Taylor Swift loves being a cat lady in the city, she subsists on bread & water


Here are some photos of Taylor Swift all dressed up to make a quick stop to a NYC gym. She walked into the gym in front of the paps, then walked out a few minutes later. I don’t really get it. Is she trying to convince people that she looks like this after working out? Was she just stopping by to talk to someone? It’s weird. But then, Taylor is a strange girl. I feel like there’s some sort of nouveau Sex & the City fantasy that’s playing out in Swifty’s mind, but from the outside looking in… she just seems like Cat Lady In the City.

Page Six had an item over the weekend about how “boring” Swifty is – she went out to dinner with Karlie Kloss, Toni Garrn and Sir Philip Green, and they all got a private room. You know what she ate? A piece of bread and some water. That’s it. One piece of bread. A few sips of water. Gurl, are you on a diet?!

Radar had a story last week about Selena Gomez and Swifty and their former friendship. According to their sources, Selena broke up with Swifty because Swifty was and is very anti-Bieber (which speaks in Swifty’s favor until you remember that John Mayer punched her V-card) and Selena was no longer into Swifty’s cat lady vibe. A source claimed: “Selena was also so damn bored with Taylor. She didn’t want to bake cookies or paint anymore. She was just so done with it all.” OUCH.

As for Swifty and how she occupies her time when she’s not collecting high-profile female friends and baking cookies, various sources confirm that she’s actually working on a new album in NYC. Apparently, Swifty finds New York inspiring and “right now New York is more her speed.”



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. blue marie says:

    She looks cute. And I really want her shoes.

  2. Dani2 says:

    Her shoes are really killing this outfit for me. And as much as I love her, pictures like this are really starting to become Taylor’s equivalent of Hilary Duff style daily pap walks for me, I really like it when you don’t see a celeb much unless they’re promoting something.

  3. FingerBinger says:

    I don’t believe one word of that Page Six story. There’s no way Taylor is eating carbs.

    • kimber says:

      she is naturally slender, but she strikes me as one step away from an eating disorder if she gains an ounce…or doesnt ;) . She seems so controlling bc she schedules all her photos of her “living life” so meticulously that “free spirit” would never be in the same sentence as her name. She wants to appear perfect and it must be exhausting.

      • kri says:

        @kimber-agreeing with the idea of her being controlling. It’s strange hw everything she is supposedly doing really looks like either she’s on a movie set or photo shoot. It’s just…weird. So staged. I can see he scrapbooking all of these into a “Tay-tay In The Big Apple” album.

    • deehunny says:

      @finger– I thought the same thing when I read the headline. No way is that girl even eating bread lol.

  4. BooBooLaRue says:

    Love the shoes, lose the hair style.

  5. Renee28 says:

    Her clothes always look like costumes.

  6. Tiffany27 says:

    She looks like she’s going to a Parent Teacher conference.

  7. Lucy says:

    I like her little outfit. And who knows, maybe she was just signing up for the gym.

  8. kimber says:

    Obvious schedule paparazzi photo shoot. Her pics cant go for too much since they seem to always be scheduled??
    Kinda sad it seems.

  9. Alice.H says:

    I thought Taylor broke up with Selena because of her downhill spiral. Baking cookies and painting is healthier than drugs and alcohol.

  10. I’m offended by the term “cat lady”.

    • mimif says:

      She’s more of a kitten lady anyway. Oh, wait…
      *I better wait til Thursday for jokes. :)

    • V4Real says:

      LMBO because I get it.

      …and I too have been checking out the pics of your cats. I’m actually in the market for a kitten I just haven’t decided if I should adopt or buy. Either way I’m paying for it and saving a life.

      • What’s the adoption fee in NYC shelters? $250 for a kitten here in Boston.

      • lucy2 says:

        You might get a big break on spay/neuter costs if you go through a rescue/adoption.

      • V4Real says:

        @TOK Between $150 and $200, for kittens depending on where you go. Of course cats are a bit cheaper.

