Angelina Jolie acted shady, got heroin delivered to a ‘drug den’… in 1998


This is going to shock and appall: Angelina Jolie used to do DRUGS. Yes, so shocking. It’s not like she made multiple references to her drug usage over the years, or how she was openly cracked-out for several years in the last 1990s. Personally, I think of those self-harming early years as part of what makes her current incarnation so striking and so inspirational. She was a second-generation Hollywood wild child, a drug user and a mess. And she turned it around when she began traveling the world and working for the UNHCR. And the final death blow to her old drugged-out ways was when she adopted Maddox.

But before all that, Angelina was just a cracked-out wild child in 1998, pacing the floor of a scuzzy “drug den” and talking to her father on the phone. Radar and the National Enquirer have been teasing images taken from this 1998 “drug den” video for more than a week, and now they’ve finally released the old video. Angelina looks rough here, but I don’t think she seems all that cracked-out here. And it doesn’t really seem like a drug den either. According to Radar, this phone call video happened just after her dealer delivered some heroin and cocaine to her. Her dealer is the one who shot the video. Sixteen years ago.

Granted, I’m a Brangeloonie, but all this made me think is, “I miss Angelina as a blonde – she pulled off that hair color.”

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  1. Abbott says:

    So ‘drug den’ = everyone’ first apartment out of college? That looks like a pretty nice drug den, if there is such a thing.

    • mkyarwood says:

      I was thinking that. Looks like an apartment. Also, no discreet cell phone videos here, check out that camcorder!

    • Shazz says:

      She looks fine, just no makeup. If you listen to the audio, it sounds like she feels really worried about taking care of her mom. ( And this from someone who was pretty firmly team Aniston when the whole breakup thing occurred. ) This video actually convinces me she’s not the narcissistic b@tch she’s often portrayed as – even in a tough time, she’s worried about someone else’s welfare.

      • Eloise says:

        She is thinner now and her hair is dry and brittle, except when she wears a partial hair piece. I don’t buy her “Saint Angelina” persona that she is pushing. Can’t blame it on her being sick, as she was never ill from cancer it was a preventative measure, and good for her with her family history. However, keeping in mind her family history, preventative surgery is not going to keep her alive if she isn’t maintaining a healthy lifestyle. That’s just common sense and it’s plainly obvious that she is compromising her basic daily health.
        She looks like Hell.

      • darkdove says:

        Eloise she is pushing any saint stuff you are just a tipical hater who pays too much credit to tabloides who only comes out when the bad things show even if it was from nearly 20 years ago.

      • Sal says:

        I wonder what all those ‘team Aniston’ people think know that it was proven Aniston is a homewrecker herself (never mind that she had an affair with a married Chris Gartin and stole Tate Donovan from Sandra Bullock, so Aniston is a serial cheater and homewrecker) who broke up a 14 year relationship and left Heidi Bivens devastated when Aniston seduced and had an affair with and stole Justin from her? Are they now Team Bivens?

        As to Eloise, sigh. Yet again, its always ALWAYS only the haters that call her Saint Angelina and accuse her of that. She has NEVER pretended to be a saint. Never. People call her that because of their own guilt and insecurity.

      • KC says:

        That’s what it sounds like to me too, she’s talking about wanting her mother to have clothes that don’t have holes in them and live in a nice place and that she(AJ) and her brother don’t want to have nice things if Marcheline doesn’t, that AJ is concerned about what would happen to her mom if something happened to AJ and she couldn’t work anymore to support her mom.

        I think she sounds really sweet, pragmatic and humble here.

  2. feebee says:

    Kaiser wrote just about everything I was thinking… none of it is a secret…. it’s 16 years ago….

    I say this tongue in cheek but she’s a role model for crackheads who want to get their sh-t sorted. Granted she had a few things going for her that the average drug user may not but hey!

  3. Talie says:

    I’ll admit, I find it fascinating watching a famous person talk about mundane things like mortgages. Humanizes them in a weird way.

  4. Kiddo says:

    I got bored at the two minute mark. That is one huge phone, huh?

  5. HannahG says:


    On a different note: I never knew Angie’s won TWO Golden Globes. Also, I can’t help thinking of Miley Cyrus looking at the header image. She does that same contrived “bad” behavior.

  6. Lara K says:

    I’m a huge admirer of celebrities who kick the habit AND openly talk about their struggles, like Angie or RDJ.

    And I agree – makes their achievements that more impressive and inspirational.

    • Toni says:

      I don’t admire them. I admire strong and sober people. I am not inspired by them as they are given too many undeserving opportunities in life.

      • doofus says:

        you’re certainly entitled to your opinion, but please keep in mind that not all “strong and sober people” are worth admiring.

        someone’s addiction or soberness isn’t what makes them good or bad.

        I also don’t understand your “given too many undeserving opportunities in life” comment. that would apply to a few famous addicts (Lohan comes to mind) but, again, you really shouldn’t paint with such a broad brush. not everything is black and white.

        and, quite frankly, Jolie has shown herself to be one of the strongest people in hollywood today. her ability to do the humanitarian work she does takes a lot of strength.

      • Sal says:

        I’d rather admire someone who went a little wild (and never hurt anyone) when young and became a better person for it, than someone who never went wild and never did a thing for anyone else but themselves. Its only through trials and tribulations that a person grows. I have no respect for people who have lived a clean easy life. They don’t appreciate life.

      • JH says:

        Wow, you are one tough cookie. Slow clap for your perfect existence!

        Screw those losers who overcome their personal demons! I mean, who do they think they are?! Actually finding and applying the willpower (ugh- the nerve!) to make their lives more productive and meaningful? Because life is all about succumbing to the past and losing all faith in the future, amiright?

      • Shazz says:

        Strong and sober people who’ve never struggled and never had addictions are lucky, not superior. People who become addicted are seekers who are trying to escape often severe emotional pain. And the only thing I’ve ever been addicted to is food.

      • vilebody says:

        @Sal. “I have no respect for people who have lived a clean easy life. They don’t appreciate life.” What an idiotic statement. I have a lived a clean and relatively easy life and I assure you I appreciate it.

    • Nevermindme says:

      I’m with Lara K. I admire people like AJ and RDJ not just because they helped themselves get clean but it made them want to help others. Angie found her mission in life and it makes me wonder would she be such a great humanitarian if not for her past. Same for RDJ, he’s not known for all the great charity work he does because it was mostly something he did privately. He finances a lot of rehab centers, have helped recovering addicts find jobs and even goes to AA meetings to speak to the members there. This was mostly kept secret until Radar Online got wind of it and some guy spilled the beans. Would AJ and RDJ be doing these good deeds with such passion if they didn’t go through this themselves. I admire them both.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        You nailed it. Angelina got into international affairs and started traveling because her PR team urged her to do so to clean up her image. It was their idea, but look what she did with it? What may have began as somewhat contrived became completely genuine and life-changing for her. I definitely think she would not be the person she is today if not for her earlier crazy. There would have been no need to “clean up her image” and have her PR team even suggest she do some good works.

