Evan Rachel Wood & Jamie Bell have split after less than two years of marriage



I’ll admit it, I am actually really upset with this news: Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell’s marriage is over after less than two years. They were seriously one of my favorite couples. I thought they were really hot together – he’s all English smartass and she’s all Hollywood hipster, but it worked brilliantly and I hoped they would make it work long-term. Not so much.

Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell have ended their marriage, a rep for the couple confirms exclusively to Us Weekly.

“Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell have decided to separate,” the rep tells Us in an exclusive statement. “They both love and respect one another and will of course remain committed to co-parenting their son. This is a mutual decision and the two remain close friends.”

A source adds: “They love each other so much but it just wasn’t right.”

Wood, 26, and Bell, 28, first met on the set of Green Day’s music video “Wake Me Up When September Ends” in 2004 and tied the knot eight years later in October 2012. Last July, they welcomed a baby boy, whose name has never been revealed. (At the time, Bell praised his “warrior” wife via Twitter for birthing their child so “naturally and peacefully.”)

Back in November, the first time mom opened up about motherhood and her hectic schedule to Us during a screening of her film Charlie Countryman in NYC.

“I’ve been having separation anxiety because I’m so used to him being right here all the time. They kind of become a part of you, you know?” she told Us on Nov. 13 of her little tot. “It was my dream to be a mom, so I’m loving it. I love it.”

“He’s smiling and laughing. He started rolling over,” she gushed of his recent milestones. “He’s grabbing things. You know, he’s making oohs and aahs.”

Wood and the Fantastic Four 2 actor’s last red carpet appearance together was at the LACMA 2013 Art + Film Gala in L.A. last November. Bell, for the most part, has kept mum about his relationship with the Facing the Wind actress, and recently deleted his official Twitter page.

[From Us Weekly]

From the way they talked in various interviews over the years, I always felt like Jamie just flat-out adored her. They dated and broke up in the mid-aughts and then reconnected after Evan was finally done with Marilyn Manson. It felt like Jamie had held a torch for her for years and once he got her back, he wasn’t letting go. So… my impression is that this breakup is something SHE wanted. But I’m sure we’ll find out the reason soon enough. Ugh. I’m so sad. This sucks. You know what will suck harder? If she goes back to Marilyn Manson. NOOOooooo.



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  1. QQ says:

    Noooooo I kinda screeched when i saw it last night… That was kardashianny fast 😔

  2. Lindy79 says:

    These two always just kind of made sense in a weird way. Sad.

  3. CT says:

    There was a blind item that said she had a “bad sex” romp with George Clooney and he couldn’t get it up. The story made me laugh but now every time I see her I think of Clooney’s limp dick.

  4. Audrey says:

    Being a new parent is really hard on a relationship

    I hope they can end up working it out and reuniting

    • Devon says:

      This. My daughter is 4 months old and my relationship with my husband has definitely changed. We both know this is temporary and we’ll get our rhythm back but it’s hard. We’re committed though and we’ll know this too shall pass.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        You are very wise. I have never seen a couple who didn’t go through a strain right after the birth of a baby. It’s just a tough time. Happy in many ways, but exhausting and totally life changing. It seems crazy to me to end the marriage at such a stage. You’re thinking in the long term – things have changed and we will sort it out and find our feet together. Good for you.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Yeah this was my first thought as well.

        Plus (SOME) men can be little babies themselves when the mother’s focus in the marriage shifts from them to the baby 24/7.

      • Dani says:

        Agreed. It took us about 6 months (my daughter is almost 9 months now) to fall back into our old selves.

      • Audrey says:

        My daughter is 14 months old and it’s still hard. It’s a lot better than it was when she was a newborn.

        I’m still struggling to find balance and how to transition from mom to wife. I’m breastfeeding and bedsharing and she won’t sleep through the night.

        But I sometimes slip out of bed for some couch time and my husband is really understanding thankfully. We find ways to show our appreciation and love for each other and know that it will get better

      • JenniferJustice says:

        OriginalKitten hit the nail on the head. My husband, bless him, felt neglected and pushed out when our son was a newborn. I worked, so when I got home, it was full-on baby time. I needed to nurse and spend time with the baby and it was at his expense. I wasn’t being purposefully hurtful, there just wasn’t enough of me to go around. It only lasted a matter of months and everything went right back to normal, but it was definitely a challenging time. This situation makes my husband and other men who felt similar, come off as needy and babyish, but the fact is, he did take the back burner for a long time and I’m sure if the roles were reversed, I would’ve felt very left out and hurt as well. It is better to have someone who wants you even if you have nothing to give (for a time) than to have somebody who doesn’t care whether you’re around or not. Good luck to you Devon. Be patient. I admire your reason and rationale.

