Is George Clooney getting cold feet about his wedding with Amal Alamuddin?


I’ve been avoiding George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin stories all week because we didn’t have any of the new photos of them from Lake Como, which is where they’ve decamped. I think they’ve been there for the past two weeks? Which is normal for Clooney – he usually heads to Como in June or July and he likes to stay through August. I’m assuming he’s going to stay in Como through mid-September, because that’s when his wedding is scheduled, at least according to the tabloids and his friends.

George’s parents are in Como now too, and Amal’s parents have come by a couple of times as well. I’m including some blurry photos we have of Nick Clooney out yesterday, plus a photo of Amal in the backseat of a car (with Clooney, who you can’t see) last night. You know who that other woman is? Karen Duffy!! As in former MTV VJ Duff. She and George dated way back in the day – why is his ex-girlfriend in Como, eating dinner with his fiancée and parents?

A few more Clooney stories – the UK tabloids claim that he wants Lana del Rey to sing at his wedding because Amal is such a big fan. Ew!!! You know George would probably rather have Michael Buble sing at his wedding. The UK tabs say that George is willing to pay Lana’s “hefty fee” to sing at his wedding because he wants to make Amal happy. Yeah. That’s not happening. But my favorite story is this one, from The Enquirer:

Notorious womanizer GEORGE CLOONEY is terrified of getting married – and pals fear he’ll be a runaway groom! Sources tell The ENQUIRER George, 53, is having major cold feet ahead of his wedding to British lawyer Amal Alamuddin, 36. The couple, who started dating last October, are due to exchange vows this September in Italy – but there are fears the silver fox may not make it down the aisle!

“He’s gone into meltdown mode, questioning if he’s doing the right thing or not,” an insider told The ENQUIRER. “George adores Amal, but the thought of spending the rest of his life with her is terrifying him now that the date is drawing near. “He doesn’t think he’s husband material. So his old patterns are kicking in, and he’s convinced he’s ruining Amal’s life. George is a true gentleman and he hates all the attention she’s gotten since they announced their engagement. He’s convinced she has no idea what she’s getting into and he’s making a big mistake.”

Both successful in their fields, the two seem an ideal fit – George is an activist and humanitarian, while Amal specializes in international and human rights law.

“But she made it clear that she wanted a commitment, and George knows she’s not the type to waste her time with him if he doesn’t put a ring on her finger,” said the close source. “But the trouble is that he’s feeling forced into marriage, and that’s why he’s freaking out. Hopefully, it’s just a case of simple cold feet, and Amal won’t have anything to worry about. All his friends are determined to get him down the aisle… whether he wants it or not!”

[From The National Enquirer]

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if George was second-guessing this whole thing, but I also think that he made up his mind – perhaps last year – that he was going to switch up his image by getting married. He was tired of everyone rolling their eyes at him and his rent-a-date girlfriends. So, he’s going to see this through. But then it will probably be a hot mess after that.



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Jaderu says:

    “Both successful in their fields, the two seem an ideal fit – George is an activist and humanitarian…”
    LOL. OK.

  2. Lilacflowers says:

    Perhaps he should try having a conversation with a woman in his own age bracket and then decide?

  3. Ice Queen says:

    I will still roll my eyes at him even after he marries.

  4. J says:

    What is her work situation? I know she is a pretty high profile lawyer with big deal clients so does she need to be in her office or can she work from anywhere? This is what I have been curious about more than his sudden maturity, her job is incredibly important and I wonder how that works with his lifestyle.

  5. MrsBPitt says:

    Kaiser…I couldn’t agree more! I would not be surprised if George is wondering if he is doing the right thing. He has been so adamant in his “I am not good at marriage” stance for so long, I can’t believe how quicklly he became engaged. The romantic in me wants to believe that he just found his soul mate, but the realist in me is thinking if they get married, its going to be a train wreck!

    • kri says:

      When someone says something like ” I am not good at relationships, marriage, monogamy, being close” whatever it is-you should believe them. Alot of people kind of blow that off, saying, “Oh, Im sure you are”. Like when women who choose not to have kids say so, and other people always condescendingly say “You will change your mind”.Ugh. Same thing. This will turn not nice.

      • Francis says:

        George is basically telling her,he’s not going to be a good husband if he said those things.

      • Christin says:

        Completely agree. How can one expect a long term commitment from someone who has repeatedly indicated that’s not for him?

        The part that made me chuckle is about how he thinks the attention on her is too much and ruining her life. She seems to tolerate if not downright enjoy it. Sounds like he’s setting up the ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ type drivel.