        Also, I don’t think it’s fair to say (not you, but other poster) that celebrities or kids of celebrities have “undeserved opportunities.” Young celebrities and children of the famous do not have it easier than regular kids. They may have more money and better clothes, etc. but actually they face greater challenges in simply finding normalcy. Most still come from broken families and most don’t have normal childhoods where they get to just ride bikes around the neighborhood with a mob of kids and just be a kid. And when a famous person’s child or a young celebrity does get into trouble or make mistakes (like we almost all do), it’s so public and therefore, so much more humiliating. I don’t think famous people or their kids have it easier than regular folk. If anything, it is more challenging for them just trying to navigate life with little to no normalcy.

    • kri says:

      Look, we all know this about AJ’s past. I hate drugs and what they do to the addict and the addict’s family. I saw her in NOLA at the Abbey over 10 yrs ago, and she was jacked for sure. But that was a long time ago, and she has triumphed. She went through some shit-don’t we all-and grew up and is now trying to do good things for her kids and the world. I admire that.

  7. Eleonoy says:

    I think blonde hair did not suit her at all.

  8. QQ says:

    3 Things:

    Isnt it illegal to get audio on somebody without their consent?

    She has always been Painfully slim so can we let the corncerntrollification Die!?

    People think a UN goodwill ambassador or whatever flying in and out of countries ins’t vetted tested then vetted and Tested for everything again for good measure? Why do some gossips INSIST that she is still on the hard stuff (which she’s never made any bones about that phase of her life anyways?) I’d sooner believe Her and Brad are monogamish To her sole benefit and advantage

  9. Mindy says:

    Most people are aware of her earlier troubles so no biggie now. I liked her better as an actress before this whole Brangelina thing, but it’s weird how Hollywood has put her on a pedestal for a the past few years only to bring her past up again. Fickle. fickle.

  10. PreciousRobicheaux says:

    Good grief. So what? All that crap is in her past. I was once really thin and cute, but I don’t want to be reminded of it on a regular basis.

  11. FingerBinger says:

    I don’t find former drug addicts “inspirational”. Sorry.

    • Sal says:

      People who turn their life around and do great humanitarian work, become a Special Envoy, get invited into the Diplomatic Corps Council of Foreign Relations and is an internationally respected woman around the world and amongst the highest echelons e.g Nelson Mandela? I think I can safely say most people find that more inspirational than someone who has never been wild and grown from that and did anything worthwhile in their lives. A former (she never was an ‘addict’) drug user who becomes one of the world’s most respected humanitarians? vs someone who led a boring sheltered life and never did anything for anyone else but themselves? I’ll take the former, thanks and I again I feel comfortable that I speak for most people.

      • FingerBinger says:

        A person who uses heroin and is allegedly having drugs delivered in this video wasn’t an addict? OK, if you say so. Nelson Mandela is inspirational. Angelina not inspirational. I stand by what I said.

      • Sal says:

        You do know people can dabble in drugs and not be addicted….right? And that 99.9945999999% of Hollywood has dabbled in drugs? I don’t think 99.99459999999% of Hollywood are ‘addicts’. I also stand by what I said. Angelina is inspirational to most normal people. If Angelina and all she has achieved isn’t considered ‘inspirational’, then I’d like to know what you’ve achieved in your life that would qualify as you having an inspirational affect on someone.

      • FingerBinger says:

        I don’t why you’re trying to make drug use OK or justify it. She did more then dabble. When you’re allegedly getting drugs delivered that’s more then dabbling. That’s not just being too lazy to go and get them yourself. I’m inspired by people like Rosa Parks or Mother Theresa. I don’t find her “inspirational.” I’m sure what’s wrong with saying that. I’m entitled to my opinion just like you are entitled to yours.

      • doofus says:

        fingerbinger, as I said above to another poster, you are certainly entitled to your opinion on who you find inspiring, however, I agree with Sal (WHOA!) that not everybody who uses is an addict.

        Jolie may or may not have been addicted but you can’t say she was just because she used.

        alcohol is a drug, too. is everyone who drinks an alcoholic? no, some just USE alcohol but don’t abuse it.

        ETA: I have friends in NYC who have their pot delivered. why?…because it’s safer and easier. why go out and risk dealing with a street dealer when you don’t have to? same reason people have pizza or chinese food delivered rather than go out and get it. EASIER.

      • Sal says:

        First of all, I fail to see how the method of delivery (whether she picked them up herself, walked on foot, on pushbike, had them mailed, flew, arrived by plane or train or were picked up at a post office) defines what is dabbling and what isn’t. So I have no idea what you are trying to say there. Dabbling is using. Being addicted and dabbling are two different things. I’m not saying its ok or justifying it, I’m just not judging a person for LIFE for something a person OVERCAME, which is surely something worth celebrating. You seem to not understand that there is not a celeb who hasn’t dabbled in drugs. Rosa Parks, yes, she I grant you that, she was inspirational. Mother Theresa, who let people die than get them to hospitals and encouraged over-population and thus more poverty by discouraging condoms? No. You should read more about Mother Theresa. She was an evil woman. And imo far worse than any drug addict. Angelina hasn’t peddled death like she did. I definitely hold Angelina far far far higher than Mother Theresa. I have no respect for those of Mother Theresa’s ilk and see her no more than a glorified serial killer who gave donations she was given, to the Vatican and refused to even spend it on pain tablets for the poor.

        Edit: sorry FingerBinger, but it may come as a surprise to you that you can occasionally dabble in heroin and not get addicted.

      • FingerBinger says:

        @doofus For the record, heroin is not a recreational drug. It isn’t really a drug that you can just “dabble” in.

      • doofus says:

        not true, fingerbinger.

        I’ve known a few users in my time who were not addicted. same for coke, various pills, and alcohol. never had the desire myself, but not all people who use are addicts or become addicts.

      • Anon says:

        I said it before she looks OK in the video. Were drugs delivered? not saying she didn’t use. But this video is like a movie. I didn’t have the patience to watch it.
        It just make her detractors happy like some one said above. Usually her threads are short. This one will be long good, for the site. Angelina will be a legend and its her detractors that will contribute to it the most. They just can’t ignore her. :-) If I didn’t like her I would at least wait until she did something new to talk about her. This is not new /news; however I like Angie posts anyway so thank you Celebitchy

      • bloopuy says:

        Fingerbinger, you might want to know that Mother Theresa was known for paying for top notch expensive medical care for herself, while not providing the same for the other people in her care.

        Every person has a dark side, even the people you “admire.” You might want to get down off your pedestal.

      • FLORC says:

        Drug addicts are not inspirational. I agree. Former drug addicts that were able to rise above their physical and mental addictions that do good in the world ARE inspirational. Jolie has said before she was selfish in her youth, but found a cause to redeem her so far wasted life. After a suicide attempt on her life was one of the moments she says was a turning point. Had she not gone through what she has she might not have found herself in the same place helping others.

        And Rosa Parks and Mother Theresa had their downsides. Their memories are glorified for the purpose of the message, but they were human with deep flaws and motives like everyone.
        Even Mandela didn’t start out the best. These people were human and did so much good. That doesn’t mean they didn’t make mistakes, act selfish, and overall be human.

