Nicole Kidman in white Altuzarra at Cannes photocall: Botoxy or beautiful?


Before everyone starts yelling at me for criticizing Nicole Kidman, I’d just like to point out that last night, I made the conscious choice to ignore the Botoxy state of Nicole’s face when I was looking through some photos of her arriving in Cannes. But then everybody else saw the photos, and by this morning, multiple outlets are like, “Wow, Nicole really went overboard on the ‘Tox, right?” And she did. It’s okay to say it. You can still like Nicole AND think that she should ease up on the ‘Tox. And fillers too, by the way. The ‘Tox is in her forehead and the fillers are what’s making her cheeks look so bizarre.

Anyway, these are photos from this morning’s photocall for Grace of Monaco – the big Cannes red carpet premiere is tomorrow night. Depending on what Nicole is wearing and whether we get the photos in at a reasonable time, I might cover it tomorrow afternoon (don’t hold me to that). I’m also including some photos of Nicole appearing on Le Grand Journal last night (the black outfit). Nicole’s white dress at the photocall is Altuzarra. It’s okay. Over the past few years, she’s been doing more delicate, lacy, girly clothes – I could see Duchess Kate in this dress as well, couldn’t you? Well, Kate would have it tailored to make the skirt shorter.

As for Grace of Monaco, the film that will open Cannes, the film where Nicole plays Her Serene Highness Princess Grace… lord, there are so many controversies. Harvey Weinstein hates the director and Harvey might not even distribute the film in America. The Grimaldis are pissed off because of the Lifetime-quality storytelling. And Nicole is frantically trying to play mediator and peacemaker, issuing statements and trying to get Harvey back on her side. Hopefully the premiere will bring some good fashion, but beyond that… let’s not expect too much.




Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. db says:

    The ‘tox is strong in this one.

  2. SurlyMonkey says:

    She looks like a Real Housewife…. add in some janky extensions to her already fried hair and she’s right there…

    She’s so talented, its a shame she’s done this to herself.

  3. KatNotNice says:

    She ruined her face….. and that beautiful red hair of her suits her much better thatn the blonde… urgh!

    • Belle says:

      I don’t hate the blonde on her, but her natural red is SO much better! Same thing with the curls… How long has it been since she’s been seen with her natural curls?

      I understand the hair style she has for promoting the movie, but I would love to see her with natural, red curls again.

    • Kori says:

      I love the red as well. Gorgeous. I read once however that she has a lot of gray hair though and it’s harder to cover it up with the red hair (something with the texture I think) which is why she keeps going back to the blonde. She once had a lovely light strawberry blonde that was a good compromise–much better than blonde-blonde. And she wore bangs and so you couldn’t see the Botox forehead as much. I wish she’d go back to that or just let up on the Botox. I’ve always thought she was exceptionally beautiful.

    • Fue McCormick says:

      I’m glad you brought up the red hair because I was thinking the same thing. She should go back to the red (even though when she went blonde she claimed blonde was her true hair color.) Then she should add a few blonde streaks strategically placed so the gray blends in. Or she could go all red and keep one of those handy-dandy yet temporary hair color pens and just color over the gray everyday.
      (I’m also disappointed she got implants.)
      She’s just so fake these days and continues to lie about it thinking we’re all stupid. She should just ‘fess up and move on … because we’re not going to …

  4. Ana Maria says:

    …OMG, in the first picture it seems she has grown horns, right above her brows…

  5. HappyMom says:

    Jesus-it’s not only the botox-it’s the fillers all over her face and her lips! Argh. I had just seen photos of her a few weeks ago where she was looking so much more natural. Clearly she had a major touch up before she started this round of press.

  6. Jac says:

    Ironically, the botox and fillers are only making her look older.

    • Esmom says:

      ITA. Tragic. And that caterpillar lip is downright frightening.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Exactly! When will women understand this. Ugh.

      It doesn’t have to be this way either…

    • chaine says:

      i agree. it’s so sad what she’s done to her face. she’s just a few years older than me and she looks 60+. the overly dyed blond hair does not help. the “girly” dresses do not help, either. her face is no longer “girly” and the dresses emphasize that. she could do with a more classic wardrobe and clothing and hair colors that suit her mature skin–she would look soooo much better.

