“Rihanna & Drake broke up again, probably because he loved too much” links


Drake & Rihanna have reportedly split again. The reason: Drake was in love with her and Rihanna doesn’t give a crap about love. [Wonderwall]
Jill Abramson’s firing from the NYT is a case study in newsroom sexism. [Jezebel]
Are Beyonce & Jay-Z headed for a divorce? [Bossip]
Robin Thicke still wants Paula Patton to come back to him. [Evil Beet]
Prince Harry sent out his first official tweet. [I'm Not Obsessed]
I still don’t know who Hailey Baldwin is. [IDLY]
I’m going to ask CB if this can be our new CB Book Club selection. [OMG Blog]
Are you going to watch Penny Dreadful? [PopBytes]
Two & a Half Men is finally getting canceled. [Bitten & Bound]
Sophia Bush has a cute butt. [Celebslam]
Lily Allen claims she was offered a part on Game of Thrones. [The Frisky]
Here’s the CW’s new fall line-up. [Seriously OMG WTF]
Beyonce’s having her finger tattoo removed. Huh. [Life & Style]
Channing Tatum is Gambit? [Limelife]


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  1. Marty says:

    Channing Tatum as Gambit? I like Channing but, no. Just no.

  2. paola says:

    If Lily Allen will ever be on Game of Thrones I’ll stop watching it. Gawd i can’t stand her. She should go back to her husband and kids and stop trying to happen because she is an obnoxious hateful little t**t.

    • MollyB says:

      She’s totally full of it. It’s not a cameo. The role of Asha/Yara is a huge role and, for those who have read the books, it gets even bigger in the coming stories. No way would they just give it to an untrained singer just for the hell of it.

    • TheOneandOnlyOnly says:

      Yes paolo, she’s awful and her music, like most of today’s pop, is a joke. I’ve read she’s just hard up for cash – she sounds like most pop stars out there – with a more dislikable personality, And she is full of herself. As for riri and drake, who cares, drake’s actually a better actor than rapper – he wasn’t bad when he hosted SNL earlier this year.

    • Tatjana says:

      I think she has some acting experience. I would love to see her in GoT, in a different character because I like the actress that plays Asha.

      And her music is pretty good. Some of her songs are realy smart. And she writes them herself.

  3. jess says:

    Why do people call drake wheelchair jimmy?

  4. word says:

    Haha are we still talking about Paula Patton and Robin Thicke? Does anyone still care? I don’t think so.

  5. lenje says:

    Yesss! Now I can hope for the reestablishment of Drake-Zoe !

  6. Mena says:

    I love Drake and Rihanna together. He seems to genuinely care for her, and she seems comfortable with him. I think they could be a power couple a la Beyonce and Jay Z. And they would be a lot more likeable too. But Rihanna doesn’t seem ready for a relationship yet. She’s having too much fun traveling and partying with her best friend and her assistant. I follow her on IG and she really seems to prefer hanging with her girls than anything else.

    • Chem says:

      I find nothing likeable about Rihanna. She dresses like a street walker. This white outfit is demure compared to what she wore to the after party. Google that crap. She had her bejewelled ass crack out for the world to see. And her obsession with flaunting her drug use is irritating as hell. Shes a 26 year old woman who acts like some 19 year old who just discovered weed. Shes just nasty. I cant wait for her backlash to begin (ALL celebrities eventually get kicked off their pedestal but nobody deserves it more than this cow. Shes pretty much been sailing on our hate for Chris Brown anyway).

      • Courtney says:

        Maybe making fun of her teenage fan will start the backlash. I think she’s a beautigul woman, but she needs a BIG slice of humble pie.

      • Mena says:

        I understand. I’m her fan but I can see why others wouldn’t care for her. She’s an exhibitionist, has an addictive personality, is very vain and can definitely be a brat. However she also seems really lonely and vulnerable and even kind of fragile. I think it’s that good girl gone bad quality that Drake finds attractive.

      • Tania says:

        I find Rihanna very beautiful and a great Fashion designer muse but for someone talentless and makes hit songs she really needs some humility in her. Drake isn’t any better, he has a harem of instagram models who he flies out day in day out. They are on the same page.

      • Selina says:

        I enjoyed Rihanna’s ass crack dress and her white ensemble equally–she was the hottest, baddest bitch there. I love her carefree exhibitionist attitude and fashion sense. With a body like that, she’s welcome to flaunt it, in my eyes. Not every woman cares for modesty/is prudish. Her style of dress doesn’t conform to what society deems proper but she’s not forcing anyone to keep looking.

        In our free society, there should be room for every kind of personal style and she shouldn’t have to be shamed to cover up to suit other people’s more conventional sensibilities.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Maybe she found him too “nice” for her tastes…OR maybe the reality of the woman he put on a pedestal for so long was disappointing compared to his fantasy of who she was supposed to be.

    • Adrien says:

      I only like Riri’s fashion sense and skin tone but I’m not a fan of her music. Plus, she’s an internet bully.

  7. a kitten, just not the original says:

    must….have….that…lipstick color

  8. MissTrial says:

    Laughing at the Hilaria Baldwin item. I thought I had missed her being a ‘thing’ before marrying the wacko Baldwin. Er, I mean, one of the wacko Baldwins.