      • jwoolman says:

        The Surgeon General of the US (Koop) once remarked that nicotine was more addictive than heroin. Not all smokers are addicted (they can quit any time with no withdrawal, no cravings). Same is true for other drugs like heroin, cocaine, and alcohol. People have always made the distinction between heavy drinkers (who can quit easily) and alcoholics (who have a whole different struggle with it). A big problem is that you don’t know which type you are until you start, although anybody with genetically related addicts and alcoholics (like me) is an idiot to even start.

        I’ve never used drugs and have never been an alcohol drinker (other than diluted wine forced on me as a child at special dinners and NyQuil for a cold in previous times, I’m NyQuil-free now). I don’t even like being around people while they’re drinking. But there really is a huge difference between soul-destroying addiction and casual recreational use. A major problem in drug education in the United States has been the failure to acknowledge that, leading to outright lying to children and teenagers about the effects and real risks of drugs. Once the kids find out one lie, they disregard everything else said.

    • Paige says:

      We will all have different opinions. Some of us may find her inspirational and others not so much. @Fingerbinger Would you really find her inspirational anyway even if you didn’t use drugs in her past or she was anything like the people you admire ? I doubt it. Your posts on Angelina Jolie threads are always the same.

    • JenniferJustice says:

      Although I don’t find recovered addicts to be inspiring to me, I certainly can see how they are inspirational to other drug users, addicts or anybody whose trying to overcome anything that seems out of their reach or out of their control. They are proof that you can change your life. They are proof that a person’s young years do not necessarily define their later years. I have never been a fan of Angelina but I still see the good that came from her trials and tribulations from her works as an Ambassador to her being a role model for drug users and addicts. It’s no different than rooting for the winners of the Biggest Loser. Is it cool to become so obese, you could die of a heart attack or stroke any day? No. But how is it not cool to do the work and learn new coping skills that allow them to get their life back and gain confidence? It may not be something I can directly relate to, but it is definitely something we can all indirectly relate to.

      • doofus says:

        tbt, some of those weight loss stories make me cry because I’m so happy for the person who lost the weight. you see the before and after and you know how much better (in some ways) their life will be. simply being able to go up and down stairs easily and NOT be stared at in public…so touching to think how much happier and healthier they will be.

      • FingerBinger says:

        @Jennifer You have a point about rooting for someone. I’m not not castigating people for rooting for her. I understand that people find her “inspirational.” I find many people inspirational, she’s just not one of them. I also find her acts of altruism suspicious and disingenuous. That’s my opinion. Also people on here downplaying her drug abuse and rewriting her past is weird to me.

      • Bridget says:

        She can have her own reason for her acts of altruism, but the work itself that she does is no joke. Working with the UNHCR, every one of those visits (which we’ve had a lot of confirmation on how much work she actually does when on them) she meets with people who have no home, no country, no place in the world. She listens to their stories, which in itself cannot be an easy task, and speaks up for people who have no voice, who have lost everything. Would anyone even be talking about wartime rape if she hadn’t thrown her considerable muscle behind it? Jolie could have chosen an easier issue, an easier charity, and people would still have been amazed and talked about how wonderful she is. She can have any motivation she wants, but there is no denying the work that she does.

    • TheRealMaya says:

      @Fingerb: but you DO find Sean women beating Penn & Charlize crackhead Theron inspirational right? That’s what you said in your previous comments.

      And maybe you should research about Mother Theresa before calling her inspirational. She knew that some of her teachers were sexually abusing orphans both male and female and she did nothing – absolutely nothing. Not only didn’t she stop it – she actually helped brushing it under the carpet for years.

      PS: before anyone attacks me in MT – I am an Indian and have met several of the victims. It’s public knowledge in India that Mother Theresa was not all that she seemed.

      • PennyLane says:

        Backing you up on the Mother Teresa issue – if you haven’t read the Christopher Hitchens piece, it is worth reading:

        “…MT was not a friend of the poor. She was a friend of poverty. She said that suffering was a gift from God. She spent her life opposing the only known cure for poverty, which is the empowerment of women and the emancipation of them from a livestock version of compulsory reproduction. And she was a friend to the worst of the rich, taking misappropriated money from the atrocious Duvalier family in Haiti (whose rule she praised in return) and from Charles Keating of the Lincoln Savings and Loan. Where did that money, and all the other donations, go? The primitive hospice in Calcutta was as run down when she died as it always had been—she preferred California clinics when she got sick herself—and her order always refused to publish any audit. But we have her own claim that she opened 500 convents in more than a hundred countries, all bearing the name of her own order. Excuse me, but this is modesty and humility?”

      • Nikollet says:

        @TheRealMaya good point. We know Fingerbinger is a huge Sean Penn fan; he of the very shady past. If Fingerbinger can accept that Penn has changed his ways, and he is now an inspirational humanitarian, how can he/she question that Angelina could be considered inspirational?

        If you can accept that a former wife-beater can change, surely a former drug user can too?

      • What? says:

        Thank you for posting that about Christopher Hitchens. You saved me the effort of spreading his knowledge and keeping his memory/work alive.

      • Sal says:

        Omg Sean Penn is pure scum! Wife bashing, cheating, lying, abusing people in airports. If he ever did anything for anyone other than himself I’d never believe it. Attacking a woman who hasn’t done anything but good and who has never done a thing to hurt anyone and being a fan of grubs like Sean Penn goes well beyond ordinary hypocrisy, its unbelievable.

        FingerBinger, NO ONE on here is rewriting her past, we are simply telling the truth and putting it in perspective. And as I’ve said before, no one reaches the highest echelons of the Diplomatic Corps by being disingenuous. Do you really think the top brass are stupid, and you know more than them? Is that what you honestly think? How presumptive and arrogant of you. It seems to me that you are trying to convince yourself of your viewpoint of Angelina because its what you *want* to believe. But the evidence to the contrary is getting in your way.

    • vilebody says:

      I know I’m in the minority, but I agree with FingerBinger. Recovered drug addicts aren’t inspirational to me–they made those KNOWINGLY bad decisions and then had to deal with the consequences: sobriety or death. I feel sympathy, because God knows it’s one of the worst diseases out there, but not admiration.

      That being said, I do feel admiration for everything Angelina has accomplished with her work with the UN. I’m a total Angeloonie on that front.

    • Dommy Dearest says:

      If this was anyone else, everyone would be trashing her. I like your comment.

      • Sal says:

        Bullshit, if this was anyone else, her haters would be saying how proud they are she turned her life around. Its only because she is Angelina she is not allowed to be viewed as separate from her past. Then again, if this were anyone else, they wouldn’t continually have their past DRAGGED UP *sixteen years ago* and judged by that and not allowed to change and grow. Its ONLY Angelina who is to have her nose continually rubbed in her past. Ever notice how no other celeb has their past thrown in their face all the time?

  12. Jen2 says:

    So, the best they can come up with is a 16 year old video and stuff she has talked about openly. I guess since they can’t come up with anything recent, they dredge this stuff up.

    OK. Next.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      Haha, Jen, I saw this SAME tabloid in the grocery store a few days ago…all about ‘Angie’s Drug Den’…which made me laugh, because it would’ve been news if they had found a ‘recent’ picture of her high…not one from sixteen years ago.