        I can fully believe he’s having second thoughts.

      • Jennifer says:

        kri- I’m so glad that you mentioned that. I couldn’t agree more. I really don’t know why it matters to anyone if George doesn’t want to marry. I wouldn’t do it as an image overhaul, but it’s his thing.

  6. Hautie says:

    What kind of odds is Vegas giving this marriage?

  7. LaurieH says:

    I have read – and I’ve not formed my own opinion about it – that George has political aspirations and chose Amal in an attempt to rehabilitate his womanizing reputation and to beef up his credibility in the political arena. If true, it makes perfect sense. George has been very active in political causes over the last few years, so I can totally see him making the segue from entertainment to politics. Also, he was always accused of having all his past girlfriends under “contract” – perhaps not literally, but to the extent that they served an expedient purpose. So why not Amal too? Some might say that Amal is too smart to fall for that. No she’s not. She is highly educated and intellectual, but even the most educated of women can be stupid when it comes to men or savvy enough to find their own expediency in it (Bill and Hillary?). I don’t necessarily see anything wrong with it.

  8. Miss M says:

    “He doesn’t want to ruin her life” (Awwwwwwwww)…” He is not a husband material” (no kidding!)…What a true gentleman he is! *Eye rolling*

    I think he would fly Tony Bennet for his wedding. I mean, if I were Amal I would make this request as part of our contract (allegedly) .

  9. Liberty says:

    According to this tidbit from the end of June, Sandra Bullock is questioning the whole thing and suggesting that Amal is a gold-digger, and grilled her about this at an event:é-amal-alamuddin-split-wedding-canceled-sandra-bullock.htm

    Which I assumed was Step A of the “get out of the contract in the public eye” program so that he can go run as a solid guy who PRACTICALLY got married recently, you know, etc. etc.

  10. Erinn says:

    We’re getting married in August… I’m getting the stomach flip-flops, though nothing to do with who I’m marrying. A wedding is such a pain in the ass. But if I had 1/10 the means that Clooney and Amal have, I’d have just gotten a planner and called it a day. Instead, I’m planning and dealing with the absolute bat-shit crazy portion of the inlaws.

    If I had time to redo everything, and not lose deposits and things of that nature, I’d just invite a handful of people and get married at the lighthouse or on the beach.

    • aqua says:

      It’s natural for most people to get nervous right before the wedding and your right planning a wedding is a lot of work especially all the little details but hang in their your almost done.Just don’t forget to enjoy your day it goes by really fast and don’t sweat the small stuff.Hope you and your future husband have a great day and a very happy life together.

    • Lady Macbeth (ex HiddlesF) says:


      I went for that actually. Only parents were at my wedding. My husband and I even got nervous at the thought of starting to organise the wedding. We decided to go for the private ceremony and I quietly got to my wedding day. Not nervous at all. Emotional yes, nervous no ;)

      Did friends and relatives get angry? Some of them yes, and ‘Good riddance’ I say.
      It is YOUR day, not theirs.

    • Nicolette says:

      It’s a lot of work putting together a wedding. Been there, done that. I also would’ve splurged on a planner if the budget allowed, but alas that responsibility fell on me. There are things I would change, mostly the guest list. Funny how major events in life show you people’s true colors. I didn’t have the jitters at all though, except for when the doors opened and I had to walk down the aisle. Nothing to do with my groom, he’s the love of my life, but instead having all eyes on me. Don’t like being the center of attention, and I just kept looking at him. Handsome as he was, it wasn’t hard to do.

      Enjoy your day Erinn, it does go by so fast, and do what makes you and your groom happy. Good luck to you both, and may your path in life be a happy one! :)

    • Santolina says:

      I also planned my wedding, and a wise friend calmed me down by saying, “Don’t worry — even if everything else goes wrong, at the end of the day you’ll be married!” All I remember is how ecstatically happy I was on my wedding day. Best of luck to you both!

  11. Mike says:

    Just maybe all these snarky comments are very wrong and George Clooney will not only get married but enjoy being married. His fiance is very formidable and seems very interesting. Maybe George wants to one-up Brad Pitt on the international scale. Either way I am sure he is scared since he never wanted to marry but I hope they are very happy with each other

  12. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Lana del Rey will certainly bring that special touch of death and fake depression that every wedding needs.

  13. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    Georgie could, intead, elope with Katy Perry -they’d make fabulous fakesters and I think she may even be less tall than he is.

