Did Ryan Reynolds skip the Cannes after-party because his film was booed?


Do you think Blake Lively made Ryan Reynolds practice posing with her at home, in front of a mirror? That’s something I’d like to know. Like, did she go through photos of Brangelina, the Beckhams and Tom Brady and Gisele and did Blake show those photos to Ryan? Anyway, Ryan’s Cannes experience was a total bust. His turn in Atom Egoyan’s The Captive was largely slammed, but to be fair to Ryan, I think most critics hated the film overall, not just his performance. According to multiple reports, critics and audiences even booed Ryan. OUCH. So is it any wonder that Ryan chose not to attend the Cannes afterparty?

Sad Ryan Reynolds! The actor attended the premiere for his latest movie The Captive at the Cannes film festival on Friday, May 16, but after a disastrous screening, he was a no-show for the film’s afterparty, a source tell Us Weekly. The move came fresh off of Reynold’s latest thriller getting not-so great reviews. Variety reviewed the film as “a ludicrous abduction thriller that finds a once-great filmmaker slipping into previously unentered realms of self-parody,” adding the film “was greeted with a smattering of boos” during the Cannes screening.

The 37-year-old and his wife Blake Lively, who stunned at the premiere in a Gucci strapless gown, instead opted for a “low-key late-night snack,” the source says.

The couple were spotted at Hotel Martinez terrace restaurant around 1 A.M., while the rest of The Captive cast attended the afterparty. A source tells Us: “Ryan definitely seemed a little on edge. Wouldn’t be surprised if he skipped out on his party because the film is getting terrible reviews.”

Reynolds “seemed preoccupied on his cell phone” while the duo dined at the restaurant but was still “really affectionate” with Lively, the source adds.

“[It] looked like Blake was trying to cheer him up a few times … she rubbed his arm like she was consoling him and kept whispering in his ear,” the source continues. “At one point, Ryan smiled … and leaned into her for a kiss on the lips.”

[From Us Weekly]

Poor Ryan. Poor Blake. She thought she was signing onto a fixer-upper, a would-be A-list actor who just needed a fashion-plate wife on his arm to help his films. But as it turns out, Ryan just has some really bad luck picking projects. Maybe Ryan needs to sit down with his team and rethink this thing. Maybe Blake needs to join in at that meeting. He just needs to stop thinking that he’s going to be Channing Tatum or Leonardo DiCaprio. But he could be a solid supporting and ensemble player with a great career, if only he would pick those projects.



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  1. Dorothy#1 says:

    He needs to do The Proposal 2. It’s one of the only movies I’ve liked him in.

  2. Anna says:

    I have such a soft sport for Ry (and actually Blake too), I just dont understand why he cannot break out, find the right project whether it;s a franchise or an indie. Good-looking, funny, talented, personable…

    • Jegede says:

      I know someone who worked on PA shift for several studios over the years.

      She told me in Hollywood George Clooney, David Duchovny and Ryan Reynolds are straight up the wittiest sharpest funniest guys you could meet.

    • blue marie says:

      I like them both as well but he needs a hit soon.

    • Mia4S says:

      One of his biggest problems, especially in current Hollywood, is that his big shot at a franchise failed. You will see a ton of actors 25-40 who will have cold streaks at the box office, but who can live off their Superhero, Star Trek, Hunger Games, etc. If he was currently prepping to be Green Lantern in Batman/Superman this would all matter less. A franchise is the great lifeboat for a lead actor these days.

    • CTgirl says:

      He’s the Canadian version of Jude Law; a good looking and charming guy who excels in supporting roles but can’t carry a film as the lead. He needs to embrace his specific talents and go with them instead of being the lead/heartthrob.

    • Delorb says:

      He can’t break out because he’s just not that good an actor, because his look is so run of the mill as to be invisible and because there always seems to be a wall between him and the audience. Its because of this that I don’t think he’ll ever break out, as they say.

      BTW, I didn’t believe that he loved Sandy in the Proposal. He treated her like crap throughout the movie (as she did him), then suddenly they’re madly in love? Sandy and her ‘likeability’ saved that movie, IMO.