      Plus, this story comes up every few years–I heard about this four or five years ago, then some of the meaner/crazier posters then were calling her an animal killer, because in the video she was high and laughing about how she accidentally killed her pet rabbit as a teen, because of the irony that rabbits can’t eat lettuce and she didn’t know that.

      So yeah, ditto. NEXT.

  13. smee says:

    Who is the “us” she keeps referring to in the phone conversation? “It makes us unhappy, etc”

    • M.A.F. says:

      I didn’t watch all of the video but I figured she was talking about her mother (a house and mortgage kept coming up).

    • Mike says:

      I think she may be talking about her brother. If she is discussing buying some clothes for him with her father I think it may be a good guess. They were/are very tight

    • claire says:

      At one point she’s talking about her mother and wanting to make sure she has all she needs and is happy. Then at another point she is worrying over her brother: something about wanting to take care of him, people are pitching in to support him, that she has seen a change in him and how he could have his own checkbook and be very careful with it. She says she’s seen changes since she’s been out there, he’s getting confidence around people she works with (directors) and so he can have this house and then have Christmas there and other people with see him with this house and he’ll feel like a grown man because of the house.

      It kinda sounded like she was talking about him having past troubles when younger so everyone had been protecting and enabling and she’s talking about recognizing his changes and people should support giving responsibility back. That’s what I got out of it.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Smee, who wrote: “Who is the “us” she keeps referring to in the phone conversation? “It makes us unhappy, etc”

      Well, Angelina was married to Johnny Lee Miller from March 1996 to February 1999. As they were still married in 1998 when this video was made, I assume by ‘we’ she means her and her husband.

      • Lucky Charm says:

        I thought they separated in 1997, but just weren’t divorced until 1999?

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        They did, Lucky Charm–she sped up her divorce from Johnny Lee so she could have her quickie wedding with Billy Bob…..I don’t know. Maybe they were still friends and living together? We know they were banging for years after they got divorced, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that she and Johnny Lee were banging on and off after they unofficially separated in 1997–they seem like they’ve always been friends, no matter what.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Virgilia Coriolanus, who wrote: “They did, Lucky Charm–she sped up her divorce from Johnny Lee so she could have her quickie wedding with Billy Bob …”

        Quickie marriage? I thought Angie and Billy Bob got married in mid-2000, in May or June.

        In another ‘Drug Den’ related issue … “Gia” was made in 1998. I wonder if there’s a connection?

  14. Andrea1 says:

    OMG. Someone is telling us something we already knew! Scandal for 16years ago!!. The woman admitted to her problem years ago, got help, and is now one of the most recognized and philanthropic people in the world. She isn’t a saint, never said she was, and never acted like it either, was never arrested, doesn’t have a mug shot, didn’t run over people! so why should her having a past that we all know about be something that would hurt her? Wow!

  15. Jaderu says:

    Same thing I said on the Mel Gibson post.
    Have you taken the steps to improve yourself and be a better person?
    We only get to see a superficial image that the media (and the celebrities themselves) presents about these people. So who knows if they change or just present a different image.
    Angelina used to do hard drugs and now she doesn’t and actually goes out into the world and tries to change the lives of others in a good way. I think she has changed.
    Mel….not so much. He wants to blame others and not have to apologize any more.

  16. Sarah says:

    She looks AWFUL! How did this junkie get to where she is now? It’s a mystery to me.

    • Jen2 says:

      Same way Downey Jr. did. Hard work.

    • Soulsister says:

      @Sarah – She looks AWFUL! How did this junkie get to where she is now? It’s a mystery to me.

      Re: Kaiser – And she turned it around when she began traveling the world and working for the UNHCR. And the final death blow to her old drugged-out ways was when she adopted Maddox.

      See no mystery

    • Mindy says:

      Two words: BRAD PITT. Yes she changed when she got Maddox, but no one cared or paid attention really until she snagged Hollywood’s handsome golden boy. Back then her acting was the focus not her personal life and she justly won those awards. The same thing has happened to her as happened to Richard Burton once he got with Elizabeth Taylor. Everything became about his personal life not his acting.

      • mayamae says:

        @Mindy, I get what you’re saying about Burton/Taylor. But when I think of them compared to Jolie/Pitt, I think they’re opposites. Burton/Taylor brought out the absolute worst in each other – loud drunken screaming matches. I’m not an absolute worshiper of all things J-P, I think they’re flawed like all other human beings, but I recognize that they bring out the best in each other. I personally believe that Angie and Billy Bob were more like Burton/Taylor.

        *I realize you were only commenting on the shift from Burton’s acting to his personal life.

      • Lisa says:

        She was pretty famous before she even met Brad Pitt.

    • Sal says:

      You realise this is 16 years ago, right? That she isn’t a junkie? And that she turned her life around for good? Or did you actually think this is a story from 2014?

    • Jayna says:

      Same way Dave Gahan did from Depeche Mode, who was so far gone he died and came back. He was so addicted he was paranoid, living to shoot up, about to go to jail after they saved him from the overdose. He was a shell of the person he used to be. Sixteen years later he is still clean and sober through lots of hard work and vigilance Angie was never that deep in it and got out before it robbed her of everything.

  17. Lana says:

    This is bad, especially now she has kids.

    • Jenns says:

      What?! How? It was over 15 years ago. If she were still in a “drug den” then it would be an issue, but I think she’s move past this phase.

      • TNT says:

        Lana is correct. They will see this and not think so highly of her.

      • M.A.F. says:

        @TNT-Or she might have already had a conversation w/her oldest children about drugs. I can’t see her keeping that a secret from them.

      • eva says:

        I’m guessing as Angelina and Brad are not stupid and know the internet exists, they’ll more than likely sit their children down and have a conversation about things that could upset them about their parents.

      • Sal says:

        TNT you and Lana are both wrong. Her children will see what she sprang from and how far she has come, and admire/love her even more. Its an inspirational story for her children.

      • Nevermindme says:

        “Her children will see what she sprang from”
        We hope though that wasn’t the case with RDJ’s son.

        On that note, what will they really see? All I saw was AJ pacing the floor while on the phone while her friend videotaped her. I didn’t finish the entire viewing but I didn’t see any drugs or drug use. She wasn’t incoherent or stammering over her words. But the Enquire just wants us to believe she was high as a kite.

        Nothing much going on if you ask me. I found the television program that was on in the background more interesting. The blonde kid was that young actor that committed suicide some years ago. He was in that Rodney Dangerfield movie where he made him dress like a girl to play on the girls soccer team. I think it was called Ladybugs or that was the name of the team.

    • Soulsister says:

      @TNT – They will see this and not think so highly of her.
      BS. Angie has probably already spoken to her eldest children about some of the things that she did in her past. but most importantly, she’s their mother. She’s the woman who gives them love, security, hugs, reads them bed time stories, bathes them etc. You really think that a trashy story in a tabloid is going to overrule all of the emotional and parental attributes that Angelina has given them.

      But I have a feeling that haters like you are desperately hoping that that will happen.