  14. bluhare says:

    OR the pre nup negotiations are not going well.

  15. Francis says:

    Something has been off about this since day one. They hardly know each other. Advil is probably the starstruck one, probably pushing. I never bought the stories that she’s so above being Starstruck.

    From above Article: ” George adores Amal, but the thought of spending the rest of his life with her is terrifying him now that the date is drawing near. “He doesn’t think he’s husband material. So his old patterns are kicking in…”

    Hahahahahahaha I’m LMAO. It’s probably true!

  16. Cora says:

    Karen Duffy isn’t just an ex of Clooney’s, she’s become a long-time friend – one of his few female friends. She visits Clooney at his Como estate every summer, often bringing her husband and kids. Karen has met all of Clooney’s GF’s.

    • Jayna says:

      Exactly. They went on one date to an award show, but she says they were never more than friends and that her husband is great friends with Clooney also, is one of the group of guys that George is close with and hangs out with.

      I admire Karen so much. She has been through hell and back with her illness and was lucky enough to find a great guy who loves her through it all.

    • aqua says:

      Apparently when she was expecting a baby boy,George filled one of the rooms at his villa full of baby stuff for her as a surprise. It was a nice thing to do.

  17. NewWester says:

    George is probably getting cold feet because he has had a chance to go over the pre nup agreement. He would rather not get married than give away half his fortune! He has certainly made a lot more money since his last marriage ended!

  18. Francis says:

    Or he’s had the chance to know her more and is not liking or his attraction ,whatever it was wore off…..
    No way this marriage last if they make it to the alter.

  19. Lara K says:

    George bugs me. In many ways he is intelligent, classy, liberal, and I would love to chat with him over dinner.
    BUT in his relationships he’s like a seventeen year old. Just sad.

    Maybe it’s politically motivated. Or maybe he’s just feeling his age creep up on him. I hope it’s personal growth, but I’m thinking political.

    Sad, really.

  20. Francis says:

    But IMO she’s a bad choice for a newly running American politico ,she’s got way too much which can be used as political baggage.
    She’s an awful choice politically, IMO As a Californian the hell if I’d want to see some non citizen British Muslim woman ,he just started dating, as First Lady.
    Having Maria Shriver a s First Lady was wonderful, but sorry I just can’t see Advil or even George for that matter, although I’m sure many would vote for him on celeb value, but I’ll just stay home from the polls that day.

    • BestJess says:

      Why the hell would you care if your First Lady (horrid old sexist title) is a British Muslim? Also not that it matters but she comes from a Druze family but is not really religious herself.

      My god what a horrid xenophobic comment.

      • Guest says:

        My God, what promotion of sexist Druze patriarchy, LOL.

        And, for the record, First Ladies have been American (some initially by way of Britain), as have our Presidents. Hardly any more Xenophobic than Wills marrying a Brit and, even then, a big classist deal was made about Kate being a commoner princess (now, there’s a horrid old sexist title along with classism).

        Well, we don’t have that type of classism in the US but we do tend to have Americans represent us in high level government positions, just like in the UK. And while Amal’s ambition is obvious, perhaps she’d care to EARN something by working hard rather than vacationing 24/7 with an American celebrity.

    • jwoolman says:

      Are you aware that there are as many Muslim Americans as Jewish Americans? One of these days you might have a Muslim governor.

      In her case, her family is Druze. Claiming Druze are Muslim is like claiming Christians are Jewish. Or that Muslims are Christian. Technically, all those religions are rooted in the other but went their own ways long ago.

  21. aqua says:

    @ Franccis 11:10 Your right, if he clearly feel that something is not right it’s not to late to cancel or postpone the wedding no matter how much money or planning that was involved..It’s better to wait and be 100% sure then to marry and realise you have made a mistake afterwords.Sometime people will go through with the wedding because of all the time and money involved not to mention the disappointment by family.

    • MarilynGray says:

      The thing is, it’s really difficult to stop a wedding one the planning gets started. It’s like a snowball rolling down a hill. Those people you see in movies who call off the wedding at the last minute are most likely few and far between in real life. The pressure of everything, the expectation of the guests, the money that’s been spent on it, the time spent planning, is likely to far outweigh your doubts and cold feet and thereby quash your ability to call it off. People in that situation are more likely to go through with the wedding then have the marriage crumble within the year.
      This I know from experience.

      And if you do have the guts to stand up and say “I’m not sure I should go through with this” people will simply dismiss it as cold feet and invalidate what you’re feeling and coax you to go through with it any way.