      • Eleonor says:

        Sometimes I see women with wrong makeup which make them look older than they are, I was stunned by a selfie made by Demi Lovato she was super cute, and seriously with makeup on she looks a LOT older; but this is not the case.
        I don’t think she looks “old”. I think she looks freakish, her face hasn’t anything “natural” or human anymore.

    • TheOriginalTiffany says:

      I know! I’m a year younger and honestly, I would much rather have my face doing a natural aging thing. She looks 15 years older than your average 45 year old does.

      The fillers are way too aggressive these days. These women looks like muppets up close. I see them that close when they visit our backstage.

      I feel sorry for any woman insecure enough to disfigure themselves like this.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I agree. It is so harsh and doing the opposite of what it is intended to do.

      In the 3rd photo, there is a ridge in her cheek. So unnecessary! It makes me love the women who chose the other road that much more.

  7. HadleyB says:

    Botox can effect your smile as well so I think she has botox for her eyes as well. When I had it one time it was too much and my smile was so odd for months. I HATED it.

    But yes, the fillers are too much as well. The problem is Dr’s / patients think filler look GREAT when the face is at rest, which it does but it looks so odd when you are smiling. They need to re think how they do fillers, how much/ often and placement so people look good when you are at rest and smiling.

    She looks terrible and usually she looks good to me even with botox/fillers. This time she went overboard.

  8. MG says:

    Oh Nicole, why? And her hair looks terrible too. She should wear her natural curls, she had such beautiful curls.

  9. Sarah says:

    I don’t understand this she is in her mid to late 40s right? This doesn’t make her look younger, if anything I have no idea how old she is here she could be anything from late 40s to 60s but she definitely doesn’t look younger. So why do this to yourself?

  10. Christin says:

    And she’s only mid-40s, right? Quickly turning into a plastic looking caricature of herself, which is sad.

  11. Eleonor says:

    The Death Becomes Her.

    I can’t believe this used to be one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood.

  12. Hollz says:

    Crazy pale skin, overly dark eyes, blood red lips….She looks like a vampire!

    • someone says:

      I thought that too – the botox may be wonky but the pale skins and dark lips just makes it all worse. Some color on her skin would go a long way to improving her looks as would a darker hair color. Maybe she should try spray tan.

      • Jayna says:

        I saw a clip of her after she entered the building in that outfit to answer questions on the panel. Her cheeks don’t even look bad like the photos because she’s not at angles and smiling, just talking. So her face is flatter. But you can see her face is just lacquered with foundation and powder, way too heavy-handed and thick, to me, and then against those red lips, it’s just so overdone and not fresh looking.

  13. Mia4S says:

    Bangs Nicole, a nice fringe. They do wonders to hide forehead wrinkles. If they are not “in” fashion this year they’ll be back next year. Anything is better than what she’s doing to what was a truly beautiful face. Heartbreaking.

  14. fairy godmother says:

    IIRC over a year ago she said she was going to lay off all that crap. What is wrong with these women who over do it? Sad. Very sad.

  15. Micha says:

    She looks like a Stepford wife.

    • I Choose Me says:

      She once starred in the remake of the Stepford Wives so apropos?

    • Lee says:

      Her hair is usually pulled back severely to reveal her unnaturally shiny, wrinkle-free forehead, which only adds to the Stepford look. At some point, she chose alien over human/natural aging – many in Hollywood seem to make this bizarre choice. Naomi Watts looks beautiful and natural, so I’m surprised Nic is still pumping her face full of poisons when her friend looks so much better than her.

      But what annoys me the most about her are the lies about her botox use, when it’s obvious to anyone with eyes that she’s an addict. She’s a great actress, but I find it really hard to like her as a person – so fake and put-on.

  16. LAK says:

    She looks awful. It’s not just the fillers and tox, she’s re-done her upper lip – is that an implant? And is looks like she has slightly bigger veneers. Her one eye is almost closed from all that she’s injected into her face.

    All in all cat lady.

    Ps: this premiere was announced awhile ago, why the hell didn’t she do this work in time for it to settle so we aren’t all distracted by her cat face?

    Or was that the plan? To distract from the movie and harvey/director blow out??!!