      • Olenna says:

        ITA. I don’t know who convinced him to pursue acting in his adulthood because he is extremely mediocre. If there’s any truth to Kaiser’s comment that his wife was signing on (marrying) a “fixer-upper, a would-be A-list actor”, Blake’s not a very good judge of someone’s acting potential either. And, BTW, I loved Sandra and Betty in that movie, but he played a complete a*s and wasn’t that great at it, if you can believe that!

      • Aye says:

        I honestly think these two are in love and will survive any z-listing outcome. I agree with the comment up there that Ryan isn’t that good an actor. He sometimes lacks conviction in his roles. It’s that conviction that makes all the difference. However he was good in Buried and Safe House.

      • Mrs. Lecter says:

        He should do more comedic roles. His delivery is often dry & sarcastic and he might do well in ensemble or crude comedies.

        There’s nothing wrong with knowing his place and what he excels at… I hope he starts to pick better projects in the future.

      • Aye says:

        True, but I remember when he was on Two Guys and a Pizza, in comedy, he did the same kooky expressions all the time too. Maybe he’s just incredibly limited.

      • mercy says:

        Lol but her character treated him like crap for at least half the movie! I didn’t buy them as a couple, but I haven’t bought her as the love interest in most of her movies. I don’t know why because I love Sandra, but she always seems more like best buddy material. It probably has to do with the scripts. The romcom world she toiled in for years is not known for stellar writing.

        Ryan hasn’t played that many romantic leads, but he had great chemistry with Isla Fisher in Definitely, Maybe and Nora Arnezeder in Safe House, and I’ve heard good things about him and Anna Kendrick in The Voices (grisly black comedy due out sometime this year). And Melissa McCarthy in The Nines – not a traditional romance, but they were wonderful together.

      • Delorb says:


        You list his upcoming movies and I’m scratching my ass wondering how he’s still managing to get so much work when so many more talented people aren’t. The mind just boggles. Maybe its a case of him taking credit for the success of movies where credit isn’t due?

    • mercy says:

      He’s a fab actor and witty as all get out, but most people haven’t seen his work in smaller films, and have probably never seen him interviwed. That leaves duds like Lantern and ignorant gossips to shape public opinion.

      Buried, The Nines, Smokin’ Aces, Chaos Theory, Fireflies in the Garden…he’s a really good dramatic actor.

  3. Lizzie says:

    He kind of reminds me of Ben Affleck in some ways. Classically handsome guy who thinks he is a MOVIE STAR!!!!, when he is much better off in ensemble pieces and supporting character parts.
    He might find it helpful to hook up with Judd Apatow. Ryan is a funny guy.

    Dude….Blake Lively is pissed. She thought she was marrying a Leo and instead got a Lucas.

  4. Jegede says:

    I don’t think Blake made Ryan do anything.

    Her L’Oreal appearances have stolen the show at this festival.

    At this point Ry needs her more than she needs him.

  5. Rainbows says:

    He has a face like a ferret. The eyes especially. Blake is particularly rodent like too. Heres hoping the adopt. Seriously though, this guy has zero screen charisma.

  6. Anname says:

    People seem to like him and he is clearly talented, but doesn’t he come across as kind of bland overall? Pleasant, but uninteresting I guess. Hope he finds his niche.

    • Diana says:

      Anname your comments are alwyas so nice! I really enjoy them.

    • Delorb says:

      If people liked him he’d be bigger, but he’s not. He’s had so many chances for so many years. Meanwhile other actors who are better are struggling to find work. I don’t understand why he has gotten so many chances. Its been dud after dud for years. I can’t remember the last actor who has gotten so many chances after so many failures. Wasn’t his best friend, Jason Bateman, almost drubbed out of Hollywood after his movie Teen Wolf 2 failed? It took him years to get back.

    • Georgia says:

      I’ve always found him great in comedy but meh in terms of drama until I recently saw Smokin’ Aces…he basically carried that movie, I feel like he’s just choosing the wrong films and not playing to his strengths. He needs to try the Jason Bateman route and either find a great comedic show where he can play the straight man OR start writing/producing roles that just fit

  7. QQ says:

    why does he look so ratfaced?? he comes off as unlikeable somehow and that’s to WOMEN! men aren’t even buying what he sells … That is his problem, LOL

    • Liberty says:


      I think he was great in a few comedies, like Van Wilder and Proposal, right? he needs to work that corner. I was w a group of guys watching the Super Bowl and drunk chatter included how they’d want to see Van Wilder twelve years later, smoothing things up. Not “oh it is 12 years later what happened to him, depressing” — NO! They want to see him still working the heroic bad boy mojo hard but obviously —–in politics with that sort of sneaky rat face!

