Bethenny Frankel defends wearing daughter’s clothes: she asked me to wear it

Yesterday we covered the story that Bethenny Frankel had worn her four year-old daughter Bryn’s pajamas and posted the photo to Instagram. Bethenny captioned the photo above “This is my daughter’s nightgown and PJ shorts. Think we’re ready to start sharing clothes yet?” The message was all about fitting into a four year-old’s clothes, although many people questioned whether Bethenny was actually wearing Bryn’s clothes or whether she had bought a larger size for herself to show off. I do think that Bethenny had on her daughter’s nightgown as a shirt and that she squeezed into Bryn’s shorts in order to prove how tiny she is.

After Bethenny received a lot of well-deserved backlash for that photo, she tweeted a sarcastic defense, claiming that her daughter asked her to do this. Why didn’t she tweet that originally then?

If your kid is like “mom, try this on,” why would you try it on and then post the pic online? You would do that for attention and validation, not to make your kid happy. I can see taking a pic of it, but then keep it to yourself or email it to a few friends.

The adult diapers quip was pretty good, but this is all about Bethenny trolling everyone for attention. This has nothing to do with making Bryn laugh. It also speaks to some disordered body issues, which I hope she doesn’t pass on to her daughter.

Radar Online has a story quoting an insider who claims that “The woman is absolutely desperate for attention… She has nothing going on right now besides Skinnygirl.” That’s kind of a no-brainer. I also found some recent interviews that Bethenny did promoting her latest Skinnygirl ventures. I’m not linking to those because that’s what she’s aiming for – promotion for her products. You too can fit into a preschooler’s clothes if you switch out your alcoholic beverage of choice for a Skinnygirl libation!

Here are photos of Bethenny signing her new children’s book, Cookie Meets Peanut. The lawyer for her ex, Jason Hoppy, claimed in court that “The book has the Skinnygirl logo throughout the pages.” He also accused Bethenny of using Bryn as “a prop” to promote her business.
Bethenny Frankel Signing Copies Of Her Book 'Cookie Meets Peanut'

Bethenny Frankel Signing Copies Of Her Book 'Cookie Meets Peanut'

Bethenny Frankel Out With Her Daughter Bryn In New York

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  1. Nk868 says:

    I just thought she was trying to be funny

  2. Tracy says:

    She was looking for attention. She got it.

  3. Kim1 says:

    WTH does the logo say SkinnyGirl In the pages of the children’s book?

  4. Mmhmm says:

    Eh I think her response isn’t bad. I don’t care that she put them on, but the fact that she posted it on social media screams attention. Still, I think people ARE going a little overboard. She’s not mentally ill or anything like that

    • Erinn says:

      She’s struggled with bulimia in the past, and has said she was “obsessed with dieting”… so I’d say that this photo just really showcases that she’s never fully recovered from that. She looked beyond proud to be fitting in toddler clothing – and that’s both sad, and disturbing.

      • minime says:

        That’s it. I have serious doubts about how mentally (and physically) healthy she is.

        Plus, if my 4year old kid would ask me to try her clothes and I would actually fit on them, I would be more worried than proud to share it on twitter.

      • MyCatLoves TV says:

        Having an eating disorder is akin to being an alcoholic. You are never “cured” … you walk the line every day. I know I’m still bulimic at 57. If I went upstairs and put on an outfit from “the bad old days” and it fit, I would be afraid that it might trigger me to make sure I stayed that small. Does that make sense at all? I am trying to lose post menopausal weight and having some success. Still it is a struggle between healthy weight loss and “yea, I’m skinny so I need to starve to stay here.” In my humble opinion, Bethenny put on those tiny clothes and felt proud….”see how skinny I am!” and put the photo up for attention. And as an eating disorder survivor (barely) I know that having people tell her that her behavior is wrong won’t change a darn thing. Our brains work differently. They just do.

      • Fan says:

        Bethenny has never recovered. I always thought Bryn would have a shot at a normal life only if she was raised by Jason. BTW her face looks just like the joker in batman. Her head is too big for her body just like the other anorexics and bulimics.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        I agree. If she did it simply to humor her child, why take pics and post them. She did that for attention. Anybody seeking kudo’s for being able to wear a 4 year old’s clothes is not mentally solid. It doesn’t affect me, but telling the world you are healthy and recovered and then pulling stunts like this not only shows she’s not recovered, but is putting out a really warped message to others with eating disorders like it’s something to proud of and beleive me, she is proud of this.