    • Belle says:

      Well if it was the plan, I guess it is sort of working. Everyone is talking about how awful Nicole looks instead of how bad the movie is! Thinking she might be regretting the plan now? Wondering if it will be ‘leaked’ that she has had to be on medication that causes puffiness…

  17. Froop says:

    Dreadful. She used to be stunning.

  18. Bess says:

    Her forehead is frightening.

  19. Mari says:

    She looks now like a hamster…

  20. neve says:

    pre mummification preservation at its finest

  21. Wilma says:

    She could have gone the Cate Blanchett route and sadly she didn’t

    • Joanna says:

      Cate might not have fillers but she’s botoxed

      • Pinky Rose says:

        Uhmm no. If you looks recent pictures of Cate you can see that her skin while pretty much pore free and tarnished, she still has wrinkles. It could be that she has work done, but if it is the case, it is done very subtle.

      • PennyLane says:

        As long as it’s subtle it’s not a problem. I don’t touch the stuff myself, but if my job involved being on camera I might consider it.

        Cate Blanchett and Naomi Watts seem to be the actresses who are handling the aging process the most successfully. Almost all actresses in their forties (my age group) are now looking ‘off’…recently I saw a picture of Jennifer Connolly and didn’t recognize her. I don’t know what procedures Jennifer Connolly had done, but she no longer looks like herself.

  22. Ag says:

    “it’s like a monet. it looks good from far away, but up close, it’s a mess.”

  23. lmh says:

    It’s such a shame. She really is a beautiful woman and she didn’t need to screw up her face like that.
    She’s starting to look like Jimmy Neutron in the forehead area.

  24. Sandra says:

    What I’m noticing is her eyebrows – they seem extra arched, almost joker like. That’s what really caught my eye.

  25. shellybean says:

    Ugh. She makes me sad. She was a great beauty once upon a time before she started with the fillers and lip implants. Her cheeks here are terrifying.

  26. Elisabeth says:

    nothing like over complicating something so basic as ‘blinking’

  27. Jaded says:

    Wowsa, chipmunk cheeks….that combined with her fake choppers, pale skin and toxed out forehead makes her look like an albino bat…please Nicole, stop with the cosmetic procedures before you completely ruin your looks!!! She’d still be gorgeous without all that crap!

  28. HoustonGrl says:

    This is really too bad. I think Nicole is a little manic, why else would she do this to herself? It doesn’t look “right.” She is an amazing actress and if she had only let herself age naturally (or even just moderately), then she could still be playing some really interesting characters. But instead she is relegated to these C-list roles.

  29. Birdie says:

    Her cheeks are ridiculous.

  30. goopita says:

    I love the designer. Altuzarra lately has been very “in” between the Hollywood leading ladies. Check out this LBD that Robin Wright wore at a party before the WHCD.
    It’s funny (and I’ve read this before) how those who admit the botox like Wright, looks normal, like she’s not abusing of it, and her face looks fresh and glowing, and those who won’t admit it, like Kidman, looks like they’re exaggerating and her face is freeze and bloated.

  31. Sarah says:

    I admire your attempt to ignore the botox and fillers but my God… can you? Really and truly. This gorgeous woman is just ruining herself.

  32. lambchops says:

    I just want to know when anyone has used cheek fillers and it has actually looked good. I am a fan, but this is just sad. What does she see in the mirror?

  33. Bread and Circuses says:

    Eh, the ‘tox is FRESH, is the main problem. In a few months, it will have settled down.

    Too fresh, plus the fact she’s standing in bright sunlight makes it obvious she can’t squint anymore.

  34. Green Is Good says:

    I assume her coffin is off screen somewhere…? (Yikes!)

  35. Vee says:

    She looks frightening, so unnatural. Unfortunately, her husband, Keith Urban is following her lead, he’s been using the ‘tox and fillers as well.

    Sad, just age gracefully.

  36. Triple Cardinal says:

    Poor Keith. He gets to wake up to this. And with her career weakening, it’s only going to get worse.

  37. siri says:

    Just found this in Daily Mail:
    It’s also from Cannes.
    Doesn’t anybody tell her that this is anything but beautiful? What about her husband- I mean, he must notice…And she doesn’t look a day younger with it. She used to have such delicate features, what a shame.
    The dress I don’t like. Demure was probably the idea, but this just looks kind of boring.