      In a way, people are probably more accepting of a short lived marriage than a called off wedding.

      • aqua says:

        I understand exactly what your saying which is why I said some people will go through with the wedding no matter how much money and time goes into it. I knew i was making a mistake but everyone told me it was just cold feet so i dismissed what I was feeling and went through with the wedding any ways. I felt the pressure to get married.Everyone expected it.I felt like it was too late to back out even though I knew my family would have understood if i did but i still couldn’t do it . I’m still married but it’s hard to walk away especially when your older and it’s tough to start over.So i see this marriage going through and I do hope it will last and be a happy one.

      • Miss M says:

        I know only one person who cancelled 15 days before the wedding. I know another one who asked for a divorce after 20 days they were married.

      • Francis says:

        The a princess of Sweden cancelled her Engagement after a year and a big Official Announcement. If a Princess can cancel a wedding, George can.
        I think he would never cancel it outright anyway…..what he may do (if he decides he’s not ready) is just move the date back, but not pinpoint an exact date for public consumption.
        But couldn’t Advil she him, for alienation of affection or something?

      • Christin says:

        My college roommate wanted to back out the day of her relatively modest wedding. Her mother told her she should not go through with it if she truly didn’t want to marry him, but she didn’t want to disappoint everyone. They married that day — and divorced a few years later.

        Another guy became the talk of our town for backing out of his wedding five days before the event. He did not think they should marry, but he did want to be a father. They were expecting a baby and the mother refused child support for years just to keep him away (revenge, as she felt humiliated). It was a mess.

        I could see this bride being very forceful about proceeding with a wedding. I get that vibe, at least.

      • Serenity says:

        I suddenly almost feel for sympathy for Kim Kardashian. I bet she was in the same position. She must have realized that that basketball player wasn’t right for her but she couldn’t back out because of all the expectations on her especially with her KUWTK show.

      • Malak says:

        Princess Madeleine. Her lawyer fiancé cheated on her. Now she’s married to a Brit-American, lives in New York and recently had a baby.
        Happy ending.

      • Francis says:

        Malak, I know. I travel in Europe. I was in one of the Scandinavian Countries when the Swedish wedding took place. I watched Princess Maddie happily marry Christopher O’Neill. That’s why I said it’s possible to back out of a high profile wedding and move on successfully to someone you really want to marry,
        If George is not 100% sure he should truly think about it and give himself more time. There is no rush.

      • Malak says:

        I doubt GC can get out of it, even if he wanted to. He’s already deep into it.
        He is over 50. The kind of life he has led makes me think he’s not the type to ever feel 100% sure. I bet she is wondering too, if he can stop ‘looking around!’

        IF he wants a child or two, he is already quite late.

      • Francis says:

        Why do some assume he suddenly wants children? He might or he might not?
        Not everyone wants children? Advil might not want children also, or she might, but a marriage does not always mean having children?
        Also if George wants to Cancel this he will cancel it. What does being 50+ have to do with him not canceling? If he’s not feeling it and/or he feels he may ruin her life by marrying her, why not cancel it and let her move on? He’s basically already telling her it’s not going to work, “IF” the article is true.

    • Malak says:

      Well, he changed his mind about marriage. He could have changed his mind about children too. I wouldn’t be surprised. After all, he looks around and his friends have them.
      If he regrets it I think he’d be embarrassed to cancel, and it would embarrass her family too.
      They can always split if it doesn’t work out.

  22. Hayley says:

    I think he’s being groomed to run for office, and they can’t have “gay” rumors floating around about him or he won’t have a chance. I think he has to marry in order to be a more appealing candidate to the masses. This is probably a very lucrative business deal for both of them.

    • Francis says:

      Gay Rumours won’t hurt him with voters IMO unless he is truly hiding that he is gay. Advil being his wife is worse IMO.shes a Brit Muslim woman who hasn’t lived one day in the US, there is nothing attractive about her, including her client list. She’s an awful choice.

      • Missa410 says:

        Amal attended New York University’s School of Law for her Master’s degree, clerked for Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor when the judge was on the 2nd circuit court of appeals, and worked for the New York based firm Sullivan and Cromwell for three years. She lived in the US for at least 6 years consecutively, not counting time she spent here doing work for the UN since joining her current firm.

        And since we don’t actually know what religion she practices, if any at all, maybe you don’t have to label her Muslim (as though that’s an inherently bad thing) in nearly every post?