  5. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I see nothing wrong with her doing it to make her daughter laugh, but posting it was to show how itsy bitsy she is. Don’t try to tell me otherwise. That’s what she’s all about.

    • Gen says:

      Pretty much just said the same thing below. Totally agree with you, GoodNamesAllTaken.

    • Esmom says:

      Yes. And that’s the problem with social media. I am continually amazed at all the things that people post that in my opinion should remain private moments.

      I just don’t get it…you’re having a bonding moment with your kid, and your immediate instinct is to capture it on film and then post it for all to behold? And I’m not just talking about Bethany. She is definitely not alone in her need for validation. Yuck.

      • Cari says:

        Esmom, I agree with you! I always say people miss too much of life’s moments because they are too busy posting to social media!!! It is my biggest pet peeve when I see things like a status update “playing with my daughter at the park”
        I always have to refrain from responding, “no, at that moment you were standing at the park, posting on your phone”

      • Zwella Ingrid says:

        Posting something like that creates attention for herself and her brand, and that is what it is all about.

    • Tulip Garden says:

      I am not stalking you but I agree with you again! The thing is she absolutely looks teeny tiny and, imo, very unwell particularly in the face. I guess she sees something completely different when she puts on these clothes and looks at the photo. I see a frail, malnourished woman with some serious issues and I don’t even know much about her.

    • tinyfencer says:

      You’re 100% right. My little girls ask me to try on their princess crowns and other play stuff all the time, and I’ll happily do it to make them smile, but that’s in the privacy of our playroom. I don’t take pictures and post them online because I’m aware it makes me look like a mental patient.

  6. Josephine says:

    I cannot imagine growing up as her daughter. Imagine trying to get any attention from a woman so desperate for her own attention. And imagine a mom who loves to bash daddy and wants to prevent her child from seeing daddy. What a sad situation for the child.

    • Suzy from Ontario says:

      I grew up with a mother like this and believe me, it was horrible!

      As for her defence, why not tell your daughter that her clothes are for little girls, not Mommys and it would be silly for Mommy to try to fit into them (much less post them). Where did her daughter even get the idea that Bethany would try them on or fit into them? Weak defence and I’m not sure it even happened, which means, if it didn’t, that she lies using her daughter to defend herself. She’s sooooo defensive. Lots of cute and wonderful ways to bond with your little girl without putting on her clothes. This woman has a massive need to have all the attention on her imo. Or maybe she just reminds me too much of my mother.

    • PennyLane says:

      Yeah, I had a mother like this too. It’s going to be all one-upmanship: “Oh, you had a tough day at school? Well I had an even worse day at work!” And then it’s off to the races, with the mother going on and on about herself and how hard she has it, and blah blah blah all about her.

      Nowadays when I talk on the phone with my mother, I put her on speakerphone and do housework at the same time – that way, at least I’m doing something productive. :-)

    • MeganDraper says:

      She’s supposed to be the parent. You tell your child no!

  7. Gen says:

    In my opinion, using the kid as her excuse only makes her look worse. Besides, even if the kid did ask her to do it for fun, and even if Bethenny thought that would be something she should she agree to for whatever reason, there was no need to post it publicly on the Internet.

  8. Marianne says:

    I dont think anyone cares that she did it because her daughter asked.

    I think people were shocked that she could even fit into a 4 year old’s clothes.

    • Lorzie says:

      Agree with you Marianne! I have a 4 year old and sometimes she’ll say something like “Here Mommy wear my pants today”. She then hysterically laughs when I put one leg in, they get to my ankles and I hop around pretending I’m trying to put them on. My daughter is on the tall side and I’m short and fairly tiny – and there’s still no way I’d ever get her clothes on or want photos of that joke between us shared on social media!

  9. Steph says:

    Good work, Bethany. Two days in a row.. Perhaps I will start drinking skinny girl. Then I could fit and my daughters clothes, too bad she likes sparkles and pink leopard print.