      Because in my heart I think 89% of politicians are or were Van Wilder! I was friends w the Van Wilders in university and they are all now lawyers, hedge fund guys or — in politics! LOL

  8. betsy says:

    He’s a decent actor. I feel a bit sorry for him. Once the panic stage sets in its hard for an actor to get out of it. He needs to draw a line, lick his wounds and maybe look for a theatre project to bounce back with. He really is a good actor so all he needs is the right play and a good director. Why not head to the UK and do something at the Old Vic. But he’ll need to ditch the movie star attitude and muck in with the other stage actors.

  9. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Do people really boo at Cannes? How mean. And rude. I can see not applauding enthusiastically, but that just seems so trashy. I always imagined Cannes as an elegant event. Guess not so much.

    • Abbott says:

      The booing at Cannes is as old as the festival itself. Boos, walk outs, scathing reviews, etc are pretty unique to Cannes. Never really thought too much about the reasoning, but I’d guess its because the films shown there historically have controversy attached to them.

    • Esmom says:

      I was thinking the same thing. It seems so out of line with my impression of it as elegant, as you said. And really, elegant event or no, it’s just rude to boo. Well maybe a steroid-using baseball player warrants one, but to boo an actor who devoted time and energy to a film project just seems bizarre.

    • Bridget says:

      Cannes represents both ends of the spectrum – the very elegant AND the very trashy. We see the photos of Nicole Kidman in her beautiful gowns on the Croisette but skip the ones of Pheobe Price, or the many busty topless ladies on the beach, the hookers, and of course my personal favorite: the Cannes stunts. Every few years some studio will come up with what is inevitably an embarrassing stunt to publicize their movie. Remember Jerry Seinfeld on the zip line for Bee Movie (okay, does anyone even remember Bee Movie in the first place?)?

  10. Queen says:

    He needs to go back to comedy. His best work was in Two Guys, A Girl & A Pizza Place

  11. Abbott says:

    Never thought I’d read the words, “[ryan] just needs to stop thinking that he’s going to be Channing Tatum or Leonardo DiCaprio” and totally agree

    That’s got to chafe if the Charming Potato has an award season run with Foxcatcher.

  12. Lina says:

    Why does he look like Scarlet Johansson’s boyfriend?Am I the only one who sees it?

  13. Gerbil Life says:

    LMAO at rodentia references to this vanilla couple. Ryan should just focus on getting work on day time soaps and be done with it.
    And as for Blake….? I really dont know.

  14. M.A.F. says:

    He needs to stick with comedy. He was on the TV Show “Two Guys, a girl, and a pizza place/store/whatever” then did movies w/comedy. Stick to what you know and works.

  15. eliza says:

    I don’t get the dislike for Lively and Reynolds. They seem like a fairly nice couple. So what if they aren’t the best actors. That can be said about 80% of the people in Hwood.

  16. don't kill me i'm french says:

    If it’s ttrue,he’s wrong because as the film is booed as he praised for his acting in it!

  17. mom2two says:

    I really think he should seriously think about finding a good television (cable or network) show that plays to his strengths. He was charming in Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place and it’s about the only thing I liked him in.

  18. mkyarwood says:

    Blake looks damn good here. That’s all I’ve got.

  19. Chris says:

    Yes, to the practicing of the poses. I get a “pretending to be a movie star” vibe. Nothing authentic. Just glad they dropped the hand on the ass one.

  20. Aeryn39 says:

    I’m a Ryan fan – I’ve loved him in so many things, even Blade: Trinity (I know, I know…).

    I agree that he’s great as part of an ensemble, and though I generally prefer his comedies, he did get pretty decent reviews for Buried (2010) which was anything but a comedy and essentially just him.