      • Chris says:

        Well said, pretty unpleasant vibes about presumed religion.
        Anyway, even if both amazingly turned out to be adherents to the ‘right’ religion, would we still not hope they’d manage to apply any religious stricture to themselves alone, and not thwack others over the head with their beliefs?

      • bluhare says:

        My understanding is her family is Druze. Based on Islam, but not Islam.

      • MinnFinn says:

        I read that her parents’ religion is Druze and also that the Alamuddin clan is wealthy and prominent i.e. Lebanese aristocrats.

        I wonder if George’s aspirations are global versus American political office i.e. foreign ambassador or full-time leadership role in an international humanitarian organization.

      • BestJess says:

        Francis you keep banging on about her being Muslim as if that meant anything other than you clearly have some prejudice issues to deal with.

        It’s bad enough that you’re a bigot but you’re also an INCORRECT bigot. She comes from a Druze family.

  23. Altariel says:

    Hot Mess count down, one way or another. Can’t wait.

  24. Nicolette says:

    Groom exit stage left in five….four….three….two………..

  25. aqua says:

    @ Kaiser you pick the goofiest pictures of George I’ve ever seen.

  26. Francis says:

    George saying he doesn’t want to Ruin her life is a big Flag,..,she should Run now and he should not go through with it, he’s telling her Already it’s heading towards ruination!

    • Malak says:

      Did he really say that or is that a rumour? I’ve read that he found out her family (mother?) likes to come and STAY (a long time). When you marry a person from some parts of the world, including Lebanon, you marry the family.

      There are pictures in Daily Mail. Her choice of clothes… she looks like she’s pregnant already.

  27. lala says:

    George and his lake Como residence reminds me of movie ” Come September ”.

  28. Mrs McCubbins says:

    I’ve watched her in a few interviews and I can see why he’s smitten with her. She’s intelligent and not of the HW cesspool. He’s probably known her for awhile but the timing was off. He’s getting older and companionship becomes important. She obviously isnt interested in humanitarian issues for fame or attention compared to HW people. They seem like a good match to me.

    • aqua says:

      ” He probably known her for a while.”Apparently Amal helps or has helped George with the Satellite sentinel project which he co-founded about three years ago. They have also ran into each other at various charity events in the past.

    • Jen2 says:

      But they made a point of saying he wanted to get married one year from the date they met, so, don’t think they have known each other before. Not everyone in Hollywood–which is where Clooney and a great deal of his family is from– is in or from a “cesspool”, so that is just as denigrating to others as saying negative things about her. She is no better or worse than any other human on the planet, she just has an education, which does not necessarily increase or decrease one’s overall worth. The whole, “she is at his level” nonsense annoys me more than anything else written.

  29. LIVEALOT says:

    They will have beautiful brunette babies – can’t wait!

  30. siri says:

    It’s just another story to keep them in the public eye. They will wed, and live apart due to their busy schedules most of the time. Clooney needed this image change, so he will go all the distance to make sure. I doubt it will work, though. Only this time, he won’t be able to pay the girl off with a piece of jewelry, or a cozy apartment. I believe he knows he’s made a mistake by now.

    • Francis says:

      Siri I agree.
      When a man starts saying I might ruin her life, that’s never a good sign.
      He’s telegraphing that he already sees something is just not melding together with them.

    • Malak says:

      I would say he has been single for so long so, of course, he is nervously wondering if he is doing the right thing. Well, they can always split if it doesn’t work out. But if he has changed his mind about children too, better hurry up. He will look like his children’s grandfather.

  31. Fan says:

    I don’t think he has the nerve. Don’t you think it too late to back out now?

  32. Missa says:

    Couldn’t this be the ideal relationship for both of them? She won’t be haranguing him for bit parts on basic cable dramas or to meet his famous friends, and he won’t expect her to give up her work to take care of him and pop out some babies. Win-win. They both seem to keep very busy with work and friends when apart, and enjoy their time together. Sounds like a pretty good relationship to me.

    George is the only person in his inner circle of friends who isn’t married. Combine that unintentional peer pressure with the fact that he’s a) aging and b) in near-constant pain, maybe he just figured it’s time to put the waitresses and wrestlers behind him and be a grown up.

    • Chris says:

      That sounds eminently reasonable, and if they do marry, then the very best of best wishes for great happiness, they both strike me as good sorts.
      (I stubbed my toe on the bit about G’s constant pain….. Hadn’t heard of this, and it’s shiver-makingly Kennedyesque)

  33. LAK says:

    He’s always been tight with Karen Duffy forever. I’m surprised you are just noticing her in the pics. She seems to be around for truly important events/occasions in his life eg I remember when he won his first oscar, he eschewed all the oscar parties and was papped having a quiet dinner/meal with Karen which was rather sweet.