  10. CInderella says:

    Considering Bethenny had an eating disorder in the past, this only proves her obsession with being unnaturally thin. That makes it unfunny.

  11. Abbott says:

    Wearing a toddler’s pj’s doesn’t change the fact that Skinnygirl is gross. That goes for the beverage as well ;)

  12. serena says:

    That’s so wrong. So if your kid say ‘Mom, climb on the wall’ you try and do it? I’m not a mom but I think there are boundaries and limits of what one can do. She clearly didn’t do that to make her kid happy, but for attention.

  13. HadleyB says:

    Skinnygirl logo in a children’s book? What? Booze and children books do no go together, wtf.

  14. lower-case deb says:

    daughter made her wear it.
    i suppose daughter made her post it online too.

    please Bethenny, stop.
    my optic nerves are cramping from rolling around so much.

  15. shannon says:

    I don’t know anything about this woman, but she seriously looks like the joker in that first pic. I know that plastic surgery is a given but why would you deliberately make your cheeks look like that?

  16. Leaflet says:

    Oh, Bethenny, Bethenny, Bethenny, your star is fading fast. Your 15 mins are up, and you’re still starving for attention.

  17. Annie says:

    In looking at the picture of Bethenny and her daughter above, in their individual pink dresses, I was grabbed by the fact that the dresses are similar what with the low-waisted frilly skirts. I wouldn’t normally think anything of it, but because of these pj pics it’s really giving me the creeps.

  18. Talie says:

    Here’s the reality: If you have a normal, non-famous woman do this and then put it on Facebook to share — her friends may say, “Oh, cute!”

    Privately, they would all worry about her sanity.

  19. Pumpkin Pie says:

    As if. I really doubt that her daughter asked her to put those pjs on. I am not buying it at all.

  20. Panache says:

    Those slippers don’t appear to be her daughter’s, though? Unless her 4-year-old has MASSIVE feet…

  21. GeeMoney says:

    She may have asked you to wear it, but I doubt it that she asked you to put it on Twitter.

    I like Bethenny and all, but she’s writing the book on “attention wh*re”.

  22. Leaflet says:

    Does anyone know if Bethenny’s wealth is inherited or earned ?

  23. Detritus says:

    That dress makes it look like her boob sweat just got seriously out of control.

  24. eliza says:

    However, I sincerely doubt her daughter begged her to post a photo on the internet in said pajamas.

  25. feebee says:

    Sure, make your daughter laugh! But how funny did she find it when she saw it on social media? Did the comments amuse her too? So, not altogether or just for her daughter then.

    She shouldn’t pin her issue of needing attention on her daughter. After the publicity from the divorce and child custody battle it would appear she already has her hands full with her parents behavior.

    Silly woman, as if she’ll be wearing adult diapers! No, when the time comes she’ll tweet us a pic of how her bony ass can fit into the Large baby ones.

  26. Tig says:

    Venturing a guess here- would say earned. Her recently deceased father( last few years) was a pretty successful race horse trainer, but they had a very rocky relationship. She and her mother are reportedly totally estranged, so don’t see that as being a source of cash. Of course, she could have trust funds from somewhere, but seeing as how her finances were parsed during the divorce coverage, would think that would have come to light if so.

    I only watched RWONY for first season- and Bethany was a breath of fresh air then. Issues, sure-she wouldn’t have been on otherwise- but what she has devolved into is sad.

  27. pnichols says:

    If she attached her original “reason” to the pic then maybe, maybe I’d believe her. She is so full of s***. She did it for attention, period. Using her child once again. She’s gross.

  28. kcarp says:

    I agree it is no big deal that she tried it on. Seriously kids ask you to do some weird sh**. I might take a pic and send to a friend or something.

  29. Kerry03 says:

    If she took the picture to be silly, fine. The scary part was asking if her daughter and she could swap clothes yet.

  30. Jayna says:

    I don’t even think it’s trolling for attention. We do silly things with our kids. I don’t have an issue with that. I am just disturbed she can fit into her four-year-old’s pajamas and so should she be, too. That’s what was so disturbing to me, that she fits fine in that outfit. It’s bizarre. Put on a few pounds.

