Gwyneth Paltrow carries $3800 Chanel tote, begins ‘Goop Cookbook Club’


For all the crap I give Gwyneth Paltrow, I did feel a pang of sympathy for her in these photos. Gwyneth was at LAX a few days ago, carrying (or rolling) her own luggage, and homegirl looked stressed. Probably because she was surrounded by screaming paparazzi and a million flashes going off. So… let’s at least give her some credit for being able to make it into LAX without losing her cool, and while handling her own luggage too. Of course, one of the bags is Chanel (from the new “Graffiti” collection) and it costs $3800. I’m sure she got it for free.

Meanwhile, would you like to hear about this week’s Goop-letter? It’s about food. AND reading. Gwyneth has deigned to start a book club… a book club only for cookbooks.

This was not my idea. The cookbook club. Which is probably why it’s so good. While I have always liked the idea of a book club (sorta) I am just not that type of gal. Until one of my gorgeous girls suggested we do a different book club of sorts. A cookbook club! Now, as someone who gets in bed and reads cookbooks cover to cover as if they were novels, this idea was scintillating. We set off to find the ideal book to kick it off using the same criteria we would if we were choosing a novel, something challenging, beautiful, and with the possibility of becoming a classic. We landed on Roberta’s Cookbook. And we smoked our own fish, dammit. Please cook with us and tell us what you learned, how you modified, and what the next instructional cooking club tome should be (@goop). Happy cooking.


[From Goop]

Goop also asks us to tweet about it too, using the hastag #goopcookbookclub. I double-dog dare you to tweet her about the fact that she’s recommending a recipe that involves (GASP) pasta. THE HORROR. This might be the most gauche thing she’s ever done! Trying to interact with the peasantry about… food. Ugh! To be fair, I glanced through the recipes and most of them seem like a lot of work (you have to make your own pasta and buy and cook sea urchin tongues), but none of the recipes are grossly offensive, in the vein of “one grape, cubed and garnished with a Tic Tac.”

Oh, and I feel like she’s judging people who belong to book clubs – “While I have always liked the idea of a book club (sorta) I am just not that type of gal.” Book clubs are for peasants, I suppose. Plus, I don’t imagine Gwyneth’s elite circle of friends are big readers.

Last thing: is she wearing Apple’s leather jacket? Right? That’s like a kid’s jacket.



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and Goop.

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  1. AG-UK says:

    ha she probably got her tote for FREE too. Seeding…

  2. Esmom says:

    Meh, it seems kinda sad that she reads cookbooks like novels, fantasizing about all the food that will never cross her lips. She should give actual novels a try before she knocks them.

    Yes her jacket is a bit snug but I think she looks kinda cute. The shoes caught my eye.

  3. MediaB says:

    Her carryon suitcase looks like Rimowa – I covet it deeply:

    And of course lets not pretend that there isn’t someone wheeling a trolley with the rest of her luggage. Girlfriend does not travel with a tote, purse and carryon only..!

  4. Hannah says:

    God, that Chanel bag is hideous! I know she got it for free but I still ask myself why anyone one buy that thing. It’s g-damn ugly and it’s one of those bags that will never make it past one season.

  5. LadyMTL says:

    Sea urchin tongues? Sea urchins have tongues? All I know about sea urchins is that they’re spiny and look like they’d hurt me if I wasn’t really careful. I’ll just stick with normal, peasanty pasta, I suppose.

  6. Patricia says:

    That paragraph from goop was painful to read. She doesn’t seem to understand how to make a proper sentence. Half of those were NOT sentences. Does no one edit?
    She comes across as extremely dumb.

  7. lower-case deb says:

    that’s the oddest way of carrying a tote. at least for me…

    • poppy says:

      what? you don’t care for her goopy way of modeling her new “it” bag.
      when i saw the pics i figured she must be shilling it by the way she was holding it.
      awkward and uncomfortable, just like her.

    • kaligula says:

      Oh yeah she’s definitely keeping her end of the bargain by raising it up like that. Undoubtedly she is obligated to ensure that it gets photographed a bunch of times in order to justify having gotten it for free. Looks ridic, tho. At least she could have put it on her wrist. And tried to look natural about it. LOL #tool

  8. Nev says:

    despite it all she will always have the chic factor. it works for her.

  9. Spikey says:

    As someone who reads cookbooks from cover to cover I am HORRIFIED that this dilettante now wants to promote cookbooks on GOOP. (Yeah, I had a look at her cookbooks, out of curiosity. Boring, truly boring.) *must-resist-checking-goop-for-new-cookbooks” aaaargh!

  10. DanaG says:

    I wouldn’t buy that bag at all what a rip off. It’s so ugly but then Gwenith only pretends to have taste if she thinks that is nice it says it all really. Another cookbook more meals you need to mortgage your house for.