    • Sal says:

      Nothing bad about it. In fact, its inspirational!

    • BNA FAN says:

      @ lena: What’s bad about someone turning their life around for the better. Angelina said their are no secrets in her home. I’m sure when her children are old enough she will sit them down and explain her past. According to this headline Angelina was in bad shape. However, while in a “drug den”, NOT, she was worrying about others. Angelina is an inspiration to families dealing with kids who are going down the wrong path. When they see how Angelina has turned her life around, that should give them hope. Angelina should be congratulated on all she has accomplished.

    • Amy123 says:

      The only thing this video shows is Angelina on the phone. How is this bad for her children? There’s video of Kate Moss taking drugs, Britney Spears mental breakdown. That will be a lot more scarring for their kids than of Angelina pacing. It’s weird that people are trying so hard to turn this into a huge scandal.

  18. Sullivan says:

    This just makes me like her all the more. Even when she was a wild-child she was very sweet and concerned about her family.

  19. Kayl says:

    Does she still have that large X tat on her abdomen?

  20. Dena says:

    She sounds like a southern belle on the tape😃. Her concern for others as well serious business side also comes out in that tape.

    Big disclaimer: I got bored listening to it after about 4 minutes so any footage after that in the tape could very well blow what I’ve stated out of the water. And I’m ok with that.

    • Anon says:

      I couldn’t watch either, her skin and body look OK to me. Do they show the drug delivery? Almost looks like a movie, 16 minutes maybe I’ll watch the whole tape later.

    • SnarkySnarkers says:

      I actually watched the entire 16 minutes while I was on hold with Crimecast. NO DRUGS! WTF? I was thinking at some point the camera would pan to some heroin, needles, coke bag…something. Nope, not a damn thing in this video made her look like she was high or even a drug addict at all. I’m assuming the person who sold this video just told Enquirer he used to be her drug dealer and they just took his word for it. I find it ironic in the last few seconds of the video he says “You gotta trust me a little more” Heh. That was probably the most interesting thing about the entire video.

    • Abby says:

      Yeah I watched the first few minutes and scrolled through the rest. I saw no drug anything. Sure she was on drugs back then, but I just watched a private conversation of a real person concerned about her family. Shame on the video taper.

  21. Nev says:

    Nobody and no celebrity is so called perfect. I love this.

  22. E says:

    I like how he says, at the end, “You’ve got to trust me.” or something to that effect. Way to go, dude, you showed her how trustworthy you are!

  23. Jess says:

    I love Angelina but don’t think she can pull off the blonde hair. What I want to know is what is that show on TNT? Love the 90s fashions!

  24. Selina says:

    She comes across pretty humanitarian-lite in this video too. It sounds like she spends a lot of time advocating for friends who she wants to get employed, etc.

    • lisa2 says:

      I think she is talking about her Mother and wanting to make sure her mother is OK. That she was worried about not working because she didn’t want her mother to go without and she felt guilty about her mother not having everything and going without.

      and it seems she is worrying about someone else too outside her mother.

      sound very sweet that she was so carrying about others.

  25. Sushi says:

    I saw this headline and not read it hoping that nobody clicks and thereby generate a hit for that unethical site. Come on , this had been covered before so many times and was 16 years ago. I like her even more . Despite all the mud thrown at her, she still comes out smelling rosy

  26. Soulsister says:

    When she started working for UNCHR and seeing people that were facing life and death situations on a day-to-day basis, I get the impression that she though that her behavior was somewhat self indulgent and realized that she could channel all of her angst and negative emotions into doing something constructive to help the most vulnerable people in the world.

  27. Ginger says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t she a natural blonde? I like her hair dark personally. It’s so striking. I applaud her for turning her life around so dramatically.

    • Lucky Charm says:

      She was a natural blonde as a child, but it’s more of a light brown now. She’s just been coloring her hair dark brown since she was little when her mom first did it. I can only assume her mom colored Angelina’s hair so she’d look brunette like her instead of blond like her dad.

      • mayamae says:

        I would like to think that her mother would not dye a child’s hair so that it wouldn’t look like it’s father. Why didn’t she dye her brother’s hair?

      • Jen2 says:

        She was a blonde baby yes. But if she still had light hair, shouldn’t she have had light roots when she was pregnant and now she always has darker roots. Her roots were always very dark when she was pregnant, so I don’t think she was dying her hair as a kid. Her light hair just got dark. She would always be coloring her hair to keep it dark and never show any roots, which are always dark. That “interview” about her mother dying her hair from all tabloid made up stuff.

  28. lisa2 says:

    So we get the “drug den” part 2.. this was already a story a few years ago. I remember the non fans saying this would destroy her and Brad. That he would hit the road and take.. Shiloh I believe.’

    16 years ago. Just shows how the tabloid press and her detractors can’t live in her present. They swim around her past. Everything they spout off about her are things that happened 13+ YEARS AGO. Shows how desperate they are. You don’t see this with RDJ or Drew B. or Johnny D or the countless other celebs that have had far more documented troubles in their lives. Just Angelina. ONLY Angelina.

    the thing I really like about her is she has never shied away from her past. Put it all on the line. She has nothing to hide from her children. I’m sure if they have questions she will answer them. Shame comes when you try to hide. Whatever she did during that time she was doing to herself. She was not selling drugs to children. So why her past upset others so much speaks more to them than her.

    that tape is boring and old news.. NEXT

    • Jen2 says:

      Angelina and Brad are no longer the big tabloid stars they once were. They rarely make the other tabloid covers and mostly get the crazy NE and Star stories. I think they basically frustrate those publications and those that want the worse for them. They have had way too much good press the past few years and especially the past few months with awards, money making movies, successful charity events and a nice relationship. So, NE looks for anything to bring all of that down and satisfy their readers. Mind you, it took something 16 years old, but it makes some folks happy now and it will tarnish them (especially her, which is the point of all of this) in their minds. Problem is, this is not new to most folks. Her 60 Minuets interview touched on it already, so, not news.

      But it irks folks to not have the negativity, so this works for them. Not sure what the expected results are supposed to be since they have had worse stuff already printed. But it will get shrugs from most and “see I told you so” from those that need that. Somehow, I don’t think she is going to change her life and could care less anyway. It is not a “gotcha” video, there is no there, there.

      Frivolous comment: I don’t like her as a blonde, just does not work.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Yep–I’ve been noticing for the past two years, basically ever since they got engaged that the tabloid covers of ‘Brad leaves Angie!’, ‘Angie offers a hundred million to keep the kids!’, et al have just STOPPED. This is the first tabloid cover/rumor I’ve heard about them, since they’ve been engaged, that hasn’t been about their wedding/wedding plans. Which is good. They’ve been together ten years….I guess the tabs ARE frustrated that they haven’t gotten ANYTHING out of them.

        They don’t talk about them (not in public, anyway), they don’t issue denials via spokesperson or whoever, and they generally go on with their lives. Like they’ve done since Day One of their relationship. They’ve done absolutely nothing new or atypical for them since they got together….just worked and raised a family together. So I’m glad the tabs are going after more ‘tabloid worthy’ subjects.