    As for Atom Egoyan’s “The Captive,” the reviews I’ve read have skewered the script and the direction, but Reynolds and Bruce Greenwood seem to be getting decent to good notices. Drew McWeeney at Hitfix in his review even wrote:

    “Ryan Reynolds glowers well, and I think he may give the one emotionally honest performance in the film. When he realizes that he is being looked at as a possible suspect, the rage and the horror that he conveys is actually sort of moving.”
    Read more at http://www.hitfix.com/motion-captured/review-atom-egoyans-kidnapping-drama-captive-is-arch-and-ridiculous#AKrcRTYDxEmrZfbu.99

    Okay, “actually sort of moving” isn’t going to win Reynolds an Oscar. But I do think it is indicative of his ability, even in a crap-fest like “The Captive.” If he could just pick the right film…

  21. Size Does Matter says:

    This movie couldn’t possibly be worse than R.I.P.D.

  22. Doublesteff says:

    He would have been awesome had the Deadpool franchise taken off for Marvel. He was great in the role as the the Merc with the Mouth but it apparently didn’t work out. And that whole green lantern thing… Ugh. I really want to love this guy and see him succeed in spite of his wife.

  23. Lucrezia says:

    She should’ve worn that gown to the Met Gala, it would’ve been absolutely perfect. Here it seems a bit too much, considering she’s not in the film, she’s just supporting hubby. I guess she’s also there as L’Oreal’s “beauty ambassador”, but it still seems a little too much.

    Also, I’m totally side-eying the phrase “beauty ambassador”. “Spokesperson”, “representative”, fine. Even “face of”. But ambassador? Really L’Oreal?

  24. heigl says:

    I don’t understand why people claim that he’s nice guy, lainey has ton of stories confirming that he’s huuuuuge dick .

    they both tragic like theirs careers

  25. ToodySezHey says:

    Ryan Reynolds is another of the “McMovie Stars” we have nowadays. Good looking enough, talented enough. ..yet without that ‘It” factor that makes one a star. This the reason that guys like Pitt, Depp (although that may be changing), and Keane are still in demand 20 years past their peak as box office hearthrobs
    . They had “it” . Say what you want about their talent but they are last great generation of movie stars (that also included River Phoenix).

    I mean even a guy like Hugh Jackman has struggled outside of X-Men, and he is one of the most talented performers going
    If that’s the case for him then what chance do fair to middling actors like Aaron Eckhart, Ryan, Josh Duhamel, or Zachary Ekron have.

    All these dudes have been trying to become the next big thing for years now only to be eclipsed by the British Invasion (cumberbatch, hunnam, dornan, Tom hardy, Tom hiddleston, fassbender, McAvoy, garfield etc) and worst of all Jonah hill and Channing tatum.

    Simply put, they aren’t talented or charismatic enough to overcome their big screen blandness.

    • Delorb says:

      I totally agree. I just did a post about ‘it’ that Ryan doesn’t have, but it looked too long, so I shaved it a bit, LOL. I think that ‘it’ is simply the audience ‘liking’ the star. Those people you mention are all likeable. People you wouldn’t mind spending time with.

      Ryan, OTOH, is not someone I’d like to sit down and have dinner with. In the story, he’s busy on his phone, instead of connecting with his wife. She realizes that he’s in a funk (she’s attuned to his needs) and tries to console him. I don’t get the vibe that he’d do the same for her, if their situation were reversed. And didn’t he turn on Scarlett when her star started to rise and his didn’t?

  26. ToodySezHey says:

    I agree. Ryan should give up on being a leading man and stick to comedy. Or maybe take a lead role a good cable show. Baby steps.

    • Anomynous says:

      he needs a good franchise, he only has the Croods so far,
      Chris Pine – Star Trek , Jack Ryan??
      Chris Evans – fantastic four, Captain america, avengers
      Chris Hemsworth – Snow white & huntsman, avengers, thor
      Robert Downey Jr – Iron man, avengers, sherlock homes
      Bradley cooper – hangovers
      Jeremy rainer – MI, borne Id, avengers
      James franco, planet of the apes, wizard of oz
      hugh jackman – wolverine
      James Mcavoy – xmen
      Channing tatum – jumpstreet, magic mike
      Ben afleck – batman
      christian bale bateman
      will smith -
      all the old actor in the expendables
      Jason bateman – horrible bosses
      need i say more!!

