Mickey Rourke favors interspecies sex over Courtney Love

Mickey Rourke was besieged by paparazzi last night, one of whom asked him “is it true you’re going out with Courtney Love?”

Rourke used an analogy that reminded me of Gerard Butler’s creative answer to rumors of whether he was screwing Cameron Diaz.

Rourke said “I’d rather be on a deserted island with a gorilla.” [From video available on TMZ]

Does that mean that he got a taste of the Love and found it sour or that he’s so repulsed by her in general he’d rather spend time with aggressive animals? I think it’s the latter and props for Rourke for coming up with a doozy. If it were any other woman I might find it offensive, but in this case it makes perfect sense.

Courtney Love is pissing off another high powered star. She is said to be on Madonna’s sh*t list after she was mistaken for the pop singer several times in London and given preferential treatment. There’s only so much you can do to make plastic surgery look unique:

I’m hearing Madonna is none too happy with Courtney Love for morphing herself to mirror the Material Mom’s current look. Madonna was further irked when she heard Love was mistaken for her at least a half-dozen times this past week in several London clubs and one restaurant — where the maitre d’ gave Love a better table, thinking she was Madonna!

[From the Chicago Sun Times]

Love has also called out Madonna, and is quoted as saying “Madonna had better stay the hell away from London when I move here to live! There’s no room for us both. Buckinghamshire is where I want to go.” Maybe she just doesn’t want Madonna using up the perks she’s cashing in based on the resemblance. Many people would rather see Love exiled to that island that Rourke mentioned, although her daughter is probably relieved at the move if she doesn’t have to go with her.

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19 Responses to “Mickey Rourke favors interspecies sex over Courtney Love”

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  1. Kaiser says:

    I like Gerry Butler’s horse comment better. Mmmm…Gerry Butler on a horse.

  2. sissoucat says:

    Is Courtney Love that bad ? I mean – besides her Internet rants ?

  3. I Choose Me says:

    ^^ Um wasn’t the comment you’re alluding to about a dog and not a horse?

  4. Enonymous says:

    Mickey Rourke should not really talk should he, not when he looks like that.

  5. Bobby the K says:

    Wouldn’t interspecies sex and sex with Courtney Love be the same thing?

  6. Judy says:

    Geeze Mickey, have you looked at yourself lately?? YOu look like someone just made your face up in a hurry. Love is not that bad and there is no reason for people to slice and dice her, she is not ugly, strange but not ugly and Mickey used ot be hot..what happened. He felt sorry for himself when people were saying ugly things about him so why would he go and cut down Love ?

  7. Diva says:

    I think it’s absolutely HILARIOUS that people are mistaking Courtney FREAKing LOVE for Madonna!!!!! That is just truly poetic.

    hahaha {=0D

  8. Evil Overlord says:

    Me thinks this is a case of the pot calling the kettle black…

  9. jim says:

    i am without speech !!! jeez, just the thought of either one of these ‘stars’ naked is enough to make me sick.

  10. sonicgirl says:

    @ Judy:
    at least Mickey Rourke USED to be hot. I don’t remember Courtney Love being hot… like.. ever..

  11. ChristinaX says:

    I don’t like Courtney Love, but I’m sure there’s nothing better than that circus attraction Bai Ling he was bopping around with a few weeks ago that he just ditched for some 21 year old twat that he wouldn’t give the time of day.

    Yeah, Mickey Rourke, you’ve chosen yourself some real f*cking winners. Since he’s been with social climbing famewhores in the past, he might as well choose someone who actually shows INTEREST in him, eh?

    Oh, and on a totally superficial note, I think Bai Ling is fug. She has a good body she flaunts that makes her seem more attractive than she actually is…Courtney Love is now prettier than she is.

  12. Goddess711 says:

    Considering how effed up M.R’s face is, I’m thinking interspecies is pretty much a good match for him.

  13. gizmo says:

    you people dont get mickey at all. First off, he looks the best he has in years, the bad surgeries have either been corrected or they are settling in. Like he was 20 yrs ago, this man is sooooo sexy, oozes with charisma,he never lost that. So ,yes he can get a hot chick, and doesnt need to settle for courtney, or he has major buyers remorse! LOL

  14. Codzilla says:

    Bobby: Lol! That’s hilarious. (And probably true.)

  15. maxi says:

    mickeyyyy! you are such a hot bitch!!!!

  16. MJ says:

    Hey you extremely intelligent people, Mr. Rourke was referring to Ms.Love in general. Have you not seen her attitude and the way she acts? Utterly repulsive. Mr. Rourke is kinda cute anyways.

  17. geronimo says:

    @gizmo – I get Mickey just like you do! If all people see is the external with him, they’re missing out on the authentic, funny, intelligent man that he is. On an intellect level, Courtney is well below the gorilla.

  18. Jack says:

    As someone once said “I don’t care what they do as as long as they don’t do it in the street and frighten the horses!” If Mickey was looking, he could probably find a better looking $20.00 hooker than either of those two worn out phonies. If all of them that were stuck in them were sticking out, they would look like porcupines.

  19. czarina says:

    That kind of juvinile nastiness is beneath an adult, and certainly someone who wants to be taken for a professional.
    If he feels that way, fine. He can belittle Courtney Love all he likes…in private.
    Saying something like that in public, (and I don’t care WHAT Courtney Love is like, that is besides the point) is demeaning to both of them, and in my opinion, to women in general.
    What a complete jerk.