  31. Side-Eye says:

    The only thing I got from any of these stories is that this is the one of the most haggardly looking women I’ve ever seen.

  32. roxy750 says:

    What is it with people sharing EVERYTHING on social media? Honestly? These women are starving (literally) for attention. Like Brandi G too. Ugh

  33. swack says:

    As others have said, wearing it and taking a picture is one thing, but to put it out there to the public takes it to a whole new level of disgust!

  34. anne_000 says:

    Get ready for a lifetime of mom manipulating daughter into saying & doing things just to give mom an excuse.

  35. SouthernGirl says:

    When I was in middle school my mom (who is very proud of how slim she is) tried on my school uniform skirt and pranced around telling the family how she could wear my clothes. I rember thinking if my mom who is super old (every kid thinks their parent’s are ancient) can fit in my skirt what is wrong with me?

  36. holly hobby says:

    She needs to take a parenting class. Since when do grown ass adults do something because their kid told them to do it? She may fit that kiddie pj but she has also horribly stretched it out that her daughter can no longer wear it.

    I feel sorry for her daughter. They will probably have a dysfunctional relationship.

  37. TG says:

    Yes @Josephine – imagine every time her little girl proudly tries on a princess dress or any cute outfit her mom will have a distant look as she is thinking to herself “bet I can wear that”. I can just see her trying on all of her clothes with her daughter like girlfriends do. As someone said yesterday on here (forgot who) expect to see a posted pic of Bethanny posing in her daughter’s prom dress complaining about it being too big on her. Her excuse will be just being silly with Brin at her request. This competition with her daughter is super gross and I hope Jason keeps this on file. No way in the world did her daughter ask her to wear her PJs. Wonder how many outfits and underwear she actually tried on before she decided with the Hello Kitty one.

  38. Gabby says:

    Did your daughter tell your stupid a*s to take a picture of your ridiculous self and post it on Twitter? Didn’t think so.

  39. Ang says:

    I do not for one minute believe those are size 4 toddler shorts on her body. She is extremely skinny that’s her trade mark but not a size that small. I never believed it and still don’t nor the shirt they are normally so narrowly cut. She had real ratting issues.

  40. hownowbrowncow says:

    Looks like an adult’s room. “My daughter asked me to try it on” would be a lot more believable if she were in a kid’s room or her daughter were in the picture. Instead, she’s having her picture taken by someone who’s at least her height, with no daughter to be found, in an adult’s room. This creep. I’m sure what really happened is she saw some of her daughter’s stuff, her daughter was elsewhere, and she was like, “I’m so tiny I can fit into this!” and then had someone take this creepy pic. Definitely creepiest Mom of the year.

  41. ShaeG says:

    “If Im fat then so is Stewie because we
    wear the same onesie.” … Sorry reminded me of family guy. :|

  42. Really? says:

    Some of you must live in a bubble, or are extremely over weight. I can wear toddler sized clothes on my body, because they make them HUGE. They now have “vanity sizing” in toddler-adult clothing. A toddler size 4 is about equal to a child size 12, and adult size 1. I have four children that are all over the age of 18, and I can take a wild guess that one of my daughters can fit in a toddler size 2. What a shame, all I see in these comments is pure jealousy. I am never one to say that to people, but when you are over the age of 35 and do not have a body like hers, the cat claws come out. ME-OW.

    • Jesssaysno says:

      You’re nuts, lady. My daughter is 2 and her clothes are small. She has a 3t shirt to sleep in which is still tiny and nothing near an adult size 1, you crazy old bat. If your 18 year old daughters could fit in them then they need to seek serious medical attention.

      • Really? says:

        I don’t think her being a size 0 at 5 feet tall needs medical attention. It’s called not being fat, lazy, and overweight as the majority of Americans are today. And I’m taking it by your tone in your comment, that you fall into that majority.

      • Jesssaysno says:

        An adult size 0 isnt the same as a 2t, dumdum. Not sure if you understand but children and adults have *different* sizes. You must be a troll because its difficult to fathom a real person being so awful. I’m sorry you were raised by garbage people and doubly sorry for your daughters for having to be around you. But hey– looks like they lived up to the ONLY goal you set for them… they aren’t fat! Congrats you old hag!