Benedict Cumberbatch dodges Doctor Strange questions at Comic-Con


YES. Benedict Cumberbatch attended his first-ever Comic-Con yesterday morning/afternoon (it was morning in San Diego). These are some photos of a lovely, tan, Cumbercurled Benedict promoting The Penguins of Madagascar. With John Malkovich. And sweet Jesus, they asked him to stand next to a giant furry penguin… AND HE POINTED AT THE PENGUIN. Benny is such a pointer. He loves to point at everyone and everything. *points at Cumby*

(Is anyone else really pleased that he wasn’t wearing that stupid denim shirt? Thank God. I’m not crazy about his outfit here, but it looks pretty easy to rip off, so these images go to my personal spank bank and yes, I just wrote that.) (Also: I want a better look at his man-bracelet.)

While it’s lovely that Benedict is dorking it up for animated Dreamworks films, many people think that Benedict is in town because Marvel is going to announce that he is Doctor Strange. As of a month ago, Benedict was on the short list along with Tom Hardy, and Hardy is also going to be at Comic-Con. So, when Benedict was talking to various press outlets, they all asked him about Doctor Strange. When he talked to E! News, he got the Penguins stuff out of the way first:

“I do like espionage, don’t I? [Penguins] was because I’d never done an animated film, I’d never done a voiceover for an animation…I love the penguins in the Madagascar films and I like the sketches and the ideas they had for this sort of Bond stereotype who has his comeuppance, because there’s a little too much dress and not enough action to him. I like the idea of chipping away at the spy cliché.” And even though he’s played quite the roster of characters, he says Agent Classified might be the weirdest: “It’s odd because it doesn’t look anything like me. Not because it’s a wolf…but I could see bits [of myself] in Smaug, because I did lots of facial capture as well as full-body motion capture for that. So even being a dragon, despite being a biped mammal, I saw myself in that fire-breathing serpent.”

As for the Doctor Strange rumors…

“What rumors?” Benedict laughed when asked what he made of it all, though he did say that “anything could happen” and he’s leaving San Diego today, but will be back at Comic-Con on Saturday. “Doctor Who?” he continued coyly.

[From E! News]

And when Benedict spoke to Josh Horowitz at MTV, Benedict went even further, saying:

“As far as I’m aware, even if that was the case, it couldn’t work out because I’m doing a little play called ‘Hamlet’ in London. So I don’t think I could even if that was in the cards. It sounds like a fantastic project. It’s a shame if I miss out, but who knows?… I couldn’t possibly comment.”

[From MTV]

On one side, I don’t see how he would have the time to do Doctor Strange, so yeah, that might be a good enough reason why it won’t happen. But Benedict has been known to drop out of stuff at the last minute, so maybe Hamlet would be put off, or maybe he would completely drop out of The Lost City of Z or something. It’s doable. And here’s a reason why I think Marvel may announce something related to the auburn dong muff: because Benedict is using the same kind of “I can’t say” non-denials that he used when promoting Star Trek Into Darkness and everybody asked him if he was playing Khan. Spoiler: he played Khan.

Further evidence of the Doctor Strange announcement to come: Benedict told outlets that he’s skipping Comic-Con today, but will be around on Saturday.



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Izzy says:

    This casting MUST happen.

    Also, Kaiser: Spank Bank should be the next thing you trademark.

  2. allons-y alonso says:

    As much as I love Cumberbatch – the great acting skill, the voice, hell, the whole package – I think he’s a terrible liar. :)

  3. MediaB says:

    He’s never going to drop out of Hamlet. Tickets go on sale in a few days, and he’s already ageing out of plausibly playing Hamlet so it’s now or never for him.

    That said, watching the Horowitz interview when he talked about Dr Strange I LOL’d as it was the lamest denial and I could see the Sherlock text floating around him… LIAR ;-)

    He may have been in the running and is now playing along for funsies or for future rewards from Marvel… But… I think he’s going to squeeze In dr Strange somehow.

    Only other point to make is at the end of the MTV interview he totally fails at answering the geeky questions, and he’s only ashamed at not knowing the answer to who is the next Avenger movie villain. He says something like “oh I should know that one!”…

    Could be a massive double bluff but…no, he’s Dr Strange.

  4. Lindy79 says:

    His mtv interview is my new happy place. It was amazing.
    Even the couch wanted a piece of his arse.

    My guess is they’ll announce him but it’ll be delayed because of his schedule.

    • MediaB says:

      I agree, and I’m bookmarking that MTV interview for anytime anyone says “I don’t know what you see in Cumberbatch?!”. How could you not want to have a drink with him? … And more lol

    • Lilacflowers says:

      Marvel schedules things very tightly. If Dr. Strange is set for a 2016 summer release, I don’t see that they would be willing to move too many things around for him; he’ s not a RDJ level of actor.

      • Lindy79 says:

        I have a feeling Lost City might not happen or might get pushed back again, so that could free him up but…time will tell. He’s a big draw for the kind of audience they want, not saying they would put everything on hold for him, I agree he’s not RJD but Marvel are smart and know how important stuff like that is especially when it comes down to press. Look at Hiddleston, he did the lions share of the promo for Thor 2, he’s a huge draw for them and was the only rep at SDCC for Thor 2 last year, they knew they didn’t even need anyone else really even if they were available.

        He was very cagey and it wasn’t an outright no, plus he made a Dr Strange joke in the Penguins Q&A.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        Marvel doesn’t move stuff for Hiddleston either; he has had to back out of other projects because of Marvel. While he may have been the only Thor2 rep to appear in Hall H, they didn’t do a panel on Thor2 because they don’t tend to include panels on the films that are set for next release – just footage, which is what he introduced. GOTG did a panel last year but aren’t expected to do a full panel this year, just introduce footage. Stellan Skarsgaard and Zachary Levi were also there with Tom to do autograph sessions last year.

      • Lindy79 says:

        I didn’t say they moved anything for him, just that they know their worth with someone with an established base following within the genre. and that shouldn’t be underestimated.

        It’s not a big deal, I just think it still could happen or the talks are ongoing/his schedule hasn’t been freed up yet which is why he wont say yay or nay definitively.
        He could also just be enjoying messing with people.

      • jammypants says:

        I agree Lilac. Marvel makes actors work their schedule around Marvel projects, not the other way around. They have a very strict timeline since all the movies connect and have to be released at certain times to get the engine rolling for others.

        I’d love to see Benny in MCU though. He has geek cred dammit!

    • M.A.F. says:

      I almost had tears in my eyes when they both started talking like Jar Jar Binks. Perfection.

    • Encumbered says:

      All those who disparage his looks are being quite shallow, IMO. His beauty comes from his entire self including one of the most charming, intriguing and gorgeous personalities I have yet to discover in life. A media person/reporter at the convention tweeted yesterday that he (the reporter) had to be honest and say that Benedict was “indescribably beautiful” which describes his mystique quite well.

      Another line of thought… I wonder where he got so sweetly sunkissed. Looks like before he arrived in Calif. he spent some time in sunny Greece perhaps? Could that have been his B-Day retreat?

  5. jessiebes says:

    Had to look up Dr Strange, but he would be awesome!

  6. PunkyMomma says:

    My Biped Mammal. I agree, he won’t drop Hamlet, maybe Lost City of Z. He looks yummy in those Comic-Con pics. (I’d die if he were standing next to an otter.)

  7. Beth says:

    I watched the interview live on my iPhone, hiding in the bathroom from my husband and kids, with a glass of wine. I loved it. It’s my new happy place, too.

  8. Mia4S says:

    Lost City of Z keeps getting pushed (not surprising or a bad thing, that director is very picky) so potentially he wouldn’t have to drop it. Theoretically he could just be a (non) surprise for the Hobbit panel…but it just feels like something’s up.

    They managed to keep the entire appearance of Christopher Nolan and McConaughy secret yesterday. Be ready for anything.

  9. Indira says:

    I love your Cumber-Conspiracy theories, Kaiser!

  10. Kali says:

    As much as I love the Batch (and really, I do), I really would’ve liked Pedro Pascal for Dr Strange 😞

  11. 'P'enny says:

    He will drop lost city & Richard 3 & Sherlock will be squeezed in . Strange is ready to shoot I’m sure by late autumn. He’s in .

  12. Kazlock 1307 says:

    Don’t see him dropping Richard lll or Hamlet.Lost City of Z probably most likely.Would still be tight with Sherlock. Please don’t tell me he’ll drop Series 4! I couldn’t take it!

  13. Anne tommy says:

    At least Benny is up to a few things – so to speak- but what is going on with the wall to wall coverage of Justin Theroux and leann rimes? At least try and squeeze in a bit of hiddles somewhere – so to speak …

    • M.A.F. says:

      Hiddleston is filming and there is nothing else going with him. Agree about Rims and Theroux. Enough with their stories. And before one of you says “you don’t have to click on their post”, I don’t. I scroll right on by but lets change it up.