  9. j.eyre says:

    Penny Dreadful – yes! I am two episodes in. The first one was enough to make me watch the second. The second hooked me pretty hard. So far, I am quite encouraged.

    • T.Fanty says:

      Duly seconded. I thought the second episode was fantastic – as you know. It’s fun, but never quite veers into cheesy. Plus – Timothy Dalton! What’s not to love?

      • ~Z~ says:

        Is it gory and gross?
        I’m getting very sick of seeing rape and torture so much lately!
        I have it in my DVR.

      • j.eyre says:

        No rape yet and the nudity is equal opportunity which is a nice political gesture. It can get gross but – and this is just my opinion – I thought they layered the gross in the beginning and scaled it back for the second. That said, there are still a some grisly scenes. I would not put it on a Game of Thrones level of gore but it certainly isn’t Happy Days. I believe (hope?) their intent is to be creepy and the gore is more of a device to bring in viewers. They rely on some old-fashioned scare tactics, which is nice.

        Plus, as Fanty alluded to, the cast is amazing. Even the small parts are wonderful. I expect we shall be fighting over who gets whom before long; although that’s silly, really, because I am going to get Timothy Dalton regardless of what Fanty is trying to bait me with here.

        If you don’t like it, blame EsCon since she is the one who convinced Fanty and I to watch it.

      • ~Z~ says:

        Thanks! I ended up watching it last night and I liked it a lot.
        As I was watching it I was thinking what a damn stupid question I asked….It has dreadful in the name…Of course it’s gonna be gross!
        But I didn’t think it was too much. It was more flashes of gore than entire scenes of it. I like that so much better.
        Have a great weekend! ♥

  10. Seán says:

    I’m gathering that Lily Allen was either misquoted, lying or joking about that part in Game of Thrones, considering how her brother is Alfie Allen (Theon) and he would have had to do some pretty incestuous things in Season 2.

  11. LAK says:

    She seemed less crazy whilst she was with him.

  12. Courtney says:

    Who cares about Rihanna and Drake’s fake relationship? Did you see on dailymail how Rihanna dissed one of her teenage fans for wearing an outfit similar to one of hers? She’s ridiculous.

  13. Memme says:

    Drake needs to get over Rihanna and move on. She’s not over Chris Brown nor do I think she’ll ever truly appreciate Drake for the man he is. I think he’s in love with her, and she loves that he loves her. I think she cares about him as a friend, that’s it. They’re not meant to be anything more. I liked him with Zoe Kravitz though. If that was happening.

  14. Franny Days says:

    I think Drake is too good for Rihanna.

  15. Haiku says:

    I dont know why people are making Rihanna the bad guy in all of this/taking the blame. Not exactly a fan of either but Drake has been going around picking up girls from Instagram aka “instagram models” and taking them out whilst with Rihanna, so no surprises that she ditched him!

    Also, Drake isnt ‘too good’ for her, he is the guy who dates Strippers so Rihanna’s dating history compared to his is actually better ha! Too bad though, they did seem like a nice couple (only judging from pics together).

    • Tatjana says:

      Strippers are still miles ahead of Chris Brown.

    • ashley says:

      1000!!! These people on here fall for drake woe is me bullshit! Rih cared for him,she flew all over the world to be with him and show her support on his world tour. She went to 12 shows! Not in one country either,so miss me with that shit! Drake is a man whore,he loves strippers. He make them feel special for 3 months then dump them. I was replying to haiku.

      • Haiku says:

        @Ashley Exactly, I dont know how people are falling for Drake’s crap he pulled with Rihanna. It seems like he ditched her by going off with other girls whilst she seemed to actually care for him! (Like you said, she went everywhere to support him!) But people are making it seem like its her fault when he actually played her.. sad

        @Tatjana Its pretty well known that Drake likes his fame-ho Strippers and getting random girls from Instagram and no, I wasn’t talking about Chris Brown (its not like she knew he was going to beat her up). But in this case, Rihanna is better than Drake (dating history).

      • jaye says:

        I’ve read some of his interviews and he can come off as an arrogant douchebag.

  16. Damaris says:

    God forbid a man comes into your life and starts treating you like a princess. Get it together, Rihanna. Drake is too adorable.

  17. H.E.H. says:

    Have you seen the recent Rihanna “prombat” tweets where she mocks a fan? This girl had her own RiRi-esque dress made for her prom, only to have Rihanna tweet pics of the girl’s dress compared to the original and compared to the Wu-Tang logo.
    You’re better off without her, Drake.

  18. OriginalCrystal says:

    Rihanna is so damn beautiful. I never used to check for her but she just looks so stunning these days. Wow.

    As for Aaliyah Aubrey aka Drake, he deserves better. No amount of beauty can take a way from the fact that Rih has a pretty sh-t personality and is a mean girl. With that kind of personality, she’ll probably age like Bridget Bardot tbh. She’s still young though so hopefully she grows out of it. That ‘rice cake’ stunt she pulled towards Chris’ ex was messed up and racist as hell. Had Beyonce been that ignorant y’all would’ve been out for blood.

  19. Liz says:

    Maybe.Drake has bad breath caused by gingivitis. Boring as hell. Who knows,

  20. Nibbi says:

    All I can ever think to say about Rihanna is- damn, she is beautiful. She can pull off so many different styles amazingly & I wish I could work as many different make-up looks the way she can.