The simple leg exercise that could replace your vibrator

I know this isn’t celebrity gossip, but Page Six carried this today and I was quite curious to learn the details of the exercise and find out if it worked. They say there’s an exercise that Men’s Health covered recently called the single-leg squat that has the added benefit of being arousing for women. In fact several women wrote in to say they experienced orgasms while performing it:

One of our fitness experts, Alwyn Cosgrove, described a great exercise called the single-leg squat,” says Men’s Health Editor in Chief Dave Zinczenko. “But since the story ran, at least half a dozen women have e-mailed us to report that they experience orgasm during the exercise,” an effect attributed to pressure on the pelvic floor. “It’s a core exercise, so we’re calling the results ‘coregasm,’ ” quipped Zinczenko. It doesn’t work for men.

Men’s Health interviews experts who claim it works through some combination of squeezing the pelvic muscles while releasing tension in the legs. To get the full effect, they say, you have to work to exhaustion and push yourself to do just a few more reps.

It took me a while to find the actual exercise on the Men’s Health website, and it’s pretty simple. You stand on a stool or bench that’s knee high with one leg off to the side. You flex the foot that’s not on the bench and squat until the heel of that foot touches the floor.

I had to try it to test it out, and although I didn’t see stars or anything I can report that it works like they say. I am in decent shape, but it’s a hard exercise. I used a knee-high stool and could only do about three sets of ten reps on each leg 1/2 way down and had to use the wall to balance. If you’re not quite strong enough to perform the full exercise, I guess you could do it halfway like I did with the same effect, or you can train for it using a less difficult modified squat detailed in the article.

To get the most intense benefit, it seems like you have to hang your non-working leg to the side of the bench as Men’s Health recommends, not to the front or back as is often done with single-leg squats.

Another exercise that’s said to be arousing to women are hanging leg raises using a Roman Chair. That’s the frame on which you rest your forearms while raising your legs to work your abs.

I used to do that in the gym all the time and never noticed anything going on down there. My money is on the single leg squat. I’m going to keep practicing that one at home for sure. I sometimes get that running high when I’m on the treadmill or bike, but this is much more motivating.

Update: If you have knee problems, like reader Alex, or are not used to doing weight-bearing exercises you should hold off from doing these as they are much tougher than regular squats. Try to build up your endurance gradually and take it easy at first. Also consult a doctor before beginning any new exercise program as they always say.

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  1. Wren says:

    CB, I love the picture of the girl at the bottom :)

  2. alex says:

    i’d love to leave a longer comment, but i suddenly feel the need to sprint down the hall into my bf’s office and try out his bench press. for, um… for my legs. yes, i simply want to tone my legs…

  3. alex says:

    well nuts. the first set was fine, then i switched legs so i could keep up my h.r. and get all the sets done faster thus feel good faster… shoulda known that my right knee (which has hurt lately) wasn’t up to standing on the bench press bended while supporting my fat ass. woops. note to all other celebitchy readers: don’t do this if you have any knee problems. i swear i’m not an idiot, i just got jazzed and didn’t think this out very well. now, if anyone needs me, i’ll be icing my knee and apologizing to my vibrator for straying.

  4. celebitchy says:

    Alex I am sorry about that! I will add a warning to the post. That sucks and I hope you have recovered soon. I balanced on a wall using the side opposite the leg that was down and this helped me a lot as the exercises were hard.

  5. Chibarosa says:

    You know what else produces the same result? (for me anyway)
    The abs exercise where you hang from the rack and lift your legs up. It’s also a core exercise, so I guess the same pelvic muscles are engaged.

  6. celebitchy says:

    Chibaroa I mentioned that at the end of the post about the leg raises also causing that same effect. I don’t know if it is as effective though.

  7. dinah shore junior says:

    This is so funny because for the longest time I had this little secret. When I was an adolescent I used to do crunches with my legs extended upwards and crossed. After about 60 of these crunches, I would get this warm rush and then drop my legs and just lay there feeling great for a few moments. I actually didn’t know I was having orgasms until a few years later when I knew a bit more about that stuff…

  8. AC says:

    I have done that excersize many many many time over the years and i don’t remember ever getting excited. Maybe more pelvic floor contractions.

  9. gg says:

    Same here. If I was feelin the vibe whilst exercising, I’d have to stop to achieve the, erm, result mentioned in the article. I’ve had em in my sleep before but never ever exercising.

  10. chicmommy says:

    This exercise is called the “leg press” in the FIRM exercise videos. I used to do them alot when I actually had the time to workout. I used the 14 inch tall box that you buy from the FIRM company. Helped me firm up my butt, but sorry, no orgasm.

    But I have to say, the Roman Chair works.

  11. joehawkins says:

    I can absolutely confirm the roman chair effect… I couldn’t believe it the first time it happened… I asked around my gym at the time, but they were all guys, so none of them had any clue what I was talking about. This is the first time I have ever heard mentioned, so thanks for confirming that I’m not the only one. I need to try that leg lift ;-P

  12. heck says:

    This is bullshit and just a way for Men’s Health to get some press.

  13. christie says:

    actually ‘heck’ i can vouch that this works, atleast for the ‘roman chair’ which i utilized pre-vibrator to achieve the pleasurable end. i’m trying the new exercise tonight ;)

  14. pink says:

    I am so glad I’ve come accross others that have the same experience as me. I first discovered at the age of 12 that I could orgasm when I borrowed my mum’s yoga tape and knealt on the floor arms stretched to the ceiling, raised up on my haunches and did circular motions. AND quite a few years later I found the same thing happened doing squats in the gym. I have confessed to a few girl friends but they think i’m nuts. Seems there are a quite a few exercises that do the trick to. If anyone knows of others, I would be happy to hear from you. I thought I was the only girl this happened to!

  15. MM says:

    Leg lifts do it for me too since I was a teenager. Two versions: 1st: Lay on your side with the leg that is on the ground bent at the knee to help support you. Support your head with your hand. Then move your top leg forward (straight in front of you)so it is straight with your hip. Move slowly and it only takes about 10 leg movements. (keep tension going.) The more you move the leg each time toward the front of you the more intense the feeling will be.

    2nd: Or lie down in the same position as the 1st except lift your leg straight up toward the ceiling and then move it toward the front of you and then bring your leg down. Keep the tension going by not putting your leg down on the floor. Bring the leg back up and over and then down to starting position again. Do a few of these and you get the same great feeling.