  14. Clairewobble says:

    Cumby confirmed that he’ll be in The Hobbit panel this saturday. I was about to believe him while watching the MTV interview but he said “who knows?” He is such a tease. E online’s article even said that Cumby doesn’t owe Marvel anything for him to keep on with the casting rumors. So mostly probably, he really is Doctor Strange.
    I believe he dropped LCoZ (or the production was delayed again for the nth time). If that is the case,he really can do Strange from Feb to June and then start rehearsing for Hamlet. But my question is, will Cumby need to bulk up for Doctor Strange? Or do Sherlock and Doctor strange have the same physicality? If he needs to bulk up/prepare for Strange that would take a month off of feb to june.

    On the other hand, where is Jared Leto?? He was also rumored for the role. Please don’t let him come near San Diego!

  15. The New Classic says:

    I’ve been going through Cumberwithdrawals! He looks so gorgeous in these pics. Honestly, if he showed up on my doorstep and said he wanted babies right away I would be down for it without a moments hesitation. And one of the best things about him seems to be his personality. He’s the whole package!

  16. Alison says:

    Here’s a link to BC’s bracelet: It’s a traditional Lapland style bracelet made from reindeer leather, pewter thread, and a reindeer antler button. I wear two of them every day and have for years. I was over the moon to discover that Benedict and I share a taste in bracelets!

  17. A says:

    He was similarly coy about Star Wars rumors and that didn’t pan out so this may be wishful fan thinking too

  18. Froop says:

    Why do people even want him for Dr Strange? I’m looking at the pictures from the comics and BC doesn’t even come close to looking like him. Strange looks Hispanic to me but all the guys listed as in the running are the basic fanboy favourites, Hardy, BC etc. I hope Marvel throw a curveball and announce someone different and unexpected. I like the Pedro Pascal suggestion. Plus I like Ben’s current list of upcoming work and I hope he doesn’t drop Lost City or Yellow Birds to tie himself up with Marvel for years.

  19. jammypants says:

    The first picture made me giggle. It’s insanely cute.

  20. kri says:

    He is just…unf. He looks delicious. i’d watch him in anything. i’d love it if he and Tom Hardy would work together again. That would just about give me enough spank in the bank to retire for life.

  21. Zee says:

    I think he’s Dr. Strange. He’ll probably drop Lost City of Z, as it keeps getting pushed back, for strange and that new war film.

  22. Kazlock 1307 says:

    Almost certain that he won’t drop Richard lll.As pointed out it would do nothing for his credibility. Highly sort after director, great cast….he’d be silly not to see it through.How long is the actual Marvel shoot likely to take?Could he fit it in between Sherlock special and Hamlet rehearsal?

  23. Duri says:

    He won’t drop Richard III as it’s shooting this year in September and has nothing to do with Strange which will shoot in 2015 anyways.

    LCOZ is shelved or postponed if he does Strange which was supposed to shoot from February. So two things that come between Strange shooting next year are LCOZ and Hamlet. As said Hamlet won’t move, so if Marvel wants him they have to work around that schedule.

    Does anyone know if actors shoot movie in day while doing plays? Is it feasible?

  24. pretzel says:

    I might be the only one here with the unpopular opinion but i was kinda wishing that he wouldn’t get on the Marvel train. Marvel in my opinion is best for little known but talented actors who need the exposure right now. Like it did for Hiddleston. Honestly, if it were possible for Hiddles to break into Hollywood without Loki, I’d have preferred that (with the exception of the first Thor maybe). Cumberbatch has already got past the stage of needing that kind of exposure. But who knows, maybe he said yes because the script is really good and not one dimensional as most marvel movies.

    P.s. by the two interviews given above, i don’t think he’s even TRYING to lie.. Lol.

  25. Jessi says:

    There’s also a whole season of Sherlock to film next year on top of the special if they want it for a 2016 release. That will take them nearly 4 months collectively (4-5wks/ep).

    I’m really hoping for no Marvel project. I hate comic book movies. I think LCOZ sounds more interesting. Although I thought the scheduled January start of filming was going to possibly clash with the Sherlock special being filmed?

    • Duri says:

      Sherlock is not filming in 2015. They said it won’t return before 2017. A Christmas special will be shot in January 2015 to be shown in December 2015.

      They have said shooting for Sherlock season 4 will only begin in 2016, which makes sense as BC has nothing scheduled for 2016 shoot yet with maybe Yellow Birds somewhere there.

  26. BetsyC says:

    He wont drop Richard III or Hamlet. I just think he was asked if he could do Strange and the diary couldnt accommodate it. That’s why he said in an earlier interview for Madame Tussauds that his management team wish they could clone him.

    More fool Marvel for waiting so look to decide who to pick. I’d be very surprised if it isnt the very cheap and cheerful Pedro from Game of Thrones. if Marvel told him to jump – he’d jump.

    Cumberbatch did say watch this space when talking about future Star wars films. I still think he’ll be Thrawn one day.

    • jammypants says:

      I’m not sure it’s Marvel’s fault he is not able to shift his schedule. Their timelines have always been rather transparent if you ask me. I’m sure like with all studios, they have a process they go through before they select their leading actors. I don’t see why they would need to accommodate individual actors. Their brand is huge.

      Pedro may be cheap labor but that does not diminish his talent or possible star appeal. And sure he’ll jump. Who wouldn’t? It’s a very cool role.

    • Kazlock 1307 says:

      @BETSYC. I totally agree with you.He won’t drop either.I’m really hoping he doesn’t do Dr Strange. After seeing the interview,I think his answers seem to be tongue in cheek.Similar to when he was asked about Star Wars.
      I’m probably totally wrong,and he will go the Marvel way.Hope he doesn’t though.A franchise like that would limit any other opportunities he may have in the future.

    • Katie says:

      Yep, Betsy C. His schedule doesn’t work even before you add LCOZ in. It’s entirely possible he’s talking to Marvel about another project though. They’ve got tons of movies shooting later.

      I thought Pascal too but apparently they’re talking to Phoenix who does have a really open schedule rn.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      “More fool Marvel for waiting so look to decide who to pick.”

      Really? Marvel is making money hand over fist and had two of the top dozen films last year. So far, the MCU has been extremely successful casting characters and have had eight Oscar winners take roles in the MCU, many of those were recurring roles. The MCU has attracted numerous other Oscar nominated heavyweights such as RDJ, SLJ, Bradley Cooper, Glenn Close, Stanley Tucci, Robert Redford, Jeremy Renner, Mark Ruffalo, and Stellan Skarsgaard and none of them seem hesitant to jump for Marvel. While there has been some whining about contracts (Chris Evans – although his whine seems more about acting in general, Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, and Anthony Hopkins), only two have pulled out (Edward Norton and Hugo Weaving) and even the whiners show up for work and do as asked. The MCU works on a tightly managed schedule; so if they don’t get Cumberbatch for Dr. Strange, the MCU won’t be crying.

  27. Maria of MD says:

    It’s a beguiling coincidence that he is doing the voice and performance of Smaug when he was born in the year of the Fire Dragon. Nice symmetry to that.

  28. GeeMoney says:

    This was just posted on Twitter about Dr. Strange…

    Jeff Sneider @TheInSneider · 24m
    I can say with near certainty that it will NOT be Benedict Cumberbatch or Tom Hardy. But someone could come out of left field to surprise…

    Hmmm… and then this!

    Who knows if this is legit or not… but these rumors are crazy.

    • Mom2two says:

      I love Joaquin Phoenix and I think he is one of the most talented ( and underappreciated) actors today, He typically shuns franchise movies so if he is Doctor Strange that would be a HUGE get for Marvel, I think.

    • M.A.F. says:

      No! I love Phoenix but no. I can’t see it. No.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      This would make me very, very happy!

    • MissMary says:

      I can’t see Phoenix committing to an MCU situation. I just keep thinking of Edward Norton’s snobbishness re the Hulk and his snark regarding the role… I don’t know if Phoenix would snark about it but I just can’t see him being down with being in MCU.

      • Katie says:

        Oh, it would be so fun, MissMary! He’ll yell at reporters and fans while dragging around his 20 year girlfriend. He’s a great actor, but boy, not the nicest person you’ll ever meet, let me tell you.

        My one not tongue-in-cheek qualm with him is he’s Woody Allen’s new lead. I can understand actors being unaware of his past before, but Phoenix signed on 3 months after the whole thing hit the media.

        He’s definitely a big risk for Marvel in terms of doing press and dealing with fans. He was not good with that well before the whole ‘documentary’ thing. I’m sure Marvel fans will be happy until he really starts talking.

  29. TotallyBiased says:

    He was such a tease on the Penguins panel–when asked what Super Hero he’d most like to play, he replayed “Nurse Normal”….”Wait for it”…..(then had to explain it was a joke on Dr. Strange.)

    So I have to think, if he is DEFINITELY not playing the role, that Disney/Marvel have asked him to not categorically deny it until the actual casting is announced. Hence the caginess.

  30. jammypants says:

    Not sure if it’s my computer but does the font of the site look different to anyone?