  38. Shelby says:

    In the 2nd pic she reminds me of Elizabeth Montgomery (the TV show Bewitched)

  39. don't kill me i'm french says:
    Semi-OT Weinstein is not in Cannes now…he Went ro visit Syrian refugees ( as if he was really interested by the refugees)

  40. Ravensdaughter says:

    Scary face-but the white ensemble is lovely. I agree, though-it needs tailoring, but no short skirts for Nicole, please.
    I am viewing this as true peasant who shops at Goodwill. I can’t wear white anyway…

  41. Linda says:

    These people need to stop…she looks horrible…and plastic and just horrible…She has absolutely ruined what once was a beautiful face!

  42. Allie says:

    Hopefully the work is just fresh and will settle down soon. But once it does she will probably run to get more done. I feel so bad for her. She was lovely once.

  43. Emily C. says:

    She looks terrible. Just let yourself be the age you are, and you will look good. Botox makes people look undead.

    I don’t think Grace of Monaco is really controversial — there have to be many people on at least two different sides which disagree for something to be controversial. Everyone except the tiny group of people who worked on it agrees that this film is a mess, and the critics also all seem to agree on the exact ways in that it’s a mess, and also that it may become a camp classic.

  44. ek says:

    Love her dress + shoes. Her face literally made me gasp. I cannot with that face. Holy hell.

  45. Jayna says:

    Her face has been looking back to normal, and it looks normal in the movie promo photos It’s like she has this big red carpet and she runs to the doctor for a little filler and it turns into those cheeks. Why? When she smiles those little pouchy cheeks show up where she did it and just looks odd, especially at certain angles Her face wasn’t like that when she was younger, so why now with the chimpmunk cheeks? Her best friend, Naomi Watts, gets it and looks great because of it, no fake cheeks.

    I like that Nicole has left her eyes alone, at least. She had lines around her eyes in photos I saw last night in her beautiful black dress. I have zero lines in my forehead, smooth as a baby. And my sister hates me for it, because she’s younger and has lines on her forehead and in between her eyes. So maybe Nicole’s is normally like that smooth. Her eyebrows aren’t that frozen, arched high up look like in the past where she had overbotoxed. Her eyebrows are in their normal position, so that’s why I don’t think she’s overbotoxed. I just think she’s back to the filler again with those cheeks and distorts her face. The shiny look is a lot of makeup, etc., to me for the red carpet, maybe too many lasers and peels also.

    • Chiara says:

      it’s sad, but this is the result of how Hollywood misogynists power players put pressure on actresses to look young. They won’t ask the same to male actors, they can look rough and old and wrinkled and they’ll always be considered heartthrobs and handsome. Often leading men are paired to actresses 10 o even 20 years younger, and nobody blinks an eye. It’s our fault also, as public, for keep this insane thing going on, as we continue to watch this films like nothing.

    • Esmom says:

      Agree that her eyebrows are not nearly as jacked as they have been in the past, but clearly something is going on with her left eye. It almost looks like a neurological condition or something. Frightening if this is purely elective.

      I’m wondering now if there’s ever any way for her to go back to her natural state or is the damage permanent?

  46. Intro Outro says:

    Wow.. That third pic.. Wow O__O

    With the almost unanimously negative reviews for Grace of Monaco and the way Nicole looks – I am feeling really sad for her.

  47. aenflex says:

    When I saw her in Dead Calm I thought she was one of the most beautiful women ever. Such a far cry from today.

    • Jayna says:

      I thought that in Moulin Rouge. The movie was shot with a ton of close-ups and she was stunning, perfection. Few actresses could have survived the way he shot that movie with all the close-ups. Her delicate beauty and features could. Oddly enough, in the promo photos of the movie on Daily Mail yesterday, she looked more like the old Nicole, no cheeks, so face not distorted.

      And not just her cheeks has been the problem. She always put just enough filler or whatever it is in her lip to enhance the rosebud look of her lips, because she had a very thin upper lip when younger. But she did it just right. Then she started one year going to fishlips. It was disturbing. I remember watching Australia. I could barely get through it, because her lips were horrible. I couldn’t imagine doing that to herself, when her lips were perfection in Moulin Rouge and not overdone. She did that for years with the horrible trout pout look, and I stopped watching her movies until she let up on it. Then she fell in love with filler and big cheeks. It’s like she freaked at 40 and started ruining her face.