    • Poink517 says:

      Yep! I have a 5 month old and it is definitely hard! New moms have to adjust to not getting much time to ourselves, and being touched all the time, so at the end of the day, sometimes I just want to be left alone! Hard on the hubs, for sure. I hope they can work it out!

      • Jess says:

        Exactly. You suddenly have this tiny human attached to you 24/7 who needs your constant attention, your entire world changes in a second and it’s a hard adjustment. I was a single parent and I remember quite a few moments at the end of the day where I felt grateful for not having a man around who would probably need something from me too, lol, it’s just so exhausting!

      • aqua says:

        my oldest was colic and it was really hard on everyone involved. she was attached to me 24/7 I had to put her in a baby carrier and went about my day otherwise I couldn’t get anything done. she wouldn’t let me put her down and cried for 6 hours straight every night for 6 weeks straight. The last thing I wanted was any physical contact but it passed.

    • Mr. Stinky FishFace says:

      This is exactly what I came to say. A lot of people don’t understand that the first few years of a child is the hardest on the relationship. There are MAJOR changes in your life that sometimes feel like the end of the world and that you’ll never get past them (Trust me I at one point around three months after my first was born was convinced my husband didn’t love me and was going to leave at any point and actually asked him to just leave because I couldn’t deal with waking up and finding him gone…needless to say it was hormones and stress talking not me) but you do get past them. I hope this isn’t a rash reaction to things that will change.

      God I’m so glad I’m not a celeb so if I needed some space from hubs that it wouldn’t be broadcast across the world :(

      • JenniferJustice says:

        You’re the first to actually mention hormones. OMG! The hormones! I cried. I leaked. I broke out in zits. Tired. Squishy. Irritable and oh, so sensitive. I was uber insecure until I got my body back and it was nothing my husband did to make me feel that way. I just felt it! There is no rationalizing the affects of hormones and it lasts for nearly a year. Ugh! I have nothing but love for other women in this phase of their life. It is utterly selfless, completely exhausting and deserves ultimate respect.

    • Stef Leppard says:

      Good call. My hubby and I went through a rough patch after the birth of our son, and I think we have a really strong marriage. It’s very tough. I kind of wonder now if they got married only because she was pregnant.

    • mercy says:

      Yeah, that’s what I’ve heard. I have major baby urges, but we’re enjoying being married and want more time to ourselves before we bring a child into into the relationship.

      • Audrey says:

        Yeah that’s the best way to do it

        I seriously urge all of my friends who want kids to spend more time being a couple first. My husband and I were married for a few years before having our daughter and I would never change it. We worked out any kinks in our relationship and laid a strong foundation. Great memories and experiences. Now we were able to stay together and strong despite a rough year and a newborn.

        Enjoy it so you can fully enjoy becoming parents together when both of you and your relationship is ready.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        Babies can definitely be a strain on the strongest of relationships. The couples who usually have it the hardest are the ones who have been together a long time before the birth of their baby. You are so used to it being the two of you for so long that the change can be very daunting (particularly for the husband, who isn’t getting the undivided attention he’s been accustomed to all of those childless years). I started dating my husband at 16. We had our first child at 28, and I spoke to friends whose husbands weren’t having as much difficulty adjusting. Most had short courtships and were married less than 2 years. I feel like those people never had to chance to see what life was like with just their partner, so there wasnt as much “trauma” associated with the birth of their child.

        I think Jamie was a rebound after it didnt work out with Marilyn Manson. Getting back with an ex after a bad breakup can be comforting, but they’re an ex for a reason

      • JenniferJustice says:

        Audrey is right. Couple’s (if possible) do better if they have an actual honeymoon phase – a good two years of just the two of you able to be spontaneous, completely focused on eachother and really getting to know eachother. Sometimes people say marriage is just a peice of paper and if you live together and are committed, what difference could an actual ceremony and license make? Alot!! I can’t explain it other than to say that once you are married, you become a unit in the eyes of the government, friends, family, the world. You are now Mr. and Mrs. whomever and the formality is there. You have to work through your problems because he’s not just a boyfriend you can dump and go back home to live with Mommy. It’s great to have time alone to get used to all of that and learn to be a married couple.

      • Devon says:

        We were married 6 years before our daughter was born and it was so nice to have all that time just for us. Once baby gets here, there is no going back so enjoy the couple/alone time while you can.

      • K says:

        Yeah, we were together 8 years and married 3 when our first was born. I know a very happy couple with 3 small kids where she fell pregnant with the first within 6 weeks of dating, but they were flukily well suited and he works with special needs kids while she is a kindy teacher, which may have something to do with their taking to it so well. I still think most people would have split, probably acrimoniously, in their shoes.

      • Lemonsorbet says:

        It definitely helped us to have had five years of marriage first. We got a dog half way, and got used to sharing our time with her too. And along came our son (20 months and climbing everything!) who demanded so much of my time, I’m sad to admit both dog and husband suffered.