        I think here in NY the ASPCA adoption is free for cats over the age of 3. You only pay for the babies. This is another option I’m considering. I guess I’m just like the mothers who wants to adopt kids. They know all children need a home but they just want a baby as oppose to an older child.

        @Lucy you’re right. The ASPCA adoption includes spay/neuter cost and the first vet visit for free, along with micro-chipping. Oh and a pet carrier

        Damn I think you guys just help me make up my mind. I might adopt a cat and a kitten. Adopt one and get one free. Sounds like a deal to me.

      • Tig says:

        My last adoption I adopted a kitten and a yr old cat( tho think she was a bit older than that) – they got along famously. Sadly, both have passed on and am considering doing the same again. Much harder for older cats to be adopted. Good for you for opening up your home!

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Wow, older cats are free?
        …AND you get a free carrier?
        That’s awesome.

        I totally get the desire for a kitten. For me, it was strategic in the sense that I thought my 5-year-old girl would be more tolerant/less afraid of a boy kitten. Sadly, not so much. I love him to death and don’t regret getting him for a second but there were days when I first had him that I thought I had made a mistake getting a kitten…he was so much crazier than my girl was as a baby-tearing up furniture, peeing in the plants, crying all night…it was a rough start.

        It would be great if you could adopt an older mommy cat and one of her kittens.

      • V4Real says:

        “he was so much crazier than my girl was as a baby-tearing up furniture, peeing in the plants, crying all night…it was a rough start”

        Wow TOK it’s like you had a child. Reminds me of my last kitten Scar named after the Lion King character. He was literally rescued from the streets of Jersey. That kitten had personality.

        @Tig I’m going to say go for it and do it again. I am an animal lover but a dog would be too much for me right now. I think I’m definetely going with the adult cat/kitten route. I will keep you guys posted when I I get my babies.

      • Prettylights says:

        Good for you to take a kitty into your home! My Mom always gets her through shelters (she must have 2 at once…a boy and a girl). She always adopts the older cats in the 4-7 year range because she knows they don’t have as a good of a chance to get adopted as the babies. The only (possible) problem with that is that then they already have full personalities and quirks, but she just learns to live with that. She has always gotten them for very cheap since they are older.

        Both of my boys I got for free as kittens from friends. Cactus we got when he was about 4 months old, and when he was about 10 months we got Baxter. At first they hated each other but Baxter was soooo tiny that Cactus wound up being his big brother and showing him the ways of life and now they adore each other. I feel lucky it worked out that way!

        Between both of them for vet visits and neutering I think we dropped about $150 each to get them set up with shots and everything. I had an appointment set to get them declawed too but after reading about it I could not put them through that and canceled it. They are pretty good about only scratching on their posts so that worked out well.

        I do suggest introducing the cats slowly if you get two at the same time. Since we got Cactus first he was used to having reign of the house and he was spoiled rotten. When we brought Baxter home we put him in the spare bedroom with his own food, water, and litter box and my BF and I would take turns sleeping in there with him so he wasn’t lonely. We let them smell each other under the door and bat paws for a week, then slowly let Cactus in the room once or twice a day for short supervised visits. It took about 3 weeks to get them acclimated to where they could be in the same room and play but not fight and then we let them share the house.

      • lucy2 says:

        I saw a great saying about shelter pets once – when you rescue one, you save 2 lives – the one you adopted, and the one who gets the space in the shelter next.

        There’s a cat rescue near me that is awesome – two weekends ago they had a special event for bonded pairs, so it was only for people looking for 2. I think it’s really nice they do that, keep bonded cats together. As much as I love kittens, I think I might adopt a pair like that next time – which I hope is still several years away, my girl is 14 but thankfully very healthy.

      • jwoolman says:

        Consider getting two cats who already get along reasonably well – the shelter might be able to suggest a couple. Since you don’t have an older cat already, you don’t really need a kitten to be the senior cat’s child. And kittens are a lot of work for a human, much easier to have a foster feline mom or dad available to raise the kit and act as a built-in babysitter. Better for the kitten to have a feline role model also. Mom and her kitten would be nice, of course. But two unrelated adult cats who don’t completely hate each other would work for you also, they would both be able to explore the place and you together, which would ease their stress. They still will make friends with you, each in their own way and in their own time.