  31. BetsyC says:

    So based on the new USA Today interview he would most likely have been Doctor Strange if he hadnt moved his Hamlet to 2015 so he could play Richard III this year. He seems very happy so he doesnt seem to be fretting over it at all.

  32. Kazlock 1307 says:

    Hi.Anything announced about Dr Strange yet please?

  33. M.A.F. says:

    You’re welcome.

    Edit: that was suppose to be under Kazlock’s Thank you post. GRR.

  34. pretzel says:

    Did they announce ANYTHING?? I’ve been following several sites but all that’s been talked about is the possibility of Phoenix bring in talks because he had reportedly been seen buying the comics.

    • Raven says:

      These must have been taken when he was in LA on Friday (or late Thursday night, whatever his schedule was). Honestly, she looks like she could just be a random person to me. A full set of pictures and the only one she’s in is one where they’re walking away and she’s got her arms folded. Where is she when the group is leaving the restaurant, and where’s the picture of her getting in the car together? Sorry, just a little annoyed with blurbs like the one on that website that seem to be written out of thin air.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        Could be his PA, Emily.Why take all those photos then not get one of them in the car driving away?Another site says it could be Aretha Campbell and she’s the secret gf.But that came about because she became friends on Twitter with Adam Ackland.

      • Unburned says:

        Well, it does say that he dined with her and another couple. So I guess we’ll see!

      • Raven says:

        Multiple pictures of the other couple and the only picture of her is one where she’s walking away is fishy to me. I definitely don’t think the girl in the picture is Aretha Campbell as they don’t look the same at all. But since Benedict is pictured with a different girl every single time he’s out, can we please put the secret girlfriend rumors to bed?

      • MissMary says:

        Eh, I’m not getting a date vibe. Looks like the same situation when he went to the movies with Liv Tyler back during STiD filming, tbh. No “vibe” etc.

        I take the “dined with another couple” thing with a huge grain of salt. When he was out w/Dakota Fanning, there was a third person with them who was conveniently not mentioned in most media “reports,” and a month or so before that, he was pictured leaving a place in the UK with a young woman and “another couple” and later on twitter, a production company posted the pic (which was really cropped for the media postings) and pointed out it was a business lunch with several people, and not a “couples outing.” All that said, being pic’d with someone of the opposite sex doesn’t mean a date. And there’s no telling who the “other couple” was, or if it was anything more than “hey, we all know each other! Let’s hang out!” or “we’re making a production together”. I mean, yeah, maybe it was a date but I’m really not getting that vibe off the entire situation.

        Besides, several fan pics of him out and about in Venice (Ca.) and SD and he’s either alone, with Karon (who is def not the white dress lady lol) or with “official” type folks. Who knows, really, but I’m not getting a date feel off the pics.

      • Freebunny says:

        Good Lord, did you even check Aretha???? She’s a very young brunette. Can’t people stop false and delirious rumors, just for the girl sake???

      • SophieK says:

        I’m not getting a date vibe with this photo. This girl could be anyone– a friend, an FWB, a hook-up…his niece??? Doesn’t seem like a secret GF vibe here. I think the whole secret GF was BS anyway. He’s been photographed with how many different women in the past several months? I’ve lost track.

    • Granny says:

      I did see. It looks like at least a date to me. He looks very tense and aware of the camera. The distance between them looks purposeful. And what comfortable, relaxed person in the world walks with such a long stride, arms tightly crossed? Clearly, it could be just a friend, but I don’t know any friends who are that tense about being photographed together. Whatever, I own that, as much as I want him to be happy, there is a part of me deep down inside that wishes I had a realistic shot. But when he does feel like being open with his relationship status, I’ll be happy for him. I wonder how he has gotten the paps to not photograph him with the women that much this year. Last year, we would have seen a shot of him and that girl from seven different angles.

      On another note, I saw the whole SDCC Hobbit panel is posted on tumblr. Didn’t get to watch it yet though.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        I’d love to see a better picture of them to. Wonder if it’s a new relationship?BC doesn’t necessarily look uptight,bit uncomfortable with the camera being there definatly. Why not take pictures of them leaving in the cat though? The photographer had no qualms about the others.
        Could she be Aretha Campbel?Or Lady K ?

      • Granny says:

        @Kazlock Hair looks too short to be Lady K. Don’t think he’d be uncomfortable taking a picture with Emily after their cinema debacle was cleared up. And we’ve seen tons of photos of Karen. But no Emily work stuff. I looked for photos of Aretha, but she looks like a chubby brunette. (If only his tastes expanded that much! I’d have a chance! LOL.)

        Funny thing though: Loo’s tweet to Adam said it was nice to meet him A, A , L & J. So, Alice, Jacob and whatever Daughter Ackland’s name is. Who is the 4th initial? This isn’t like a real report, but whoever wrote it said girl left in her own car right?

        Gjelina is such a celeb spot. If he doesn’t want to be spotted on a date, he should ask friends for more low key recommendations. I also commend the girl for not being a fame whore, but if she’s considering B a real possibility, she needs to relax if a camera shows up at the celebrity hang out.

        I don’t know about anyone else, but I think I’m way too analytical about this because I like BC so much. I just don’t want him to choose the superficial Hollywood girl or snobby Sloane girl he seems destined to choose :-(

      • MissMary says:

        @Granny: Reading the post on the site with the pics, it’s hard to tell if he got into the car with her or if she just got into her own car–it’s very poorly worded. I think the “fact” she was not with him when they came out makes it more likely it’s either a friend, a woman he just happened to walk near, or even the ever popular “niece/PA Emily”.

        It’s definitely not Kinvara though. She’d be making very sure to be seen in the pics, if the ones from the grand prix were anything to go by. She was a master of the “laugh and lean in an odd way to be in the camera’s range” position.

      • Encumbered says:

        Oh, Granny….Don’t we all wish for that chance deep in our psyches? Any way, is he uncomfortable or just pissed off that he’s being photographed? Who knows! I am still wondering if that could be Emily…and chuckling about what her protective Uncle Ben might be thinking about the see-through dress. Lol….

        And Adam has 3 kids, the last one a babe in Ben’s arms. If you’ve never seen the picture:

      • Granny says:

        @MissMary ITA, very poorly worded and does sound like he left with her. LOL at the “laugh and lean.”

        @Encumbered You’re trying to kill me! :-) Yes, I’ve seen that one. I just thought they only had two. But thanks for clearing it up.

  35. Shiv says:

    Aretha Campbell? Who is she? I just checked the name out and can only find a brunette who quite honestly is on the rather heavy side.

  36. Jessi says:

    You can see pix of the girl he hooked up with at the rugby in February on her Instagram and she is also of the heavier variety. Maybe he has a type :)

    • MissMary says:

      Was that ever verified or was it deemed fangirlish bs? I can’t remember if it was that incident or another where there was literally no way, unless he was the Flash, he could’ve hooked up with her and still be seen where he was seen later that day due to the time overlap. Was this the teenager/early 20′s lady?

    • Froop says:

      Oh really? I don’t think the girl in question ever talked about it publicly. Most people think that story was BS.

    • Jessi says:

      Instagram livvy Barton. Having trouble with links from my phone. Found via the tumblr of the girl that shared the story originally.

      • MissMary says:

        Is she a blonde lady? THat’s the only Livvy Barton I found. Or a VERY young Geordie girl who looks like she’s in high school.

      • Jessi says:

        The one whose description says she’s made out with him. Sorry I’m on a lousy internet connection or else I would be more helpful. She does look young. And not what I’d presume to call his type. Beer goggles?

      • Froop says:

        Her instagram says ‘passionately kissed Benedict Cumberbatch’. Not exactly private. Not what I was expecting, but she does sort of fit his type face-wise. Ish.

      • Raven says:

        “Passionately kissed Benedict Cumberbatch” right in her profile, oh boy…

      • Shiv says:

        The only Cumberbatch she snogged was her Khan doll.

      • Leo says:

        I really wish I hadn’t followed the link.
        Everything else aside, but the match where she supposed to have kissed him was on February 22. At the time she was in an Italian ski resort. Honestly, this is such a lie it’s not even funny.
        Maybe posting such childish Instagram/Tumblr/Twitter fantasies is not the best idea.

      • Katie says:

        Yeah, unless she teleports, she’s lying. Kinda sad though.

        The women up above from the pap shot is older, but IDK. And yeah, it’s worded funny, they’re saying she just got into her car.

      • NoisyBird says:

        Maybe its just me, but it looks as though he is walking much faster than she is and they are each looking into different directions. Also, It seems like the other photos are cropped oddly.

        Shes got some great legs though!!

      • MissMary says:

        That’s exactly what I thought (down to the legs comment, lol). Looks like a tempest in a teacup, really.

        (ETA: Not sure why but comments are showing up as new comments even when hitting reply to specific, previous comments…)

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        Just checking in to see if there are any updates. Has BC eloped with the carpark blonde yet?Declared his undying love for the instagram girl?.
        I’m waiting anxiously for news my lovelies.