  34. Deedee says:

    I’m not a fan of George Clooney acting career, but I must admit, he seems like a really nice and decent guy to me. So, he dated several women. He was completely upfront with them at the beginning that he wasnt the marrying type and didnt want kids then, took them on trips and award shows, and gave them gifts when they ended the relationship. His relationships appeared to have been monogomous, as i never read anything about him cheating, and he is a humanitarian. I’m glad he found someone he wants to settle down with and hopes it works put for them.

    • bluhare says:

      Move over, Deedee. I want to sit next to you.

    • Lahdidahbaby says:

      Deedee, your very fair post scared me so badly that my life just passed before my eyes. I mean, it was so sensible and humane that I had to glance at myself hastily in the mirror to make sure I hadn’t transubstantiated into a very nice person on a more sweet-natured website. But honestly, what you said was refreshing and so very fair that I…omg now i’m getting scared again. Where tf am I? Somebody hold me.

  35. lowercaselois says:

    Here is a part of an Enquirer 2012 about George getting cold feet about dating Stacy Keibler after a year. New girl, same old stuff from the Enquirer.

    “When Julia heard that George was about to end the relationship before it got too serious, she told him Stacy’s a great girl, that he should latch on to her, and that he was too old to keep playing the field,” revealed the insider……….
    Rumors began flying that George was about to dump 33-year-old Stacy, and the whispers burst into print when the former World Wrestling Entertainment beauty attended New York Fashion Week by herself in September…….
    “George agreed that although he and Stacy had a rough spot, they could still make it work,” said the source. “But he still wasn’t promising anything about getting married!”

  36. lisa2 says:

    Why are people treating this story as if it is actually true. It is from the Enquirer.

  37. Tang says:

    He is too old to be getting “cold feet”. Many men his age are grandfathers. What’s his problem?

    • bluhare says:

      Exactly what you said. He’s set in his ways and he’s freaking out about getting married. Frankly, if he weren’t freaking out, I think that would be more weird than freaking out. To me, it says he’s actually looking at what he’s doing instead of being all carried away in some romantic dream.

  38. mmm says:

    how is Amal accent sound in English .. ,

  39. funny bone says:

    I think Clooney hides his jokes with audience distraction like Mr Magoo. It takes a while to see a obvious joke. Clooney is clever and sarcastic. I don’tthink its lost on Clooney that Julia Duffy is synonymous with Dumb and Dumber.

  40. raincoaster says:

    On a completely different note: is that a tongue stud?

  41. Kara says:

    Duff and Clooney remained good friends after they split. Poor woman has had horrible health problems.

  42. jennyjustice says:

    I still think this marriage is a contractual business arrangement and they are both all for it for the mutual benefits of unification of finances, influence and fame. I still think Clooney is closeted and she not only does she know this but arrangements and agreements in this area have been made. He will give her the family she wants and he will be allowed to pretend he is straight for his female fans while having rendezvous with his preferred gender. They will be careful and he will respect her as far as keeping it on the down low and not her in any way. Everything else is merely fodder to perpetuate the myth that he is straight and this relationship is a genuine romance …hence, the cold feet, worrying about ruining her life because he’s such a ladies’ man, etc. IMO they are no different than Travolta and Kelly whatshername.

  43. DailyNightly says:

    Ah.. and so it begins. The self doubt, the “I really shouldn’t be doing this, I’m no good at marriage” song and dance. Now we will see the slow unwinding of this farcical relationship. “George didn’t want to hurt her but he realized it would never work” and “That’s why he called it off at the last minute”. “He just wants what is best for Amal”. All will transpire before the actual wedding day.

  44. Jules says:

    Does anyone else think this marriage has everything to do with his political aspirations?

  45. Jayna says:

    He’s been busy picking out a venue, very involved there with his fiancee. He’s flown in her mom. He flew in his parents last week and they’ve been there. He is in full swing setting things up with Amal.

    He’s not having second thoughts. It’s the Enquirer. I can’t believe people buy these types of stories. For every true George story, there must be 100 fake ones to fill their pages. I think he wants the wedding. He’s intrigued by her or the idea of her and that she’s the one. Now, a year from now, or two, we’ll see if he’s still so enamored of her and into marriage. George is always good for a couple of years in his relationships.

  46. Francis says:

    Must go read the Daily Mail…..Her Mother is saying her daughter can do better than George.