      • Lauraq says:

        Jumping in here-I adopted my Hobbes at 9 months. Pretty much grown. According to the Humane Society my Skinny Kitty was 6 months old when I found him starving on the street (hence his name).
        They’re 6 and 7 now, and while I like to visit my friends’ kittens and have playdates with them, I would never trade the focused playfulness and love of my adult cats for the nonsense that kittens are full of.

    • PunkyMomma says:

      Cat lady here, too. Banner of Honor, I say. (Your fur babies are beautiful.)

    • Bucky says:

      And, I mean, it’s not like cat ladies CAN’T party.

  11. mia girl says:

    Uh oh NY…watch yourself.

    Right now its all spring and flowers with Taylor and she will definitely be writing a song about how wonderful you are and how its the love affair with you that has finally made her a woman.

    That’s until you catch one of her $800 heels in one of your sidewalk grates, you begin to smell of baking garbage in the hot summer sun and a cab splashes water on her.
    Then watch out. Break-up song revenge!!!!!

  12. Allie says:

    Her image is so contrived. It’s hard to image having fun with her because I feel like in public , at least, she had to look and remain perfect at all times. She wants to remain so hip though, with all her new female friends.

    And while she’s def naturally thin, you can tell she lost a lot of weight. She looks really frail.

  13. poppy says:

    when does she find time to write songs? seems like she spends an inordinate amount of time shellacking her face, picking out clothes, and planning her pap walks.
    her mirror must be exhausted.

  14. Amanda_M87 says:

    What makes her a cat lady anyway? She’s only 24 years old. Give her a break.

  15. Eleonor says:

    I really like what she is wearing here. I want the shoes, and that purse. And the dress, even if I couldn’t pull it off.
    I know she was with John Mayer, but seriously I’ve had my dose of douche too when I was young, unlike Selena she didn’t go back to Mr. Douche, she has written some hit songs out of that relationship and earned tons of money, probably she may even have learned something.
    Selena ended up in rehab, and her career is in the middle of nowhere.

  16. Lila says:

    I would shade her for the fashion parade but as someone who gets a silly amount of joy out of putting together my outfits every day, it looks like a blast. I am side-eying the gym stories though. It seems like every other day there is a new picture of Taylor leaving a building they call a gym looking completely put together. There may be a gym there but I don’t buy that is why Taylor is there.

    I don’t believe the Page Six story. I believe she has been dieting, girl has gotten really skinny, but I don’t believe she would eat just a piece of bread at a restaurant. If the story had said salad and water with lime maybe but this version makes no sense.

    I am so tired of all the stories about how boring Swifty is. So clubbing until three a.m. is not her thing. That is not actually a personality crime or a sign of stunted maturity. Some people just don’t roll that way. Taylor hangs out with a pretty wide variety of people. Unlike some immature friendships, morphing into Taylor doesn’t seem to a be a prerequisite to being photographed together. Selena can go bang her Bieber and leave Taylor to her wine (seen in the back of several of her Instagram pics) and cookies as far as I am concerned.

    • Xantha says:

      Selena may have a slew of problems right now, but that doesn’t mean Taylor is fine either. From personal experience I find that people like Taylor who try to present a certain image to the world at all times, 9 times out of 10, they’re hiding some major shit.

      • Priya says:

        I’ll believe it when I see it. I think she’s really close to her parents, has a lot of friends, and takes care of her cat. She’s smart. She also pretty much posts on Twitter and Instagram regularly enough that she’s not suspect. Plus, studies show that the oldest female sibling is usually a success.

        So until they catch her with meth or whatever, then I’m just going to have to believe she’s a well adjusted young woman who takes good care of her cat.

  17. Dani says:

    Am I the only one who wants to burn those shoes?

  18. Dame snarkweek says:

    Ooh ah she is frail looking yet it seems her face has gotten rounder. I don’t get it.