      • Green Eyes says:

        Nothing on the carpark girl, but someone on the It’s Tea Time Tumblr who is trying to sound like an insider swears that the GF is indeed KB. One thing that made me go, hmmm, was on her instragram (back when the Monaco pics came out) she posted some smarmy, Winny the Pooh thing about love (“How do you spell love?” “You don’t spell it, you feel it”). I just thought that was weird with its timing.

        One thing that makes me think it’s not true is the fact that they haven’t been together in a very long time (since Monaco??).

      • Froop says:

        Hasn’t she been in France without him recently? Was she in Ireland with him for his birthday with the Acklands and Loo? If she was the GF I doubt she’d miss it.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        Thankyou my Cumberbuddies. The insider info on KB interests me….Wonder if it’s the same person who posted it on one of these threads a while ago?Claimed she was in the theatre and knew for a fact they were dating!_Hope not,dislike the very idea of her! If it is her I’m shocked she hasn’t taken an advertisement out in The Tatler!Little disappointed in BC if it is her…
        I’ve ruled out Dakota I think.Doesn’t seem to be any evidence to back up the rumour.Daily Fail still rehashing old gossip.

      • Green Eyes says:

        Ditto, @Kazlock. If BC is seriously seeing Milady, then I’m going to have to pick up my fangurl toys and go play somewhere else…Norman Reedus and Loki look tempting – at least Hiddles has absolutely no qualms about dating older, curvy gals who are below his station! ;-)

      • Granny says:

        @Kazlock @Green Eyes: Co-signed, as usual, though I don’t think I’d stop enjoying the Batch’s talent. Clearly, we don’t have to approve but Milady would be a very sad disappointment. I mean, even if his true love was still a horsey, aristocratic blonde, I’m sure there’s better available. @Green Eyes what’s this “tea” tumblr? I couldn’t find anything but blogs about actual tea…

      • Encumbered says:

        @Granny For what it is worth re: tea tumblr thing:

        Also, it appears from above link, B has departed Calif.– sans any blond companion.

      • MissMary says:

        Yikes… it reads like a lot of fan fic. My “favorite” is the “omg Kinvara is so his gf and is DYING to tell everyone but he won’t let her!” post… mainly b/c I don’t see that happening, even a little. Not because I hate KB but because I really don’t see her as someone who’d be willing to be kept a secret.

      • sigh((s)) says:

        Normally I would agree, but a girl like that… She knows how to play the game. She’s pushing 40, divorced, no kids. She’s not prime pickings in her social circle anymore. If they’re dating, he’s pretty much her last chance to become “famous”, and based on what I’ve read about her (which is not very flattering) I wouldn’t put it past her to put up with some secrecy for an eventual payoff, ie being *the* girlfriend. And she would feed his need for “punching above his weight”. When he made that remark, I don’t think he meant hot young 20 year old bimbos. I think he meant the moneyed/ socialite set that he probably never truly fit into in school.

        Good lord I’m cynical. I sincerely hope this isn’t the case. I hope he’s playing the field and finds someone interesting who doesn’t use him for her own famewhore purposes. We shall see…

      • MissMary says:

        IDK… I don’t like the idea of anyone being told who they can and can’t or should and shouldn’t date/fuck/hang out with, but I want to think his PR team and his friends, after the KE debacle, is standing there going “look at your life, look at your choices–think about who you will be dating and if they are who you want to be associated with.”

        Which is totally hypocritical of me to say, I know.

      • sigh((s)) says:

        Sadly, some people need to hit rock bottom in their relationships before they realize their picker is off. Kind of like an alcoholic. One would have hoped that the Katya(sp?) debacle would have been it.

      • MissMary says:

        Well, for all we know, it was. He hasn’t had any public “relationships” or “dear old friends” in that vein since last year (if he’s had ‘em in private…well, more power to him for keeping the debacles on the DL). And assuming he’s dating KB is very…assumption-y, lol. Like I said elsewhere, I’ll eat my hat if they’re together in any serious way. By all accounts from people who’ve met him over the past year, he hasn’t had dates with him at events but friends (even friends of the opposite sex) and if KB is trying to get in good with him, it’s not working out, at least to the public eye–she’s not seen with him anywhere other than social events with large groups.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        Also on Tumbler someone saying that they knew who BC’s real girlfriend is and ‘ she’s lovely’and not,according to the Tumbler(er) M’lady!This person says that they are tired of the Lady K rumours and that’s why they are speaking out….
        The Twitter post about Lady K going to Comic Con was misinterpreted, she apparently commented about the costumes that was all.

      • SophieK says:

        @Kazlock..I think that Tumblr site is a lot of anon nonsense from what I can tell. Just a lot of speculation, no real proof of anything. Photo of Ben and Mystery Blonde ended up in the Fail though, FWIW.

      • Granny says:

        @Kazlock @ Sophie

        It’s definitely kind of interesting to read and see how rumors kind of develop. I had never heard of it before, but the girl who writes the blog posted links to all the crazy rants of B’s real life stalker. Like a real one. His security at events is briefed about her and everything. She thinks that they are in love and that she is his girlfriend. Some people think she’s the one who “leaked” the secret girlfriend story to that Showbiz site.

        Totally possible if you read the stuff she writes. She might even be the friend who knows that B’s “Great” girlfriend who isn’t Milady. Anything is possible at this point. My heart will probably skip a beat every time he’s photographed with a new blonde. Only because that seems to be his thing. But I guess there really is no reason to believe anything in particular right now. At the end of the day, he is probably enjoying attention from all the pretty young things. And dreams of settling with an English rose.

      • SophieK says:

        @Granny I really don’t think he’s got a secret GF or any serious GF in his life right now. He obviously has lots of friends, male and female, and he’s enjoying being single right now. That’s my theory of the day! ;-) I think the whole secret GF rumor got started from that crazy stalker and the rumor got out of control.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        I don’t mind a secret girlfriend… I just don’t want it to be pish totty Lady K!
        I have a lust of suitable women for him.Includes Louise Brealey (Molly).And Laura Carmichael. We must all have someone in mind we think would be perfect for our little Ben.

      • Granny says:

        You mean besides ourselves? ;-)

      • Granny says:

        I tried reply at Kazlock under number 84. Weird.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        Tried to reply,my comment went somewhere else.
        Thankyou @GRANNY @SOPHIEK @FELICE
        So the stalker could be the one who started the secret gf rumour?Mm….wonder if she did the Lady K one to?
        I know I’m still banging on about het ,my lovelies. But I REALLY,REALLY can’t stand her!And BC deserves better.

      • SophieK says:

        @Kazlock I don’t think the secret GF is Kinvara. I don’t think she’d keep it a secret this long. I think the mystery woman is someone else or doesn’t exist. The way Ben is stalked all over, I don’t see how he could keep anyone a secret over any length of time.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        I hope he has found someone lovel,as the Tumbler post said.Someone who treats him well.But if it is Milady then I don’t think she’s right for him.
        She seems shallow and self centred. BC seems the opposite.Thoughtful,caring and down to earth.

      • just a fangurl says:

        I actually Googled his Greek friend, and god I actually hope it is her because she is impressive!! From a wealthy family sure, but also a professor of ethnography and gender studies. She may be the opposite of his type physically but if she wants to be kept out of the limelight because she has a serious career then she seems like a good candidate.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        @ JUST A FANGURL totally agree.I would be quite happy if it was her.But apparently she is another of his long term friends.You never know though.
        So long as the secret gf isn’t Lady K I’m happy

      • SophieK says:

        @Kazlock…I must’ve missed something. Who is the Greek friend??

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        @SOPHIEK I can’t recall her full name,I remember her first name’s Viki,not the rest unfortunately. As @JUST A FANGURL says she comes from a wealthy family,but us extremely academic. Also remember somewhere reading that she is passionately against class system.
        A good candidate for secret gf….But she has apparently been part of his circle of friends for years.You can never tell though.On Tumbler there are pictures of them at a James Rhodes recital and talking on the Tube.
        Much prefer the idea of Viki to Lady K.But I hold out hope that BC and Loo Brealey will get together.

      • SophieK says:

        @Kazlock @Granny Thanks for the info. She seems a bit more of an acceptable GF…LOL…I’m thinking though, as Kazlock said, they are old friends. ?? Anyway, I didn’t Google her but she sounds impressive. If she were the GF, I wonder how she’d feel about dealing with all the craziness that is Ben’s life.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        Evening my lovelies.I must confess..I’ve visited Tumbler again.In doing so I’ve discovered that apart from carpark blonde, Lady K and Viki the brainiac, BC is apparently seen canoodling with a curly haired brunette on a balcony.Who was wearing an engagement/wedding ring!Did BC get married when we weren’t looking?Curly haired brunette could be Viki…
        They mention the balcony being at his flat,not sure about that.