  48. mkyarwood says:

    Her face is long gone. It’s awful.

  49. 'p'enny says:

    Madonna’s twin!

    shocking, and sad. Helen Mirren looks younger and a lot fresher.

  50. Mikkelson says:

    So nobody is going to mention the hair pieces she’s been wearing? Look at her in the third pic. The edges of her hair versus the rest.

  51. Chiara says:

    Idk about the botoxy, but the comment about Robin Wright made me think that, as I’m an old hag who, like half american women in 80′s, watched Santa Barbara I remember Robin Wright’s beauty being compared more than often to Grace Kelly’s. The resemblance is striking, google some pics of robin as a young gal, and also this days, she looks so much like Grace. I’d suggest to Harvey Weinstein, who is close friends with Wright, to think in a couple of years of a real biopic of Grace Kelly, starring Robin Wright, focused on the last days of her life, and her never clarified death. because when Grace died she was just 5 years older than Robin Wright’s age right now. Now that would be a biopic, Wright can absolutely capture the mix of strength and vulnerability that Grace was.

  52. Lucky says:

    Why do these beautiful women ruin their looks with the crap that they stuff in their cheeks???? She looks ridiculous as does Chrissy Tiegen

  53. Jen34 says:

    I am speechless. She isn’t even old. I can hardly wait to see what the 50 year old Nucole morphs into.

  54. Elizabeth says:

    This article on one of the Australian news sites says it all – and it includes an even worse pic of her face than the Daily Mail one listed above.
    Quite frightening really!

  55. Tabbygal says:

    I think she’s trying to morph into Jennifer Lopez…..I don’t think her face is the only place she’s getting fillers – check out her ass! It’s a shame because she was beautiful before she started all this face-fixing.

  56. RPG says:

    She now looks like Clint Howard.

  57. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    This is a botox work of art – she looks fake but good and the lips must be great for goin down town nashville on Keith.

  58. Suzy from Ontario says:

    She looks like a young Elizabeth Montgomery in some of those pics, but not as naturally pretty. Her face looks really jacked and unnatural in some of those last shots (the larger one with her wearing white). She used to be so pretty. I don’t know why so many beautiful women insist on injecting stuff into their faces that ends up reducing how beautiful they are. They must be very insecure about getting old and determined not to let even one wrinkle show. It’s a shame.

  59. Nibbi says:

    i feel like ya’ll are way overreacting and frankly a little cruel.
    Her cheeks do look lumpy and weird but is it such a surprise that an actress who has been around for let’s face it kind of a while now is doing what looks like whatever she can to keep a “youthful” look in an industry that STILL values youth more than anything, at least in its women? She’s a top, award-winning actress, why shouldn’t she try to stay in the game? The game is f*d up, there *still* aren’t tons of roles for not-twentysomething women, and she’s always been beautiful- is it FAIR that we are all jumping on her this nastily for not looking how we think she should look?, Sure, there are a handful of other stars in Hollywood that are sticking around and looking a bit more graceful about it, but saying that is like putting a band-aid on the problem.

  60. Anoni Mus says:

    Holy plastic foreheads, Batman! This is truly frightening. She must be extremely insecure to do this to herself.

  61. Amulla says:

    I am not going to bash her looks. The botox was probably recent and it takes a while to “settle in” after the procedure.

    On another note….

    Many actresses complain about ageism in Hollywood and double standards, but the fact is, they knew when they were young what kind of industry it was. They knew they were getting acting jobs largely based on their looks, rather than their native talent. They should not be complaining about ageism in the acting industry.

    • lisa2 says:

      It does affect men too. They may not talk about it but it does. I think for anyone in a business of LOOKs should be planning your Plan B. What are you going to do next. Have something in place before the industry starts turning its back. Because when the industry says bye then it is hard to get it going again. Hard to reinvent yourself. She is trying to Produce some films and other projects. Good idea.

      I just think it is sad.

      but why are the “BALLS” not flying here. hmmmm

  62. Penny says:

    She just looks like she’s looked for the past 5 years so I’m not really getting the fuss.