        We were prepared for the loss of ‘our time’ but we didn’t realise how hard it was after the first 6 months. Once our son could move, he started demanding more and more of my time. The hormones don’t help either. Recently husband admitted he was depressed for a while, because he’d heard typically things get better after the first 6 months (which wasn’t the case for us). Our poor dog reverted to being a puppy during that time. It’s only the last 7 months that we can honestly say things have started to pick up again for all of us. Now our son and dog are the best of friends, and we have a bit more of ‘our time’ back again.

        I hope for Bell and Wood they’re not making a rash decision. Sometimes it gets a little worse before improving.

    • No says:

      Couldn’t agree more. My marriage has been strained since my pregnancy. Between working 10hr days as a RN, attending class once a week and cooking a baby, I had nothing left to give in regards to my husband. The last few weeks of the pregnancy sent my husband down anxiety row. He felt that he was already extremely neglected during during my pregnancy so things were only going to get worse when the baby got here. I could not get over a grown man being jealous of his own child that didn’t even arrive yet. After reading other comments I’m glad to see that this experience isn’t unique to me. My husband isn’t the only selfish baby.

    • K says:

      That was my first thought. I read a British article recently that said the real big secret to new motherhood is how often you want to hit your husband in the face with a shovel. It’s not far from the truth, IMO. You just get really dislocated from one another from sheer exhaustion, the man gets huffy that he isn’t the sole domestic focus of his wife’s world anymore, plus the baby absorbs all your emotional energy (and appetite for physical affection, never mind sex, quite often) for a while. It passes, but a lot of people I know never quite got to that stage because they split up first.

      I’m really sad about these two. They seemed so real, for want of a better word – not Hollywooded to weirdness.

    • Ange says:

      I read somewhere that most marriages end within 14 months of the birth of a child which is just, wow so sad.

  5. Lemanda says:

    I need to focus less on celebrity life because this headline caused me to gasp out loud and worry my husband who overheard me. So sad.

  6. merski says:

    I do not know these people and yet this is very upsetting somehow… Bummer!

  7. Krista says:

    Not many celeb separations bum me out. But this legit bums me out.

  8. lucy2 says:

    That’s sad – they’ve been together a long time and their baby is so young.

  9. mkyarwood says:

    I’m wondering if Evan wants to explore the ladies. I have always gotten the bi vibe from her. Good friends of mine had a similar timeline in their relationship. They made a really awesome kid and then realized they wanted completely different things when he was about 6 months old. Gillian has a long term girlfriend and Clive just had his second son with his new(er) lady.

  10. Miss Jupitero says:

    Uggggghhhhhh! Marilyn Manson! Don’t say it, don’t say it! She never looked better than when she finally dumped him!

  11. silken_floss says:

    Nothing surprises me anymore but this kinda shocked me. They just seemed right for each other. I was watching the “Turn” marathon on AMC over the Memorial Day weekend and wondered if they were still together.

  12. Nya says:

    She can go back to Alexander. They’re still friendly.

  13. pix says:

    I was rooting for these two – they seemed like a calming presence to each other. The thing about these former child stars is that their baggage seems to outweigh any happiness they try to find. I hope they find a peacefully way to co-parent.

  14. Just me says:

    I’m not surprise, they split in 2006 and went back together in 2010, the relationship was doomed, when you broke with someone and spent so much time separate and even got engaged with someone else, chances that the relationship worked the second time are nearly non-existent.
    But it’s very sad for their son,

    • jaye says:

      That’s probably not always the case.

    • mercy says:

      Not always the case, but sometimes there are lingering issues from a break up. You have to wonder if they had enough time to deal with them once they got back together, or if they were still in that second honeymoon phase that can sometimes make a couple forget some of the issues that caused them to break up in the first place.

    • Scarlet Vixen says:

      That’s not always the case. My husband and I dated for almost 1.5yrs when we were around 22 & 23, broke up amicably and went on to other relationships (he was on/off with another woman for 5yrs, I actually was married to someone else for over 5yrs). 10yrs after our original relationship he searched me out, and we’ve now been married for 4yrs. We were a great match but just too young the first time. Jamie Bell & ERW were also very young when they first got together, and maybe just needed some time to mature and find their place in life before settling down together.

      I agree with some of the higher posts that perhaps the change of having a new baby has something to do with their split. My husband and I went thru it with each of our babies. It wasn’t just the stress of sleepless nights, it was also the hubby feeling kind neglected because so much love and energy goes to the baby. With subsequent babies it’s even harder because they often feel left out, too. Finding that balance is REALLY tough early on. I hope they get it figured out and get back together!

  15. eliza says:

    He seems nice but I have never really liked her. A little full of herself for my taste, but it is too bad, especially having a baby, splitting up. Makes it difficult for all involved.