      • From North of Boston says:

        Kazlock – On the site that’s the source of the other balcony pictures, there’s one pic of her…to me she looks like the brunette who was in the restaurant pictures from a few days ago, the one who was arm and arm with the other guy. (maybe even wearing the same clothes/glasses hung on her shirt)

        The pics all look like they were taken someplace warmer than London (maybe San Diego, maybe LA/Venice?) I didn’t see any ‘canoodling’ pics though, so maybe you’re talking about a completely different person. (though I suspect there is some poetic license being taken by the tumblr commenter to try to make things more interesting than they probably are)

      • Granny says:

        @From North of Boston: Co-signed.

        @Kazlock: Oh, darling… take a tumblr break. It’s just people trying to stir up stuff. Boston is right. The brunette canoodling story seems to be extrapolated from that pap pic of him and his friends in LA. They definitely look like the friends in the restaurant pap pics. And they definitely look like a couple. Man, people get creative. I’d link the source here, but I’m not sure if it’s allowed. You can find the full set of pap pics on any BC tumblr that is not purely for gossip…

        But then, take a tumblr break ;-)

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        Thankyou. I’d never been on Tumbler until 2 days ago. It’s very strange! They only showed the woman’s hand then made out like they had actually seen her and BC kissing.Adam Ackland was apparently there but they didn’t want to invade the privacy of the other people on the balcony.
        I really don’t understand how the site works!Some of it seems quite nasty.And I’m sure some of it’s just invented.

      • Granny says:

        @Kazlock No worries, dear. That tumblr can be entertaining but should be taken with a huge block of salt. I think the owner posts basically any rumour that comes her way. She just never claims that any of it is true. She totally admits it’s all rumour and gossip.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        @GRANNY Thankyou. You’re a sweetheart. I’m quite new to social networks,fan forums and the internet in general!Quite hard to discern between what’s fact and what’s fiction!Some are very convincing too.Think I shall rely on you all to tell me the truth.
        Thankyou to all of you for being patient with me.

      • Encumbered says:

        @Kazlock Whoa….Careful with your information, there! The kissing a curly-haired brunette rumor is old now. A separate incident, if it occurred at all, from these recent pics.

        I suspect these pictures may be from his Calif. visit. And the poor shit, getting papped like that. Glad they didn’t snap him changing his shorts which he appears to have done. Allow me to flip the parasites off for you, my dear Benedict!!

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        I apologise, I meant no offense. The cannodling/kissing was mentioned in the post(?) that I saw.No idea it was an old titbit.Didn’t realise they were pap shots,assumed how it was worded it was abfan pic.

      • Encumbered says:

        @ Kazlock No offense taken. Just a friendly nudge to remember how embellished information can be in virtually anything posted online. ;)

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        Thankyou for your help yesterday. I appreciated it very much
        I wonder if any of you can help me with this please?
        The Daily Fail reported that BC was on a flight to Pisa in Italy.The same day another tabloid reported that he was at Heathrow being picked up by Emily.Has he been cloned?

      • SophieK says:

        @Kazlock It seems like the tabs/paps are looking for dirt on Ben and they’re getting stuff out there. I don’t know. I’m as confused as you are at this point. Maybe Emily picked him up at Heathrow when he got home from LA and then he went to Italy for a little vacation??

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        I’d rather ask questions here.I find some other sites untrustworthy. I think here people try to help.On another page I look at they have posted a picture of a stunning woman(DJ I think) and said this is DEFINATLY BC’s girlfriend and the Cumber******s would have to get a life!Not visiting that again.

      • SophieK says:

        @Kazlock. You’re welcome but I don’t think I was much help considering I don’t know Ben or what he’s really up to…LOL ( I wish!) …just guessing like everyone else. But I like this site because most people are friendly here. ;-)

        As stated upthread by others, that Tumblr site is a fun read but best to be take w/ a huge grain of salt. Lots of anon speculation. The other sites I’ve seen like IMDB and Reddit tend to be quite a bit too much nanny/fawning over BC for my taste. I like to gossip. ;-)

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        @SOPHIEK it is a really friendly site.I think I shall avoid Tumbler for a while.Not heard of the ones you mentioned.Stick to this one.
        So if any of you discover anything I’m trusting you to let me know. Thankyou xxx

      • Granny says:

        @Kazlock I’m on board with @SophieK and will say he probably came home and then went on a trip, hopefully just for pleasure. Where’s this DJ girlfriend information? I’m just curious because I like to gossip…

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        @GRANNY it was on a FB page.Sherlock one. The picture was of a blonde all dressed in black,as if she was at a ball or something. Head turned towards camera.Pretty sure it was DJ.Shall I post the page name?

      • Granny says:

        @Kazlock: Sure, I think that’s allowed. I’m just a fan like you, but probably not as sweet :-) I don’t have any real information, but I’ll pass on anything good I hear.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        @GRANNY I’ve tried twice to post the name and it won’t let me.Any other way to tell you?
        And I think you are very sweet.You are alway very patient and kind when I ask questions.

      • Granny says:

        @Kazlock Yeah, I couldn’t find it, but I’ll look when I have more time. Don’t worry. I understand. Your mum did a good job and she’s a lucky woman. Hang in there.

      • NoisyBird says:

        is that the fb page that was posted upthread? SHERLOCKADDICTED i think.

      • just a fangurl says:

        I see the photo you mean but it is a photo of Dakota Johnson, and they are NOT dating. They were seen having lunch together after the Met Ball, which they had both attended. Then it later came out that Ben was going to be in Black Mass with her and it all made more sense. Anyway, Dakota is already in a relationship.

      • blended says:

        yes @just a fangurl. i mentioned this upthread. it seems like people are misinterpreting a lot of the tumblr gossip. people love starting false rumours just for kicks to see how far it will go.

      • MissMary says:

        Tumblr gossip is best taken with all the salt you can find. It’s rarely true and often the product of a mishmash of gossip sites, outright b.s. and unfounded rumor. I remember when Sherlock first came out, someone posted a pic of BC and Olivia on Tumblr (they were still together then) and had photoshopped it to look as if Olivia was pregnant. It was even posted *next to* the original pic where she was clearly not pregnant and people still went rabid about it and demanded to know why he never announced it, etc. It was insane. Ever since that craziness, I’ve learned to ignore Tumblr as a source for gossip or info. It’s gotten esp bad lately with certain sites becoming popular and gathering a base of people who want desperately to believe something or feel important so they make up stories and, thanks to internet anonymity, such as it is, the stories are “believable” because they’re from a “close source to the star” or whomever the anon poster is claiming to be. Most of the time, it’s some rando in their basement with too much free time.

      • MissMary says:

        @Kazlock: The Pisa thing was pretty much debunked b/c he was papped for sure at Heathrow arrivals and seen later that night at a James Rhodes concert. Whoever posted the Pisa info was mistaken.

      • Shiv says:

        @MissMary – where did you see that he was at JR’s concert? That would make more sense I guess.

        The Instagram OP says ‘flying to Pisa with Sherlock Holmes’ – it’s clearly him on a plane and she doesn’t appear to be a fan so not sure what benefit she would get from making it up?

      • MissMary says:

        It was a twitter post from someone who had been at the James Rhodes show, actually! They said it was a good show and Benedict Cumberbatch was in the audience. I’m trying to dig it up now, lol. Making insomnia work for me!

        Edited to add: I am wondering if the OP took the pic on *their* way to Pisa and London was a stopover for them? Because he was definitely in London this week, according to fan posts around the interwebs. I’ll post here when I find the link mentioning him at the concert this week.

      • MissMary says:

        I know–double posting is bad but I can’t edit my last one. It was a tweet that popped up Wednesday (late my time–I’m in the States and it was central time) that just said the poster (an older gentleman if the pic was anything to go by) saw Rhodes in concert on the 29th and it was a good show with the bonus of Cumberbatch being in the audience. Entirely possible they were pulling that out of their ass or were mistaken though–I wasn’t there so can’t offer firsthand proof, lol. If I find the exact tweet I’ll post but for now, I give up b/c I’m going cross eyed trying to sift through all of the ones mentioning BC, lol.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        FB have similar tweets in one of the fan pages.They say it was from April.
        Do you think that there was a mistake over the Italy trip?I was wondering if the flight he was on maybe carried onto Italy after London.

      • SophieK says:

        @Kazlock. Maybe he never went to Italy. As MissMary said, there is so much wrong info and rumors out there. Hard to separate fact from fiction.

      • MissMary says:

        @Kazlock: He goes to many of Rhodes’ shows when he’s in London so there’s a lot of tweets from folks who see him at shows…so who knows, lol.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        Could well be lol.I rely on you all to update me on BC’s movements and potential secret gf please.Going to avoid Tumbler,too much outright lying.
        I can better tryst you lovely people on here. X

      • MissMary says:

        Tumblr is seductive, lol. There’s some pretty nifty stuff on there but when it comes to gossip or celeb info, it’s pretty much a cesspool. Most of the time, unless it’s truly harmful to their careers, celebs won’t address rumors and I think that’s part of what feeds the Tumblr gossip beast–”Oh, they didn’t deny it! It must be true!” while it’s really “They didn’t deny it because they won’t waste the energy dealing with this.”