    The funny thing is she never looks half as worked on when she’s not wearing make-up. At a certain age heavy make-up, even when perfectly applied, can make really pale women look like they’re wearing a stretched out mask. Nicole needs to take her cues from Julianne Moore and keep her make-up simple.

  63. JudyK says:

    Like someone else said, she isn’t even old and doesn’t need the botox. It’s like looking at a Mannequin (not a compliment), and I feel the same way each time I look at Dr. Phil’s wife Robin.

    Also, I hate the way NK dresses…she always looks matronly…not sure I’ve ever seen her in anything I liked.

  64. MissTrial says:

    The close up in white is a scary picture, the terrible extensions, the puffed out face. She needs to quit it.

    The close up in black isn’t too bad but her lips look freakish. Again, she needs to quit whatever she is doing.

    How can she, her family, spouse, friends, etc look at her and say ” you look pretty” or anything close? She looks bizarre.

    Don’t get me started on those terrible , terrible extensions. She looks ridiculous now.

  65. mel says:

    Scrolling through the comments, can’t find anyone that thinks she’s “all natural”. It’s painfully obvious that she’s repeatedly subjected herself to bad/botched cosmetic procedures. Yet, in interviews she’s denied having had anything done – other than the Botox that she supposedly tried and stopped….

    Why would someone do that to themselves, over and over again, particularly when they work in a field that is so “looks-oriented”???? The lips, the checks, the forehead, the waxy appearance — not a good move..

  66. M.A.F. says:

    When she was still married to Tom Cruise, she was so natural and just beautiful but the roles were “eh” (although the fashion was good from what I remember). Then after the divorce she was no longer Mrs. Tom Cruise and started to get some great roles. But now? She has become the poster child for “Stop f**king with your face! Keep it real” and back to the “eh” roles.

  67. Wren says:

    Her face does look a bit awful, but I still love her. She always looks elegant and tasteful.

  68. tricklady says:

    Dude. Lay. Off. The. Tox. Have. A. Sammie. Vitimin. D. Is Your. Friend.

  69. jammypants says:

    Geez, everything about her appearance is so fake. She seem so much more natural during her Moulin Rouge days.

  70. sally says:

    Oh. Tragic. What happened to that unique beauty who was in Dead Calm? Seriously, who is this? Nicole Kidman has a gift. She could have transitioned to the kind of parts Meryl Streep has graced us with. This grasping at youth always backfires. She has so much talent. God, I wish she would not have succumbed to that pressure. Can’t anyone in her inner circle be honest? So sad. She will never look like Nicole Kidman again.

  71. Ravensdaughter says:

    “Reviews from the film’s premiere at Cannes Film Festival were overwhelmingly negative with film critic Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian calling it ‘a film so awe-inspiringly wooden that it is basically a fire-risk’.”
    Above is from Reuters. That’s the biggest zinger, I think. Hand it to the Brits!

  72. Kerrboom says:

    Way too much botox. Her face is as tight as The Walking Dead’s Laurie Holden’s botox filled face.

  73. Clarissa says:

    So sad. She could use some advice from other actresses in her age range that are diing the fillers/botox thing better. She has fair skin wich makes the aging problem more evident an not easy. The same skin type that Cate Blanchett, Naomi Watts and Robin Wright have but evidently they have also a better dermathologist and better judgement also. Another actress doing it the right way is Sandy Bullock, but it’s easier with her olive skin type.

  74. serena says:

    Oh my god… it’s difficult not to look at her face and focus on the clothes.. really difficult, does she perhaps, thought her face looked fresh and amazing? Maybe she needs a new mirror and for sure a therapist. Something’s wrong if you have to destroy your face to such a -creepy- level.
    She just needs to embrace her age.. it’s fine to have a few wrinkles, it’s what makes you human.. you cannot have a marble face at 50 (don’t remember her actual age). I guess there is nothing wrong with doing botox just a little and every now and then but.. to be looking like this, this scary? Nope. Just drop everything and comeback to your natural features (which I can’t see anymore by the way).

  75. Carolin says:

    My first reaction was: Creepy! She will scare her own daughters. Terrible role model. But now I feel sorry for her. I wonder why she is doing this to herself. And that any doctor would still botox her is beyond me. So irresponsible.

  76. Aqua says:

    God ,I use to have such a serious girl crush on her but now she’s almost unrecognizable.