      • BNA FAN says:

        @Jen 2, Angelina and Brad are not interested in being tabloid stars. Tabloids uses their names, and faces to sell trash and make money, and their is always someone silly enough to buy the trash.

  29. pnichols says:

    How could someone consciously release this now? and why? what is your purpose? She did struggle years ago, as many people have and still do. This may be a topic that her children have or may ask her about someday and perhaps she will openly and honestly discuss with her children when the time is right. To do this is so hurtful to the family and especially their children. God I just do not understand the world today and why everything is out there. It’s truly sad to me. Nothing is sacred.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Pnichols, who wrote: “How could someone consciously release this now? and why? what is your purpose?”

      I think they were probably hoping she’d offer them money not to leak it, thus the week long tease. Angie probably told them to go ahead and post it … she has nothing to hide. It’s not long held secret that she used to do drugs. She’s been very honest about that period of her life.

  30. Hissyfit says:

    I’m so shocked! – said NO ONE! Lol. Why are people bringing this up now? It’s not like a big secret she’s hiding that she used to do drugs. She did and she overcame it. She even acknowledges it and is thankful that she survived that dark stage of her life.

    I think her honesty and openness did her favors. She can just roll her eyes over this old news and get on with her life.

    I remember this funny answer she gave Anderson Cooper when he asked her what will she tell her kids if they asked about her wearing those blood vial necklace. She just laughed and said: “You just tell them, yes I did. Yes, I did!”

    She moved on, people should too! Lol.

  31. lisa2 says:

    Not exactly sure what she should be ashamed of in that video. Unless I missed something. When I think of Drug Den I think of addicts laying around using drugs and I don’t think anyone in a drug den would be watching vidoe of themselves in some movie. They would be to busy doing the drugs that they have in a drug den
    Drug dens don’t equal someone pacing back and forth on the phone talking about how they need to make sure their mother is ok.

    and did I mess the part of her actually using drugs. Or anyone on the tape using drugs.

  32. Molly says:

    I dont get why a video of her tweaking out from the 90s is news now when she’s been pretty open about her drug abuse.

  33. lower-case deb says:

    i’m slightly disappointed, after the long time buffering (slow inet connection here), the appartment is not what i thought it would be (it’s actually bright and not at all dirty; unlike the drug dens in gritty police movies); and she’s talking very mundane things like helping her brother become independent boy with his own cheque book and learning to be responsible with money. and the only notable action is her going back and forth the floor like an iron on an ironing board.

    very very boring;
    and nothing like the sensationalist headline.

    i feel tricked.

    i guess this is what is meant by “clickbait of the lowest order”

  34. Nan says:

    This isn’t shocking because she has admitted this many times. She has not hidden her past. She’s been up front and open about it. Talk about much ado about nothing.

  35. Her Indoors says:

    I don’t see how this is damaging at all.

  36. Marny says:

    I have NEVER liked Angelina. I have always thought that her Saint Angie thing was a manipulation but, after seeing this video, I have to admit that she seems totally sweet and caring and loving. I am now a fan. Who gives a shit about the drugs? She spends the entire video worrying about other people.

    • Sal says:

      She has never pretended to be a saint, only the haters call her that out of, I don’t know, jealousy and resentment. She has never pretended to be anything. Her humanitarian work, even many haters will begrudgingly admit is genuine. She has been doing it for 13 years, writing Op-Eds, meeting with foreign heads of state, invited to join the prestigious invite only Council of Foreign Relations, lauded by Nelson Mandela. These big players see celebs all the time and they are no fools. She is genuine with her work, and its why those in the know laud her. Yet some people cannot stand anything that is good so must out of spite ascribe an ulterior motive and call people ‘saint’. It says more about those that look through that lens than Angelina that they seek to tear down and judge someone who doesn’t do anything to hurt anyone.

      • Penny says:

        Co-signed. I’ve always liked her and even in her younger, wild days, she seemed to genuinely care about others, as evidenced in this video. I think she is speaking about her brother and mother making sure they get taken care of. She seems pretty normal in this video. Yes, she looks thin, strung out and her coloring is not good but she is still beautiful. She really has come a long way since then.

    • BNA FAN says:

      @Marny, Angelina never refers to herself as Saint Angie. That was a name given to her by the Jen hens.

  37. Paige says:

    How is this even shocking? It’s old news. She has spoke openly several times over the years about her past drug use.

  38. Luca26 says:

    I admit I didn’t watch the whole thing straight through because it was boring. No drugs and no drug den.
    She’s watching the Wonder Years.

    The National Enquirer wasted their money on this one.

  39. Izzy says:

    Angelina Jolie did hard drugs many years ago.

    In other news, scientists have confirmed that water is still wet.

    Didn’t pretty much everyone know this about her past? Hasn’t she already addressed it, and DEALT with it, for that matter?


    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Some of the comments have to be trolling right?

      “What will her kids think”??
      First of all, nothing important or noteworthy happens in the boring-ass video.
      Secondly, NOBODY should be held accountable for things they did when they were young and dumb.

      This woman can’t win with some people. I’m not a stan but it’s amazing how some will unceremoniously dismiss everything she’s accomplished (which is a HELL of a lot more than most celebs) because of a past in which she experimented with drugs.

      I experimented with drugs PLENTY when I was in college. Then I grew up, got over it, and became a product member of society. It’s pretty common actually.

  40. Shelley says:

    Old news. We already knew she did drugs back in the 90s. But yes, tabloids, let’s forever pin her as the 90s wild child, as no one ever grows up. God! I would hate to be constantly judged for crap I did back then.

  41. Sara says:

    I am convinced that every celebrity has done drugs at some point. This is not a big deal to me as long as she is clean now.

    • Sal says:

      Exactly. EVERYONE in Hollywood has done drugs, even the quiet innocent ones. Its just that there are no videos of them. I’m sure some on here really think drugs are rare in Hollywood and only bad people do them. There is a lot of naivete on here here. “Oh my GOD!! Angelina was ordering DRUGS!! That makes her a drug ADDICT! Gosh, oh, quell horreur! Clutches pearls. Like, no one else in hollywood does that. Who does THAT?” “And that one flaw shall tar her for all her days, no matter what she does!, because she DID DRUGS I tell you!” Show me an actor who hasn’t dabbled in drugs, and I’ll show you a liar. So, therefore, there is not one single actor ever who is inspirational if you go by that definition. Not one single actor, ever. And that includes the greats: Marlon Brando, Audrey Hepburn, Ingrid Burgman, etc etc.

      • Anon says:

        Maybe Shirley Temple, maybe :-) there is always one :-) Annette? everyone has something though, so that none of us can feel superior to anyone.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Not just Hollywood, guys. Most people I went to college with experimented with drugs when they were younger. Most people I KNOW have tried something at some point. Maybe not heroin, but at least weed.

      • jwoolman says:

        Everyone? Doubt it. There are always black sheep like me in the group. I got through college in the late 60s/early 70s without taking any drugs. No pills, no weed, no nothing. Wasn’t even a coffee or coca cola drinker (I like root beer). Much to the consternation of my friends, I didn’t even drink alcohol. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one, though. Not everybody finds the chemical social lubrication enjoyable, desirable, or necessary.