    I guess they all use the same statements, splitting up, respect each other, so in love, best friends, blah, blah, blah.

  16. lenje says:


    This seriously has ruined my morning (on the first work day after a 24 hr flight). I know they’ve split before, but I thought they had become stronger ever since. Oh well *big sigh*

  17. shannon says:

    i LOVE her short hair. I need it.

  18. I Choose Me says:

    Crap. That was fast. I was quietly rooting for the two of them. I’m hoping during this separation they can work things out and stay together in the end.

  19. Racer says:

    Really?! I’m surprised people thought this would last and actually wanted it to last. That girl is cray-cray.

  20. GlimmerBunny says:

    This is gonna sound shallow, because I really liked them as a couple and it’s sad they are over, but maybe she can get with someone on her hotness level now? She’s one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood (would have been the perfect Grace Kelly in the film, damn you Nicole) and he’s sort of funny-looking.

  21. Hannah says:

    I’m not sure we will find out the reason for their split. We don’t even know their child’s name (good for them, btw!). They keep their stuff tight.

    • Grace says:

      Keeping the name secret is not really protecting the child (just pretentious), they couldn’t even try to sort things out when the boy is still under one. How mature!

      • Hannah says:

        I don’t think it’s pretentious. If I were famous I wouldn’t want the general public to know my child’s name either. I’d be more freaked out about that than there being pictures of my child out there. The idea that a random stranger can come up to my child and know his or her name would really creep me out.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Grace, can you imagine what it would feel like to be at the park with your child and have a complete stranger shout out his name and come running up to them as if the child should know them? I see privacy around the name as a wise choice for a little bit more security.

  22. mercy says:

    I’m more surprised that they announced their split in Us than by the fact they split. I like her, but she’s always seemed like a bit of a handful. Not just the Manson or child star issues. She seemed kind of full of herself sometimes, and her twitter account confirmed that. He seemed more down-to-earth, and he seemed to worship her. Their marriage and having a child seemed kind of quick considering their rocky history.

  23. Cupcake says:

    She’s such a pretty lady and he’s fug IMO. I’dlike to see her with someone who can match her hotness. Not MM!!!!

    I feel sad for the baby, he’ll never know his parents together. Yes babies do cause stress on a marriage but there are much worse stresses on a marriage.

  24. P.J. says:

    “So… my impression is that this breakup is something SHE wanted.” This.

    When The Daily Mail reported the breakup yesterday they also included a couple of Rachel’s very cryptic recent pre-split tweets (Jamie has suddenly deleted his account altogether), one of them being: “Don’t blame people for something they cannot change.” Rachel has been incredibly open about her bisexuality and the fact that she wasn’t she wasn’t sure how the confines of a lifelong marriage to EITHER gender would work out. Who knows if that’s what that particular tweet was about but they announced their breakup only a few days after it was posted so…Idk. It seems to me that anything else about a person could be “changed” or worked on for the sake of a union except that.

    I guess what I’m saying then is: shame on Rachel IF she cheated on Jamie with a woman or expected a pass to, and shame on Jamie if she didn’t but rather, tried to talk to him about how she’s feeling BEFORE anything happened and he sinply expected her to put her desire for women away for good once rings were exchanged. Obviously I’m completely guessing here but I’ve seen this happen before. More than once.

    Of course, no one knows why they’ve decided to part ways except they themselves, we likely never will and good for them. These two are so private that no one even knows their baby boy’s name! No one should be holding their breath for salacious details is all I’m saying…

  25. Blanca says:

    I think they are getting back together :D Fingers crossed

  26. JenniferJustice says:

    I like ERW. There is a delicacy about her even though I know she’s a bit of a freak. I do worry she is somehow self-destructive and not good with relationships. A psych friend told me that when people hook up with people they know they are not compatible with and keep hoping they will change or conform, they are really not willing to commit themselves. It is a form of passive aggression to put yourself in a relationship with someone you know you will not be happy with and the relationsihp is doomed. I think she did that with Manson. Have no theory on Bell other than Hollywood is not known for putting the time and effort into relationships necessary to make it work. Instead they just jump ship and move on.

  27. Hannah says:


    I don’t know what happened in this situation but I do feel like celebs give up when the going gets tough after a baby just because they have the resources to do so. Its so easy to hate your SO when you’re not sleeping and are physically and emotionally wrecked.

  28. Ravensdaughter says:

    A break up after a short marriage with a baby.
    Maybe she was subconsciously seeking an excellent sperm donor, although thankfully they do seem amicable and as the product of a verifiable relationship, their son will have legally protected visits with Jamie (vs the Jason Patric fiasco).
    I wanted them to succeed as well. It’s sad that they couldn’t work through the rough spot whatever it was!

  29. Meg says:

    i hear she’s been with others during their marriage-I guess I assumed they were that new age couple who would be ok with an open marriage, maybe not?