      • magpie says:

        Chris Pine – Is somehow getting big roles. Why did he get Jack Ryan???
        Chris Evans – Ungrateful, yet he needs it
        Chris Hemsworth – Needs it
        Robert Downey Jr – Rocking everything
        Bradley cooper – Has moved past hangovers and is A list
        Jeremy rainer – Needs something. The franchise roles are weak. Good actor though.
        James franco, Don’t think those movies will get seconds. Has plenty of “arty stuff”
        hugh jackman – Needs it, but has wonderful reputation
        James Mcavoy – xmen good for him. So hot getting hotter
        Channing tatum – Rocking every aspect
        Ben afleck – Should stick to directing.
        christian bale – Has moved on
        Jason bateman – horrible bosses??? Arrested development!

  27. I Choose Me says:

    Shame. I think he’s a pretty good actor. He excels at comedy and maybe what he needs right now is a really good comedic role.

    I think Blake married him because she loved him. Full stop.

  28. Alyce says:

    Agree. They seem to be one of the more loving/ high functioning relationships in Hollywood. Everyone is always going on about how Blake is an attention ho, but they are remarkably quiet about their private life & stay out of the spot light when they aren’t working. I like them together.

    • Alyce says:

      @ I Choose Me (love your name btw)

      That was supposed to be in reply to you!

    • Nanou says:

      I never understand why ppl keep bashing on Blake. I like them together. I like it that Blake is not scared to be seen with her husband unlike Scarlett who acted super secretive, even at events like Tony Awards… I even thought she was ashamed of being seen with Ryan, seriously.

      • Anomynous says:

        I agree whenever they were together they would be running w/big hats and hands over their faces like they were hiding. I have read stories about him cursing people and not liking to be photographed. I love him and would miss seeing his face, but he should be use to bad reviews by now,

      • Bridget says:

        Wasn’t Ryan the one who supposedly prefers to be super secretive, except the big change now is that he’s conveniently shilling for his contracts when he happens to be photographed with his wife? He’s L’Oreal men’s, and then there’s the cell phone and something or other.

    • pru says:

      I think part of the reason people question their relationship is because they didn’t have any chemistry in Green Lantern.

      • Anomynous says:

        No chemistry in a movie makes them unsuitable for marriage?? I don’t think that is how they pick a mate, Scarlett played opposite both Bradley cooper & Chris Evans and is marring a journalist?? Go figure!! What happened here. Blake had scenes w/ Taylor kitsch & is now working w/ MIchael Huntsman based on your theory of movie dating what do you suppose will happen?

      • pru says:

        My “theory”/statement was only to explain why I think people question their relationship, and not to say that I think this is some big Hollywood fake marriage
        or that they are unsuitable for marriage. I don’t know them and would have no idea if their marriage is real or not.
        I think that PART of the reason people question whether their marriage is real is that they had no spark, no real chemistry in that movie. They were supposed to be people who were attracted to one another, yet as a movie goer, I (and many others) didn’t feel anything between them. As a movie goer, I have often felt through the camera, chemistry between actors, something that doesn’t have to be faked or acted. I didn’t feel that with them. I have seen more of his roles than hers, and think that he is a good enough actor to portray these feelings even if he wasn’t feeling them. So there was surprise when we learned they were in a relationship, it wasn’t something anyone saw coming.
        So, for this reason combined with people thinking she is a “famewhore” in other areas of her career (dating DiCaprio, the lifestyle website, and how she acts on the red carpet) , they questioned the realness of their relationship.
        They have seemed somewhat private and unHollywood in their marriage. They definitely seem affectionate with each other, as they were on the red carpet and in the story above, and kept their wedding out of press. So, I am personally on the fence as to whether their relationship is real.

      • mercy says:

        They had lots of chemistry in their joint interviews for Green Lantern. Maybe they do better when they get to speak their own words. ;)

  29. Damaris says:

    There’s something so damn boring about Blake Lively. No matter what she’s dressed up in or how her makeup is done, the overall feeling I get about her is that she is bland. I can’t even think of why I feel this way.

  30. kramer says:

    Hes got the bow tie killer haircut from problem child!