        I tend to avoid the drinkers etc for socializing now because it gets so tiresome dealing with them as they get under the influence even if they’re not roaring drunk. Try being the only sober one in a room and you’ll know what I mean. They’re just not themselves very quickly. Also very gullible, no wonder so many babies are conceived under such circumstances. Really, I felt as though I could lead them to the edge of a cliff and tell them to jump – and they would. My uncle couldn’t drink alcohol because of some medication he was taking, and he said being the only sober one made him feel like a peeping Tom. People don’t realize how stupid they get because everybody is imbibing or whatever at the same time.

  42. Kris says:

    Um. Unless you count the caffeine in that diet coke, no drugs or any mention of them in that video. And that apartment is far from scuzzy or “drug den-ish”. I was a good kid, super clean with my head on straight, and I lived in some super questionable places with super questionable people. We should all be so lucky to live in such a nice drug den when we’re first starting out.

  43. G says:

    First of all THIS just made me LOVE her. Second, I stopped watching after a couple minutes. I felt guilty about eavesdropping on a very personal family conversation. Shame on the Enquirer.

  44. Maria says:

    This is dumb.

    She admitted her drug use, there’s no drugs to be seen, and she spent that conversation talking about providing for her family.


    /folks need to let this go
    /people change and evolve
    /she obviously has

  45. Mrs McCubbins says:

    Boring video. I found her attractive back then, not so much now. She looks like a wax figurine. I think many creative people have addiction or control issues. She has a large family now and other outlets so maybe she directs her energy into those versus drugs.

  46. LAK says:

    The only thing I noticed straight away is her arms – skinny as hell in 1998 just as they are now. Back isn’t bony in the way of unnaturally underweight people, lips just as they always have been.

    Very clean ‘drug den’ definitely click baity headline.

    Very mundane phonecall, plus this feels wrong to listen to as she discusses personal matters with her brother.

    What the hell is that TV show? That’s really going to bug me.

  47. Angie says:

    Boring story and video. It’s not like she ever lied about her past. But having said that, that video made me weirdly nostalgic for dark twisty pre-humanitarian Angie. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for her evolution as a person but she was a fun celeb back then. She was an authentic weirdo and I loved that.

    • A.Key says:

      “She was an authentic weirdo and I loved that.”

      I agree, I miss that weird Angie of the 1990s. I always wanted weird Depp of 1990s and weird Angie of 1990s to get together. Now THAT would’ve been an epic shitstorm of a romance. Before it all went downhill for him and boring normal for her.

  48. videli says:

    Um, where’s the drugs? Is that a drug den or her apartment? Is pacing up and down when on the phone acting shady – in which case, I’m the worst tweaker? What’s up with the headline?

  49. Esti says:

    It really concerns me that people are using this video to say “see, she’s always been this skinny!” She has admitted she was using pretty serious drugs at the time this video was shot. Whether or not she’s at a healthy weight now, the period of time when she was using heroin and coke is not a good gauge of what her body naturally looks like when healthy.

    I know there are a lot of Angie superfans on here, but please: do not get so wrapped up in defending her that you totally overlook the really unhealthy lifestyle (which she has since overcome, and that’s fabulous) that made her look the way she did back then.

    • Kim1 says:

      Many people BLAME Brad for her being skinny .AJ has been skinny for twenty years just like Melissa McCarthy has been fat for twenty years.I found it in interesting that there are rarely comments about concern Melissa’s health.
      In positive news Brad and Angie start filming in Malta new month.

      • mayamae says:

        I never understand the method of defending one person by absolutely tearing down a completely unrelated person. Why poor Melissa McCarthy has to be marched out in defense of Angie’s thinness is beyond me. Until MM inserts herself into this drama and either criticizes Angie’s body or compares their bodies, she doesn’t deserve the swipe.

      • Kim1 says:

        I have never understood the double standards.Why is an obese actress given a pass on CB ? I mentioned MM because no one talks about how fat she is on CB.Yet AJ and every other underweight actress size is mentioned on every thread.Why?

      • mayamae says:

        I can only speak for myself and how I see things. I think being thin or even “too thin” has long been an ideal to obtain – especially in Hollywood. Being thin or too thin does not easily equate to ugly or unattractive in the way that being fat does.

        I actually think people here are a lot harder on Kate Middleton. At least the majority of comments attribute Angie’s thinness to her surgery, her mother’s death, her hectic schedule, her large family. What is said about Kate? She’s vain, insecure, and starves herself because she fears losing her husband.

        I think the vast majority of posters comment on Angie’s size because they are concerned. A few comment on it because they don’t like her. And one or two are trolling because they know they’ll get a reaction.

        It’s unfair to always pick on Melissa McCarthy when she’s a pretty inoffensive person, and she doesn’t comment on other people’s bodies.

        But by all means, go ahead and even up the odds by calling Melissa fat.

  50. Ice Queen says:

    That place looks bigger then my first apartment :P

  51. Naddie says:

    1998? Makes me laugh. Happy 1999, whoever came up with this video.
    Just an add: she looks bad with blonde hair. I mean, bad comparing to what she looks with dark hair.

  52. I miss her old nose. Other than that, this video is a non-event. But I love that it has opened a dialogue about what constitutes “use” vs “abuse”. Neither of which is depicted in the video, oddly.

  53. wild? says:

    Isn’t this about the time her Mom was diagnosed with cancer, which later killed her? Hadn’t Angie already gone to funerals for tons of maternal relatives that also died at a young age to cancer? Unlike RDJ, Halle, Britney, Johnny, Christian, Rebbca, Mel, Nicole, Drew, Matthew, etc. “wild” Angie’s never been to jail, rehab, ran anybody over, killed anybody, been arrested, assaulted anybody, screamed at a coworker, or even been late to work. The only wild, mind blowing thing here is that someone this young and talented & successful is so compassionate and thoughful, rather than the shallow, selfish young stars we see so much. Yeah, wild.

  54. Fan says:

    All I can see is her beauty. Why do they keep bringing up her past?

  55. Reece says:

    All I can say is that I am horrified!
    I let this play in the background while I did other things and all I heard was “you know”, “and you know” , “You know…”, “you know…you know and you know”
    I’m almost in tears here. I just can’t with that terrible vocabulary. It is near the Miley Cyrus level of Valley Girl. I realize that this was 16 yrs ago. Her life has changed and she’s gotten better in so many different ways but the incessant “You Know”s. I need some time.

  56. waq says:

    Thanks National Enquirer for pointing out what Angelina fans have known all along. That even when she was going through the lowest points in her life personally, her top concern was for her family, her mother, brother, and friends. Even then, she was a person concerned for other peoples’ welfare. It’s her authenticity and honesty about the fact that her family is her number one priority and always has been that is seen through this video.

    If anything, this must be a disappointment for her detractors who have questioned her sincerity. They probably waited for something salacious to come out of Angelina’s past that she hasn’t shared already so they could grab on to it and show people that this humanitarian thing is just an act. And all they got was a video about her supposed “Drug Den” but it’s actually just a decent looking apartment. We don’t see her doing any drugs but she does look and sounds worried and is pacing back and forth. And what we hear is how much she cares and wants to take care of the people she loves. Hang her now!!! LOL.