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        I should tell you that I have not been tempted by Tumbler for 24 hours!…But the urge to look us very strong! It’s addictive, even though I know it’s mostly made up.I need my BC hit.

      • SophieK says:

        @Kazlock.. Yay for avoiding Tumblr. Just a bunch of craziness there. I have to admit I peek at it on occasion though. ;-)

      • From North of Boston says:

        @Kazlock.. If you’re looking for gossip, or just roaming around in the tags, sure, Tumblr can be nuts.

        But there are a lot of amazing creative people on there, offering some useful information, great analysis/observation, beautiful art and writing, not to mention pretty, pretty pictures.

        It all depends on which blogs you’re looking at. Just going in the tags can be crazy, but if you find 10-20 people posting interesting content and follow them, you can see some really great stuff, and based on what they reblog, you can find other blogs that interest you.

        Plus, as far as the Cumberbatch blogs out there, there are a handful of really good “big” blogs that post credible information about his projects, links to interviews, trailers, press releases, etc. Those are worth checking out…usually if you find one, the others will show up through what they reblog pretty quickly. Here’s one that’s not very gossipy, but you can get a good range of news about Benedict’s projects and public appearances. plus their website has links to archived articles, photos. is good for a wider range of things, including fan art and videos, plus photos. Check out those, see who they follow or reblog who might interest you,

        There are other ones that are more Sherlock focused, or some that are art focused (barachicki and shockingblankets and enerjax and alicexz) or you can find ones with a very narrow focus like whatisyourhairdoingbenedict or benedict-cumberbatch-voice, which are exactly what they sound like.

        (none of those blogs are mine, btw, just ones that I follow and enjoy)

        And mods:
        - I hope it’s OK to provide those recommendations
        - I also hope that this shows up where I intended. One of my earlier posts today showed up halfway up the thread in the middle of a discussion from days ago.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        Thankyou. I’ll check these out.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        Hello my lovelies. Could any of you please post a link to the interview BC did with Josh Horowitz please? And any other Comic Con interviews he did please.Thankyou

      • MissMary says:

        I believe Cumberbuddy’s tumblr has links to them (but you have to go back a few pages tbh). She also has a lot of great info on Turing and The Imitation Game too.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        Thankyou.Any new sightings of BC( or secret gf)?I’m trying to avoid some of the tumbler and fan sites.I believe EVERYTHING they print!Relying on these threads to update me.

      • Raven says:

        @Kazlock According to a Twitter user, he was spotted this evening at a classical concert at Castello di Potentino, a Tuscan resort. The source is legit, posting pictures from the resort herself, and doesn’t appear to be a fangirl. So it looks like he really has been in Italy these past few days after all.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        Thankyou for the update.If you come across a link or picture could you post it please?

      • Encumbered says:

        Sounds lovely….Tuscany, classical music, Benedict….

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        It looks fabulous!Would love to go to Italy.Any sightings of secret gf?
        Sneaked a peek at a FB page they had a tumbler rumour that he was seen near his home kissing a brunette. Didn’t say what sort of kiss though.

      • SophieK says:

        @kazlock. I think the kissing thing is an old rumor. The Italy trip sounds lovely though and a good place to rendezvous with a GF. I haven’t heard anything about whether Ben is with someone on this current trip.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        Totally agree.Seems an idyllic place for a secret rendezvous… Just need the Italian Cumbercollective to track the secret gf!
        I shall be happy if it isn’t Lady K.Viki,Laura Carmichael, Louise Brealey there are many suggestions that I’d love to see him with.Definatly not Lady K!

      • MissMary says:

        I sincerely would not worry that his “secret gf” is Lady K. In fact, it’s pretty likely the whole “secret gf” debacle was started by a deranged fangirl (won’t link to the whole brouhaha but you can find info about it in other threads here, iirc, and floating around–she’s very delusional and very…just wrong. Claims she and BC are in love, does things like post to his friends about how they had such a “lovely time” at an event together, stalks him, etc. IIRC, she was barred from the comicon in Australia due to her behavior and his security/security when he does events knows all about her) and there is no secret gf, no one he is “desperate to keep hidden,” etc. I doubt he’s with a gf in Italy (if he is, good on him) but even more so, I doubt any gf will ever be Lady K.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        Hi.You are my voice of reason. I hope that he meets someone genuine and kind.Lady K just doesn’t come across as either,fingers crossed BC sees that to(he seems a little naive where women are concerned).I wonder if(when) he has a serious gf he will tell his fans?

      • MissMary says:

        If he’s been in Italy, he’s nowhere near his home, kissing anyone or no. There’s a lot of rumors about celebs, esp the male ones, that get floated with “omg, my *insert relative, friend, or even more tenuous relation here* saw *celeb* kissing *man/woman/goat* near their home in *town*! OMG!” A lot of it is just attention-seeking, a lot of it is old news or just plain b.s.

        LOL I wonder if James Rhodes is in Italy with him–he’s been posting about going on vacay this week and posted some lovely pics of a very gorgeous pool/beach situation.

      • Encumbered says:

        James is in Greece. He tweeted to Loo B. a few weeks ago that he had a planned stay at this gorgeous spot.

        And Benedict has mentioned having an aunt in Italy. Whatever else he may be doing, companion-wise, he is certainly someone who cherishes being with his loved ones and doing artsy-fartsy things. Maybe eating a cannolli or two….

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        He certainly does.Didn’t know about the aunt,maybe he is visiting her then.

      • MissMary says:

        LOL He’s got a taste fr the canolli now (er, not a euphemism…) so had to go to the source.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        Well my Cumberbuddies, please keep me informed on any sightings or news.Particularly on the secret gf side.I lean towards the not got one,but you never know.He could have her REALLY well hidden! Lady K doesn’t seem to be the kind who would take a back seat so hopefully not her.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        Read the tweet from the lady that says she saw BC in Tuscany.
        Not sure if I’ve read the right one,but she only mentions that he has stayed at the same place as her.A castle,he knows the owners.How it’s worded it sounds as if it was another time when he was there. So maybe he isn’t in Italy. She also mentions a festival, but not that she saw him there.

      • MissMary says:

        Someone posted a pic on IG where they and some kids (her sibs or something?) met him in a restaurant either tonight or last night (not clear on when it was posted, just that it was within the past 24 hours). Londonphile has a link. OP said he was super nice and his “chum” (makes me think male friend but I could be wrong) was very nice as well and took the pic for them. She said it was “best holiday ever” so I think one or both of ‘em is on vacation lol.

        ETA: The kids’ mom asked the pic be taken down b/c she didn’t give them permission to post it, but Londonphile has another pic up from the same evening of BC with a guy and it definitely looks like that castle. So…Italy, lol.

      • NoisyBird says:

        I wonder if it is the same photo. apparently, she had to make her account private because the cumbercrazies were sending her photos of people and trying to identify who he was with. male or female, idk.

      • NoisyBird says:

        Oh. Replying to self, sorry. I think the photo that was taken down was of him and the kids because of the comment on londonphile
        “Sam (one of the children in the other photo) wanted you to know:
        ‘he was kind and when we came over to him he was really welcoming. Then he let us take a photo we shook his hand and as we were walking off he gave us a wave!’

      • MissMary says:

        I saw the first pic (the one with the kids) and one of the OP’s comments on IG just said his “chum was nice and took the picture for us!” and OP gushed about how nice they both were… If it was a minor child posting that, I hate to think what the crazies said to her and if it freaked her out.

        ETA: Londonphile notes in her tags that the pic was removed because the kids’ mom wanted it removed, not b/c of BC wanting it removed–I think she was getting some crap about “omg he wants to keep it a secret!” or something.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        Thanks for update.The same photo appeared and disappeared on FB to.Reason given that it was put on without permission of the parents.Chum does sound like it’s another guy. Tallies with another whisper that Emily dropped BC at the airport with a male friend.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        Hello my lovelies. Any further updates? ..Still avoiding tumbler so not heard much.A friend on FB has a theory that BC was in Italy to get engaged… to posh totty is her guess!

      • MissMary says:

        LOL your friend needs a hobby, really. No, nothing else has been posted or said that I’ve noticed. Just the airplane sighting initially, and now the pics/fan thing from the other night. sound like he’s there w/friends or a friend (I keep thinking a guy since the OP of that one pic said “chum” and that just seems masculine to me). Sounds like your friend wants him with Lady K, lol. Ain’t happening–besides, if he was there to get engaged, I don’t think he’d be out and about doing concerts and touristy stuff, getting his pic taken with a “chum” by fans at a pretty public restaurant.

        ETA: he seems to always take a break in the summer or early fall and he travels a lot to Southern Europe, so I wouldn’t consider a trip anywhere to be an “omg something is up in his private life!” deal. Just “hey I have money and time, I’m going to Italy!”

