyes…your simple truth!” he said in a thick voice. “Your studies that apparently involved actual books, your bravery in working for my great honking brother, I — Oh, hang on — we’re here, look, stay with me, and — I feel…we’ll…get there!”

  21. Juliette says:

    All this talk of Cressida, a royal girlfriend, and yet nobody seems to think it odd that William’s wife wouldn’t join him. This is the second wedding this year that William decided to attend alone.

    Odd. Very odd.

  22. CuriousCole says:

    The level of vitriol is hair-raising today. You all realize the compassion leave is mere speculation, right? Cressida had planned on being off for the wedding, it’s more likely to be scheduled vacation time.
    And to those shading Cressida’s job – she’s less than a year out of university and is working steadily. She’s already worked as much as Kate had in a decade, doing an honest job, yet every mention of said job is dripping with derision. I take it you all launched directly into your esteemed dream careers at 24?

  23. Xantha says:

    Uh according to a post reblogged by the tumblr HeavyistheCrown Cressida was spotted going to work just yesterday. So I’ll take that “compassionate leave” story with a huge grain of salt.

    • CuriousCole says:

      +1,000,000 extra grains of salt

      Unless a royal report has photographic evidence or is confirmed by a reliable source (like an aide or the palace), I tend to doubt the veracity of it. The majority seem thrilled to run with rumors though.

    • Dame Snarkweek says:

      With all due respect most of what any of us have to run with are rumors. No one truly has it in for Cressy-poo. It is just too irresistable to snark about stories that this special little snowflake got compassion leave at work for a romantic break up. I also think most of us do not side eye the quality of her work, just the quantity. And let’s be honest: if it’s attention Cressy wants it is attention she will get. The hilarity lies in the fact that she claims she doesn’t. besides, if you’re waiting for the palace to confirm anything about Cressy’s employment you will be waiting for quite awhile, imo.

      • bluhare says:

        Those four horsemen are here, because I’m in total agreement with Snarky.

        Run, everyone, run!!!

      • Xantha says:

        Um…I was just saying there’s a report that contradicts the “compassionate leave” story therefore it’s possible that it’s not true.

        And for someone who claims they don’t have it in for Cressida, you seem awfully defensive.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        Defensive? If that is your impression of my post then I think I failed to imbue it with the right tone (humor and incredulity). I can take responsibility for that even while suspecting that you, yourself, feel a little defensive over the poor baby chick lol. But in all seriousness I have few real issues with Cressy – only some serious side eye, and that only recently. That is all. kay?

  24. aquarius64 says:

    Let me get this straight – you can get a “compassion leave” when you break up with your prince boyfriend. What a joke. If any other woman asked for time off because her bf dumped her, the boss will look at her like she’s crazy. It’s hard to get time off for maternity, illness or death in the family at some jobs. Plus, it makes the woman look weak and needy. Yes the press will be a pain, but you work it out with your employers how to maintain your schedule as usual right after the break up (not a week or two after) without disrupting the work environment. Go through the 7 stages of break up grief at home, then come to work the next day with your head held high. Wash, rinse, repeat. As for the bosses allowing this, let’s call it for what it is: angling for royal favor. If the two of them patch things up and she gets the ring, she owes them one (or two).

    And William and Harry skipping their step-mother’s brother’s funeral to attend the wedding – not cool. This was a family matter that should have come first, not hitting the clubs in the States on the same day. It makes me wonder if all that early press that the princes accepted the woman who disrespected their mother – along with their father – was damage control for Charles, and this is a symptom of how they really feel.

    • vava says:

      Yes, I agree with you. At least one of those ‘princes’ should have attended the memorial service. Both should have, IMO. The bachelor party would have gone on. They could have attended the service and then come for the rehearsal dinner. The two of them are just LAME.

    • Her Indoors says:

      The UK has far more generous leave allowance than the US by the sounds of things. I get 30 days annual leave with 10.5 days public holiday and flexi time. If Paps were outside my place of work (public office) I’m damn sure I would be asked to use some of my leave to go home till the fuss had died down.
      As for the checked shirts? They are a thing here. My lot own at least 4 each. Jack Wills has a lot to answer for in the way young men dress here, in Scotland, where tartan, let’s face it, is our thing…..

  25. Christin says:

    Hopefully, over the weekend we’ll get to discuss the Elvis sunglasses and who in the world this “heiress” is and how she met up with Guy.

    I have never heard of this family before, and I’m from the same state. The hotel chain, sure, but not this “American royalty”, as the DM puts it.

    • Sayrah says:

      Everyone who lived in Memphis in the 80s knows who the Wilsons are. Her cousin was a year ahead of me in school.

    • Francis says:

      A lot of the Wealthy Class doesn’t spend years advertising “themselves”,unless they are going into political office or such. She is related to President Woodrow Wilson.
      The fact that she’s a heiress of the Holiday Inn family and people don’t know her, IMO shows how classy she is.

      Miss Wilson being from a moneyed family that’s part of the American fabric of one of the most successful hotel chains in history and not much being known about her, is CLASS.

  26. Lora says:

    Serious question, why doesn’t william wear a wedding ring?

  27. Francis says:

    Harry and Will having a great time in Memphis. Love it,
    Yeah no Kate.
    I like this Elizabeth Wilson , any southern Belle or US lady, who can bag two Princes and two Princesses, a Lady Percy and British Gentry to her wedding in Memphis gets kudos from me. You go lady!

    Cress complainers, get ready for the new woman on Harry’s arm to hate, because she’ll be more of the same. Blonde, wealthy,aristo connected , etc…. ha.

    Pippa Must hate being left off a wedding invite list?

  28. Jag says:

    I just want to say that the ribs at that place were fantastic the last time we went, when we lived in Tennessee and I was trying to get a glimpse of Rick Springfield eating there prior to his concert. (He was at another location, but the concert was awesome!)

    And the Peabody is a grand hotel, so I approve of both of those choices – with the exception that I don’t eat pork anymore, due to the virus outbreak in pigs that has killed over 7 million of them in the U.S. since last June.

  29. Adrien says:

    I read the headline as “PW and PH get their BBQ on in Memphis for Guy Fieri’s Wedding. “

  30. Mrs Odie says:

    I’m a sucker for the British monarchy. I devour Phillipa Gregory’s books. There’s something so charming about seeing the crown prince in dungarees mixing with the common people. Squee.

  31. TG says:

    I now obsessed with figuring out who this Guy Pelly is and his new bride Lizzie Wilson, who I had never heard of. I have looked up lots of pics of Guy and read a bit about him and can’t figure him out or can’t figure out if he and this Lizzie woman really love each other. Judging from his looks, his profession and his past he doesn’t seem like the kind who will be faithful to a wife and she doesn’t look pretty enough for him. He comes from money and I believe has plenty so can’t figure out why he would need to marry an American Heiress unless it really is love. The few pics I could find of them together they had no chemistry and made a strange pair. She does seem very comfortable in royal circles and seems to fit in mor naturally than the Middletons. I guess that is he upbringing since in the US she is considered part of the Very Upper Class, no middle class title to carry around. Anyway, these are justly observations and I am seriously hoping for another article covering this wedding that focuses more on the bride and groom. I thin this Guy Pelly dude is kind of hot.

  32. Olenna says:

    Well, nice to know the 4 royals had a nice visit. I lived and worked in the Memphis area for almost 3 years and couldn’t wait to leave. I’m curious to know what their combined security detail cost.