  57. joe kenadee says:

    Doesn’t seem cracked out to me. Kinda ironic that Johnathan brandis was on the tv though didnt he have a huge H problem that led to his suicid?

  58. GIRLFACE says:

    She is so naturally beautiful! It’s crazy. She is the best looking, most composed drug addict I’ve ever seen.

  59. Tori Smelling says:

    Um like she didn’t know she was being filmed? Please.. and look at those arms. scrawny and veiney even back then.

  60. Leslie says:

    I saw this cover in the supermarket. I had to laugh at the “dirty drug den” part. I guess there are clean drug dens? The Enquirer’s lame attempt to be dramatic.

  61. boots says:

    She mentioned Jenny….wasn’t that her lover for a while? She was rambling, hyper-focusing it seemed, but never lost sight of appropriate pauses and great listening skills…never once losing her composure or raising her voice. Most crackheads can’t do this!!

  62. Chris says:

    I actually liked her more in the 90s. She sold her edginess rather well back then. These days she’s too mainstream and kinda blah.

  63. LaurieH says:

    This would be shocking if Angelina has always portrayed herself as a saintly goody two-shoes. However, on countless occasions, she has spoken openly and honestly about her past drug use, emotional troubles and her self-harming. They are revealing nothing that Angelina hasn’t already and repeatedly revealed herself. Snore.

  64. TC says:

    Angie’s always been full disclosure about her past, so whatever NE. I think Lainey hit the nail on the head when she wrote on her blog, “This only makes her look even better now.”

    In more interesting news, Brad and Angie get ready to film their new movie together in Malta! Woo-hoo!! So exciting!

  65. Janet says:

    *Clutches pearls and faints*

  66. Amy123 says:

    This has got to be the worst drug video. It says a lot that the only coke use is of Angelina drinking soda. How is this a drug den? Shouldn’t a drug den have I don’t know drugs? Other than bottles and cans on the table and clothes in a chair, it’s a really clean apartment. I love the high ceilings. Granted I skipped a lot but how was Angelina acting shady? I guess since this is a gossip site they can’t say “Angelina is talking on the phone and pacing” so they went with scandal to get hits. It’s really bizarre that tabloids keep talking about Angelina’s drug problem but never talk about RDJ or Drew Barrymore and many other stars. They have a much bigger problem and gotten into more trouble than Angelina ever did. If she hadn’t said anything I doubt anybody would know of her drug problem.

  67. Katherine says:

    Drug den? ROTFLMAO!!! I assume this is her fabulous condo in the fabulous Ansonia.

    Giant, lame fail.

  68. Tres Jolie says:

    The video shows a young woman breaking under the pressures of a dysfunctional family. That Angie figured her way out of all this just proves how amazing she is.

    • Katherine says:

      That’s an interesting take on it, Tres Jolie. Hadn’t thought of it that way. Could be very true but I don’t really see her exactly breaking or even in that much distress. But there are interesting things she seems to be referring to family wise.

      For instance, I think she talks about the issues Jamie may be having by his mother or father or someone else buying clothes for him if he’s not making his own money and Angelina talks about how if she, his sister, buys them for him it won’t be so emasculating. She also mentions her old friend Jillian and it sounds like she is working toward setting up a production or other company where she can get people to help teach her how to direct, etc. This may be the time she was at NYU taking film and writing classes. She has talked about in previous interviews taking the subway to class from the Ansonia.

      I am exactly like that on the phone in that I constantly walk around. LOL!

      • Tres Jolie says:

        Well if the guy who sold the video is to be believed, and I do believe him, he just sold her some heroin and coke, so yes, I would say she is not coping with her life at this point in time, she seems riddled with anxiety to me but she is still trying to keep going. I think she is beginning to feel financial pressures from her family as it sounds like her mom wants her to buy her a big house with rooms for everyone and doesn’t want to settle on a smaller place, she’d rather stay where she is than settle for less and I think Angie feels guilty about that because she doesn’t think it’s wise to take on a huge mortgage when work is not guaranteed. It’s hard to hear everything, maybe someone will be able to do a transcript.

  69. Moi says:

    OMG this has to be some sort of horrible prankster gossip lie, this happened in 1998(??!!), not over 14 years ago! Can’t be!! Okay sarcasm aside, who gives a fkidyfck.

    I had a wild period from ’94-’95, when I was 19-20 yrs old. It was fun, but that was 20 years ago (wow I feel really old all of the sudden), it’s over now, but I took the fun memories with me into true adulthood. If someone came up to me tomorrow and said, “ohhh I heard you did this in 19955555″. I would laugh and say “And? It was a complete blast, no regrets here.”. Then I would whip out a calendar to point out the current year that we are in.

    • Mrs. Darcy says:

      Agree totally, who among us is proud of everything we did in our late teens/early twenties? I did plenty of stupid, illegal sh*t and was exposed to all kinds of skeeviness just by merit of being a young woman in NY. And I wasn’t a Hollywood starlet who was probably surrounded by it from a young age. This video is stupid and pointless, everyone knows Angelina wasn’t always a saint (I am not a fervent Saint Angie believer either), this video shows nothing of note other than yes ,indeed she was always skinny, and why don’t we ever talk about her nosejob?! I think she had a much more striking look before she messed with her face.

  70. mazomazohyst says:

    This is utterly ridiculous. By the way, Angelina looks exactly like my boss in this video and she’s not on drugs, merely diabetic and overworked.

  71. Moi says:

    Oh man. Is she talking to her dad about her mother and how her mother is struggling financially, saying “what if I stop working, what would happen?”. About when they see him with all these new cars, clothes, etc., she and her brother only think about how their mother is struggling. Or is she speaking to her mother and how it hurts her and her brother to see her do without? Either way, 😳

  72. NeNe says:

    I’m pretty sure we all know about her past. Why the heck is it being brought up again?

    • als says:

      Probably because KNOWING about substance abuse and SEEING it are two different things and someone is hoping to mark the difference in a monetary way. Or maybe someone was pissed about those headlines that she might go into politics.
      Anyway, I think she looks more than rough, she looks horrible and her vibe seems bad too. I get why she would want a happy family, surrounded by the joy and warmth of kids. I still get a vibe of extreme sadness from her, but I don’t get why everyone perceives that sadness as sexy. People are weird.

      • Amy123 says:

        @Als: This is not an image of drug abuse. If this video was seen by itself – no scandalous ” Jolie acted shady, got heroin delivered to a drug den” headline, nobody would think she’s on drugs. There are no drugs or even paraphernalia, no talk of it, and Angelina is walking around the cleanest “drug den” ever talking about family problems. As an image of a drug addict, massive fail. It’s amusing how haters are desperately trying to claim this makes her look bad and will ruin her career and relationships.

  73. Josefa says:

    You post old news from 16 years ago that everyone knows about and it still attracts a big chunk of posters. Just to show you the lengths of Angie’s power…

  74. Caz says:

    This is so a non-story. Brad & Ange hooking up was the best thing for their careers and personal lives. Surprised too at the number of comments :)