  31. YvetteW says:

    Maybe, just maybe Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively can’t act, so….

  32. LT says:

    I actually just watched the Proposal this weekend with the husband (no idea why he agreed, but he did) and he said, “I just don’t believe he loves her character, whereas I believe she loves him – which is why Sandra Bullock has an Oscar and he doesn’t.” I didn’t realize how mediocre he was until I saw “The Croods.” If I can’t see his abs, there is no point in having him in a movie. Ryan needs to hook up with Jim Toth and see if he pull a McConahay (sp?) transformation on his career.

  33. The Original Mia says:

    Wouldn’t surprise me. Always thought his problems with Scarlett stemmed from her star being brighter than his. Never forget how he didn’t seem particularly proud of her Tony win.

    Still hate that giant bun on the back of Blake’s head. Hate it.

    • The fan says:

      If I recall, he was sitting there as she was hugging & kissing everyone around him and seem to forget he was there and came back to kiss him on the cheek that is what I saw or did she win another Tony, And Blake’s hair looked stunning very classsy for the dress she was wearing and that diamond necklace completely finished the look. She could not have pulled that necklace off w/out the hair being in the style it was. She is much too tall to have that bun on top of her head (fashion fyi)

      • mercy says:

        You saw what I did. She didn’t thank him by name and some made big deal of it. I do think their marriage was over by then, but they never seemed to have great chemistry in public after they married.

        Her star had dimmed considerably by the time they hooked up. Some blamed him, but she was already on a downward slide long before they married, despite having such a great start with Translation. She changed agents while she was still with Ryan and I think that made the biggest difference in her career, along with Emily Blunt not being available for the role of Black Widow.

    • Bridget says:

      Realistically, that marriage had no chance of working out, with or without the rumored jealousy issues (which I have yet to hear from any source other than CDAN so I feel kind of bad taking that as gospel). They were both working a ton and were rarely in the same city. Its why so few showbiz marriages actually works out – because how can you build a marriage if you’re together for 2 days in every 20 to 30? And when spending time together means backing off on the career you’ve spent your life building? So many of them do that and are shocked when it doesn’t work out!

  34. Kosmos says:

    Agreed with some comments about the fact that just maybe Ryan isn’t that great of an actor. The Proposal was definitely cute and mainstream, but this might be a good place for him. Of course, he was playing opposite Sandra Bullock, who has great comedic timing. Look at how Jennifer Aniston did so well over the years playing comedic mainstream and rom-com. People love those movies because they don’t have to think too much and they’re cute and funny…..Blake’s acting surely won’t get them anywhere either. She’s better at modeling.

  35. Marybel says:

    Blake is nothing more than a self-absorbed no-talent wannabe with a killer bod. Nothing.

  36. Andrea says:

    I all BS on the booing at the end of his film. I work in the film industry in Toronto and have attended dozens of screenings at the Toronto International Film Festival and have never have heard of anyone ever booing at the end of a film. Maybe a boo here or there throughout a film but never at the end. It would be considered the high of disrespectfully … I highly doubt this happened.

    • mercy says:

      Cannes seems to be a little different. That Grace Kelly film and another one were reportedly booed last week, and Gosling’s directorial debut tonight (reprtedly the biggest boos of the bunch so far). I first remember reading about this phenomenon last year, when Jonathan Glazer’s Under the Skin was roundly booed, but it went on to get some better reviews outside the festival.

  37. mercy says:

    Didn’t they ditch The Met after party as well? They don’t seem to be a big party, schmoozing type of couple, and his brother was with them in Cannes. The film was already sold to a distributor and screened for the media (reportedly booed by some, but some applause as well) before the red carpet premiere. He had done a full round of press and photos with the director and cast after the screening. He’s starting a new movie this month, and has a couple more coming out this year. Maybe he wanted to spend time with his family and to tend to his business before he had to leave.

    He has like five or six movies coming out in the next couple years. The Voices and Misissippi Grind sound like the most promising. This one was always suspect given that the story doesn’t sound very original, but it still got some decent reviews out of Cannes, especially for Ryan, Mirielle, and Rosario.

    I think these two will go the distance, and I don’t feel that way about many celeb couples. They seem really make an effort to be there for each other.