  11. blue marie says:

    First club to promote air as an appetizing lunch, and on special days you can spray lemon water in your general direction.

    I like her shoes though, comfortable.

  12. Mouse says:

    I actually like the bag…but for 20 bucks and not one cent more

  13. poppy says:

    ah kaiser, she just wants you to feel that way. her handsy handler could have easily pulled her rolling case and if goop didn’t want that chanel bag for free, she could have carried it like a normal person.
    but from now on, her hard sell is: she’s just s single mom! she struggles!
    feel sorry (and have envy) for her whilst she judgeth thou!
    if she didn’t want the paps in her face she could have used her big bald body guard that she normally uses OR just flown privately into santa monica.
    she definitely wanted the paps to get her. and that bag. she has to work hard to stay relevant.

    and yeah, she totally dissed book clubs.

  14. Lee says:

    The bag looks like a transparent Winner’s shopping bag, accessorized with a string of bungee cords hanging on it. I think I paid a buck for mine. Without cords, of course.

  15. lassie says:

    The girls are looking kinda low. Perhaps she should try a bra…but not just any bra. A handwoven-freetrade-ethereal bra-like lingerie piece. That is crafted by a blind monk who has never spoken to women, but understands them. Viscerally.

  16. Kkhou says:

    I read cookbooks cover to cover. But I cook, a lot, and I eat a lot, too. So, I actually like the idea of a cookbook club.

  17. Birdix says:

    Sea urchin tongue looks like a tongue–but is really sea urchin balls. And it has an orange thing sticking out that looks like an eye, but is really, well, its anus. And I learned at moss beach this week that sand dollars are a flat type of sea urchin, and that they are also called sea porcupines. love urchins.

  18. Cody says:

    For a skinny bitch who watches everything that goes in her mouth and judges what everybody else eats , she sure thinks and talks about food a lot.

  19. maynot says:

    3800$ for that piece of ****?

  20. db says:

    The cut of that jacket isn’t doing her boobs any favors

  21. lowercaselois says:

    I think it would be fun to join her cook book club and pretend to read some of the recipes and how I tried and adjusted them and then post my comments.

  22. Rusty machine says:

    One grape, cubed and garnished with a tic tac????? I’m dying over here. Hilarious!

  23. Jaded says:

    I can see the book list now…

    “1001 Ways to Eat Lettuce”
    “How to De-Tox from a De-Tox”
    “VapourAde – The New Way to Drink Your Way to Skinny!”

  24. Abby_J says:

    That big clearish looking bag is a $3800 Chanel bag? Really? Looks like something my grocery store uses for reusable bags.

  25. ol cranky says:

    Oh, and I feel like she’s judging people who belong to book clubs – “While I have always liked the idea of a book club (sorta) I am just not that type of gal.”

    I took this as her admitting that she thinks reading actual books is a bit too peasanty (and a busy woman like her doesn’t have the time or desire to read to expand her horizons, dearie. . . she already knows how things should be)

  26. Nighty says:

    “…none of the recipes are grossly offensive, in the vein of “one grape, cubed and garnished with a Tic Tac.”
    Oh this was just simply hilarious… the grape could never be garnished with a TIC TAC.. .that contains sugar… Oh the horror…

  27. Aurelia says:

    That bag is totally DERELICT CHIC. God I hate it when fashion disappears but its own bum. And the twits who subscribe to it.

  28. Amulla says:

    I would never buy one of Goop’s cookbooks. She does not cook, and does not know anything about cooking. She has had a personal chef create her macrobiotic meals for her. I doubt she’s ever been inside of a real kitchen. So it is a joke that she writes cookbooks (actually, its likely someone else writes them for her).

    If you want a good cookbook, buy Gordon Ramsay’s books. He’s a real chef.

  29. anne says:

    Truth is she is STUNNED natch that Chris is obviously so thrilled to be rid of her and that HE has all the public support. She totally just knew (in her arrogant way) SHE would be praised and he ripped to shreds. She is doing everything and anything with her MEGA PR team to retaliate. She doesn’t care about any amicable separation, or anyone else at all – purely her image. Hallejuh Chris finally came clean after years of pretense and that the kids are happier and relieved too as the phoniness was very clear to them – that is what drove Chris to finally insist on releasing news of split years after happened. Hallejuh, he is free and happy and it is driving her nuts :-) Her desperation is reeking of the pathetic – and virtually anyone else would have some sympathy for her but VERY few do – because she is truly horrible. Chris is wonderful, has suffered and deserves every smile on his face, more time and decision making with kids and a woman who is the best and truly makes him happy. I NEVER delight in other’s misery but GOOP is only miserable for her image going down the tubes – that shallow. And book club can’t cover fact she has depth of a thimble and has made everyone she can miserable for decades.