  19. Hissyfit says:

    She look so cute minus the shoes.

  20. flutters says:

    Lovely outfit but yea, these pap strolls are getting pretty obvious. I really like the idea of Taylor working on her new album in New York City though, I think it’s a great fit for her evolving image.

  21. lrm says:

    Oh c’mon she was not with john mayer. i don’t even think katy perry was-I think mayer’s stuff [except maybe aniston] is mostly PR. But swifty for sure was a PR rumor with mayer. SO MANY of these ‘so and so couples spotted out and about’ are sheer PR and they are written about like they are real. Harry Styles and swifty? really? who on this blog really believes HS is straight? geesh. Even if he were, they could easily be ‘shown as hooking up’ for the media coverage. That seems to be what it’s all about these days-the music industry-everything is prerecorded ‘featuring so and so’ and you know it’s recorded thousands of miles away and then spliced into the track. But people listen like these so called ‘musicians’ are actually hanging out together making great music. lol. Everything is image today. so little is real or actual substance. Now, all the former indie films have become mainstream and the great indie directors are, too. It’s all integrated and a diluted version of what it was. blah. but, no, just no on mayer and swifty. that did not happen.
    Also, she doesn’t actually write those songs about breakups. These are PR setups so that people will think they are about certain people and hence make the songs more ‘gossip worthy’ and/or popular with tweens/teens who are naturally of the gossip/emotional overdrama ilk.

  22. here's Wilson says:

    those shoes might’ve been cool when they showed up in vogue eight or nine years ago… now, not so cool

  23. wendy says:

    She’s so lame.
    The shoes do not work with this look.
    I bet she’s boring.

  24. Xantha says:

    There are some pap photos of her working out at Tracy Anderson’s gym a few weeks back. Not a good sign. She could be doing her diet. And yes Taylor is a classic control freak who feels the need to uphold her image at all times. All celebs try to control their image but she takes it on another level.

    And these pap pics are so staged only the most naive fans will not believe. I mean there are many famous people who live in New York who aren’t papped as much. Beyonce and Jay-Z live in the Tribeca area as well and even they don’t get papped as much. I don’t get why she needs to be photographed so much, especially since she’s not promoting anything right now.

  25. JenniferJustice says:

    I’m tired of this girl dressing up for the paps and faking errands. Why does she always seem to dress like a 1950′s secretary? I am a secretary (Admin Asst – thank you very much) and even we don’t dress this “clerical.” Seriously, please stop leaning back and doing the model pose. It’s old. It’s tiresome. It’s played and more than anything…it’s really obvious.

  26. prissa says:

    I really love her outfits – they remind me of pinafores and Edwardian lace up boots. Such a cute, demure style compared to someone like Kim Kardashian or Mariah Carey. Refreshing & stylish!

  27. I Choose Me says:

    I just came here to say that her outfit is seriously cute. I’m liking the shoes too, though I wish they were a different colour.

  28. Caz says:

    Taylor can’t win with some people. Lots of criticism directed at her. Do you want her to do a Kardashian special (take your pick – release a sex tape, release fake PR stories, have fake relationships, do a fake “reality” show etc etc)?

  29. janet says:

    I’m a granny and I wouldn’t wear those shoes! UGLY!! Why is she always so made up? Does the makeup come off? I also agree with the writer. It appears she lives her life through a “fantasy idea.”

  30. HoustonGrl says:

    Her hair, wtf!??? She clearly invests a lot of thought into her appearance, and yet THIS is the result? Mind boggled.

  31. Luke says:

    I think she looks beautiful here. But what’s the point of being stinking rich if all you get to eat is bread and water. And what’s the point of being beautiful and successful like her and dating douchey guys? If I were her, I’d eat caviar and lobster everyday, drink expensive wine, and get myself a beefy muscular golddigger who is a god in bed. That’s how one enjoys being young and rich.

  32. brionne says:


    A country artist…inspired by NYC? Interesting!

  33. magpie says:

    She is so high maintenance most dudes must run the other way.