      • Encumbered says:

        @MissMary I happened to read the comments before they were taken down, and the OP referred to the person who took the picture in the restaurant as “a friend.” The “chum” comment was that of a poster who responded that it was nice of B’s chum to take the photo–her word, not the OP’s. Then the fishing for information started which lead to the deletion of a number of the original comments.

      • MissMary says:

        @Encumbered: Aaaaaaah, okay! I only got a fast look at the OP’s comments and the like. By the time I went back to look again, it’d been removed and the new pic w/the grown up was on Londonphile’s site instead. Thanks for clearing it up!

        (I still stand by my opinion it’s HIGHLY doubtful he’s there to get engaged, much less to Lady K, lol)

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        Hi.I’ve been away for a whole day(almost).Have I missed anything?

      • MissMary says:

        Nope lol. Not a thing. Some rumor he’s in Greece w/family but that’s about it! I’m sure he’ll turn up sooner rather than later since the Emmys are coming up though. (though you might be pleased to know Lady K is definitely in and has been in London this entire time)

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        YAY!Thankyou.I’m on holiday(vacation?) for a few days,and WiFi connection is not good : (
        So if anything crops up on the grapevine then please update here and I’ll read it when I get a connection.Much appreciation my lovelies xx

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        I have a connection! Not sure how long for,it’s hit and miss.Anything new in Cumber-land,my lovelies?
        Is he still in Italy?Or back in the UK?

      • MissMary says:

        No idea, lol. Some folks on twitter mentioned seeing him in Greece on the 5th (his mom’s bday and they have a home there so not surprising) but other than that, nada. Promos for TIG are starting soon, and the Emmys are this month, so he’ll turn up sooner rather than later.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        I shall check back later tomorrow, if I get a connection!If and when they close this thread,I don’t know what I’ll do!!!!
        Someone will have to keep me up to date…I don’t want to have to look st Tumblr!!!

      • MissMary says:

        Trust me, lol, you don’t want to look at Tumblr. It’s a mess and a half and nothing but stress.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        I caved in!I looked at the page that shall not be named…I think my eyes are still burning!So sat I’ve discovered he could be infertile,have some awful illness and be dating at least 3 women in 2 continents!
        Is Sophie Hunter the secret gf?She was apparently the one shown in a link,from Poland I think.Where’s he get his energy from?
        Help MISSMARY!

      • From North of Boston says:

        I think I like the suggestion from the other thread – leave the details of that other site on that site, instead of bringing it here. So far, it’s mostly rehashed old rumors, misleading/mislabeled pics, recycled made up stuff from DL, all anon/unsourced, with a side of mocking/hatred of various fans/fan types.

        Have a field day there if that’s your cup of tea.

        When there is actually news or something of interest about BC, it will surface here and other sites.

      • MissMary says:

        THat site is full of it, Kazlock. He’s not dating Sophie Hunter or the Polish lady or Kinvara or anyone they can pull out of their hats. His personal health info about fertility or lack thereof is just speculation and specious rumors. People, esp on DL and the like, love to post the wildest rumors they think up or think they know (always from “sources close to…” or “a friend who works with…” and never anything creditable) because they want attention.

        The lady in the pics from Poland? You mean the tabloid rumor one? That was a Polish actress (Well known over there) and the other dark haired lady was a local PR handler, not Sophie or anyone “known”. North of Boston is right–it’s all rehashed, misleading, made up, and a good lot of it is meant to provoke fan frenzy and frothing. The only thing “newsworthy” lately is he was named one of Vanity Fair’s best dressed and we’ve been taking the mickey out of that on another thread.

      • Maggie says:

        @ Kazlock

        I second the suggestion to leave that site to itself and not bring their innuendo and lies over to this site or any other. How do you think this rubbish gets spread around if not by re-cycling it from one rubbish site to other sites?

        Once these “rumours” get repeated and repeated they are then taken as gospel and become “truths” to some people.

        Leave the man alone so he can enjoy some leisure time without people stalking him and being so hungry for news. We get plenty of news when he is out publicly promoting something or attending events.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        I’m determined to avoid it for as long as possible.But it’s very difficult because I can’t find any news on Benedict at the moment.No sightings(with or without a secret gf).
        I’m hoping someone here posts something. And pray they don’t close this thread any time soon!

      • MissMary says:

        @Kazlock: Trust me–if there’s news, it’s either going to be on here or one of the few not-wtf BC fan sites. The only tumblrs I’d “trust” with info on him are Cumberbatchweb, cumberbuddy, and londonphile or deareje. He’s keeping it low key right now, and as the big push for promoting TIG is coming up and possible filming of Yellow Bird (maybe?), he’s probably either taking some major downtime or working on some stuff that’s not a big name production like he tends to do when he “goes to ground” lol. (Side-eyeing the Dunlop commercial, lol)

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        Thankyou. I’ll keep checking in here. Maybe look at those tumbler now and again. Love this though.Friendly, helpfull and witty x

      • Granny says:

        Blah :-/ I feel guilty. I tried googling her too, but if there was anything up on her academic pages it’s all been taken down. Difficult sometimes to remember that all these people are just trying to live life like us.

        @Just a fangurl @Kazlock: I agree; the bare bones of what I saw was impressive and she’s very pretty. A wonderful candidate. They are probably just friends. But if she’s single, don’t count her out. Friends get together more than people tend to realize.

        @Sophie K: Eggs Benedish had a bit more info on the identity of B’s good Greek friend. You can see it there.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        I looked on Tumbler to,posted further up the thread.Not keen on it at all!My word some things are ‘out there’!The pictures with Viki seem to be a while ago.And at the time there seems to be no dating vibes.But the Tube appears to be just them alone. That could be how it’s been edited though.
        As before,we’ll have to update each other until BC and whoever the gf is become public knowledge.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        I must remember to avoid Tumbler…looked at a couple of the posts and now I think my head will explode!One page(?) said Lady K was pregnant by BC…Another said it wasn’t possible because everyone knew BC was actually seeing a male escort!
        Where do they get this drivel from?

      • Jane says:

        @Kazlock 1307 I would love to see him with Louise Brealey, too. And after seeing them together at SDCC, Evangeline Lilly would be nice. Or maybe….hmmmm…. idk…. a tall, curvy, brunette American…. named Jane. LOL!!! (Hey, I can dream, can’t I?!!) ;D

      • Felice says:

        @Sophie I am completely convinced she tipped off that tabloid.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        Who tipped off the tabloids?What have I missed?

      • Granny says:

        @Kazlock His stalker. Eggs Benedish posted a link to her rants. I wrote about it in post 82.

      • Granny says:

        @ Sophie: I agree that theory is the most realistic and most likely. I’m just not placing my bets anywhere right now.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        @MISSMARY Lolz!I thought the same! Maybe the writer is a M’lady fan.Practically gushes about her.
        Still live in hope it isn’t her.Not who I saw BC settling down with.She apparently posted on Twitter that she was going to Comic Con,but removed it later.Not sure what I believe.
        Tumbler also says the carpark lady left without B,and they didn’t appear to have been together at all.One rumour off the list at least.

      • Granny says:

        @Encumbered – Just got back. Um, wow. But thanks for the show!

        @MissMary & @sigh((s)): I posted something earlier that did not pass moderation. (?) Not sure why. Anyway, I can see where both of you are coming from.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        @GREEN EYES I’m with you there!I’m miffed(upset) at the idea of BC and Milady.I have a lidt of acceptable potential gf’s for him….she definatly isn’t on it!
        Have you ever seen her ‘fashion reports’?So far up herself it’s unreal!Poor BC!Hope he comes to his senses..if it is her.
        Cumberbuddies,keep us posted on any development’s please.
        Thanks my lovelies.

      • MissMary says:

        The Fail just glommed onto the rumor because they’re thirsty for tea on Benedict. He’s known KB for ages and they are *not* dating–for one, she’s not shy about name dropping and she’d be dropping his name left, right, and center and for two, they’ve only been “seen together” in group outings and in social settings where they’d both be invited. If they’re dating, he’s got her so far back in his wardrobe that she’s in Narnia (where, presumably, Aslan stands guard till he comes to visit wearing his dodgy hat and his Boston ankle bracelet). The Dakota Fanning thing was another tempest in a teacup–the “date” was an outing with her and at least one other person because he and Fanning were to be in a movie together (Black Mass). Purely a “getting to know you/hey, let’s hang out” thing, esp as she’s ostensiably still with the Masterson guy.

        Carpark girl… I’m falling heavily on the side of “someone saw a chance to stir the pot and took it”… no pics of them together, just him walking past her, and a very poorly worded blurb that makes it hard to tell if she got in her own car or she got in with him.

      • Felice says:

        Dakota Johnson. If he were dating Dakota Fanning I would pack my bags and leave lol. Didn’t the Mail just post a story about her and her boyfriend?

      • MissMary says:

        @Felice: LOL you’re right! Ugh, I always mix up their last names!

        @Kazlock: I’d be honestly shocked if he was dating KB. Seriously shocked. Maybe FWB but dating? I don’t see that happening. She hasn’t tried name dropping him once (yet?) and she loves to do that. As well, they’re never seen together unless it’s a social event. A woman like her wouldn’t want to be hidden away, esp by a very famous bf.

      • Granny says:

        @Felice @Green Eyes – This! LOLZ :-P

        Fanning would ferreal be serious gossip and atrocious, if true. It’s Johnson and I agree that she appears to still be with her boyfriend. So weird for them to report rumours when they are so easily checked out.

        I also kind of lean towards Milady not being a contender because, though she has a career, she seems to take enough holidays. So, you think one or two would be to visit him on set or tag along to some press conference. No harm in doing something like that once in awhile, if they were dating. Don’t know where she was on Cumberbirthday, but most girlfriends wouldn’t miss that holiday if they could help it.

        Side note: Did you notice in the Josh Horowitz interview how he kind of makes up his own Cumberverbs now? Like “Cumberburning?” And did he say his Cumberbum was getting hot? It’s a little off putting in a 3rd person-ish kind of way. Do you think that’s straight up ego or some social ineptitude (in the way that maybe he doesn’t see how it could come off)?

      • WMarie says:

        So sorry, I meant for this to be further down thread. Bear with me lol

      • Felice says:

        I meant to post this as a reply delete

      • Granny says:

        @Kazlock No news, my dear, except that the Fail picked it up as a story. And they jumped on the Dakota Johnson rumor train. LOL. I guess we’ll have to be satisfied with knowing when he wants us to know. And that’s how it should be. (But I will totally still be guessing :-P )

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        Think the young lady has a vivid imagination.I want photographs before I believe this….

      • Jany says:

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA- she wishes…………

        *still laughing*

      • just a fangurl says:

        Yeah right if nothing else she seems to have been on a ski holiday when that rugby tournament was going on… no

      • Unburned says:

        Wow, she looks like a chubbier Olivia. Who else sees it? Not that anything actually happened with this girl. No real proof of anything. I could say I’ve got Ben in bed with me right now. I’m in SoCal and so is he…start collecting crumbs! heehee

        Whether they did or didn’t snog, it’s beyond tacky to put it in your Instagram profile.

  37. Granny says:

    @Kazlock @MissMary On the slender side and pretty is to be expected. But somewhat “normal” would be nice. Since he’s such a smarty pants, it would be nice if he could pick a smarty. #nerdgirldream

    Unfortunately, I get the vibe from him that impressing his peers is super important. So, I’m pretty much expecting a trophy girl/model type. Not that hot girls can’t be smart, but you know what I mean.

    The CAN b.i. is probably about “he who shall not be named in any BC thread.” There’s always been rumors that he likes curvy brunettes. But “curvy” most likely means “large tatas and tiny waist.” Still, he ain’t chopped liver.

    • MissMary says:

      LOL I always hope that, when someone starts praising curvy girls, they mean women like me, too–I have an hourglass figure… it’s not not a travel-sized hour glass and more one of those ones you see at Hogwarts, counting out house points or something.

    • Kazlock 1307 says:

      @Granny @Missmary
      Thanks for explaining it to me.I lean towards the friends more than date for this particular report.Could be a complete stranger from how the pictures are taken.
      I live in hope he finds someone who isn’t going tovuse him,who will give him love and support.Someone who is clever and witty like he is. BC don’t go for who your people say you should..go for who you want yo be with.(Just not Lady K!)
      I trust that I can rely on my fellow Cumberbuddies to keep me informed of any further developments please?

  38. Granny says:

    @MissMary I’m sure you’re beautiful :-)

    @Kazlock Co-signed. I’m never in the loop, but if I have news I’ll share.

    Frankly, even though I have pretty much accepted the way attraction works, I still wish a plain Jane could attract a dream boat like BC every once and awhile. You know, like how short, fat, bald guys can win a girl over with personality? :-)

  39. Shiv says:

    Passionately kissed Benedict Cumberbatch….and then ate him.
    I am dying here!!!

  40. WMarie says:

    Hey guys, first time poster here so I’m just going to jump right in…apparently someone else has posted on that tumblr eggsbenedish that she’s tired of the speculation surrounding BC’s dating life, that she knows who he is seeing and it’s not KB. I feel like we’ll all know for sure sooner rather than later. At the least he’ll trot out someone during TIG campaign and awards season.

    • Granny says:

      @WMarie: Yeah, that was interesting. I imagine if there is someone, we may see her for the Oscars (like March 2015′ish). Still, I know it’s possible, but I find it strange that his friends would hang out on gossip sites about him. Like, I could see a passing, vague once in awhile interest, but…. Personally, if I were his friend, I think a gossip forum about him would be a weird place to lurk.

      If she exists, I wonder what this serious career is. That intrigues me. Serious entertainment publicist or set designer? Or serious human rights worker or doctor? It’ll be interesting to find out what they think is serious.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        @WMarie. Welcome. I saw same post on Tumbler.Don’t think its a close friend posting,but could well be someone associated with BC’s friends.Fingers crossed,we find out soon.But if it turns out to be Milady then I may have to switch to Hiddles.Can’t stand the woman…oh wait..have I mentioned that already?

  41. Granny says:

    Oy. I feel guilty :-/ I tried googling her too. But if anything of substance was up, the pages are almost bare now. Difficult sometimes to remember that all of these people are just trying to live life like the rest of us.

    @Kazlock @Just a Fangurl: I agree I would be impressed if he chose her. I think she’s pretty. I don’t think it’s anything but friendship. But if she’s single, don’t count her out. Friends get together more than people tend to realize.

    @ Sophie K: Eggs Benedish had more information on B’s Greek friend.

  42. Cat says:

    The tube picture with Viki is more than a year old. She’s not a professor, she just did some research at that university. Her actual career is unclear and seems to involve having worked at a few different organizations, mostly non profit. She’s basically a less vacuous and self-important Kinvara.

  43. Patris says:

    Ben in Italy since yesterday

  44. just a fangurl says:

    oh I’ve been on Tumblr for a while and I already had him off getting secretly married in Pisa LOL I need to take a break too.

  45. Cat says:

    Benedict was rumored to be at a play with a curly haired brunette, not kissing her. She was part of a group of friends and he was said to greet them all with hugs and kisses. The only thing of interest in that story is that the two left together, but he could have been escorting her home or carpooling as he’s said before he doesn’t like to drive unless there’s someone else with him for environment’s sake. The girl on the balcony isn’t Viki, not even close. Whoever she is, she was seen with Benedict later that night at the restaurant holding onto the arm of the man walking between them. So if she’s with anyone, it’s that guy.

  46. Kazlock 1307 says:

    @GRANNY I think you’re very sweet.You always take time to answer my questions and are patient.
    The page is I AM SHERLOCKADDICTED.It is in the comments if a post about BC having a girlfriend.Some of the comments have gone but I think the picture is still there. Looking over her shoulder
    It’s really friendly on here.My social life is zero(due to work and caring for my mum).I am sorry to post so often,but it gives me an interest.

  47. Kazlock 1307 says:

    @GRANNY.I think you are very sweet.You answer my questions and are really patient with me.The page is SHERLOCKADDICTED.
    In the comments section of a post about BC having a girlfriend.

  48. Felice says:

    @Kazlock Yeah that’s DJ.

  49. Kazlock 1307 says:

    Same post was on FB.They said the concert was in April.Also said that there was confusion over BC being on the flight.
    Although reports said he was going to Italy he had been seen around London.
    Does the flight he took from LAX carry onto Italy?Could that be where the confusion is?

  50. From North of Boston says:

    Unfortunately, Kazlock, all public forums as subject to lying and other forms of misinformation. Sometimes people lie to wind others up/ see what kind of reaction the can get, other times they lie for attention, or to promote some agenda (supporting someone they’re a fan of, tearing down someone they don’t like). And in other cases, people don’t have all (or any) facts, are making assumptions, panicking, jumping to conclusions or just displaying a lack of reading comprehension. As others have said, it’s best to take it all with a huge grain of salt and try to use reasonable judgement when you read rumors online. Keep in mind, 99.99% of people posting on sites like those and these have about as much inside info as you or I do. Enjoy the speculation…just don’t take it as gospel truth.

  51. just a fangurl says:

    Earlier today a young girl posted a photo of her and her friends with Ben on Instagram from a restaurant somewhere in Italy. She immediately got bombarded with questions from anxious fangirls about who he was dining with (no idea of course if he was with a man, a woman, or ALONE) so of course she had to make her account private. So yes, he is in Italy.

  52. Noisy Bird says:

    Right!?!! She got a crash course in Cumbercrazy!

  53. From North of Boston says:

    Well, Kazlock dear, you do seem VERY eager and persistent for updates about him. He’s off living his life. Rumors on fb are no different than those on tumblr…as mentioned a couple of times, take everything with a grain of salt…I’m sure if anything noteworthy actually happens it will get posted here, eventually.

  54. Kazlock 1307 says:

    Thankyou.Best dressed?Benedict? Sure they have the right guy?lol